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{Back on the road, our heroes are still driving, much slower now that the spider is gone}

Harry: Oh boy, oh that was close.

Charity: We should get used to it, if we're going to overthrow Gene we'll likely have to face that thing again. But for now we need another place to hide.

Miss Info: She's right, where are we going to hide now anyway? I think we should find someplace that isn't an abandoned home to throw them off.

Harry: I know, and I just found one.

Loud: Where?

Harry: Yes, that'll do nicely.

{Harry stops the car in front of a church. The other cars stop too after seeing him stop. They then get out}

Sammy: Why did you stop here?

Harry: This is a perfect hiding place, they'll never think to look for us at a church. And some army members just might be too God fearing to kill us in a place like this.

Smartypants: That is good, but what if someone's in there? We don't know for sure that a church would be abandoned at 3 AM.

Harry: We're gonna have to try.

{They walk in front of the church, then open the surprising unlocked door. They head inside and look around for a while}

Froggo: Hmm, this looks like the old trademark church, nothing you haven't seen before on TV and real churches.

Pepper: Froggo, they're churches, it's not like they're supposed to be hip and cutting edge.

Father Time: Now now, this is going to be our new hiding place, we shouldn't badmouth it.{Suddenly the sound of a door opening is heard}

Aka: Yeah, unless we're not in it long enough before the army comes.

Smartypants: No, they couldn't have found us that easily, but if someone else is in here we can't risk him or her telling the army.

W.O.W: Hey, do you actually _see_ anybody here? Maybe it was the wind.

Sammy: Oh yeah, that's probably it, remember it is February, and here in February it is windy.{Before he goes on we hear the footsteps coming closer}

Miss Info: Who's, who's there?

Loud: Whoever it is, he's in those shadows.{Points to a shadowy area in front of the doors. He tries to make out the image in the shadows}Wait a minute, doesn't whoever's here look a bit round and small to you?

{That's pretty much a dead giveaway, and to confirm it, Big Fat Baby comes out of the shadows}

Sammy: Oh, oh thank goodness it's you!

Father Time: In all the excitement I must have forgot to get him before we left the Tartargate. He must have been wandering the city looking for us.

Sammy: Well better to just be walking around the city than be part of what we've went through.{Suddenly another figure comes behind Sammy and hits him with a baseball bat. We then see the figure is a man in pajamas}

Man: Get out of my church, you thieves!

Harry: Thieves?! We're not thieves, we're just here to rest!

Man: Hey, wait a minute, haven't I seen you on TV before?

Charity:{Sighs}Yes, we're the Histerians that the new ruler of the country, Gene Burrows, is trying to kill.

Sammy:{Dazed}Please don't report us to the army.

Man: I won't, and let me explain. I am Reverend Karras, I give sermons at this church. And before you ask, I came here at this hour of the night to look over notes for a special sermon I'm giving concerning the fate of this country.

Miss Info: Darn, there goes that potential question.

Karras: Anyway, in my opinion all of Dr Burrows's sayings about you are false. He's practically saying you are all evil incarnate, no person not in our Bible stories can be that evil, everyone has a good side. Besides, I know that Dr Burrows is planning to turn the nation into the Devil's playground if you aren't dead, and I think you want to do whatever you can to save us from this fate.

Harry: Why yes, we are. Even if we did survive to see 4 PM today, it's doubtful us, or anyone else would live to see any future days. We won't allow that.

Cho-Cho: So you're not going to tell on us?

Karras: No, you may be enemies of the state, but you're all creatures of God, I can't report you and let you go back to Heaven, what kind of reverend would I be if I did that?

Loud: Thank you, kind sir.

Karras: No problem. You can all head upstairs to the church rescue center, it's on the second floor, just take the stairs to the right. I'll lock all the doors and close all the windows and drapes while you rest and recover.

Sammy:{Still a bit dazed}Good, you can start by bringing me bandaids to recover from your attack of the baseball bat.

{Back outside, helicopters are overhead an area of houses, using searchlights to find any traces of the Histerians, with no success. On the ground, army troops are either using their goggles to search, or like some are searching inside of houses. On a sidewalk to the left, Gene is talking with Morre}

Gene: I hope you realize we're in a very bad situation, what was supposed to be a small group searching for them has turned into a full scale search by the entire army.

Morre: We've been looking in every possible abandoned house or store they could have gone into, and still nothing. Do you think they came up with something to prevent us from detecting where they really are?

Gene: I wouldn't be surprised, and that makes me more angry. You know, there's something you should know about me. I am not a patient man, I demand results, I expect results, and above all I want to see results. And am I getting results?

Morre: Why no, Gene.

Gene: And that does not make me happy in the least. This whole thing should not have lasted more than half a day, and you know it. Now I want them found immediately, or I'll get even more angry. And you wouldn't want to see that, would you Vincent?

Morre: No, I wouldn't, I think that would be a bit scary.

Gene: Yes it would. Now help prevent that by sending the troops back in the original area we searched in where we lost them.

Morre: But we already searched that area and found nothing.

Gene: All the more reason to double check and make sure we didn't make any mistakes. I want no stone unturned in this. I want every house and building searched!

Morre: You know, there was one building nearby there that I didn't think to check, why don't we check it?

Gene: Go do that, then report to me, if they're there, I want nothing done without me there. I'll finish scanning this area.

Morre: You're the boss.

{Cut back to what appears to be the church rescue center, our heroes are all inside. Karras is closing a window and shutting the drapes nearby}

Karras: There, now if they search here, they wouldn't find you through the windows.

Toast: Um, but what if they knock on the door, reverend dude? If you don't let them in, won't they get suspicious?

Karras: I'll figure out something if that happens, but for now I think you all should get some rest, you'll need it for the next 13 hours ahead. I'll stand guard downstairs if you need me.{He goes downstairs}

Smartypants: Well it's certainly about time we met someone nice in this city that doesn't want to kill us. We should relax for now, but we should stay on guard in case they do arrive. I'll do some fine tuning to my inventions.

Harry: And I'll go see if there's anything downstairs that can help us. But the rest of you should try to rest.{Goes downstairs}

Loud: No, we can't, at least I can't. If we fall asleep or something the army could arrive the moment we wake up and we..yawn...wouldn't be prepared.

Miss Info: Aw, I think someone's tired. You should sleep.

Loud: I'd like to, but I should also stay awake and do something. I mean, you've all done everything you've done so far to save me, I should{yawns again}do something to help continue that.

Miss Info: That's sweet, but I think a good rest would help you do that better.{Picks him up in her arms}Let me help you.{Starts to sing to the tune of "Brahms' Lullaby"}Go to sleep, and good night. Rest your tired old eyes. Forget all about disaster, and go to beddie bye.{He starts to fall asleep and she carries him toward a couch with a blanket and pillow conveniently nearby}I know things look real bad, and nothing's what it seems. But forget about that now, and have pleasant dreams.

{She tucks him into the blanket and put his head on the pillow, he is now asleep. She ruffles his hair and he smiles. Charity then comes over to look}

Miss Info: I never fail to be touched by looking at him sleeping, one because it reminds me of one of the only peaceful moments of the marathon, and because he always looks so sweet.

Charity: Oh, he looks just like he acts, huh?

Miss Info:{Laughing}Exactly. You know, it's in this kind of crisis situation that everything I say about him is always proven right. Because...oh forget it, I've already said all this stuff so many times you're probably sick of it.

Charity: No I'm not, because all you're doing is telling the truth that too few people know.

Miss Info: Right on both counts! Hah hah, you know, we're very much alike, you and I. We both had our own demons to slay ever since this all started, I had the burden of stupidity, and you had your being depressed, which really doesn't fit into this point cause you had that long before it all happened, but anyway, we had our problems, and he was and still is always there to help us out of them. That's really why I've helped him so much because he'd do the exact same for me and his help has really made a difference in my life.

Charity: Yeah he has that affect on people.

Miss Info: I'll say. You know, that stuff I said to Gene back there about the real difference between us is something I was told by Loud. It was during my birthday party when I broke down about my intelligence and he said that very truthful statement that really cheered me up.

Charity: I know, the minute I thought it up I knew you'd be cheered up from it.{Gasps at revealing this}Oops.

Miss Info:_You_ came up with that?

Charity:{Defeated}Yeah, I told Loud to tell it to you. I didn't say it myself because I figured it'd be much better and happier for you if you heard it from your best friend.

