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A Powerpuff Girls / Pinky and the Brain crossover

by: Brainatra


[Open on: a stock shot of Townsville’s skyline, at night.]

VOICE: (off-screen; slightly British/ ‘educated’ sounding) The city of *Townsville*.

(Pull back to see it’s being viewed through a glass window...)

VOICE: Computer, analyze rudimentary information on this metropolis...

COMPUTER VOICE: (Sounding like the computer from ‘Star Trek:TNG’) Working... Townsville: mid-sized-populace United States city. Largest suburb: Pokey Oaks. Main industries: cereal production; shipping; banking and finance; security; technological research and development... (computer proceeds to list other statistics about Townsville)

VOICE: Hmm... your typical happy-go-lucky American urban sprawl, then.... computer, enough of that for now. Please give a brief description of the following individuals: the Powerpuff Girls, and Professor Utonium.

COMPUTER: Working... the Powerpuff Girls are the city of Townsville’s main superhero defenders...

VOICE: Oh, *goody*... superheroes.

COMPUTER: (continuing) Ages: five years old.

VOICE: Well, at least they’re somewhere close to my own age. Very well, then....

COMPUTER: Education: currently enrolled in Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. Names: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Blossom is considered the leader of the trio, noted for her analytical skills. Buttercup is noted for her aggressive nature and impatience. Bubbles is noted for her being the Powerpuff Girl who behaves closest to her own age emotionally, but has been known to go into a ‘hardcore’ berserker mode. The three Girls’ powers consist of: super-strength, super-hearing, super-speed, invulnerability, x-ray and heat vision, ‘laser vision,’ freeze breath---

VOICE: (As the computer goes on) Hmm, enough powers to put them on par with that demigod-esque Kryptonian. Very well, then... as for Professor Utonium?

COMPUTER: *Working*... (pauses a few moments before giving the data) Professor Utonium is the Powerpuff Girls’ creator and guardian; noted as one of Townsville’s leading scientific minds. Age: mid-to-late 40’s. Owner of various patents and noted inventor; inventions and discoveries include: the ‘DYNAMO’ battle robot; the artificially-engineered lifeform ‘Beebo,’...


(The unseen figure presses a button, cutting off the computer; pan over to see that the figure’s hidden in shadows.)

SHADOW-ENSCONSED FIGURE: Yes, that is very useful information to know. And with that information, combined with my newest Townsville-native partner, I plan to become the most powerful force to rock Townsville *and* the country since, well, *ever*. And if those feminine titans try to stop me, well, they’ll wish they’d gone back to making mudpies on the playground! (Laughs sinisterly; music builds to a crescendo)

PPG NARRATOR: Oh, dear....whoever this shadow-ensconsed figure is, it certainly can’t be good news for our dear, sweet girls....and for the record, *I* should’ve gotten to say the opening line, not, well, whoever this guy is.... (clears throat) Meanwhile, off in, of all places, New York City...

(Fade from Townsville’s skyline to New York City’s skyline; we cut to a standard outside shot of ACME Labs, with lights on the bridge behind it blinking intermittently. Inside, we see the three rodent residents of the Lab are fast asleep in two separate cages. Pan over to a window; we see a short figure using a glass cutter to open a wide hole in the window, then a bolt cutter to cut an alarm wire running alongside the window. The figure quietly slips in. The figure’s cape briefly gets caught in the jagged edge of the glass opening, causing him to mutter softly and in a drawn-out way ‘curses.’ The figure removes the cape, and holding it like a bag, slinks over to a shelf with several nondescript-looking electronic devices sitting on them. The figure slips them into his ‘bag’, then returns to head back out the way he came in. From the cages, all we hear are snoring, followed by a softly-muttered ‘but Brain, that nice Mr. Gates man said 640k of RAM is all the memory anyone will ever need, or something, narf...’ and more snoring. The figure grins sinisterly, then slips back out through the window...)

(Cut to the next morning; we see a NYPD police car pull away from the outside of the ACME Labs building. Inside, we see the lab’s rodent occupants, Pinky, Billie, and the Brain, are pondering last night’s robbery...)

BILLIE: Weird, Eggy. Instead of stealing one of the Lab’s more valuable research projects, the thief took just *those* particular items? Why??

BRAIN: Not sure, Billie... admittedly what he or she stole might have some use, but only to highly-trained scientific minds such as ourselves. There isn’t much resale value on the black market for what the thief took...

PINKY: Well, I’m just glad that mean old burglar didn’t steal any hamburgers! Ronald McDonald would be *very* upset, POIT!

BRAIN: (Rolling his eyes) Pinky, why don’t you go and destroy your remaining brain cell on that idiot box you’re so enamorated of? I’ve got to get back to work on tonight’s plan to take over the world.... (looks at the now-boarded-over window) I’ll have to worry about the robbery later...

BILLIE: (Sarcastic) Another world-domination plan over our very own personal safety....nice priorities, Egghead.

BRAIN: Please, Billie...after tonight, the only thing any thief will be worried about will be how they’ll handle their plight under the judicial measures of a Brain-led penal system... (turns his attention back to his work...however, he’s interrupted in short order by something Pinky and Billie are watching on TV. Brain tries to ignore it, but he’s once more interrupted by some loud noises from the set. Frustrated, he puts down his pencil and walks over to the other mice...)

BRAIN: Exactly what are you watching that *must* disrupt my concentration?

PINKY: Oooh, Brain, it’s only the coolest new Japanese anime series! ‘Ultra Cyber Cowboy Neo-Hoosier Bebop-a-Looza Digiball Techno-Force Z!’

BRAIN: (Trying to pronounce this ungainly title) ‘Ultra.... Cowpoke...Hoover...*WHAT*?!?’

PINKY: Oh, it’s this really great show! Everyone on the Internet’s talking about it!

BILLIE: Yeah, where’ve *you* been, Eggy? Oh, that’s right....as clueless as usual about anything in pop culture. (Smirks)

BRAIN: (Making a face at this assertation) Hmph...as if I should devote valuable time and attention to the lowest-common-denominator drivel that passes for much of popular culture.

(Brain turns his attention to the TV to see what this show’s about. We see on screen various characters with enormous, saucer-like eyes and short-statured bodies; one is wearing a suit of body armor, another is dressed in a school girl’s outfit, and another is wearing a samurai outfit. All three wield various weird-looking high-tech devices and swords; the school girl character has some weird-looking creature that looks like a cross between a mouse, a cat, and a duck in her arms. We see the characters, despite being well-drawn, moving rather jerkily, and despite the lavish backgrounds, constantly shown with streaked-lines in the background whenever they’re moving at a faster-than-normal pace, even if it’s only several feet. We see the samurai yelling loudly, ‘the Geo-Orb Card of Power from the solitaire deck of Neo-South Bend is *MINE*!’, followed by leaping towards some group of guys dressed like ninjas. The body-armored guy lets loose a few rounds with a laser-gun, followed by the ninjas leaping forward (with the same streaked-line-background effect) as well. The school girl’s weird creature makes a few odd noises, wandering about the screen, before hitting a rock and falling over. The girl yells at it to get up, with her face taking up almost the entire screen while yelling. Cut back to more of the fight scene between the ninjas and the other two heroes...the body-armor clad guy knocks one of the ninjas out in a slow-motion sequence.)

(Cut back to the mice; Brain has a dumbfounded look on his face, while Billie and Pinky are enraptured by all this. Pinky and Billie laugh at another scene with the weird creature....)

PINKY: WA-HAHAHAHA! Ooooh, if only Vinylmon hadn’t been blasted by the bad guys’ anti- ‘Ana-mon’ weapon, he might be able to see where he’s going, HAHAHA, NARF!

BILLIE: (Laughing as well) Yeah... and you’ve got to appreciate the subtle adult humor in some of the jokes!

BRAIN: ‘Subtle adult humor?’

BILLIE: Yeah...you see, Kobayashi and Maru are trying to win the ‘no-win’ challenge set forth to them by Achoo, the dark forces’ leader that threatens to take over all humanity if they don’t use their neat cyber-samauri gadgets to save the day. So, while beating up the bad guys, Kobayashi keeps making office-training-program related jokes! Heh... Of course, this is the dubbed, edited-for-American-audiences TV version; I understand the original unedited Japanese version has Maru using Vinylmon in some joke that made those stupid American censors nervous... but fortunately, I’ve ordered the undubbed version for us to watch, as soon as it gets here!

PINKY: (Still watching the TV) HAHAHAHA! Oooh, Vinylmon’s antics keep getting wackier and wackier! Wonder how the others will react when they find out he swallowed the Power Ring of Truth, TROZ! Though I guess he can use his neat-o ‘Ana-mon’ static electricity powers to take the Power Ring of Truth’s place, NARF!

BRAIN: (Still dumbfounded by all this) I...see. (Clears his throat) Erm, *Pinky*, *Billie*... just *what* exactly does Ultra...Cyber... Surfing...whatever... Force *do*, anyway?

BILLIE: (Stops laughing to explain) Oh, Eggy, it’s really a very intelligent, well-written story! You see, the Ultra Cyber Cowboy Neo-Hoosier Beebop-a-looza Digiball Techno-Force Z are defenders of the city of Neo-Evansville in the Łber-state of Kentucky-ana. Their leader has sworn to defeat his nemesis Achoo, the leader of the evil ninja team, after he killed one of his county fair prize hogs, which was unfortunately the secret key to finding the Golden Scroll of Knowledge, which would allow him to find a cure for his second cousin Bob’s mild case of depression. The bad guys want to take over Neo-Evansville and rule all of Kentucky-ana for themselves, while ensuring that the heroes never discover who’s secretly funding their true efforts. Oh, and the owner of Vinylmon is on a personal quest to become master of all the Analog Monsters, or ‘Ana-mon,’ that she can find, and must fight in each city around Kentucky-ana to become an Ana-mon master. So far, she’s won Ana-mon tournaments in Neo-Louisville, Neo-Indianapolis, Neo-Frankfort, and, of course, Neo-Evansville. Oh, and with her always is her adorable-looking cat-mouse-duck-hybrid-looking Ana-mon sidekick, Vinylmon... and they sometimes have to go on adventures within the ‘Ana-World’ where they meet other ‘Ana-mon’ creatures like ‘Cassettemon,’ ‘Dialtunermon,’ and of course, the ever-popular ‘VHSmon’... (sees Pinky laughing at Vinylmon running into yet another rock). See, that wasn’t so tough to figure out, eh, Eggy? (Pauses) Uh....Eggy?

(Cut to Brain...his mouth is gaped wide open at hearing this ludicrous backstory, and has a look of shock in his face.)

BRAIN: (Still struck by all this) ‘Neo-Evansville?’ ‘Golden Scroll?!?’ ‘*Analog* monsters?!?!?’ (Shakes his head, and turns to the TV) Good lord...just when I thought animated entertainment couldn’t get any more *idiotic*, apparently the United States has to import other nations’ idiocy to *here*.

BILLIE: Hey, it’s not *idiotic*!

BRAIN: (Raising an eyebrow) ‘Second cousin *Bob*?!?’

BILLIE: Well, admittedly the show loses a few things in the English dubbing....to get the *full* effect, you kinda have to watch it in the original Japanese...

BRAIN: Which, of course, Pinky, as well as the vast majority of the American viewing public, would have *no knowledge of whatsoever*....

BILLIE: (Waves her hand) Eh, details, details.... besides, they’ve got subtitles! And Pinks doesn’t seem to care either way---he just really likes ‘Ana-mon’! As does everyone else, apparently, since they now have their very own spinoff show... (Pinky briefly switches channels, to where we see the spinoff program ‘Ana-mon: Analog Monsters’ starting up. The theme song features only the words ‘Ana-mon...Analog Monsters’ being repeated over and over, as the analog creatures hurl themselves at each other in various bizarre fight scenes, using their myriad of ‘analog powers’ as well---we see ‘Vinylmon’ using its powers to shoot from its tail record needles at high speed at ‘VHSmon,’ who, using its videotape powers, magnetizes and deflects the needles. Pinky sings along to the three-word theme song, before it ends; he switches back to Techno-Force Z.)

BRAIN: (Rubs his head) And to think I thought Sid and Marty Kroft’s shows almost defied comprehension.... is this ‘show’ really as popular as you say?

BILLIE: You kidding? There’s Techno-Force Z t-shirts, lunch boxes, stickers, coloring books, fruit snacks, video games, music videos...you name it, these guys are on it! They’re even coming out with a Techno-Force Z *movie*...well, a *dubbed over* version imported from Japan---feh. (Brain rolls his eyes) Gotta say it, Eggy, the guys who created this show must have one of the biggest fan followings in anime I’ve ever seen! (Realizes what she’s just said, and covers her mouth, knowing what Brain’s reaction will be....but it’s too late: Brain goes into his ‘wide-eyed epiphany’ look mode)

BRAIN: That’s *IT*! (Face goes back to normal) Pinky, Billie, are you pondering what I’m pondering?

BILLIE: (Looking a bit uneasy at where Brain’s leading) Unfortunately so...

PINKY: (Still watching ‘Techno-Force Z’) I think so, Brain, but wouldn’t ‘Techno Force Z’’s contact lenses be rather large for eyes like theirs, *POIT*?

BRAIN: *No*, Pinky----I mean, we shall create our *own* anime program, one which shall eclipse the popularity of ‘Ultra...Cheer...Color-Guard’...erm, whatever. And with the following our program shall garner, we shall use that popularity to *TAKE OVER THE WORLD*!

PINKY: Egad, *brilliant*! Oh, no, wait, no... who’s going to be the stars of this show? (Sees Brain eying him and Billie; Pinky looks excited, while Billie looks a bit worried.)

BILLIE: (Sighs) Why do I get the feeling I’m going to hate myself by the time all this is over?

BRAIN: Oh, come now...we have the *perfect* looks to become as popular as ‘Techno-Force Z.’ All we need is a little... ‘creative costuming.’ (We pan away from the mice, to the TV screen, showing another stock shot of ‘Techno-Force Z’ zooming across the screen in ‘fast-moving-animation’ mode....fade to the mice, some time later; we see they’re dressed in various anime-looking costumes. Billie is wearing a costume similar to Misty’s on ‘Pokemon’, complete with her hair done up in ponytails; Pinky is wearing a trench coat, boots, a holster with a suction-cup dart gun in it, and has his hair much more spiky-looking than normal; and finally, Brain is wearing some sort of red-and-grey-colored body armor, with a logo on his chest shaped like his head. He has a matching helmet with a visor on it under one arm. Brain looks a lot like the ‘Transformers’ ‘ Optimus Prime. Most bizarrely enough, all three mice’s eyes look disproportionately huge compared to the rest of their heads/bodies---think of the way Brain’s eyes looked in ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Brain’ to get an idea.)

BILLIE: Eggy, these contact lenses we’re using to dilate our pupils are making my eyes irritated...when can we take them out?!

PINKY: Oooh, I rather like this wardrobe! So stylish in a futuristic, post-apoca-whatsits way, NARF!

BRAIN: That’s ‘apocalypse.’ And besides, we need to dress this way in order to create and promote our own anime program...

BILLIE: (Rolling her eyes) Which is *called*...?

BRAIN: Named after the most appealing feature of our show...

(The mice walk over to a large, human-sized object under a tablecloth, which Brain removes; we see it seems to be some sort of robot, made out of what looks like various spare parts, household appliances, and whatnot. The head of the robot seems to have seats and controls for each of the three mice.)

BRAIN: (Continuing from before) ...behold---the star of our show, *STOCKTRON*!!! (Trumpet fanfare plays)

PINKY: (Drawn out) Naaaaarf...

BILLIE: (Drawn out like Pinky, making a face) Yeeeesh... (Normal voice) I thought we put all this junk out on the curb for trash day awhile back.

BRAIN: Well, we *do* need a robot for this show---my research into those anime programs you’re enamorated with tells me a minimal requirement is some sort of giant, ludicrously oversized-compared-to-the-heroes robot.

BILLIE: Uh-huh.

BRAIN: Anyway, ‘Stocktron Force: Tenchi-Feely Chewing Gum-Crisis-On-Infinite-Earths 3024 A.D. Touch Football Z,’ or ‘Stocktron’ for short, will be our key to becoming supreme rulers of the Earth....as soon as those anime fanatics see us in action, we’ll become the most talked-about dilated-pupil-possessing characters to come down the pike *ever*!

BILLIE: (Taking a look at one of the scripts for the show that Brain’s written, and frowns) Well, if we’re gonna get talked about in a positive manner, it won’t be from this ‘plot.’ Since *when* did my name get spelled like some third-grade spelling flunky?

