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WB’s Multiversus Confirmed Real, Contains Arya And Garnet


It didn’t take long after the leak for Warner Bros to officially admit they were working on a Smash Bros clone with all their IPs in it. Multiversus has been announced for 2022 release on consoles and PC.

All the characters hinted at in the blurry screenshot posted last month are indeed in the game. You can duke it out as Shaggy, you can kick booty as Bugs, you can slice ‘n dice as Steven Universe. See for yourself:

Other confirmed characters: Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, Tom & Jerry, Wonder Woman, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog.

There are a couple surprises here. That weird blue-green blob thing no one recognized turned out to be….a weird blue-green blob thing no one recognizes. It’s an original character named “Reindog” because it’s a dog with antlers. Your guess is as good as mine why this is taking up a slot…no one’s gonna pick it.

But Garnet has also been confirmed as a second Steven Universe character, and to the surprise and amusement of social media, Arya Stark from Game of Thrones is here too. Maisie Williams herself supplies the voice. Didn’t I tell you that “Warner Bros will dip into the more mature side of their library if they think they can get away with it”? Those were my exact words. Chucky is inevitable.

So is it different from Smash (or Nickelodeon All-Stars) in any way? Kinda. The name “Multiversus” refers to the fact that each match is 2 on 2…though the guy in the trailer promises some kind of solo content, the main emphasis will be on teamwork. Multiversus will be consistently updated with “seasons” of new content. It’s also free to play, unlike the others, but this also probably means they will charge money for extra characters. (Actually, Smash does that too…guess it’s not that different.)

Multiversus will be out sometime in 2022 for Playstation 5, Playstation 4, XBox One, XBox Series Whatever, and the PC. If you own a Switch, you get to wait around for the version that comes out a year later and has glitches the other versions don’t.