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NOTE: This is sort of a spin-off of "Worlds Finest" which is a Superman movie where the Joker from Batman sells Lex his help for quite a lot of money to kill Superman with a kryptonite statue he stole. Only in this, instead of Batman and Superman, it's Dexter and Powerpuffs.

By Danny Matviya

Setting at the very beginning: Dexter's house- outside

[A figure creeps along the bushes then sneaks through the door. We then see the other side of the door as the figure closes the door then creeps up the stairs. He passes a room with a pink interior, stops, then goes back to admire the girl inside.]

Figure: [lovingly] Dee Dee.

[He then creeps along to another door and goes in. He approaches a bookshelf, pulling out a remote then clicks it at it. The bookshelf rises up revealing Dexter's Lab. The figure goes in and creeps along the hallways till he found a row of chemical and antidote barrels. He puts a round-bottom beaker under one of them and fills it to the top with an orange fluid, then he screws a lid onto it. He then races of through the lab and skids to a stop when he sees he as been discovered by Dexter!]

Dexter: Mandark!

[We now see the face of the figure to see that he really is Mandark as he says the next line:]

Mandark: Dexter!

[Dexter lunges at Mandark, but he jumps out of the way. He lunges at him again, but he jumps onto a lab shelf and presses a button on his remote. His space ship crashes through the ceiling. Mandark jumps in.]

Mandark: So long, Dexter. [As his spaceship leaves, his distant laugh can be heard.] Ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha!


Computer: [The Computer whirs and hums for a moment before replying] One full sample of Antidote-X.

Dexter: Display a full list of possible reasons what he would plan to do with it.

Setting: Mojo's Bathroom

[Mojo is washing in the shower. He turns off the taps and reaches out to grab his towels. He comes out with a towel draped around his waste and another covering his head. He goes humming to a closet, and pulls out his cloths and brain helmet. Suddenly, he disappears.]

Setting: Mandark's lab

[Bewildered, Mojo suddenly finds himself appearing in the lab then sees Mandark in a hovering high-tech chair. He points angrily at the towels and the cloths]

Mandark: Oh, sorry. [He presses a button on the control panel of the chair and Mojo' cloths immediately zap onto him and his towels appear hanging on his arm where he was just holding his cloths.] Greetings, evil Mojo Jojo. My name is Mandark. I have brought you here because I can help you defeat the Powerpuff Girls. And in return, I want you to help me steal the scientific secrets of my archenemy, Dexter, Boy Genius, and to destroy his lab.

Mojo: [He stares for a moment then bursts out laughing for a moment] You are joshing, kidding, and further more joking. How can you destroy three mutant superheroines when you can win victory over a mere child?

Mandark: There is nothing mere about that child. He is a boy genius I am planning on getting better at than. Besides, I have the chemical that can turn the Powerpuffs into mere children as well! [pulls out the sample of Antidote-X and we have a dramatic zoom in of it]

Setting: Dexter's lab

Computer: Dexter, scanners pick up the presence of Mojo Jojo in Mandark's lab.

Dexter: That proves he's using it against the Powerpuffs!

Setting: Bottom of stairs

Mom: Dee Dee, could you get Dexter? It's almost dinnertime.

DeeDee: OK, mom!

Setting: Dexter's lab

Dee Dee: Dexter, Mom says it's almost dinnertime!

Dexter: Tell her I'm going away for a moment and will have to miss dinner.

Dee Dee: Where should I tell her you'll be going?

Dexter: Tell her I'll be going to...

Narrator: ...The city of Townsville! A recognizable place full of recognizable people.

Professor: [cutting hedges outside of his house] Hello, Ms. Keane.

Ms. Keane: Hello, Professor.

[somewhere else in town]

Mary: Hi, Plablo.

Plablo: Hi, Mary

[cut to a hardware store with an alarm bell going off]

Narrator: Even the crooks and robbers are recognizable. [cut to inside where we see Mandark surveying the Mandark droids doing their work] Wait a minute! This guy doesn't look recognizable.

Main droid: [approaches Mandark] We have all the software needed for the robot, sir.

Mandark: Ha! Ha-ha! Excellent! Ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha!

Narrator: There's something definitely screwy here.

Setting: next day

[the girls are examining the crime scene]

Blossom: There's something definitely screwy here.

Bubbles: Who would just come here unknown and suddenly rob a hardware store for the making of a robot?

Guard: Call from the Professor. It's dinner time.

Blossom: Guess we'll have to think about it at home. [the three fly home]

Setting: Utonium house- outside of door

Professor: Girls, you have a visitor.

Blossom: [as they go in] A visitor? I wonder who it could be.

[the float in and spot Dexter]

Bubbles: Hi. What's your name.

Dexter: I am Dexter, boy genius, and I have come with information for you. Of course in return, [a bit sheepishly] I kind of missed dinner for this trip and--

Professor: Certainly. There's enough food for a guest.

Setting: dinner table after dinner

[Professor is collecting the dirty dishes]

Blossom: This information, is it about the stranger who robbed the hardware store?

Dexter: Does the stranger have glasses like mine and have a big cranium with black hair? And does the black hair have a white streak and an M cut into it?

Blossom: That fits most of his description...

Buttercup: So what information to you have on him?

