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The Histerians Strike Back

By JusSonic, Robert Dougherty, and Pokejedservo

Note: Some events and people mentioned are from the Encyclopedia Histeria message Board, so go there to clear up some of these things, that would also apply to all of JusSonic's other fics on Toonzone.

We see the H! cast and the H! authors cleaning up after the party. Note: This comes after the "Another Histeria!/Rugrats crossover" story.)

R6: Man, was that a good party or what?

BB: I would say what, but Lydia will killed me.

R6: I say.


BB: How should I know you little brat?

Charity: Hey! You leave Loud alone!

BB: Sorry, Charity.

(Just then...)

Voice from speaker: Everyone in the auditorium now!

(Everyone shrugged and left to the auditorium. QC to auditorium. JusSonic is on stage. Everyone else is sitting in their reserved seats. Surprisingly, Loud and Charity's seats are next to each other. BB's is far in the back. Note: Hey! I can't always be so trusting. Heh heh.)

JusSonic: Good, now everyone is here, time for the fan-fiction to begin.

Toast: Uh, what fan-fiction is it today, JusSonic dude?

JusSonic: Oh, I think you are might know.

Lucky Bob: Not really.

JusSonic: Well, in that case, it's...the sequel.

(Everyone gasp)

Froggo: You mean...?  JusSonic: That's right! The long-waited sequel to "Evil Histeria I: The Evil Rising!" In case you remembered, last year...

JusSonic:...Dr. Gene Burrows has taken control of Washington and demanded that Loud, Miss Info, and Dr.
Harry Norman...

(QC to Harry trying not to panic. QC to me)

JusSonic...turned over to him or else. Well you get the picture, anyway. Well in this one, it's the opposite. Hope you enjoyed.

(He left the stage while the lights turned off and the fan-fiction begins. QC to a building in Burbank. The police have some building surrounded.)

Police chief: (through megaphone) Ok, Reverend Karris! Come out with your hands up!

Reverend Karris: (voice from building) Never! My gods wouldn't allow it!

Police chief: (through megaphone) Oh, cut the cult crap, Reverend!

Karris: (voice from building) Someday, the Histerians will rise up and crushed you all!

Police chief: That's it. Open fire.

(The cops did so. The reverend, however, isn't there. QC to back of building. The reverend is holding a microphone.)

Karris: Heh, heh. My microphone makes them think I am in there! Now I can escape.

(However, before he tries to do so...)

Voice: I don't think so!

(The reverend turns around to see...)

Karris: You!

(It is, indeed, Dr. Gene Burrows, the good one)

Gene: I can't believed a reverend like you go nuts just because of what happened last year!

Karris: Fool! It is your fault the Histerians and their holy helper Dr. Norman is in prison!

(He angrily lunges toward Gene. However, Gene is quick and punched him hard. The reverend fall down. The police heard the commotion and find Gene and Karris.)

Police chief: Good going, Dr. Burrows!

Gene: All in the day's work.

(QC to the reverend being led into a police truck by handcuffs. He angrily turns to Gene.)

Kerris: You think this will stopped your faith, Dr. Burrows?! It will not! The Histerians will rise up and get their revenge!

Police chief: Oh, give it a rest.

(He slams the door on Karris' face. The truck drove away. Gene sighs and is about to leave when...)

Voice: Gene!

(He turns around. It is his friend, Vincent Morre.)

Vincent: It is true about what I heard?

Gene: Yes the reverend went nuts.

Vincent: Sad thing. He believed that all cartoons are good creations of God. Now because of the marathon, he is now a cult leader.

Gene: Sad thing.


Gene: Say, Vincent? Quick question.

Vincent: Yeah?

Gene: Did you try to pass your exam again?

(Vincent looks sad)

Vincent: I try again, but I didn't passed because the marathon was still on my mind. My teacher offered me a passage anyway since I help saved the world but I refused.

Gene: But why? Why dismiss such an offer?

Vincent: Because I want to pass on my own. I am sure you will feel the same way.

Gene: I guess you are right.

Vincent: By the way, didn't you have something to show at your work today?

Gene: Yes. It's a mental translation, which turns people into robots, plus making sort of immortal.

Vincent: Did you show it yet?

Gene: No I threw it away.

Vincent: Why?

Gene: Because that will be playing God, will it? I am sure you will feel the same way.

(Both heroes laughed)

Vincent: Good idea, though. I got to go.

Gene: I had to have a meeting with an old friend of mine.

Vincent: You don't mean...?

Gene: Yes...my old friend, now foe...Dr. Harry Norman.

(QC to the asylum. We go to the Histerians and Harry's cell. Note: Don't forget! They are evil in this universe.)

Voice: {Dark V.O} Sick, he says? Insane, are we? Delusional, is that it? We're wrong, he accuses? Well, it's a good thing I often think of the best things to say when it's too late, isn't it or else I'd have given "it" away early. Speaking of which...GUARD!!

{A guard walks into the scene near the still dark cell}

Guard: Yes, what is it?
Voice: Did you overhear my conversation with my former
friend and revel in it's idiotcy as I did?

Guard: I think pointing out the error of your ways and urging you to recover from crazyness is fine, but that's just me.

Second voice: {Younger but just as dark} History wasn't your favorite subject, I bet. We could have fixed that if you had watched our show, but you and the other couch potatoes of this pathetic world apparently are too BRAIN DEAD TO ACTUALLY LEARN SOMETHING, AM I RIGHT IN THAT?!!! OF COURSE I AM!!!

Third voice:{Young and female} Easy there, evil tiger, save the effective yelling and smart points for those who have the ability to understand it.

First voice: That will be the most glorious business of all, but now down to some business we can achieve a little bit sooner. Do you have a pencil I can borrow so I can myself borrow from that Uni guy's idea of writing a blistering manifesto to the public we terrorized so well?

Guard: Will it get me away from you sooner?

First voice: More than you know, my friend.

Guard: That's good enough for me.

{He gets out a pencil just as a hand reaches through the cell, but when the guard hands it to that, um, hand...it passes through it}

Guard: Huh, for lack of a better word of shock? {He once again tries to give the pencil t the hand but it passes through} Hey, what's this? Someone turn the light on in cell 24!

{The light then goes on in the cell, revealing the Evil H gang and Evil Harry...but for only 2 seconds, because their images then disappear. The guard gasps, but then gasps even harder a second later after he sees a giant hole nearby with spoons next to it}

Guard: It's gone! To quote Donald Pleasence, the evil is gone! Run for your lives so you'll have the practice later on!

