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Weathering With You, Batman Beyond And More Arrive On HBO Max


In recent months there has been a rush to not just get streaming services up and running for various channels and publishers, but also to have a plethora of titles announced to be coming for said services to lure more people to them. Such as how The Office is now on its “home networks’ service of Peacock. Or how Disney did that large swath of announcements regarding Marvel, Star Wars and Disney pure projects. HBO max has been going big as will with releasing Wonder Woman 1984 on the service, as well as bringing in fan-favorite shows and movies like Batman Beyond and Weathering With You!

The latter two have just released onto the platform and they’re already creating quite a stir. Weathering With You is the last of a long line of anime films that have been coming to the US (and the world at large) and has been shocking people with the depth of storytelling that usually isn’t experienced in films like these. It’s from the same team that made the widely popular “Your Name” and others, which are are also on HBO Max.

As for Batman Beyond, this is the latest in an effort to consolidate the WB/DC Comics library onto the platform. The iconic series has been a hit since it came out in the early 2000s and fans still want the show to be either reborn or brought into live action. Perhaps its arrival on HBO Max will help fulfill that desire.

And this is saying nothing of all the other animated properties that are on HBO Max right now. Including the whole line of Miyazaki films from Studio Ghibli, Primal (from the creator of Samurai Jack) and more.

So if you haven’t tried it out yet, you might want to go and give HBO Max a shot, it’s getting more and more animated series every month.