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(This story is a departure from the normal continuity stories of the more talented authors on the WBC board. I have chosen to do so, because the stories are their own brilliant ideas, of which I don't want to intrude upon (unless asked of course), and because by working alone, I can have the opportunity to use a larger variety of characters. So without further ado I present my first story featuring Cartoon Cartoon Characters).


The Crazy Cartoon Caper

by Alan Smithee

(Scene: An odd looking model island, then the camera zooms downward under the water, to the city of Bikini Bottom. Several odd houses are seen, before they focus in on the pineapple house of that wacky character SpongeBob Squarepants.

SB: (laughing) Well Gary, I finally finished cleaning the house, luckily I have a day off today. (Suddenly the doorbell rings) Hmm I wonder who that could be? (He walks over and opens the door, revealing his guest to be none other than his best friend Patrick Star). Hey Patrick!

Patrick: Hi SpongeBob, are you ready to go yet?

SB: You bet lemme just get one thing (he rushes off and reappears just as quickly, with a backpack and tiny net) Okay now I'm ready to go jellyfishing.

Patrick: Great!

(They run off)

SB: (singing) Ooh I love jellyfishing, I love jellyfishing.

(Patrick joins in and both are soon repeating the phrase over and over. Soon they reach Jellyfish Fields.)

SB: Ooh boy, look at all the jellyfish! I'm gonna catch the most.

Patrick: Not unless I catch the most SpongeBob.

(The two friends run around laughing happily and netting the tiny creatures, then letting them out again. Meanwhile up above Bikini Bottom, an ominous submarine hovers above their location. A small group of men in scuba gear are later seen, armed with spear guns, and a mysterious type of weapon.)

(Back in the field, SpongeBob and Patrick are pursuing more jellyfish)

SB: Come here little jellyfish, I don't want too hurt you, I just want to catch you. (He nets it) Gotcha! (Then he allows it to fly out of his net) That's another one Patrick.

Patrick: Ooh you're good SpongeBob, but not good enough (he jumps in attempt to catch another jellyfish, only to miss and slam face-first into the ground. He and Bob laugh happily. Meanwhile the scuba men have arrived.)

Soldier #1: Alright men, remember we're looking for that sponge. According to this he's probably off... (pulls out a piece of paper) jellyfishing. So look for a giant sponge and a huge star and we'll have him. Now move!

(The scuba troops swim off)

(Back in the jellyfishing field, Bob and Patrick are still attempting to catch the most jellyfish.)

SB: I've got another two more Patrick.

Patrick: Yeah, well I got another...one.

SB: That's great (laughs, then he sees another jellyfish) I've got it! (He chases the fish all over the field) Gotcha! (He lowers his net, but when he looks he has not captured a jellyfish but the head of a scuba man). What kind of odd fish is this? (He looks at him) Hmm flippers, and you have an odd looking machine on your back!

Soldier #1: I've found him men, move in.

SB: Hey cool (he grabs the radio) attention, this is SpongeBob calling Patrick, come in Patrick (laughs).

Soldier #1: Give me that! (He grabs it, then his pals show up, one aims an odd bazooka-like weapon at him).

SB: What the? Oh no aliens!

(The gun fires, trapping SpongeBob in a net)

SB: Ahhh Patrick I'm being abducted by alien fish!

Patrick: Huh? (He runs over to see the scuba men grab Bob) Hey you aliens let go of my friend. (One of them gestures to Patrick, another responds by firing his spear gun, which hits Patrick in his head and pins him to a tree). Aaaaah!

SB: Patrick get help!

Soldier #1: (Into radio) We've got him, bring us in (the sub appears slightly overhead)

SB: Oh no they plan on feeding me to their shark god.

(The scuba men grab the net and swim upward toward the sub).

Patrick: (Calling upward) Don't worry SpongeBob, I'll get help. (He removes the spear from his head and runs to his house. We see him watching t.v, later he is eating dinner, and later still he is sleeping. Suddenly he shoots up in fright) SpongeBob's been kidnapped, I gotta get help! (He runs off through the city).

