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The Evil Rising
By JusSonic

(We see a large auditorium with a huge audience in it. Then a man walked on stage. It is JusSonic. The audience clapped and stopped when JusSonic reach the podium.)

JusSonic: Hello and welcome to today's fan-fiction. As you know, we the people of the Encyclopedia Histeria Discussion Board had come up with stories even though the show was cancelled. While there are a lot of stories, some authors made the best ones.

(A brief murmur in the room.)

JusSonic: Indeed. There's robert and his now-famous "24 Hours" series,

(We QC to robert who is sitting in his chair, nodding. QC to stage.)

JusSonic:...BB and his "Strange Coincidences" Stories,

(QC to BB feeling a bit embarrassed. QC to stage.)

JusSonic:...the new guy R6 and the new story "For The Love of Histeria",

(QC to R6 sitting next to Lydia Karaoke. Lydia was feeling a bit nervous. QC to stage.)

JusSonic:...and Pokejedservo and his "Toasty Histeria Picture Show".

(You know the drill by now.)

JusSonic: But today's fan-fiction is about a group of stories, which I called..."Evil Histeria".

(The audience gasped)

JusSonic: For those wondering what I am talking about, let me enlightened you. The story today takes place in another universe, where our favorite Histerians are evil...

(Gasp again)

JusSonic:...and Dr. Gene Burrows is the good guy.

(Gasp and WOW fainted)

JusSonic: Now you wondered how the evil Histerians started their career. Well, here's your chance. Sit back and relaxed and hold on to your boyfriend...

(QC to Loud sitting next to Charity. She, of course, is holding on to him; Returned to stage.)

JusSonic:...and prepared to laugh as we see tonight's feature, "Evil Histeria I: The Evil Rising." Thank you.

(He left the stage as the lights went off and the fan-fiction began. We see a studio, which is, obviously, Warner Bros studio. The text shows the year is 1999. We QC to Jamie Kellner's office. The boss is having a meeting with Sammy Melman. Frankly, the meeting wasn't going so well.)

Sammy: What the **** do you mean you are going to cancelled the show?! I worked hard on that!

(We cut to Jamie Kellner. Unlike the one we despise, there's no Emperor's theme from the "Empire Strikes Back" and he isn't that...bad)

Jamie: Well, Mr. Melman. The show did poorly and no one liked it. So to save money, we'll have to cancel the show and replaced it with Pokemon. I hope this doesn't upset you.

Sammy: You **** straight it upset me! You're an idiot like those critics!

Jamie: Mr. Melman, if you're going to act like that I have no choice but to fire you. (Press button) Call security.

(The secretary did so and two men in cop uniforms came in and drag Sammy away)

Sammy: You haven't heard the last of us, Kellner! We'll get our revenge!

(The men with Sammy was gone)

Jamie: Oh sure. What you're going to do? Caused a 24 Hours marathon?

(We cut to E. Harry's house. Harry was in his living room preparing to watch his favorite TV show-Histeria!)

Harry: Oh boy! There's going to be a new episode today!

(He turns on the TV, but instead a message by Kellner was shown.)

Jamie: Warner Bros. fans. Due to the fact that Histeria is doing poorly, the show is officially canceled and will be taken off the air.

(Harry stares at TV in shock)

Jamie: We will now go to the replacement, Pokemon. Thank you.

(Harry turns off the TV. He's still shocked. Then he became angry.)

Harry: That no good son of a *****! He can't do this to my show!

(He shakes his fist in the air in anger)

Harry: I...will...get...revenge!!!!

(At the same time, in an abandoned building, the Histerians decided the same thing; note: remember they are evil in this universe)

F. Time: They can't do that to us!

WOW: Yes! All in favor of getting revenge say aye!

Everyone: Aye!

Miss Info: Then it's settled! We'll begin our plans for revenge!

(We cut to Dr. Gene Burrows (the good one)'s laboratory. He is preparing some sort of potion.)

Gene: Well, once this potion is done, it will change people's lives forever. (Turns on the TV and see the message by Kellner) Gee, Harry's favorite show is cancelled. I hope he isn't too upset.

