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[We cut to Daffy and Sylvester, enroute to Acme Laborotorio. The former notes the two mice speeding towards them.]

DAFFY: Drat! Thome people never learn... [Pulls a large missile out of his bag and straps it onto Sylvester.] Thank goodneth I came acroth that coyote who thold me one of hith ACME mithiles!

SYLVESTER: Thank you, Mither Exthpo.

DAFFY: Oh, put a lid on it. [Mumbling] That'th the latht time I work with thomeone with a thpeech impediment… [Lights the fuse and send Sly flying. He then runs off for the lab.]

SYLVESTER: Thufferin' thuccotaaaaassssshhhhh!!!!! [Flies off into the distance.]

[Pinky & Billie approach]

PINKY: TROZ! Ooo, look! It's that darn cat again!

BILLIE: Yikes!!! Duck, Pinky!!!

PINKY: [Points at Daffy] No, the duck is over there-- [Billie ducks down and grabs Pinky down with her, just as Sylvester zooms by overhead.]

SYLVESTER: [Looking over his shoulder at the mice.] Nutth! Now, how do I turn in thith thing? [He comes over a cliff, and the thing suddenly putts, and then stops in midair.] Well, whaddaya know: outta gath. [Begins a downward spiral to the ground far below.] I hate coyoteeeeettttthhhhhe… [Splat.]

[Cut back to Pinky & Billie, lying on the ground panting.]

PINKY: Boy, that was close one!

BILLIE: Yeah…now c'mon, we've gotta go face that duck! I just hope Brain is doing as well!

[Cut to Brain sneaking in a crack in the window at the gangsters' hideout. Rocky & Mugsy are asleep, Rocky on a couch, Mugsy at the desk.]

BRAIN: Now to find Speedy…

[He climbs up on the desk next to Mugsy and soon sees a box. He taps gently.]

SPEEDY: [From inside box.] Hello? Who is there?

BRAIN: [Whispering] Sh! It's me, The Brain! I'm here to save you! But we'll have to act quickly. How do I get you out of here?

SPEEDY: The key in the big guy's pocket, señor! But be careful not to wake him! He's not as slow as he looks!

BRAIN: [Looking up at Mugsy, who looms like a giant above him.] Drat…why do I suddenly feel like I'm in a Disney movie…?

[Fade back to Acme Laboratorio; we see Daffy has wired the entire lab's perimeter with Acme brand explosives...he's standing next to a detonator plunger, about to push the lever...]

DAFFY: You may have thought you'd outwitted that dumb cat, you mitherable mithe, but prepare to thay goodbye to both your lab *and* your profitable planth! Ha!

[We see Pinky & Billie hiding around a corner. Billie whispers something to Pinky, who nods]

BILLIE: Ready, Pinky?

PINKY: You bet!

BILLIE: Then let's...*GO*!

[Billie races towards Daffy at superspeed, and begins running in a circle around the duck before he can press the detonator plunger; she creates a miniature tornado-like wind vortex, sweeping the fowl up in the air; Daffy, looking stupefied, merely begins pleading for mercy. Meanwhile, Pinky, racing at super-speed, begins moving the explosives away from the lab, piling them over the cliff that Sylvester went over the edge of. Billie then screeches to a stop once Pinky is done, sending Daffy and the detonator over the edge...soon, an earth-shattering *KABOOM* is heard, with the trademark line, "Yoooou're dethpicable" just a split-second before detonation...the mice pat each other on the back...]

PINKY: Egad, we did it! We saved one of the zillion Acme Lab branches from that cat and duck! ZORT!

BILLIE: Yeah, we did, but there's no time to gloat over our achievements...show me the way that Eggy went off to!

PINKY: Right! [Giggles] You know, I never realized it before, but I look just like Sonic the Hedgehog! [Begins humming the weekday afternoon "Adventures of Sonic" theme song, but Billie stops him]

BILLIE: Eh, Pinky, what'd I tell you about that show?

PINKY: Um, that it's a subpar product not nearly on the same level as its much-superior Saturday morning version?

BILLIE: Right!

PINKY: Oh, yeah...sorry, Billie! NARF! Come on!

[The mice take off at super-speed, leaving this scene of pointless violence behind...cut back to the Brain, climbing Mugsy's coat.]

BRAIN: Bah…what will those idiot writers have me doing next? As if acting like the Flash wasn't bad enough, now I have to pull off some ridiculous Mickey Mouse routine…ah! [Climbs into the giant's pocket. He grabs the key.] Ha! Got it! Now to get out of here… [He begins to climb out. However, as he climbs out, he falls over the edge of the pocket, causing both the key and himself to crash onto the desk, knocking over, among other things, a small figure of the Flash, a lamp, and several stacks of papers. Both gangsters awaken. He quickly runs to unlock Speedy.]

ROCKY: Huh--? It's that rotten mouse! Moiderize 'im, Mugsy!

MUGSY: Duh, sure, boss! [Tries to smash the mice with his hand, but they run away at superspeed. They rush out the window.]

BRAIN: Come on! Let's find Pinky, so we can start my plan! I only hope he was able to save the Lab...

ROCKY: Grrrr…to the motorcycle! Follow those mice!!!

[They jump onto the bike, de-embedded from their truck, chasing the two.]

SPEEDY: Señor Brain! You appear to be slowing down!

BRAIN: Yes, the power's running low on the suit! I've only got about half an hour to go!

SPEEDY: Then we'd better lose them quickly! Follow me!

BRAIN: I'd prefer going back to the Lab if possible, and finding Pinky! I hope he's all right!

SPEEDY: Don't worry, Señor...we'll find him, before your suit's power supply runs out! *Yee-ha!*

[The mice kick it into a higher speed, with the rocket-propelled-bike-riding thugs in close pursuit...]

[Fade to Pinky and Billie, who're halfway to the villains' hideout...]

PINKY: We're halfway to the villains' hideout, Billie!

BILLIE: Yes, Pinky, I read the expo too...I only hope we're not too--

[Billie's statement is cut off, as they see brown and red streaks blur past them, followed by a larger streak...]

BILLIE: Let me guess...Eggy?

PINKY: Well, him and those nasty thugs I told you about, I guess...

BILLIE: C'mon...let's catch up with Eggy! [The mice turn around, and race at an even faster clip, eventually overtaking the bike...they catch up with the speeding Brain and Speedy...]

BRAIN: [Double-take] Billie?! Why are you-- [Glances at Pinky, who waves] Oh, never mind....I won't even ask when you found time to invent your own hypervelocity suit...

