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World’s First Edible Pokemon Introduced In Scarlet And Violet

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The latest Pokemon Presents stream went live this morning and, as everyone hoped, it disgorged a lot of new information about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. We got to see new gameplay mechanics, new areas and two never before seen Pokemon, one of which is already becoming a fan favorite.

It’s no small statement when I say this game may introduce what could be the most adorable Pokemon of all time. 25 years of history and dozens of googly-eyed fuzzy things make for a lot of competition, but in this reporter’s humble opinion, they have topped everything with a puppy made of bread dough.

It’s been long thought that design-wise, the series is out of ideas and just recycling old ones or resorting to creatures made of random squiggles. The reveal of this thing disproves that. A puppy made of bread dough? That’s ingenious! I bet it tastes really good too. It’s called “Fidough,” which is perfect — I won’t be giving it a nickname because I can’t top that.

The second revealed Pokemon is Cetitan, which has the unenviable task of following Fidough and can’t help but feel like a downgrade. It’s an Ice type and sort of based on a whale, with “thick blubber” that gives it high defense stats. Scarlet and Violet also revealed a poisonous Wooper today, which I’m not sure how to feel about….ordinarily I love Wooper, but not if I die from touching it.

In other news, the “open world” nature of Scarlet and Violet was finally confirmed once and for all — in fact, you can go anywhere from the start and tackle the gyms in any order, though some may clobber you if you enter too early. There’s also a unique kind of power-up that replaces Gigantamax from Sword and Shield: every Pokemon can temporarily assume Terastal Form, which transforms them into gaudy crystal and boots their stats.

So you know Koraidon and Miraidon, the two Legendaries of these games? Traditionally, you don’t meet the Legendary Pokemon until late in the game and have to struggle to catch them, but it appears this time, you’ll meet Koraidon and Miraidon fairly early and they’ll play a singificant role in the game. You HOP ON THEM and RIDE THEM to wherever you need to go. I didn’t notice their resemblances to motorcycles until now, but they function just like them, and they can even ride on water, and fly when it’s necessary.

The most curious nugget of information revealed was that there will be three different ways to play the game: the traditional “chase down gym badges” route, and two other career paths that they didn’t go into detail about. We should learn more later. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released for Nintendo Switch November 11.