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(Back at Edd's house, the boys and their guest wait, as Edd examines the spear through a microscope).

Eddy: How long is this gonna take Double-D? I have things to do and people's money to take.

Edd: Please Eddy, extensive testing like this may reveal some clue that will help us discover the identity of SpongeBob's kidnapper.

Eddy: Whatever, personally I think it's a waste of time. We don't owe sponge boy anything, and his pal over there (gestures to Patrick) is as dumb as Ed.

(Meanwhile, Ed is giving Patrick a tour of Edd's room)

Ed: And that is Double-D's ant farm, it's where he keeps his ants. That is his window, that is Jim, he's a cactus, that's like a flower with thorns.

Patrick: Wow! There's all kinds of neat stuff in here, not even SpongeBob has stuff this cool. (He picks up a test tube) neat, what's in here?

Edd: Please don't touch anything! (he grabs the tube) I'm sorry Patrick but I'm quite protective of my personal space. Could you please just not touch anything?

Patrick: Okay (looks aside) "sack?" silly that's a bed, even I know that.

Eddy: (Slaps his forehead) The moron twins are getting on my nerves, how much longer Double-D?

Edd: (Looking up from his microscope) Bad news Eddy, it appears my equipiment is not sophisticated enough to find any evidence.

Eddy: What? You mean we came all this way for nothing?

Edd: I am sorry Eddy, however, I believe that Dexter has equipiment that could easily assist us in our endeavour.

Eddy: Great now we have to travel all that way just to investigate a stupid spear from a guy that captured our chief competition. Well forget it, I ain't going!

Edd: Please Eddy, Patrick has gone out of his way to leave his home in pursuit of his friend. He has asked our help and we should offer it.

Ed: Please Eddy, I love Dexter's lab!

Eddy: (sighs) Alright, let's find the little snot so we can get this over with.

Edd: Very well, back to Cartoon Network. Ed please bring Patrick (pause) Ed? (he turns, to see Patrick with thorns stuck in his flipper, while Ed tries to pull them out).

Patrick: Oww! Jim hurts.

Edd: Aaaaah! Jim,(to Patrick) what did you do to him?

Patrick: I just wanted to smell the weird flower.

Eddy: (Slaps forehead) Why me? I only wanted some money for jawbreakers, what did I do to deserve this?

(Cut to the Cartoon Network studios about a half-hour later. The Ed's are walking down the hallways followed by Patrick, who is in his special suit. They wave to various characters as they pass, with Patrick recieveing only a few strange looks. Soon they run into Johnny Bravo)

Edd: Good afternoon Johnny, have you seen Dexter?

Johnny: Oh hiya Edd, yeah I saw the little dude, he was just behind me.

Edd: Thank you (as they walk past him, Patrick waves).

Johnny: Huh? Hmm that guy looks familiar.

(The Ed's continue onward until they encounter Dexter. But the boy genius has a depressed look on his face).

Edd: Dexter ,there you are, good afternoon my friend. (No response) Dexter is something wrong?

Dexter: Something is definitely wrong, take a look at this (he hands Edd a flier).

Edd: (Reading it) Oh my, this is bad.

Ed: Is it a note from my gym teacher?

Edd: No apparently Dexter's sworn foe Mandark will soon get his own show on Cartoon Network.

Eddy: That hack? Lemme see that, (he grabs it). This is crazy, where'd you hear this?

Dexter: I just got it from Les's office.

Edd: Well we'll head right over and fix this, c'mon. (The gang continues down the halls until they reach a door. On it is written "Les Wolfe: Director of Programming".)

Ed: (knocking) Knock knock we are delivering a pizza, with pepperoni and gravy.

Les: Come in (the door opens and Les is seen. He is a middle aged man with a fancy suit and weasely eyes. He looks at the assorted characters) Ah the Ed's and the infamous boy genius Dexter, do what do I owe the pleasure?

Dexter: Cut the fake sympathy Les, what's up with this? (he hands him the flier)

Les: (Skimming it) I don't think this requires any explanation, your rival Mandark is going to have a pilot air on the network.

