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World Of Tanks: Valor Has Three-Month Run


The three-month, 100-stage run for “World of Tanks: Valor” has begun [April 21, 2020 to July 20, 2020] and might possibly make your self-imposed coronavirus quarantine seem shorter.


Each stage in the three-month, 100-stage run in “World of Tanks: Valor” requires 25 points to advance to the next stage and you can do that by completing both weekly and daily ops to amass points as well as earning rewards along the way such as, new tanks [below], gold, silver, XP boosts and consumables. If you have a premium account, you will have the opportunity of gaining additional bonus rewards.


To access and activate the Valor Ops, you will need to reach Tier 5 with a regular tank or have at least 200 multi-player battles credited to your account.


Four new tanks have been added for “World of Tanks: Valor” – although one of them requires a premium account – beginning with the Object 244 [available at Stage 50], followed by the SU-130PM [at Stage 75], the T95E6 [at Stage 100] and finally the Kampfpanzer 50t [also at Stage 100 but requiring the aforementioned premium account]. Of course, if you are a wealthy person, you can always skip the drama and just purchase each of these tanks from the store.


Additionally, new features include…


  • In “World of Tanks: Valor” you will get the chance to work towards more higher tier reward tanks compared to previous seasonal events.
  • Ability to get more Earn Ops with even better rewards on a monthly basis until summer
  • Balance updates will be performed on selected tanks every two weeks