SPEEDY: [To Billie] Ah, Billie is it? [Kisses her hand] Delighted to meet you, Señorita... [Billie gives a brief grin out of politeness...]

BRAIN: [Hearing an alarm beeping on the suit] We'd best do *something* fast...I've only got 20 minutes of power left on this suit!

SPEEDY: Don't worry, Señor...I think Pinky, Billie and I might be able to do something about these guys...come on! Follow me! *YEE-HA*!

[The mice's forms take a sharp turn at an intersection, followed by the thugs...fade to the hacienda, with the mysterious villain talking to the bandaged Daffy and Sylvester.]

FIGURE: It's bad enough you let them get away, but Mr. Gonazles is also freed? Rocky and Mugsy have already set off after those vermin,but I want you to go after them as well...and if one of you doesn't capture them, you're going to be *very* sorry.

DAFFY: Yethir! Right away, thir! Come on, ya mangy cat!

[Daffy and Sylvester race off to an apparently hastily-assembled rocket bike (with brakes!), and speed off at a tremendous speed....]

DAFFY: And I thought getting shot by that lamebrained hunter wath painful! Now I've got more bruitheth than a tomato in a meteor shower!!!

SYLVESTER: Yeah, and that old lady'th umbrella never hurt ath bad ath that drop from the cliff!

DAFFY: Sshh! Look! It'th them!!!

[They see Rocky and Mugsy chasing after the four mice, on their scooter, crossing the intersection of the road.]

DAFFY: Well, let'th get 'em! C'mon!!!


[Fade to the mice.]

BRAIN: PLEASE do something! My suit is running out of steam!!!!

SPEEDY: Señorita, do you have a hair pin?

BILLIE: Um...yeah, sure, I think... [Pulls one out of her hair.]

SPEEDY: And you are a scientist, right?!

BILLIE: Well, I guess I have the intelligence of one...probably more than most sceientists, technically...

SPEEDY: So use your hair pin to fix the timer on his suit! All scientists can make do with the slightest tools! I saw it done in a movie once...

BILLIE: Gee, I never thought about that. I guess it's just as good as a socket wrench in a pinch like this!

[Billie begins to tinker with Brain's suit.]

BRAIN: Hey! It's coming back! I can feel it!! YEEEEHAH!

PINKY: Gee, Brain, is it just me, or, um, did you just utter a HAPPY expression? Narf! kind of out-of-character for you, isn't it?!

BILLIE: Yeah, I think speed loosens you up a bit, Eggy! You're not as square and nerdy as usual!

BRAIN: [Blushing] Well, I...um...DO have a tendency to enjoy things of the high-velocity variety!

SPEEDY: You three can discuss this later, but we seem to have company! It's that loco duck, that gato estupido, and those two muy mal mobsters! They are gaining on us! Run!!!

BRAIN: [Sounding a bit annoyed] So, all this time, I could've added [Glancing at the timer] another 2 *hours* of energy to this suit just by making a few power supply wiring adjustments through the use of a *hair pin*?!?

BILLIE: Um, yeah...maybe I oughta give you a few pointers sometime on power supply conservation, Eggy! [Grins, then it fades as she sees Brain isn't so pleased looking...]

PINKY: Um, Mr. Gonzales, those two rocket bikes are gaining on us! POIT! Where are we going?

SPEEDY: Since I think those guys and their boss would be looking for us back at Acme Laboratorio, we're going to hide in Mexico City and lose these bunch of losers! I know of lots of hiding places *there* that'll buy some time until we can make our plans!

BRAIN: Sounds fine with me...let's go!

[The four mice floor it down the road, turning onto a highway with a sign reading "Mexico City--20 Kilometros"...the two motor bikes follow in suit...we see the mice's and villains' blurred forms weaving in and out of traffic, with some horns honking...soon, they all arrive in the city itself...]

BILLIE: Now what do we do? They're still gaining!

SPEEDY: Quick! This way! I know where we can stay for awhile! [The mice turn down a sidestreet, and race towards a building at the end of said street...the villains, not seeing the mice make this turn off, stop once they notice their objects of pursuit have disappeared...]

ROCKY: Where did dose four speed-powered mice go?

MUGSY: Daaah, I dunno...

SYLVESTER: Let'th find them! They have to be around here thomewhere!

DAFFY: OK! [The villains zoom off...meanwhile, fade to a building at the end of the side street, specifically to a mousehole...we see the mice inside amidst what looks like dollhouse/mouse-sized furnishings...]

PINKY: Um, where are we again?

SPEEDY: This is my home, Señor Pinky...make yourselves comfortable!

BRAIN: Thank you, but I'd rather we began figuring out a way of stopping those four thugs *and* figuring out who their boss is, and *why*!

BILLIE: Hmmm....you said he was interested in obtaining your plans, Eggy...could it be an old enemy of yours?

BRAIN: Doubtful....maybe an old enemy of Speedy's, perhaps?

SPEEDY: I kind of doubt it...though I *have* crossed a *lot* of unsavory types, it's mostly just been either that dumb gato and pato that've been pursuing us!

BRAIN: Well, we should think of a way of stopping those thugs *and* figuring out who their boss is, then...if I only had a computer, I'd have an easier time of planning...

SPEEDY: Will this one do, Señor? [Motions for the mice to enter a neighboring room, where they see a Powerbook sitting against a wall, next to a printer; a mouse-sized keyboard is attached to one of its ports...] It's a bit old, but I have been meaning to upgrade sometime...I mostly just use it for the Internet, though...

BRAIN: I think this will suffice...hm...where did you get the mouse-sized keyboard from?

SPEEDY: I got it off a toy computer meant for a Barbie doll...the level of detail Mattel uses is amazing for something meant for a plastic doll!

PINKY: I once got 15 cents off on dishwashing liquid, NARF! [All stare at him] Um...it was "Palmolive"?

[Brain shakes his head and turns to the computer, typing away...]

[Fade to a bit later. a large red nose begins piking into the hole. We hear muffled voices from outside.]

DAFFY: [Offscreen] What'th that, boy? A mouthehole? You find thomething?

SPEEDY: Don't mean to rush you, amigo, but we're running low on time... [Sylvester, the owner of the nose, pokes his claws through and begins swiping at Billie and Pinky, who were standing by the door.]

BRAIN: [Sweating, and working fervently] I'm going as quickly as I can...

SPEEDY: No offense, but when in trouble, it's always best to go with the classics! Follow me! [He zooms out. Billie & Pinky shrug and follow, and Brain zooms after.]

MUGSY: [Spotting them running out of the hole.] Daaah, there they are!

