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The Return of Evil Loud

By JusSonic

Okay people. You know the drill. 1.This story is property of BourgeoisBuffoon and me; and 2. This story comes after Robert's story, "24 Days". Enjoy!

(We go to Warner Brothers studio. It is night. We cut to inside of one of the buildings. We see a door that says "Warning! Dislike Toons inside. Do not enter." We then heard noises like a shoe squeaking.)

Voice: Heh, heh.

(We then see some sort of evil shadow opening the door and going inside. In it was some light, we see that the shadow is...Evil Loud.)

Evil Loud: Perfect, once I released these toons, I'll finally destroy my (cringing as he says it) "goody-two shoes" twin and his friends once and for all.

(He took out something that looks like some sort of heat gun.)

E. Loud: Mr. Smartypants's invention would definitely release these psychos.

(He turns it on. But then, something goes wrong and the invention goes out of control. The door slams behind him. The invention jumps from E. Loud's hands and lands on some sort of button. Strange freezing gas appears in the room.)

E. Loud: NO!

(Fades to black)

15 (or 14) Years Later...

(We see two guys outside the room E. Loud entered. One is in a lab coat, the other a suit.)

Lab guy: Well, sir, I still do not think that these toons are safe enough for the public. We can see, of course, but I doubt it.

(The lab guy opens the door. Gas comes out, however.)

Lab guy: WHAT THE HECK?! (Seems to realize something) My gosh! Someone was in here!

Suit guy: Yeah...and look at that machine over there! (Points to E. Loud's device)

(Lab guy walks over and picks up the device)

Lab Guy: That's odd... this looks like a gun...and it fell onto the gas button. I wonder why he was here with this...

(As both men look over the gun, E. Loud, now a lot taller and muscular looking, silently wakes up. He looks around, and then sees the two in front of him. He smiles as he pulls out his chain and comes behind them...Fade to black)


(Fade in to a VERY shabby looking shack. We enter it; it's a mess inside. We go into the kitchen and see...Evil Charity! Sitting by the table, she looks about 15 years older as well, and has a white T-shirt and cutoff jeans on her. She has bags under her eyes and a beer in one hand. She now gulps down some of the beer and stays silent for a second. She then belches, as a boy about 15 years old comes in, dressed in a repairman's overalls, gloves, and backwards cap)

Boy: Hey, Mom! I built a car entirely from spare parts around my workplace!

E. Charity: Well, can we use it?

Boy: Uh, no...

E. Charity: Forget about it. (Swigs down the rest of the beer) Can you get me another beer?

(The boy does so, but hands it over disapprovingly)

Boy: You really gotta get out of this rut, Mom!


G. William: (ED. NOTE: Guess who...) Okay! Uh...anyway, I just want you to help me out. You know, so'd I have time to go to school.

E, Charity: I will, honey, I will...(gulps some beer) you know, did I ever tell how I once nearly destroyed our capital?

G. William: (looks away) Yeah...I know...

E. Charity: (now drunk) Well, I gotta tell ya that if you weren't in my gut from a fling your dad and I had, we'da been thrown into prison with the rest of our pals! Judge was dumb enough to let us go to raise you! But then your father runs off on me! (Starts to sob) Why did he do that...?

G. Will: (nervous) Ah...I'm sure he has a reason...

E. Charity: (obviously forgetting her son exists; yells at sky) WHY! WHY?! WHHHHYYYYYYY...!!!

(G. William now leaves to his room. It, unlike the rest off the house, is rather clean. Shelton then goes to his desk, where there are models of machines and robots. He starts to play with one)

G. Shelton: Man, if only YOU guys were real. I wish I could do something in robotics...(gets a dreamy look on his face)...we could have robots helping out humanity! If only Mom here didn't think I was crazy...and I wish (looks angry) she'd get up off her butt and get a job! I can't stay in a middle-school education caring for her forever!

(He sighs)

G. Shelton: I love her, but I doubt she loves me...all she ever does is whine at me unless she's drunk. Geez, she only uses me! Even when I was born! I get to be (silently enraged) the ****in' son of someone who tried to destroy America!

(He sighs, and takes out a small box from a drawer in his desk and starts to open it. We see it's a kit to build a robot. Fade to black as he starts putting it together.)


(Fade in to the room where E. Loud had been trapped. Cells are open, and an alarm sounds. We see from behind the silhouettes of the lab and suit guys hanging from the ceiling, Loud's chain around their necks...We now Quick Cut to E. Loud running away from the studio with some figures...)

(We cut to G. Loud's house. Inside, he and his wife Charity are having a baby shower. In other words, Charity is pregnant and is going to have a kid. Anyone from Histeria and who are good guys in the "24 Days" story are here.)

Father Time: Congratulations, Loud!

Scott Drawford: I never think much from my former FBI employee.

Loud: Thanks, guys. I guess from all the trouble I endure, I glad I can finally settle down.