Miss Info:{Smiling}Well, I can see Loud is a very lucky guy. He really cares about you, you know.

Charity: I know, and so do I. Why else would I have done all I did for him?

Miss Info: You, you know, there's something that Loud's been meaning to tell you, but he's been scared to do so since Gene returned, but I think that you can keep it a secret, and besides, you deserve to know how much he appreciates what you've done.

Charity: All right, what is it?

Miss Info: Well, it's like this, he...{Harry then bursts in}

Harry: Hey guys, I've got a plan!{Sees that he interrupted the conversation}I came in at the wrong time again, didn't I?

Miss Info: Well, in the long run it may be for the best. So what's your plan?

Harry: I noticed that right behind this church is a cemetery. There are dead bodies buried everywhere. If we can somehow use these dead bodies in some way that it would scare the living daylights out of the army if and when they find us, it'll either buy us time to escape, or better yet if we do this before they see us they might not think to go back there and we'd be in
the clear!

Smartypants: That's brilliant, I have tools that could  do that.

Harry: Well, give me all your inventing tools and come over to the cemetery to tell me how they work when I find some that will help us. Karras already gave us permission to lift the bodies.

Miss Info: I'm coming with you to watch for trouble. Everyone else should stay though, we can't have everyone outside at once and risk being found.

W.O.W: Gee that's uncharacteristically leader like of you.

Miss Info: One, a crisis often brings out the often unknown side of people, believe me, and two you used a pretty long word there. In any case, let's go.

{Fade to outside the aforementioned cemetery. A caption reads it's 3:30 AM. Harry, Miss Info and Smartypants are digging up a casket}

Miss Info: So once we get the dead bodies, what'll we do with them?

Harry: Well, we'll need to somehow make it look like they're alive. Smarty, do you have any tools that can do that?

Miss Info: I thought only Aka could call him that.

Smartypants: Well this is hardly the time to dwell over that. I don't think I have any tools at hand but I could easily make some sort of control box that could send a subconscious message to the brain to move.

Harry: But the brains of these people don't work anymore.

Smartypants: You forget I'm the world's smartest man, I can come up with plans and alter my current devices to do this in about 45 minutes to an hour.

Harry: Terrific, you can also make another of your duplicators to make many more of these potential devices for the many bodies we'll dig up while you're busy!

Smartypants: All right, let's go, we're finally on a roll here!

{He spoke too soon, for as the 3 split up, we see Morre behind a tombstone nearby, talking on a cell phone}

Morre: Gene, we were both right, they were in the original area and in the building we didn't check.

Gene: Excellent, this is why I'm a genius and you are probably a genius! Where are they?

Morre: In a church, planning to reanimate some bodies or something to scare us from a cemetery. 

Gene: Reanimation, probably the only thing Smartypants hasn't done yet. Okay, just stay out of view at all costs and do nothing until we arrive.{Hangs up and talks to the army}All right people, right now they're in a cemetery, so let's turn it from their hiding place to their permanent home. I'll need three tombstones and ketchup on our way, and when we get there don't be scared if there are "zombies" walking around. Okay, let's do it!{The army cheers and runs off down the street}

{Cut back to the rescue center as we see Loud sleeping. We fade into his dream in trademark flashback fashion, then we see in his dream that everybody is surrounding a TV watching Dan Bladder}

Bladder: With everyone panicked over the possibility of...wait a minute, wait, I've just gotten a report in that Dr Burrows is ordering us to broadcast a special message specifically for Loud and his friends. Since we have no choice because he rules us now, we will do that. Take it away.{The TV then goes static and the next thing we see is Gene's face} 

Gene: Loud, Miss Info, everybody, I don't know where you are, but I know you are watching. I know I've used up everything humanly possible to accuse Loud of being evil, but I have one more left in me. It's to all his friends. I just want you all to think about this for a second. Picture this, Histeria's been canceled but it hasn't been in the horrible way it was, it was with dignity. You all go home and relax. Think of it, you failed on TV, but still, unlike what's going on here, you can lay down and not worry about anything, it's released a burden from you, you are no longer famous or infamous and you can get on with your lives without any worries. Does that sound good?

Sammy: Hmm, I really hate to admit it, but a life like that sounds great.

Father Time: Yeah, I can barely take these situations in my old age, not having it all happen would have set up a real relaxing re-retirement.

Lucky Bob: Yes now, that sounds very nice. You are a wise one.

Gene: Good, then I hope you know that you would have had that happen if it wasn't for Loud!{Loud gasps}Think of it, he is really the reason that this started, you're all pawns that are coming close to being exterminated. You didn't do anything wrong and yet you're helping him get out of his own mess which didn't involve you originally. Because of that, the scenario I pictured isn't gonna happen and you're all in danger of dying.

Sammy: You know, none of his insults got through to me, but this one was put in a way where it has!

Aka: Yeah, we didn't do anything wrong and yet we're still gonna get it because he just wants Loud and Miss Info! And we're in danger because we're helping them get out of something they, Loud especially, started in the first place, just like he said!{Almost everyone begins to mumble in agreement}

Charity: No, don't listen to him, none of it is true! 

Gene: Ah yes, Charity. You have been a nuisance lately, so let me just say this. I have a copy of an episode that got mixed up and didn't get burned, and was filmed a day or two before the marathon. And it was to my knowledge that it was one of your occasional episodes where Sammy gave you an imaginary situation and told you to act like you would if that ever really happened, without the knowledge you were in the presence of an historical figure. So what I am about to show you is what happened under Loud's own free will and not from a script. In that regard, how can you support someone who did something like this to you?!

{The TV fades to the episode he was talking about: it's the recent "Heroes of Truth and Justice" episode, and the sketch is the Rosa Parks bit. And the particular clips shown are of Loud yelling the Hundred Bottle of Beer on the Wall song to Charity's obvious annoyance}

Charity: I remember that, that was a rather unpleasant experience. In fact, I remember hating it worse because of the fact that he didn't do it because the script told him to, he was doing it because he wanted to do it, and the result was really bad for my ears.

Loud:{Panicked}No, you can't say that! I only did that because that was something I would do in that scenario to pass the time, it wasn't because I was trying to annoy you! I'd never try intentionally to hurt you, because I love you!{Gasps at what he just said}Oh no.

Gene: What was that?! I distinctly heard you say you love her! Well, we can't have that, can we? Vincent!

{The army members then charge into the room looking very ominous. They quickly surround the group}

Gene: Vincent, we have here someone who my arch enemy loves. Kindly fix that by making her no longer alive to be loved, would you?

Morre: My pleasure, Gene.{Laughs maniacally as he pinpoints Charity, and pulls out a gun}

Gene: See Loud, no matter what you do you make someone's life miserable. Because you care so much about her, she's going to die. Like I told you...you can't escape the past.

{That final statement echoes in Loud's ears as Morre cocks his gun at Charity, and we see him fire...then at the next split second we see Loud waking up from his nightmare. A clap of thunder is heard which makes Loud jump, fearing that the sound is the gun from his nightmare, but then he sees that it's only raining, perfectly symbolic of what Loud's mood has turned into from this. He gets up and stares at himself in a nearby mirror}

Loud: Sigh, every time something good happens to me, Gene's always there to remind me how we got in this mess. I'm only 11 years old, and I still probably have the most tortured soul in the world.

Voice:{V.O, of course}Now why would you say that?{Karras walks into view}   

Loud: Because Gene's right about everything he says about me, and every time I forget it, he's there to remind me. I am a big fat loudmouth as he says, and I really had no reason to be one. Now the biggest insult of all has hit home. Even when I'm trying to be good, I'm just putting my friends in danger because they're involved in something they shouldn't be. How can I possibly get on with life with all that's happened to me and because of me even if we do live?

Karras: Let me ask you something. Why are you even listening to him?

Loud: Because as I said, most of his remarks are true.

Karras: How is that possible? The real truth is, he doesn't really know you. All he knows is what he's seen on TV, and he is too fixated on that to try to see what else is there. Why are you listening to the insane rantings of an insane villain? I'll tell you whose opinions really matter, the people closest to you, that's whom.

Loud: What do you mean?

Karras: Listen, I'm defiantly not the wisest reverend in the city, but I know everyone has a kind side, even villains, buried beneath the evil. Gene had it, Vincent Morre has it, and you do, and the people that know you best know it. I too was curious to see if his remarks were all wrong, so I asked all your friends about you, and they've all said extremely nice things about you, all of them.