(Scene: A dark city filled with odd Gothic-shaped houses. But one specific house is zoomed in on. Outside is a batch of harmless lawn gnomes, but this average suburban house is not what it appears. Suddenly a green furred dog opens the door, peeks out, and then closes it again).

GIR: All clear.

(Cut to Zim who is sitting on the couch, out of his disguise).

Zim: Good, apparently Dib is still at home, no doubt plotting some scheme to expose me, hmmph good luck. (He inserts his fake eyes and wig) Come GIR, we must travel to the Earthling convenience mart and purchase bovine emission.

GIR: Can we get a muffin?

Zim: (Angrily) No! Now no more fooling around! (They walk outside just as they get to the end of the block; a huge black van pulls up in front of them) Miserable motorist, hey you move your vehicle I wish to pass!

(The van remains still)

Zim: Did you not hear me? I said move miserable motorist, before I bring doom down upon you!

(Suddenly a group of small men come out of the van armed with weapons).

Zim: What? What is going on? Is this Dib's doing?

(One of the men fires his weapon, trapping Zim in a net)

Zim: Aaagh I've been discovered! (He grabs the net but is electrocuted) GIR, help me I order you!

GIR: Right sir (his eyes flash red, but before he can do anything, one of the men hands him a stuffed pig) Piggy!

Zim: Unhand me you miserable humans or I shall rain death down upon you and your entire planet. Your streets will run red with blood... (One of the men tazers him and he falls silent. He is dragged into the van, while another guy picks up GIR and throws him in. Then the van takes off).

(Scene: The Peach Creek cul-de-sac. The camera focuses in on a stretch of road and it's three occupants who are none other than Ed, Edd, and Eddy the stars of the show of the same name).

Eddy: This scam is our best ever, we'll be chomping on jawbreakers in no time.

Edd: I don't like this Eddy, it's not right to play on peoples desires for your own personal gain.

Eddy: Stuff a sock in it Double-D, here comes our first sucker (he sees Johnny walking down the street. He quickly sidles up to him.) Hey there Johnny boy.

Johnny: Hey Eddy, what'cha doing?

Eddy: Well Johnny I've been hanging out with only the greatest hero on the planet.

Johnny: Wow really? Who?

Eddy: Why Superman of course. And he's here in the cul-de-sac!

Johnny: Wow did you hear that Plank? Superman is here. Can we meet him Eddy?

Eddy: You sure can Johnny, but it'll cost you, and Plank, a quarter.

(Johnny hands him two quarters)

Eddy: Okay Johnny boy now stay there, and prepare to be amazed (he rushes off, then quickly rushes back) Okay, ladies and gentlemen, behold the Man of Steel, Superman! (Suddenly in "flies" Ed, dressed in a stupid looking costume).

Ed: I am Superman, fear me mortals!

Johnny: Wow Plank there he is. Hey can you use your heat vision?

Eddy: Easy boy, he's just had a long flight from Metropolis, besides he charges extra for tricks.

Johnny: Huh Plank? Plank says it's worth it (he gives Eddy another quarter).

Eddy: Okay little man, prepare to be amazed.(To Ed) Hey Superman why don't you use your ice breath for the kid.

Johnny: Hey I said heat vision.

Eddy: Uhh Superman's heat vision got used up...umm...he forgot to pay his heat bill.

Johnny: Oh okay.

Ed: Snowcones are good.

(Up in the tree Ed is hanging from, Edd positions himself with a fire extinguisher)

Edd: The things I do for money.

Eddy: Okay Superman use your ice breath! (Edd turns on the fire extinguisher, the foam covers Johnny)

Johnny: Cool, I'm covered with ice! Let's see Superman fly now.

Eddy: You're the customer, (he pushes Ed who swings back and forth)

Ed: I am soaring like a pigeon.