Toast: Gnarly, dude. I mean last time Gene and his pawn Dr. William Shelton try to turned me and everyone else (nods to Pepper, Aka, Froggo, Lucky Bob, Cho-Cho, Chit, Bill, and Sammy) into robots, frames you for murder, and almost puts in one of his mind games. Frankly, you deserve some peace and quiet, dude.

Loud: Uh, thanks Toast. Whatever you said.

Aka: Yo, Froggy! Did your interview go well?

Froggo: Well, Aka, they are interested and will meet me in two weeks.

Pepper: Oh right! (Screaming insanely)

(Suddenly phone rings)

Loud: I'll get it! (Thoughts) Now, who could it be at this time and day? (Answers phone) Hello? Who is this?

Voice from phone: Oh please! From all your experience, you should have known by now!

Loud: Huh?! Who is this?!

Voice: I'll give you one hint! (Loudly) BOOM!

Loud: Ouch! Why are you scre...(Suddenly realizes something. He recognizes the voice. The voice of someone he didn't want to hear again.) Evil Loud???

E. Loud: Well, duh. Who do you expect it to be? Stalin?

Loud: But, I thought you were dead!

E. Loud: Ha! You should have known better than that many years ago! Anyway, I am back and with new allies to boot!

Loud: What are you up to?!

E. Loud: No ****ing way I'm going to tell you! Got to split, I have to contract whoever is still alive in my other universe. See ya!

(He hangs up. Loud drops phone in shock.)

Charity: Loud? Honey, is everything all right?

(Loud turns to everyone)

Loud: Guys, there's something I must tell you.

Meanwhile at Evil Loud's new headquarters...

(We see E. Loud surrounded by his new cronies. All of them surround a table. He has a map upon the table; we see it is of Washington)

E. Loud: (Hangs up phone) Man, all you gotta do is tweak it here (points to body of phone) and you call anyone anytime, anyplace. (Smiling) I suppose you guys are wondering why you're here today. Well, guys, I want you to know that the world hates guys like us. Why else would you be imprisoned?

(One person speaks. He looks like a wrestler)

Wrestler: Yeah! Good point!

E. Loud: But first, let's introduce ourselves. Starting on my right.

(A leprechaun speaks)

Leprechaun:(deep Irish accent) I'm Lucky Barns. I got frozen cuz assassins with pots o' gold weren't accepted in me time!

Wrestler: (sounds like Hakon the good from the Viking interview) I'm Commu-Khan! I am a North Korean wrestler who is frozen because I like communism!

(A gorilla next to Commu-Khan starts to hoot)

E. Loud: Hmm...fat gorilla, ain't ya?

(Gorilla then farts BIG TIME)

E. Loud: Fatty who farts. (Thinks) Fat Fart. That's what we'll call ya.

(We then see a male opera singer in feminine opera clothing, a motorcycle punk in a green Mohawk, a hockey player with a Jason-like mask, and an African-American apparently on fire.)

All: We're the FEARED FOUR!

Opera guy: I'm Oprao...

African-American:...aided by Flamethrower...

Hockey guy:...who teamed up with Deep Freeze...

Moto. Punk:...who combined into a team with me, CHAINSAW! (Whips one out)

Flamethrower: We were a supervillain team, and we beat up ALL good guys! But they...(looks angry)...locked us up for that!

E. Loud: Well, I know someone you can beat up upon...he beats up innocent guys like us! And once we beat him down, we can go lead lives we WANNA lead. But first we gotta make a pit stop...

(Fade to black. Fade back to the evil crew coming up to E. Charity's shack. E. Loud knocks on the door. E. Charity gets up from her couch and heads toward the door, only to find...)

E. Charity: LOUD!

(E. Loud then grabs E. Charity and kisses her-hard)

E. Loud: Miss me?

E. Charity: (looking seductive) Yes...

E. Loud: Tell me your story, then I tell you mine.

E. Charity: Well, you know up to the point when we were convicted for Washington and we got off cuz of our kid. Anyway, they've all died in prison 'cept for Smarty, he escaped, and our kid is as nerdy as they come.

E. Loud: D--n! Don't tell me he's a dweeb!

E. Charity: Yep...he makes all these electronic gizmos I can't touch. And get this: he made a car entirely from spare parts and I CAN'T USE IT! It belongs to his ****ing mechanical shop he works at!

(We cut from them to G. Shelton...watching this from his window.)

G. Shelton: (tears in his eyes) Dad...Mom?

(QC to the Evil crew. We hear E. Loud telling the last of his story up to this point.)

E. Loud: Well, I got a plan. Why not go back to the other world and take our twins' places? We'd start all over again- (smiles) and be a little more cautious in doing things.

E. Charity: Yeah...let's see Smarty. I know he's in hiding, and he could whip up another Teleport-whatever from my son's junk.

E. Loud: What are we waitin' for? Let's go!

(QC to G. Shelton, who has absorbed all this, and starts to cry. After a moment, he then realizes he should get out of his house. He starts to run off after crawling out his window...)