Loud: _All_ of them?{His friends all come over}

Toast: Yeah, you may have a nasty big mouth, but we haven't seen much of it lately, and even beyond that, you rock dude!

Cho-Cho: Reverend Karras is right, we're the only ones that really know you, and we know you're flawed, but we also know you're an really nice person and that mores than overshadows anything bad you've done. Plus we know you'd never do anything to hurt us, at least not intentionally.

W.O.W: Yep, I've lived quite a long time, and it's a rare feat when I see a kid who's exactly like you are, and sadly there aren't enough of those.

Loud: You mean that? But, but I thought at least one or a couple of you would be angry at me since the only reason you're in this is because Gene wants me dead.

Aka: Well I'll admit I wasn't too happy, but that's too much like me to feel that way. You've done some infamous things, but you're still an okay guy, or else why would Miss Info and Charity have helped you so much?

Karras: See, the people who know you best all really care about you for who you are, and you're listening to someone who doesn't really know you or ever will. So in that regard, it's really dumb to listen to the latter.

Loud: You know, it's a bit sad that I don't come to these conclusions myself and that I seem like I'm dependent on you guys to do that.{Bright}But you sure do help, don't you? Thank you all. Well, that's it, Gene Burrows has had me questioning myself for the absolute final time! It's time to put an end to it once and for all!

Fetch: Great, then you'll be happy to hear that Harry, Miss Info and Smartypants came up with an idea to reanimate nearby corpses to scare the army if and when they arrive, it could very well get them out of hair for good.

Loud: Then I'm going down there and helping them.

Karras: Lovely. By the way, all the coats I have are in the front pew downstairs, you'll need them cause it's raining.

Loud: At least it's not raining anymore in my heart.

{He excitedly runs downstairs. Fade to inside the sermon hall. It's now 4:30 AM, and Loud is with Smartypants, who's putting the final touches on what looks to be a small box}

Smartypants: All right, I hope I've transferred enough energy from my other devices to have the dead bodies move. Why don't you go outside and test this one on one of them, then bring it back and if it works I'll duplicate it.

Loud: There's no reason for me not to.{He puts on a soaked trenchcoat and hat and heads outside where it's still raining. Harry and Miss Info are waiting next to a pile of dead bodies, none are graphically dead though}

Harry: Okay, I can assume he's finished the prototype, so does it work?

Loud: We'll find out in a minute.{We see now the box has small pointed legs on it, and he puts the box on the back of a body, and it goes inside him perfectly, with the box itself sticking out}

Miss Info: Hey, wait a minute, what's that?{We now see a shadowed figure who seems to be digging a grave. There are two open graves next to that one with tombstones on all three}

Loud:{Calling to the figure}Hey, who is this, anyone I know?{The figure runs off}

Harry: Maybe one of the guys is trying to help us get more bodies.

Miss Info: But I've never noticed those graves before. They look like they've never been used.

Loud: Let's get a better look at these graves.{They walk up and face one of them. Loud takes one look at it's tombstone and nearly faints}And now I'm wishing we hadn't.

{The tombstone reads in red markings "Here lies Loud Kiddington. Died February 24'th, 2000" The tombstone next to it reads the same thing, except it has Miss Info's name, and the one next to it has Harry's name}

Harry: Okay, I think we should move away now.

Gene:{V.O}What, and miss getting a better look at your future home?{Gene is now seen, he is illuminated by a crack of lighting}

Miss Info: Oh no. Where's the army?

Gene: The army's at the church, finishing your friends. But forget about that, this is between you three and I. Come on, let's finish this the way it should end, between only us.{Pulls out a gun}

Harry: All right, if we're going to do that, let's make it a fair fight, A.K.A...{Tackles Gene into the grave}no guns!

{He grabs Gene's gun and throws it far away}

Gene: Very well, let us not say I've been afraid of a little scuffle.{He hits Harry and gets up out of the grave. Harry then gets up and grabs him, and they begin to fight. Harry gets the first few punches off, but Gene then throws a series of his own and grabs his neck}You don't think you can win, do you old friend?

Loud: I was about to ask you the same question.

{Loud crawls onto Gene's back. Gene smiles and raises his fist to hit him from behind, but he jumps off him and he winds up hitting his own back}

Gene: Ow! Why you little!{He bends down to grab him but he hits him in the face first}Not too bad of a left there.

Loud: You have no idea how long I've waited to do that.

Gene: Enough with the talking, more with the hurting, of you that is!{He tackles him and they start to wrestle}

Harry: Hang on Loud, I'll get him off!

Loud: No! This is between him and me, and this time, it's VERY PERSONAL!

{He hits Gene hard twice and Gene gets off him, but then Loud jumps on him and starts again before he grabs his arms. He still doesn't let go of him as he gets up and he starts to stumble. Miss Info then picks up a large stick and she puts it on the ground just as Gene nears the tombstone. And we quickly see why she did that, as Gene trips on the stick and the back of his head hits the tombstone}

Harry: Come on, since he's out we may as well finish what we started.

{Cut to the church as the others are running down the steps into the sermon hall. The other army members are chasing them, and some are firing laser blasts, which miss of course. Karras comes up to Morre}

Karras: You're destroying my church! Do you think the All Mighty will appreciate you destroying His church to fulfill your vengeance?!

Morre: Excuse me Reverend, but for now in the real world, the All Mighty is Gene, and we have to do this to fix that.{Calling out to the army}Close the doors before they escape!

{The soldiers close the doors just before the Histerians can get out, though it seems that BFB got out beforehand. The remaining officers surround the others}

Morre: Fire!

{The soldiers prepare to fire, but a barrage of small square tiles hit them from out of nowhere. We now see Smartypants holding the cell phone from earlier. He presses the Speed Dial button and the other buttons on the phone fly toward the soldiers and hit them again and again}

Sammy: Well that'll distract them, let's get out of here!

Father Time:{Trying to open the door}We can't, they locked the front door.

Toast:{Running toward Sammy}Well that's a nasty coincidence, the back door's locked too!

Froggo: Well there's got to be another way, I don't think Smartypants can keep this up much longer.

{Back outside, the three good guys are about to activate the box on the dead body}

Harry: Just one push of a button and Gene will get quite a scare when he wakes up. 

Gene:{Coming behind him}Unless he's already up to prevent said scare.

{He pushes Harry out of the way and takes the box off the body. He then throws it far away, hitting a window of the church. Inside, Karras hears that noise. He then goes to the back door and takes out a crowbar, and is able to force the door open, then runs outside. Meanwhile, Harry tries to run to the church to get it back before he is hit by Gene. He hits him again and he staggers to the front of the bodies, but before Gene hits him again, he is pushed out of the way and Gene misses. The one who did that, Miss Info, gets up from the ground}

Gene: Well, you're a latecomer to the action. When I'm done you'll probably wish you were a no show.

Miss Info: You know, Loud recently said you'd hurt him for the last time emotionally, I'm going to repay you by hurting you for the first time physically!{She hits him really hard in the face and he goes down}Ha, I can't believe how good that felt! I've been waiting forever to do that!{Gene gets up and hits her back}

Gene: The feeling is mutual.

{They begin to fist fight, both are hitting each other pretty good, with their combined desire for revenge on one another. But finally Miss Info begins to get the upper hand as she lands a series of hard blows that force Gene to stagger and then fall into her grave}

{Back inside, Smartypants is still using the cell phone, but Morre suddenly grabs him and throws the phone away}

Morre: Your mad inventing spree is finished! Shoot him!

Pepper: Wait! You can't shoot him.

Stacy: And just why can't we?

Pepper: Because there's the chance Smartypants could get free of his grasp and you'd wind up shooting Morre instead! You wouldn't want to risk Gene's wrath by shooting his new friend, would you?

Morre: Don't listen to her, fire!{They do prepare to shoot, but each soldier is grabbed by one of our heroes}

Aka: Thanks Pep, you gave us a great idea. Now you can't shoot any of us cause you might hit one of your army buddies instead.

Nathan: She's right, they could jump away easily. We can't lessen our own ranks.

Morre: Then I'll do it, you people are all expendable!{He lets go of Smartypants and pulls out his gun, but before he fires he looks out a window and sees what's going on outside, which is that Gene is being held down by Miss Info}Hold on a minute, I'll be right back.