BRAIN: Those are our new, ‘hip’, ‘cool’ anime names. I will be known as ‘Optimus Brain,’ Pinky shall be called ‘Pink the Stampee’, and Billie, you will be called ‘Bil Li.’

BILLIE: Uh...yeah. I see we put a *lot* of thought into *my* name... you know, there’s a *zillion* different female anime characters you could’ve ripped my name off of...

BRAIN: (Ignoring Billie, as she’s rattling off various possible names) Yes, yes, whatever. Now then, we’re off!

BILLIE: (Frowning at being ignored; sarcastically) I’ll say we are...

PINKY: Where are we going, Brain?

BRAIN: Well, we need to pitch our ideas to someone who’ll be willing to pony up enough financial resources to create our show... and fortunately, the city we’re heading to is featuring a sizable convention for animation, comic book and science-fiction fans, including representatives of several anime studios being present who’re searching for ideas for new programs, including the producers of ‘Techno-Force Z!’ This shall be our key to success!

(We see Brain putting a mouse-sized suitcase within a compartment on Stocktron, and the other mice are following suit...they all climb into the unit’s control center)

BILLIE: Like Pinky asked, just where are we going, Eggy?

BRAIN: (Starts up the robot, and it clunkily moves toward the door, and exits the building...) To none other than...

(Cut to a stock shot of the Townsville skyline, in the daytime.)

NARRATOR: (Proudly) The *CITY* of *TOWNSVILLE*! (Normal tone) Finally, I get to say it...

(Narrator continues, as we see various scenes of different Townsville denizens)

NARRATOR: A city of tolerance, a city of supportiveness, *and* a city of diverse cultures!

(Cue different shots of various ‘townies,’ including the interracial couple’s picture from ‘Mime For a Change,’ a shot of a few Asian shopowners in ‘Little Tokyo Townsville,’ and a few miscellaneous villains seated in a bar somewhere, including Sedusa and Fuzzy Lumpkins; Sedusa’s having a Bloody Mary, while Fuzzy is guzzling down a pitcher of root beer like there’s no tomorrow. Sedusa turns to the camera and makes a face at Fuzzy’s lack of gracefulness in drinking the stuff down.)

NARRATOR: And within this diverse and tolerant city is also support for those who’re among some of the most put-down members of society...those whose interests have been derided time and again...those who’ve been given a bad name by some lesser, more fanatical types (shot of the obsessed collector from ‘Collect Her’), that’s right---I’m talkin’ about:

(Shot of a banner reading ‘TOWNSVILLE 17th ANNUAL SCI-FI-CON’)

NARRATOR: Sci-fi fanatics! Once again, the Townsville Convention Center is swarmed with various patrons dystopic science-fiction futures, foreign and domestic animated antics, and of course, good ol’-fashioned four-colored superheroics! And who could possibly be more interested in metahuman-featuring material than---the *POWERPUFF GIRLS*?!

(Pan over to the Girls, who’re with Professor Utonium at a comic seller’s booth.... we see they seem to be in the midst of trying to haggle with the seller).

BUTTERCUP: Aw, c’mon.... we’ll give you *three* ‘Spore’ comics and *two* comics of ‘Venemous’ for that issue!

COMIC GUY: No way.

BUBBLES: Uh...how about if we throw in all of *these*? (Holds up a pile of the manga she was reading in ‘Super Zeroes’)


BLOSSOM: I see we’ll have to break out the big guns, girls---

BUBBLES: (Gasps) No!

BUTTERCUP: (Frowning) No way!

BLOSSOM: Sorry, but there’s no other way to get it... (over her sisters’ objections) Sir, we’d also be pleased to add, *at much loss to us*, I’ll mention, *THIS*! (Holds up a copy of ‘The Legend of Hilda XII: The *Ultimate* Sequel!’; the box has a picture of some small girl in an elf-like costume, holding a shield against a fire-breathing dragon. The whole thing is still in its original packaging)

PROFESSOR: Um, *Girls*, are you sure you want to give that up? You’ve been clamoring for it for *weeks*...

COMIC GUY: (Cutting the Prof. off) Sorry, but no. Do you really think that I’d give up *this*, even for ‘The Legend of Hilda XII’? (We see what they’re all talking about: a comic in a glass case....the comic is titled: ‘Spore vs. Freedom Gal vs. Bunny-Bunny One-Shot Special.’ A caption below this title reads: ‘Finally! The *ULTIMATE* one-shot special showdown that *YOU* demanded! And there’ll only be *ONE WINNER*!’ The cover features all three characters eying each other with their teeth gritting, including Bunny-Bunny; Freedom Gal wields her lasso, Spore has a chain in his hand, and Bunny-Bunny is holding up a candy cane. A price tag on this comic reads: ‘$200’)

BUTTERCUP: But...but...we’ve *got* to have it! It’s the *ultimate showdown*!!! It’ll finally prove to these two guys that Spore’s the *coolest* comic book hero *ever*!!!

BUBBLES: Nuh-uh...Bunny-Bunny is!

BLOSSOM: Please...Freedom Gal!

(The girls continue arguing; the Comic Guy and the Professor roll their eyes at this...)

NARRATOR: Ah, kids...meanwhile, what of our three would-be world-conquering rodents?

(Cut to Townsville International Airport, where we see entering a taxi are the three mice, still inside Stocktron.)

BRAIN: Driver, take us to the Townsville Convention Center, please.

DRIVER: OK, buddy... (slowly eyes the robot and mice, and shrugs) Ehh, comic book freaks....

(The cab takes off for the convention center...we soon see the mice standing outside the center, still seated inside of Stocktron. We see that Billie is having Stocktron carry, of all things, a paperback book labeled ‘Let’s Visit™: Superhero Cities, Towns, and Other Places, From Metropolis to Townsville, 2002 edition.’ All are still in ‘anime character’ costumes.)

BILLIE: (Has Stocktron turn to the section on Townsville) Hey, Eggy---this travel guide says that Townsville is this region’s leading center for banking, property insurance companies, security system manufacturing, *and* private security agencies! And it also lists all sorts of cool stuff here... cereal manufacturing (we see a picture of the Lucky Captain Rabbit King manufacturing plant), night clubs (a picture of the breakdancers from ‘Mime For a Change,’ showing them standing behind DJ turntables at some night club), even a dormant volcano within the city limits! (A picture of Volcano Mountain, with the Observatory on top of it) This town seems pretty prosperous, even despite this book saying it ranks up there with Metropolis in per-capita monster and super-villain attacks!

BRAIN: Well, we came here to get our show produced, *not* to sight-see or play superhero. Besides, I’ve already done precursory research on Townsville, and its superheroic defenders are a trio of kindergardeners known as the ‘Powerpuff Girls.’ Rather young to be fighting crime, in my opinion, but the locals apparently don’t seem to mind...

PINKY: Awww, they’re so cute! (Sees a picture of the Girls in the travel book, standing in stock end-of-the-episode flight pose)

BILLIE: Yeah, guess they are kinda adorable-lookin’ kids...

PINKY: Wonder if we could meet them, Brain?

BRAIN: Doubtful...we’ve got no time for that. Now let’s---

(Before Brain can finish, we see what looks like some large figure the size of Stocktron zooming at superhuman speed past them, nearly knocking Stocktron over; the mice topple out of their seats.)

BILLIE: (Rubbing her head) *Whoa*...what the heck was *that*?!

(Inside, we see this fast-moving, streaking figure race into the convention center, breaking through the doors and several walls. The figure startles everyone there, as it zips from table to table, taking all the money from each vendor...pan over to the Girls)

BUTTERCUP: (Seeing the figure robbing various vendors blind) Whoa! What *is* that?!

BLOSSOM: Beats me---but it’s not about to ruin this convention! Let’s go, Girls!

(The Girls all take off flying towards the figure, which has stopped at one table, emptying its ill-gotten gains into some sort of compartment in its chest...the Girls reach the figure, and each one lays in a punch. However, the figure is barely fazed by this, and turns to face the girls. We see it has a muscular-looking body and is dressed in a tank-top and black tights, but its face looks rather youthful, very infant-like (that is, if an infant had a football-shaped head). It lifts one hand and lets loose a punch, sending the Girls hurtling into a wall.)

BLOSSOM: (Rubs her head) What’s this guy *made* of? (Scans it with x-ray vision) Hey, it’s some sort of....*robot*!

: Robot? Cool...then I won’t have any problem with *tearing it apart*! (Takes off, as do the other Girls... however, just as they’re in front of the robot, it suddenly vanishes from right before their very eyes. The Girls stop in mid-flight)

BUBBLES: Uh, guys, where did it go?

BLOSSOM: Beats me....

(They slowly turn around to head back the way they came, only to find right behind them is....the robot itself! They turn back to face their previous direction, only to find he’s standing there, too!)

GIRLS: (Screaming) AAAAAHHH!

BUTTERCUP: This...is gettin’...*weird*.

(The robot gives forth a chuckle, and begins to emit a sonic sound barrage from its mouth, causing all to cower in its wake, including the Girls. As it continues the barrage, the robot also walks over to a certain spot in the wall, and lays in a punch, which begins to make the room everyone’s in start to cave in...the figure ends its sonic barrage, and exits the room...)

BUBBLES: The roof! It’s collapsing!

BLOSSOM: Get everyone out of here, *NOW*!

(We see at super-speed the Girls whisking everyone within the room out of the convention center, and, after briefly hesitating, also whisking out the various comic books/sci-fi stuff within the room, as well, before half of the Convention Center itself caves in. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, and thank the Girls. The Girls seem pleased with their work and the praise, but suddenly, they see the robot racing toward toward where Stocktron is standing...)

(Cut to the mice inside of Stocktron, as they see the approaching figure...)

PINKY: Egad, what is *that*? Oooh, maybe it’s that nice Mr. ‘Last Action Hero’ man promoting a sequel! Oh, I *did* love that film so, NARF!

BRAIN: That’s no *man*....that’s---- (all three mice gasp, as they see the robot approaching and recognize who it is)


(The robot comes to a halt in front of the mice, as the camera does a zoom-in-and-out on Griffino three times in a row...we see the robot scanning the occupants of Stocktron, and a viewscreen from its P.O.V. emits: ‘Identified: Pinky, Billie, and Brain. Actions to take, Sir?’)

(We cut back to the shadow-ensconsed villain from earlier in the story....he’s seeing this relayed data on a monitor, and looks to be rather surprised)

FIGURE: *What?!* The Brain, *here*?! (Sighs) Ah, well...I suppose it was inevitable I might face him again, but I’d rather it was at a time of my own choosing. But, as they say, beggars can’t be choosy, after all. And it looks as if he’s brought some dollar-store toy-section reject with him, HA! (Into a microphone nearby, and pressing a few buttons) Griffino, *attack*!

GRIFFINO: (With a voice similar to that of Brainiac’s on ‘Superman: The Animated Series’) Yes, Mr. Griffin. (To the mice) Please prepare to be annihilated. (Whips out a few explosives from seemingly nowhere, and prepares to lob them at the rodents, at the same time it emits a laser eye blast....however, we soon see slamming into *both* robots are none other than the Powerpuff Girls. The Girls’ force knocks the explosives off-screen [where they explode] and sends Griffino’s laser blast off its targeted mark.)

NARRATOR: The Powerpuff Girls! Yes, they’ll put a stop to that nasty Griffino!

(We see that Buttercup is punching on Griffino’s head, while Blossom and Bubbles are punching away at Stocktron....we hear Brain yelling in protest.)

BRAIN: Cease! Desist! STOP! We’re *NOT* the antagonists here!

PINKY: Or the bad guys, either, TROZ!

(Blossom manages to yank an arm off of Stocktron; Billie, frowning, presses a few buttons, and we see the robot activate what looks like rocket-boots. Stocktron takes off (with the background in ‘fast-moving speed-lines’ effect), knocking back Bubbles and Blossom, and slams hard into Griffino. Buttercup, annoyed, tackles Stocktron, as do the other three girls, and begin punching into it. Brain, pressing buttons furiously, struggles back against the Girls using Stocktron’s remaining arm. The stalemated Girls/lab mice come to a stop as all look up to see Griffino, waving ‘ta-ta,’ hover above the ground briefly, before taking off into the air, then using its super-speed powers to zip instantly out of sight. The Girls get off of Stocktron, as the robot’s head opens up, revealing the mice.)

BLOSSOM: OK, you, what’re you doing...with....whoa. You guys are *small*.

BUBBLES: (Looking happy) And *CUTE*! Awwww.... (she lifts all three of them into her arms, and begins hugging them) They look just like the characters in those comics from Japan!

BRAIN: (Struggling to breathe) Indeed... *cough*.

BUBBLES: Oops, sorry. (Puts them down)

(All three Girls, now joined by Prof. Utonium, gather around the mice)

BUTTERCUP: OK, pal! Who are you? Why are you here? And what’s with your getup?

BRAIN: To answer your questions: I am the Brain, a genetically-altered laboratory mouse from New York City’s ACME Labs. These are my also-genetically-enhanced cohorts, Pinky (Pinky waves) and Billie.

PROFESSOR: ACME Labs? Hmm....I read some of their notes on their various genetics experiments, but never envisioned they’d managed to create *three* successful subjects.

BRAIN: (Continuing) Anyway, we endeavour to complete my life-long goal of becoming the ruler of the Earth, and...

BLOSSOM: Whoa! ‘Ruler of the Earth?!’ (The Girls, with ‘fists’ raised, step closer towards the trio)

BUTTERCUP: Looks like Mojerk isn’t the *only* one trying to make everyone his slaves!

BILLIE: Whoa, hold it! Eggy here isn’t like that at all!


PINKY: Oh, no...Brain wants to take over the world so he can make it a better place.

BLOSSOM: Uh-huh. Better place to *enslave everyone*.

BRAIN: I assure you, my cohorts’ remarks are quite accurate. I do not wish to enslave humanity, but want to improve humanity’s fate. You’ve all seen such miserable conditions throughout the world in the news and your adventures, haven’t you?

GIRLS: Well...

BRAIN: If I were to become ruler, I plan to ensure that humanity shall never have to suffer under such petty tyrants, warmongers, opportunists, and whatnot ever again! Humans shall live under a prosperous and wonderful world caused by *my* ideas and leadership!

BUBBLES: Really? (the other two shoot a glare at her)

PINKY: Oh, yes. Brain would never want to hurt anyone...well, except when he bops me on the head, NARF! (Brain shoots him a glance)

BILLIE: Er...what Pinky’s saying is that Eggy isn’t like Hitler or Lex Luthor or other despicable, evil people like that...he just feels he’d be able to aid humanity better than the current powers-that-be in higher office.

BLOSSOM: If that’s true, then why haven’t you just tried *running* for higher office?

BRAIN: Tried it.

BLOSSOM: Creating something to benefit humanity?

BRAIN: Tried it.

BLOSSOM: Vote in elections?

BRAIN: Of course.


PINKY: Brain’s really a nice person. Why, he’s even managed to save the world like a bazillion times, NARF!

BLOSSOM: (Surprised) Really?

BRAIN: Well, yes, on occasions I have had to use my intellectual prowess to engage in tactics that’d ensure humanity’s survival...

BLOSSOM: (realizing something) Is that why you slammed into that robot?

BRAIN: Precisely...as well as ensuring that the three of you girls didn’t destroy my robotic creation ‘Stocktron’ in the process. We came to Townsville as part of putting another plan for becoming global rulers into action...but now I suspect that those plans may have to be put on hold while we attend to Griffino *and*, as I strongly suspect, his creator, who’s no doubt holed up somewhere in Townsville.

BUBBLES: ‘Griffino?’ What a funny name!

BRAIN: More like an *evil* name, derived from its even more evil *creator*...

BLOSSOM: So who *created* Griffino, anyway? And how could he make himself appear to be in two places at once when we were trying to fight him? And how’d he knew at what precise point to punch the wall in the convention center to make it collapse?

BUBBLES: And how come he could move so fast? And wasn’t easy to beat up?

BLOSSOM: Yeah... he wasn’t easy to beat up like Mojo’s robots are at all!

BRAIN: I’d be glad to tell you the backstory on Griffino’s creation....though I’d also like to see to it that my own robot first is in fully functional order... (they all look at the arm lying on the ground)

BLOSSOM: (Embarrassed) Ooops... (Grins broadly)

PROFESSOR: Hmm...Girls, I suppose we *do* owe it to the Brain to repair his robot... after all, you didn’t know he wasn’t doing anything malicious, and he *was* trying to stop Griffino.