{The guards ranting is now seen on a TV monitor, which quickly is turned off. And now we see the people who were watching it...the real evil H villains in their old hideout}

E. Harry: And to think, I thought all movie sequels to over the top, idiot movies were good for nothing, but the idea I got to dig out and replace us with  olograms from said flick worked like a charm! Plus that first hologram that spoke did quite a good impression of me too.

E. Loud: And it all happened at just the right time, perfectly taking advantage of the time where I got my evil confidence back. Let us once again salute the one responsible for boosting my ego to the extreme, Charity Bazaar!

E. Charity: No thanks needed. I just figured it was time to get into the spotlight after being in the middle class for so long, who would have known I'm so good of filling people with evil gusto and reassuring them of their imminent victory!

E. Loud:{Sly}I'm sure glad I do now, heh heh.

E. Harry: Yes yes, but we should save the real congrats for tomorrow! Smarty's device is finally finished, and will be raring for destruction and ultimate revenge a mere afternoon from now!

E. Froggo: To compensate for the unexplainable and strange annoyance I felt at that Loud and Charity moment, may I ask if our targets will for sure be at the targeted city?

E. Smarty: Yes, the fake letters saying that they shall be invited to a grand scientific convention got to them and achieved our desired effect.

E. Toast: Um, why is everyone talking in, like, non-English today, are they coming or not?

E. Loud: They're coming, and so will other stuff. Us, revenge, redemption, death, destruction, pain, suffering, and after that we'll do ALL THAT OTHER STUFF AGAIN AND AGAIN TO RUB IT IN THEIR GOD{bleep} FACES!

E. Harry: If they have any, you mean. Washington D.C, here we come! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(We cut to the Watergate hotel, where the next part of our party begins. We QC to inside to the Lounge where our heroes are. Gene is talking on the phone. Vincent is near a TV. Gene hung up the phone in surprised.)

Gene: I don't believe it!

Vincent: What?

Gene: The event we are going to isn't today and doesn't exist! Are you sure you read the invitations right?

Vincent: I'm sure I did! After all, I didn't go to school for nothing!

Gene: Well, I am going to the counter to try to figure out all this. Something is definitely wrong!

Vincent: Okay. I will watch TV while you are doing it.

(Gene left while Vincent start watching the TV. QC to a man's car. QC to inside. A man is talking to someone on a cell phone.)

Man: I told you honey! I can't come home earlier! I had serious business to take care of!

Woman: (V/O on phone) Nathan! Sometimes you think of your job more than your family! I can't believe you!

Nathan: Honey. (Sighs) Oh right. I will figure out what to do. Love ya. Buh-bye.

(He hangs up)

Nathan: Geez, ever since the "marathon", she is stingy. I hoped something else doesn't go wrong today.

(However, we QC to a strange place in Washington where our villains are.)


All: Yes!


Smartypants: **** it! It's Smartypants, you dumb ****!


(Mr. Smartypants grumbles as he activated some sort of remote. Outside the strange place, glowing eyes appeared. We go way back and see that it is a huge robo-spider! QC to the hotel. Vincent is watching the TV when it is interrupted.)

Voice on tv: We interrupted these message to bring you this dreadful news!

Vincent: Great. I'm going to miss Night Court again! I was hoping to see if Harry offered Christian to married him yet!

(The TV changed to a man with a panicked look)

Man: Hello, I am Dan Bladder with this breaking news!

(Gene arrived while this is going on)

Gene: What's going on?

Vincent: I don't know.

Dan: The Histerians had escape from the Baltimore asylum along with their ally Dr. Harry Norman.

Vincent: Oh crud.

Dip: That's right. As people know, the escapees involve was responsible for the 24 Hours marathon that almost drove the world insane!

(Gene and Vincent look on in shock)

Dip: I must warn you that these escapees are considered to be very dangerous, not to mentioned annoying! The FBI is now on a search for them. We now go back to scheduled program!

(Gene turns to Vincent)

Gene: Do you realized what this means?!

Vincent: What do you mean?

Gene: I mean that the Histerians will be after us and the Washington D. C. invitation must be a trick!

Vincent: Oh boy!

Gene: Indeed. We better get out of here and fast!

(They quickly left the hotel, alarming the clerk at the counter. QC to outside. Gene and Vincent are now outside. We heard a nasty rumble.)

Gene: What the...?!

(QC to Nathan's car. It was still driving until it stopped by a hole. Nathan looks out his window)

Nathan: What on earth is...?

(He stopped talking and looked at what's before him in shock. Before him is a huge robo-spider!)

Back at the Watergate, Gene and Vincent are frantically pondering.

Gene: Okay, let's calm down here and think about what
they are up too. It's only been a few months since we sent them to jail, so what kind of big plan could they have built in that short time?

Vincent: Don't watch a lot of movies do you Gene? Otherwise you'd know that always sets you up for the worst.

Gene: I hope you're wrong Vincent, I sure do, for the world's sake.

Vincent: Me too, but statements like that don't help...{a rumble is heard} either?

A few more rumbles, each one louder than the last, are heard. Gene and Vincent go outside then and see another bad sign: Nathan driving like a panicked madman down the street and people running away along with him.

Vincent: Gene?

Gene: Yes?

Vincent: I think this is the beginning of the next day that will live in infamy. You can turn and see what I see through my binoculars before we TAKE COVER!

Vincent hands Gene binoculars before he runs back in the hotel. Gene looks at the sky through them for a second, but only a second...because the next thing he knows, a huge laser blast is seen coming towards him. He then runs back in as fast as possible before the blast strikes the ground and knock out the front part of the infamous in our world building. Fortunately, Gene and Vincent are seen in fine health as the rumbles begin again

Gene: {Softly}Vincent, I'm starting to hate when you're right.

The robo-spider now stomps onto the scene, doing the expected stomping on cars and shooting lasers at buildings and people. Inside, the evildoers behind it watch with glee.

Loud: YEEHA, TAKE THAT {bleep}ards WITH NO TASTE!!

Charity: Ha, as if the joy I'm getting from this isn't making me excited enough.

Aka: All right girls; let's make this even more painful. Are we ready for the song?

Father Time: The date, Febuary 2000. The place of destruction: Washington. The song we will now sing to drive them even more crazy, a partially disgusting piece from our show, is...this!

Harry: Oh, I love this song so much!

From the spider, the sounds of the evil crew singing are now heard, and they are singing an actual song from the H! show we know and love from our world, but a pretty sick one...the song "Cowpie" from the North America episode. This piece about cowdung doesn't make the public down below feel much better, and they cover their ears now while running.