Miss Info: All right Loud, hit him. This'll be for all the pain he's caused you.

Loud:{Looking over and seeing BFB outside}Hold on, I think I have a better idea. A very disgusting idea. Big Fat Baby!

Morre:{Looking from the window}Gasp, oh no! You people hold off the others, I've got to save Gene!{He unlocks the front door and heads outside. Smartypants watches and then hears a "Psst!" sound. Karras is calling to him from behind a pew}

Karras: Mr. Smartypants, come here, and bring your duplicator with you.{He holds up the box}

{Outside, Loud lays BFB right on Gene's face. It also appears that he's about to leave a "mess" in his diaper}

Gene:{Muffled}No, you can't do this, you're not this vicious!

Loud: With you I'll make an exception. Hold his arms and get out noseplugs!

{Harry and Miss Info do just that. Gene cringes, preparing himself for the damage. But at the last second, Morre appears and tackles Loud, making him let go of BFB. He then takes him off Gene's face and throws him out of view, just as the "mess" is made}

Morre:{Helping Gene up}Are you okay, Gene?

Gene: Vincent, you saved me. I was about to suffer a fate worse than death and you saved me, thank you. Do you have your gun?

Morre: Yes I do.

Gene: Then wound these three for me. I've had enough with fair fighting!

Morre: It'll be my honor.{He fires laser blasts at the three but of course they miss. They try to hide behind tombstones but he quickly finds them and shoots another blast, which barely misses. Back inside, Smartypants is duplicating his box with a small device resembling the ACME gene splicer which is the duplicator}

Smartypants: There, that's fifty of them.

Karras: Perfect, go over and activate the dead bodies to stop Gene and his army, go my friend!

{He goes out the back door and runs towards the pile of bodies, just out of the two villains view. He goes to work hooking them onto each body. Nearby, Morre is searching for the others}

Morre: Come out, come out wherever you are! It's not like you have many places to hide here!{We see them hiding behind a particularly large tombstone}

Miss Info:{Whispering}Boy, not to change the subject here, but this rain is really pouring.{Gasps}Oh no, I think I'm going to...{Sneezes}Ah choo!

Morre: Found you!{Shoots a laser blast just to the left of the tombstone to draw them out. They run to the right afterwards, but Morre is after them as fast as he can run, and he narrowly grabs Loud by the legs. His friends stop and run towards Morre, but Gene grabs them both before they get to him}

Gene: You two are just too loyal, that's your problem, you value your friend too much and now you're captured because of it.

Miss Info: Don't you dare try to use that phony stuff with us!

Morre: In any event you're still at the end of your rope.{Gives Loud to Gene and he holds him with his friends}

Gene: Vincent, I just got an idea. Why don't you kill Harry and Miss Info for me, and then I'll kill Loud. He's the one I really want and I'd like him to see his friends die before he does, and you should do the honors for your good work.

Morre: Thank you oh so much!{Points his gun}This is the moment of my redemption!{A growling sound is heard behind him}Which one of you three made that noise?

Loud:{Smiling a nasty smile}Wasn't me, maybe you should look behind you.

{He does and what he sees terrifies him, it's the dead bodies, now alive. Smartypants centers the hoard holding a control box. The corpses walk towards the evil duo, Gene drops his enemies in shock}

Gene: I, I don't believe it, even the dead are against us!

Morre: What'll we do, we can't shoot them, they're already dead! 

Gene: Well make them deader!{Morre prepares to fire, but then a shadowed figure comes out of nowhere and puts a ball of mud into the barrel of the gun} 

Morre: What the, what was that?{Pulls the trigger but nothing comes out}This mud is blocking the barrel, I can't shoot! 

Gene: Mud can't be that strong, let me see!{He gives him the gun and he sees the mud is nothing but a rock covered in mud}See, it's just a rock.{Tries to pull the rock out but can't}Ugh, a hard to get out rock! It's exactly the same shape as the barrel!

Morre: Keep firing, it's bound to come out!{He continues pulling the trigger until a disturbing noise comes out of it}What was that?

Gene: It's overloading from pulling the trigger so much! It's gonna blow!{He throws the gun away and it explodes. The shadowed figure then runs to the church's front door, where we see it's really Karras}

Karras: All right Smartypants, I'm going to open the doors! You should now send all but two of these corpses after the army after I open it!

Smartypants: I couldn't think of a better plan myself, though I could if I had more time to think about it.

Gene: You treacherous reverend, you were with them all along! You'll pay for this!{Just then a corpse comes up and tackles Gene, another one does the same to Morre. Karras opens the front door and the rest of the bodies walk inside, where the soldiers have finally gotten the others off of them and are preparing to fire}

Nathan: Time to die, you not so histerical swines! Boy, I'm good at poetry.

Karras: Not just yet, Mr. soldier. If you look in back of you, you'll get a good look at dead bodies without having to kill them to do so.{The army of dead bodies walks inside}

Muldoon: Zombies!

Soldier: Steady, Dr Burrows said not to be scared!{Suddenly a particularly ugly corpse comes up in front of him}But then again, there are some exceptions that can't be helped.

{The corpses tackle the army members and begin to fight them, apparently winning}

Karras: All right my friends, go!{The good guys run out and join their friends}Okay, while they're distracted, get to your cars quick!

W.O.W: But what about you, they'll be after you once they escape from this.

Karras: Don't worry about me, I was just doing my part to save God's creatures, I'll be fine. Go!

{The Histerians all run to the cars they were in earlier, but before they drive off, they see Gene grab Karras}

Gene: Not so fast! Apparently you sent the weakest dead bodies in the bunch after us two.

Karras: You won't stop them, if you couldn't capture them for 14 hours, you can't expect to capture them in 10. They'll stop you soon enough, you narrow minded judgmental lunatic!{He hits Gene and prepares to run, but Morre blocks him}

Morre:{Grabbing Karras}Looks like you love God quite a bit, so right now we're going to help you join him, for good! 

Gene: Attention Histerians! I'll allow you to escape, but before you do, a little reminder. You are participating in a war where most of you will be dead before it ends. Let me show exactly what most of you could be in store for if you continue. 

{Morre gives him another gun and he points it at Karras. The Histerians are all watching and before they can get out of their cars to stop this, a gun shot is heard. Another lighting bolt comes down at the same time, blocking Karras's screams of pain. Suddenly in Sammy's car, Karras collides with the right window, his nearly dead expression seen right in front of Sammy's eyes. He and everyone else watching screams}

Karras:{Very weak}Godspeed...and God bless you, my...friends.{He collapses to the ground. No one can even move after seeing this. Finally they drive away}

Morre: They're getting away!

Gene: I said they could, besides they're traumatized enough now.{They see the army members running away outside from the corpses}What's say we take some target practice for next time?

{Morre grabs an officer's gun, since the officer's too scared from the corpses he doesn't mind. We then see them shooting laser blasts as fast as possible at the bodies, until finally they get them all}

Andrea: Oh, thank you sir. I know you told us not to be scared, but they were so scary and strong and just too distracting!

Gene: No problem, for now. Our foes have gotten away, but I left them a nice parting shot before they left.{Points to Karras's motionless form}

Soldier: You killed a man of God?!

Gene: Please, I'm the ruler of the nation, I can do what I want and what must be done. Let's just head back to base for now.

{Fade to the roads as the cars are driving away. Everyone is sad and shocked at what just happened}

Harry: I..I don't believe it, he actually killed him.

Sammy: I never thought he'd go that far...and I saw him die in front of my very eyes.

Aka: One of the goals I set for this was to not see anyone die that didn't deserve to. Guess that's not gonna happen.

Smartypants: Here's something for you to do to get your mind off this Sammy. Drive straight ahead for 10 miles, then make a left and drive straight for 4 miles, then make a right and stop at the third building to the left. 

Sammy: All right, but why?

Smartypants: Trust me, I'm about to take us to a place long overdue for our residence.

{The car pulls in front of the others and drives off. The other drivers see this and follow him. Fade to later on as we see the sun finally coming up. Sammy's car finally stops in front of the sidewalk and the others stop behind him. They all get out}

Toast: Um, why'd we stop here, dude? And where is here?

Smartypants: Look to your left. Behold, our new hideout!{We see the hideout is Smartypants's lab}

Sammy: This looks a bit familiar.