G. Shelton: (thinking) There's two guys I know who can stop them...but I don't know where they live!


(We now cut to a pacing G. Loud. G. Froggo is trying to cheer him up, as everyone else looks on silently...)

Froggo: Com'on, Loud. We beat him before, and I bet he hasn't learned any new tricks. WE are wiser. HE is not.

Loud: Yeah, but he may have the whole gang again, or maybe something that could kill us all! I mean-

G. Aka: Calm down there, buddy! We will kick him to Saturday-in this world or the other!

G. Loud: Yeah, but what if...(he looks at Charity)

G. Froggo: (following Loud's glance) Oh. I wouldn't worry; we'll take care of her.

(G. Charity realizes they are talking about her, and hangs her head)

G. Loud: Yeah, but WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!

(We cut to Evil Mr. Smartypants's lab. The evil crew is there.)

E. Mr. Smartypants: Well Loud, it's good to see you alive. (E. Loud nodded) Anyway, while you were away, I started to work on my Teleport-5000. Problem is, I don't have an energy source for it! (Notices something) Hey! What the **** are you doing?! (He pulls out a gun and shoots it. We heard a grunt and a noise liked someone falling dead.) That's my new assistant, Pule Houser, you know from the show? He really started to tick me off so I killed him!

E. Charity: Geez, Smarty***, your just a ***** sometimes! (She handed the plutonium energy thingy to him) Here is your energy source. I took it from my son's room. For some reason, he is not there!

E. Loud: Quit your stalling and put the energy source in!

E. Mr. Smartypants: Yes sir!

(He puts the thingy in the Teleport-5000 and presses a button. The Teleport-5000 started to activate)

E. Mr. Smartypants: Perfect, it's working.

E. Loud: Finally! (Turns to evil crew) Okay, as soon we get there, we begin our plan and pronto!

Evil crew: Yes, sir!

(The evil crew, followed by E. Mr. Smartypants goes in and disappears. All is silence. Then G. William Shelton appears.)

G. William Shelton: Good thing I followed them here. Now I got to follow them to wherever they are going to and find some way to stop them!

(He activates the machine and then jumps in. He also disappears.)

((We see a grassy knoll in D.C. Soon, a portal opens and the evil crew comes out. The portal soon disappears)

E. Loud: All right, it's been 15 years, we can go easy on disguises. Now this map (whips out the previously seen D.C. map) states that there is a new memorial to the heroes Gene Burrows and Vincent Morre-in OUR universe. But here I'll bet we get a monument to US. (Looks at E. Smarty and Charity)

Chainsaw: So whadda we waitin' for? I wanna slice duh guy up! (Whips out chainsaw)

E. Charity: Patience, my dear...let's go to the monument.

(We see the crew walk off. A little later, the portal opens up and Shelton comes out)

G. Shelton: I hope that Mr. Burrows and Morre received the message I gave to the FBI before I went here...but for now it looks like I have to stop them.

(He starts to follow them quietly...QC to the good
Histerians. They are in a circle.)

G. Loud: Okay, here's the plan. The men go on a detour to grab Pule, because someone of his strength could be useful. We then go to Mr. Smartypants and get out the old Teleport device to travel back to the Evil world!

G. Aka: HEY! What about the ladies here?

G. Loud: It's too risky. I have a feeling that since we're all older, they'll be more dangerous. And Father Time...I'm afraid we can't let you go either for fear your age will do you more harm than good.

F. Time: (angry) Oh, so the geezer is too precious to be hurt...

G. Loud: No! It's just...(whispers into F. Time's ear) I feel better if you're watching Charity.

F. Time: Oh....

G. Loud: (to the crowd again) All right, let's move on!

(The men go off. Charity sighs, then speaks)

G. Charity: I'm sorry, guys. If I weren't pregnant, we'd all probably go.

G. Cho: Oh, I think he just needed us to keep an eye out.

(QC to a fabulous mansion. The male Histerians are there. G. Froggo speaks into a speaker by the mansion's gate.)

G. Froggo: Uh, hello? It's me, Froggo.

Voice: (V/O) Ah, yes, Pule's friend. Hold on, I'll tell him you're here in a second.

(Silence goes on for a second, but then Pule-now VERY muscular-comes out)

Pule: (macho voice) Hey! My buddies!

G. Loud: Uh, Pule? You got those muscles ready for anything, right? 'Cause we'll need them...

G. Pule: (crossing arms) What for?

(One brief explanation later....)

G. Pule: (raises hand) Say no more. I remember hearing of your last experience. Let us go to Smarty's.

(Soon they are at a lab....)

G. Loud: Mr. Smartypants! You'll never believe it, but...my EVIL self is back!

G. Mr. SP: Really?

G. Loud: Yeah...we need your old Teleport machine to go back to their universe and nip the problem in the bud. (Realizes something) In fact, maybe Gene and Vincent in that universe can help us!

G. Mr. SP: Good observation. I'll ask for details later. Come into this room.

(He leads them into a dusty room, and soon we see our favorite teleport device. He turns it on.)

