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When Clone High Returns, It Won’t Be A “Reboot”

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Clone High, one of this reporter’s favorite TV shows of all time, is returning with two seasons now in production for HBO Max. The day this was announced, a lot of news outlets described the return as a “reboot” — but according to series creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller, that’s not the case.

Lord Miller’s most recent release is the series The Afterparty for Apple TV+, and during a press conference for that show, the subject of Clone High came up. They didn’t reveal a release date, but they did state for the record what they were working on was really Season 2, not a reboot of any kind.

Chris already proved it last summer when he tweeted out a pic of the title page for the first new script. It is labeled “Episode 201” and the title is “Let’s Try This Again.”

Of course, anybody who has seen the entirety of Season One, and knows how the show ends, would know it has the perfect excuse for continuing where it left off. (Even though the thing is twenty years old, I won’t spoil the ending here. It is also a pretty cruel cliffhanger and a lack of resolve would have sucked, so we’re grateful for this news.)

While the animation for the original season was done by Nelvana, Lord says Shadowmachine (Bojack Horseman, Final Space) will be making the clones move this time. “We did our best to remember how we did it twenty years ago, but hopefully with some more slightly sophisticated tools and certainly a little bit even more ambition,” he said.

“It’s been a lot of fun to get back in the recording booth and to live with these characters and to think about what kind of stories we can tell and how high school has changed a lot since this was made,” Miller told the press. There is also an appropriate tweet from Chris illustrating Phil’s reunion with Scudworth, whom he voices:

As for where to find the existing season of Clone High, for some weird reason it is NOT on HBO Max, but Paramount+. While it’s Paramount that actually owns the thing, it’s strange they would not license Season 1 to WB, especially given the return will be a continuation.