Dexter: But Mandark is evil, he's always plotting to destroy my lab.... didn't you see Ego Trip?

Les: I understand your concern, but the network higher-up's have been looking for fresh ideas. So I told them about Mandark's idea for a pilot, and they gave it the go-ahead. I've also got some other fresh pilots prepared as well.

Eddy: You little weasel! Only you would allow that loser Mandark to have a chance at getting his own show.

Les: Strong words little man, but you'll find I have the support of the higher-up's on this one. Now if you're done, I suggest you leave, I have descisions that effect the future of the company to make.

Ed: I am bored (spies a paper on Les's desk) Ooh a treasure map! (he grabs it while no one is looking).

Eddy: Let's go, we've got more important things to do (they exit).

Edd: I'm sorry this is happening Dexter, but I'm afraid I have a more pressing concern at the moment.

Dexter: What is it?

Edd: You can keep it a secret I take it?

Dexter: I still have my lab.

Edd: Good point, anyway I 'd like you to meet Patrick Star. (He waves Patrick over) Patrick meet Dexter, Dexter, Patrick.

Patrick: Hi, wow you're almost a short as Plankton. Wait till I tell SpongeBob about you.

Dexter: (Taking Edd aside) What is SpongeBob's best friend doing here?

Edd: His friend has been abducted and we agreed to help locate him. He gave us this spear (hands it to him) that was left behind, I thought you could inspect it and perhaps find some clues to the villains identities.

Dexter: Don't worry I'll help you guys, but Dee Dee can't find out about this.

Edd: Deal.

Ed: Oh boy, Dexter's lab! I love it there Eddy.

Eddy: You said that already! Anyway just don't turn on the particle scrambler on me again all right?

(Ed ignores him and runs to join the others)

Eddy: (sigh) Why do I even try?

(They walk down the hall when suddenly Dexter bumps into someone. The others who were following him, all fall down like dominoes).

Dexter: Oww! Hey watch where you're going.

Man: Hey sorry about that little kid, hey what's up with your head? It's bigger than most of your body.

(Dexter looks up to see that the man is none other than comedian Norm MacDonald.)

Edd: Say you look familiar, have I seen you somewhere before?

Norm: Hey kid how come you're wearing that hat? Do you have some kind of head lice?

Edd: (groaning) Now I remember, you're Norm MacDonald star of a few movies and former SNL cast member. Only you would be this annoying (Norm frowns).

Eddy: So what's a celebrity like you doing here?

Norm: Well I'm here to do a guest appearance on "Dexter's Lab" I'm supposed to play a mad scientist or something, I don't know, I didn't look at the script.

Edd: (muttering) Figures.

Norm: What did you say?

Dexter: Never mind, anyway Mr. MacDonald while I look forward to working with you, I'm afraid I can't now. I have agreed to help me friends here with something.

Norm: Hey well can I come with you guys? Cause I hear you've got this cool lab and everything...

Dexter: No I don't think so, I can only allow so many people in and...

Ed: Let him in Dexter, he is funny! Marion Barry smokes crack! (laughs)

Norm: Hey I see I've got a fan of my old stuff here.

Edd: You mean your, run every joke into the ground repeatedly, material?

Norm: Shut up ya little...

Dexter: Enough! Very well Mr. MacDonald you can come along, but don't touch anything and don't tell anyone where it us.

Norm: Hey no problem (as Bob Dole) Bob Dole is a man of his word, your lab will be safe with me.

Eddy: Brilliant impression Mr. MacDonald.

Edd: Eddy I doubt he can get you into Hollywood.

Eddy: Shut up, this could be my big break.

(Edd sighs, as the group moves onward)

(Cut to Dexter's lab, Dexter is wearing goggles, while the spear lies on a table)

Dexter: Now all I have to do is use my molecular scanner to see if there is any type of physical evidence on this spear.

Edd: Do it please.

Dexter: Right, and everyone, you'd better have goggles (he pushes a button on a remote, suddenly a huge circular shaped device closes over the spear)

Ed & Patrick: Cool!