Smartypants: It's my laboratory, remember I sent you a picture of it when I moved in? Well, we are going to stay here because here, my many devices can be used to put us on equal ground with the army, and better yet, I can very well make it so they won't find us at all.

Fetch: Well that's good enough for me, let's go in.{They walk up to the lab and go inside}

Smartypants: Perfect, everything's just as I left it, so now I don't have to worry about having all my tools ready.

Father Time: And just how are you going to prevent the army from finding us?

Smartypants: Well they're using goggles I originally created to find us, I originally made them for police to use to find criminals, but they're using them to find us. I can create a force field around this building to reverse the goggles detecting methods so that instead of detecting that we're in here, they'll detect otherwise and say we're not.

Miss Info: And then when they find we're not here, they'll be on a wild duck chase through the rest of the city! They'll never find us then!

Harry: Well then, we'd better get to work, it's 7 AM now, we have 9 hours until the 4:00 deadline, we do this quickly and we'll have ample time to figure out how to overthrow Gene once and for all!

Aka: Well Smarty, you certainly know how to brighten up a situation.

Smartypants: Hmm, you find out a new talent everyday.

{Cut to the army tent as the soldiers are entering, all tired. Gene then barges in after everyone else in inside, pushing a TV on a cart}

Gene: Gentlemen, I have come to the conclusion that you have lost your motivation for killing our foes. That severely hurts our chances for victory with time falling fast.{He pushes a button on a console and suddenly steel doors appear, blocking all the exits out of that particular section}I now have no choice but to show you this tape to fix that problem. Vincent, while they're watching, you come with me please.

{Gene presses another button that opens an exit in back. He enters the section located in there, which looks like a weapons center, and Morre follows. Then the door closes again}

Morre: Okay, what did you want me for, why aren't I being motivated?

Gene: You're plenty motivated already, there's no need for more reminders. But still I wanted to talk to you.

{He grabs Morre by the collar and pushes him in back of the steel door}

Gene: Now, this army is not a very good one, as you know. As it's leader, you are supposed to fix that problem, but I see no hints that you have! This army is your responsibility, not mine, and you have the job of leading it towards our enemies capture, and that, to my great annoyance, is not happening! And I, to my deep regret, have to put some blame onto since you're the leader. Now either Loud, Miss Info and Harry die today, or you do! I won't stand for any more lackluster attempted captures, do you understand?!

Morre: Let me bring up something. If you killed me for not leading this army to success, wouldn't doing that be evil, because of all the suffering I've gone through? And haven't you so often said you're not evil? Killing me wouldn't help support that.

Gene: Oh, you're right.{Lets him go}Goodness, I almost forgot it would be. Sigh, and it's also because of another reason, because I can't stay mad at you, though it is tempting because you're an obvious scapegoat, but I can't. I can't because you're so much like me and...because you're really the only person who understands my real reasons for getting rid of them.

Morre: Yes, being through what I have gives me more insight to your point of view of all this.

Gene: You know, I always wanted to do something to improve life here, to make the world a better place. I tried my darndest to do that through science, but they ruined my dreams of doing that, didn't they?! But through that I realized the only way to really do good for the world was to get rid of them and rid the planet of their annoying, unpleasant existence. You understand that more than anyone.

Morre: Yes I do.

Gene: Thanks for that short but sweet reassurance that I am understood.

Morre: My pleasure. Now to change the subject and avoid more melodrama, what are you showing to motivate them again?

Gene: Clips of Loud and Miss Info doing what they always do, be annoying.

Morre: I thought they burned all their episodes.

Gene: They did, but I still have the tape of my marathon. I'm showing them lovely clips of Miss Info's infamous incorrectness from that Science episode with Tesla, the Music episode with that soothsayer, and the 20'th Century Presidents episode. Isn't it ironic that in that episode Loud called her, his current best friend, a nut?

Morre: Wow, I never realized that. You could use that as a way to attack his obnoxiousness, since he there
insulted even his very best friend.

Gene: Wonderful, that'll add on to the only clip of Loud I need to reaffirm his image, and that should be ending right about....now!{The door is opened again and they head inside to confront a dazed and befuddled

Morre: All right, you've just viewed three clips of Miss Info being extremely dumb, and I think you only needed that one clip of Loud to remind yourself of his problem. And...what was that last clip?

Gene: It was from that episode with Teddy Roosevelt where he disrupted the building of Mount Rushmore and kept hurting that Elmer Fudd esq guy. And I think that says it all about him, you'd think he'd stop yelling after seeing what his voice can do to the rocks and his dear old dad's head, but did he? No! That's why he's so hateable, that's why we must work harder to do him in!

Officer: Um, two things sir. One, that Elmer Fudd guy wasn't really his dad, he was just playing the part of him. And two, absolutely no offense, but this kind of stuff makes it look like you can't take a joke, they're jokes and you're taking them much too seriously. You're so obsessed with killing them because you're taking bad jokes too seriously, at least that's what I think, um sir.

Gene: I see. Now, for your insight, could you come here with me? I'm testing a new possible device for us that everyone is barred to look at because I'm not finished. I'd like your opinion on them, come with me.

Officer: Um, yes sir.{He comes with him to the weapons center and the door closes. The next thing we hear is a scream of pain from the officer and then a gunshot}

Gene:{V.O}How's that?

Officer:{V.O and weak}Yep, I'd say that's pretty powerful, sir.

Gene: Thank you.{Comes back into the room}Now, does anyone else think that way, I'm just curious.

{Everyone says no in a panicked hurry}

Gene: Good, now keep these recent clips in mind as you set out on your journey, and punish them for their awfulness! Now if you'll excuse me I must go.

Morre: What, I thought you were helping us.

Gene: Not anymore, I originally stated I wouldn't do that, and I'm sticking to my word. Besides I may as well get back to the White house, the only reason people haven't trashed it is because I still have the spider nearby.{A helicopter touches down behind him}Now, you have 8 1/2 hours left, you make sure we don't need all of them to finish the job.{Salutes him}Carry on once more, my friend.

{He gets into the copter and it flies away towards the White House}

Morre: Well, I think he's said all that needs to be said. Let's move it!{The army members run out of the tent to resume their search}

{Cut back to the lab as Smartypants is putting the finishing touches on another box}

Smartypants: There, although it's defiantly not an original design of mine, it's finished. Now to turn it on.

{He pushes a green button on top of the box. It opens and a few seconds later, a green forcefield appears briefly on the walls}

Smartypants: There, now when the army looks at this building with their goggles, it won't tell them we're here. Then they'll never find us and we can go on without worry of that anymore.

Pepper: AH HA HA, that's wonderful! Hey, now that we don't have to worry about being found, you can show us all you've done here. Maybe some of it would help us.

Smartypants: Okay, just don't break anything, before Gene came I wanted it all in peak condition to present to the government. Now I suppose that will never be.

Cho-Cho: All the more reason for us to defeat him and fix that.

Lucky Bob: Absolutely! Show us, Mr. Pants sir.

Smartypants: Pants sir, well that's a new name.

{Over in another part of the lab, Loud is admiring the many devices. Just then Charity comes up to him}

Charity: Hello.

Loud:{A bit nervous}Um, hi Charity. What are you doing here and not there?

Charity: I just came for what is fast becoming my annual check to see if you're okay, I mean you were witness to a bloody murder.

Loud: I'm okay, really. And don't worry about still being upset over his recent insults, I'm A-OK.

Charity: At least before he died Karras got to show you the final insight into proving how false Gene is. I'm certainly glad the others all said that stuff about you that some of us knew long ago.

Loud:{A bit more pained}Um, ok, so since you found out I'm okay, you really have no reason to still be here. Why don't you take a look at Smartypants's inventions here, they'll certainly be more exciting than still being here with little old me. Bye!{He walks off in a bit of a hurry to join the others. Charity looks at him a bit puzzled and worried}

{Fade to outside the lab. A caption reads it's 9 AM. The army is outside}

Morre: All right, this is the next building. Goggles back on!{They put their goggles on. Inside, Smartypants and the others are peeking through the windows looking nervously}

Nathan: Um, I don't see anything sir.

Muldoon: Neither do I, nothing is being detected here.

Morre: And it appears all the drapes are shut so we can't see from there. That's a bit suspicious, and this house looks familiar.{Thinks}Oh well, I'm probably thinking about something irrelevant, and we can't spend time thinking this long about things like this. Let's go.{The army leaves}

Harry: Yes! You little genius, it worked!