BUBBLES: Yeah...besides, these guys seem really nice!

BLOSSOM: Well, I guess we *did* act kinda rash...

(They all look at Buttercup, who’s standing there with her arms folded and frowning)

PROFESSOR: Well, Buttercup?

BUTTERCUP: Aw, c’mon! These guys say they’re tryin’ to *take over the world*!!! In my book, that makes ‘em no different than guys like Mojerk! Besides, they’re probably plannin’ to jump us with a death ray or somethin’ once we get back to the Professor’s lab!

BRAIN: While our robot does contain some rudimentary offensive equipment, I ensure you that we are not carrying anything similar to a ‘death ray’ with us. Frankly, we never even suspected that we’d have to be dealing with Griffino at all; had I known *that*, I would’ve prepared Stocktron with tougher measures.

BUTTERCUP: Oh, *please*...

PROFESSOR: (Sighs) Buttercup, I admit I have reservations about *anyone* wanting to impose themselves as ruler of all humanity. However, I don’t really believe that these three have any malicious intentions.

BUTTERCUP: But you were also the one who thought Mojo had reformed that one time, and he was just *lyin’*!

PROFESSOR: (Frowns at this thought) Well, that’s true, I did make a judgment error... but unlike that occasion, Bubbles and Blossom haven’t objected so far to our taking Brain, Billie, and Pinky back to my lab to make repairs to Stocktron.

BUBBLES: Yeah....I don’t think they’re like Mojo at all, Buttercup.

BLOSSOM: Yeah....I mean, Pinky here does seem pretty innocent.

BUTTERCUP: Just like *MOJO* was acting before he *TURNED ON US*!

BRAIN: (Raising an eyebrow) ‘Mojo’? Would this be as in one ‘Mojo Jojo’?

GIRLS: (In unison) You’ve heard of him?

BRAIN: (Making a face) *Yes*... while doing research on this city, I read the ‘Townsville Times’’s website archives, which contained various articles on the misadventures of this so-called ‘genius’ simian. From what I gathered in my read-through, Mojo sounds like a total loser---and his motivations for his destructive, malevolent behavior are utterly juvenile and ludicrous.

BUBBLES: (Amazed at all of Brain’s big words) Um.... (to Pinky) What’d he say?

PINKY: Oh, I don’t know either, but I think he was saying that that Mojo fellow was *baaaad*, NARF!


BLOSSOM: Aw, c’mon, Buttercup, see? Brain doesn’t like Mojo either! That has to prove he’s at least *sort of* on the up-and-up!

BUTTERCUP: (After a long pause) Welllll....OK, fine! I guess not liking Mojerk counts for *something*. But I’m still gonna keep an eye on Brain here, in case he does try anything funny...

PINKY: But Buttercup, Brain doesn’t do *anything* funny, POIT!

(The others, except for Brain, chuckle at Pinky’s remark)

BRAIN: (Mildly annoyed) Remind me to deal with you later. Right now, I believe we’ve got a robot to deal with, or rather, *two* robots....and on the way, I’ll tell you girls everything you need to know about Griffino’s creator...

(As the Girls carry Stocktron to the Professor’s station wagon, cut back to the lair of the villain....we see two figures and Griffino inside; the figures are hidden in shadows.)

FIGURE #1: I take it you were successful in obtaining the necessary financial resources, Griffino?

GRIFFINO: Yes, sir.

FIGURE #1: Excellent. Now then, my partner, how is construction on the device coming along?

FIGURE #2: I assure you, the project is coming along on schedule, that is to say, it is proceeding according to the plan that we planned. The devices I have stolen, that is, taken without permission or asking for them first, from ACME Labs in New York City shall prove to be of aid to our quest to destroy our mutual and common foes.

FIGURE #1: Excellent. Ah, yes, my great genius shall prove to be the key to conquest of this miserable little burg, and soon, the whole *world* shall be---

FIGURE #2: Ours!

FIGURE #1: (Impatient sounding) Yes, yes, *ours*... now then, we’ll need to plan out our battle strategy.... and thanks to Griffino, that battle shall be won by none other than---

(We see a light turn on, and find out that one of our mystery villains is...)

MOJO JOJO: (Raising a fist into the air) *Mojo Jojo*!!

FIGURE #1: And... (Turns on a light over him; we see the figure appears to have the same football-shaped, nearly-bald head as Griffino does, only with the body of a toddler; he’s wearing overalls and a yellow shirt) *Stewie Griffin*! (Orchestra music: dum-dum-duuuuuuummm....) Ah, yes, and soon, the Brain shall become---*BRAIN-DEAD*! Ha!

MOJO: And soon, those miserable little titans shall be *destroyed*!

(Both villains laugh, as the orchestra music builds to a crescendo)

NARRATOR: My heavens?!? *Three* villains instead of one?! How will the Girls and the mice deal with *this* triple-threat?!

(Fade to the exterior of the Utonium house, at evening)

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, back at the Utonium house...

(We see the Utonium family and the lab mice inside the kitchen; the Professor sets out several plates for everyone (Bubbles places several dollhouse plates in front of the mice), and walks over to make a phone call...)

PROFESSOR: (With the receiver in his hand) This is the night of the week that we usually order pizza...I trust you won’t mind, Brain.

BRAIN: Not at all... (the Professor dials, places the order [after much arguing amongst the Girls and Pinky over toppings], and hangs up) Now then, on to the story of Griffino and his creator...

BLOSSOM: This I gotta hear!

BUTTERCUP: (Still a bit wary of Brain, but more relaxed looking than before) Yeah, me too...

BRAIN: Well... (cue flashback ripples, and dissolve to an image of the lab mice, with the Warner siblings and Slappy Squirrel (of ‘Animaniacs’ fame), and also with one Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy’s character from the 1984 movie ‘Beverly Hills Cop’).) Several years ago, we briefly served as police officers for the Burbank, California police department, alongside several former, ahem, ‘coworkers’ of ours. We were dispatched on a special mission to prevent the city of Chicago from being conquered by one Stewie Griffin, a megalomaniacal superintelligent toddler and former child star of the wretched, mercifully-short-lived Fox network sitcom, ‘Family Guy.’ (Cut to a typical scene of ‘Family Guy’....filled with off-color, tacky, tasteless humor, various ethnic/religious jokes, various elements ripped off from ‘The Simpsons,’ and the sight of Stewie himself reading ‘The Art of War’ and trying to assassinate his own mother, whom he hates. Zip pan back to the Utonium kitchen.)

BUBBLES: Wow... a super-smart *baby*?

BILLIE: Yeah, but trust me, this baby’s no pushover!

BRAIN: (Continuing) In order to try to defeat me and my cohorts, he constructed a robot android called ‘Griffino.’ The ace-in-the-hole for this android was that he was capable of duplicating the powers and abilities of me and my cohorts... (Cut to a scene of the construction of Griffino, with Brain rattling off the robot’s powers): the cartoonish talents and abilities of the Warner siblings, including their ability to bend time and space to perform all manner of inane and repetitive spatial distortion tricks...

BLOSSOM: (Snaps her ‘fingers’) So *that’s* how he was able to be in two places at once!

PINKY: HAHAHAHA! Oooh, I love that gag! It *never* gets old, NARF!

BRAIN: (Rolling his eyes) *Indeed*. Anyway, in addition to the Warners’ powers, Griffino also duplicated: the explosives-handling talents of Slappy Squirrel; thanks to its computer brain, the raw intellectual capacities of Billie and myself; the invulnerability, speed, and strength of Wonder Woman; the verbal assault skills of Axel Foley; and finally, the media savviness skills of two reporters that were with us at the time. All of these talents allowed Griffino to fight us to a standstill, even after I designed the original ‘Stocktron’ robot to engage him in battle; only the luck and skill of Wonder Woman was ultimately able to defeat it. (* - all this can be seen in the fanfic story ‘Warner Academy 2.’ ---Brainatra)

BUBBLES: (Amazed) Wow...he has *all* those powers?

BLOSSOM: (Amazed) Gee...no wonder he didn’t go down that easily! And it explains how he knew at what precise spot to punch that wall...and that sonic assault attack he pulled on us at the convention center! (Realizes something) But we saw him fly and have laser-eye blasts when we slammed into him outside the convention center...(gasps) does this mean----?

BILLIE: (Frowns) That that little diaper-wearer gave Griffino a copy of *your* powers, too? Wouldn’t surprise me....and it’s going to make defeating Griffino that much harder.

BUTTERCUP: Well, we can take on any dumb ol’ robot! Just let me go at ‘em, and I’ll---

PROFESSOR: Buttercup, *please*, let Brain finish.

BRAIN: (Continuing his story) We faced Stewie again in several other encounters, including on an Election Day (* - ‘Mr. Foley Goes to Washington’), on Thanksgiving (* - ‘A Very Wakko Thanksgiving’) and one encounter earlier this year (* - ‘The Wrath of Stewie’). However, it appears that despite our disposing of the little troublemaker time and again, he’s decided to have another go at conquering a major city, in this case...*Townsville.*

(The Girls gasp)

BLOSSOM: Well, we aren’t going to let some little brat take over *our* town!

BUTTERCUP: Yeah! I’ll show that Griffino and Stewie guy! (Makes punching motions while hovering in mid-air)

BILLIE: Well, trust me, it’s going to take more than raw force just to defeat those two; besides, Stewie has never hesitated on playing dirty. He’s thrown everything at us... everything from funding corrupt politicians to try to ruin our reputations, to pulling the teenaged hero Superboy out of the past to use as his own hypnotized slave to hijack Thanksgiving for his own plans. (* - in ‘Mr. Foley’ and ‘A Very Wakko Thanksgiving’ again, respectively.)

GIRLS: (In unison) Whoa.

BILLIE: ‘Whoa’ is right. We need to figure out what Stewie’s really up to! I mean, an android that powerful is probably just being used to give the Girls a workout, while Stewie instigates some other step of some plan...

BRAIN: Indeed. That is why I consider it imperative to repair Stocktron as soon as possible, and upgrade him to face off against Griffino...

PROFESSOR: Well, my lab is available. And I know a thing or two about robotics I could possibly incorporate into Stocktron that would help....

BRAIN: Excellent. Then after eating, we’ll begin at once...

PINKY: Awww, do I have to watch, Brain?

BRAIN: No, Pinky, I’m sure that the Girls would be glad to have you around for company.

PINKY: Oh, goody goody! We can play games, and watch TV, and do all sorts of fun-fun-silly-willy things, it’ll be like a great big *sleepover party*! HAHAHAHA!

BUBBLES: Oooh, I’ll get my crayons and we can color!

BLOSSOM: I want to discuss battle strategies with Billie...I’d love to hear how they stopped Griffino before!

BUTTERCUP: Aw, come on, it’s just a *robot*--- besides, don’t you wanna do somethin’ more *fun* on a Friday night for a change? (Whips out ‘Legend of Hilda’ from earlier) I mean, we could be playing this....or watching the ‘KTVL Channel 11 Movie Showcase!’ Tonight, they’re running ‘Mecha-Animals II: Attack of the Cyber-Marsupials!’

PINKY: Ooooh, you like ‘Mecha-Animals’?! NARF! I liked the one where they had to figure out how to save all those mechanical penguins from the middle of a desert, HAHAHA!

BUTTERCUP: Yeah, that one was *awesome*.... (smiles a bit) Well, I guess we could watch that... (glances at Brain, and her look changes a bit) Er, that is, if Brain doesn’t, um, need any of us down in the lab or anything...

PROFESSOR: Buttercup, you go on and have fun with Pinky and Billie; I think Brain and I can handle this robot project.

BUTTERCUP: Um, well, OK....but if you need any help or get in trouble or anything....

PROFESSOR: Buttercup, I’ll be *fine*. Like we said before, Brain doesn’t seem to have any malicious intentions...

PINKY: Well, he *does* have a weakness for eating bagels with cream cheese maliciously, NARF!

BRAIN: Ha ha...don’t you have some bizarre CGI-based warrior animal movie to go watch?

(The others giggle at Pinky’s remark...)

NARRATOR: Ah, that Pinky....always a riot!

(Fade from this scene to sometime later in the Professor’s lab, the Professor and Brain are making repairs to Stocktron, as well as a few upgrades... we see Billie, now with the two, is looking over several diagrams on the Professor’s computer displaying the repairs/upgrades. Stocktron looks to be far better shape so far than before, resembling a bit the Professor’s warbot creation ‘Dynamo’. The mice are back in their usual non-anime state of dress [or non-dress, as it were]...)

BILLIE: (Glances upstairs to hear a sign of the ‘Mecha-Animals’ movie) Boy, those commercial breaks for broadcast TV movies sure are lengthy...but it does give me time to check on how the robot’s comin’ along...

BRAIN: (From inside Stocktron, where we hear the sound of a drill) Readjust the dynamic coupling mechanism by 2.78 degrees, Professor.

BILLIE: Eh, I dunno, Eggy...you sure you couldn’t just use a multiplex servo unit instead? It’d be far more accurate, efficient, and...

BRAIN: Billie, please---I know what I’m doing. I’m more than a sufficient expert on the construction of androids, mechanical suits, and whatnot. Please do as I ask, Professor.

PROFESSOR: Well, I do kind of have to agree with what your friend Billie said, Brain... since---

BRAIN: Look, for all we know, Griffino could attack again at any time. I’d rather not be caught wasting valuable time just to install a more efficient part. Please do as I ask.

PROFESSOR: (Sighs) Very well... (he does so; we hear the sound of an electrical shock from inside Stocktron, followed by Brain’s yelling.)

BILLIE: (Rushing over to the robot) Eggy?! Are you *OK*?!?

(The Professor reaches into the robot, and pulls out Brain, who’s smoldering from the shock.)

BRAIN: (Coughing) Yes, I’m (coughs again) fine. (Sighs) I suppose you were right, Billie... (glancing at the smoldering mess inside Stocktron) and it appears that from the looks of this, repairing Stocktron will take longer than expected. (Wipes soot off his face with a nearby rag) I believe we’ll be in need of spending the night here, Professor...

PROFESSOR: It’s quite OK, Brain.... I’ll go put on a pot of coffee.

BRAIN: Thank you. (To Billie) Maybe you should tell Pinky that we’ll be spending the night here at the Utonium residence. (Hears the sounds of laughter coming from upstairs) Though I suspect that he probably won’t mind.

(Fade to back upstairs, a short time later; we see Pinky and Billie, along with the Girls, are watching the ‘Mecha-Animals’ movie once more...)

PINKY: Oooh, spending the night here will be so much fun! The movie... the pizza... and superheroic five-year-olds with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men---I’m all a-tingle!

(The Girls grin, including Buttercup...)

BILLIE: Nice to see you’re having fun, Buttercup....eh, you still aren’t worried about Egghead, are you?

BUTTERCUP: Well, um....

BILLIE: It’s quite OK; I’m sure I’d be suspicious, too. But not to worry...Eggy isn’t heartless or evil, despite his sometimes callous behavior. I mean, he does do stuff like this to help save the day...

BUBBLES: Oooh, just like us!

BUTTERCUP: Well, I suppose so....but still, I just wanna be sure nothing bad’s going to happen.

BILLIE: Trust me, it won’t... Eggy might do a lot of stuff I don’t think much of, but one thing’s for sure: he doesn’t want to see anyone permanently hurt. Even his plans that involve scaring the populace or holding them at bay somehow don’t involve injuring or killing them...

PINKY: Ooooh, like the one with the giant monster vegetables?

BILLIE: (Chuckles) Oh, yeah...I remember that one.


BLOSSOM: This I gotta hear!

(Cut to the Professor’s lab once more, as Brain is looking over plans; we hear the sound of laughter coming from the living room upstairs. Brain blinks a bit at this, then shakes his head and goes back to work...)


(Fade to the next morning, and to the exterior of none other than the villains’ lair...which of course is none other than Mojo’s Volcano Mountain Observatory. Inside, we see that the villains have made plans for how to conquer Townsville....)

STEWIE: Now then, let’s see.... did you install the stolen devices into the computers’ controls?

MOJO: Of course. I am quite proud of my innovative design techniques into making this device activate and work.

STEWIE: Why, thank you. Now then, we’ve also managed to program into Griffino’s myriad of talents the various powers of those three Girls....which should give those rodents quite a surprise, I dare say, HA! Finally, you’ve made plans for how to lure them into the open, correct?

MOJO: That is correct. Creating a diversion with this mighty android should be *child’s play*...