Dexter: His name is Mandark and he is my rival. He wants to steal my scientific secrets and destroy my top-secret laboratory. A while ago, he snuck into my lab and took a sample of Antidote-X. Later he teamed up with your arch nemeses, Mojo Jojo. You can guess what he's planning to do.

Bubbles: Could he be using it against us?

Blossom and Buttercup: Yes!

[hotline goes off]

[Blossom picks it up]: Yes mayor...we're on it! [She hangs up] Mojo's wrecking havoc on the city again.

[Before the girls can leave...]

Dexter: STOP! This might be a trap! Approach quietly.

Buttercup: Aw, come on! [She starts to fly away, but Blossom grabs her foot.]

Blossom: No. Dexter's right. It could be a trap. Dexter, come along. We might need your scientific knowledge.

[The girls take Dexter and fly as unnoticed as possible.]

Narrator: Be careful, girls. Who knows what could happen it is a trap?

Setting: The dark, lower hallways of the observatory

[the Powerpuffs and Dexter sneak along the hallway]

Blossom: Hey, isn't that the power copier from our adventure where we learn that Mojo was once the Professor's lab assistant?

Buttercup: Yeah. And that's the post where he put the dog statue thing that turned everyone into dogs!

Bubbles: And there's the laser he used on me to get me to scream so you would come.

Dexter: Remember: Approach quietly.

[They sneak along further on tip-toe. Suddenly, the room is filled with gas and they are put to sleep]

Setting: Main part of observatory

[The girls slowly wake up to find themselves chained to a giant robot. They struggle to get out, but remember that Mojo's chains are superpower proof. So they try to bust through the robot. But somehow, they couldn't work their superpower anymore!]

Mandark: Foolish Powerpuffs! I, Mandark, have already thrown the Antidote-X on you. [holds up the empty beaker] Now for the destruction on you! [He picks up Dexter who is tied up] Don't worry, Dexter. We'll destroy your precious laboratory later. [He stuffs him into a cannon and fires him out of the observatory.]

[Dexter's cry can be heard echoing across the sky]: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Mandark: Ha! Ha-ha! Ha-Ha! Ha-ha! Ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha!

Setting: Dexter's lab

Dee Dee: [walks along the laboratory] Dexter? Dexter? [Dexter comes crashing through the ceiling. He lies on the floor moaning] HI DEXTER!!

Dexter: Dee Dee, quit your blabbering and get me untied! [Dee Dee unties him] Oh the poor girls, drained of their power, about to get destroyed. And my laboratory will be destroyed as well.

Computer: Dexter, there is something you can do.

Dexter: But of course! Thanks, Computer!

Computer: You're welcome, Dexter.

Setting: Mojo's observatory

[Mojo and Mandark observe the robot's tools ready to destroy the Powerpuffs]

Mojo: I thank you for your help and will gladly help you with your nemesis.

Mandark: Excellent.

Crash! Dexter's voice: Not so fast, Man-dork!

[They wheel around to see Mark-5, through a hole in the observatory, holding Dexter. Dexter leaps inside and runs up to the robot with the girls.]

Dexter: If the only think that can backfire the powers of Chemical-X is Antidote-X then the only thing that can backfire the powers of Antidote-X is...[pulls out a beaker containing a silver chemical]...Chemical-X!

[Mojo and Mandark gasp. Dexter splashes the chemical on the girls. Not only does it bring back their powers, but it also fries a hole in the robot! The girls float back to let the chins slip down, then turn to Mojo.]

Mojo: Oh boy!

[The Powerpuffs fly up and beat him up. Suddenly they notice Mandark running away! He pulls out his remote to summon his get-away space ship. Suddenly, Buttercup swoops up and sends it crashing to the ground. Blossom and Bubbles hold him up while Buttercup gets ready to punch him]

Dexter: STOP! Mandark is my rival. My nuisance. Which makes it for me to take care of.

[The girls smile and nod. Buttercup picks Dexter up and flings him towards Mandark. Dexter readies a fist and Pow! The glasses go flying in slow motion to the ground. Right after they land, knocked out Mandark lands beside them and we zoom out to se the proud four.]

Setting: [Television set- Townsville News with Stanley]

Stanley: And with that, the evil Mojo Jojo was once again locked up in prison where he belonged along with his partner, Mandark who is sentenced to be his cell-mate. [Dee Dee, who is watching, is overjoyed]

Mandark: [lovingly] If you are watching, Dee Dee, I love you. [Dee Dee shivers]

Mojo: Aw, shut up!

Stanley: Yes, the villains are finally behind bars, and so...hit it, Narrator!

Setting: Heart scene

Narrator: I love a good introduction. And so, once again, the day is saved thanks to the Powerpuff Girls and Dexter Boy Genius! fade to "THE END"]

Setting: Credits

Man: Enter at your own peril, past the bolted doors to where impossible thing may happen that the world's never seen before.


In Dexter's Laboratory
Lives the smartest boy you've ever seen.
But Dee Dee blows his experiments
To smithereens!
There is gloom in doom
While things go boom
In Dexter's lab.


Fighting crime trying to save the world
Here they come just in time
The Powerpuff Girls

[Cartoon Cartoon theme] Chicken: Cartoon Cartoons!

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