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Yo-Kai Watch 2 Given US Release Date

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Nintendo announced today that Yo-Kai Watch 2 will be released in America for the Nintendo 3DS on September 30. Unlike the first Yo-Kai game, it’ll be coming in two different versions, subtitled “Fleshy Souls” and “Bony Spirits,” and like Pokemon they will each contain their own exclusive ghosts. Why? Yo-Kai is why.

September 30 is, of course, the release date for Final Fantasy 15. Since Yo-Kai Watch is aimed more at children and Final Fantasy is aimed more at grown-ups (lately) it shouldn’t be much of an issue. They’re friendly competitors anyway; it was recently announced that Yo-Kai characters would be making guest appearances in FFXIV.

In other Yo-Kai news, the second season of the anime will begin airing on Disney XD this summer, and Hasbro will begin adding new characters to its line of Yo-Kai merchandise straight out of the game. These items will include an updated version of the titular watch worn by the main character in Yo-Kai Watch 2.

While Yo-Kai Watch has had quiet success in the Western world, it hasn’t achieved the Pokemonesque levels of cultural saturation it has in Japan. How big is it? A new Yo-Kai movie and The Force Awakens opened on the same day in Japan, and Yo-Kai sold more tickets. It’s THAT big.