ROCKY: Yep, makin' like the Scarlet Speedster bit again...*GET 'EM!*

[The two crooks, Daffy, and Sylvester take off after the mice like before...]

BRAIN: Well, what's *YOUR* brilliant plan?

SPEEDY: There's no time to explain now! However, I am going to need some sort of a diversion.

BRAIN: Well, I'll handle that. Pinky will help!

SPEEDY: And the lovely Billie will come with me, ah? [Glances amorously at Billie. She gives a slightly nervous grin back.] Then come! Let us divide and conquer! [Speedy makes a sharp turn to the left, and Billie follows suit. Brain & Pinky suddenly screech to a stop. Daffy & Sylvester pull up, and use the brakes to screech to a sudden halt.]

DAFFY: Alright, you little rodentth! That'th the latht thtraw! None of your little trickth will thave you thith time!

SYLVESTER: Yeah, I'm gonna eat you, like it or not! Tho don't try anything funny!

BRAIN: Oh, don't worry! We surrender! We're too tired to fight any longer.


BRAIN: Oh, yes! Please, eat me!

SYLVESTER: Well, I, uh--

[Brain shoves Sylvester's mouth open & shoves himself in.]

BRAIN: I insist! Eat me now! Here, I'll help! [Begins pulling Sylvester's chops up and down.]

SYLVESTER: Ptoo! [Spits Brain out.] Yuck! Leave me alone!

BRAIN: Eat me, eat me!

SYLVESTER: I don't wanna eat you! Go away!!! [Runs off.]

DAFFY: Thtupid cat. Well, I'm not that eathy to get rid of. [Pulls out a gun.] Thay your prayerth, mithe! Who wantth to be shot firtht?

PINKY: He does! [Shoves the gun barrel at Brain.]

BRAIN: Oh, no you don't. He doesn't have to shoot me first! [Shoves it back at Pinky.] *YOU* go first.

PINKY: No, you! [Shoves it back at Brain.]

BRAIN: You! [Back at Pinky.]

PINKY: You! [Back at Brain]

BRAIN: Me! [Pulls it to himself.]

PINKY: Me! [Pulls it to himself.]

BRAIN: Me! [Pulls it to himself.]

PINKY: Me! [Pulls it back to himself.]

DAFFY: Alright, alright, SHADDAP!!!!! Now, what have you dethided?

BRAIN: We decided that *YOU* may go first. [Shoves the gun barrel into Daffy's face.]

DAFFY: Why, thank you. That'th right neighborly of ya! [Fires the gun. When the smoke clears, his beak is whirling around his head. He grabs it and straightens it out.] [With bruised dignity.] You're dethpicable.

[Fade to Billie and Speedy, being pursued by Rocky and Mugsy...]

ROCKY: OK, pull over or you're both toast!

MUGSY: Daaah, yeah!

SPEEDY: Come on--let's go!

BILLIE: Go where?

SPEEDY: To Popocatépetl, a currently-inactive volcano about 55 kilometers east of Mexico City! I have an idea! Come! *YEEHA*! [Speedy zooms off towards the city limits, followed by Billie...the two thugs do so also...cut to a short while later, we see brown- and silver-streaked figures zooming up the side of the volcano, followed by the two thugs...]

ROCKY: [Off-screen] We've got youse guys now, Mr. "Fastest Mouse Alive"!

MUGSY: Daah, yeah, Ms. "Jessie Quick"-wannabe-lookalike-mousey!

SPEEDY: OK, we'll stop, Señors DC Comics Fans! Right--*HERE*!

[The mice zoom towards the crevice of the volcano's opening, then turn away at a sharp 180-degree angle á la the Roadrunner..the villains, realizing too late they've been suckered, go over the edge...]

THUGS: [Screaming] YAAAAAAAAH! [Sound of hitting bottom is heard...]

[The two mice look *greatly* relieved...]

SPEEDY: Thanks for your help, Señorita Billie!

BILLIE: Any time...

SPEEDY: Now come on, let's meet back up with Brain and Pinky! [Motions] After *you*, my lovely lady...

BILLIE: [Grins slightly] Thanks, Speedy... [Thinking] Though we're gonna talk about his "kindness" to me after all this is through....

[The mice zoom off at super-speed...]

[Cut back to Pinky & Brain, with Daffy. Brain is now holding the gun. Daffy looks like they've been through the routine several times, and he's the worse for it. His beak is now on top of his head. He grabs it, snaps it into place, and glares at Brain angrily.]

DAFFY: ALRIGHT, Buther! Let'th try thith *ONE MORE TIME*!!! And thith time, *YOU* thtart!

BRAIN: As you wish… [Repeats á la Daffy, spitting and lisping mockingly.] Which one of you wantttttttthhhhhhhh to get shot firtttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht?

PINKY: I do!

DAFFY: No, me! Shoot me now! [Brain blasts him. His beak goes flying in air, and when it lands, it bites him on the behind.] YOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!! Rrrr… [Grabs the beak and puts it back on again.] Mmm…tathteth like duck rump roatht! I mean…WHAT AM I THAYING?!?!? [Spits several times.] P-tooey! P-tooey! P-tooey!

BRAIN: Look, Pinky! It's Speedy and Billie! [They turn to see the two coming over the horizon. Brain stares at the ground for a moment, then looks at Pinky.] Say, Pinky?

PINKY: Yes, Brain?

BRAIN: How do you know how to manage that suit so well?

PINKY: [Pulls out a "Flash" book.] I learned everything from these comics, Brain!

BRAIN: [Sheepishly.] Are we still getting those "Flash" comics by subscription?

PINKY: Sure, Brain! DC gave us a free two-year subscription after we made a cameo appearance in that 80-Page Spectacular last year…

BRAIN: Hm…I know I said I'd never use comic books in my plans again after that "Cranial Crusader" bit…not to mention all the chaos we caused in those two issues of our own comic series by becoming superheroes…but still, those books might prove valuable…at any rate, let's go meet Billie and Speedy!

DAFFY: Oh, no you don't! [Brings down the butt of the gun where the mice are standing. However, they quickly zoom away, and he hits solid rock, sending a shock throughout his body. Then, his beak pops up into his face.] I'm having a bad day. [Pulls his beak down and jumps on his rocket, and goes flying after the mice.]

[Fade to the four mice, having rejoined, with Daffy in hot pursuit.]

BRAIN: He's gaining!

SPEEDY: Don't worry: I've got an extra special plan for that looney duck! Follow me! [Zooms off; the others follow.]

BRAIN: Doesn't he get tired of saying that…?

