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Where Is Harley Quinn?

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We got a lot of trailers, previews, and sneak peeks out of DC FanDome this weekend…but if you were waiting for one in particular, you were waiting a long time.

A third season of the Harley Quinn animated series was announced around the same time all the other DC Universe shows were given a renewal, but while those programs have already returned with new episodes, Harley is nowhere to be seen. You can chalk that up to how long animation takes to complete. Ms. Quinzel admitted as much when she finally made an appearance late in the FanDome…

Harley claimed she had a trailer for Season 3 ready to go, but unfortunately King Shark ate it. So fans would have to settle for a few animatic drawings instead, plus one completed still of Harley and Ivy dressed to the nines for a ballroom scene yet to be explained. Also, Kite Man got to do something.

Season 3 of Harley Quinn might not be taking so long to make if they didn’t have to start the whole machine back up again. There’s a reason renewals of animated shows are usually made a year in advance…if all the gears of animation production are running, they can simply leap from one season to the next. But Harley Quinn wasn’t renewed until after Season 2 had premiered. So here we are, waiting and waiting and waiting…

If you’re feeling impatient, there is one way to make the wait a little more bearable. DC is currently publishing a six-part Harley Quinn: The Animated Series comic book called The Eat Bang Kill Tour. It fills in the gaps between seasons 2 and 3 and has some great art to do it with. Check out a free preview on World’s Finest if you’re curious.

Season 3 of Harley Quinn should premiere sometime in 2022.