Edd: (offscreen voice) Eddy no, you don't know what...

Ed: I am flying guys.

Eddy: There you are Johnny, he's the real Man of Steel, so why don't you go fetch the other kids in the cul-de-sac and tell...

(Suddenly Ed falls down, and lands right on top of Eddy. Edd, who was holding a rope, is dragged down and lands on his friends).

Johnny: (angrily) You tricked me Eddy, you should be ashamed of yourself (he takes back his coins).

Eddy: Hey gimme my money twerp!

(Ed meanwhile has recovered)

Ed: That was fun guys (looks at Johnny) Hello citizen may I rescue you?

Johnny: Nice try Ed, c'mon Plank let's go (he leaves)

Eddy: (getting up) I can't believe this, our scam failed, but how?

Edd: It could be due to the fact that Superman would never visit our cul-de-sac, and wears a much better looking costume.

Eddy: You're right, it's all monobrow's fault.

Ed: (making "whoosh" noises) I am flying.

Eddy: Knock it off Bizzaro, c'mon let's go back to my house.

Ed: Me am Ed! (laughs) Ed want food.

Eddy: You'll want a doctor if you don't come on.

(Scene: Eddy's house, Ed, and Edd are lounging on the couch, while Eddy paces around).

Eddy: I can't believe it, we had Johnny fooled, but if that stupid pulley hadn't broken we would be eating jawbreakers right now.

Edd: Eddy we don't know that the plan wouldn't have failed anyway. Ed isn't exactly the perfect man of steel.

(Cut to Ed, who is chewing on a pillow)

Ed: Rrrrr I have you now pillow monster! (He shakes it violently, then falls off the couch) I'm okay.

Eddy: (angrily) You'd better not have ruined that pillow Ed.

Edd: Perhaps some t.v. will take your mind off our problems Eddy.

(Suddenly Ed pops up)

Ed: T.V! (He grabs the remote and turns it on, there is a Sesame Street style show A puppet bird is talking to a blue Elmo-like puppet in a spacesuit).

Bird: Silly Nemo don't you know that you can't fly into space.

Nemo: As long as I have my imagination, I can do anything.

Ed: Ohh maybe Nemo will go to the planet of the Sausage Men where he will be forced to be a sacrifice to the god Wiener...

Eddy: Shut up Ed, now give me the remote (he struggles with Ed, each endd up grabbing one end)

Ed: Ed want remote.

Eddy: It's mine lumpy

(As they struggle, the program quickly turns to news)

Reporter: We interrupt Cute Sappy World, for this special announcement. Recently Nick icons SpongeBob SquarePants and Invader Zim have disappeared from their homes. A witness for Mr. SpongeBob was quoted as saying, "who are you guys?" As of late there have been no developments but police are searching for any leads. And now back to your regularly scheduled program. (The show returns with the puppets doing an odd dance)

Ed: The happy dance! (He begins to imitate them)

Eddy: (grinning) Did you hear that Double-D?

Edd: I sure did, how awful for them.

Eddy: Are you insane, this is great. Those two are two of Nick's biggest stars, with them out of the way our ratings will increase.

Edd: Eddy I'm disgusted with you, how can you find pleasure in the suffering of others? Those poor toons could be anywhere and all you care about is ratings.

Eddy: Save your sympathy Double-D they're our competition. If they do better than we do we're out of a job, do you want that?

Ed: I want a cookie.

Edd: No, but I still think it's wrong to celebrate the...

Eddy: Great, c'mon let's go to Cartoon Network Headquarters and see if the others are as excited as I am (he runs out).

Edd: Oh my, I wonder where Mr. SpongeBob is?

(Scene: The submarine from the beginning sequence, moving through the water. It pulls up to a rabbit-shaped island, then dives. It submerges inside a secret chamber within the island, the hatch opens and the troops pile out with one of them holding Bob above his head.)

SB: Wow a secret lair, this is like Mermaid Man episode 4 in which he is captured by Eelman and taken to his secret...