STEWIE: Good. Then that just leaves one last thing to take care of... Griffino, execute special command sequence ‘Bad Monkey, Bad Monkey.’

MOJO: (Surprised look) Huh?

GRIFFINO: Of course, sir. (Turns toward Mojo)

MOJO: (Surprised) *What is going on*?! (Griffino picks up Mojo and carries him toward the door...)

STEWIE: Oh, I guess I forgot to mention the part where I turn on you and use all your work for my own benefit, did I? Hmm? Well, so *sorry*, but I don’t plan on co-ruling Townsville and the world with someone that swings from a tire and eats ticks... (chuckles)

MOJO: (Outraged) This is an *OUTRAGE*! And I must insist that I *DO NOT* eat ticks, bugs, insects, or any other form of small creatures such as ticks, bugs, and inse---

STEWIE: (Cutting Mojo off) *Please,* do us all a favor and take some speech lessons, hmm? That ‘repeating what you just said in a different way’ schtick is getting *so* tiresome...

MOJO: (Enraged) You will *PAY* for coming into the lair of *Mojo Jojo*, and stealing the lair of *Mojo Jojo* from him, and *using* the lair of *Mojo Jojo* to carry out the plan that *I*, Mojo Jojo---

STEWIE: (Annoyed) Yes, yes, whatever. Say hello to *Magilla* and *Lancelot Link* for me, Bonzo... (motions for Griffino to dispose of Mojo, and Griffino does so, drop-kicking the simian and sending Mojo hurtling far into Townsville’s suburbs...)

STEWIE: Well, now that that’s taken care of, time to get this show on the *road*... (Hears his watch beeping) Well, this afternoon, I suppose. I’m due for a nap, feeding, and watching that delightful ‘Passions’ melodrama on television. But by tonight, this *town* will be mine! Griffino---prepare some formula for me. And make sure that ape left some microwave popcorn in the refrigerator...our ‘friend’ Beppo the Super-Chump ate as if food was going out of fashion... (makes a face). (Griffino exits the room to comply with Stewie’s requests....orchestra music plays)

NARRATOR: Why, that double-crossing little *brat*! Of all the dirty, underhanded things Mojo did, he *never* did anything like *this*! It almost makes me want to---

STEWIE: (Aiming his ray gun at the camera) To do *what*, you second-rate ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle’ reject?!

NARRATOR: Erm, ah, well---never mind. Hmph... (nervously) Meanwhile, what’s become of that vile simian?

(We see Mojo’s landed flat on his face somewhere in Pokey Oaks...he gets up, and dusts himself off, including the large robot footprint on his rear. He growls toward the direction of the city...)

MOJO: (Shaking his fists) CURSE THAT LITTLE BRAT! I SHALL DESTROY HIM FOR THIS BETRAYAL AND TREACHERY!!! (Breathes hard, then calms down) But *how*? He has the means to easily defeat me now that he has the plans to defeat everyone that I have helped create... and I am here with no means of undoing the plan that I helped him to do! (Looks around the Pokey Oaks suburban tract housing, and suddenly realizes something) But *wait*! Two of those three rodents that that malevolent infant mentioned apparently have the intellectual capacities to possibly help a great and brilliant mind such as myself devise a *means* of stopping his evil plan! *Yes*! But unfortunately, they were last seen in the company of those Girls...and that likely means they are *with* those Girls, in the Girls’ home in which those Girls dwell...which unfortunately means having to *visit* those insolent Girls! (Close-up of his face) *Currrr-ses*... But, I have no choice! Only Professor Utonium’s laboratory shall have the equipment that I will need to get my revenge against that juvenile infant Stewie... (Begins walking off...)

NARRATOR: Well, well, well...looks as if our monkey menace is in need of the *Girls’* help for a change! What a bizarre turning of the tables! Wonder what they’ll make of this...

(Cut to the Utonium house’s interior, where we see that all are present in the living room; apparently, the Professor and Brain are taking a brief break from working on the upgrades to Stocktron.)

BRAIN: This is taking much longer than anticipated---if we don’t get Stocktron finished in time, that thumb-sucking infant Stewie will be calling himself mayor of Townsville by *tonight*!

BLOSSOM: Well, wish we could help, but we don’t know much about robotics...

PROFESSOR: That’s OK, Blossom...you three girls’ support of us is all the help we need.

BUTTERCUP: Yeah, as long as it doesn’t involve produce...or maybe Brain here would rather use country music! (She snickers, as do the others)

BRAIN: *Pardon*?

BUBBLES: (Laughing) Pinky and Billie told us last night about a bunch of your failed plans!

BUTTERCUP: (Laughing) Yeah...and to think I thought you might’ve been a threat, but after I heard about some of your plans....! (Laughs some more)

BRAIN: (Annoyed) How nice of you to tell me that...considering it’s my ‘track record’ we’re partially relying on to devise a means of *defeating* Griffino.

BUTTERCUP: (Stops laughing) Heh, heh....erm, sorry, Brain, it’s just that...that... (thinks of something) *Giant stereo speakers playing the sound of dripping water*?! (Laughs some more, as do the others)

BRAIN: (Frowns) Nice to see you three are behaving your age, and aren’t appreciative of my various intellectual talents...

BLOSSOM: (Stops laughing) Oh, c’mon, Brain, we’re just kidding! Can’t you take a joke?

BILLIE: Uh, no, he can’t. (Giggles, but sees Brain growing more and more aggravated) OK, OK, Eggy! We’re sorry... we know you’ve been working hard on Stocktron and all...

BRAIN: (Still annoyed) *Yes*, I have... and it’s *extremely* difficult work between just yourself, me, and the Professor. Besides, it’s not as if any extra assistance is just going to knock on the door...

(Brain’s rant is cut off by a knock on the front door, startling all of them; the Professor goes to the door to answer it. Upon opening it, we find standing there is none other than...)

HEROES: (Gasping) *MOJO JOJO*?!?

(With an appropriate musical ‘stinger,’ and a triple zooming-in-and-out effect, we see Mojo himself standing on the front porch, with a blank stare on his face, all a la his appearance at the Utonium doorstep in ‘Child Fearing.’)

BUTTERCUP: (Gasps) Maybe we were wrong about Brain being harmless about taking over the world after all! Mojo must be working with Brain! (Grabs Brain in her ‘hand’, then zooms forward to try laying a few punches on ‘Mojerk.’ However, before she gets to the door, Mojo yells loudly ‘STOP!’, actually causing her to stop in mid-flight.)

MOJO: As amazing as it may be for you to believe, I am *NOT* here to destroy you, or try to end your lives, or kill you...

OTHERS: *Huh*?! (Buttercup drops Brain onto the floor, with Brain grunting...)

MOJO: Rather, I am in need of assistance to stop that little monster known as Stewie Griffin, and his *big* monster known as Griffino! And that shall require the help of---*THOSE TWO*! (Points at Brain and Billie; the music reaches a crescendo)

BRAIN: Oh, *please*. Why should *I* help some vile simian such as...

(Brain’s complaint is interrupted as we suddenly hear the Hotline ring; pan over to see it’s sitting on a desk within the same room. Blossom answers it)

BLOSSOM: Hello? Mayor?

(Cut to the Mayor’s office; he’s in his usual state of panic. Miss Bellum stands next to him, with both of them looking out the window. Outside, we see Griffino is wreaking all manner of havoc in downtown Townsville.)

MAYOR: (Panicked) This is the mayor! There’s some sort of unstoppable robot with a football-shaped head destroying the town! And it isn’t even *football season* yet!

BLOSSOM: We’re on our way! (Hangs up) Girls, it looks like Griffino’s back, and he’s creating trouble in Townsville! C’mon, let’s go!

BUTTERCUP: Nothin’ doin’! I’m staying here to deal with *Mojerk*!

BLOSSOM: Hmm...well, you do have a good point. And we don’t know for sure if Griffino attacking is due to Mojo. OK, you stay here---Bubbles and I will try to stall Griffino until you guys get here with Stocktron! (Blossom and Bubbles take off...)

(Cut to one explanation (and Buttercup apologizing to Brain for her accusations) later, inside the Utonium living room...)

MOJO: (Finishing his explanation of recent events)...and therefore, I found myself forced to come to you for assistance. I gather you are likely trying to prepare your own robot to engage in battle against Griffino. I can assure you, unless you use my assistance, there shall be minimal chance of success.

BUTTERCUP: (Eyebrow raised) Oh, yeah? Well, I...

PROFESSOR: Hold it, Buttercup. You remember what happened at the convention center, don’t you? The three of you alone were actually held at bay by Griffino. Perhaps as hard as it is to believe, Mojo may be telling the truth for once.

BUTTERCUP: Uh-huh. (Glares at Mojo)

MOJO: Of course...do you really believe I would have reason to come here for assistance otherwise if I were not capable of handling that infant myself, which I’m sure I would, if I had access to my Observatory, which that infant has thrown me out of, thereby denying me access to it so I can handle the infant...

BRAIN: Yes, yes. (Rolls his eyes) Now then, about Stewie’s *plan*...

MOJO: Yes...the plan. One which *I* put much work into devising so I could destroy the Powerpuff Girls, until....

BILLIE: Erm, we don’t have time for this. The *plan*.

MOJO: (Frowning) Hmph. Very well, then, Miss Billie. Do you by any chance recall some stolen property from your ACME Labs?

BILLIE: (Gasps) That was *YOU* that stole that stuff?!

BRAIN: But *why*?! Especially considering the distance between Townsville and New York City...

MOJO: ACME Labs was the only suitable place I could identify as having the appropriate and sufficient-in-quality equipment I needed. As you know, those parts could serve as potential use for a multitude of purposes, but for *our* purposes, it served as the use for a new type of weapon... one meant to *detain* and possibly eventually *destroy* the Powerpuff Girls!

BUTTERCUP: (Smirks) Uh-huh.

MOJO: (In lecture mode) As you know, the Girls’ powers can mostly be divided into two major components: energy-based powers, such as their energy blasts and sensory ones...

PINKY: ‘Sen-so-ry’?

BILLIE: You know, heat vision, x-ray vision, super-hearing, stuff like that...


MOJO: ...and also, their physical based powers, such as speed, flight, and strength. Our plan was simple: using the stolen parts from your ACME Labs, we have constructed within my Observatory a gravity-generating device, capable of delivering a concentrated burst of intense gravity to any spot within Townsville!

BUTTERCUP: (Skeptical) Gravity...big deal. Isn’t that stuff all around us? Besides, we can *fly*, monkey-boy.

MOJO: (Raising a finger) *Ah*, but in this case, the gravity the device generates is *so intense* it will even cancel out the mighty physical powers that you and your sisters possess! Once trapped within its field, you will be in effect no stronger or faster than any of us without superpowers within this room! Let alone even being able to *fly*...

BUTTERCUP: (Gasps in shock, then realizes something) Hey, wait a minute...that won’t matter as long as we have our heat vision and stuff...

MOJO: Ah, yes, we saw fit to take care of that as well. With some retooling of my ‘anti-Powerpuff Girls ray’ (holds up a picture of the ray from ‘Mo Job’), we managed to attach it to the gravity-generating device, sending alongside the gravity-generating rays an extremely weakened electromagnetic form of... *Antidote X*! (Orchestra music: dum-dum-duuummm....)

BUTTERCUP: The stuff that can *take away our powers*?!? Why, you... (Professor holds her back)

MOJO: Not in the weak dose this provides...rather, it shall merely serve to weaken you enough so that you won’t be able to use any extra-sensory powers, thereby canceling out your heat vision.

BUTTERCUP: So that means that if Blossom and Bubbles are caught by that ray-thing, they’re gonna lose *all* their superpowers!

MOJO: Yes....and after which, Stewie plans to use Griffino to establish his own rule over Townsville, and eventually, (his eyes widening) the *WORLD*!

OTHERS: (Gasp)

BRAIN: Over my *dead body*! *I* am the world’s rightful ruler, and I won’t let that upstart diaper-wearer steal that from me...

MOJO: Since I wish to rule the world, that is, have everyone answer to me, I have a role in stopping this infantile baby as well.

PINKY: Um, but how come you aren’t trying to destroy the Girls with your laser-baster thingies, or something, NARF?

MOJO: After this temporary alliance, I *will* revert to my usual goals....but not before taking out that infant. Especially since with the gravity-generator, he could possibly extend its field of influence to include not just the Girls, but also various other denizens of Townsville who try to resist him, *including* myself! Having my bones crushed to a painful and pain-filled pulp is not a desire of mine...

PROFESSOR: (Pensive) Well then, I suppose we don’t have much of a choice, now, do we?

BILLIE: Yeah....looks like we’re all gonna be working together on this one...

BUTTERCUP: (Glaring at Mojo) Hmph...

MOJO: I do not like it any more than you do, Buttercup....but it appears I have no choice.

BILLIE: Well, we *do* still have the element of surprise....plus, the fact that Stewie doesn’t know that Buttercup’s still here.

BRAIN: True. Now, come....to the Professor’s lab to finish Stocktron!

(Fade to a short time later...we see the Professor, Brain, Billie, and Mojo are all working on various parts of the robot. Pinky is playing with a few pieces of wiring, while Buttercup is sternly watching over this whole affair to ensure that Mojo doesn’t try to pull anything. We see Brain and Mojo are looking over computer diagrams for some aspect of Stocktron.)

BRAIN: The next step should be to ensure that there is sufficient armor plating for Stocktron’s torso...for this, I believe industrial-strength titanium is in order.

MOJO: Hmph...only if you do not mind your rodent friends attending your funeral! From my experiences battling the Powerpuffs, I know that that is clearly not adequate shielding, let alone against the might and mightiness of Griffino’s super-powers...

BRAIN: Well, excuse me...but I *do* know *something* about robotics.

MOJO: (Looking at the still-blackened-area that was short-circuited earlier, and emits a brief laugh) From the looks of this, I gather not very *much*...

BRAIN: Oh, *ho*? Well, I do consider myself a great scientific mind, despite such a small setback...besides, I’ve done some research before coming to Townsville about *your* past exploits into science, and at least I can say that I’m not forced to perform *my* experiments from behind the walls of a *prison,* let alone utilizing the most *unscientific* equipment to do so...

MOJO: (Eyes widening briefly) The *Rowdyruff Boys*?! I was merely forced to make do with what I *had*! Besides, it did work...unlike all of *your* attempts to conquer the world through ludicrous and therefore silly means such as giant clothes dryers! The feasibility of the size of the lint trap *alone* would make the idea of such a device grossly improbable. (Brain frowns) Yes, I did research into *your* exploits too, thanks to the information that Stewie provided me.

BRAIN: (Now very ticked off, and with heavy sarcasm) Oh, I see--just the fact that it *worked* is all that matters. Then perhaps instead of using this nice computer equipment and chemicals, you’d prefer something more to the speed of an insect-eating primate such as yourself---like the toilet upstairs. I’m sure we can find some dead snails and ‘Ty-D-Bowl’ for you to use...

PINKY: (Hearing this, and holding up a supermarket sales flyer) Ooooh, and they’re having a sale on toilet cleanser products at Malph’s this week too, NARF!

MOJO: (Now also angry) WHAT?! I’ll have you know that the mere *fact* that I was able to conjure up three forms of life from such crude and primitive means *surely* outdoes your need to rely on miscellaneous and spare household and laboratory items to create just *one* clone, let alone what materials you were forced to rely on when you were ensconced for a period of time within the household and home of some red-headed animal-loving little girl! Plus, it is a *misbelief* that I actually eat ticks, insects, or other forms of life such as bugs! In fact, with what I know about the general lack of quality standards for what goes into those ‘food pellets’ you consume so heartily, it is *YOU* who is the one who is consuming insects and bugs on a regular basis! HAH!

PINKY: Mmmm...I thought I tasted something all earthwormy in that last batch, POIT! (Billie and the Professor are frowning at each other by this point)

PROFESSOR: (Whispering, as the argument goes on) Does Brain often get this....agitated?

BILLIE: (Whispering) Yeah...afraid so. Probably one of the zillion reasons why his efforts for trying to take over the world always end in failure...

PROFESSOR: (Whispering) But if they always end in *failure*, then why do you continue to help him?

BILLIE: (Whispering) Well, he *is* a friend... no matter what far-fetched things it is that he does. Plus, if he *does* actually succeed, well, he *will* need someone around to make sure he does the right thing...uhm, does this Mojo guy even *have* any friends?

PROFESSOR: (Whispering) Not really, it seems... occasional partners-in-crime, but no real friends so far as I know.

