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We Tracked Down A Couple Of Leads For The Clue Cartoon


Fox’s Animation Domination block consists of entirely product co-produced and owned by 20th Century Studios (due to that and Fox being the same thing until recently). But last year Fox Entertainment announced they were looking into producing animated shows entirely on their own, using the animation studio they happen to possess, Bento Box. One of the ideas they were exploring: a prime-time cartoon based on Clue.

Yes, we mean the board game (formerly by Parker Brothers, now by Hasbro). We could call such a thing commercial and unoriginal, but Clue has already proven itself to work as a multimedia concept — the 1985 movie starring Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn and Martin Mull is regarded as a comedy classic. So there’s potential in a Clue series — but it depends on the talent behind it.

Today it was revealed that award-winning writer, comedian and actor Dewayne Perkins has been chosen as executive producer and lead writer for the Clue animated series. Perkins’s resume is lovely; he’s written for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Saved By The Bell on Peacock, The Amber Ruffin Show and other programs.

The show will be produced through The Story Company, the production company of Tim Story, who is also involved….and here’s where we worry. Story’s history is not as stellar. The films he’s involved with have been the definition of “meh”: the Jessica Alba Fantastic Four movie and its sequel, the two Think Like A Man films, the two Ride Along films, and that Tom & Jerry movie that came out last year. Not much to crow about in there.

So now the question will be just how much of this is Perkins and how much will be Story. The direction in which it leans will determine if it’s worth viewing. Guess we’ll solve this mystery eventually. Fox’s Clue cartoon currently has no release window.