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By JusSonic

For those people who don't know by now, some of the story is a reference to Robert (another Histeria! fan-fiction writer)'s stories, "24 Hours" and "Another 24 Hours".

(We begin the story at Mr. Smartypants's laboratory. It's a big room with lots of inventions that has nothing to do with this story except one with a cover on it)

Mr. Smartypants: Um, hello. I'm Mr. Smartypants. Perhaps you want to know why I call you here today.


Mr. Smartypants: (cringing) Um, ok. I'm going to demonstrate one of my new inventions. (Remove cover off machine) This is my Teleport-5000.

Father Time: What does it do?

Mr. Smartypants: Glad you ask; it teleports the person in it to another teleport pad (Points to another Teleport-5000).

Toast: Um, I don't get it.

Lucky Bob: Yes, now!

Mr. Smartypants: Translation, it gets you to another place with the other Teleport-5000 in it.

World's Oldest Woman: I guess with that thing, kids won't worry about being late for school, huh?

(The kids, especially Toast and Pepper Mills, groan)

Mr. Smartypants: Um, that's right. Anyone wants to try it out?

(No one answers)

Mr. Smartypants: Anyone?

Loud: I WILL!!!

(Loud gets into machine)

Miss Information: Before we start, what does this machine runs on?

Mr. Smartypants: Plutonium.

Charity: (worried) Isn't that used to power up bombs and stuff like that?

Mr. Smartypants: Don't worry. It's perfectly safe.

(Mr. Smartypants turns on the machine. The Teleport-5000 begins to glow; but for some reason a portal started to form)

Loud: HUH?!

(A big flash later)

Father Time: What happened?

Charity: (Panic) Where's Loud?!

(Everyone look at the machine; Loud was gone.) (We see a grassy area, and then a portal appears. Loud falls out of it.)


(He picks himself up and dusts himself off. He looks around.)

Loud: It looks like Mr. Smartypants has a few bugs to work out. BECAUSE THIS PLACE LOOKS THE SAME!

(At that point Loud begins to walk around. He then sees a group of people walking toward him, though they are unaware of Loud.)

Loud: (squinting at the group) Wait... that's Charity! The gang must be looking for me!

(At that point he runs up to see them. Yet he stops...he sees himself!)

Good Loud: What the heck? What's up with you guys and why is there someone dressed as ME?

(The evil Histerians look shocked, except for one who comes to the front of the group)

E. Mr. Smartypants: Oh? It seems that the Teleport 5000 does work.


E. Mr. Smartypants: Hhmph. Speak when spoken to. You were teleported here.

G. Loud: Huh?

E. Mr. SP: I developed that machine, not your universe's Smartypants. I teleported to his world and secretly left plans for it there, and he was dumb enough to think they were his. He then built it.

G. Loud: WOW! THIS REALLY IS ANOTHER UNIVERSE! The thing does work!

E. Mr. SP: DUH!

G. Loud: Hey! That wasn't nice! (Starts to look nervous)...what do you guys do here? You look kinda...scruffy.

Evil Loud: (dressed in jeans and a leather jacket) Heh, Heh. Here in our universe we DESTROY history. You know, go somewhere in time and alter events in history. Betcha never thought that Napoleon might win Waterloo, huh?

G. Loud: Then how come (grabs book, reads for a second) Napoleon still lost in your universe?

E. Loud: Hmmph. That's cuz that dumb*** Gene Burrows will go and fix things up so history's all nice, right, and happy... me and my gang are trying to make things go the way WE want them to. 'Course, we'll make sure Burrows would pay... but he keeps us from going to a time when he's vulnerable. I wish I knew how he keeps us from going to those certain time periods.

(We go to a far shot to see the whole evil Histeria cast. Most of the guys are in what E. Loud's wearing, but have extra stuff like bandannas, sunglasses, and the occasional earring. The girls are head to toe in leather, but their hair is all loose and frazzled. E. Loud then puts his arm around E. Charity)

E. Loud: So whaddya YOU doing here? Are you bad too? If so, I can tell you somthin'...GET OUT! I'm the only bad me around, it's gonna stay like that.