BILLIE: (Whispering) Too bad for him...maybe it’s one reason he seems so easily agitated. (Sees Brain yelling some more; rolls her eyes) Or maybe it’s just an ego issues.

(Pan back to Brain...)

BRAIN: I can’t believe you insist on arguing this...

MOJO: Indeed. Let us proceed to get this work done, so we can work on getting to work at stopping that wretched brat. Hmm... (sees something on the computer screen) It would be far simpler to merely adjust this power coupling and servo for optimum power conservation for Stocktron’s systems...along with rewriting a small portion of Stocktron’s operating system programming to accommodate the change...

BRAIN: (Still on guard) Oh, *really*? (Mojo makes the adjustments; the computer display reads: ‘Power system reserves increased by 97%’) (Brain’s expression changes to a much less hostile one) Hmm...I have to admit that that’s rather *impressive*.

BILLIE: (Looking at the display) Yeah, no kidding...even *I* wouldn’t have thought of that.

MOJO: Why, thank you... I suppose I have developed a few such similar ideas for use in my own various Robo-Jojos...

BRAIN: (Pointing to it) But I can think of any number of individuals and companies that would pay good money for a power conservation idea such as this---laptop computer manufacturers, or even electric power plants! (A bit fascinated) This could very well have a major impact on even the way energy resources are utilized by the country...or the *world*...it seems a waste to merely let it languish, save for use as part of some petty grudge against the Powerpuff Girls...

MOJO: (Now annoyed again) *WHAT*?! There is *NOTHING* that is remotely and even vaguely petty about my grudge against those wretched Girls! (The Professor and Buttercup eye each other nervously) The Professor ignored my brilliance once those Girls came along, as did the rest of Townsville, and thus, leave me no choice but to make them *PAY*!

BRAIN: Hmph... I empathize with having your intellect ignored by the world at large. But I fail to see what is to be gained from using that intellect to commit various acts of robbery, terrorism, and above all else, trying to kill three five-year-old girls...

MOJO: (Still angry) There is *EVERYTHING* to gain from the destruction of the Girls! Without them, I can prove to all that *I* am the superior being in town, and also be able to *conquer* the town, and make the *town* obey my every *WILL* due to my genius!

BRAIN: (Disgusted) Hmph... some ‘genius.’ If you’ve ever read *any* history, you should know that those who got to their positions of power through such bloodthirsty tactics are usually looked down upon by historians...

MOJO: (Tightening a bolt on Stocktron) Bah! Don’t try to lecture *me* about the unethical nature of using ‘brutal’ tactics, Brain... you yourself have not been above the use of physical coercion in what I’ve learned of your past plans. I seem to recall something about using giant mutant mutated vegetables to terrorize humans with... not to mention that Stewie himself told me that he once used old dialogue of yours as part of a plan of his once (* - in ‘Warner Academy 2.’); if I recall clearly, you once said during a failed bid for the presidency, that is, the commander-in-chief, of the United States of America, ‘surrender quietly and no one will be hurt.’

BRAIN: (Wincing at this) Well, yes, I *did* say that line, I admit...

(Upon hearing this, Buttercup’s expression changes to a stern one)

BRAIN: (Continuing) ...but it’s one I’ve since regretted saying. I admit sometimes my tactics haven’t been the most elegant-minded ones, and I *have* lost my temper on more than one occasion...but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve never even remotely *entertained* the idea of permanently physically imperiling or harming someone, let alone *killing them*. Even plans that caused some amount of discomfort in the public, such as magnetizing everyone with change in their pockets to the ground, would merely have been on a temporary basis---long enough to have established rule; as soon as I was installed in office, I’d have freed everyone. But with run-ins with a manipulative demonic force...

PROFESSOR: (Interrupting) A ‘demonic force’? You mean...’Him?’ (Points to a picture on an old copy of the ‘Townsville Times’ that’s been spread out on the work bench, with Him’s photo on it; Brain eyes it, and scratches his chin.)

BRAIN: Erm, not quite, Professor. The demonic entity Pinky and I encountered on Halloween on one occasion appeared as being more, well, ‘masculine-looking.’ (Back to Mojo) But anyway, my point is, between dealing with dark forces where I was tempted to hand over Pinky’s soul in exchange for world rule, a brief and regrettable stint as the spokesperson for a tobacco company, and seeing how that brat Stewie wishes to brutally run things in his favor if he took over the world, makes me realize that as much as I wish to rule the world, there’s *nothing* about global rule that would make it worth the sacrifice of even *one* life. And with Billie and Pinky as my cohorts, they would certainly never allow me to cross that kind of line.


PINKY: You go girl, NARF!

(Buttercup’s facial expression changes to a more pleased one...)

MOJO: Hmph...well, I do not need to *kill* the Girls to accomplish my goal, but merely ensure that they never are in a position, that is, capable of, being able to stop me! And if it means having to *destroy* them to accomplish my goals, then so be it...

BRAIN: (Adjusting a few circuits in an exposed part of Stocktron while talking) Exactly my point, Mojo. Even if you did manage to kill the Powerpuff Girls in order to achieve the goal of making yourself ruler of Townsville, I fail to see what comfort that would bring you. (Voice rising) Being the ruler of a city that at best would be merely miserable, and at worst, fear and loathe you amongst other things is bad enough, but the *murder* of three *five year olds* to accomplish that dubious position of power?! (Sounding a bit more emotional) And that somehow, *somehow*, you’d actually manage to be able to *live with yourself* and *sleep at night* for as long as you lived, knowing what you’d *done*?! (Shakes his head) That I cannot fathom at all... and, despite my more stoic tendencies, I *do* find that rather...sad, to say the least.

MOJO: (Angered) *SAD*?! As in, *NOT HAPPY*?!? What is ‘sad,’ Brain, is that those three Powerpuffs have thwarted my plans time and again, not to mention the world at large’s mistreatment of me and my person! You yourself, from my perusal of Stewie’s records, have apparently felt remorse that the world doesn’t appreciate your *own* intellect!

BRAIN: Yes, I have...but that doesn’t translate into the desire to avenge the world’s injustice towards this oversight through such bloodthirsty means. (Sighs) The worst part is, you seem to have the capacity to do the world a great deal of *good* if you wanted... as much as it pains me to admit, with your scientific prowess and whatnot, you *yourself* could rise to the position of power you want with an appreciative public enjoying your various innovations. But apparently, you’ve made your choices in life, and chose to follow your current destructive path. (Picks up with both hands a soldering iron and walks toward the back of Stocktron) I believe I don’t have anything further to add to this discussion, so let us complete getting Stocktron prepared for the Final Confrontation™ with Mr. Griffin.

MOJO: (Scowls) Bah... it is evident you’re too wimpy, and therefore, weak to ever become an effective world ruler! Small wonder it is *I* who shall someday achieve that goal, instead of you!

BRAIN: (While soldering) A true *world leader* would know how to use strength wisely, not in a foolish and juvenile manner....while I do hope to be a forceful and influential ruler, I also wish to have humanity enjoy the splendors of my reign. Ruling over a world full of miserable, angry denizens would among other things, be counterproductive to staying in office...that is, unless I was eager to become victim of an assassination. (Sets the soldering iron down, but it falls from its position and topples to the floor.) Hmph...

(Brain’s about to go get it, but we see a ‘hand’ reach down and pick it back up for him....Brain looks to see the ‘hand’ belongs to...)

BRAIN: (Raises an eyebrow) Buttercup?

BUTTERCUP: (Nervously) Erm, yeah....you, uh, dropped this.

BRAIN: (Takes the soldering iron) Well, thank you... erm, does this mean you’re no longer suspicious of my intentions, especially after what happened when Mojo first showed up at the door?

BUTTERCUP: Um...well... (acting ‘tough’) Yeah, yeah, whatever... let’s not be mushy, OK?!

BRAIN: I’ll take that for what I assume you actually meant to say... now let’s all hurry. We’ve got a *robot* to finish...and that ‘we’ includes *you*, Mojo. This may be your one rare chance to actually do something *good* for a change.

MOJO: (Grumbles) Bah... only in the sense of accomplishing my revenge against Stewie.

BRAIN: Then so be it... (resumes soldering)

NARRATOR: Ah, all seems to finally be going well with our friends and evil monkey enemy...but *WAIT*---what of Bubbles and Blossom?! Let’s turn back the clock to a few moments earlier, and see---

(Back to several moments ago, where we see Bubbles and Blossom streaking toward the city. We see that Griffino is indeed raising a ruckus in downtown Townsville; people run screaming, cars are being overturned, etc. We see Griffino using his laser vision to blast various holes in the sides of buildings, freezing the Talking Dog [who’s sniffing a fire hydrant] in a burst of freeze breath, and so forth.)

BLOSSOM: There he is!

BUBBLES: But Blossom, how’re we going to stop him? He’s so *powerful*...

BLOSSOM: Well, the bigger they are, the *harder they fall*...

BUBBLES: That sounds like something Buttercup would say...

BLOSSOM: Yeah, well, she’s not here right now, so I guess that sort of filled in for her... come on!

(They zoom down toward Griffino; Griffino sees them approach)

GRIFFINO: (still with his ‘Brainiac’ voice) Bubbles...Buttercup. One Powerpuff Girl is missing; this shall make engaging in battle 33.3% easier.

(Bubbles approaches Griffino’s rear side, and emits a laser blast at his rear... Griffino turns, and emits a combination of both a laser-blast and a PPG-style energy hand blast...this causes Bubbles to become paralyzed in mid-air, and screaming in agony. She’s about to pass out, when Griffino’s head is punched by none other than Blossom. Briefly stopping his attack, Griffino turns his attention towards Blossom.)

GRIFFINO: A foolish endeavor, Blossom... especially since my computerized intellectual capacities can easily calculate what your next line of attack shall be, despite your battle strategy skills.

BLOSSOM: Oh, yeah? *Bubbles*, *NOW*!

(We see Bubbles emit another laser-eye blast, while Blossom tries to use her freeze breath. Griffino is briefly stunned, but dodges out of the way using super-speed. Griffino then hovers in mid-air, before he emits a sonic energy burst from his mouth, briefly stunning Bubbles. We then see something emerge from one compartment on his wrist...what appears to be some sort of glowing rope, with which he uses to ensnare Blossom in. Blossom finds herself unable to get free..)

BLOSSOM: Wha...what the...I can’t...free myself!!

GRIFFINO: Of course not. This is a simulation of Wonder Woman’s magic lariat...which of course is unbreakable by even the likes of Superman---let alone *you*.

BLOSSOM: (Still struggling to free herself) Since when did...Stewie...know...magic?!

GRIFFINO: Actually, rather than mystical forces, Mr. Griffin utilized an advanced, unique microscopic nanite/polymer combination to create this ‘rope’...which through tapping into its victim’s nervous system, will allow me to learn what you are planning. So please tell me so I may relay it to Mr. Griffin---what plan of attack are your cohorts planning?

BUBBLES: (Rubbing her head) No...don’t tell him, Blossom...

NARRATOR: No! Don’t tell him, Blossom! Oh, curse you, Griffino!

BLOSSOM: (Unable to resist the truth-telling forces of the lariat) Unable...to...resist...(sighs) Brain’s planning on upgrading a robot of his to stop you! (Bubbles gasps)

GRIFFINO: A *robot*...how intriguing. (Releases Blossom from his rope, causing her to land on the ground; Bubbles joins her sister)

BUBBLES: Are you OK?

BLOSSOM: Yeah...I’m OK. (Eyes Griffino) But the ‘Tin Man’ here *won’t* be! Come on! Let’s go!

(The girls are about to do so, but we suddenly see a clear, beige-colored energy beam of some sort strike the area they’re standing in; as they leap into the air, they soon crash back into the ground.)

BUBBLES: What’s happened?

BLOSSOM: (Tries jumping up, but is unable to hop any further than a normal person would be able to) Bubbles---we’ve....we’ve lost the ability to *fly*! (Tries running at super speed, but runs at a normal pace) And there’s no speed powers, either!

(Bubbles tries her laser-beam blasts, but it doesn’t work...)

BUBBLES: Blossom...my eye powers don’t work! What’s happened to us? We’re... *NORMAL*!!!

(Orchestra music: dum-dum-duuuuummm....)

: *NORMAL*?! Oh, good heavens....that’s---*AWFUL*!

STEWIE’S VOICE: (Coming from Griffino) ‘Normal’? Hardly....considering the two of you look like rejects from a second-rate black-velvet painting being sold at a flea market! HA!

BLOSSOM: (Angry) You must be *Stewie*!

STEWIE: (VO) Guilty as charged... (chuckles) I do love this telescope and audio-amplifying spy microphone of Mojo’s observatory... very useful, indeed. So, how do you like my high-gravity, Antidote-X-radiation beam? Guaranteed to cancel out the powers of any Powerpuffs caught in its path---it also makes for a nice de facto ‘destructo ray’, too! (Aims a second beam at a nearby car, which gets crushed by the intense gravity; a third beam blasts a hole in the side of a building) So, let’s see...the two of you are trapped, which leaves merely three rodent lab rejects and your equally-freakish-looking tomboy of a sister to come to your aid, *with* the help of an ‘upgraded’ robot that last I heard looked like it should’ve been left beside the curb for trash pickup! HA! So, it looks like I’ll be running this sorry excuse for a city before long....and soon, the *WORLD*! (Laughs maniacally) I suppose all that’s left to do now is to *wait*...in the *MAYOR’S OFFICE*! Come, Griffino, let’s go check out my new digs! Oh, and don’t bother trying to outrun the field of my ray, Girls...it’s designed to automatically track you no matter where you run! Ta-ta! (The Girls angrily grit their teeth and sit down on the ground...)

NARRATOR: Oh, that little devil...I just hope Brain hurries up and finishes repairing that robot of his!

(Cut to the mayor’s office...we see the Mayor’s watching this initial battle going on outside the window)

MAYOR: Why are those Girls just sitting there?! Is it time for their nap already?

MISS BELLUM: Sir, I think the Girls might be in trouble...

(We suddenly see Griffino crash through the ceiling of the mayor’s office; we also see walking through the door is Stewie himself...)

MAYOR: (Surprised) Who--who’re you?!

STEWIE: Stewie, Stewie Griffin....former child TV star, Emmy® winner, oh, yes, and YOUR NEW MAYOR!! Griffino.... (Griffino grabs both Miss Bellum and the Mayor, knocking off the Mayor’s hat in the process, and at super-speed locks the both of them into the Townsville city jail down the street...he returns to the office just as swiftly. We see Stewie put the Mayor’s hat on his head, with the usual ‘floating just above the head’ PPG animation effect.)

STEWIE: Rather rakish looking, I *dare* say! (Smirks) Won’t be long now, Griffino, before those vermin come in their little ‘toy’... (kicks back in the Mayor’s chair, and smiles) Hmm... make me some sandwiches and get me a bottle of milk, would you? I need something to eat before engaging in another one of these Final Confrontation™ things---you know, for some reason, they always make me *hungry*.

NARRATOR: Well, while Stewie satiates his stomach, let’s swing back to the cellar where the sinister simian and other scholars are sweeping up after their swell anti-Stewie session! Boy, try saying *that* three times fast...

(Cut back to the Utonium house, in the cellar; we see that the finished robot is under a large sheet... the mice, Buttercup, Mojo, and the Professor all stand back to look at it.)

PINKY: Naaaarf...what a neat-looking sheet! Stewie and Griffino would never think that they’d be stopped by bedroom drapery, TROZ!

BRAIN: Pinky, our weapon *isn’t* the sheet...the robot under the sheet is what we’re using against those two. (Pulls the sheet off with some effort) Behold... the new and improved *STOCKTRON*!

(We see that it *is* a new-and-improved Stocktron; instead of being all junk, his components are now mostly refined-looking, with a very high-tech look. Stocktron’s covered with a refined plate of armor that gleams in the light, while his arms, instead of being junky-looking, look a bit like a cross between one of Brain’s mechanical creations and one of Mojo’s robots. We see that there’s a mouse-sized seat on each one of his shoulders, along with one in the center of the robot’s chest itself, each one within a clear domed enclosure. The robot’s head resembles a robotic version of Brain’s face, and with a button Brain presses on the robot, it pulls open to reveal a large seating area with controls similar to those of the three mouse-sized seats. A few parts of the robot gleam in the light.)

BUTTERCUP: (In awe) *Wow.* This..is....cool.