Norm: Wow this place is so cool. It's like the Jetsons, remember that show? They had that machine that would always shoot food on poor George...

Dexter: Please be quiet, now here we go! (he hits the button again, a flash of blinding light is emitted from the machine causing the people to turn their heads. Then it subsides) Now let's check the data, (he wanders over to the machine where a large piece of paper emits from a slot) Hmm according to this, this spear is from a Wilson 45 speargun, one of the most high powered and expensive guns on the market today.

Edd: Is that good?

Dexter: It's certainly a start, now all I have to do is make a list of people who have both a Wilson 45 speargun and a submarine, (turns his head) computer.

Computer: Yes Dexter?

Dexter: Compile a list of owners of Wilson 45 spearguns and submarines.

Computer: Okay, processing data.

Norm: Hey uh Dexter, your computer sounds pretty hot. Any chance you got a robot or something you can download her into?

Dexter: No, now quit bothering me.

Norm: Okay I'll go play with the giant star guy.

Dexter: You do that.

Computer: Data retrieved, displaying now (her screen displays the information).

Dexter: Okay let's see what we've got here (he checks over the names) Hmm, no I don't think so, probably not, Bill Gates? He's definetly a possibility.

Edd: Found a suspect yet?

Dexter: No there's like 24 records here, I don't know which one to go with.

Eddy: (angrily) So once again it's a dead end?

Edd: It looks like it.

Eddy: Darn it, everywhere we go we come no closer to finding out who captured the sponge. I say we send starfish boy back into the water he came from , get some jawbreakers, and butter up Mr. MacDonald so I can get my own solo show.

Patrick: What?

Norm: Sounds like a plan, so what flavors do these jawbreakers come in?

Edd: Eddy, once again you put your own personal needs before other people. We must help Patrick, look at him, he's miserable. (Patrick is shown dancing around happily and pushing buttons).

Dexter: Don't touch those! (he runs over to stop him).

Edd: Hmm I don't understand it this list should be able to help us, maybe if I look. (He scans the names, stopping when he sees one very familiar name) How intriguing.

(Cut to Dexter who is strangling Patrick)

Dexter: What did I say about touch my machine? You better not have broken anything. (Turns to Edd) Hey what are ya shouting about over there?

Edd: I found an interesting clue.

Eddy: What is it now? A rock, perhaps a drop of water? (laughs).

Edd: Very funny Eddy, no it appears that one of the names on this list is Hector Con Carne.

Eddy: That brain with a bear for a body?

Edd: Exactly.

Dexter: Hmm you don't suppose...

Edd: It certianly does seem suspicious, but there appears to be no motive.

Dexter: (sighs) That's quite true sadly, to bad this could be our only lead.

Edd: The evidence is overwhelming, I wish I had something to record it on.

(Suddenly Ed's head pops up and he runs over)

Ed: Oooh I can help Double-D, here you go (he hands him a piece of paper)

Edd: Thank you Ed, (he pulls a pencil out of his pocket, but just as he's about to write he stops) Ooh my!

Dexter: What? What did you find?

Edd: It's the upcoming Cartoon Cartoon Fridays schedule but none of our shows are on it.

Eddy: What're you talking about Double-D?

Edd: Come see for yourself (the others walk over and peer at the schedule).

Eddy: What is this? Grim & Evil is on twice.

Edd: And look at this show Mr. Mojo's Show.

Dexter: And there's Mandark's show, but what does it all mean?

Edd: Hmmm (to Ed) Ed where did you get this paper?

Ed: From the office of I.M. Weasel.

Edd: I believe he means Les's office.

Dexter: I think we have our link.

Norm: Wait I'm confused, what's happening?

Dexter: I think I've pieced it together, Hector has kidnapped SpongeBob and Zim in order to disable our chief competition to ensure that people watch this new block of shows.

Edd: It also appears that the other villains, and perhaps even Les himself, are involved in this.

Eddy: I knew he was a rat.

Dexter: C'mon we must inform the others, perhaps they can help us find out where Hector is.