Now we go to the White House, specifically the Oval Office, where Bill and Hilary Clinton are trying to stay calm.

Bill: Don't worry honey, I won't let those mean people hurt you, I resisted all those gorgeous ladies trying to get me to cheat on you, and I wont let you down now!

Hilary: I love you Bill, plan and simple, and nothing, not even New York City's wonders, could stop that.

Harry: {V.O}You feel that way? That's one of us!

The even more annoying than usual Presidential couple turn and see the spider on their front lawn. The front of it's head now opens and the Histerians jump out, crash through the window, and "greet'" the President by grabbing him.


Miss Info: {To Hilary} You know, it's people like you that are so good, comforting, and sugary sweet that give women a bad name.

Bill: Do what you want to me, just leave the country alone!

Harry:{Dark} It's hardly your country any longer. You can make that official by signing it over to us. Unless you want us to give it back in a, well, messy condition.

Bill: No, never!


Charity: You look quite unhappy, Bill. But it's our happiness that counts here, and we can easily increase that by getting rid of certain wives around here, and there's only one in here, yours! Convient, huh?

Bill: All right, you win! I'll give you what you want, but I won't like it.

Harry: Tell someone who cares, and right now why don't we go make this official with your staff so you can do that quicker? Don't answer; we'll do it for you.

The Histerians drag the Clintons away to make their conquest official...

(Meanwhile, our heroes managed to get away from the carnage and hid in an abandoned house. They catch their breaths.)

Vincent: Okay, we are okay. Now what are we going to do?

Gene: First, we have to find out where that robo-spider came from.

Vincent: You go ahead and figured it out. I am going to see if Night Court is still on.

Gene: How can you watch TV at a time like this?!

Vincent: Hey, maybe the robo-spider is gone.

(He turns on the TV. An important message is on the TV.)

Vincent: Not again!

(Dan Bladder appears on the screen again.)

Dan: Folks, we got good news and bad news. The good news is that the rumbling had stopped. The bad news is that unfortunately we got a new leader. And, well, see for yourself!

(The TV changes to a dumb-looking Lucky Bob)

Lucky Bob: Hiyo!

(Loud, Harry, and the other Histerians appear. Loud angrily pushes him out of the way)

Loud: (angrily) Get out of here! (To folks watching) All right, you ****-heads! We are the Histerians and we have taken over!

(Gene and Vincent gasped)

Pepper: That's right! (Laughing evilly)

Aka: And we will keep our control as long as we like!

Harry: But we can easily forgave you for canceling us so we will make an ultimatum right here.

Miss Information: A what?

WOW: Shut up! Tell them Loud!

(Gene and Vincent listened to the TV very nervously)


Father Time: And don't think we are crazy, cause we are not!

Big Fat Baby: Goo!


(TV changes back to Dan)

Dan: You heard them. If Gene and Vincent isn't turned over to them, they will destroyed the states. In other words (tears up his papers and panicked) Panicked! (rans out of the screen.)

(Gene turns off the TV in shock.)

Vincent: Gene, you...you don't think the people will do it, right?

(Gene shooks his head)

Gene: They are too afraid; they are not sure what to do.

Vincent: One thing for sure...

Gene: And that is...?

Vincent: If we don't stop them now, we're dead.

Gene: What else is new?

(QC to the bad guys in the White House. Our villains are in the oval office.)

Toast: Dude, if you asked me, those people are totally id-i-ots.

Lucky Bob: You are correct sir!

(Cho-Cho angrily hits him in the "no-fly zone.")

Cho-Cho: I told you to stop that!!!

Lucky Bob: Sorry!

Miss Info: So how are we all going to have our revenge? Those people probably will fail in trying to get them anyway.

Harry: Don't worry. While we were preparing for our takeover, Mr. Smartypants and I have built new weapons of destructions.

Mr. Smartypants: Observe.

(He activates his remote control. A door is opened. A bunch of weird-looking people walked out.)

Aka: Yo! You're doing mind control?

Harry: No. We have made a bunch of android who do our every control. And their orders are to find Gene and Vincent, captured them, and turned them over to us.

Pepper: Oh, so we can kill them! All right! (Laughing evilly)

Father Time: Anything else we should know about, you dumb ****?

Smartypants: Yes. We have supplied our androids with a everything gun, which does everything including shoot out nets. Thermo-goggles which see what's inside the buildings without searching. They also had laser built in.


Smartypants: Yes sir! (Turns to androids) You got your orders. Don't come back until you captured Gene and Vincent.

Androids: Yes sir.

(The androids left.)

Harry: Yes. Soon we will get out revenge for them interfering in our plans! Plus, we will get revenge on the world who dares canceled us.

Loud: Good. You take over from here, Harry. Me and Charity are going to the Lincoln Bedroom to see if we can do an...experiment, if you know what I mean. (Smirks at Charity)

Charity: I think I do.

(They ran off to the Lincoln Bedroom. The others look disgusted.)

WOW: Man, those kids are pretty ****ed up!

Lucky Bob: Yes now!

(Cho-Cho kicks in the "no-fly" area again.)

Cho-Cho: Stop that, you ****ing piece of ****!

Fade to nighttime in the city. Despite the events of the day, things seem to be pretty peaceful. Just as long as you ignore the army of androids marching through the city wearing goggles of some kind on their faces.

Android: Searching city for the lives that we seek.

Through some kind of fanfic magic, we see things through the P.O.V of the droid, as it is scanning several houses. Through the houses we can see the things and people inside them, but no Gene or Vincent. And searching for them gets harder for the droid when something is heard banging into it and it falls down. The fact that it's Nathan that did this will make a
lot of sense a little later on.

Android: Watch were you are going, idiot.

Nathan: Watch it? WATCH IT?!! I just lost my entire family to the next life thanks to that spider thing, and I think that gives me the right to wander around aimlessly, you can tell I'm too sad because I barely even noticed that you're a robot! Now let me morn, please!

Android: Boo hoo, cry me a river, go do said mourning somewhere else. Let's go.

The bots march away from the grieving man, who now appears to have found the strength to look curiously at the army.

Nathan: Hmm, now that I got my emotional outburst done, I realize that an army of robots is quite a strange sight. Since I need something to get my mind off the pain, I suppose I should...sniff...check this out.

But his following may be brought to an end early as the bots are now seen standing in front of the house we saw Gene and Vincent in earlier.

Android: Scan for life. {Long pause}Nothing here, let's move on.

We now cut to the Watergate Hotel, specifically inside on one of it's rooms, where Gene and Vincent are gathering a few things.

Vincent: Remind me why we came back here; don't you think this will be the first place they'll look for us? I mean they did invite here to begin with.