G. Mr. SP: Are you ready? All right, jump in!

(The other male Histerians do so...they are in the evil universe. Meanwhile, E. Loud's gang have caught up to the monument)

E. Loud: All right, Chainsaw, go to the teller and ask for info about me.

Chainsaw: Gotcha (winks).

(He goes up, and after a bit of discussion, he comes back to the group, who are laying low around the monument.)

Chainsaw: I know where they live now...this pamphlet gives a lot of recent information, like how some guy named Shelton tried to revive a dork named Gene Burrows. Oh, and I didn't know you guys were married (smiles evilly).

(E. Loud and E. Charity looked shocked, but soon a smile crosses their lips)

E. Charity: Well, it looks like we're going to have to give a baby shower. And William was good for once. (Snappish) Gimme that! (Snatches pamphlet) All right, I know their place from our world. It's where my house is, so I shoulda guessed sooner. Let's go.

(The evil crew starts to walk off...but G. Shelton has seen this. He asks for a pamphlet from the monument teller as well, and starts to walk off in the general direction the evil crew went.)

(We cut to E. Mr. Smartypants's lab. A sudden flash later and the good versions arrive.)

Froggo: Where are we?

Bill: Looking at the stuff here, I say we are at Mr. Smartypants's evil version's lab.

Pule: Okay but...(notices something and freaks out) why is there a dead body of me on the floor?!

(The good guys notice another Pule on the floor dead.)

Toast: Whoa, dude!

Loud: That must have been an evil version of you, Pule.

Pule: Well, this is starting to f--

(Suddenly an explosion was heard and then some guys ran in. They sorta looked like FBI people)

FBI #1: Okay, your all under arrest!

(The good guys looked confused and raises up their hands)

FBI #2: Okay, you had th...hey, wait a minute! (Looks confused at Froggo, Toast and Lucky Bob) I thought they were dead!

Lucky Bob: You are incorrect, sir!

Voice: Frankly, you must have accidentally arrest the wrong people. I'll take it from here, Drawford.

Loud: (thought) Drawford?!

(The person of the voice appears and it is...Gene!)

Gene: Hello, Loud. It's good to see you again.

(Pule freaks out and try to hide behind Toast)

Loud: Don't worry, Pule. This is Gene's good version from this universe. (Turns to Gene) What are you doing here? Let me guess, you come to arrest my evil self, right?

Gene: That's correct. We got a call from William Shelton...

The Good Guys: William Shelton?!

Gene: You heard of him?

Froggo: Hmm, if he called, he must have been a good guy in this universe.

Gene: Anyway, he called in and says that your evil self, his old gang members, and evil toons that recently escaped from the dislike toon vault had been planning to enter your universe. Frankly, they must have succeeded.

(Loud looks shocked.)

Loud: Oh no!

Gene: But first things first, what been going on since our last meeting?

(The agents leave except for Gene)

G. Loud: Well, me and Charity have gotten married...and she's expecting a baby soon.

G. Froggo: I'm a voice actor now, Bill runs the WB, (starts to count on fingers) Chit's a entrepreneur with Lucky Bob and Cho-Cho, Toast is a MTV host...

G. Toast: Whoa! Calm down there, Froggo! I'LL take it from here. Pepper's a music agent, and Aka's working on becoming a TV show host! You know, a NEW Oprah (shudders). Drawford here is head of the FBI, not a agent, Miss Info is a crusader for human rights, and Pule is one wicked movie star!

G. Loud: But then came the final battle. I had just joined up with the FBI when you were rebuilt by William Shelton, someone crazed for robots. You tricked me and Charity while everyone else was made into robots by Shelton. But...I was arrested for killing Charity, when I was really framed by Shelton. Eventually, I got out...and not only did Shelton plan to kill you, he wanted a world run by robots.

G. Bill: Eventually we were all turned back to humans...and Gene apparently fell into a sticky death. (Looks at Loud, then Gene) Me and the others turned back to humans after that.

G. Gene: I see. I have become head of technology here at the FBI. Until word came of this Kiddington's recent escapade, Vincent and I had finally caught the Histerians. You and Charity were allowed to go, however...(looks down) you two had a "romantic moment", so to speak. You had to raise the child, but I do not know how he is doing, or even his name.

G. Loud: Where's Vincent?

G. Gene: He went back to take the doctor's test, and passed. He is working at a hospital near us.

G. Loud: Ah...but I can't believe I have a child now....

G. Pule: (puts hand on Loud's shoulder) YOU did not, HE did.

G. Chit: Uh, this is nice learning what happened, but shouldn't we go back to our world if they're there?

(Everyone suddenly looks up at him, he is right)

G. Gene: Come, we'll use my Transporter device!


(We now QC to see G. Shelton wandering around D.C. in the Good universe. He stops by what is the lab the G. Mr. Smartypant's works at.)

G. Shelton: Hey, this looks like a public building! Since I lost Dad and Mom, I can ask for directions for their house here. This pamphlet told me nothing. (Looks at it, and throws it down. He enters the building...and is impressed by what he sees as he goes down the hall. He enters one room...)

