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You May Now Golf With Your Friends In A Volcanic Environment


What is better than golfing with friends? Why, golfing with them in a volcanic environment, of course! If you are unable to make it out to a real golf course or even a mini-golf course, “Golf With Your Friends” offers that opportunity now on PC, Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One [for $19.99].


“Golf With Your Friends” is a multi-player mini-golf game that features 10 courses in various scenarios including the new volcanic world scenario. There is also a “Caddy Pack” downloadable content pack which includes a selection of hats and floaties for further ball customization. PlayStation 4 gamers won’t miss out on the DLC; a ‘launch edition’ of Golf With Your Friends will be available to purchase from the PlayStation Store for a limited time of two weeks from launch, which will include the content.


The full Caddy Pack DLC consists of:


  • Triceratops hat
  • Goose floaty
  • ‘Beanie’ propeller hat
  • Rowboat  floaty
  • Teacup hat
  • Australian ‘slouch’ hat (outback-style hat)


Key features of the game include:


  • “Friendly” competition: See how “friendly” your friends really are as players can test their skills against up to 11 people in online multiplayer.
  • Unique Golf Courses: More than 10 unique courses are available – each with their own theme and location.
  • Not-so-friendly competition: Coronavirus got you grumpy? Take it out on your so-called friends with powerups available in custom game modes – throw down some honey, turn their ball into a square, or freeze them on the spot to take the lead.
  • Multiple game modes: There is classic mini golf or you can change that to golf with a basketball hoop or a hockey goal.
  • Fabulous golf swag: Rock the fairway in style, with unlockable skins, hats and trails for the golf balls.