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We Finally Know SOMETHING About The Bob’s Burgers Movie

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20th Century Studios first announced a Bob’s Burgers feature film back in 2017, when it was still 20th Century Fox and wasn’t 100% swallowed by Disney yet. It’s been a long wait since then, but what’s made that wait so unusual is the fact that in all this time, not a single thing has slipped out about the film. No sketches, no plot summaries, nothing.

Well, today, we finally got a thing. 20th Century updated its official page on the film with a paragraph-long description of its plot. Here goes…

It’s the beginning of summer and the Belchers are looking forward to the fresh rush of customers heading to the shoreline. But disaster strikes when a water main breaks underground, creating a massive sinkhole right in front of the restaurant. With the way in (and out) completely blocked, it’s up to the kids to solve the mystery of what’s truly going on while Bob and Linda try desperate measures to save their business.

Who’s behind this? It may NOT be Jimmy Pesto, as after voice actor Jay Johnson was spotted at the Insurrection, the staff had to reveal they hadn’t recorded any dialogue for him in the current season, indicating they might’ve been eyeing him suspiciously well before he publicly confirmed himself a nut. Pesto may have been written out of the movie as well. Bob needs a new archenemy and a movie feels like a good place to introduce one. We’ll see.

The summary also confirms the one thing everybody already figured about the Bob’s Burgers movie without any confirmation: there will be a lot of songs. The movie falls under the description “musical-comedy-mystery adventure,” much like the show.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie (which seems to be the official title) is currently set for release in May of 2022. The times being what they are, we can’t promise for certain it will come out then, but if it’s already been delayed multiple times already, what’s a few delays more?