G. Shelton: Wow! Look at this place!

(Suddenly, G. Mr. SP enters the room!)

G. Mr. SP: What are you doing here, child?! It could be dangerous here for you!

G. Shelton: (holds hands up) I'm sorry! It's just that some people are gonna attack Loud Kiddington's house!

G. Mr. SP: What do you mean...(realizes WHO the attackers are) Oh right, one of those people IS Loud Kiddington, is he not?

G. Shelton: Dunno if you'd understand this, but he is from another universe....

G. Mr. SP: I know he is. But let me ask you: Why are you here? How do you know this?

G. Shelton: Well, see, my name is William Shelton Kiddington...I came here from your opposite world...and Loud Kiddington is my father.

(G. Mr. SP looks like he may faint, but recovers)

G. Mr. SP: Ah, we must stop them! Perhaps you could be a factor in our plan, since we must warn the others.

G. Shelton: Naw...my parents hate me. I wouldn't be of much use.

G. Mr. SP: That's a pity. But come, we must gather supplies to fight back.

G. Shelton: Like a gun? I could make us some ray gun...

G. Mr. SP: Oh?

G. Shelton: Yeah! I love robots and mechanics. (Holds hands together) Maybe we can make some big robot to help us out!

G. Mr. SP: No, we need just the gun. How long will it take you to make it?

G. Shelton: Not long. I hope you have a lot of spare parts around...but hey why were you shocked when you heard my name?

G. Mr. SP: I will explain it as we make our defense mechanism. But let's get to work for now.


(We QC to the Evil crew coming upon Good Loud's house...Flamethrower looks into a window and sees all the H! women as well as F. Time. He smiles at the others and gives a thumbs-up...)

E. Loud: Where is my good self?!

E. Charity: Who cares? As long as my good self is killed and over with.

E. Loud: Your right. (Turns to evil crew) Okay, you guys, attack!

(Inside the house)

Aka: Don't worry, Charity. No one will attacked you while we are...

(Suddenly an explosion appears out of nowhere. The explosion disappeared and the good guys were shocked to see toons they never seen before.)

Oprao: I'm here!

Chainsaw: Me too. (Accidentally hurts his toe on the footstool.) Ouch! That hurts!

Father Time: Who are you people?!

Voice: Perhaps I will answer that.

(E. Loud, E. Charity and E. Mr. Smartypants entered the room.)

Cho-Cho: What the...?! Loud?!

Charity: No, that isn't Loud! That's his evil version. I know because I see my evil self with him!

E. Charity: Good answering from someone who's fat!

Charity: I'm pregnant!

E. Loud: Whatever. Anyway, you know me, Charity, and Mr. Smartypants. I like to introduce the rest of my gang. (Camera scrolls down) Lucky Barns, Commu-Khan, Fat Fart, and the Feared Four-Deep Freeze, Chainsaw, Oprao, and Flamethrower!

Aka: Well, whatever you're planning, I'll tell you that my boyfriend Froggo and his buddies will come back and kicked yo butt!

E. Loud: I don't think so! Attack!

(The evil crew took out their weapons and advance on the Histerians.)

Pepper: Well, no sense not fighting back. (Turns to Father Time) Hide Charity and quick.

(Father Time nodded and took Charity to back of room. Pepper then turns to the other girls.)

Pepper: Okay, let get them!

(Meanwhile back at Mr. Smartypants's lab.)

Mr. Smartypants: They should be back right about...

(A flash appears and you-know-who appears)

Mr. Smartypants:...now.

Loud: Glad you stay here, Mr. Smartypants. Otherwise...(notices William) Wait, who is this kid?

William: Hello...dad.

Everyone except Mr. Smartypants and William: Huh?!

(We soon see the gang at G. Mr. SP's lab seated in various chairs in a circle)

G. Shelton: You see, when in my world you guys were caught, my dad and mom, who's Loud Kiddington and Charity Bazaar from my world, had been rumored to have a fling, it turned out to be true. The Judge let them go to raise me, because he'd thought that'd be bad enough.

(Flashback time...we soon see a judge pointing his mallet at E. Loud and Charity, who have a look of shame...)

G. Shelton: I really didn't have a good home life...Dad disappeared early and Mom left me to support our house.

(QC to a scene of E. Charity lying on a messy couch, a 8-year old Shelton vacuuming.)

G. Shelton: Mom always yelled at me...but the only times she didn't was when she was drunk or I was in my room.

G. Loud: You don't say. Uh...anything in life that interests you?

G. Shelton: (brightly) I like robots! I wanna make it so humans and robots have a happy co-existence with each other! We don't give robots enough credit, you know.

(We pan back to see the Histerians except for Gene looking nervous or looking away.)

G. Loud: (head on palm) Tell me about it.

G. Shelton: I know...but hold on. Me and Mr. Smartypants were finishing up on my new weapon when he realized you were coming. (Suddenly serious) Me and Mr. Smartypants will come later, but you guys gotta go!

