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Your Journey To The Savage Planet Begins Today


With its launch trailer, you may now begin your “Journey to the Savage Planet” on PlayStation 4 today.


This “No Man’s Sky”-like first-person adventure and exploration game is set on the overwhelmingly bright and colorful alien world of Planet AR-Y 26 [which already lends some credence as it sounds like the name scientists would give to an uncharted planet].


You will play as an employee of Kindred Aerospace [the “Fourth Best Interstellar Exploration Company”] as you are dropped onto Planet AR-Y 26 – only to find that it is inhabited by a plethora of smelly alien creatures [all of whom you need to scan before engaging]. Your goal as a Kindred Aerospace explorer is to determine if Planet AR-Y 26 is fit for human habitation and to do so, you have sparse equipment, no detailed plan – but you do  have high hopes! With these high hopes, you must explore, fight, jump, scavenge, craft and explode your way across the planet.


But really, the most important aspect of the game is – how many flavors of Grob [the metamorphological food paste from Sukkage Farms Food Systems Multiverse HyperConglomerate…like you need to ask] are there? Or, at least, how many are shown in the trailer? Well, there are…


Chocolate Mousse

Hard Candy

Chili Bacon Burger

Wasabi Mayonnaise


Baked Ziti

Parmesan Cheese

Vanilla Swirl

Long John Donut

Salisbury Snake

Pasta Paisano

Buffalo Banana Wings

Horse Biscuits

Pineapple Pizza Poppers


…and those were merely the tip of the iceberg. Grob comes in many, many more flavors disguised as food.