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Wii U Zelda Officially Delayed into 2016


A short one-minute video went up on Nintendo’s YouTube channel this afternoon that was subsequently posted to Miiverse. It was simply Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma against a white background. I had a bad feeling about it the moment I clicked it.

Sure enough, just as my spider-sense indicated, Aonuma explained that the new open-world format he had been tinkering with was giving the development team so many ideas, they couldn’t possibly fit them all in by the original release date. And so the game has been officially delayed out of 2015 and into an unspecified 2016 release window.

Not only will Zelda not be ready this year, but due to the delays, the game won’t even make an appearance at E3. Nintendo made a separate tweet announcing this fact. “Mr. Aonuma & team will be hard at work on #Zelda and have decided not to show it @ E3. Thanks for your patience!”

You’re freakin’ welcome!

As you read these words with your teeth clenched and your hands forming into fists, just remember the immortal words of Miyamoto: “A delayed game is eventually good; a bad game is bad forever.” But it does raise the urgent question of just WHAT Nintendo is going to sell on the Wii U this fall. If I were them, I would take this opportunity to hype up Xenoblade Chronicles X and give it the wide release the original wonderful game never got in the US, supported with TV ads every man, woman and child can see.

And no, this doesn’t mean Zelda is moving to the NX. Though it will cut it close enough that an enhanced port of the game on launch day would not shock me.