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Wonder Woman 1984 Director Prefers “Different Tone” In Superhero Films

Wonder Woman 1984

When it comes to superhero films, there’s a bit of a big debate as to what they should feel like and look like. Granted, there are some base rules. Such as having them be faithful to the comics and looking as good as possible. But in terms of tone, fans on both sides of the Marvel/DC Comics equation are rather embattled. The “Marvel Way” is lighter, brighter, and full of comedy, while many agree that DC Comics isn’t afraid to go dark, do different kinds of stories, and dive into the depths of these worlds. This notion of “Different Tones” is something Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins strives for.

During an interview (reported by GamesRadar), Patty Jenkins noted that while the Marvel Cinematic Universe did show how to make a very successful movie universe, it shouldn’t be the status quo. That’s part of the reason why she left Thor The Dark World to do Wonder Woman (which turned out to be the right move in many ways).

Jenkins noted that DC Comics has been pushing the tone to do different things. Which you can see in films like Aquaman, Joker, the recent Birds of Prey, and of course, her upcoming Wonder Woman 1984. She apparently loves the different tones that they take instead of a “twist on a familiar thing” if you will.

While the original Wonder Woman was an origin story, it played out differently in various ways. Joker shocked the world with its billion-dollar success, same as Aquaman. As for Birds of Prey, its focus got a lot of people talking, including on how people perceive certain successes and failures in the movie industry and the bias towards female-led films.

Jenkins however did note that certain MCU films like Black Widow, Doctor Strange, and others were doing the “different tone” as well, and hopes they continue with that in the future.