G. Loud: No, I may be annoying, but I try to be nice... my universe tries to teach about history. And Gene Burrows in our universe is evil. So evil he almost destroyed Washington!

(We see a glimmer in E. Loud's eyes, as if he realizes something. He then speaks)

E. Loud: So... you musta been a good version of me that came here. That's even worse. I have to be a wimp in another world. (Pauses for a moment, then smiles) Say, let's see if you're as big a wimp as I think you are.

(He then grabs a chain conveniently nearby. He whips it at G. Loud, but purposely misses)


Evil Loud: Well, for your information, ****head, we just escaped from the asylum and Gene is looking for us with his buddy Vincent.

Good Loud: (surprised) I thought Vincent was evil!

Evil Aka: Maybe in your stupid universe, but here he is helping Gene trying to catch us.

Evil Miss Information: His buddy Harry used to help us but during our last battle, Vincent shot a fatal shot at him and killed him!

Evil Loud: So we want someone to take our anger on, and since you teleported here you are the likely

(The evil Histerians took out their weapons and were about to beat the **** out of Good Loud when suddenly...)

Voice: Stop where you are!

Evil Father Time: ****! They found us! Run for it!

(The evil Histerians ran off except for Good Loud)

G. Loud: What the...

(He looked up and was shocked to see...Dr. Gene Burrows and Vincent Morre!

G. Gene: Are you okay?

G. Loud: Yeah...

G. Vincent: I'm sorry we couldn't come earlier...LOUD!

G. Gene: WAIT! There were two Louds. This one was being beat up by them. And a Loud not fighting back means SOMETHING good.

G. Vincent: Oh...my sincerest apologies. You don't know what that Loud has recently done to me...

G. Loud: What?

G. Gene: I'll take it from here, Vincent. You see, my friend's name is much like two movie star's names...

Vincent: And even though I was recruited by the President to help take down those punks, I still was studying to become a doctor, because I really wanted to help people on a more personal level...

G. Gene: Yet those punks made a plan. They began a 24 hour marathon on full blast, and Harry Norman, my former best friend of mine, made it so that it not only aired at full volume, you could not turn it down, turn it off...

(Flashback time. We see a Sally and Jim of this universe covering their ears in pain as E. Loud, on the TV, screamed as loud as he could)

G. Vincent: or even leave your house! They made a code to lock all the doors!

(G. Vincent starts to look sad. G. Gene puts an arm on G. Vincent's shoulder)

G. Vincent: Gene went out to stop them...and it worked! He caught Harry! But meanwhile, I was forced to study for my final exam during that time...

(QC to a scene of Vincent covering his ears at a desk as a TV with E. Loud on it)

G. Vincent: I had to take the test anyway when the marathon was over. I...failed. The teacher offered to give me passage anyway since I already did well in all the other parts of the class and for helping to defeat the Histerians, but I said no. I would pass on my own, and I also swore revenge on every Histerian at that point.

(Loud looks nervous, but G. Vincent quickly catches himself)

G. Vincent:...Only in this place, however. Sorry.

G. Loud: What about you and Harry?

G. Gene: My colleague Harry Norman and I used to be best friends and partners. In fact, he loved the old show they had...Histeria.

G. Loud: You mean they had a TV show?

G. Gene: Yes. But it did poorly and was cancelled. Both Harry and the Histerian cast swore revenge on the world, though they didn't know the other had done the same.

(QC to a split screen, but both backgrounds stormy...Harry looks up at the sky shaking his fist and the E. H! cast shaking hands with one another)

G. Gene: They started to raid towns and smuggle drugs and weapons. I was called upon by the President to help defeat them, since I am smart...

(QC to a scene of Evil Histeria doing the previously said things, then switching to a scene of Clinton and Gene shaking hands)

G. Gene: I found a partner in Vincent when we met in a laboratory...Harry, meanwhile, had found them when I was chasing them from a town once...he met up with them, swore an alliance, and began a major form of revenge...