G. Loud: (slams fist into palm) Right! Let's go, guys!

G. Shelton: Do you think we can finish this freeze gun in time, Mr. Smartypants?


(QC to G. Loud's house. We see the evil crew standing around, surveying the place.)

E. Loud: Nice place ya got...it'll be nice when we take it.

G. Aka: And just what do you mean by THAT, ugly?

E. Loud: I'll ignore that...but wouldn't YOU like to know about the plan? (Sticks tongue out for a moment) Well, guys...whaddya say we practice our fighting skills on these girls?

Commu-Khan: (by the door) YEAH!

(Then, the door slams open and smashes Khan into the wall! As the door drops back, we see cracks on the wall from when Khan crashed into it. We now see a who was the assailant...World's Oldest Woman holding a little present!)

WOW: Did I miss the baby shower? (Looks at E. Charity) Boy, you need a shower, Charity!

Commu-Khan: (waking up) Grrr....RRAAAWW!

(He leaps at WOW, and a fight ensues. Meanwhile, everyone else has started to battle, but it's obvious the good guys are not winning...but E. Charity has sneaked out of the midst of fighting and slipped into the kitchen. She pulls out a large carving knife, and smiles. She then sneaks into another room, which holds G. Charity and F. Time!)

E. Charity: (mockingly bright) Hello there, mommy-to-be! You know, I had a son...a lazy good for nothing brat. I wonder what yours would be like...but we'll never know, won't we?

(...She advances onto the two...but meanwhile, in the living room, the H! males have burst into the scene!)

G. Toast: ALL RIGHT! Let's get this fight scene like a movie one!

E. Loud: (coming up to the H! males slowly...) Whaddya mean by that?

G. Toast: Like- (he suddenly rushes to E. Loud and tackles him)-one where the GOOD guys win!

G. Loud: (panicked) Where's Charity?! I gotta find Charity! (He runs off from the fight)

(...But as the fight is going on, it's obvious the good guys are losing...in on battle, we see Commu-Khan running toward WOW trying to choke her. But she keeps running out of the way every time.)

WOW: What kind of person are you anyway? Some sort of wrestler?

Commu-Khan: Shut up you! I am a communist wrestler and I hate democracy! (He runs toward her again.)

(In another one, we see Flamethrower shooting flame weapons at Aka. She manages to avoid some of them, but sometimes almost getting fried by some.)

Aka: Yo, buddy! You give us African Americans a bad name!

Flamethrower: Ha! I don't go by the 'respect your race' crap! I rather burn than just whatever!

(He continues shooting fire at her. Aka was getting nervous. In another battle, Chainsaw whirls his chainsaw while advancing on Toast.)

Chainsaw: (laughing) Bring it on, punk!

Toast: Yo, chill out dude!

Deep Freeze: Wrong! I rather you chill out!

(He tackles Toast and a fight pursues. Meanwhile Cho-Cho was fighting Lucky Barns. She jumps viva The Matrix and kicks him down. He got back up and tries to advances on her again. She grabs a pan and throws it at him but he sketches back viva the Matrix again. He really got angry and runs toward her waving a knife. But she was in front of the basement door. She got out of the way in time and he fell in. Meanwhile Oprao shoots lightning bolts with his lightning gun at Pepper, Froggo, etc. but they keep getting out of the way.)

Oprao: ****!

(Meanwhile Fat Fart confronts a little Big Fat Baby. BFB looks nervous and then farts. Fat Fart also farts. Nothing to see here; Meanwhile G. Loud found Charity and Father Time confronted by Evil Charity. He manages to tackle E. Charity by behind.)


(Meanwhile outside, G. William Shelton and G. Mr. Smartypants arrive outside the house. We hear struggling going on inside.)

Mr. Smartypants: Look likes they started the party without us.

G. William Shelton: I hope this freeze gun works. All right, we're going in!

(He slams the door open, and upon the duo entering they first see Flamethrower)

G. Shelton: Hey! Flameboy!

(Flamethrower turns around, but G. Shelton sprays him. Flamethrower simply does not move-he seems to have been turned into a statue. Everyone has seen this spectacle.)

Aka: Oh my god...

E. Mr. SP: What the ****....

(Meanwhile, Commu-Khan, thinking rather quickly, pushes WOW away and tackles into G. Shelton, who goes down hard. Most all the other villains have realized they should go back to fighting, and have started to gain an advantage once again. Pule, in all this time, has hidden in a corner, but upon seeing G. Shelton and WOW get knocked down, something in him clicks. Enraged, he screams and rushes toward Commu-Khan. Commu-Khan does not have time to react to the punch Pule gives him.)


(As he is yelling, however, Fat Fart comes behind Pule. He is about to grab the action star by the neck...But Pule has heard him sneaking up, and without turning around, smacks his fist into Fat Fart's face. The gorilla goes down as well.)

Pule: (helping G. Shelton and WOW up) That's your two strongest down in TWO MEASLY PUNCHES! Who's next!?