[Cut to the four mice's blurred forms, followed by Daffy on his rocket bike...they seem to be headed in a northwestern direction from Mexico City at quite a fast clip, towards the California-Mexico border...]

SPEEDY: This shouldn't fail, given that stupid greedy duck's weaknesses!

BRAIN: I hope so...but where are we going?

SPEEDY: To the one place on Earth where that duck's ego *isn't* an annoying out of place presence...

PINKY: You mean...*gasp* a political convention?

SPEEDY: Eh, close...I mean-- [Pointing ahead] *HOLLYWOOD*!!

[The mice look forward to see that they're speeding down Hollywood Blvd., apparently towards the WB Studios...they're still being followed by Daffy...traffic, being L.A., apparently doesn't seem to give much of a discern for their speeding forms...]

BRAIN: Yes, this is *definitely* California, all right...they're more likely to *televise* our speed-enhanced chase scene then give out *speeding tickets*!

[Zip pan to a packed bar in L.A., where this chase is being televised via an overhead helicopter...]

SCHMOE #1: Heh, heh...check it out! They're just like those "Flash" comics! Heh!

SCHMOE #2: Yeah...wonder where I could buy one of those motorcycles that guy has?

SCHMOE #1: If I could run like that, I wouldn't *need* a car anymore-- [Stops talking, as the whole bar stares at him...]

SOME GUY: What're you sayin'? This is *L.A.*--*nobody* *walks* here! *GET 'IM*!! [The bar patrons proceed to do so; a scene of chaos ensues...zip pan back to the Great Chase, as the mice and duck enter the WB Studio lot...they blur past Ralph, chasing the Warners. The four screech to a stop, looking bewildered.]

YAKKO: What in the world was *that*?!?

WAKKO: Beats me...but it looks like somethin' out of those "Flash" comics of ours!

DOT: Do we get paid for this pointless cameo appearance *and* that even more pointless "Flash" reference?


W&D: *OK*! [Their eyes turn to dollar bills and cash register sounds form...]

[Fade to a soundstage in the WB Studio lot...we see the mice enter, then come to a stop...]

SPEEDY: This is it! This'll stop that greedy duck!

BRAIN: A *soundstage*?! How will this--

[Brain's line is cut off by the approaching rocket-powered duck...he comes to a stop and gets off the bike...]

DAFFY: Ha! Your little chathe hath ended, you mitherable rodenth....prepare to--

[Daffy's line is cut off as someone approaches...namely, Mr. Director.]

MR. DIRECTOR: [Sane voice; looking over Daffy.] Oh. Good. This...this is good. This is a funny, funny aminal. The lisp and the beak and the--well, everything. Everything, youre just--too marvelous for words. Just what I need. For my film.

DAFFY: A film? Me?! And I wouldn't have to share it with that rabbit or thith thutpid Mexthican mouthe or anyone?

MR. DIRECTOR: No...I had to let my previous three, puppy-faced actors go because of...creative differences, shall we say. But you...you have the thing.

AFFY: Thay no more! *I'm* your duck!

MR. DIRECTOR: [Zany voice] Ooooo, you'll do, the move, the thing on film?! Ooo, happy I am, better than a whole tub of good things!!! Thank you nice duck with the feathers... [Reverting to sane voice] C'mon...let's discuss PR...

DAFFY: [To the mice] Thorry I can't pulverithe you right now...I've got *better* things to do right now! [He walks off with the director...] Now then, I'll be needing my own trailer of course...*and*...

SPEEDY: Now let's get back to the hacienda and face that mysterious master villain!

BRAIN: Right you are, Mr. Gonzales...


[The mice streak off for the Final Confrontation™...fade to the villain...he's hanging up a cell phone]

FIGURE: Bah! *All* my henchmen have *failed*! I suppose if you want something done right...you must do it *yourself*! [He walks to a closet, and presses a button; we see inside, hanging on a clotheshanger, are 4 hypervelocity suits, two of them mouse-sized]

FIGURE: [Putting his suit on] Brain isn't the *only* one who can create such technological marvels! I shall face him in my superior hypervelocity suit, with a few "features" guaranteed to render those mice permanently out of *commission*...but I must prepare! I'll send out those cooks of mine, Claude, Hubie, and Bertie in these spare suits to run interference for awhile first! [Dials his cell phone] Hello, cooks? I've got a job for you... [Begins laughing manaically]

[Fade to the other end of the line, where we see the cat, Claude, and the mice, Hubie and Bertie. Bertie is answering.]

BERTIE: Hello? Boss? Oh, yeah yeah! Suresure! Hey, Hubie! Hey, cat! The BOSS wants to see us at the front desk, like PRONTO!

CLAUDE: Oohh, I don't know about this...I might catch cold...

HUBIE: Ahhh, shaddap, cat! Just GO! You know what the boss thinks about no-shows!

CLAUDE: Oh, dear! You're right! I'd rather be thrashed by that bulldog and embarrassed by that kitten than face the boss's penalties!!!

HUBIE: Yeah, whatevah!

[Fade to the figure, holding three suits…one cat-sized, two mouse-sized.]

FIGURE: You three have a very important mission! You have to catch those four mice at all costs!

CLAUDE: But...I don't eat mice. They give me a headache!

FIGURE: You don't have to EAT them! Just CATCH them! Do what you like with the girl and the tall mouse, but the fast Mexican mouse and the big-headed lab mouse are the ones I need! Bring them to me!!!

HUBIE: Justa minute, pal! Why do we gotta do this for yas? They're mice, and we're mice! Why we gotta hoit our own kind? It's unethical!

BERTIE: Yeahyeah, suresure!

FIGURE: Because if you DON'T, I'll make sure that Duck EXTERMINATES you...that is if he ever survives my ANGRY RAGE upon his return!

CLAUDE: Well, you can't ask for a better reason than THAT...but do I have to go in that speed suit? Suits CHAFE me so, and I don't like to RUN...

FIGURE: YES, YOU DO! And you'd better be more successful than that OTHER cat...

HUBIE: Cat, you're yella!

CLAUDE: Well, actually I'm "goldenrod"...

BERTIE: Heeheheheh! Goldenrod! That's a good on, eh Hubie?!


HUBIE: Yessir! Yessir! (G-bye now!)!

[The three speed off, two small streaks of black and pink, and a larger "goldenrod" streak close behind!]

[Cut to our four superspeed-powered heroes, who've finally reached the front yard of the hacienda...]

BRAIN: We must be careful; no doubt our foe has some sort of backup plan now that we've thwarted his dimwitted four thugs...