Edd: You hear that Patrick? We may have discovered where your friend SpongeBob is.

Patrick: SpongeBob? Where is he? Is he here?

Dexter: No but we will try and find him, c'mon.

(They all exit the lab. Cut to Hector's base where the villains are sitting around their meeting table. Grim is sipping coffee).

Mandark: Excellent our first batch of pilots have been sent to Cartoon Network, it will only be a matter of time before they air and then goodbye Dexter! (laughs).

Mojo: I too look forward to seeing the faces of those foolish co-stars of ours when they see that my show has been picked up. You know in the first episode I rob a bank.

Mandark: Sounds interesting.

(Just then Ghastly and Skarr come over)

Ghastly: Well chief it took me a little longer than I planned but I finally got it done.

Skarr: Me too.

Hector: My shrink ray?

Ghastly: No I completed that weeks ago, I meant my pilot episode for the Major Doctor Ghastly Science Fun Extravaganza. Here take a look (she hands him the script).

Hector: Hmm, do you think kids are ready to learn about plutonium?

Ghastly: You're never to young to learn the ways of destructive weaponry. So can you send this to Cartoon Network?

Skarr: How to make plutonium bombs, eh? That's a good topic, I wish I was using that.

Ghastly: What is your show about?

Skarr: Army of Destruction is a program where every week I recruit soldiers and lay waste to a major city. Basically I'm trying to get in that young teenage slacker crowd, who love seeing things explode.

Hector: Ghastly shorten the title then come see me, Skarr change your whole approach, we have to be sensitive to violence now because of you know what.

Skarr: (sighs) I suppose I can do a show about the misadventures of the ruler of the world.

Hector: That's a wonderful idea, why that show practically writes itself. Why maybe I could give you some tips.

Skarr: (under his breath) Trust me I've got a character planned for you fool (he exits)

Ghastly: Aye aye chief (she rushes off).

Mandark: That reminds me, I should call Cartoon Network (he walks over to a phone, after a few minutes another phone is seen ringing. The camera reveals that the phone is on the desk of the previously seen Les Wolfe. He is eating pizza, but he grabs the phone).

Les: (mumbling) Hello?

Mandark: Les is that you?

Les: (quickly swallowing the pizza) Ooh hey Mandark my man, what can I do for you?

Mandark: I want to make sure that everything is prepared for Friday.

Les: No problem, I've got the schedule all written up (he reaches around on his desk) uh-oh.

Mandark: What? What do you mean uh-oh?

Les: Well you probably won't believe this but I lost the schedule.

Mandark: Lost it? How could you have lost it?

Les: I don't know, I had it on my desk a few hours ago. Then those stupid Ed's and Dexter came in here to protest your show...

Mandark: What? Dexter was in your office?

Les: Yeah so what?

Mandark: You fool don't you see, Dexter or the Ed's must have taken the schedule while they where in there.

Les: You know I think I heard Ed say something about a treasure map. I wasn't really paying...

Mandark: (angrily) Look you idiot, if those kids discover that schedule our plans are ruined and you're out of a job.

Les: (Nervously) What do I do?

Mandark: Relax, proceed as planned, I'll talk to my partners and see if we can retrieve the schedule before the Ed's can do anything with it.

Les: Yes sir.

Mandark: Good, (he hangs up)

Mojo: Sounds like something's wrong, what did that idiot do now?

Mandark: He lost the schedule with our new shows on it (the villains gasp, Grim spits out his coffee) Appearently the Ed's or Dexter have it in their possession.

Hector: That bumbler, I can't believe we trusted him with such an important assignment.

Mandark: Never mind that, the important thing now is to stop the Ed's. If they show that schedule to thier friends our plans will be ruined. We have to do something.

Hector: And so we shall.

Mandark: What are you going to do?

Hector: Desperate times call for desperate measures, I am going to hire...a hitman (sinister music plays) Who is playing that?

(Cut to a soldier with a violin next to the table)

Soldier: Sorry (he walks off).

Mojo: A hitman eh? Well how much would it cost us?

Hector: I don't think money is an object right now, you want that schedule right?