Gene: Exactly. They know our smarts and therefore think we'd run for safety out of here to somewhere else, they wouldn't think us dumb enough to come back here. But we're not staying, we're just collecting stuff we were going to show in the "scientific collection" and hopefully find a way to use this stuff
against them.

Vincent: You picked the right time to have a clever idea. Now since we have everything, I suppose we're
going back to the house.

Gene: {Already out of the room} I'm one, no, 6 or so steps ahead of you, come on, let's go.

Gene walks down the hall until he bumps into a man.

Gene: Oh, I'm sorry.

Man: Oh my God, it's you! I get to save the country; I get to save the country!

Gene: You want to help us defeat the evil ones, good for you sir.

Man: No, I'm gonna take you in to them so they can kill you and leave this city alone! Picture it, me, Muldoon, the hero of the United States. Has a nice ring to it, I think.

Vincent: {Walling into the scene} you can't do that; you'd be helping the same people you want to get rid of! You'd be fighting for the side of evil!

Muldoon: Don't confuse me with your smart talk. {Grabs Gene} Come on villains!

Vincent: Villains?! Sir, I know villains, I know them better than I want to, so I can judge accurately what a villain is, and villains we are not! {Stops talking to see that Muldoon has already walked away with Gene} Hey, you didn't pay attention, come back!

Vincent runs down a nearby stairwell, and runs out of the hotel just after Muldoon and Gene do.

Muldoon: Help, someone, anyone! Help, I need somebody! Help, not just anybody! Help, I need someone to take Gene Burrows and Vincent Morre to the evil ones so they can do what they will in order to spare us normal citizens! Oh, and they're with me at the Watergate Hotel.

Somehow, it appears the androids are able to hear this, mainly because they aren't that far away from the Watergate at this point.

Android: To the Watergate to meet this man who appears to have done our programmed job already!

Back nearby, Vincent has finally managed to shut Muldoon up by covering his mouth.

Vincent: All right that's enough! You're lucky there isn't anyone around here or I would have stopped you sooner, so don't think you made any difference!

Muldoon: {Muffled} Too late.

Vincent: What? {Takes his hand off Muldoon's mouth} For the record, what was that?

Androids: Too late.

The threesome finally notices the army of androids that are surrounding them.

Android: Dr. Burrows, Mr. Morre?

Gene: Speaking.

Android: Come with us now.

Vincent: How about...no?

(One of the androids shoots a laser at Vincent. Vincent manages to dodges it as it hits a building.)

Android: Does that answer your question?

Muldoon: Well, I guess I can go.

(He attempts to leaves, however one of the androids shot at him and miss.)

Muldoon: Hey! What the...?!

Android: You aren't going anywhere. We are going to kill you.

Muldoon: Why?! I turned them over to you!

Android: We want to be the ones who take the glory of turning Gene and Vincent over to our bosses, no one else. For that, we must destroy you.

(One of the android begins to hum, meaning he's about to shoot a laser at Muldoon. Suddenly, Vincent jumps on the android. It suddenly stopped humming and tries to throw him off.)

Android: Get off!

Vincent: Never!

Android #2: I will get him!

(The android switches his hand to what appears to be a gun. The first android suddenly realizes...)

Android: No you fool! Don't...

(Too late. The android shoots out a net at them. Vincent saw this and got off in time. The first android wasn't so fortunate as the net not only covers it, it shoots out electricity through it. It explodes. Gene quickly grabs the remaining parts.)

Gene: Quick! We can use these!

(He handed the gun like the other android uses to Vincent. Vincent quickly shoots electric nets at the other androids destroying them. The androids got distracted long enough for Gene to grab Muldoon.)

Gene: You are coming with us!

(Gene, Vincent, and Muldoon ran out of the area. By the time the androids stopped, they realize it was too late to stop them.)

Android: ****!

(A ringing like noise was heard. The android took out what appears to be a cell phone.)

Android: Yes?

(It was Harry on the other end.)

Harry: You fools! Have you captured them yet?!

Android: We try to. They got away.

Harry: You *******! Get them or you will be recycled into waste!

Android: Yes sir!

(He hangs up and turns to the other androids.)

Android: After them!

(The other androids ran to search the area for them. QC to the villains in the white house. They are not happy.)

WOW: Blast it, Harry! I thought those robots would have captured them by now!

Harry: So sue me! Is it my fault Mr. Smartypants didn't put in an electric brain?!

Mr. Smartypants: Don't accuse me, you dumb ****!

Miss Info: Don't you call him a ****, you Smarty***!

(Meanwhile, the other villains are going to the Lincoln Bedroom.)

Father Time: Loud is not going to be happy.

Cho-Cho: Here, here.

(Aka knocks on the door. We heard noises inside.)

Aka: Ho, Loudie!


Aka: We still hadn't got them yet!


Lucky Bob: Uh, what are you doing in there?

Charity: (V/O) You heard them! Scam!

(The villains shrugged and all left. Except Froggo who appears angry for a second. Then he shook his head and leaves. We still heard noises inside. Note: I won't say what they are doing because I might get Norung angry. QC to Gene, Vincent, and Muldoon are running to hide in an alley. Gene turns angrily to Muldoon.)

Gene: Are you crazy?! What were you thinking?!

Muldoon: I was only trying to save my nation! It's your fault they attacked the capital to begin with!

Vincent: Not the old "blame it on the heroes because they stopped the villains before" stuff. Listen, it isn't our fault!

Voice: I agreed.

(The threesome turns around. There is the guy who was driving like a maniac earlier.)

Gene: Who are you???

Nathan: My name is Nathan. And unless we team up now, the nation will be in peril!

Muldoon: Team up? You mean actually try to overthrow those guys before the deadline without these two dying? I've known you 2 seconds and I see you don't want to do things the easy way, besides this is all their fault!

Nathan: I know you better than you think then, thinking the what seems like logical conclusion that they are to blame, because I felt that for a while. Until I saw those androids attack.

Gene: So you know this is their fault, good. For curiosity, when did you blame us?

Nathan: When I drove back to my house after the attack, or should I say a pile of rubble decorated with the bones of dead bodies, whose happen to be related to me.

Vincent: Your family. I'm so sorry.

Muldoon: If that happened, then you should be even more angry than these two than I am, with that kind of loss, you probably can't think straight enough to blame the "rightful evildoers" like the Histerians.

Nathan: I'm not that shallow and for that matter, dumb! And I think I can get you some help in beating them.

Gene: Good, those parts did well as a start, but they'll be back soon and we need to get going,

Nathan: Then follow me and take the rat with you.