(The phone rang and Gene answered it.)

Gene: Hello?

Harry: Your **** wrong! I'm very upset!!!

Gene: What's up with you, Harry?

Harry: Shut the **** up! They cancelled my favorite show and I will get revenge!!! Good day, ***hole!

(He hangs up and Gene put the phone back on the dial, shocked)

Gene: I think the world will get a situation on their hands.


(Fade in to a dark alleyway. We see two little kids walking in to the alley, when two hands snatch them...we soon see it's E. Loud, dressed in his now famous attire)

E. Loud: (puts kids close to face) HEY! Gimme all your money NOW!

(The two frightened kids grab several coins from their pockets, and drop them to the ground)

E. Loud: (picks the coins up as he drops the kids) Bah! Two bucks...

(We see other Histerians start to slowly appear, all out of their usual clothes and now clad in punkish clothing)

E. Froggo: I wanna do something more than beat people up! I wanted REVENGE!

E. F. Time: Shut up!

E. Loud: He has a point. Hey, Smarty, you got a brain! THINK UP SOMETHIN'!

E. Smarty: As always?

E. Loud: HEY! (He then tackles E. Smarty, and they start to fight. However, E. WOW breaks it up)

E. WOW: HEY! Come on! I got an idea. Come around. (The gang does) Now all we gotta do is...(mumbles are heard)


(QC to an abandoned factory. We pan inside and see a lot of techno junk. Then, the Evil crew comes in....)

F. Time: This all you need?

Smarty: Yep! Now lemme get to work. (He starts to go around and look at different parts to use...but we QC to outside the factory and see Harry moping around.)

Harry: Geez...I gotta end it all. Maybe there's something in there I can use...(heads into factory...but he sees...the Evil H! crew?!)

E. Loud: Who the hell are YOU?!

E. Harry: My name is Harry Norman, and I am one of your fans you might call it.

E. Charity: Well, go away! We are planning on our revenge.

E. Harry: Let me guess. On the world because your show was cancel, right?

E. Loud: WELL, DUH!

E. Harry: Well good! I want revenge too! Perhaps we could make an alliance.

E. WOW: What do you know about machinery?

E. Harry: I am a doctor, and with my help I can help you get revenge on both the WB and the world!

E. H! Cast: Agree!

(A few minutes later...)

E. Harry: With this machine, we can intercept every TV in America. Plus, I made it so that not only it aired at full volume, the people can't turn it down, turn it off, and with my special code, they can't leave their homes either!

E. Mr. Smartypants: Brilliant if I say so myself.

E. Father Time: There's a problem though.

E. Harry: That is...?

E. Miss Info: Some doctor is chasing us!

E. Harry: Who?


E. Harry: Dr. Gene Burrows?

E. Aka: You know him?

E. Harry: (angrily) That son of a *****! I hate him!

E. Cho-Cho: We hate him too. When our show was cancelled, we started to raid towns and smuggle drugs and weapons.
E. Lucky Bob: Yes!

E. Toast: When Washington D. C got knowledge of this, they hired your former buddy...


E. Toast: Right, they hired Gene to capture us.

E. Harry: Well, your weapons will destroy him if he tries to catch us. Time to begin this!

E. Pepper: Right on!

(They turn on the machine; Note: If anyone seen "24 Hours", they know what has happened, so let skip the next part and go straight to the laboratory. We cut to a laboratory outside of wherever our villains are.)

Lab man: Something's wrong!

Gene: What's wrong?

Lab man: For some reason, I can't turn the TV off, nor turn it down.

Gene: I knew it. The Histerians are somehow responsible for this.

Lab man: If we need to stop them, we had to get help.

Gene: Washington had hired a man whose should help us out.

Voice: And that man is here.

(Gene and the lab man turn; we see a man in the doorway.)

Man: My name is Vincent Morre and I am here to help.

Gene: Um...why are you here?

Vincent: Hours ago, I tried to pass my medical exam. I was trying to become a doctor.

Gene: Yes...