(G. Shelton then sprays Fat Fart and Commu-Khan, who are now frozen. Meanwhile, Toast is dodging Chainsaw and Deep Freeze...)

Toast: (points at the fallen baddies) Don't look now, but your buddies are down for the count!

Chainsaw: (Deep Freeze and him turn to look) What da ****?!

(Toast then grabs Chainsaw's namesake, and smashes the flat end of the 'saw onto Chainsaw's head. He then punches his foe. Chainsaw falls unconscious, but Deep Freeze, who was watching the fight with disbelief, suddenly regains his senses. He rushes toward Toast, but our hero turns around and has Freeze's hockey stick sliced by his new chainsaw!)

Toast: (unusually angry) Man, you can dish it out, but you cannot take it...yaaaAAHHH!

(He then tackles into Deep Freeze, and trips him. Freeze falls down with a thud and smacks his head on the floor-he is now unconscious. Meanwhile, E. Loud, who has just recovered from Toast's tackle upon him, is starting to get up.)

E. Loud: I'll have to thank Chainsaw for distracting that Toast wannabe. I, however, have something to do...

(E. Loud, however, is now sneaking away, following the path that he saw E. Charity take. However, G. Shelton has seen his father...)

G. Shelton: (hands gun over to G. Mr. SP) Take this. I have something to do. (He starts to maneuver through the crowd over to E. Loud)

(But E. Mr. SP has secretly come behind his good counterpart. He then gives him a rather hard kick to the back of G. Mr. SP's skull, whose drops the gun while falling to the floor. E. Mr. SP picks it up.)


(Everyone does so, though the remaining villains are smiling. But G. Mr. SP, who is down on the ground, has been moving slightly. He then trips his evil self and grabs the gun as he gets up)

E. Mr. SP: (scared) You really wanna do this to yourself?

G. Mr. SP: (he stays silent, but then speaks) You know...me, myself, and I need to improves ourselves...so yes.

(He then sprays E. Mr. SP, who has tried to hold up his hands to protect himself from the freeze. Meanwhile, Cho Cho has an old friend help her out....)

L. Bob: Hi-yo!

L. Barns: (turning back to see his two foes) Huh...?

Cho: Lucky Bob!

L. Barns: Why is he lucky?

Cho Cho: (smiling evilly) Because this will not happen to him! Hy YAH!

(She then kicks L. Barns right in the stomach-and then punches him in the face. He is then freeze by G. Mr. SP at the brunt of the punch)

G. Mr. SP: Good, good.... now we just have the opera singer left...

(Meanwhile, Oprao had started to attack Pepper and Froggo once more)

Oprao: (with a large grin) Maybe I should SING!

(He then goes into a high-pitched scream-the windows and other valuables are shattering as everyone holds their ears.)

Oprao: (stopping) Had enough? Or should I continue?

(Toast then whacks Oprao from behind with the blunt end of the chainsaw, with G. Mr. SP coming up freezing him a moment later)

Froggo: (smiling) I'd think so...

(But everyone is surveying the battle. The room is a mess, and everyone up is bruised. The bad guys, however, are defeated)

Chit: Uh...what was that gun? I'd have to say that won the fight! And can I manufacture it?

Pepper: (steaming) Chit!

Chit: (twitching collar) Sorry...

G. Mr. SP: Well, this gun was a weapon that would...freeze them, I guess...anyway, we knew we needed some firepower that would stop them for a while. In any event, I'd have to say that this thing saved us.

Toast: Well, duh! Come on, let's tie these guys up and call it a day!

Bill: (realizing) No! What about Charity and Loud?!


(A struggle has gone on since G. Loud tackled E. Charity, but she then kicks him-where it hurts. He falls down whimpering.)

E. Charity: Ya f*****' *******!

G. Charity: Loud!

(F. Time, however, holds her back, but E. Loud has come in-and kicks his good self out of the way.)

F. Time: (whispering to G. Charity) Don't go...they have a weapon.

(G. Charity, with tears in her eyes, complies)

E. Loud: Good...(to his wife) let's kill 'em.

F. Time: WHY?!

E. Loud: You'll be dead, so I guess I can tell you. (Smiles) We'll live our lives in this world-we like it here, cuz we can have all these nice little benefits and gratitude. 'Course, we can't have YOU guys around, so we need ya bumped off. As for my buddies...well, I do need guys who can help me out.

F. Time: You...MONSTER....

E. Charity: (coming toward him) Shut it, Gramps.

(She then punches him straight in the face. He cannot help but hold his face in pain, as G. Charity comes up to hold him steady....)

E. Loud: (grabbing E. Charity's knife) No, KILL HIM!

(But G. Shelton has entered at that point....)

G. Shelton: Stop right there.

E. Charity: What the...?! William, how the **** did you get here?!

G. Shelton: I don't care. You are not going to harm anyone anymore.

E. Loud: Shut up you little brat!

G. Shelton: Look at yourselves! You are causing trouble in this world, when you should have obeyed the court's order and raised me!