Muldoon: Do I have a tail behind me, because if not, I don't get that joke, if you can call it that!

Later, the four are seen walking into a tall cathedral. Inside, there are people everywhere filling up the pews, sobbing or rubbing wounds or just sitting down blank faced.

Nathan: These are people who all are either hiding from the armies and spiders or sobbing over their late loved ones.

Gene: Then won't they be too fragile to stand with us or be like our other new friend?

Nathan: Let me try to prove you wrong, wait here.

Nathan goes up to the front stage.

Nathan: May I have your attention please?! {Everyone stops talking} No, I am not a reverend here, but I am someone who wants action taken right now! Do you want to wait around praying and torturing yourself in hopes that those two guys the murderers want will be killed so they get out of here?!

Woman: Isn't that pretty much the only option available to us?

Woman 2: Stacy, if it was, he wouldn't ask us, would he?

Stacy: Perhaps he's just someone who likes to hear himself talk, Tress, think of that?

Nathan: All right, good, you have anger; we may need that for the hours ahead. I'll clear that up by saying that I propose we form an army of our own to crush the Histerians and take back the U.S.A! {Murmuring is heard through the audience mixed with agreement and doubt}

Muldoon: Speaking for the doubters here, which there should be more of, why should we? Why should we risk our lives for a cause that will get us killed when the way to get them out is in this church next to me!

Everyone turns and sees Gene and Vincent, then do the trademark collective gasp followed by more murmuring.

Vincent: {To Muldoon} Do you enjoy being so one dimensional and wrong, do you?!

Muldoon: I enjoy being proven right and serving my country, that's what I enjoy! Everyone get them!

Gene: STOP!! Enough of this who blamed who stuff and who's the evil one here, there is something far greater than that at stake! If you'll allow me to be patriotic here for a minute, I'll show you. Come
outside with me.

Gene walks outside followed by everyone else. When they are all out he points to all the ruined property
and buildings nearby.

Gene: Did we do this? Did we build something that killed and destroyed? If we felt we were responsible for this, do you really think we wouldn't regret it everyday of our lives? Although that last part didn't fit in much at all, those first two do. They killed on purpose, they wanted your loved ones dead just to kill two people, two!! Thousands dead just to get two and it will be millions if something isn't done!

Vincent: Hey, did it ever occur to you that even if we do die, they might not leave? Don't you think that if they did all this, that they won't just go back on their word and crush the states anyway! They're capable of that without question!

The people now ponder this and look angry after doing so.

Stacy: Crush the Histerians! {A cheer from the crowd is heard}

Nathan: Thank you, good guys, now let me sweeten the deal. Nearby here is an army weapons store, there are guns everywhere to combat the armies they have. Let's go get them.

Gene: No, it'll be easier to find you if you all go together. Me and Vincent will find it, and Nathan you should stay with them and make plans for possible attacks.

Nathan: Isn't that a leader's job, like you two?

Vincent: I think I'm looking at one, Mr guy who led us here in the first place and came up with this idea long before us. Ponder that while we go.

Gene and Vincent walk away as the others head back to the church to plan, except for Muldoon.

Muldoon: I don't believe these people! And I don't believe I'll want their forgiveness when I get done with what I have to do.

Suddenly he notices a shadow over his head, which disappears a brief second later. He looks above and smiles a bit. Cut at that same second to our two protagonists walking down the street.

Gene: Finally, we've gotten a break, now we have a way to defeat them!

Vincent: I'll forgive you for stating the obvious, let's just go and ensure that your theory is correct.

They walk down happily for one second...just one because something lands right on them and makes them fall. Whatever lands on them gets up to reveal itself as an android. The other androids then walk in and grab the shaken up heroes.

Android: I told you scanning for them on top of buildings was a good idea, though they weren't actually in a building.

Android 2: I don't think the masters will care. Take them to the White House and see!

The army walks away to take them to their foes.

(QC to the rebellion inside the church. Nathan is giving out instructions to the others.)

Nathan: Okay, listen up. I found a way into the white house; that way we can capture them easily without them noticing.

(One of the women raises their hands)

Woman: Won't they call in their robo-spider?

Nathan: I had a plan for that, Andrea. If we can disable the spider, it will be useless to them.

Andrea: Brilliant!

(Muldoon came in with a smile on his face. It didn't go unnoticed)

Nathan: What are you smiling...wait a minute, where's Gene and Vincent?

Muldoon: Oh, nowhere. (Shrugs)


Nathan: Tress, Stacy, hold him.

(Muldoon tries to run away, but Stacy and Tress grab him anyway.)

Nathan: (angrily) Now for the last time, where's Gene and Vincent?!

Muldoon: Listen, why should we help them?!

Nathan: (angrily) Something happened, did it?!

Muldoon: Well...

Tress: How about we torture him a little?

Muldoon: How you intend to do that?

Nathan: Perhaps a few episodes of Histeria! with Loud screaming with changed you mind!

Muldoon: No! Anything but that! Okay, the androids got them and are now bringing them to the Histerians!

(Everyone gasps)

Nathan: Ok, that's all.

(Tress and Stacy drop them. Muldoon looks nervous.)

Nathan: Ok, listen up. We don't have time. (Gives the map to Stacy) Follow these instructions and you'll get in the White House unnoticed.

Stacy: Right.

Nathan: You. (Points to Muldoon) Come with me.

Muldoon: Why?

Nathan: Look, you want to save the nation right?

Muldoon: Yes...

Nathan: Good! We are going to help the others, but first we are going to make a little detour...

(QC to the White House. Harry is on the cell phone while the others are standing around insulting each other.)

Harry: You got them? Good. Bring them in the office. We will take care of them. (Hangs up and turns to the Histerians.) Okay, shut the **** up!

(Everybody stops what they are doing.)

Harry: We got our captures.

Miss Info: But Loud and Charity aren't all here!

Harry: What?! Someone go get them, **** it!

Toast: I will do it dudes.

(He left. QC to outside the Lincoln Bedroom. Toast arrives and knocked on the door.)

Loud: (V/O) WHAT IS IT NOW?!

Toast: Uh, our androids got them Loud.


(Toast shrugs and left. We heard a shuffle inside.)

Charity: No, Loud! That is mine!

(QC to the office. The androids had brought Gene and Vincent in to the evil smiling Histerians. The androids are guarding them with those guns. Loud and Charity ran in, all weird looking.)


Gene: Is that a hicky? (Note: Sorry! I couldn't insist!)


(Pepper tries to get a better good. Charity angrily punches her away.)

