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We Finally Have Footage From Tuca & Bertie Season Two


There are more gags and creative drawings packed into one scene of Tuca & Bertie than most contemporary television shows have in their entire seasons. Why does this cartoon have such a passionate fanbase? Because the passion radiates from the show itself, and it’s communicable.

The original season of Tuca & Bertie appeared in 2019 on Netflix, and then viewers had to wait an entire year to find out if it was renewed or not, at which point they were told “no.” I’d be less bitter about this if it weren’t for the kind of things Netflix apparently wants to keep around.

That might’ve been the end, as it usually is for neglected streaming children. But a short time later, Adult Swim made the surprise announcement that it was picking up the show for a second season. We don’t expect Tuca & Bertie to lose very much in the transition, aside from a few minutes to fit in ads, and the floppy green boobies in the opening shot.

And the proof is in the pudding — or rather, the one minute and forty-five seconds of material released by AS last weekend. Bertie is feeling so insecure that she turns into a Victorian house for a few seconds. Then she’s standing in the corner of a haunted room and has no face. Then there’s this pottery bit. You never know which direction the show is going to go, both in a narrative and a visual sense. It’s one of the few that truly takes advantage of its own medium (animation).

Season 2 starts this summer on Adult Swim. And this time, you better watch, you hear me? If this show doesn’t get the numbers it needs and deserves, I’m going to find you and come to your house, and then I’m going to eat your dog. That will be on you! Watch Tuca & Bertie.