Vincent: But then this apparent menace aired...in order to take our minds off it, my class still tried to take the test....

(QC to a classroom, students, among them Vincent, are holding their ears as test sheets are in front of them)

Vincent: I...failed.

(QC to a scene of Vincent and a professor; seen from the back. The professor's shrug and Vincent's slouched back tell us he didn't pass.)

Gene: I'm sorry to hear that.

Vincent: But...I was still highly learned in other sciences, and a short time before I was contacted by a government agent to do something about these people...I said yes. (Angrily) I want REVENGE!

Gene: Calm down...you can't let emotion get in the way!

Vincent: What about you?

Gene: Like you, I was chosen for my technology ability. I had come to this lab some time before, also contacted by the government. I had a bad feeling...my friend was a fan of these people...he's very angry about the show being off the air.

Lab man: Hey! I got us a frequency! (Both heroes run over to the screen. It's a digital map of the city, and we see a flashing red dot on a building)

Lab man: They're on this street, 123 Forest Alley.

Vincent: What are we waiting for?

Lab Man: You'll need...uh...weapons and other devices to stop them.

Vincent: (sheepish) Oh, right.

Lab man: Come with me. (The trio walked to another room)

Lab man: Now our biggest concern is stopping the frequency and marathon. We've made this; it should be able to break the frequency. (Holds a small box-like device)

Gene: Is that all?

Lab Man: Well...yes, but these (walks to table with two guns) Are here in case you need them. They are very powerful tranquilizers. They'll put our baddies to sleep in no time.

Gene: Ah...

Lab Man: That's it...but in about 20 minutes, can you be ready?

Vincent: I think we're ready....

Lab Man: Well, we'd still like to prepare mission command here. So wait in that time frame, and you guys will be off....

(20 minutes later.)

Lab Guy: (coming to a sitting Gene and Vincent from the room seen earlier) Okay...let's get moving! We got a car and a guide ready for you.

Gene: (deadly serious) Let's go...(he and Vincent get up and walk off....)

(QC to the Evil H! headquarters....)

Mr. Smartypants: Perfect! The broadcast is now in everyone's homes and no one can stop it!


Lucky Bob: You are correct, sir!

(Cho-Cho angrily punches Lucky Bob)

Cho-Cho: You idiot! You are supposed to say that when I was correct!

Lucky Bob: Sorry, sir!

Toast: Dudes I am picking up something on the radar.

(They saw a red bleeping dot heading towards their hideout.)

Father Time: Someone knows we're here!

Harry: It's either the FBI (angrily) or that smart*** Gene!

Pepper: He's going to catch us! (Screaming insanely)

(Harry thought for a minute then smiles evilly)

Harry: He doesn't know I was helping you guys, right?

(Lucky Bob was going to answer but a glare from Cho-Cho stopped him)

WOW: Your **** right!

Harry: Good, we'll be prepared for him.

(Cut to outside the hideout; we hear evil laughter; cut to the car Gene and Vincent are in. The guide and Gene are in the front seat and Vincent is in the back.)

Guide: AAH! Too many buildings! Too much pressure!

Gene: Will you hurry up? Those Histerians are probably preparing to destroy the world!

Guide: Stop yelling! It's too much pressure! AAH!

Gene: I'm not yelling. (Turns to Vincent) And they say this guide is calmed.

(Vincent shrugs. Outside the hideout scene, the heroes arrived. Gene and Vincent got out.)

Gene: This must be the place. Let's go!

(QC now to our heroes sneaking into the lab; guns ready. They then hear sounds of other people talking...)

Gene: (whispering) Okay, let's go...

(They then jump into the room, but...both are tackled by all the males in the evil crew. Both are struggling, but are soon losing. Finally, QCing to Gene's point of view, we see a fist coming into his face. Fade back in. Both are tied up together...)

Gene: Hey...how did you know we were coming?

F. Time: This. (Points to tracking device seen earlier)

Gene: But...why are you doing this?

Harry: Revenge...