Charity: Lay off!

Father Time: Ugh, I think I am going to be sick!

WOW: Same here.

Aka: Word up!


Gene: Listen, you are not going to get away with this!

Harry: Oh sure. We are trying to get revenge on the world for canceling their show and ruining my life. But you and your friend had to go and destroyed our plans!

Mr. Smartypants: For that, we are going to kill you.

Lucky Bob: Yes...ouch!

(Cho-Cho had kicked him in the area again.)

Cho-Cho: Stop that!


(He nods to Froggo who is holding what appears to be a drill. Note: Think of one of the bad guys from "Pinky, Histeria, and the Brain". Everyone else snickers as Froggo advances on the heroes.)

Charity: WAIT!!!{Froggo stops, a bit shocked by the noise}

Froggo: ****it, she took on her...friend's most noticeable trait.


Charity: We've been planning and plotting their deaths for so long, to just do away with them like this is anticlimactic, just a quick little doom. Shouldn't we, I don't know, torture them a little first to make them beg for death?

Harry: A good idea in theory, but maybe you should have brought that up a tiny bit sooner so we could have thought of something!

Charity: Anyone remember where the small TV monitors that give you a view of the city are?

Miss Info: Ooh, I do, I do, but why do we need them?

Charity: Where's the controls for the spider, I think it needs to, well, express it's talents a little bit.

Gene: Wait!

Toast: We already did that gag, you ****ned doomed dude.

Gene: I thought you said you weren't going to unleash that thing unless the 24 hour deadline passed and we weren't dead!

Harry: You're practically dead now, so what's the harm in having some more fun before we leave? Plus after the demonstration I have now taken over planning from the girl, the returning President will know the dangers possible if he tries to stop us from wreaking havoc anywhere else.

Vincent: Gene, could you help me out, I've run out of words to express my hate for these, well, they're not people, more like demons!

Father Time: Oh, that's the best word you could think of, that's pathetic. But no more than what you'll be like once we're done. Set up everything Charity and Harry requested!


Fade to a little while after the crack of dawn outside the White House. Except for the cracked windows, you'd never know so much evil was going on inside, instead, you'd be more distracted by the people on the rooftop of the house, who are right next to a vent. You can guess who these people are, that's right, the rebels.

Nathan: All right, everyone assigned to this operation except me is going through the vents right now to get inside. Except me and the rat, actually.

Muldoon: Why am I here again, you know I'll be of no help to you if you're on a rescue!

Nathan: Once you see us battle them and see the cruel tactics they use, you'll see how wrong you are. All right, as for the rest of you, Stacy, Andrea, Tress, others, they'll certainly call on the androids when we show up, you prevent them from coming in on the ground.

Andrea: And what about when the spider shows up, I'm not very reassured by the sight over to the right.

They all turn over to the right to see smoke and fire above several building. As well as a couple of brief shots of something metal through the vast area of smoke.

Nathan: That's not a problem; it's motivation. All right, we're off, and remember to use the devices you found during our detour to stop the droids! Goodbye.

Nathan and Muldoon crawl into the vent and start, well, crawling through it. Cut to the inside of the White House where a open vent is seen, and below that is half the army of humans. Just then Nathan's head is seen coming through the opening, and he squeezes through the open space and falls to the ground. Muldoon reluctantly follows suit.

Nathan: Good, everyone is ready. Now let's search the area to find them.

Abruptly the scene changes to the spider destroying everything in it's sight, then we pull back to see it is on two TV screens. Gene and Vincent's faces are right up close to the sight with their eyes being held open by Loud and Harry as Father Time and WOW holding their bodies so they can't escape. The desired effect for the villains of the heroes watching so much destruction appears to be taking place.

Vincent: Stop, no more, call that thing off! CALL IT OFF!

Harry: I think a few more destroyed buildings should be enough for now. And it'll seem even more wonderful up close!

Charity and Toast move the small TV's even closer to the good guys faces as they see the spider driving its leg through a tall building, destroying it immediately.

Gene: Stop, this has gone on 20 minutes too long, what more could you want to destroy?!!

Loud: You're right; death time is over. TURN THE TV'S OFF, IT'S SURPRISE TIME NOW!!{They turn the TV's off} NOW LET THEM GO!!!

WOW: Hey, what happened to torture until they beg for death?!

Loud: I SAID LET THEM GO!! {The old people do just that as Loud and a puzzled Harry let go of their eyes} NOW GUYS, DOESN'T THAT WHOLE THING JUST MAKE YOU MAD?!!

Gene: {Low} Why do you ask questions you know the answer to, YES!!


Harry: {Catching on} Yes, I know you probably took some sort of oath to bring people to jail and not to kill them, but doesn't that seem oh so pointless. You know what they say, a eye for an eye, and we've done so much you almost want to try to give us a brutal punishment that fits the crime.

Vincent: {Pondering} Well, I guess no one will blame us if that happens. Plus I've held my rage concerning those guys nearly ruining my life for a bit too long!

Harry: Well no more, my friend! Come on, I'll give you a free shot, come and get us!

Gene: Wait! {Grabs Vincent before he can do anything}


Gene: Never. I won't let you destroy his soul and make revenge blacken it before you kill him; that's what you want! Vincent, it's all too predictable and probably used somewhere else before, but they want you to try to get them without regard for our duty to bring them to justice because they want to transfer a little of their evil into you!

Vincent: That makes no sense at all.

Gene: They want you to kill them so you can briefly turn into them, and that will haunt you until your end, it's lame, but it's workable. Don't become an example of that!

Charity: Hey, how come you're still stupid enough not to be blinded with rage?

Gene: Because I'm the worst kind of person a villain wants to see. I'm a moral crusader who knows how to control himself!

Harry: *** this, let's kill him first to make Vincent's moral choice easier and to make sure he never says that kind of lamea** stuff again. {Points a gun at Gene's head} Good bye, "friend"

Nathan: {V.O} Yes, goodbye "friends"!

Everyone turns to see the rebels entering the room.

Nathan: It's over, Histerians; you're finished!

Mr Smartypants: Hmm, maybe he' right, unless you consider our other friends! Reactive the androids to come in here!

Back outside, the androids are seen marching towards the White House, but they stop when they spot the
other rebels blocking their army.

Tress: You're not coming any closer, bots!
Android: And how will you back that puny threat up,
defenseless human?

Tress: Thanks for effectively setting this up!

Tress pulls out something and drives it through the android, making it collapse. We now see that she is holding a pick ax. The other rebels pull out pickaxes of their own.

Andrea: Attack!

Back inside, the rebels are pulling out guns.