[Suddenly, three streaks arrive in front of the mice, circle them a few times, and come to a stop...we see it's Claude, Hubie, and Bertie, dressed in hypervelocity suits...]

PINKY: Naaarf....[Points at Claude] look, Brain! It really *is* Professor Zoom, the Reverse-Flash! With the yellow suit and everything!

BRAIN: [Face buried in hands] Enough with the forced obscure "Flash" references, Pinky...

CLAUDE: "Yellow"? Um actually, I'm *goldenrod* colored...uh, let's see here, now...uh...oh, yes! We're supposed to, like, stop you guys!

BERTIE: Yeah, yeah, stop you and stuff!

HUBIE: Though I really don't wanna do it, hurtin' our own species and all!

BILLIE: You don't? Then why are you doing this, then?

CLAUDE: Because the boss'll *kill* us if we *don't*!

BRAIN: Given what little we've been able to glean about your boss, who's to say he *won't* eliminate the three of you *anyway* once his objective's met?

CLAUDE: Gee, I never really thought of it *that* way...

SPEEDY: Does your boss treat you with respect or does he treat you like he treated that dumb gato and two mob thug fellows?

HUBIE: Um, like dose guys, I guess....

BERTIE: Yeah...and I don't like the way he called me, uh...

HUBIE: Stupid?

BERTIE: Yeah....

PINKY: You don't look so dumb to me! TROZ!

BRAIN: [Muttering] There's the pot not calling the kettle black...

CLAUDE: So why *are* we working for him, anyway? Must be my lack of self-confidence again!

BILLIE: Perhaps! Now, if you were to, say...*help* us bring him and his operation *down*, I'm sure your confidence levels would be boosted!

BRAIN: *And* you'd have our appreciation...and perhaps you could turn this hacienda into a *real* hotel/restaurant, instead of merely cooking for a bunch of thugs!

CLAUDE: Hmmm...well, perhaps you're right... [To Hubie and Bertie] What do you guys say?

HUBIE: Yeah! I'm through takin' that guy's gruff! Especially when we don't even know *who* he is!

BRAIN: You don't know who he is?

BERTIE: Uh-uh! He keeps wearin' a mask all da time! Riot!

BRAIN: I see...so, will the three of you help us, then?

[Claude, H&B murmur in agreement]

BILLIE: Great! Then, let's go shut down his operation!

BERTIE: OK! Follow us! We know where his secret lab is! And I've got da keys!

HUBIE: Hey, how'd *you* get da keys?

BERTIE: [Shrugs] He told me he liked my tuna salad enough ta let me have a few "executive"-type perks! Plus, it was "two keys fer one" day down at the duplication key center at da hardware store!

[The six mice and cat all streak off into the building, and to the lab door; Bertie inserts the key into the lock, opening the door...the mice streak inside, down a stairwell, and stop. They look awed by the lab's interior...a running wheel connected to a series of battery reserves can be seen; wires and electrodes run everywhere...]

PINKY: Naaarf....

SPEEDY: This must be where that nasty villain was going to make me do his bidding! We must stop him!

BRAIN: Indeed...

SPEEDY: I've got it! [To Claude, Hubie, and Bertie] You three begin dismantling this equipment, while the rest of us go take on this master villain!

HUBIE: Right!

BERTIE: Yeah,yeah, dismantle!

CLAUDE: Gee, I guess so... [The three begin zooming over to a toolbox, and begin dismantling the equipment at super-speed...our four main heroes zoom back to the main floor of the building...]

BRAIN: I wonder where...

[Brain's line is cut off as a yellow-colored figure streaks around them a few times, and comes to a stop...the figure is wearing a mask obscuring his entire head, and is dressed in a hypervelocity suit similar to the others'...]

FIGURE: You four thought you could thwart my plans?! I highly *doubt* it! I *will* succeed! [Begins laughing]

[The mice gulp, as the Final Confrontation™ begins...]

VILLAIN: So, you rodents!!! You have dodged everything I've thrown at you, and you *STILL* want more?! I think I can arrange it!

BRAIN: Alright! You've had us chased, kidnapped, chased some more, and chased again! We've been running around for hours outwitting your lackeys while you sit here in this spooky old hacienda in a *Mask!* Now, what is it you want of me?! You certainly do not need my hypervelocity suits, because it seems you have invented them yourself. And Billie even has HER own model!

VILLAIN: I desire not your suits but your knowledge...I have heard from that dumb duck that you had plans for a clean, efficient power source! I first acquired your plans, and figured my suits would do the job of generating speed. But they have a limited supply! No, my friend, I needed SPEEDY GONZALES...as stated in your plan!!!!

SPEEDY: Señor, you are a very foolish person! If you needed my assistance, all you had to do was ask! Brain called upon my services graciously, and I obliged to help my people. Our air is so poor here!

VILLAIN: Yessss....and though Brain wished to be a philanthropist about it, I wouldn't have gone through all that nonsense. All I desire is the money! Not benevolent global ruling!!!

SPEEDY: Okay, Señor! You will get a taste of your own rotten chili! CHARGE, AMIGOS!

VILLAIN: Fools! [He reveals a "Men In Black"-esque laser pistol, and aims it at Billie…] One move, Gonzales, and the pretty señorita gets it!

[The masked villain fires a sample shot at the floor in front of her. It disintegrates the floor, á la Marvin Martian's Destructo Ray. Billie shrieks.]

PINKY: [Enraged] Hey, you leave Billie alone!

BILLIE: [Pointlessly pondering to herself] Hmm... I suppose I could just run circles around that villain and defeat 'im myself... or I could do the old 'oh poor helpless me' thing and let someone save me anyway... [Billie glances over at Pinky and smiles] Oh poor helpless me, what *will* I do...

[Brain rolls his eyes...]

PINKY: Don't worry Billie! I'll... I'll...

BILLIE: C'mon Pinky! This is no time to stop and think!

PINKY: I know! If I could just manage to...

[Pinky taps a few buttons on the suit, and begins charging towards the villain...he looks *quite* mad...however, his appearance looks as if he's shimmying ever so slightly, similar to a tuning fork...]

BRAIN: Pinky! No! He's going to--

[The villain fires his disintegrating pistol at Pinky; however, it goes right through him, as if Pinky were a ghost...]

[The others stare and gasp at this...all except Billie]

BILLIE: Yes! The molecular frequency controls I built into Pinky's suit *works*!...good thing Pinky mentioned to me how the Flash can use his superspeed to alter his molecules' quantum vibrational rate, thus putting him out of phase with normal matter, and allow him to move through any solid objects! [Thinking] And I could've used that function *myself* since it's in *my* suit as well, but why not let Pinky rescue me just this once? [Grins]

BRAIN: [Dryly] Thank you for even more pointless exposition, as well as yet another gratuitous "Flash" promotion… [His dry look vanishes as he glances at villain] ...Not that I *don't* appreciate said comics' help in this matter!