Soldier #2: Shut up please, you've talked all the way here.

SB: Wow you small flipper beasts sure are odd. Say are you gonna feed to me your giant fish god? Because I have to go to work on Monday and...

Soldier #2: That's it (he takes out a tazer and shocks Bob) There that should shut him up. (They continue onward through a steel door marked "Top Secret: Authorized Personnel Only". One enters a series of numbers and the door opens. Inside is a large area filled with all manner of electronic devices. All the room is illuminated except for a corner. The soldiers' take him to a large machine comprised of a computer and two large glass globes. They insert him into one of the globes, In the other is Zim and GIR).

Zim: (banging on the glass) Let me out of here! I demand you release me this instant or you face the wrath of the Irkian armada.

GIR: Look sir, a friend!

Zim: What? (He looks over) Oh no it's that blasted sponge creature; I can't stand him or his incompetent starfish companion.

GIR: Hi Mr. sponge (he waves)

Zim: GIR, do not wave at him, you'll wake him up. Then he'll want to talk...to me.

Voice: Welcome, I hope you two enjoy your confinement, as you will be here for awhile.

Zim: Who said that? Show yourself!

(Suddenly the lights turn on over in a section of the room. There sitting at a table, are Mojo Jojo, Hector Con Carne, Grim, and Mandark).

Mojo: Greeting Mr. Zim and Mr. SpongeBob. We have gone through much effort to bring you here, to Hector's Caribbean base.

Hector: It's quite spacious, and has a good view of the sea.

Zim: What reason do you have for abducting Zim, you talking simian?

Mojo: I'll get to that, but first (he snaps his fingers, an aide pulls a lever on the machine and water pours into Bob's bubble. His eyes slowly open).

Bob: Uhhh what happened? Last thing I remember I had this dream that Patrick and I were jellyfishing and then I was grabbed by underwater pygmies and taken to a eerie secret lab...(he looks around) Oh no it wasn't a dream! (He screams and tries to run away only to slam into the bubble).

Mojo: Now that Bob is up we can explain our reason for your capture.

SB: (recovering) Uhh what happened? (Sees Mojo) Ahh a hairy creature! (He attempts to run again with the same results).

Mojo: This is getting stupid, anyway I'm sure you're wondering why you're here so I won't keep you in suspense. As you know you and the sponge are very popular.

Zim: Tell me something I don't know, all though the sponge's popularity is a mystery...

Mojo: Silence! There will be no more interruptions. The amount of interruptions will be zero, no more interruptions will there be, interruptions will cease...

Zim: Enough! Jeez you blab more than GIR

GIR: Hey.

Mandark: Then let me continue, with you both gone your shows will not be competition for ours on Friday night.

Hector: People who wish to watch cartoons will have to watch Cartoon Network, only to find our new shows in place of thier favorites. But soon they'll be hooked and when our popularity grows we'll soon edge out all the other cartoons.

Mandark: Then we'll sell their timeslots to our fellow villains for absorbinent amounts of cash.

Mojo: Which we'll use as salaries for our shows. Then at last merchandising will be mine (laughing). Mojo Jojo cups will at last become a reality.

Zim: A clever plan, one worthy of me. There's just one flaw.

Grim: And what's that?

Zim: No one would ever watch shows staring you pathetic losers! Now let me out of here or prepare to face my lazer.

Mandark: You mean this lazer? (He pulls it out from behind him).

Zim: How did you?... (He feels his back, sure enough his pack is gone) Ahh my backpack, it's gone!

Mojo: We knew you had all of your equipment in there so we removed it from you while you were unconscious. Now you have no choice but to cooperate with us.

Zim: Never!

SB: (turns his head) Hey it's Zim, hi Zim.

Zim: Oh great, now the stupid sponge is talking.

SB: Hey Zim do you know where we are, or who those odd looking guys are. And why am I in a bubble? Can you burn it with your lazer?