Grim Absolutely, our show was going to be on twice a day.

Hector: Then trust me on this (he grabs the phone book) Okay let's see apartments, artists, ahh here we go assassins. (He dials one of the numbers) Hello is this Deadshot?, (sound on other end) Yes I saw your ad in the phone book and am interested in hiring you. For what? Well I need a couple of guys killed, they have something very important and they could expose me. (Sounds on the other end) You will? Good I'll fax you the info you need as soon as I can goodbye. (Hangs up then laughs evily).

Mandark: Well, is he going to help us?

Hector: We should have nothing to worry about, once this guy gets through with the Ed's they won't be in any kind of shape to stop us.

Mojo: That's a relief, now to get back to business. I heard from the Red Guy, he says he wants all the Cow and Chicken spots and 2 Courage the Cowardly Dog spots and he'll pay us a million for them.

Hector: Tell him he'll get them for no less than 2 million.

Mandark: I love haggling, if we keep up like this I can afford that Ferrarri I always wanted.

(Cut away from the villains and their business deals to the house of Dexter. He and the others are in the kitchen enjoying lunch along with Johnny Bravo, Sheep, and the Time Squad.)

Edd: Thank you for the delicious Peanut Butter and jelly sandwiches ma'am.

(Cut to Dexter's Mom in the kitchen)

Mom: Your welcome, I'm just glad I had enough food for all of my little man's friends.

Johnny: Yeah whatever, now what were you saying Dexter?

Dexter: I said that I believe I have discovered a plot by several villains to eventually replace us with their own shows.

Larry: Do you have any proof?

Dexter: As a matter of fact I do, feast your eyes on this (he whips out the schedule and displays it on the table).

Larry: (reading) Mandark's Laboratory, Mr. Mojo's Show. It's like a block of evil programming, where did you get this?

Dexter: Ed obtained it from Les Wolfe's office.

(They all gasp)

Johnny: You mean that slimy little weed who wanted to postpone my show for a Kids WB premiere?

Dexter: The very same, and judging from the date on this schedule he plans on replacing us in about two days.

Tuddrussell: Well why are we sitting here like little nancy boys? I say we go over to that guys office and solve things the hard way (slams fist into palm).

Larry: Honestly Tuddrussell you always have to be so violent. I'm sure there's a peaceful way to resolve this.

Edd: I agree, let's think about this for a minute.

Norm: Okay and while you guys think, I'll go see if the fridge has any beer (he gets up).

(Pause for a while, then Dexter raises his hand).

Dexter: I have it, if we can find a way to contact the fans of our shows we can get them to stop Cartoon Network from airing these shows.

Otto: Good idea, but how do we reach that many people?

(While they think, Dexter's Mom enters)

Mom: Dexter honey there's someone at the door for you.

Dexter: Coming mom (to his friends) excuse me for a moment guys. (He gets up, walks into the den and opens the door. There is Deadshot, dressed in his brown coat and hat.) May I help you?

Deadshot: Yes, are you Dexter?

Dexter: Speaking, what can I do for you?

Deadshot: Die, that's what (he pulls out a large weapon from his coat and fires. Fortunately he misses Dexter and instead blows up part of the living room. Dexter screams in terror and runs away with the vile assassin in hot pursuit. Just then Johnny wanders into the room).

Johnny: Hey Dexter are you done yet I wanted to ask you where you keep the pickles... (sees Dexter running) Oh I see you're busy, I'll ask someone else then.

Dexter: Do something I'm being chased by an assassin!

Johnny: What? Don't worry I'll help (he quickly rushes off into the kitchen, then opens the fridge and grabs a jar of pickles) Mmm pickles.

Otto: Where's Dexter?

Johnny: He's playing with some friend of his, hey is there jelly in here?

(Otto gets up just as another explosion is heard from the living room).

Otto: Dexter hurry up we need to...(walks into the living room) Holy smokes! Someone's trying to kill Dexter!

(Just then Tuddrussell rushes into the room)

Tuddrussell: Somebody's trying to kill little genius boy? Not on my watch, yee-haw!! (he rushes forward fist upraised).