Toast: All right, now they're out of our hair for good!

Smartypants: Until we face them eventually to overthrow Gene. But at least now we're free without worry to think of how we'll do that.

Toast: Even more excellent!

{Nearby, Charity comes up to Aka}

Charity: Hey Aka, I need to talk to you. That's because the only ones I've talked to about this subject matter are busy now and rightfully so, and you're the next best source for help.

Aka: Thanks. So what's the dealio with you now?

Charity: Well, I think there may be another problem with Loud.

Aka: Again?! How many more problems can he have, a few more of these and he could very well be labeled as a cry baby.

Charity: Don't say that about him! It's because of all the disturbing things that's happened to him, if you were him you'd understand.

Aka: Whoh chill. I didn't say he was one, I'm just saying people could mistake him for that. So what is it this time?

Charity: Well ever since we got here, everytime I'm even near him or try to talk to him, he either turns away and doesn't answer, or answers nervously.  He never does that, and that has me worried.

Aka: Did you do something to make him feel that way, maybe you're accidentally letting on you love him.

Charity: Sssh! I told you the dangers of letting that be known! I know I certainly haven't done that, and you shouldn't too.

Aka: Well in that case this could be good, now you may not risk the chance to tell him.

Charity: But there may be something wrong with him again, and now I can't get the opportunity to find out and help him, that's almost as worse as having Gene know.

Aka: I really don't understand you, why are you still trying to help him when you know that if you do, you could wind up telling him what you don't want him to know.

Charity: Because I can't let him believe that all of this is his fault again, and if I let those insults affect him into thinking that it is, then Gene has already won.{Looks over at him}I just hope he's okay, whatever's got him this time must be really bad.

{Nearby, Miss Info comes up to Loud}

Miss Info: Loud, is there something wrong with you again?

Loud: No, I've already said I've gotten over the insults.

Miss Info: Um, this is more about Charity. Since we got here it seems like you've been ignoring her, and I'd just like to know why.

Loud: Oh, I guess it started after I saw Karras being shot. Watching that I realized that if I tell her my feelings and Gene finds out, that could very well happen to her. Now I'm more determined not to let it slip, so I figure if I don't get too close to her or talk as much to her, I can't tell her. 

Miss Info: I understand why, but doesn't that seem a bit mean just to shun her like that?

Loud:{Pained}I know, I know, but it's the only way I can avoid it. It's even harder to do that when you think of all she's done. She's treated me with as much respect and kindness as humanly possible, she's always brought me up when I've been down...wait. Wait that's it! All she's done for me is things you've done before I really got to know her. That's why I love her, because she's exactly like you!

Miss Info: But she doesn't have a low I.Q, I always thought she was rather smart.

Loud: No, not in that area, in the areas that really count. She's an extremely kind and sweet person, just like you, she's helped me whenever I've been down, just like you, she's defended me every time it's been needed, just like you. That's why I care this much about her{takes Miss Info's hand}because she's a carbon copy of one of, if not the most wonderful person I've ever known. I'm sure if you were my age I'd feel the exact same way about you.

Miss Info: I thought you were praising her, how'd you get to me again?

Loud: Well I guess I didn't want to think some more about how she's as loving as you. Which makes it even more harder not to tell her how much I appreciate that, because you don't usually meet people as loving as that, let alone two.

Miss Info:{Hugs Loud}Shh, don't worry, it'll be okay, you will get the chance to tell her, even if I have to do it all myself, you deserve each other.

Loud: Oh, I hope you're right on that first part. I'd like nothing more than just shout it out to the whole world how much I appreciate all she's done and that I love her for it, but if I do that she's as good as dead. I already have a marathon and a hostile takeover on my conscience, the last thing I want is to add someone's death to that list.

Miss Info: I know, it wouldn't be you if you weren't so concurred.{Breaks the hug}And I don't think I can deal with you trying to hide your feelings much longer. That's why I'm going right over there and suggest we start the planning for an attack on Gene right now, because the sooner he's gone, the sooner you can tell her, come on!

{They walk over to the next room of the building, where they see Harry pressing his ear to a door}

Loud: Harry, what are you doing, where are the others?

Harry: They're in that room, talking about us. Sammy's bringing up a point which I suppose we can't blame him for after what he saw recently, but it hurts.{Loud and Miss Info press their ears to the door to hear with Harry. Inside the room, the others are debating}

W.O.W: I'm a bit confused Sammy, before the army arrived at the church we were all complimenting the goodness of Loud and the others. Now all of a sudden you're talking about us abandoning them?

Sammy: I'm not saying that! I'm just saying that after seeing Karras die, we should consider taking the more safer steps to avoid that happening to us, and that may involve leaving them.

Smartypants: Do you actually think if we leave them by themselves that they can defeat Gene and save the country?

Sammy: Well they beat him before virtually by themselves, they could very well do it again.

Father Time: But they didn't have to deal with a giant spider, an army, another villain and having the nation in danger last time! I'm not leaving them.

Sammy: I'm just saying we should consider that, there is a difference to what you think I'm saying. Besides, if we didn't involve ourselves with them, the army wouldn't have reason to try to kill us like they've been doing recently.

Aka: I must admit, he has a point, if we weren't allied with them, they would try to kill us, and I'm getting sick of them doing that when we're not the ones he wants!

Toast: Yeah, I don't want to die and have my dreams of being a rock star cut short.

Charity: May I speak a non selfish opinion, please?

Sammy: Selfish? You think I'm selfish?

Charity: No, but we're thinking selfishly. We're thinking about saving our own skins but we're not thinking about what could happen to them. They can't defeat them by themselves, do you want them to die?

Sammy: Of course not! But I don't want to risk joining them if they do.

Charity: Leaving them to die is even worse than living. I know most of you are thinking of the negative associations with them, but I know if they died, we'd all miss them.

Aka: You'd just miss Loud especially.{Pause}I shouldn't have said that, should I?

Charity: No, you shouldn't. But think of it. We all know how Loud is, so we know we'd miss him. We'd also miss Miss Info and Harry too. True we all know of her low I.Q, but it's rare that you meet someone with the insight to look beyond a person's faults. I'm sure she's done the same with us just as she's done with Loud, though not as vocal.

Father Time: I see what you're getting at here. Remember during the marathon when we were all helpless to do anything? Then Harry came along and helped us stand up to Gene and almost stop it ourselves. True it didn't work, but he's one of the only ones that liked us on the show, and he's still stood by us today.

Sammy: You're right, I have valued him because he's always liked us even on the show when not many others did. I would miss him.

Charity: See? They all have wonderful personalities that would make it impossible for us to miss if they died. I'd miss them all, they're all my friends, not just Loud, I know you'd miss them too.

Pepper: Yeah, I've grown to like them all, not because I love everything or because I've thought they're famous people.

Froggo: Right, I'd miss Miss Info's unintentional sense of humor and niceness and Harry's down to earth helpfulness.

Sammy: Yeah, you're all right, I'd miss them all. Well, I guess I have to change my mind, we shouldn't leave them, but we should be careful, you have to admit.

Smartypants: That's why we must plan to end Gene's regime forever. Let's get out of here and do that.{They walk out and see the threesome}

Harry: You don't need to explain, we heard everything.

Sammy: Um, let me explain, I didn't say all that because I hate you.

Miss Info: We know, it's understandable that you'd be like that after seeing Karras die in front of you. And I'm glad to hear that you'd really miss us, that's really reassuring.

Loud: Yeah, I feel the same way.{To Charity}And...thank you for sticking up for us, I know you're getting sick of saying all of that stuff by now.

Charity: Well, I am, but then I remind myself that I'm saying stuff about you all that must be said, because no one else will believe it, so I should lessen that large number.

{Loud fondly returns her smile, then without thinking leans over and kisses her on the forehead. But his eyes immediately widen and he quickly turns and runs away screaming}

Cho-Cho: What in the world was _that_ all about?

Miss Info: I think I've got a pretty good idea.

Harry: Gasp, you mean he, he..

Miss Info: I can't say, but can I assume that you know if she...

Charity: I don't know what you're talking about, but I do know something is wrong with him. And I'm going to find out what.{She goes off to follow Loud}

Miss Info: Yes, it's about time you did.