Zim: Shut up! You bumbling idiot, can't you see that we have been abducted so we can't foil thier plan? We must escape as soon as possible.

SB: What's abducted mean? (Zim sighs and begins pounding on the glass).

Mojo: Yes please keep hitting the glass, you will find it is impossible to escape. It is 15 inches thick and quite sturdy.

Hector: Face it you are trapped and will remain so until we can put our plan in motion.

SpongeBob: And then you'll let us go, right?

Grim: No, then I'm afraid we'll have to kill you.

(The villains laugh evily, as SpongeBob looks confused and Zim pounds his fists against the glass. Fade in to the Cartoon Network commissary as seen in a commercial. Johnny Bravo, Dexter, and Dee Dee are sitting at a table eating lunch, when the three Ed's come over).

Eddy: Hey guys, these seats taken?

Johnny: Nah help yourselves little Ed boys. Otherwise Carl is gonna get a seat and I don't want him over here talking about all his scientific junk...

(The three Ed's sit down, Eddy turns and addresses the group)

Eddy: So did you guys hear that SpongeBob and Zim are missing.

Dexter: Yes, but I heard Zim was about to be cancelled anyway. It's quite unfortunate, I enjoy that Dib fellow.

Dee Dee: Wait SpongeBob's gone? (Everyone nods their head, and she cries) SpongeBob's gone, now I'll never get to see him and Patrick again!

Eddy: (to Dexter) What's her problem?

Dexter: She really likes that SpongeBob show, she watches it all the time.

Eddy: What's the deal? Don't you guys even care that they're our competition? You of all people should be happy Dexter, you've still got a show.

Edd: That doesn't matter Eddy, they're still loved by many humans and toons alike. Why even Ed here watches them both, don't you Ed?

(Cut to Ed, he is crying also)

Ed: Waaaaah! No more SpongeBob, no more Patrick, no more GIR! (He puts his head on Edd's shoulders) How will I live without their words of wisdom?

Eddy: I think you'll manage.

Edd: There, there, Ed I'm sure the police are doing all they can to find them.

Johnny: Now I know who you're talking about. That's that funny sponge guy who works at a fast food place and has that annoying squid for a neighbor. (Laughs) That guy and his starfish friend are funny, don't like that squid guy much though. I'd like to punch him out...

(Everyone stares at him)

Johnny: What? He's annoying.

(The others return to their food, while Eddy slaps his forehead. Cut to Bikini Bottom, and the huge treedome of southern squirrel Sandy Cheeks).

Sandy: Those police said they were looking fer SpongeBob and that alien guy, but I don't think they can handle this job.

(Cut to Patrick, clad in his special water helmet, which he needs to survive in the dome)

Patrick: What's happening?

Sandy: Well Patrick, I figure if we're gonna find SpongeBob, we'll have to do it ourselves. Now from the accounts you've attempted to give me, in your own unique way, I can deduce that SpongeBob was abducted by human scuba divers.

Patrick: I told you they were flipper pygmies!

Sandy: Don't be silly Patrick, there's no such thing as flipper pygmies. Besides, that spear that you pulled outta yer head is definitely from a speargun, which could only be used by humans. Now since we know humans are responsible, obviously SpongeBob is somewhere on the surface. That's why I'm gonna give you my special suit, so you can survive out of water, then you can go and find him.

Patrick: Why can't you go?

Sandy: Sorry but I got things to do down here. Besides, you saw the kidnappers, so you can describe 'em, and it'll lead to a series of hilarious events involving you and any other critters you happen to meet. (Takes what looks like a scuba suit and zips it up over him) there ya go my special suit is ready, it's reinforced with special water jets so it'll keep you moist while yer up on land. Good luck.

Patrick: Wait, how do I get to the surface?

Sandy: Just catch a passing hook, now off ya go.