Deadshot: (looks at him) What the.. (before he can react, Tuddrussell slams his fist into him knocking his weapon out of his hand. He then sends a second punch, which sends him flying through the wall.) I didn't realize the kids had big friends, this changes everything. (He gets into a truck and drives off).

Tuddrussell: Yeah you'd better run ya coward! And if you come back I'll give you some more.

Dexter: Thank you Mr. Tuddrussell, now I must talk to the others.

(Back in the kitchen the others react to Dexter's news)

Edd: So someone has hired an assassin to kill us?

Dexter: I believe so, this proves we are on to something big here. I suggest we leave soon, he was scared away but I'm sure he'll be back.

Edd: But where shall we go?

Dexter: I think our best bet is to find where the villains are hiding. Then we can stop them from carrying out thier evil scheme.

Otto: Great idea.

Mom: Dexter!!

(All turn to see Dexter's Mom looking very pissed).

Mom: Look what you did to the living room young man. You're not leaving until you and your friends repair it.

Dexter: Yes mom.

(After about five minutes the gang is seen in a van. Norm is driving, Johnny is riding shotgun and the rest are in the back).

Edd: It was nice of you to let us use your new van Mr. Bravo.

Johnny: Yeah well Mama never let's me use it unless shes in it, so it's great to be in it alone for once.

Norm: This baby sure handles well, not like a limo though. This reminds me of one time, I was taking one to the SAG awards...

Dexter: Could we focus please? We have to find the villains before they strike again.

Edd: But where could they be? They could have the most sophisticated hideout on Earth for all we know.

(Cut to the villains base, Mojo is sitting at the table reading "Evil Weapons" when the phone rings.)

Mojo: Hello? (the screen turns to a half -screen with Mojo in one and Deadshot in the other.

Deadshot: It's me, I ran into a problem.

Mojo: Problem? What do you mean problem? You didn't eliminate them?

Deadshot: They had this big guy with them, he hit me through a wall.

Mojo: Big guy? (pauses) Curses! They must have already informed thier other friends, now we have to dispose of all of them.

Deadshot: All I know is that if I have to take out extra guys, I need help. And I want double my normal rate.

Mojo: (surprised) Double? (pause) Okay fine, but you'd better suceed. Now as for extra help, Hector has already dispatched a pair of guys to help in case you "messed up". I don't know who they are but appearently they came highly recommended.

Deadshot: Fine I'll wait for them, but I better recieve but we agreed on when the job's finished.

Mojo: Don't worry you'll get every cent, goodbye. (he puts down the phone) These hired killers are so expensive today, I hope the money we make from this plan is enough too afford them.

(Cut back to the toons)

Edd: You know despite the fact that we're the stars of this story, we get less screen time then the villains.

Eddy: And what's the deal with this van? Where did it come from? How come it was never seen before?

Ed: I smell a plot hole guys...and bacon!

(Cut to the back of the van where Tuddrussell is standing over a grill, he is wearing an apron that says "I love fire...power")

Tuddrussel: You're not kidding little man, I'm cooking up some bacon on this mini grill that's back here.

Dexter: Your van has a mini grill?

Johnny: Well sometimes I forget my lunch and...

Otto: Uhh Mr. Bravo sir, I...I have to go.

(Everyone groans)

Larry: Otto, why didn't you think of that before we left Dexter's house?

Otto: Dexter's mom wouldn't let me, can we stop please?

Johnny: Oh man, all right hey Norm pull in to the nearest rest stop.

Norm: No problem (he eyes the road signs one says "Next Rest stop 2 miles) Hey the next one is pretty close.

Dexter: (sarcasticaly and rolls his eyes) How conveiniant.

(We cut to the van parking in the rest stop parking lot. The instant the door is open, Otto rushes off like a rocket. Soon the other characters leave).

Larry: Okay I suggest anyone who has to go to the bathroom, should go now because I don't think we'll be stopping anytime soon.

Ed: Bathroom!

Patrick: Bathroom!

