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Yikes! Adult Swim Announces Miniseries From Junji Ito


Are you prepared for the next original anime to appear under the Toonami brand? By that we mean…are you wearing diapers right now? They’re linking up with horror master Junji Ito to scare the fecal matter out of you.

Ito is widely recognized as creator of some of the creepiest manga ever created, and his 1998 book Uzumaki ranks near the top of his most memorable efforts. In basic terms, the story is about a town whose citizens fall into madness, represented by a growing fascination with spirals….they start seeing them on the walls, in the sky, on their palms….The word Uzumaki translates to “Spiral,” and yes, that is the reason why it’s also Naruto’s last name.

Adult Swim made the announcement at Crunchyroll Expo today that it’s partnering with Production I.G. to bring Ito’s swirly scarefest to life as a four-part miniseries. An early trailer was shown, mostly consisting of stills from the manga but with a few animated touches. We hope they’re actually thinking of making this anime in black and white…it would enhance the unsettling feeling nicely.

Adaptions of Ito’s work haven’t always turned out well. There was even an attempt in Japan to make an Uzumaki live-action film, but it was critically panned. With Production I.G. involved, though, there’s hope that something decent — and just as unsettling as an Ito manga — can be produced.

Junji Ito’s Uzumaki will premiere on Toonami sometime in 2020.