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Young Justice Season 3 Premieres January 4


When will Young Justice finally turn up on the DC Universe streaming service? To put it more clearly, when will DC Universe have an original show worth caring about? Very soon!

The last few public statements regarding Young Justice Season 3 have left its exact release date vague. No more! We now know the season will begin as soon as 2019 does…January 4 to be precise.

New faces this season include Stephanie Brown as Spoiler, who we actually got to briefly see in Season 2 when the team rescued her from aliens. There’s also Static (RIP MacDuffie), Thirteen (a magic-user training under Zatanna) and Forager(who is…Forager). Artemis, Nightwing, Superboy and Aqualad are returning players. The Gargoyle Man himself, Greg Weisman, is back to helm the new season alongside Brandon Vietti.

Like seasons 1 and 2, Young Justice Season 3 will be released in two halves, and January will see the arrival of the first batch — we don’t have a date on the second. There will also be a comic book, released digitally on the service, that will fill in the gaps between seasons 2 and 3.

This is normally the point where we’d tell you to check out the embedded trailer, but….you really won’t get anything out of it that this newspost didn’t already tell you. It’s 30 seconds long and contains no clips from the new season. Instead it’s a CGI shot of Earth, followed by a CGI shot of Apokalips, and that’s it. But if you want to bother, we won’t stop you…