Nathan: Surrender and we'll try not to kill you.

Harry: I choose an option you didn't mention. Histerians, kill them first! Charge!

(As the Androids went closer they surprisingly got shot in the back. And were unable to do any damage to the rebels.)

Andrea: Okay what just happened?

Tress: I have no idea.

(They take the chance to leave. And it's rather unknown why nobody seemed to notice.)

Loud: Oh my...

Charity: What is it loud?

Loud: LOOK!

(Over at the nearby horizon there is a pack of bikers, they are all in red/orange/tan/white armor. Are they robots in disguise or just people in full-body armor.)

Gene: Could these people be more rebels?

Father Time: Maybe they are really special forces.

(The motorcycling gang is coming in closer. There is one biker that's riding up ahead the others.)

Lead Rider (speaking in a rather "Eric Idle" voice): Don't look behind Door Number Two, Monty, it's time to play end-of-the-line, my Valentine! Geroni-Geron-Ronni-MO!

(The Biker gang ends up attacking our heroes while a slightly truncated Weird Al song "Dare to be stupid" plays in the background.)

Loud: RUN!

(The Bikers make the first offense by attacking them with chain whips, one of them tries to get WOW down but she ends up pulling the biker of his bike. And don't worry I won't mention who it is. While the other bikers are handling the other Histerians.)

WOW: Its not hard to knock them down, its getting them to stay down that's the trick.

Charity: They're indestructible!


Lead Rider (still in that same peculiar voice): You check in but you don't check out.

(He comes in to attack as he gets off his bike & with a small axe in his hand. But Gene comes in with a nearby piece of junk he found that was actually strong enough to face off at the lead biker. So they face off at each over for a brief bit, as loud comes in whacking the lead rider off by a big pipe he found. Snickers Don't you just love plot contrivances?)

(But meanwhile as more of the Histerians came in, the battle stops.)

Toast: Hey its pepper!


(As Toast is watching all of this, he is starting to remember a few things.)

Toast: Oh my...

Pepper: What is it Toasty?

Toast: Do you have that shiny bubble gum I gave just recently?

Pepper: Sure...(gives him a piece) But why?

Toast: Aw nothing, but do remember the "Universal Greeting"?

Pepper: The what?

Toast: Aw never mind I remember.

(Toast approaches to the lead biker, offering him that piece of shiny gum.)

Gene: Saw Loud, who are these people?

Loud: I dunno...

Gene: Could they be Man or Machine? Friend or Foe?

Loud: Eric Idle in a plated full-body armor suit?

Gene: Huh?

Loud: Well he sounds like him!

Toast: *ahem!* Bah Weep Granah Weep Ni Ni Bong!

Lead Biker: Bah Weep Granah Weep Ni Ni Bong!

Toast: Bah Weep Granah Weep Ni Ni Bong!

Lead Biker (turning to the other bikers): Bah Weep Granah Ni Ni Bong!

Bikers: Ehhh...Bah Weep Granah Weep Ni Ni Bong! (Repeat 2X, and now as the rest of that Weird Al song continues the "Bikers" were dancing to the music.)

Toast: Dude, that was an awesome Junkion impersonation you guys just pulled!

Lead Biker (now speaking in a regular voice): Thanks man.

Loud: What a minute! You're sounding awfully familiar!

Lead Biker: As well I should, Loudie boy! (He removes the helmet to be none other than...)

The Histerians: POKEJEDSERVO?!

PJS: Hiyee!

Charity: You have GOT to be kidding me!


The Histerians: YEAH!

PJS: Calm down, I can explain. You see for one thing we were trying to make sure you weren't the evil Histerians, and two whether you were evil or not we were testing you & ourselves whether all this battle gear we have will work on the enemy.

Father Time: Where'd you get this stuff?

PJS: The internet.

Father Time: Oh...

PJS: Anyways, and besides I initially thought up of the idea of us authors coming in to help in the battle. I was going to do an old-fashioned surprise appearance, but I thought an entrance like this was going to be more original & surprising.

Aka: That may be true but an old fashioned entrance would've made a lot more sense!

Just about everyone: YEAH!

PJS: True. I probably should've done that, then again me & the other authors would've probably been a lot better equipped this way. Come on out you guys!

(The others took off their helmets and reveal themselves as none other than JS, Robert, BB, R6, Hamiltonian, Froggofan, Mike, Nfftnat & Dr. BELCH.)

Froggo: How come you guys were following with him on this?

Robert: Don't look at us; it was his idea! You know how insane he can be!

Charity: That's all too true, but why didn't you guys come up with a plan?

JS: He actually came up with one a lot faster than the rest of us, so we had to follow if any sort of potentially working plan even if it is a wee bit too "surrealistic".

Vincent: OK now that we are done with this absurd filler what are going to do with the battle?

PJS (Back in that Eric Idle voice): And the answer is...Uincr...I mean the Evil Histerians!

Gene: Yeah, we're trying to defeat the Evil Histerians!

PJS: Yes friends act now, Defeat the Evil Histerians, Defeat the Grand Poobahs, elimanate even the toughest stains!


Smarty Pants: Why are they chanting that?


Vincent: Lets just follow them!

(And they did.)

(Everyone lost the authors who disappeared all of the sudden. They decided to continue to what they were doing.)


Nathan: I have a better idea. Guys?

(The rebels threw some a bomb at the villains. Loud and Harry managed to get out of the way. There is a weird puff of smoke. The remaining Histerians were on the floor knock out. Gene and Vincent look confused.)

Gene: What is that all about?

Nathan: Oh that is just stun powder that is use to knock out the opponents.

Vincent: While we are standing here confused, the remaining villains are getting away! (Points to a fleeing Loud and Harry.)

Gene: Vincent, come with me! The rest of you...tied up the villains!

(Gene and Vincent left. Muldoon stood there shocked.)

Muldoon: I can't believe it.

Nathan: Now you see why Gene and Vincent aren't the ones responsible?

Muldoon: After this, I only blamed the Histerians now.

Nathan: Glad to hear you changed your minds.

(Meanwhile, Gene and Vincent chased Loud and Harry to a rooftop. This is the final battle.)

Vincent: This is it! You are going now hard!


Harry: Yes! Loud, you take Vincent! Gene is mine!

(Loud angrily pounds Vincent, while Gene is struggling with Harry. A fight pursues. Meanwhile, the unconscious villains are now tied up. Nathan is congratulating everyone.)

Nathan: Good job, people. Now let's help Gene and Vincent stop the remaining villains!

Everyone else: Yeah!

