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Wonderful 101 Coming To the Nintendo Switch?

Wonderful 101

Could Platinum Games port Wonderful 101 to Switch? Would people buy it if so?

There have been a lot of ports on the Nintendo Switch. Some of which have done really well. And though gamers want new games over ports, there are some ports that gamers and developers alike want to bring in, such as the Wonderful 101. Platinum Games made the title for the Wii U, but it didn’t do well. But at a convention, the translator for Hideki Kamiya asked the audience if they would like to see the game ported:

“We’re going to knock the audience participation up a bit. They’re still trying to negotiate with Nintendo whether a possible Wonderful 10 Switch release could happen but it always helps when the people in the audience at Reboot clap if they’d actually buy a Switch version of Wonderful 101. So anybody who would buy that, please clap…”

Needless to say…they all clapped. The ball is in your court Nintendo.