(QC to Harry, Mr. SP, and Loud in a lab. Loud is watching them hook up a BIG satellite dish to their hideout)

G. Gene: We were able to stop them from doing serious damage during the infamous 24 hours marathon...or (looks at Vincent) so I thought.

G. Vincent: Then came the attack on Washington...

G. Loud: What happened?

G. Gene: They escaped from the asylum we put them in. Using Mr. Smartypants's inventions and their new weapon-the robo-spider, they attack Washington and took control of it.

G. Vincent: Then they demanded that we were turned over to them at once, or they released the robo-spider on the states!

G. Loud: Yikes!

G. Gene: Indeed. The citizens panicked, but fortunately a friend of ours, a man named Nathan, formed a rebellion to attempt to overthrow their rule, but for a good reason.

G. Loud: They killed his family?

G. Vincent: (surprised) how did you know?

G. Loud: Lucky guess.

G. Gene: Anyway, with their help, we launched a surprise attack on the white house and captured all the Histerians except for Loud and Harry.

G. Vincent: We confronted them, and one point in the battle, Harry was choking Gene. I had no choice...I had to shoot him.

G. Gene: He died from the shot and fell. Loud, well your evil self anyway, got distracted. It was long enough, though, for our allies to arrive and captured him.

G. Vincent: He tries to call on his robo-spider but Nathan put a bombing device in it, which exploded when Loud called on it.

G. Gene: After that, they were put in the asylum again. But ever since then, they escaped again and use their time machine to try to mess with history. But using the time machine we created, we track them to points they went to, and fix things.

G. Vincent: One time, we captured them. But, as you have seen, they have escaped again.

G. Loud: Well, for what I know, they wanted to take their anger out on someone and they sent a teleport device to my universe so when someone use it, it teleported him or her here and they can beat the you-know-what out of them.

G. Gene: So that what they were doing. Well, you heard our story; please tell us yours.

G. Loud: In my universe, I had a show too. But once it got cancelled, we didn't swear revenge.

G. Gene: Huh huh...

G. Loud:...And once, when you in my world was trying to develop a potion, two episodes of our show ran on full blast in the volume department! You didn't get a potion done, and YOU swore revenge on US.

(We see the scene of Gene going crazy from 'Sweeps Week')

G. Gene: (looking more remorseful) What did I do then?

G. Loud: You made the 24 hours marathon with old episodes of our show! Harry joined us so we could stop you.

(Scenes of some of '24 Hrs' at the climax are being played)

G. Gene: Oh...and I attacked Washington, huh?

G. Vincent: What about me?

G. Loud: Vincent met up with Gene and both swore revenge...they raised an army to crush my friends.

G. Gene: Then what happened?

G. Loud: You turned into a...robot when we thought you died. But Charity stopped you. You were killed too, Vincent.

(Flashback to a scene of Charity battling Gene)

G. Gene: Yes...I was playing with some mental translation! I threw the plan away when I realized I was playing God. Loud...I'm sorry.

G. Loud: Don't worry...THEY WEREN'T!

(A chuckle comes out of Loud, and the others laugh too)

G. Loud: (calming down) so now what?

G. Vincent: They may have wanted to beat you up, but something of this magnitude means that they're going to have a plan as well.


(QC to Evil Mr. Smarty's hideout. We see Loud by the Teleport 5000 of this universe.)

