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Will She-Hulk Series Help Deadpool Movie?


We’re going to be entering a pretty unique period of the MCU soon enough, and some would argue that we’re already in it. As many of the Disney+ shows have turned things on their head, and movies like Thor Love and Thunder have shown that things aren’t afraid to get…over the top. Enter Deadpool 3, which we KNOW is going to be in the MCU, but it doesn’t have a release date or a confirmed production date as of yet.

Given what Fox Studios allowed the first two successful movies to do, many have wondered what will be allowed in the MCU. But according to She-Hulk co-star Mark Ruffalo, the new Disney+ series might be a good blueprint for all you can and can’t do:

“I mean, listen, you know Ryan [Reynolds] can take that anywhere, and I trust that he will,” Ruffalo explained. “The one thing about Marvel is they pretty much let the filmmakers make the film they want to make. I mean, sometimes it doesn’t work out. But every experience I’ve had it’s been like that.”

Ruffalo added, “I mean, what we did with┬áThor: Ragnarok was they’d thrown out basically Thor and totally reimagined him, and Hulk… for that matter. So I feel confident that, between [director] Shawn [Levy] and Ryan, they’re gonna do something that’s gonna be very satisfying to the Deadpool people … And I do feel like She-Hulk sorta does say ‘Hey, we’re open enough, we’re free enough and we’re interested enough to really go anywhere people have the will and the pleasure to go.'”

That’s a fair assessment of things, and many are itching to see Wade Wilson in the MCU just so we can see the chaos he’ll create. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all goes down and when it goes down.