PROFESSOR: (Also in awe) Yeah...guess it kind of is... (shakes his head) Er, I mean, as you can see, between the propulsion systems, reinforced armor, and weapons systems I adapted from Dynamo’s design schematics, the upgrades we’ve made to Stocktron should allow for sufficient protection and offensive tactics against the myriad of talents Griffino offers... (nervous) I *hope*.

MOJO: (Eyes briefly widening) Yes...and also, the robot is capable of being operated from the separate seating compartments; the head compartment offers room to seat either these three rodents, or one simian such as myself, being a chimpanzee...

BILLIE: It also has the ability to split into four separate sections---to make it easier to divide and conquer against the likes of Stewie!

BRAIN: Finally, the feature that will be of main aid against defeating Griffino.... (we see Brain climb into the torso’s seating compartment, and press a button; we see emerging from a port within Stocktron’s chest area is a thick cable...) This combination data/electrical cable will interface with the lower torso access port that Mojo says Griffino has, which allows Griffino to recharge at regular intervals and access Stewie’s computer systems as an alternative to a wireless link. We shall simply connect with Griffino’s access port, access his computer systems via the passwords Mojo has provided, and shut down his system by draining Griffino’s power, thereby deactivating that mechanical monster.

PINKY: *Narf*, Brain....but won’t it be dangerous if we have to get *that* close to Griffino?!

BRAIN: Yes, Pinky...but would you rather see Stewie take over Townsville? (Pinky shakes his head ‘no’) That’s what I thought...

BUTTERCUP: (Gleeful) This...looks...so...*COOL*! (Grins, then it quickly fades as she realizes the seriousness of the situation) I mean, I can’t wait for us to go out there and kick that metal bad guy’s butt!! (Makes punching motions in mid-air) Just lemme at ‘em.... *I’ll* reboot his system!

BRAIN: I appreciate the eagerness, Buttercup....and you’ll have your chance, I suspect; Stewie is known for using rather hardball battle tactics, and even with the five of us and your two sisters’ help, this won’t be an easy fight. (To the other two mice) Now suit up...we’ve got a Final Confrontation™ to attend. (Orchestra music hits a crescendo)

NARRATOR: Ooooh, the Final Confrontation™! I sure hope we see that metal monster and infant monster get what’s coming to them....or that the good guys (gulp) survive!

(Fade to a few moments later; we see emerging from behind the orange, original-model clamshell-style iBook™ on the Professor’s desk are the lab mice; they’re all dressed in their ‘anime character’ costumes, complete with the oversized eyes. We see Brain is having the Professor installing a video camera within Stocktron’s chest)

PINKY: Brain, what’s the Professor doing?

BRAIN: That’s ‘Optimus Brain’, Pinky...while we are battling that brat, I do plan on making *part* of our original goal in coming to Townsville try to pay off. I’m installing onboard cameras within Stocktron’s torso that will record our every action. And once we use the footage of us in action to sell to an anime show producer, we’ll be on our way to building a fan following that will allow us to eventually become *rulers of the world*!

BUTTERCUP: *That’s* your taking-over-the-world *plan*?! (We see the Professor and Buttercup stare at each other briefly, then break down into laughter; Pinky and Billie smirk a bit, while Brain looks annoyed.)

BRAIN: And just *what* is wrong with that *plan*?!

BUTTERCUP: (Between laughs) Oh, *nothing*...just that, well, take over the world through being on some stupid-sounding *TV show*--- (laughs some more) Oh, sorry, Brain....

PROFESSOR: (Wiping a tear from his eye) Yes, me too... (sighs)

BRAIN: (Still somewhat annoyed) *Very well, then*...

MOJO: (Smirks) Indeed....what a ridiculous and ludicrous plan...now *I* would---

BRAIN: Save it, Mojo...we don’t have time for another debate on ethics or modus operandi... (puts on his helmet) Now *come*...let’s *move out*.

(We soon see the mice in each separate compartment---Brain in the torso section, Billie and Pinky in separate sections on each shoulder---and Mojo seated in the head; we also see that our view has changed to a ‘letterbox’ view, with black bars at the top and bottom of the screen [it’ll stay this way through the whole Final Confrontation™.])

BILLIE: (waving to Pinky in his compartment) Too bad Mojo’s up in the head; otherwise, Pinky and I could be a lot more effective in the main compartment, *together*... (grins)

BRAIN: (Rolls his eyes and gags) Please, Billie, some of us want to get actual *work* done, not worry about your, ahem, ‘socialization’ desires...

BILLIE: (Frowning) Hmph... spoilsport.

BRAIN: (Doing a systems check) Structural integrity systems... *on*. Power systems...at 100% efficiency...

BILLIE: Laser cannons....on standby. Propulsion systems.... *on*.

PINKY: (staring at his control panel) Ooooh, what’s *this* button-thingy do? (He sees on the viewscreen in his console reading ‘Anime Action Sequence Language Options: Off; English (dubbed); Japanese (with English subtitles).’ Pinky accidentally presses the third option....)

BRAIN: (Now speaking in Japanese; we see subtitles on the bottom of the screen.) <Backup power--- (realizes something’s amiss) Pinky...did you just activate the language translator option?>

PINKY: (Also in Japanese, as everyone else will be for the rest of the Final Confrontation™) <Um...er....well...>

BRAIN: (Sighs) <Never mind.... that option was to satisfy the foreign markets and make our show more appealing to hardcore anime purists, by translating everything within a two-mile range of Stocktron into Japanese. But no time to worry about that now---we’ve got work to do.>

PROFESSOR: <Good luck, all of you... including you, Buttercup.>

BUTTERCUP: <Yes, Professor. As the stars are my guide, I shall endeavor to triumph in battle.>

(All blink and stare at her)

BUTTERCUP: <Sorry...it’s this stupid anime-language-translator-thingamajig! It made me sound like one of those dumb manga comics Bubbles likes!>

BRAIN: <Very well....let us take off. Prepare for lift-off!>

(Cut to an outside shot of the house; we soon see emerging from behind the house is the flying form of Stocktron, courtesy of its propulsion boots. We also see Buttercup flying alongside the robot. They all head for downtown Townsville...)

NARRATOR: The *Mayor’s* Office!

(Fade to the Mayor’s office; we see Stewie’s finished eating, and is standing on a desk, pointing out to Griffino his future line of action on a globe.)

STEWIE: And after we take over Washington, DC, I’ll use the might of our nation’s nuclear arsenal to reduce those rats’ ACME Labs to *rubble*! No, scratch that---I understand a certain red-headed animal-loving girl that Brain briefly stayed with would *love* to have her ‘precious-wecious mousey-wouseys’ back, heh-heh. Or maybe I should nuke all of Burbank back to the Stone Age, and thus reduce those (now talks in Japanese) <wretched Warner siblings to irradiated chunks of matter! HA! (Realizes his language change) What the deuce?! Why am I suddenly imitating someone out of a Godzilla movie? Must be the doing of that accursed Brain....which must mean he’s somewhere close by!> (Looks out the window, and sees a robot approaching, with the flying figure of Buttercup...)

STEWIE: <I see he’s upgraded his little ‘toy’ as reported... it appears Brain wishes to begin the Final Confrontation™. Though I really wish he wasn’t in such a hurry to get to...his *FUNERAL*!> (Orchestra music: Dum-dum-duuuummm.... zoom in on Stewie’s face, as we see Stewie rapidly shift the pupils of his eyes back and forth, while clasping his hands together) <Griffino...activate manual controls!>

GRIFFINO: <Activating manual controls... > (Griffino’s head opens up, and we see a set of manual controls and a small seat inside; Stewie ducks behind the Mayor’s desk, and swiftly emerges, now wearing, of all things, a blue-colored armored outfit that resembles the anime/video game character ‘Mega Man’; we see him hold out an arm, aims it at a bust of the Mayor on a nearby table, and blasts it with a laser blast, disintegrating the bust. Stewie laughs.) <Oh, Brain...you won’t know what hit you---until it’s *TOO LATE*!> (Laughs again, and climbs into Griffino’s head/manual control center; a clear dome goes up over where Stewie’s seated, and we see Stewie pressing a few buttons. Griffino hovers in mid-air, then flies off to meet the heroes...)

(Cut to Stocktron and Buttercup; they come to a stop, as they see in front of them...)


MOJO: (Pointing) <And the obnoxious and annoying baby known as Stewie Griffin, for that is what he is called!>

STEWIE: (Through a microphone) <Correct, cretins. (Sees Mojo) And how nice to see you’re treating Michael Jackson’s pet banana-eater so charitably, too. (Mojo frowns) Now that I am ensconced within my mighty golem, I shall make short work of all of you using the combined powers of the Warners, Slappy Squirrel, Axel Foley, Brain, Billie, the Powerpuff Girls, Wonder Woman, and...oh, never mind---let’s just say I’m ‘armed to the teeth’...along with about to start ‘kickin’ butt and takin’ names!’ HAH!>

BRAIN: (Glaring at Stewie/Griffino) <Then let’s *get it on*...>

NARRATOR: <Oh, boy! The Final Confrontation™! Who will win?! Who will *lose*?!? Oh, this is too exciting! I... (sees he’s speaking in Japanese) hey, what’s with my *voice*?!>

BRAIN: (To the other mice/Mojo) <Begin separation sequence!>

PINKY: <Aye aye, Optimus Brain!>

(We see in an oh-so-cool looking anime-style sequence the arms separating from the torso of Stocktron, along with the head portion; all are soon in separate pieces, powered by its own propulsion systems. They all hover in mid-air in their separate components.)

BUTTERCUP: <Aw right! Let’s *go*!>

BRAIN: (to Buttercup) <Wait, Buttercup---I’d like you to go to Mojo’s hideout with Billie and find some way of disabling that beam Stewie’s using on your sisters!>

BUTTERCUP: <Aww, can’t we help you face Griffino?!>

BRAIN: <We need to free your sisters, Buttercup... plus, you’ll be able to assist us in defeating Griffino once you and your siblings return.>

BUTTERCUP: <Oh....OK, then. Long as I get in one good punch on that thing! Let’s go, Billie!> (The two take off for Volcano Mountain...)

(We see the remaining separate pieces fly toward Griffino at top speed, with a ‘fast-moving streaked-lines-against-a-red-background’ anime speed effect...the usual PPG fight scene music plays throughout the Final Confrontation™.)

PINKY: (Eying the background) <Ooooh, ‘Optimus Brain,’ how come the background looks all streaky-looking all of a sudden?>

BRAIN: (slightly annoyed) <‘Pink the Stampee,’ stop paying attention to the trivial details and keep your quote-unquote ‘mind’ on the job!>

PINKY: <(Shrugs) Oh, OK.... (presses on ahead of the others, laughing all the way....) Oooh, going faster makes the streaky lines go *faster*! HAHAHA! Wheeeeee!>

(Pinky reaches Griffino first, slamming his arm’s ‘fist’ into the android (with a slow-motion anime-style closeup of this collision) and sending both of them slamming into the side of the City Hall building. The Griffino android gets up, and uses its superspeed talents to speed toward the torso with Brain in it, also with a ‘streaked-lines-background’ effect, only this one is blue-colored...)

PINKY: (waving Stocktron’s arm in mid-air) <Brai----er, ‘Optimus Brain,’ look out!!!>

BRAIN: (Grits his teeth) <OK, Stewie...try *these* on for size!>

(Brain presses a few buttons, and unleashes from the torso several missiles...Griffino, oddly enough, doesn’t move out of the way. We see Stewie press a few buttons, and suddenly, Griffino is seen grabbing the missiles like a football, and tossing them in a pass back towards the others...)

BRAIN: <Drat that Slappy Squirrel’s expertise at explosives...>

(The missiles impact Stocktron’s torso, causing Brain to reel backwards; however, he’s merely shaken.)

MOJO: (Hovering over Brain) <Actually, Brain, I myself programmed in that maneuver...>

BRAIN: <*You*?!>

MOJO: (Eyes widening a bit) <*Yes*... Peyton Manning himself taught me that particular maneuver, from when I last visited the NFL team that I am in ownership of and own...)

BRAIN: <Peyton Manning? But he plays for... wait a minute---you mean to tell me you *own* the Indianapolis Colts?!>

MOJO: <Yes....it is a means of funding some of my brilliant schemes through the financial resources their merchandising and ticket sales bring in annually...and lessens my need to rob banks for cash, that is, income.>

PINKY: <Oooh, this explains why a team named after a horse has ‘Touchdown Monkey’ for a mascot, NARF!>

BRAIN: <Yes, I suppose it would, Pinky...but didn’t that team last year have a particularly poor season...?>

MOJO: (Annoyed) <IT WAS JUST A TEMPORARY SETBACK! (Raises a fist) We *WILL* rise to victory and go to the Super Bowl, that is, the championship football game itself, next season, which shall be won by the Colts from the city which is the state capital of the state of Indiana, that is, Indianapolis!>

BRAIN: <Yes, I...see.> (Smirks to himself at the idea of a Colts Super Bowl, then clears his throat, turning his attention back to Griffino) <I see that this might take tougher measures.... *Mojo*, *Pinky*, surround Griffino, *NOW*!>

(They do so; however, Griffino doesn’t faze at this...Stewie activates some more functions, and we soon see Griffino vanish...)

BRAIN: <Now where did he...?>

PINKY: <Oh, Brain---he’s right behind you! TROZ!>

BRAIN: (Seeing behind Pinky) <*No*, Pinky, he’s right behind *you*!>

MOJO: <I beg to differ---he’s right behind...ME!>

(All turn around to see that behind each of them seems to be Griffino itself....)

STEWIE: <Awww, what’s the matter, Pinky? Don’t find someone being in *three* places at once as *funny*? Go on, laugh....while you’re still ALIVE!>

PINKY: (Confused) <Um, er...which one do we go after, Brain?>

MOJO: <I’ve got a way of finding out---- with *THIS*!> (He starts pressing various buttons, and we see various laser cannon nozzles emerge from the bottom of his head-unit; Mojo, with a sinisterly gleeful and vengeful look on his face, starts blasting at the Griffino behind him, only to find that Griffino’s vanished from before his eyes.) <What?! Where did he move himself, that is, go to?!>

STEWIE: (From behind Mojo) <Right behind you, Gorilla Grodd... and I must say, it’s rather surprising you’d be willing to team up with those rats. Guess you *are* more pathetic than I thought! Oh, by the way, here’s a little extra parting gift from me--- (lays a super-powerful punch on Mojo’s head, in another ‘freeze-frame close-up anime-style shot’, and sends Mojo’s head unit spinning out of control....)

(Inside Mojo’s unit, we see several wires fraying, and a few sparks emerging from the controls....Mojo tries frantically to regain control. A computer voice says: <‘Warning: axial controls destabilized... total loss of control and impact imminent.’>)

BRAIN: (Seeing this) <Mojo’s in trouble! Quickly Pinky, catch him!>

PINKY: <Uh, OK, Optimus Brain!> (Moves quickly to intercept, laughing at the streaked-line-background effect again; however, we suddenly see Griffino streaking forward towards Pinky, and unleashes a Powerpuff Girl-esque ‘energy blast’ from its hand. It slams into Pinky, causing him to sprawl out of control...>

BRAIN: (Shaking his fist) <Darn you, Stewie!> (Moves his torso unit toward the two out-of-control pieces, while activating from his torso a grappling hook; he latches onto the out-of-control Mojo, and Pinky uses his ‘arm’’s hand to grab hold of the hook’s rope, thus stopping his sprawl.)

MOJO: <Now to enact repairs and fix the head unit.> ... (Presses a button, and we hear the computer say <‘Emergency diagnostic running...’>) (Sees something, and points) <Brain, behind you!>

<Griffino slams into the torso unit; Brain unleashes a burst of laser blasts, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing him down, as Stewie lays a few punches onto Brain>

STEWIE: <What’s the matter, Brain? You look a bit pacifistic---you’re completely *unarmed*! HA!>

BRAIN: (Using the torso’s still-attached legs to karate-kick Griffino) <Where did you learn those jokes from---your *father*?!>

STEWIE: (Punching back once more) <Ooooh, snappy comeback. I’ll remember to have them list it in your *OBITUARY*!>

MOJO: (Seeing Brain getting pummeled) <Brain! Activate the program file ‘mojo_shocktreatment’ under the computer’s subdirectory!>

(Brain looks, and does so; we see the torso section unleash in the same manner as Pikachu on ‘Pokemon’ a large electrical shock, enveloping Griffino and stunning the mighty android...inside, we see Stewie’s also reeling from the shock...)