(Patrick exits)

Patrick: (waving) Bye Sandy, I'll come back with SpongeBob. (He walks for a few minutes then stops) What was I doing? (As he sits there scratching his head, a hook comes down into the water) Oh boy! A hook! (He grabs it and it drags him against the ground) oow!! (Then he's lifted above the water and into the eye of a bearded fisherman).

Fisherman: Oh it's just a starfish (he tosses Patrick away, and he flies through the air and lands on the ground).

Patrick: Ooww that hurt! (Looks around, there are trees everywhere) This doesn't look like Bikini Bottom (pause) Oh wait, I was supposed to go on land (looks around again) So this is the surface? Cool, well I'd better find SpongeBob (he walks away, calling out Bob's name)

(Cut to the outside of the Cartoon Network headquarters, the three Ed's are leaving)

Eddy: C'mon boys, let's head back to the cul-de-sac, we gotta come up with a new plan to get jawbreakers.

Edd: I doubt anyone will trust us after our last little trick.

Ed: I am the man of stainless steel.

Eddy: Shut up Ed, (to Edd) and you Double-D, stop being so negative, this is my genius we're dealing with here after all.

Edd: (sarcastically) Oh yes of course Eddy, your genius that has yielded us so many successes in the past.

Eddy: Shut up sockhead, now hurry up, I wanna get back before the candy store closes.

(Cut to the cul-de-sac about 10 minutes later, the threesome is walking down the street, while Eddy is trying to develop a new plan).

Eddy: Hmm how about a puppet show, nah that'd never work. I know I could... no lumpy would surely ruin that. (Shouting and raising his arm) I've got it! We could get a bunch of worthless objects and tell them that they're the newest fad from Japan. Kids would line up to get 'em.

Edd: I doubt anyone would fall for that Eddy.

Eddy: Johnny would, (suddenly from offscreen, a crash is heard) what was that?

Ed: (embarrassed) Sorry I shouldn't have had that burrito.

Eddy: It wasn't you nitwit, come on (the three Ed's run down the street, stopping in the front of Ed's house) Where'd it come from?

Edd: It sounded like it originated from behind Ed's house.

Ed: I think Sarah has found Mr. Mole.

Eddy: C'mon lumpy, let's see what your stupid sister's up to (they head into the backyard, and all are dumbfounded by what they see)

Edd: Oh my

Eddy: What the?

Ed: Giant fish!

(Cut to what the Ed's are looking at, it is none other than Patrick Star, who is in Ed's wading pool.)

Ed: Fish! (He runs forward and hugs Patrick) Can I keep him guys?

Edd: Please Ed don't touch that, you don't know where it's been.

Eddy: What is it?

Edd: It appears to be a giant starfish in a scuba suit.

Patrick: Hey what's going on? (Sees Ed) Ahhh human!

(Patrick screams at the two Ed's. They scream at him, and then Ed screams just because everyone else is. This goes on for about a minute).

Edd: A talking starfish, ooh my this must be a dream brought on by bad cafeteria food.

Ed: It is no dream Double-D, this is Patrick from SpongeBob, my all time favorite show in the world. He is my favorite character along with Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Sandy...

Edd: You mean this giant starfish fellow is from Nick.

Eddy: A Nick guy here? Quick hide him before someone sees him. (They rush into Ed's house with Pat in tow. After closing the door and making sure the shades are closed, Eddy approaches him). Alright pal why are you here?

Patrick: Was I delivering a pizza?

Ed: (laughing) He is as funny as he is on the show Eddy.

Eddy: Enough of this, (he begins to shake Patrick violently) Okay spill it, what are you doing here? Are you a spy, answer me!!!

Edd: Please Eddy, he's a harmless sea creature, you'll bruise him.

Patrick: (shakily) Here...note...Sandy...said...give, (he hands Edd a note).

Edd: (Reading) "This is Patrick, he has come to find clues relating to the disappearance of our friend SpongeBob. I have learned that he was abducted by humans, and I have enclosed this note so that anyone he meets can help Pat find him. Ask to see the spear, sincerely Sandy Cheeks" (to Patrick) Mr. Patrick may I please see the spear?