[Pinky rushes towards the startled villain, and begins laying multiple superspeed haymakers on his form...the villain screams, but begins staggering back. Pressing a few buttons on *his* suit, the villain disappears from sight...]

PINKY: [Startled] What--where'd he *go*?!

FIGURE: [Laughing] Hahaha! You fools! I've built invisibility controls into *my* hypervelocity suit! Now, you'll *never* find me!

BRAIN: Hmmm...now what do we do?

BILLIE: Ah!!! He's got me! [Billie is dragged away by an invisible force.]

PINKY: Hold on, Billie! I'll save you! [Rushes in super-super-super-speed-so fast we can't even see him-and wisks Billie away, holding her gallantly in his arms, and setting her down safely out of the way of danger.]

BILLIE: [Admiringly] Ooo, Eggy was right! Those comics *ARE* a good influence on Pinky! [Lovingly] My hero…

[Pinky begins dashing about the room at an alarming rate, and within seconds collides with the invisible foe, laying multiple punches on him and damaging his suit, bringing him back into plain view. He runs circles around him several times, getting him really dizzy. He lands several more punches on the dazed villain, then comes at him with a flying kick.]

PINKY: I must succeed! [He hits the villain. His fist goes right through him!] [Coming back to his senses, and his regular self.] Um…woops…guess I don't know my own strength…better cut to a commercial, this could be ugly…POIT!

BRAIN: No, Pinky, look, it's a robot!

BILLIE: Oh, geez…I was hoping we'd avoid these type of clichés for at least one story…

BRAIN: Wait, there's more than that! Look! [Pulls the mask off the robot; it's Snowball! He glances at the back of its head, which says "Manufactured by D*sney. Made in Taiwan."] So that's how that hamster managed to show up for that "Warner Academy" story! It wasn't him at all, but a robot built by D*sney! I knew that whole story about him "stumbling through the gene splicer" seemed all to convenient...

BILLIE: And you complain to *ME* about gratuitous expo...look who's being used by the writers as a tool to correct their previous stupidity *NOW*!

BRAIN: [Slightly embarrassed] Er... At any rate: who *IS* behind this thing, then?

[From off-screen, we hear manaical laughter]

VOICE: Mu-ha-ha-haaaa!! I've only *begun* to fight! Admittedly, I'd thought Snowball was the real thing as well; but his presence is by no means imperative to my plan! Now, my friends, prepare to suffer the wrath of-- [The figure steps out to reveal himself as...some grumpy old dog in a hypervelocity suit.]

VILLAIN: So, you finally know what I look like! Now, prepare to be defeated in this Final Confrontation™! HAHAHAHA!

BRAIN: Wait a minute...we *still* have no idea who you are! Just who *are* you?!

VILLAIN: [Stops laughing, sounds serious] Indeed, as much as I've expected...it seems that *everyone*'s forgotten the existence of...*DUDLEY PUPPY*! [Dum-dum-duuummmmm....]

PINKY: "Dudley Puppy"?! *NARF*....wait a minute...I think *I* know who you are! You used to star in those lame 1930's "Merrie Melodies" cartoons...y'know, the ones where nothing happened except a lot of singing and dancing and pointless chase scenes involving chickens and worms? *NARF*!

DUDLEY: Indeed, you're right! I used to be a minor character in the old "Merrie Melodies" cartoons in the 1930's... [Dudley pulls out a remote, and aims it at a wall; the wall parts, and a viewscreen appears.] I used to star in such "illustrious" cartoons as "Dudley's Holiday Hijinks", "Chicken Chases the Worm", and my most famous picture, "Chicken Chases the Worm II: Revenge of the Worm"! [The viewscreen displays the title cards of all these pictures.] My main schtick in these pictures involved getting squirted with water at a contrived, opportune time and endlessly chasing a baby chick around a barnyard!

[Dudley presses play on his remote...we see a clip of one of his cartoons begin to play...we see a cute-looking, 30's-era puppy chasing a cute-looking baby chick around a barnyard; the chick itself is chasing a worm. The background music sounds 30's-esque; we see the group run along a dirt road for awhile, before the worm suddenly flips around, and goes under the chick and the puppy's legs to go in the opposite direction...the chick and the pup flip themselves around, to reverse the chase direction...this inane chase gag happens again and again for the next five minutes. We pan over to see that the mice have dozed off from boredom. Dudley, looking annoyed, presses "stop". The mice, groggy, wake up...]

DUDLEY: *AHEM*...as you can see, I had a great career, but the head honchos at Warner Bros. disagreed...I was rooted out in favor of diverting resources to producing cartoons for that rabbit, Bugs Bunny, as well as that Slappy Squirrel! I spent the next 50 years supporting myself the best I could, but working as a watchdog in a brick factory isn't the most exciting occupation in the world...finally, I decided it was time to make my film comeback, and so, realizing that I'd need money to make this happen, decided to move here to Mexico, for the lower living expenses! While plotting my plans for my big comeback, I stumbled across scrawled-out blueprints for some type of electrical generating device in the trashcans behind Acme Laboratorio!

BRAIN: [Slaps his forehead.] Pinky, I told you to run those through the shredder before disposing of them!

PINKY: [Gasps.] Um...sorry, Brain, guess I must've shredded the wrong documents by mistake...

BRAIN: What documents were *these*?

PINKY: Um...that "Zero Hour" crossover issue of "The Flash" I was planning on tearing up to use to make spitballs with? *POIT*!

BRAIN: [Sighs.]

DUDLEY: *Anyway*, being a bit of an electrician myself, I realized these must be the rough draft for some type of electricity-generating device the lab was making! Deciding to gather more information, I spied on your lab for awhile, and discovered all about your ambitions, Brain! Realizing that this power-generation scheme was so financially lucrative, I decided to set up shop as your typical Shadow-Ensconsed-Villain™, hired those bunch of losers that you so mercilessly thrashed throughout this adventure, and...voila! But anyway, you're all too late to stop my scheme! Once I stomp you three American lab mice into the ground and defeat Speedy, I'll use him to generate enough power to sell and fund my dream project, "Dudley Chases the Worm-Chasing Chick: The Movie"! With commercial toy tie-ins and an advertising budget that'll dwarf that "P*k*mon" thing! And you'll never stop me! HAHAHAHAHA!