(They both run off)

Johnny: Okay I'm going to go to one of them gift shops and maybe pick up some new shades and a couple bags of snacks. Any o' you guys wanna come?

Eddy: I'll go I bet they have candy!

Edd: I'll go too, perhaps there's an intellectual publication I can pick up.

Eddy: You scare me Double-D.

(As they head off to the shop, the camera pans to a nearby menacing van. In the van is Deadshot along with his new hired help: the villainous mutants known as Kangor and Hotstreak.

Hotstreak: Hey how'd we get here so fast?

Deadshot: Beat's me, this stupid story has more holes than swiss cheese. Anyway here's the plan, I'll take out the ones that are still in the van, you two handle the others. And try not to attract attention to yourselves.

Kangor: We'll try mon, but I can't guarantee that we won't turn a few heads. (he and Hotstreak exit).

Deadshot: Now which weapon should I use (he glances in the back of the van at a cache of evil guns, ultimately he picks what appears to be a rocket launcher). Ah this will do nicely.

(Meanwhile at the gift shop the gang is looking over the various items with varied reactions).

Eddy: Two bucks and all I got was one candy bar what a gyp.(turns to Edd) come on Double D I got my candy let's get out of this place.

Edd: In a minute Eddy, I'm quite interested in this "U.S News and World Report".

Eddy: This ain't a library Double-D, either buy the magazine or leave. (Edd ignores him) Okay fine I'm leaving, (he storms out just as the two metahumans enter the store).

Hotstreak: Okay which guys do we want?

Kangor: Hold on mon, (he scans around the store until he eyes Johnny) That big one with the weird hair, he's one of 'em.

Hotstreak: Let's get him (they walk forward, just then Eddy spies them).

Eddy: Look at those freaks, that one guy has strange hair, the other has huge feet. They look like a bunch of punks, maybe they're here to cause no good. I'd better warn Johnny...or get a good seat! (he runs over to Johnny) Johnny, Johnny, check out those crazy guys (points at the Bang Babies).

Johnny: Huh? (looks over) uh-oh those two look like trouble and they're headed this way. I wonder what they want. (Just then the two villains stop in front of him) Uh no offense guys but you're making me real uncomfortable so I'll just go.

Hotstreak: Is your name Bravo?

Johnny: Why yes I'm Johnny Bravo, what can I doooo!! (Kangor kicks him across the room, he crashes into the check out counter. Immediately the people scream and run out of the store. Naturally Eddy tries to escape).

Eddy: Double-D hurry someone's trying to kill us!!

Edd: Oh my, retreat!

(The two boys head for the exit, but Hotstreak cuts them off)

Hotstreak: You two think you're going to escape? Guess again! (he shoots a pair of fireballs at them, but they avoid them) No problem there's plenty more to go around (he laughs manically as he shoots fireballs randomly. Meanwhile in another part of the store, Johnny has recovered and is facing Kangor).

Johnny: Okay man that was lucky, but you won't get me... aggh!! (he flies into the magazine rack thanks to another well-placed kick)

Kangor: Looks like I did mon, now to finish the job (he leaps upward, but Johnny rolls away and the villains slams into the bookcase) Good one mon but there's only so much room in here and we've got the place sealed off (he points to Hotstreak, standing at the front still firing wildly).

(Meanwhile ,out by the van, the gang sits worried)

Larry: This is odd, I thought for sure that Johnny and the boys would be back by now.

(Suddenly Otto runs up)

Dexter: Good you're back hopefully you won't have to go again.

Otto: (panting) Guys...I've got to tell...you...something.

Tuddrussell: Well spit it out boy.

Otto: On my way...out I....ran into people.. who were screaming (takes one big breath) When I asked what was going on they told me the gift shop was being attacked.

Larry: Oh no! Johnny and two of the Ed's are still in there.

Tuddrussell: Under attack eh? This sounds like a job for my special skills.

Larry: Making armpit noises is not a skill you buffoon.

Tuddrussell: (frowns): Okay me and Dexter will go rescue our buds in the gift shop the rest of you stay here. (he grabs his lazer pistol) time to rock and roll woooo-hoo!