E. Charity: Don't tell us what to do you little...

G. Shelton: You never listen!

E. Loud: That's it you...!

(He runs toward G. Shelton but the good version moves, tripping E. Loud as he runs. E. Loud trips and lands on the floor, out cold.)

G. Shelton: He's down (turns to E. Charity) Please, mother. Give yourself up.

E. Charity: No! If I'm going down, I'm going down hard!

(The evil version then stabs a knife into herself. She fell to the floor. Everyone looks shocked.)

E. Shelton: I can't believe she did that to herself.

(G. Loud rushes to G. Charity)

G. Loud: Are you all right, Charity?

G. Charity: I am fine, Loud, and so is the baby.

(Everyone who's the good guys pretty much rushes in.)

Pepper: Oh no! Father Time! All you all right?!

F. Time: (voice a bit shaky) I'll be fine...

G. Shelton: Oh my god...

(We see him go toward his now dead mother. He crouches down, and starts to cry)

G. Charity: (coming to G. Shelton) It's okay...she would have hurt you anyway.

G. Shelton: I know, but she's still Mom....

G. Mr. SP: Well...I do not men to sound like a insensitive man, but shall I freeze the other Loud here?

G. Loud: No...I have plans for him


1 week later...

(We are now in what is an office. We see G. Loud looking around nervously, with him is G. Gene and G. Shelton)

G. Gene: Loud, don't worry. I gave orders not to interrupt me. You can relax. Oh, yes, all the frozen toons are back in the area they came from. (G. Loud smiles)

G. Loud: And this time, they're frozen...so they have NO hope of being freed. And at least Charity got the burial you wanted, William.

G. Shelton: Yeah...anyway, why ARE we here?

G. Loud: (looks around quickly) Well...I told Gene ALL of your story.

G. Shelton: Oh. (Looks down)

G. Loud: Anyway...we talked about it, and he wants to adopt you.

G. Shelton: (shocked) What?!

G. Gene: I have all the papers ready to submit. All I need is your approval. I would like to have someone like you as my son. I hear you are an expert at robotics. I could use someone to help me out in my own research...

G. Shelton: (happily raising fist into air) YEAH! Okay!

G. Gene: Then it's settled. I guess we all have a happy ending here.

G. Loud: Yep! (Sighs) You know, I never think I'd see you or this world again...and I have to say I'm happy everything here will be good once more. (Tone once more serious) Is that teleporter ready, Gene?

G. Gene: Yes...goodbye, Loud Kiddington. (We see him go over to a large machine. He flicks a switch, and it hums to life)

(G. Loud waves bye, and jumps in. A moment later he is gone)

G. Gene: I'm happy at least one person like him is truly good....


2 hours later...

(We are now in a prison. G. Gene is following some guards, who are dragging Evil Loud, who is now in handcuffs. He is then thrown into a cell with a steel door, but with a little peephole on it for the prisoner to see through. The guards leave)

G. Gene: (looking through the peephole) At last, Loud, you've been defeated.

E. Loud: Jesus! Why aren't ya gonna do capital punishment?!

G. Gene: Oh, we aren't going to let you get off that easily. You have damaged many lives permanently, and even had a child at a young age. This IS capital punishment. We are going to let you rot for a long time...all alone.

E. Loud: Bah! I'll...escape!

G. Gene: Oh? Look, Loud: this peephole is your closest thing to a window. All you have in that cell is a board for a bed and a small outhouse for a toilet. Nothing else. You have lost.

(G. Gene walks away. E. Loud just looks defiant, but as he looks around his new home, he begins to grow more nervous. He then tries to look through the peephole, but only sees bricks of the opposite wall. He then looks around once more scared.)

E. Loud: Oh my god...oh my god....(moves to peep hole, as he speaks we pan from the cell door) PLEASE! LEMME OUT! LEMME OUT! GOD, LET ME OOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT



Cast list
1.Cody Ruegger: Younger Evil Loud
2.Bill Nye: Lab guy
3.Frank Welker: Suit guy, Father Time, Fat Fart, Deep
4.Laraine Newman: Evil Charity, G. Charity Bazaar
5.Jim Cummings: Good William Shelton
6.Scott Glenn: Scott Drawford, FBI #2
7.Edward Norton: Good Loud Kiddington, Older Evil Loud
8.Tress MacNeille: Toast, Pepper Mills, Cho-Cho,
World's Oldest Woman
9.Cree Summer: Aka Pella
10.Lance Henriksen: Froggo
11.Paul Dillon (I): Lucky Barns
12.Rob Paulsen: Commu-Khan, Evil Mr. Smartypants, Good
Mr. Smartypants
13.Jeff Glen Bennett: Oprao, FBI #1, Lucky Bob
14.Gary Oldman: Chainsaw
15.John Goodman: G. Pule Houser
14.Marlon Wayans: Flamethrower
15.Gene Hackman: Good Gene Burrows
16.James Wickline: Bill Straitman
17.Billy West: Chit Chatterson
18.Luke Ruegger: Big Fat Baby

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