BRAIN: That's where you're wrong, my Shatner-esque acting friend, for your hired chefs have dismantled your device as we speak!


[Suddenly, the three chefs zoom in...]

HUBIE: All done! Completely dismantled! [Throws away a bolt he's carrying] Now we-- [Sees their boss, looking quite irate.] Uh, oh...

DUDLEY: You *FOOLS*! What've you *DONE*?!

CLAUDE: Uh...play hero? [Gulps.]

DUDLEY: Well, it doesn't matter...since you've betrayed me, I'll have to eliminate *you* along with the rest of these "speedsters," except for Speedy! Prepare to be defeated!

BILLIE: Are you kiddin'? With these powers, *you're* the one who should be scared...

BRAIN: *Indeed*...as am *I*, in part...these powers of the Flash's are almost ludicrous in strength...almost...frighteningly demigod like!

BILLIE: Yeah! Between being able to vibrate to other dimensions, vibrate through solid matter, travel through time, vibrate to invisibility, and move at near-light speeds, no fight with this Flash guy should last longer than 3 picoseconds! Kind of makes one wonder why a fight *would* last longer than that...

PINKY: Um...the bad guys get to hit first? *POIT*! *Wa-hahahaha*! And don't forget that "two places at once" battle tactic of his!

BRAIN: [Annoyed] *Indeed*...but there's no time to analyze the overpoweredness of DC Comics' heroes now...we must defeat this grade-B cartoon actor at once!

DUDLEY: *GRADE B*?! I'll show *you* who's "Grade B", rodent...prepare to do battle!

BRAIN: With pleasure! [To the three cooks.] Are you with us?

CLAUDE: Well...uh...I guess so...if the boss is gonna pulverize us no matter what we *did*, anyway...


DUDLEY: So, you rodents think you can stop me?! Well, NEVER! Hahahahaha!

HUBIE: Yah, you think you're so smart. Heck, that's what ALL the mysterious villains say. I seen your line on da movie channel.

DUDLEY: We shall have no talk of cinema! Filthy medium! Not only did it lose me a job as soon as it gave me one, and distracted my henchman, it hasn't made a GOOD film in 60 years! But enough of that! Prepare to be destroyed, fools! [Dudley pushes a button on his suit, which activates trapdoors beneath Speedy and the Brain, who both fall through the floor.]

BILLIE: Hey, you can't do that to Eggy and Speedy!

BERTIE: Yeah yeah! Suresure!

DUDLEY: Don't worry. THEY stand a better chance of SURVIVING than YOU do! [Dudley aims a large MIB-esque gun straight at the cat and the 4 mice.]

PINKY: Don't worry, guys! Watch this... [Pinky begins running wild circles around the group, at almost light-speed. He disappears.]

BILLIE: Where'd he go?

HUBIE: He's gone!

DUDLEY: I would be more concerned about myself right now, if I were you. [Fires the gun, engulfing the entire area where the heroes are standing in flames.]

DUDLEY: Hahahahaha! I have destroyed you all!!!

BILLIE: Oh, is that so?

[Dudley sees a huge fire-ball headed straight for him. Quickly, he dodges the fire.]

DUDLEY: I don't know how you did that...but this time you can't stop me!

PINKY: I don't think so, mister doggie!

DUDLEY: Wha-where-who-?

PINKY: I'm the invisible mouse! You can't see me! Narf!

DUDLEY: I've no time for this... [The chunk of floor where Dudley is standing gives way, sending him falling through the floor.]

PINKY: [Appearing in front of the cat and 3 mice.] See, Flash comics ARE educational!

BILLIE: Amazing! How'd you do it?!

PINKY: Why it's very simple really. By moving at an alarming rate (lightspeed plus 1000 miles per hour extra) I was able to alter my atomic structure so that I disappeared, but was really rotating around you guys, creating an atomic forcefield. The gun's fire ricocheted, saving you. Then, I continued to move at the same speed, only with a bit more friction on the feet, around the dog. I was able to cut the floor.

BILLIE: Nice thinking, Pinky! Let's all do it.

CLAUDE: Okay...but let's hope I don't get motion-sickness... [All run and disappear.]

[Cut to Brain and Speedy, who're sitting in the hacienda's basement.]

BRAIN: Ugh...what happened?

SPEEDY: Not sure, señor...but *look*!

[Speedy points, and we see Dudley come crashing down...he lands on the floor hard, and looks slightly dazed.]

BRAIN: YES! Pinky, Billie and the others have finished that mutt off!

DUDLEY: [Getting up] That's what *you* think! [Presses a few buttons on his suit, and begins to shimmer like Pinky did earlier] Try and hit me!

[Speedy rushes over, and tries to land a fist on him; however, his hand goes through Dudley.]

DUDLEY: Ha! By vibrating my molecular structure, there's no way you can lay a hand on me! But I can simply stop vibrating my hand enough to do *THIS*! [Does so to one of his hands, and pulls forth another MiB-esque gun.] Prepare to die!

[Speedy and Brain gulp...however, something suddenly knocks the gun out of Dudley's hand. ]

DUDLEY: What th---*YOU*! [From his point of view, we see that he's shimmering at the same rate as Claude, Hubie, Bertie, Billie, and Pinky, and thus is able to see the heroes. The vibrating heroes gulp]

BILLIE: [To Pinky] Guess we can stop this trick now, Pinky...Dudley's on to us!

PINKY: Guess so...but don't worry! I know all sorts of other neato speed tricks from reading those "Flash" comics! *NARF*! [The group stop vibrating, and return to visibility/normal once again.]

BRAIN: Pinky! You're all right!

PINKY: Yes sir, Mr. Flash-in-the-Pan! TROZ!

DUDLEY: [Stops vibrating.] I wouldn't be so sure about that "all right" bit...I still have a few speed tricks of my *own*! HAHAHAHAHA! [Dudley all of a sudden multiplies, creating two of himself.]

PINKY: I've seen that one before! [5 more Pinkys appear.]

DUDLEY: What about THIS?! [Dudley becomes one again and begins to shuffle around the room, resembling a slinky toy.]

PINKY: Seen it! How about this?! [Pinky reveals a spitwad shooter, and disappears. He reappears in Dudley's face and shoots a large, wet wad resembling a page of a comic book.]

DUDLEY: ARGHGHGHGGHHHH!!!! You fool! [Pushes a button on his suit, a large metal wall crashes down on all sides of the area where out heroes are standing.]

BRAIN: You think THAT can seal us in?!

DUDLEY: Yes I do! That is a special anti-nuclear metal, designed so that no atomic structure, not even the altered form of a mouse, can pass through it!