Patrick: Uhhhh.... okay (he reaches into his suit, and digs around ultimately producing the spear) I think this is...that thing.

Eddy: He's got a weapon! It's network war! (He tackles Patrick and begins to slap him) You (slap) rotten (slap) Nick (slap) stooge (slap). I'll get you, Viva Cartoon Network!

Patrick: Owww! Hey stop!

Edd: Please Eddy, you're overreacting, he's not here to start a war. This spear is a clue to who abducted Mr. Bob.

Eddy: What? Lemme see (he grabs the note) Who the hell's Sandy?

Ed: Ooh I know, she's a Squirrel from Texas who lives in Bikini Bottom.

Eddy: Thanks Mr. useless knowledge. (To Patrick) So what's this have to do with anything?

Patrick: What does what have to do with anything?

Eddy: The spear!

Patrick: What spear?

Eddy: (getting angry) I don't have time for this, Ed you try and talk to this weirdo.

Ed: Okay Eddy, (turns to Patrick) where did SpongeBob go?

Patrick: (frightened) He was abducted by flipper pygmies!

Ed: Oh no flipper pygmies! I saw them in the movie "The Monsters from the Deep" (Both start screaming).

Eddy: Double-D please see if you can figure out what's going on here?

Edd: I'll try, Patrick could you please describe what happened when your friend was captured by the (finger quoting) "flipper pygmies?"

Patrick: Ummm...... okay.

(And after Patrick's odd explanation...)

Patrick: And then while I was stuck to the tree, they took SpongeBob and carried him off to their large fish god. He was my best friend, and now I'll never see him again (begins crying).

Ed: That is so sad (also cries)

Edd: Hmm this does sound suspicious, Patrick could you describe the fish god?

Patrick: Umm it was long, and...uh... gray, yeah it was definitely gray.

Edd: Based on what you've told me, I can deduce that these flipper pygmies are actually scuba divers, and their so-called "fish god" is actually a submarine.

Ed: I ate one of those once.

Edd: Not like the sandwich Ed. Whoever was responsible obviously has a submarine and several divers in their employ.

Eddy: So what? That could be like a hundred people, screw this stupid starfish we don't owe him anything.

Edd: No Eddy, he came here from his home asking for help. We can't just turn him down.

Eddy: Well what do you think we should do?

Edd: I say we help him.

Ed: Me too Eddy! I wanna meet SpongeBob!!

Eddy: (sighs) Alright if it'll get rid of him, but how do he find his friend we've got few clues.

Edd: Well he's supplied me with this spear, I'll take it to my room and see what evidence I can find on it.

Eddy: What about fish boy over there (points at Patrick) He'll stick out like a sore thumb in the cul-de-sac.

Edd: I have an idea.

(Cut to the outside of Ed's house. Eddy peers his head out the door, then waves his hand to signal "all clear." Edd follows, as does Ed pulling on the sleeve of a coat. In a few seconds, Patrick comes on to the scene, dressed in a trenchcoat and hat.)

Eddy: This is stupid, someone's gonna see him.

Edd: These were the only reasonable clothes I could find in Ed's house. If anyone asks he's Ed's cousin from Florida, who likes to play detective.

Eddy: Okay okay, let's just get going. (They continue down the street, ducking behind trees and lampposts whenever possible)

(Cut to Cartoon Network Studios as the camera pans through a nearby window. A door to an office is seen, but the words on it can't be read. Inside a shadowy figure sits at his desk).

Man: (On the phone) Hello? Oh it's you guys, what? your pilots are almost completed? Excellent fax 'em over. Huh? No, nobody here suspects a thing. Yeah it was difficult to get those idiots to agree to air them but I eventually convinced them to try the new shows.(Listening) Uh-huh, no everything will go as planned, okay bye. (He hangs up, then begins to laugh maniacally. Half way through he begins to cough, so he takes out a glass of water, downs it, and then continues).

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