E. Mr. Smartypants: You ready?

E. Loud: Yeah. I'm going in.

(We see E. Loud jump into the teleporter


(QC to the GOOD Mr. Smartypants universe. We see Mr. SP on some computer)

G. Mr. SP: I think I got a sign of him!

(Everyone rushes over to his computer; we see a blinking Loud shaped icon on the screen, which has a grid)

G. Mr. SP: And...(Looks puzzled, then bright-eyed) HE'S COMING BACK!

G. Charity: (tearful) Really? (Rushes to the machine's entrance, arms outstretched to grab anything that pops out) Loud!

(As she says his name, Loud does in fact fall out. But this Loud is in a leather jacket)

G. Charity: Loud...?

E. Loud: It's a...uh...disguise! One for the other world, we were...bad there.

G. Mr. SP: Really? Then my teleporter does work! You were probably sent to a place where you're a no-good punk.

E. Loud: (seething) Yeah...

G. Mr. SP: In fact, everyone, please come over here...

(All but E. Loud do so. He stays by the Teleport 5000, whistles, and then quickly kicks it. The machine starts to blow)



(All run out of the lab as the place explodes. The building itself looks all right, except for the roof, which blew off from the explosion)

G. Mr. SP: My Teleport 5000...it blew up...

E. Loud: It's for the best. I saw some nasty things in that reverse place...we should never try to build it again.

G. Mr. SP: You're right. There is NO telling what may come out of that thing...

Meanwhile, in the other universe...

(We cut to Gene's laboratory and the good guys were near some radar)

Vincent: According to this radar, it appears the evil Histerians had set their plans to action!

Gene: I knew it. They used the Teleport-5000 machine to teleport to the good version of Loud's universe!

Loud: Oh my goodness! My evil version is actually in my universe?!

Gene: Yes, and who knows what trouble he'll cause.

Loud: (panic) I had to get back there! My friends might be in trouble.

Vincent: Don't panic. Luckily, we too had built a universe-jumping device to go to other universes.

(QC to heroes near the machine)

Gene: We called it the Universal Machine-6000.


Gene: I'm coming with you.

Loud & Vincent: Huh?!

Gene: That's right. The evil Loud is more dangerous than you might think, and you need some help.

Loud: Ok, Ok, We just got to hurry!

(Loud and Gene got into the machine, Vincent turn it on)

Vincent: Gene, did you remembered the return device?

Loud: The what?

Gene: Yes, I remember. (Turn to Loud) I need it to returned to my universe so I wouldn't be stranded forever. I would have to use it to bring the evil version back.

(One flash later, and Loud and Gene were gone.)

(We cut to Harry's house where he's watching his tapes of his favorite show which is-you guessed it-Histeria! During the commercial break, a flash appears out of nowhere. Harry turns to see...)

Harry: Oh, hello Loud. I didn't know you were coming by with...Gene?! What the...?!

Loud: Look, Harry, we'll explain everything.

Harry: You better, because I am getting confused right here!

(Three minutes later)

Gene:...And then we show up here.

Harry: Your telling me that this Gene is a good version from another universe and that an evil version of Loud is here and probably causing trouble even as we speak?!

Loud: That's right.

Harry: Goodness, if this is true, your friends might be in danger.

Gene: Loud, do you know where your evil twin might be at this moment?

Loud: Hmmm, Wait! There's a Histeria! Reunion picnic today! We might find him there.

Harry: Then let's go!

(They all leave)


(Cut to the Burbank park where a banner reads: Histeria! Reunion, Welcome)

Sammy Melman: Man, is this going to be the best Reunion ever or what?

Lydia Karaoke: I don't know. Loud is acting strange since he got here.

Sammy: He is a Histerian. He's supposed to be strange.

Lydia: I guess your right.

(Cut to E. Loud and G. Charity sitting by a tree)

E. Loud: Hmmph, stupid reunion if I say so myself.

G. Charity: Loud! You usually like parties like this! Ever since you gotten back you were acting strange. What's going on?

(Angrily, E. Loud hit her)

E. Loud: (Angrily) Don't criticize me, you b****h!

(Lydia then came over)

Lydia: Loud, we don't speak like that here at the reunion....

E. Loud (interrupting) Shut up, b***h!

(Everyone gasp)

Lydia: (angrily) Look, I don't know what going on, but no one talks to me in that matter!