{Charity goes into what is obviously Smartypants's bedroom, and finds Loud banging his head into the closet door}

Loud: STUPID ME! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!{He finally sees Charity and backs away from her}

Charity: I must admit, you're being too paranoid about this. I'm not angry about that kiss, you were just showing me your appreciation for what I did, it was sweet. There wasn't anything wrong with it.

Loud: But there was, if only you knew, but you can't!{They sit down on the nearby bed}Charity, there's only one way you can survive until 4:00, you've got to get as far away from this city, and from me as possible, it's your only hope!

Charity: I won't. After I went and defended you to prevent them from leaving, you think I'm going to? Besides, there is a fate worse than death for me. That would be the haunting reminder that if I went away from you guys and you died, I wasn't there to help prevent that. I couldn't live with facing that, and I'm not going to give myself the chance.

Loud: So you're still willing to help me, even though it could mean your certain doom?

{Charity nods. Loud looks at her for a moment and begins to smile again, but it quickly fades away and he begins to cry}

Charity: What's wrong, why are you crying?

Loud:{Sobbing}I can't take it anymore! I've tried to hide it as much as I can, but I just can't do it!

Charity: Do what?

Loud: Oh Charity, I'm sorry I've been ignoring you lately, but let me explain why.{Takes a deep breath}There's something I've been meaning to tell you ever since we arrived in this city, but since Gene returned I've tried to hide it from you and him. But I can't anymore. You deserve to know this after all you've done, but you don't deserve the consequences that could happen if I do.

Charity: Okay, well since you can't hide whatever it is, you should say it so you can get it out of your system.

Loud: All right.{Takes a very deep breath}Charity, let me first say that I couldn't be more happy or more thankful for what you've done to help me if I tried. It's been an honor to be with you these last few months, and as far as I know there's only one person I've met that could possibly be as loving and wonderfully sweet as you{Charity blushes}But that's not what I want to say, those are just reasons. They're the reasons why I..{struggles to say it}I, I...

Charity: You what?

Loud: I....{finally manages to eke out a whisper}I love you.

Charity: Is that it?{Loud nods}Well, in the unlikely event you were afraid I'd be mad or upset at you for saying that, don't be. You know why?{She lifts his chin up and speaks very softly}Because I love you too.

Loud: You, you do?

Charity: Yes I do, and I've wanted to tell you that since we got here too. But I've been afraid because...

Loud:{Finishing for her}Because of what Gene would do if he found out? That's why I didn't tell you, I'm still afraid that if he finds out he'll kill you. Oh boy, it's gonna be harder to keep it a secret now that we know, and Gene's so smart he'll figure it out very easily if he hasn't already, and...

Charity: Sssh, you've been paranoid about this far too long. If he does find out, it really does matter, he wants us all dead anyway. If he knows, we'll deal with it as we go. But I do love you, and I won't let him affect that.

Loud: You're right I should be stronger than this and less paranoid.{Hugs her}Thank you for lessening my regret of finally letting the big secret out.

Charity:{Hugging him back}Don't worry, we're going to be okay, we'll make it.

{They hug for a few more seconds, then break slightly apart, still holding each other. They just stare at each other for a second or two, then begin to instinctively move closer to each other. She puts her arms back around him, and he moves his right hand over to touch her face, and brings his other hand to stroke her ponytail. Their eyes close just as their lips meet, however Loud's eyes open widely afterwards from the feeling of her lips kissing his. However he quickly loses himself in the moment and kisses her back romantically and softly. Behind them, Miss Info and Harry are watching them and are obviously touched}

Miss Info: I knew they had it in each other to come forward.

Harry: This moment is definitely one long overdue.

Aka: So they're kissing now?{Eager}Can we see?

Harry: No, these moments are usually called "private moments". What's say we not make this an exception?

{He closes the door and the kids groan, and then they all leave, just as inside, Loud and Charity finish their kiss with their eyes half open looking at each other as their lips part, somewhat reluctantly. They look at each other, and then Loud breaks into his happiest smile and hugs her again lovingly. She hugs him back the same way}

{We cut to behind them as we see drapes over a window- but there is an arm hanging out holding a tape recorder pointed at the happy couple. We then see who the arm belongs to: it's Vincent Morre, with a lockpick in his other hand which he used to open the window a crack. He looks at the two with a frown, but then contemplates the information he has in his hand, and chuckles. He leaves with a sinister, devilish grin}

{Cut to inside the Oval Office, as Gene is talking into a cell phone}

Nathan:{From the cell phone}We've been searching for an hour to an hour and a half, and nothing's coming up on our goggles, they must be hiding in too good of a place.

Gene: Did you bother to knock and actually look in some of the houses?!

Nathan: Yes, a few, but none of them worked either. Mr. Morre went out himself to start his own search, but we've heard nothing from him. The trail's getting colder and colder sir.

Gene: Nathan, let me ask you something. Do you want the country to be a totalitarian society? Do you want me to be a tyrant and deprive citizens everywhere of happiness? Do you want your family's deaths unavenged?!

Nathan: Of course not, sir.

Gene:{Angry}Then find them now and in a hurry, NOW!! I can't take much more of this, find them, no excuses!! {He hangs up angrily and a second later it rings again. He answers}Now what do you want?!

Morre: I want to break a startling story to you.

Gene: Oh Vincent, hello. Sorry about that, I got off a bad call. I heard you went off to find them on your own.

Morre: I did, and I have great news. I found them, they're at Mr. Smartypants's lab. The goggles didn't detect them, but I had a feeling they'd be there and it was correct.

Gene: Of course, why didn't I think of that? This is wonderful!

Morre: But it's not the most important news I have.

Gene: What are you talking about?

Morre: Well, after I found them, I recorded a very interesting conversation between Loud and Charity Bazaar that I think you should hear.{Pulls out his tape recorder}

Gene: I don't like the sound of that, but go ahead.

{Morre pushes the Play button on the recorder and we hear Loud and Charity's conversation, starting with Loud's reasons for loving her. When it gets to the part where Loud says he loves her, Gene frowns very deeply and takes a sip of wine from a glass. But when it gets to the part where Charity says she loves her, he breaks the glass into a thousand pieces with his angry fist crushing it}

Morre: That was pretty much the end of the conversation, but that was because they kissed afterwards.

Gene:{Very eerily calm}Will you excuse me for a moment please?

Morre: Of course.{He pulls out his earmuffs and puts them on}Five, four, three, two, one.

{We hear Gene yelling indescribable profanities through the phone. After he's finished, he returns to his chair much more calmer}

Gene: Okay, I have expressed my anger. I feel cleansed. Now, in light of this shocking news, we must take action! Vincent, can you get back to base very quickly?

Morre: Sure, I can just use my lockpicks to break into a car and drive back to headquarters, it'll probably take me about 15 minutes if I go really fast.

Gene: Good, make sure that prediction is correct and head back to base and call all the troops back with you, then call a press conference to air all over the country. While you're doing that, I'll be sending some new devices that I just got finished with to help you in your new task. We have a new target to find.   Morre: Exactly what I had in mind.
{Fade to later inside the tent. Morre is addressing the army with a TV camera in front of him} 

Morre: Just 20 minutes ago we made a shocking discovery that our arch foe, Loud Kiddington, is in love with former Histeria co star Charity Bazaar, the depressed girl who always says "I'm not happy" Obviously we cannot condone our enemy engaging in something like that. Therefore, by order of Dr Burrows, we have made Charity Bazaar our newest target! In other words, she must be captured and killed along with Loud, Miss Info and Harry or the country will turn into Hades, a nightmare, you know by now.

{Cut to Smartypants's lab as everyone but Charity is watching Morre's conference. Loud looks like a dagger has gone through his heart, and it pretty much has}

Morre: And also, Gene has decided to send some new devices to help you, which the Histerians will find very familiar. But first, Muldoon, I dropped my gun in that shadowy area in back of me, would you get it for me?

Muldoon: I don't know why you can't, but you're the boss.{He goes behind him to the shadowy black area. He spots the gun and bends to pick it up: but suddenly a mechanical pointed leg steps on it. The owner of the leg comes into view, it's a spider bot, exactly like the one in the original. 9 other bots come out of the shadows too}

Sammy:[Watching the bots}You know, I'm beginning to get sick of seeing these things. Couldn't he have come up with a more cheery animal as the design for all his evil devices?

Morre: These spider bots, as Gene calls them, are his prized inventions, so they'd better not be damaged when we find them. Well, that's about all the things I have to say to everyone, so ta ta Histerians wherever you are, and I'll see _you_ later Charity.

