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Who’s Fighting Who In Captain America: Civil War?

captain america: civil war

Newly discovered promotional art for Captain America: Civil War has revealed which superheroes will be picking which sides in the upcoming film, to debut next year.

captain america: civil war

Fighting for Pro-Registration, we have Iron Man, who’s responsible for all this…..War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, and The Vision.

captain america: civil war

And on the Anti-Registration side, we have…..Cap (naturally), Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier who appears to have made up with Cap, Hawkeye, The Falcon, and NEW Sharon Carter, descendant of Peggy Carter.

If you’re wondering where Scarlet Witch is, so am I. If the other team has something like The Vision on their side, it makes absolutely no sense to stock your army with crossbow experts. (And yeah, I know Wanda eventually marries The Vision in the comics, but it doesn’t have to be now.) Anti-Registration is dead meat unless they can get at least one team member with actual superpowers.

And this might be just a knee-jerk feminist reaction (those are the worst, so bear with me), but it feels like S.W. is not there because the teams can’t have more than one female on them. Prove me wrong, Marvel Movies, prove me wrong.

I’m also guessing, based on the absence of a certain webslinger in this art, that Spider-Man’s role in this movie will be minimal. Hope he appears more times than Stan Lee will.

Captain America: Civil War will launch in theaters next May.

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