E. Loud: No one...UNTIL NOW!

(E. Loud's yell blows her away)


(E. Loud pulls out a knife and advances on Charity)

Charity: (shocked) Loud, why are you doing this?! I thought you love me!

Father Time: Yeah, Loud!

Aka Pella: What's the dilly yo is going on here?!

Voice: That's not Loud, people!

(People turns to see...another Loud, Harry, and...Gene?!)

Cho-Cho: Um, what's going on? Why are there two Louds here just now and what is Gene doing here?

Lucky Bob: Yes now!

E. Loud: You! I thought when I kicked that stupid machine, I'd...(Everyone stares at him) Oh ****!

Mr. Smartypants: Wait a minute! Strange behavior, an accidental slip? That means that Loud (points to E. Loud) is the evil version!

G. Loud: That's right. (Stares angrily at E. Loud) What do you think your doing trying to kill my girlfriend?!

E. Loud: What I'm going to do to you!

(E. Loud tackles G. Loud and a fight pursues)

WOW: Nothing personal, but what's going on?

Harry: I'll explain. You see...

(Cut to the Louds)



E. Loud: MAKE ME, YOU ******** ******* ******!

(E. Loud tries to lands a punch, but G. Loud dodges it and gives the evil jerk an uppercut. E. Loud sweeps kick him down and tries to pounces on him. But G. Loud got out of the way in the nick of time. Cut to others)

Harry:...And that's what happened.

Froggo: Wait, at least we understand now. (Looks at Louds) But which's which?

Pepper Mills: Yes, I'm going crazy here (laughs maniacally)

Gene: Don't worry. I got the device that'll help us. (Holds up a weird device) Watch.

(He presses a button on the device. A loud hum is heard and E. Loud stop fighting to hold his ears)

E. Loud: AAAH!

G. Loud: That's weird, that noise didn't infect me.

Father Time: What's that?

Gene: It's an evil distracter. It only infected evil people from other universes.

E. Loud: **** you! I'll kill you!

(E. Loud grabs G. Loud's throat)

Charity: I don't think so.

(Charity then kicks E. Loud in the...well you know! E. Loud groans a little, and fell)

G. Loud: Charity, I don't care if he is evil. You don't hit a man in the you-know-where. It's not pleasant.

Charity: Loud, I am glad you are whom I expected. (She then kiss G. Loud...on the lips)

(Loud blushes)

G. Loud: Charity, not here.

Others: Too late!

(Laughing was heard)

Gene: Well, I better get this evil one back to where he belong. (Picks up E. Loud and then holds up another device)

G. Loud: Good to see that there's good in another universe.

Gene: Same here. (Press a button on the devices and disappears with E. Loud)

Harry: Well, that's over with.

Sammy: Say, Harry. If your not going anywhere, do you want to join in the celebrations?

Harry: Hmmm...Ah, why not?

Toast: Toasted! This party is going to rule man.

(BFB giggles and farts)

Pepper: Eew, Yuckosis!

The End


this story is copyright by me, JusSonic, and some of the story were written by BourgeoisBuffoon. No one is allowed to copy and used on their website without permission from me or him. Anyone who does will be heard from me.

Cast list
1.Rob Paulsen: G. Mr. Smartypants, E. Mr. Smartypants, Sammy Melman
2.Cody Ruegger: G. Loud Kiddington, E. Loud
3.Frank Welker: G. Father Time, E. Father Time, G. Vincent Morre
4.Tress MacNeille: G. Toast, G. World's Oldest Woman, G. Cho-Cho, G. Pepper Mills
5.Jeff Glen Bennett: G. Lucky Bob
6.Laraine Newman: G. Miss Information, G. Charity Bazaar, E. Miss Info
7.Cree Summer: E. Aka, G. Aka Pella
8.Gene Hackman: G. Dr. Gene Burrows
9.Geoffrey Rush: Dr. Harry Norman
10.Nora Dunn: Lydia Karaoke
11.Nathan Ruegger: G. Froggo
12.Luke Ruegger: G. Big Fat Baby

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