BRAIN: <What in the world...?>

MOJO: <When you mentioned that the energy conservation techniques I developed could have possible alternative uses, it occurred to me to create this electrical shock defense mechanism from the spare energy that the conservation methods provide....however, given its energy-depleting nature, this is not a battle tactic I would recommend employing again anytime soon.>

BRAIN: <I see... (finger under his chin) Very cleverly executed...>

(The shock soon ends, with Griffino’s exterior smoldering; the robot lands on the ground, and leans there, with Griffino’s hand on his ‘forehead’ as if in pain...)

STEWIE: (Rubbing his head as well) <Ooooohhh....this is going to hurt in the morning...>

BRAIN: <Pinky, now please press the big, shiny red button on your lower-left hand side...>

(Pinky does so; we see emanate from his ‘arm’’s wrist area a giant-sized bolo, which whirls around in mid-air, and strikes the temporarily disabled Griffino...it wraps itself all the way around the android, covering the robot from head to toe. It falls to the ground, unable to move...)

BRAIN: <Y-E-E-S! The high-stress materials that that bolo is made of should hold that android for just long enough for the others to get back here as reinforcements, so we can disable this android...(gulps) I hope.>

(As the still-weakened Griffino struggles to break free, we turn the clock back a few moments, to see Billie and Buttercup approaching the lair of Mojo Jojo. Buttercup breaks in through the roof, with Billie following suit.)

BUTTERCUP: (Seeing the high-gravity-generating device) <Whoa....that must be the gravity-machine-thingamajig! *IT’S CLOBBERING TIME*!>

BILLIE: <Wait, Buttercup....!>

(Too late---Buttercup streaks toward the machine; however, we soon see cables extend down from the device’s main console, and quickly wrap themselves around the just-landed heroine. Buttercup finds herself unable to budge...)

BUTTERCUP: <Hey! What is this?!>

(We suddenly hear a recorded message)

STEWIE’S VOICE: <I figured one of you asinine antagonists of mine would try to free your little comrades...well, it *won’t work!* Now, you’re trapped within my cables----a duplicate of Griffino’s version of Wonder Woman’s ‘magic’ lariat! Try as you might, you won’t break free! Oh, and by the way, it’ll keep getting tighter and tighter until, well, let’s just say I’m putting the ‘squeeze’ on you, HA!>

(We see the cables growing tighter and tighter around Buttercup, who despite her powers, is beginning to gasp for air...)

BILLIE: (Hovering out of range of the high-gravity-generating machine) <Hmm.... we’ll see about that.>

(Billie activates a laser wrist cannon on her ‘arm’, and we see her aim it directly at a trophy shelf sitting above the console; she unleashes a blast that ricochets off one of the trophies [consisting of a monkey holding a bowling ball], and knocks it over onto the console. It hits the main power switch on the controls, and we soon see the device de-activate. The cables unwrap from Buttercup, and she falls to the floor, gasping for air.)

BILLIE: <Buttercup, are you OK?>

BUTTERCUP: <(Gasp) Yeah....I’m fine. But how did....?>

BILLIE: <Well, from the brief scan of the machine I did from my ‘arm’’s computer sensors, Stewie built that device out of the same armor he used on Griffino...so I figured brute force probably wouldn’t work. So, I just deactivated the thing. Simple, huh?>

BUTTERCUP: <Yeah.... (coughs)>

(We soon see streaking into the Observatory are none other than...)

NARRATOR: <Blossom! Bubbles! Oh, my stars, our two formerly-powerless heroines have *returned!*>

BUBBLES: <Buttercup! Billie! Oh, it was terrible!>

: <Yeah! We were stripped of our powers by some high-gravity-generating device of Stewie’s, and...(sees Billie and her ‘arm’) Hey...that *does* looks pretty cool.>

BILLIE: (Smiles) <Thanks...now come on....I’ll explain everything along the way!>

(The Girls and Billie take off, heading back toward the scene of the fight...where, in a scene wipe, we see that Griffino’s about to free himself of the bolos.)

PINKY: <Um, what are we going to do, Optimus Brain? Griffino’s about to break free, TROZ!>

STEWIE: (Pushing on a lever with all his might) <*Unhhhh*...*correction, fools*...> (We see the bolos break, and Griffino flexing in the process) <*HAVE* broken free! Now, face my *full wrath*---huh?>

(They all turn around, and see that the Girls and Billie are streaking towards the fight...)

BRAIN: <YES! Billie, we need your help! We must rejoin to form the full Stocktron unit to finally defeat Griffino! Can you Girls keep him distracted?>

BLOSSOM: <No problem! Come on, Girls---*CANNONBALL!*>



(All three Girls curl up into balls, and streak at superspeed into the lower reaches of space, then sharply turn back around to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere at a fast clip; they’re moving so quickly that the re-entry speed causes them to burst into comet-like flames....the ‘fiery cannonballs’ slam into Griffino, causing a loud explosion, and sending Griffino hurtling into the side of a large building. A billboard showing the Talking Dog promoting some brand of dog food falls into the street. However, Griffino manages to get back up, and lays an energy blast on all three Girls, paralyzing them with pain...)


BRAIN: <We must hurry! Quickly, activate STOCKTRON FORMATION SEQUENCE!>

PINKY: <Right, Optimus Brain!>

(Cheesy 1980’s-style rock music begins to play, as inexplicably a star-filled background forms behind the heroes....we see Brain’s torso hover in the air...)

BRAIN: <Time to form Stocktron! Activate locking mechanisms! Main neural net activated! Hyper-thrusters are *GO*!>


BRAIN: (Hovering in mid-air) <Forming torso and legs!>

BILLIE: (Locking her arm back in with Brain’s torso) <Forming... the *ARM*!>

PINKY: (Trying to lock his ‘arm’ into the head area) <And I’ll form THE HEAD, *WA-HAHAHAHA!*> (We see Brain use Billie’s ‘arm’ to make a fist, and bop Pinky’s portion of his ‘arm’; Pinky, now groggy, subsequently puts his ‘arm’ into its proper position. Billie frowns at all this.)

BILLIE: (Groaning) <Eggy, remind *me* to deal with your ‘Three Stooges’ antics later...now hurry, Mojo!>

MOJO: <Forming the cranial portion, that is to say, the HEAD!>

(We see all the parts locked in, and with a bright burst of light, we see Stocktron’s fully united once more. The star-filled background and rock music ceases, as Stocktron takes toward Griffino....who’s managed to get the three Girls in a bear hug, and is trying to crush them....)

BLOSSOM: (Straining to speak) <*No*.....can’t end...this way!>

STEWIE: <Oh, I beg to differ... unless there’s another way you prefer to meet your demise, hmm? I’d normally prefer the guillotine, but that’s just *so* *messy*! Now, any particular person or deity you wish to say your last words to, hmm?>

(We see Stocktron slam into Griffino, knocking him into the side of the city jail, specifically the cell the Mayor and Miss Bellum were locked in; they scramble out from the wreckage.)

MAYOR: (Kicking Griffino) <*Bad robot! Bad robot!---OW!*> (Grasps his foot, and hops around in pain.... Miss Bellum sighs)

(Stewie ignores this, and turns his attention back toward Stocktron....we see both of the robots take off toward each other into the air simultaneously, with the same ever-so-exciting streaked-background effect...)

BRAIN: <‘Pink the Stampee’, prepare to grapple our adversary....> (Doesn’t hear a response) <*Pinky*?!>

PINKY: (Ogling the background again) <Ooooh, this is making me dizzy, and I rather like it! HAHAHA, NARF!>

BRAIN: (Annoyed) <Remind me to hurt you later, ‘Pink’...>

(The two robots clash in mid-air, and we see the still-framed collision shows the two are grappling each other’s hands, trying to wrestle each other out of the sky...)

BRAIN: <‘Bil Li,’ ‘Pink the Stampee,’ we must hold Griffino still long enough to dock with his main controls!>

BILLIE: <I *told* you to try to go for a wireless hookup, ‘Optimus’ Eggy, but *noooo*....now we have to do it the hard way!>

BRAIN: <Billie, don’t start right now... we’ve got bigger problems!>

BILLIE: <Yeah, I know....OK, let’s try *this*!> (She activates her Stocktron arm to grab onto the neck of Griffino)

STEWIE: <Nice try, Minnie and Mickey...but not *good enough*!> (Tries using Griffino’s arm to remove Stocktron’s arm)

BILLIE: <Pinks, *now*!>

PINKY: <No problem, ‘Bil Li’! HAHAHA!> (Looks longingly at the controls, uncertain which ones to press...)

BRAIN: <Um...sometime *TODAY*, ‘Stampee’!>

PINKY: (Misinterpreting Brain’s remark) <‘Stampee’? Um, OK...maybe that’ll do something! NARF!> (He uses his Stocktron arm’s fist to, of all things, stamp repeatedly on the foot of Griffino, shouting <‘Stampee stampee stampeeeeee, HAHAHA!’>; this knocks the robot off-balance, causing Stocktron (with Billie’s ‘arm’ still holding onto Griffino’s neck) to fall on top of it. They crash to the ground, and continue to struggle.)

STEWIE: <I see you are *not* going down easily... very well, time to activate full defense mode!> (We soon see Stewie add more power to weapons and other systems, and see a heat vision blast emanate from his eyes, along with an energy burst from one of his hands... Stocktron lies on the ground, immobilized)

(We see the Girls flying toward Griffino and Stocktron; the PPG fight music is still playing.)

NARRATOR: <Go, Girls, go! Brain needs your help!>

BUBBLES: <We’ve gotta do something!>

STEWIE: (Seeing the approaching heroines) <Indeed....like, oh, get *CRUSHED*?!> (Motions for Griffino to pull on a rope that’s suddenly materialized from out of nowhere next to the robot)

BILLIE: <Great...he’s using the Warners’ Final Confrontation™-ending battle tactic skills! (Shouting) GIRLS! LOOK OUT!>

(Buttercup and Bubbles move out of the way, but Blossom isn’t quite so lucky---she winds up being crushed by, falling from seemingly out of nowhere, several pianos, a few safes, a cruise ship, a 747 jumbo jet, a smaller-sized version of the Rock of Gibraltar, a ‘Walled-Mart’ store, and finally, a blue whale, leaving a huge crater in the middle of the street. We also see Griffino use its spare hand to whip from behind its back a large bundle of explosives, and toss it into the hole; we then see a huge explosion, rattling the downtown area and leaving an even larger smoldering crater in the ground, as the various dropped objects are sent flying. Bubbles and Buttercup, gasping, slowly peer over the edge of the crater, and don’t see any sign of their sister. They look sad for a brief moment, then quickly turn to anger... Bubbles seems to be going into her ‘hardcore’ mode. They then streak toward Griffino, and begin laying various punches into its head at super-speed. Pan over to Stocktron; we see Stocktron’s putting up some defense, via Mojo laying in with his laser cannons at Griffino, along with Billie firing her cannons as well, but to not much avail...Griffino still has a strong death grip on the heroes as it continues its energy-attack barrage...)

BUBBLES: (Laying in another punch to Griffino) <This is for our *SISTER*, you big...uh, diaper-head!>

STEWIE: (To Bubbles) <Oooh, ‘diaper head’....there’s an original retort; what I’d expect from someone who probably plays in the *mud*!>

BUBBLES: <Hey! I do not! But at least I don’t have a head that looks like a *football*!>

STEWIE: <Oh, really...as if I’d talk about physical appearances; you girls look like rejects from some insipid anime program!>

BUBBLES: <*Anime is NOT*...uh...whatever that word is you just said!>

BUTTERCUP: <Yeah! It’s way cooler than *your* show probably ever was!>

STEWIE: <The sort of retort I’d expect from three five-year-olds whose idea of something mentally challenging is watching ‘Puppet Pals’...not that I don’t mind partaking in that program on occasion, but at least *I* was smart enough to construct this robot. The only thing *you two* could build is probably a second-rate Tinker Toy!>

BUBBLES: <Nuh-uh!>

STEWIE: <Nuh-*huh*.>

(The Girls continue to argue with Stewie, distracting him from Stocktron, which is still pinned to the ground from Griffino’s energy attack assault...)

BRAIN: (Thinking) <Hmm... Stewie’s been distracted by the Girls...which leaves me time to do *this*.> (We see Brain press several buttons, and pull on a lever; the data cable is unleashed from Stocktron’s torso, and snakes its way to the lower torso of Griffino, where we see a port where its ‘belly button’ would be. The cable connects with the port...we see in Brain’s torso a terminal program on his console’s computer screen; Brain begins typing away at a keyboard below the screen. We soon see Griffino begin to jerk rigidly, as if paralyzed. Stewie stops arguing with the Girls long enough to see what’s wrong...)

STEWIE: <What the *deuce*?!? > (Presses various buttons, but with no response; then eyes the data cable) <Wait a minute....what’re you *DOING*?! How did you get access--->

MOJO: <I provided the Brain with the access codes that *you* provided me with, thereby providing us with the means to defeat you, you little *brat*! Ha ha ha!> (Smiles)

BRAIN: (To the computer) <Computer, de-activate all power functions within Griffino...>

COMPUTER VOICE: <Complying....power levels now dropping to 88%...78%...72%...>

GRIFFINO: (Now sounding like ‘Hal’ in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’) <Danger... my mind is going, Stewie...I can feel it...>

STEWIE: (Yelling) <*Oh, blast it all*!!!> (We see Stewie frantically trying to override Brain’s control of Griffino, but to no avail.)

(Pan over to see Blossom crawl out of the crater, rubbing her head...)

BLOSSOM: <Oooohhhh... >

BUBBLES: <Blossom! You’re OK!> (Rushes over to hug her sister)

BLOSSOM: <Yeah...though that attack move kinda packed a bit of a whallop.> (Sees the paralyzed Griffino) <Say, guys, what’s going on?!>

BUTTERCUP: (Smiling confidently) <More like what’s goin’ *down*----namely, Griffino!>

COMPUTER VOICE: <...power levels at 3%....2%...>

GRIFFINO: (Still in ‘Hal’ mode) <I know a song we could sing.... *Daaaaiiiisy....daaaaaaisy.....*>

COMPUTER VOICE: <...power levels now at 0%. Griffino unit is now powered down.>

(We see Griffino slump over, now completely ‘dead.’ Stewie pounds on the inactive controls, shouting in protest.)

BRAIN: <Excellent....> (Grins slyly) <OK, who here wants to finish him off?>

(We see the Girls all excitedly going ‘ooh, oooh, pick me! Pick me!,’ and Pinky doing so, as well)

BRAIN: <Well, in that case, let’s *all* lay in on our adversary...>

GIRLS: <Yeah!>

(We see Stocktron and the Girls pick up the now-lifeless Griffino, and hoist it overhead...Stewie continues to yell in protest. The heroes flies it up into the air a bit, and proceeds to go into a pile-drive into the ground... inside, we see Stewie sighing, and adjusting his helmet on his head. We finally see in an oh-so-kewl anime-style effect Griffino being slammed into the ground; this action is seen replayed three times in a row, quickly. When the dust clears, we see the depowered robot body’s various arms and legs are partially detached, and a few wires/circuits are sprawled onto the ground. From the wreckage, we see Stewie crawl out, still in his blue body armor. Stocktron lands on the ground.)

STEWIE: (Eyes the wreckage, then yells) <*BLAST*! (Turns to the heroes) Very well, then--time to *DIE!*> (Lets loose a few randomly-fired rounds from his armor’s hand lasers, but to no avail; we see the three Girls streaking towards the infant to lay in their trademark fight-ending haymakers. However, Stewie suddenly yells...)

STEWIE: <WAIT! Erm, surely you wouldn’t hit a *baby*! Uh, yes, that should do nicely--- (makes a lame, pretend baby-crying noise) ‘Waaaaah?’>

BUBBLES: (Halts in mid-air, along with the others) <Gee, he’s right, Girls...I mean, he’s bad and all, but he *is* a little baby...>

BUTTERCUP: <Are you *kidding*?! Hello?!? He’s the guy who tried to *kill* all of us?!?>

BLOSSOM: <Gee, Bubbles has a good point... he isn’t even potty-trained yet! (Chuckles a bit at that remark, as do the other Girls)>

BUBBLES: <Well, maybe he just needs to go home to his *mommy* or something... >

STEWIE: (Rolling his eyes) <Oh, for *criminy’s sake...*>

BUBBLES: (Picks up Stewie, to his protest) <Maybe we can have his mommy pick him up?>

BUTTERCUP: <Aw, c’mon.....>

BLOSSOM: <Yeah...he should be going to *jail*, not to his *parents*!>

BRAIN: (Making a face) <I assure you, from what I’ve learned about Stewie’s family, being with his parents is *easily* more punishment than any jail would provide... and in actuality, before the Final Confrontation™ even began, I’ve already contacted them, and informed them they could come pick up their ill-mannered infant.>

STEWIE: (Now getting really angry; his entire face does that ‘take up the entire screen and growing to enormous size’ thing one sees on ‘Pokemon’ whenever someone’s ticked off) <How *DARE* you contact my maternal and paternal figures, you *INSOLENT RODENT?!?*>

(Stewie’s head shrinks back to normal; we see Pinky laughing at this stupid ‘take-up-the-whole-screen’ bit)

PINKY: (Bent over with laughter) <WA-HAHAHAHAHA! Ooooh, this and that streaked-background-thingy are probably even *better* than that ‘two places at once’ bit! HAHAHA!>

BRAIN: (Sighs)

(We see a cab pull up in front of the group; a window rolls down, and we see a hand wave.)

