We’re Not Telling You Mother 3 Is Being Released In English


There have been rumors, but nothing like this. Everyone seems to be certain we’re just one announcement away from confirmation that Nintendo is putting out Mother 3, aka the third Earthbound title, officially in English on the Virtual Console. Unlike every other irresponsible news outlet on the Web, we’re not going to say to your face that Mother 3’s English release is absolutely a possibility. Because you can’t say that. Yet.

The latest round of insanity began when Nintendo insider Emily Rogers tweeted ”Don’t be surprised if Nintendo celebrates a game’s 10th anniversary this year,” coupled with a screenshot from Mother 3, which was released in Japan on April 20, 2006. Then her entire Twitter account was deleted — a smoking gun in the eyes of the faithful. Other sources later claimed they heard the same info, and then today the fire was stoked by Eurogamer, who claimed they also had insider information something was happening.

You would think by now that rabid Earthbound fanboys would have given up the fight or at least backed off a bit, especially when they were mocked by Robot Chicken in an E3 presentation from 2014. But then 2015 played host to the E3 of Miracles, where numerous fan requests that previously seemed impossible finally became a reality. Shenmue 3 and the FF7 remake were confirmed, and…..the original NES Earthbound was released, 25 years after it was translated and shelved. This was something else the skeptical said wouldn’t happen.

And we hear it sold well! We live in a world where “Earthbound-like” is becoming a genre unto itself on Steam, and a profitable one to boot — Undertale is a huge success and may be coming to consoles soon. Add to this Nintendo’s recent streak of putting at least one GBA title on Wii U per week, and going through the effort to translate Mother 3 (or buy the fan translation) has, financially, never made more sense.

But we’re not saying they’re doing it. We’re certainly not telling you that it’s definitely going to happen. We’re just saying….maybe, if you wish hard enough….