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Will Netflix Eventually Come To Nintendo Switch?


Why isn’t Netflix on Nintendo Switch? Is there a disconnect between the two companies?

While the Nintendo Switch has a lot of good things going for it, some have been confused as to why certain services haven’t been added. The biggest one being Netflix. The service was on Wii U, but not Switch so far. Why not? Well during a Q&A, Netflix vice president of device partner ecosystem Scott Mirer noted this:

“In the case of the Switch, they [Nintendo] were very focused at launch not on video-use cases, but on gaming cases, video was not a priority for them. Whether that changes over time, we have a great relationship with them and look at the possibility of [supporting] the Switch. We each have opportunity cost around that, but at some point, it might happen.”

So he’s not ruling out the possibility, but he’s not confirming anything either. And it makes sense that Nintendo wanted to focus on the gaming aspect of the Switch and not worry about services like Netflix just yet. But will that change soon? A lot of people are hoping so.

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