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Wormageddon Is Here, And It’s Weirder That We Thought


Millions have been wondering, pondering the question, losing sleep night after night…what is Wormageddon? The word was teased by Adult Swim as a potential tie-in to the upcoming sixth season of Rick And Morty. With two weeks to go until the premiere, the answer was revealed today, and it’s not what anyone expected.

Wormageddon is not an episode. It’s not a short. In fact it’s not animated at all. Wormageddon is a statue, or rather, a series of statues with a global game behind them. Fourteen have been created, they are all now resting at mostly unrevealed locations throughout the world, and when assembled together, they will tell a complete Rick And Morty story.

AS revealed the first statue and its location today: a giant structure depicting Beth and a Vindicator fighting some kind of carnivorous plant that is spawning space crabs. The statue is now sitting there at Casa de Cultura Jesús Reyes Heroles at Coyoacán in Mexico City and bewildering the locals.

Of course we all know what happened the last time Adult Swim decided to install a series of impromptu art all over the place. A hysterical post-9-11 police force mistook it as a terrorist bomb and shut down the city of Boston to remove it. Then Bill O’Reilly accused Adult Swim of deliberate terrorism and Cartoon Network president Jim Samples was fired. You realize if this happens again, it will be David Zaslav who gets the axe. Sweet, grab the popcorn!

Adult Swim will give away the locations of more statues in the near future, but just four more — it will be up to the fanbase to track down the rest of them. “It’s literally a global story that unfolds mysteriously and dramatically,” Dan Harmon is quoted as telling USA Today (don’t click that link, the site’s annoying). “It’s unprecedented…and ‘Wormageddon’ is Adult Swim’s way of putting fans that want to participate inside a living episode while they patiently wait for season six to drop.”

Rick And Morty returns with fresh episodes September 4 on Adult Swim