VOICE: (From the cab, sounding nasally) <Ah, *there* you are,honey! Oh, we were worried sick about you!>

(Two figures step out of the cab; we see they’re none other than Lois and Peter Griffin, Stewie’s parents from ‘Family Guy.’ Lois seems unordinary in appearance, and has a bit of a nasal voice; Peter on the other hand, dresses and acts like a non-bald, glasses-wearing, unfunny version of Homer Simpson, only ten times as dumb, crude, obnoxious, and boorish).

LOIS: (Picking up the protesting Stewie) <Awww, look at this...he looks so *cute* in his little playsuit!>

STEWIE: <CURSE YOU, VILE WOMAN! This is *not* a playsuit, but rather a lethal, fully-armored warsuit with a laser cannon arsenal! As if being handed defeat by J. Fred Muggs and his petting zoo reject squad wasn’t bad enough...>

PETER: (Touching the suit) <Ooooh, someone’s cranky...and hopefully not because I, erm, accidentally tore half your room apart because I was drunk for the last three days in a row> (Does an inane-sounding laugh that sounds like a nasal-voiced ripoff of Homer Simpson’s ‘hee hee hee’ giggle; the other heroes look at each other uneasily)

LOIS: <We were looking everywhere for you...fortunately some nice man who sounded a lot like Orson Welles said you were here in Townsville, and also told us why you were here...>

STEWIE: (Nervous) <He...did?>

LOIS: <We didn’t know you managed to become a finalist in the annual Goober baby food beauty contest!>

STEWIE: <WHAT?! Oh, is *that* what Stuart Little there told you, did he? Well, let me tell *you* something, I---> (Gets cut off as a pacifier’s stuck in his mouth)

LOIS: <There! Isn’t that adorable! With you and that little blue suit of yours, you’ll be the best-looking baby ever...of course, if we win, you’ll have to go on tour making various appearances for the next six months...>

STEWIE: (Spits out the pacifier) <SIX MONTHS?!>

LOIS: <..and of course, not counting the length of time in the competition to win the contest to begin with. But since I have business to attend to back in Quahog, and you’ll have to travel around the country to participate in the contest, I’m going to give this opportunity for you to bond with your *favoritest person in the whole wide world*...>

STEWIE: <..*no*...>

LOIS: <....with...>

STEWIE: <...oh, dear *Lord* NO...>

LOIS: (Close up on just her mouth) <...your *father.*>

STEWIE: (Slow-motion, as he’s handed to Peter) <*Noooooooooooooooooo.....*>

PETER: <Uh, hey, Stewie...betcha there might be some hot chicks on this tour! Except, y’know for the, erm, guys, since they’re, uh, guys. (Pauses) And we probably oughta avoid any of them foreigners we see, too.... because they’re *aliens*, of course. Huh? Eh?> (Does that inane laugh again; Stewie now screams) <Oooh, and along the way, I can show you how I learned to use my head as a drum...kind of hurts bangin’ it against the wall all them times, but that helmet of yours looks like it’d provided decent protection...> (Laughs again)

LOIS: (Opening the door of the cab) <Say goodbye to your little friends, Stewie...>

STEWIE: (Irate) <YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS, ALL OF YOU!!! (As the parents walk off with Stewie) MARK MY WORDS!>

PETER: <Ooooh, someone needs to be used as a....*bongo head*!> (Starts using Stewie’s head like a bongo drum)


(The Griffins enter the cab and leave; we still hear Stewie’s yelling of Brain’s name trailing off into the distance as they drive off. All the heroes cheer, as does a small surrounding crowd of spectators, including the Mayor and Miss Bellum. The mice all climb out of their compartments, and scramble down to the ground.)

BUBBLES: <We did it!>

PINKY: <Yeah, NARF!>

MAYOR: (To the heroes, as various media members’ TV and photography cameras are aimed at the group; we see flash bulbs go off) <As mayor of Townsville, I wish to thank you Girls and your little furry friends with helping stop that naughty baby! And to our visiting friends, I’m pleased to present---the key to the city!> (Hands the lab mice an old-fashioned looking key, which makes them topple to the ground due to its weight.)

MISS BELLUM: <Um, sir...maybe we should just mail it to their home.>

MAYOR: <Whatever for, Miss Bellum? They’re standing right here!> (Miss Bellum sighs)

BUTTERCUP: (Looking at the fallen figure of Griffino) <Awww, kind of wished I could’ve gotten in a *few* more punches against Griffino!> (Starts punching half-heartedly on the deactivated android; the others, except for Brain, laugh)

BRAIN: <Hmm...say, has anyone seen Mojo?> (They shake their head no...)

BUBBLES: <Look, I found this in your robot’s head!>

(She hands a piece of paper to Brain)

BRAIN: (Reads it) <‘Dear Brain, Thank you for giving me the chance to seek revenge against that accursedly cursed infant Stewie. I also wish to thank you for providing me with, via the construction of this robot and the computerized blueprints I have burned to a CD-ROM disk, the means I need to finally defeat those reprehensible Powerpuffs! While you insist that genius should have no malevolent and negative uses, I believe that this will prove you wrong! Ha ha ha! Sincerely and salutations, Mojo Jojo.’ (Shakes his head)>

BLOSSOM: <Whoa...Mojo’s gonna build his own Stocktron robot? But how will we...?>

BRAIN: <I suspected something like this happening. Not to worry...I’ve built into the Stocktron unit’s vital controls a means of deactivating the robot via a remote control in the Professor’s lab. I doubt Mojo will have realized that with the way the override has been designed, thus making dealing with his robot a non-issue.>

(Brain walks over to Stocktron, and deactivates the ‘language translation’ unit...everyone’s speaking patterns reverts back to normal.)

BILLIE: Thanks, Eggy... was starting to feel like a dubbed-over Japanese monster movie character...

BUBBLES: (In Japanese) <Um, guys, does this mean that....>

BLOSSOM & BUTTERCUP: In *English*, Bubbles!

BUBBLES: (In English) Oh....sorry. (Grins; some of the others laugh)

NARRATOR: (Laughing as well) Oh, Bubbles...what a bilingual card!

(Fade to Townsville International Airport the following day...we see the mice are about to leave for New York, and are in the process of saying goodbye to the Girls/Professor. The mice are back in their usual state of non-dress.)

PROFESSOR: Well, sorry that your trip here didn’t turn out as expected...but I’m sure that Billie and Pinky enjoyed themselves last night...

BILLIE: Oh, yeah...Townsville’s nightlife was *awesome*! The restaurants, the nightclubs---we even snagged a CD copy of those dance club DJs’ song remixes!

PINKY: I especially like their ‘Ana-mon Monsters’ theme song remix--- (starts singing, while making rapper-like motions) ‘A-A-A-Ana-mon...*Analog Monsters*! A-A-A-Ana-mon...*Analog Monsters*...WORD!’ HAHAHA! TROZ!

BLOSSOM: Well, as you know, as superheroes, we can’t *really* officially endorse your wanting to taking over the world....

BRAIN: I understand...

BLOSSOM: ...*but*, well,...we thought we’d wish you luck in any future endeavors, anyway.

BRAIN: Thank you, Blossom.

BUBBLES: Yeah...the Professor said that was a nice use of...of...what was that word again?

PROFESSOR: ‘Semantics,’ honey.

BUBBLES: Oh, yeah! (Mispronouncing it) ‘Mechanics!’ (The others briefly chuckle at this)

BLOSSOM: By the way, what’d you do with Stocktron and what’s left of Griffino?

BRAIN: (Pointing to two crates being loaded onto the mice’s flight) We’re taking them both back to ACME Labs with us, to be put in storage. And hopefully, this incident will discourage that little monster Stewie from trying to create *another* Griffino robot...though the cynical side of me suspects that both mechanized and *non-mechanized* monster alike will be back.

VOICE: (over the terminal’s P.A.) Now boarding for flight #123 to JFK...now boarding....

BILLIE: Well, there’s our flight. Ready to go, Pinky?

PINKY: Yeah.... (hugs the legs of Bubbles) I really liked playing with you, Bubbles! Maybe we can, you know, that thing where you move the pencil on the paper...?

BUBBLES: ‘Write?’

PINKY: Oh, yes! That’s it! NARF!

BUBBLES: Here, Pinky... I drew this picture for you. (Hands Pinky a drawing of the mice, the Girls, and the Professor all together, in Bubbles’ usual drawing style)

PINKY: Oooooh, pretty! I’ll put it on the refrigerator next to the Psychic Hotline listings, NARF! Thank you!

BLOSSOM: (Gently shakes Billie’s hand) Well, so long, Billie... if you’re ever in Townsville again and we need your help...

BILLIE: (Smirking) Well, of *course* we’ll be willing to help!

PROFESSOR: Good... (looks around, hands Billie a piece of paper; it reads: ‘profutonium@townsville.edu’) Here’s my e-mail address. If you wouldn’t mind, I have this project I’ve been working on, but was wondering if you’d mind...well...double-checking a few equations for me? (Grins)

(Pan over to Brain, who’s with Buttercup)

BUTTERCUP: Well, goodbye, Brain....uh, sorry I thought you might’ve been anything like Mojerk.

BRAIN: That’s quite all right. I suppose you did have every right to be suspicious of my motives, especially with your chosen ‘profession.’

BUTTERCUP: OK...thanks. By the way, can I have a copy of that Stocktron-vs.-Griffino battle? It was *totally awesome*! I mean, the way you punched him like this.... (does a few punches in mid-air) oooh, ooh, and then you did this (does another punch)...

BUBBLES: (Hearing this) Oooh, and it was cool the way---

BLOSSOM: (Joining in, in unison) Oh, and I thought the way Stocktron---

(The Girls are now fully excited, rambling on about how cool they thought the Final Confrontation™ battle was...)

PROFESSOR: Girls, Girls...I’m sure the Brain will be more than happy to give you a copy of his video of the fight. (Sees a distraught look on Brain’s face) Um, is there something wrong?

BRAIN: (Saddened) I’m afraid no copy can be made...because the footage was destroyed during the conflict with Stewie and Griffino. The result of a large laser blast to the chest area where the camera was installed. Thus, there goes my plan...

PINKY: Awww, there there, Brain. At least you got to wear cool-looking body armor, NARF!

BILLIE: And you got to prove that you’re nothing like that Mojo guy...

BRAIN: (Perks up slightly) I suppose so... (picks up a mouse-sized suitcase made from a matchbox) Now come, Pinky, Billie...our flight to New York awaits. (bows to the Girls) Good luck, Powerpuff Girls; I’m sure you’ll continue to make your city and paternal figure proud.

BUBBLES: ‘Pa..tern...al..?’

PROFESSOR: I’ll explain on the way home, Girls.... now let’s go. It’s been a long day...

(The two groups wave goodbye to each other, as the mice go off to board for their flight home; fade to the exterior of ACME Labs at night.)

NARRATOR: One week later...

(Fade to the inside....we see Billie is surfing the Internet on the lab’s computer; she stops at a website for the ‘Townsville Times’’s online version of its newspaper)

BRAIN: (Walking over to the computer with Pinky) Billie, what are you doing?

BRAIN: I received an e-mail from Professor Utonium earlier today; he said something about how we should check out today’s edition of the ‘Townsville Times.’

(We see the main page for the site; the headline reads: ‘POWERPUFF GIRLS EASILY STOP MOJO JOJO FROM RAVAGING TOWN WITH ADVANCED ROBOT.’ A photo below the headline shows Mojo being led away in handcuffs by the police; the Girls are giving each other high-fives. A typical-looking robot of his lies lifeless in the background. A caption reads: ‘Girls stop robot with ‘secret weapon’, as they put it’)

BILLIE: The ‘secret weapon’ must be the remote-control shutoff you mentioned; guess Mojo really did rush into trying to use the plans for Stocktron for his own advantage.

PINKY: Egad, Brain...do you think Mojo will ever change? I mean, they’re such nice girls...I don’t see why he hates them so. POIT!

BRAIN: Pinky, in life, we are all free to make whatever choices we wish. If Mojo wishes to throw away *his* life on an asinine grudge against those girls, then so be it.... (rolls his eyes) as long as he thinks he’s happy living his life this way, I suppose.

PINKY: Well, in that case, with all his time spent going after them, he must be *very* happy, NARF!

BRAIN: (Shakes his head) Somehow, Pinky, I rather doubt it. But, as I said, if this is what he really wants....

(Cut to the outside of the Townsville Correctional Center; inside, we zoom in on one particular cell, in which we see Mojo Jojo is ensconced. No incidental music is playing for this scene. He looks out the barred window, gazing at the sight of a few clouds and a crescent moon for a few moments silently, before making a grunt noise, scowling, and turning his attention to a blueprint he has on his bed bunker detailing another plan for destroying the Powerpuff Girls. As we see him using a pencil to obsessively mark up the blueprint, the scene is completely silent, save for the sounds of his pencil moving across the paper; the camera pulls back to show the surrounding exterior of his cell.)

NARRATOR: Ah, Mojo... won’t you *ever* learn?!

(Cut to the ‘pulsating hearts’ closing, as the usual closing PPG theme music plays)

NARRATOR: And so, once again, the day has been saved...thanks to:

(We see the usual closing shot of the PPGs in posing formation over the pulsating hearts background)


(We suddenly also see the lab mice zapped into the scene)


(We *also* see zapped into the shot Mojo Jojo himself)

NARRATOR: (Slightly sneering) ...*and* Mojo Jojo, I *guess*...

(We see all the heroes and Mojo begin arguing over space in the now-crowded spot; we fade to ‘THE END’, as the Narrator sings: ‘They’re Pinky, Billie and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain... heh, not a bad song.’ He begins singing the main PatB theme... ‘They’re Pinky and the Brain, Pinky and the Brain, hmm-hmmm-h-hmmmm, the other’s in-saaaane....’ as we fade to black.)


CREDITS (with the usual PPG closing theme music playing)


The Brain/Comic Convention Guy: Maurice LaMarche

Pinky/Techno-Force Z Samauri: Rob Paulsen

Billie/Computer Voices: Tress MacNeille

Blossom: Cathy Cavadini

Bubbles: Tara Strong

Buttercup: Elizabeth Daily

Prof. Utonium: Tom Kane

Mojo Jojo: Roger L. Jackson

Mayor/Narrator: Tom Kenny

Ms. Bellum: Jennifer Martin

Stewie Griffin/Peter Griffin: Seth MacFarlane

Lois Griffin: Alex Borstein

Griffino: Corey Burton


All Powerpuff Girls characters, insignia, and related elements ™ and © 2002 by Cartoon Network. Used without permission.

All ‘Animaniacs’ and ‘Pinky and the Brain’ characters, insignia, and related elements ™ and © 2002 by Warner Bros. Used without permission.

Axel Foley © Paramount Studios, used without permission.

Superboy, Superman, Wonder Woman, and related indica © 2002 by DC Comics. Used without permission.

Stewie Griffin, ‘Family Guy’ and related elements/characters/insignia © 2002 by Fox. Used without permission.

iBook ™ and © by Apple Computer.

Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston.

The Powerpuff Girls created by Craig McCracken.

Griffino created by Brainatra.

Townsville Convention Center:
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Make sure your insurance policies are paid up

Try Talking Dog® brand dog food:
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The break dancing guys from ‘Mime For A Change’:
Coming out soon with their debut hip-hop album, ‘Fear of a Mojo Planet’---don’t miss it!

Mojo’s views on food pellets and their insect content courtesy of:

Griffino’s multiple-powers schtick courtesy of:
DC Comics

‘Optimus Brain’’s kewl anime-style costume courtesy of:
The Autobots

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