BILLIE: [Whispers to Pinky.] If you have a plan, it's time to use it...now!

PINKY: Right! Everyone form a line! Set your suits to maximum speed, and do the "circly" trick like I did before!


[Pinky, Brain, Billie, Speedy, Hubie, Bertie, and Claude all do as told, and begin to orbit the dog and disappear. Suddenly, an iradescent red light forms, shimmering around Dudley.]

DUDLEY: Wh-what's happening? I've never seen this trick... [Huge beams of static electricity fire at Dudley, shocking him.]

DUDLEY: AGHHHHHHHHH!!! YAGHHHHH!!!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!?! [Begins to fade away.] I'LL GET YOU SOMEDAY! YOU MEDDLING RODENTS AND YOUR CAT! [Shimmers, then disappears, permanently, as does the wall. Everyone stops.]

BRAIN: Amazing Pinky! What happened?!

PINKY: Oh, it's simple. Our centrifical force, at our speed and friction, formed huge waves of static electricity, and extreme pressure inside the circle. That combination of forces basically imploded him. Either that or he was sent to another dimension. TROZ!

BILLIE: Amazing! Incredible! And you got all that out of those "Flash" comics?

PINKY: Well, actually, I picked that one up off an old Bill Nye episode...

BILLIE: Whatever it was, we pulled it off. Nice work, guys! I sure am glad that's over...

SPEEDY: I weesh to thank all of you for what you have done. Without you, my people would have been enslaved, or worse, by that muy loco perro! We have saved Mexico! Viva the fastest mice alive! Oh, and I cannot forget you, Señor Claude! You are the only cat I ever met that did not weesh to eat me!

CLAUDE: Oh,gosh... [Blushes.]

HUBIE: Hey, guys! Let's go upstairs and clean up dis joint! I betcha we could use it for somethin!

BERTIE: Yeahyeah, suresure! Riot!

CLAUDE: I'm with you!

SPEEDY: Okay. You guys have helped me. Allow me to clean thees place up myself! And I can do it muy rapido que that "Meester Clean" fellow on thee daytime commercials.

[Speedy streaks around the hacienda, fixing the once-dead lights, sweeping, dusting, repairing woodwork. This continues for five minutes, until the place looks like a genuine hotel.]

CLAUDE: Ooooohhh...It's so...clean! Now I won't have to worry about those nasty GERMS!

PINKY: Narrrrrrrfffffff...

BRAIN: Simply impossible! Not even the hypervelocity suit could move that fast and help one clean at the same time! Incredible!

BILLIE: He sure has a knack for it, doesn't he?

BERTIE: Suresure!

HUBIE: Ahh, don't it look nice, whisker face?!

CLAUDE: I should say so!

SPEEDY: Claude, Hubie, Bertie,: Take thees hacienda and make it your own restaurant. Use the rooms for rental or hotel, and make yourselves famous. I know you weel, I tasted your chili! [To Brain.] I am very sorry your plan for benevolent conquest deed not work out, Señor Brain, but I theenk eet was for the best. Good luck in future plans. [To Pinky.] Pinky, your knowledge of Flash comic tricks is incredible. I shall try what I have learned from you often, as eet weel really fool those loco gatos! [To Billie.] Billie, mi bonita. Eet has been a pleasure to meet you. Sadly, I must depart from you, as I must with you all. I have work to do elsewhere, no doubt my cousin Slowpoke has fallen into trouble again! Pinky, take good care of Señorita Billie for me! [Speedy kisses Billie on the hand, and runs off into the sunset, yelling "Arriba! Andale! Yeeha!" all the way.]

[Fade to some unidentifiable city somewhere...it looks *quite* futuristic; we see various hovercars, pneumatic transport tubes, and robots putter about. In what looks like a park, we see a large burst of light emit, followed by the emergence of a dazed-and-confused Dudley. His hypervelocity suit is torn to shreds...]

DUDLEY: Huh? What th--?! Where am *I*?!? Oooh, those rodents are going to pay for sending me...wherever it is that I am!

[Dudley looks up, only to see a giant TV screen that apparently is acting as a news billboard of some type. We see the billboard read: "Mexico Cityplex Times, Solar System Edition, June 25, 2465". An ad on the page reads: "Summer celebration at Gonzales Park cancelled due to current SyntheCheese shortage."]

DUDLEY: [Stunned] I--I don't *believe* this! That comic-reading dunderhead Pinky and his cohorts have hurled me almost 500 *years* into the future! And for the time being, I seem to be stranded here. Stranded...stranded. [Suddenly, a futuristic-looking chicken (bearing a strange resemblance to a certain cybernetic version of Boo) walks by, pecking after a mutated worm (who looks rather like Earthworm Jim out of his suit). Dudley hesistates for a moment, then begins chasing the "chicken," as he had in his old cartoons.] What can I say...old habits die hard.

[Fade from this scene, and return to the present, where we see the mice still hanging around the hacienda.]

PINKY: So, Brain, what'd you think of our little adventure? These hyperwhatsits suits were *great*! They did just about everything the Flash could do! *NARF*!

BRAIN: *Indeed*, Pinky...though I still insist that the Flash's powers border on the ludicrous...this power level of his is utterly frightening! Between vibrating to other dimensions and turning oneself invisible, his powers seem to be contrivedly capable of doing everything short of making coffee!

PINKY: Um, actually, Brain...[We see Pinky holding a mouse-sized pot of coffee, and using his suit's powers to somehow make the coffee percolate. Brain looks livid.]

BRAIN: *THAT'S IT*!! No more superspeed adventures! [Removes his suit, and kicks it to one side]

BILLIE: Um, but we *are* returning to Acme Labs at superspeed, right? There's still enough charge in the suits to do so!

BRAIN: [Looking somewhat annoyed, grabs his suit and puts it back on.] Oh, very *well*...but these suits are going back into storage once we're home. I think I've had enough of acting like the Flash for one day. [Pauses] Though they *may* serve some future use, I doubt we'll be needing it for tomorrow night!

PINKY: Why, Brain? What are we gonna do tomorrow night? [Gasps] Fight colorful and flamboyantly dressed supervillains?

BRAIN: *Nooooo*...the same thing we do *every* night: TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

PINKY: Oh, right. That's almost as neat, too, I suppose. *NARF*!

[The three mice give their goodbyes to Claude, Hubie, and Bertie, and race off from the hacienda towards home...we see the three restaurant owners wave goodbye. The closing threads of the "Pinky and the Brain" theme song play, followed by the sound of Speedy shouting his trademark, "Arrrrriba!"]

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