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"William Winckler Productions" Debuts; Dubs Old School Anime


A new anime company, “William Winckler Productions” (whose official website can be viewed here, plans to release the following properties in the U.S.:

Fist of the North Star
Captain Harlock
The Adventures of Nadja
Tekkaman: The Space Knight
Danguard Ace

It will be working with Toei and Rioloco Productions to dub these old school anime properties. Among the voices announced for these various series include: William Winckler, G. Larry Butler, Robert Axelrod, David Gerrold, Kyle Rea, Marieve Herington, Don Glut, Paul Oberle, Bradford Hill, Jason Barker-Avellino, Laura Siegel, Alison Lees-Taylor, Caleb Pearson, Fred Ladd, Chase Masterson, George Lindsey Jr., Anne Lockhart, Butch Patrick.

Television, digital, and DVD distribution will be announced in the coming months.

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