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A Poem to TR
by E.Penrose

Spring dawn in Hollywood! (or as near
To aught of the three as I see clear);
Tom Ruegger will awake, arise,
And open his drapes to see . . . Surprise!
Is it a code written in cypher?
Or an autograph of Michelle Pfeiffer?
No, it's a list, electron-sent,
By some who wish encouragement.
There's greetings from -- I might have seen
He'd be first -- David (Plato) Green;
And then comes Mr. Costello,
The aether's own Captain E.O.
Alsis is fine, and will be better
When I mention her name in this letter.
Carol Alonzo says hello,
As does Joe Klem (or "Colleen Crow"),
Writer Jesse McCann (Leon),
Watson (Zang) and Acag (Treesong).
Here's Jeff Eng, Gookie, and dear James
With Hubcity among the names,
And there is Das Brain, and Colin --
How many can one list fit in?
Hello, Larissa, what do you say ya'
Make him some brownies with macadamia?
Lee Cremans will join with the Siren
In good wishes for your environ.
Gerard insists he will squeeze past;
Craig will increase the growing cast:
And Romey . . . But that's not all there is,
For here are Erica and Liz
(I'd be sick if I didn't credit
LuckiMunki and Film2Edit).
And tell me that it doesn't matter
If I've omitted the Mad Hatter!
Brainatra called me pour la raison
To put in his name, and Dick Grayson;
Chris Saia, TnAdct,
And Toast boast that their names are picked.
Some names are unique on the page:
One Corny Dog for every age!
And single calls the whipporwill
For Batgirl . . . Batgirl . . . and Batgirl . . .
Brian and Harley go together;
To join others is rougher weather.
E. Penrose with compact John Kennedy?
Jay Maynard matched with Sharklady?
Robert, come meet Elmyra Duff
And curs'd be he who says enough!
What for Jessica . . . I know:
Put her on the list with Vakko!
Will and Calamity Coyote --
But can the poor souls polka? Let's see.
I mustn't forget little Dot!
Come and join Plop Kat. . . . For I've not
Make shorter the list that extends
Friendship to T.R., kin and friends.

For it is spring! Flowers like the sun
Gasp in a street's meridian:
Sacred halls are swept, to scatter
Secular dust from ancient matter;
Toy stores bring kites and marbles out;
And network PR teams have doubts.
And hope grows wild between the cracks.
Hope will show everyone their lacks,
Is free, can't be mangled in mail,
And never adds a pound to scale.
Read here our hope that, kindly meant,
You'll see this as encouragement
Given to you. And when in need,
Take hope full strength, as men drink mead.


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