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Young Justice Showrunner Confirms Season 4 Is Done Production-Wise

Young Justice Season 4

Young Justice is easily one of the most unique animated franchises to ever be born. Because it was made YEARS ago to headline the now-defunct DC Nation block of programming over on Cartoon Network. Despite fan and critical praise, it was canceled after Season 2 because of…toy sales. No, really, it was. And for literal years, fans asked and begged for it to come back, and it was via the…wait for it…now-defunct DC Universe platform. However, it was later moved to HBO Max where Season 3 is now there in full along with the past seasons, and Season 4 is going on right now.

Young Justice Season 4 is called Phantoms, and has already had a full arc play out with another going on right now that is once again “changing the game”. That’s part of the reason that fans really like this show, it’s not afraid to be visceral and real with the actions and consequences of the characters. Greg Weisman, the showrunner for the series, updated fans on the production of the fourth season as a whole, and gave some good news about it.

This message might come as a little bit of a shock to fans for a simple reason. The schedule for Season 4 was released right as the first episodes hit HBO Max, and it revealed that the back half of the season would take place schedule-wise in Spring of 2022. And yet, as seen here, the episodes are 99% done.

This is no doubt to spread out the season and ensure that they don’t bulldoze through the 24 episodes.

As for the ask to “keep binging” the show, that’s a reference to the previous cancelation, and how the team has noted that they can keep writing this show for quite some time as long as they get the go-ahead to do so. So if you want Season 5, you know what to do.