F. Time: We weren't going to go down nicely...and just to make sure word doesn't leak out of you two, we have to use this. (Holds up one of the tranquilizers. He starts to aim it...)

Gene: (thinking) Geez...what do I do? I gotta- (a look of shock registers on his face. He feels something by his pocket; it is HIS tranquilizer) ONLY ONE TAKEN! Okay...grab it...(his hand reaches for it, and manages to reach it. He then aims toward F. Time...and shoots!)

F. Time: (clutching arm in pain) YARGhh...(falls down)

Loud: WHAT THE ****?!

(Both heroes have gotten up, and manage to shake off the ropes; apparently they were not tied up tight enough. Vincent tries to go reach for his gun....but is stopped by Miss Info, who grabs and knees him)

Vincent: Oof!!

Miss Info: Don't yuh dar- (a dart from Gene then hits her. She screams, and falls as well.)

(Vincent then grabs his gun, and aims it toward the Evil Kid Chorus. Meanwhile, Gene has targeted Harry...)

Harry: (smiling) It's no use. Shoot me! Come on! Have you stopped the marathon yet? (A second later, Gene shoots him. Harry falls down unconscious)

(QC to Vincent and the Kid Chorus)

Loud: Okay, mister, (particularly loud) YOU WIN!!

(Vincent holds his ears in pain, and drops the gun, which Loud grabs. He then shoots Vincent...Gene, however, does not notice this as he goes to the central control panel)

Gene: Now to stop the broadcast...wait...where's the doo-hickey to stop this thing?

WOW: Over heeerrre! (QC to her and Smarty holding the device)

Gene: Vincent, help me out here!...Oh no! Vincent? (Runs over to the unconscious Vincent, looks angry) Okay...THAT DOES IT!

(Gene grabs some sort of...item I don't know what it is. Anyway he tosses it at WOW and Mr. Smartypants, knocking the device out of their hands. He quickly grabs it. Gene then uses his tranquilizer and shoots WOW and Mr. Smartypants, knocking them out. He uses the box on the control panel stopping the marathon.)


Gene: Yes I can and I just did.

(He then shoots the darts at the kid chorus. All except Loud fell.)


(He quickly runs up the stairs. Gene follows after him. We then cut to roof of the hideout. Loud and Gene had just gotten there.)

Gene: Give it up, Loud. You can't win!

Loud: Just try me!

(A fight pursues. The cops then arrive.)

Cop #1: Hope we arrive in time.

Cop #2: Look!

(Gene is hanging on the edge. Loud is trying to knock him off.)

Loud: Prepare to die, Gene!

Gene: Hardly. If I'm going, then I'm taking you with me.

(He grabs Loud and they both fell. Fortunately it was one story drop so no one was killed. Loud was knocked out, Gene wasn't. A few minutes later, the villains are being carried away in handcuffs into the police cars. Gene and Vincent (He awoke a few minutes later)

Gene: You will have to pay for your crimes, you know. Maybe a life in the asylum will make you guys think.

Harry: You think you won Gene, but this isn't over! We'll back! You'll see!

(The doors closed on Harry's face and the cars drove away.)

Gene: This probably isn't the last we see of them.

Vincent: Maybe so, maybe...perhaps.

(Fade out)

The End? I don't think so!


This prequel works out pretty well, don't you think? Coming soon is its sequel, "Evil Histeria II: The Histerians Strikes Back."

Cast list
1.JusSonic: Himself
2.Rob Paulsen: Sammy Melman, Mr. Smartypants, Guide,
Cop #1
3.Jamie Kellner: Himself
4.Geoffrey Rush: Dr. Harry Norman
5.Frank Welker: Father Time, Lab man, Vincent Morre
6.Tress MacNeille: World's Oldest Woman, Cho-Cho, Toast, Pepper Mills
7.Laraine Newman: Miss Information, Charity Bazaar
8.Gene Hackman: Dr. Gene Burrows
9.Cody Ruegger: Loud Kiddington
10.Nathan Ruegger: Froggo
11.Cree Summer: Aka Pella
12.Jeff Glen Bennett: Lucky Bob, Cop #2

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