(Everyone ran off to find the foursome. QC to the final battle. Vincent manages to throw Loud off of him.)

Gene: Vincent, help!

(Vincent saw Harry on Gene choking him to death. Gene is unable to get him off)

Vincent: Oh my gosh.

(He quickly took a gun from his pocket. A pause.)

Vincent: (thinks) If I do it, I may save Gene but I will hate myself forever for doing it. On the other hand... (Looks at Gene struggling with Harry. He sighs.)

(Meanwhile, Harry is speaking with Gene while choking him.)

Harry: You shouldn't have interfere, Gene. Now, we will get our revenge!

(Meanwhile, elsewhere the rebels are still looking for the battlers. Then a shot was heard.)

Muldoon: What the...?!

Tress: It's coming from over there!

(They ran to where the sound came from. QC to battle. Gene got up and looks shocked. Harry is now on the floor, dead. Vincent also looks shocked. He is still holding the gun. Take a guess.)

Loud: OH MY GOD, YOU KILLED HARRY!! YOU DOOMED ***TARD!! Wait, hold on, maybe he's faking it, yes, he's fooling them, ha, now you'll be sorry!

Loud runs over to the corpse that used to be Harry Norman and checks for a pulse. But it takes him a while to realize that there is none. He breathes very hard in pure rage and is about to let out a HUGE scream...before a hand is put over his mouth. Gene's. The other rebels run over and guard any means of escape as Gene holds Loud down.

Gene: We've got you all now, boy. It's finally over, and permanently for my old friend.

Vincent: I guess I didn't live up to that speech you gave back inside, did I?

Gene: For that, I will make a welcome exception. Thank you, my much better friend.

Loud: {Laughs madly} Good thing you're feeling fine now. Hey, did any of you see those big dinosaur movies?

Gene: Those unrealistic, impossible pieces of tripe, of course not! And what does that have to do with your impending trip back to the asylum?

Loud: {Low} The fact that the only ones making a trip anywhere is you to H*ll.

Rumbles are now heard which shake the ground a bit, and get louder and louder each time.

Nathan: This is it! Get the pick ax that's tied to the very long rope ready!

The other rebels get out said pick ax tied to a long rope and nail the end of the rope down. Nathan grabs the pickax side and flings it far away. He then tugs on it just as the sight of the robo-spider is seen.

Nathan: It's on; give me the device!

A device is handed to Nathan with a clock reading 1:00 on it. He then jumps onto the rope and climbs it all the way to the end, where the pickax is attached to a part of the spider. While he did this, the others avoid laser blasts that shoot out of the vile machine.


Just then an opening is seen on the spider's head and a giant gun stars to come through. At that point Nathan comes back onto the ground.

Nathan: That's it, now it's over!


Nathan: In any other situation, I'd be imprisoned for this, you know.

Nathan punches Loud in the stomach...at the split second when a huge explosion is heard; the spider's. It falls down in a blaze of fire and then is completely destroyed as a result.

Nathan: My bomb worked perfectly! A productive, and good method of revenge is ours, my friends.

Loud: BOMB?!! NO!!

Mr Smartypants: I told you we needed a special shield for that, but no! You were too busy fooling with that blond...{he stops only because the rebels once more surround him and the others}

Vincent: All right, for the billionth and last time, it's done. You're all about to be under arrest. And I'll say it for you as a token kind act to you. Curse you, Gene and Vincent!! We'll be back, and we will get our revenge!!

Gene: Excellent satire, I must say.

Later on, police are seen taking the wretched Histerians away. Nearby, Gene and Vincent are saying goodbye to the rebels and Muldoon.

Gene: So what's next for you guys?

Nathan: Accept our new fame graciously and then rebuild our lives in an equally gracious manner. My loved ones wouldn't want me doing otherwise.

Stacy: And since Muldoon was around, he'll be asked questions about what happened and we can keep him from lying that he never had any doubt about you.

Muldoon: Sheesh, you make one grave mistake in deciding whom to root for and they never let you go. At least we agree that thank God this is over.

Vincent: I hope so, rat turned smart guy. I sure hope so....

Fade to the Histerian hideout from the beginning. The hole from back then is still there as well as some spoons. A caption reads, "Not long later" Nearby, the Histerians are surrounding a strange machine.

Cho-Cho: Wait, we came back here for Smarty to build this?!

Smartypants: Prepare to thank me later when we go inside...the time machine! We can at last use the history they said we tarnished against our enemies by going anywhere and changing the past to our ends!

Charity: Brilliant, that'll get them! {Suddenly she looks sick} Um, excuse me for a moment. {She runs off towards the bathroom}

Loud: What's been with her lately? No matter, Smarty's right. This shall be history, especially since we shall make it up ourselves! Harry my ally; you shall be avenged, much to their regret if they still have the brainpower to do so!

All the villains laugh before heading into the machine. Their fading out is the last thing we see before we fade from this story for good.


Note from JusSonic himself: And so that Evil Histerians built a time machine in order to mess with history. However, Gene got info about this and he built a time machine of his own to go to the time periods to go to and restored things. In 2001, the Histerians decided to take their anger out on someone from another world and the evil Mr. Smartypants sent a device called the Teleport-5000 to another world. After that, they waited until...ah, but that is another story.

Cast list
1.R6: Himself
2.Bourgeois Buffoon: Himself
3.Cody Ruegger: G. Loud Kiddington, E. Loud
4.Laraine Newman: G. Charity Bazaar, E. Charity, Nathan's wife, Miss Information
5.JusSonic: Himself
6.Tress MacNeille: G. Toast, E. Toast, Hillary Clinton, Pepper Mills, World's Oldest Woman, Cho-Cho, Tress
7.Jeff Glen Bennett: G. Lucky Bob, Reverend Karras, E. Lucky Bob, Various nameless androids
8.Nathan Ruegger: G. Froggo, E. Froggo
9.Frank Welker: Police chief, Vincent Morre, Dan Bladder, Father Time, Bill Clinton
10.Gene Hackman: Dr. Gene Burrows
11.Geoffrey Rush: Dr. Harry Norman
12.Paul Rugg: Guard, any remaining androids
13.Rob Paulsen: Mr. Smartypants, Muldoon
14.Maurice LaMarche: Nathan, Various nameless androids
15.Cree Summer: Aka Pella
16.Luke Ruegger: Big Fat Baby
17.Nora Dunn: Stacy, Andrea
18.Pokejedservo: Himself
19.Robert: Himself
20.Hamiltonian: Herself
21.Froggofan: Himself
22.Mike: Himself
23.Nftnat: Himself
24.Dr. BELCH: Himself

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