Noorm: Hey great a fight, that should really liven things up.

Larry: Oh put a cork in it you hack.

(Before Norm can retort, Ed and Patrick arrive)

Ed: (saluting) All of the juice is successfully out of the hose captian.

Larry: Fascinating (looks at Patrick) Mr. Star how'd you get wet?

Patrick: Well there was water in this bowl see and...

Norm: Never mind we don't want to know.

(Suddenly a rocket zooms out of nowhere)

Larry: Rocket! everyone down!

Ed: Get down with your bad self (Larry pulls him down, as the rocket zooms over them and hits a nearby car).

Deadshot: Blast! I missed

(Everyone get's back up)

Larry: Who would shoot a rocket at us?

Norm: I'd say it was that dude in the red long johns who's trying to hide behind that van (points to Deadshot).

Otto: (gasps) That's him, that's the guy who tried to kill Dexter!

Deadshot: Right, and now I'm going to kill you (he raises the launcher)

Larry: Oh dear!

Norm: Great, I can't believe I agreed to stay by the van. The only people here are a loser robot, a nerd, an idiot, a stupid starfish, and a sheep. Anyone who could fight is gone, now I'm going to die.

Deadshot: Enough talk, any last words?

Larry: (Thinking) Um... I love ambrosia?

Otto: I got it! (to Ed) Hey Ed that guy (points to Deadshot) has a chicken.

Ed: Chicken!!!! (he rushes forward)

Deadshot: What the he....?? (Ed jumps on him and begins shaking him wildly) Ahh get off me you psycho!

Ed: (excitedy) Where's the chicken mister? Can I see it huh, can I please?

Larry: Quick thinking Otto.

Norm: Oh that is disgusting.

Otto: I hope our friends in the store are doing as well as we are.

(Cut to the store, Eddy and Edd are still cringing from the fire, while Johnny gets knocked around by Kangor)

Hotstreak: Enough of this, it's time to fry these brats once and for all. (He generates a wave of heat) time for extra-crispy toons!

Voice: Not so fast fireboy!

(Hotstreak turns to see Tuddrussell and Dexter behind him)

Hotstreak: Well, well what do we have here? Looks like new victims (he launches a fireball, but they sidestep it).

Dexter: Very good, now it's my turn! (He pushes a button on his belt, suddenly a backpack appears on his back and a huge bazooka-like weapon lowers down).

Hotstreak: What the---?

Dexter: Time for you to cool off (he fires the bazooka, it fires a concentrated stream of water, which sends the villain flying into the store wall).

Kangor: Hey what's happenin' mon? (Just then Tuddrussell walks in, lazer drawn).

Tuddrussell: Okay big feet step away from Johnny and put your hands up.

Kangor: Make me mon (he jumps forward and slams into Tuddrussell knocking him to the floor). Not so tough now are you?

Tuddrussell: Yeah you ain't the only one with big feet (he shoots out a powerful kick and slams Kangor behind the checkout counter). You okay Johnny?

Johnny: (Dazed) Mmm granola.

Edd: (hugging Dexter) Oh thank you so much, I was sure this would be the end of me.

Tuddrussell: Let's go before these guys recover.

Eddy: Good idea.

(Cut to the van about ten minutes later)

Dexter: That was lucky we barely survived that attempt on our lives. Now we must find the villains and stop them before thhey suceed with thier evil plans.

Edd: Oh my and we only have 48 hours to stop them!

Johnny: Ooh man and we don't even know where they are.

(Back at the villains HQ, Hector is on the phone with his hired help)

Hector: They beat you? Look I don't want anymore of your pathetic excuses find them and kill them! (he hangs up the phone). It's so hard to hire good help these days.

Mandark: They'd better do thier job, those toons are getting too close, and I've got General Specific on the phone.

Mojo: Don't worry, Deadshot is the best in the business, he'll handle them. In the meantime we should proceed as planned, trust me no one will stop us.

Hector: And soon Cartoon Network will belong to the bad guys! (the villains laugh evily as the scene fades out).

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