{The TV camera turns off}

Morre: All right men and women, there's one more thing I forgot to mention. The Histerians are at the lab of Mr.  Smartypants, at 1243 Clover Lane.

Female Officer: Well why didn't you say so earlier?

Morre: Because we were world wide, do you think I'd say I know where they are with the risk of them hearing and leaving before we get them? In any case, a golden opportunity and a new target have been handed to us, let's move out and take advantage!{The army cheers and heads out of the tent, Morre in front with the spider bots following him}

{Back in the lab, Loud looks at the TV in somber contemplation}

Loud: Just 25 minutes ago I finally declared my love for Charity, and now just as happiness comes my way my worst fear comes true!

Harry: And if they found out that quickly, it's obvious they know where we are!

Loud: Oh my, that certainly made things much worse. Where is she?

Miss Info: She must have run off after the announcement.

Loud: I've got to talk to her and get her out of here!{He runs away and finds her inside the bedroom,
sitting in the  same spot where she declared her love 25 minutes ago}Charity, our worst fear has happened!

Charity: I know. I turned away after Morre came on, listening to the official announcement definitely wouldn't help.

Loud: Listen, this confirms what I said before the declaration of our love. You have to get out of this city now!

Charity: I told you before, I'm not leaving you.

Loud: But the army will be here any minute. They even have a new legion of those spider bots with them. They're going to come at us with everything they've got, there are 6 hours left and they want you dead!

Charity: Let them come, I won't let them intimidate me into submission.

Loud: All right, I'll try one more time. Gene Burrows and Vincent Morre are already insane, revenge driven people who'll stop at nothing to kill us. They've wanted me most of all. Now that they know I love you, they're extremely angry and in an attempt to ruin my life before they end it, they'll stop at nothing to kill you. They're hard enough to deal with already, now they'll be 10 times worse! You don't want to face that.

Charity: I'm not scared of them. I'm not going to lessen the ranks of people trying to save you.


Miss Info: Listen Charity, Loud only did that because he loves you. He only wants the best for you, and you must admit, you'll be better off separating yourself with a whole city to hide in than staying here and battling an army that'll send you to the cemetery.

Loud: That's what I've been saying. Please, go, before I yell at you again, don't let me do that.

Charity: Well, you're right, it does sound a bit foolish to not avoid them...but how will I know you'll be okay?

Loud: You won't, we can't keep communication with each other or they could detect you. I know it's hard, but I can take care of myself, it's time to think about your safety after thinking so hard about mine.

Harry: I'll get all the supplies you'll need and find a map of the city. With it you can get out as quick as a button.

Smartypants: And I'll get all the supplies the rest of us need to battle the army when they come so you'll see we'll be all right.

{Fade to later as Charity, wearing a backpack, trenchcoat and hat covering her face, is about to leave}

Charity: Well...sigh, I don't know how I can leave without the thought that I may never see you guys again.

Father Time: Don't think those thoughts, we'll survive, defeat Gene and then you and the rest of us will be safe, think about that.

Charity: I'll try.{To Loud}But it'll probably be overshadowed by my worrying about you.

Loud: Just try not to think about me, it'll dampen your thoughts. Although that probably is something that'll be hard for me to do concerning you.{Lowers his head}Go on, you should head out before they arrive.

{Charity puts the hat back over her head and runs out. The others watch her go. Loud has a small tear appear in his eye, which Miss Info wipes off. She put her arm around him and walks him back inside, and they all follow them inside, closing the door}

{Fade to a street around the corner from the lab, as Morre looks at the far away building with the rest of the army and the bots}

Morre: There they are, everyone. Now I'm getting tired of going on these searches to find them, so let's make this our last battle with them, all right?

Tress: I'm sure it will be, I mean we have those spider bots with us now.

Morre: I'd like to be sure about that, but they did defeat these things before, but he improved them drastically now. And, if anyone sees Loud and/or Charity near you, report it to me first because _I_ want the honor of capturing them! Gene's not happy that they're in love, and I'm not either, so I want to end it immediately, me! Loud and Charity are mine, they're mine, MINE DO YOU HEAR?!

Nathan:{Pause}I gotta tell you, if you're trying not to be compared to Peter Lorre, that sure didn't help.

Morre:{Growling}Let's just send the spider bots.

{Morre pulls out another remote and after pressing it, the bots become invisible while walking toward the lab. Back inside, the Histerians are gathering various devices}

Harry:{Looking into his watch}We'd better hurry, it's pretty obvious they'll be here any minute.

W.O.W: And remind me, which kinds of devices are we grabbing? There are a lot of kinds to choose.

Harry: Two kinds, ones to help us for later in the inevitable confrontation with Gene for the fate of the nation, and ones to defeat the army and bots so we can keep the possibility of having one.

Sammy: You guys do remember how to defeat those things, right?

Miss Info: Yes, you told us, we just have to destroy one bot, then use it's remains to destroy the others.{While they're talking, they don't see the front door slightly opening}

Sammy: That's right. Though we may need to use some actual weapons to start things off, since Mr. Tesla isn't here to scare the bots to death by saying he's Walken.

Smartypants: Don't you think we should lay those old Walken jokes to death already, they stopped being funny after the 20'th time.

Harry: Well, we'll have to debate that later, I'll look for any signs of the army.{He walks over to the window, but suddenly bangs into something unseen}Ow! Do you have some sort of invisible device here you didn't tell me about? 

Smartypants: No, I haven't had time to start that yet.

Harry: Then what's this?{Feels the invisible device}This is metal obviously, hmm, these legs feel a bit thin.{Realizes the door is open}Thin legs, and the door is open? Plus it's invisible...oh no, it's a spider bot! The spider bots are here!!

{As if on cue, objects like a lamp, table and plants fly towards the Histerians, but they duck in time}

Father Time: They're throwing things at us, that's a new technique for them.

Smartypants: Throw things back, then we'll know where they are.{Suddenly something picks up Toast and throws him to the ground}

Toast:{Dazed}Found one dude.

Smartypants: Looks like we'll need to use this prototype gun prematurely.{He pulls out a gun exactly like the army's, but before he fires, a bright green light blinds him. When he gets his eyesight back, through his P.O.V we see a spider bot in the air landing on him}

Aka: Hey, let go of him, you bad bot!{She runs toward the bot, but another bot blocks her way. The rest of the bots surround the others. The army then makes their entrance}

Morre: We've gotcha now. All right, fire the nets at them! Remember now that Gene's gone we need to capture them again!

Loud:{To himself}I hate to reference it, but it's the only way to distract them.{Aloud}Hey, isn't that Charity running away in another room?

{The army members and the bots turn around, but of course see nothing. When they turn back around, the good guys are finishing running up the stairs}

Morre: Ugh, I should have _known_ he'd do that! You guys and the bots get them, but I want a group covering the entire building to find her for real!

{Upstairs, the group is, well, regrouping in another bedroom}

Cho-Cho: Whew, that was close.

Miss Info: I've only seen them for a few minutes and already I must know how scared y'all must have been when you faced them.

Pepper: Isn't there any metal we can use to drive through those things?

Smartypants: It's all downstairs, and I don't think going back down there is a good option now.

{While he's talking, the shadow of a raised pointed leg rises above their heads, then we see the leg come down and almost hit them. The spider bot owning the leg walks up to them, and swings his leg at them several times missing narrowly}

Harry: All right, let me have that gun. I'll have to test the laser part of it.{He aims the gun, backs away from the bot, and fires. However, the blast hits something green briefly seen covering the bot, and nothing happens to it}

Sammy:{Slowly}Okay, it has a shield now, this is not good.

Pepper: Not good? This is the W-O-R-S-T worst thing that could possibly happen! AHHHH!{Just then a net covers her}Then again, that ranks right up there.{Morre comes in, and other soldiers block the way out}

Morre: All right, before we fire, one question. Loud, where's your girlfriend, I'm surprised she's not with you.

Loud: If you think I'm going to tell you, you're crazier than I thought.

Morre: Well, I should have anticipated you'd be that insolent, I knew that'd happen the minute I found you kissing and told Gene the news.{Loud looks at him shocked, then quickly looks angry, knowing he's looking at the man who ruined him and Charity}

Loud: You...YOU! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!!!{He charges at Morre and tackles him, then begins to hit him hard}GIVE ME ONE GOOD REASON NOT TO HURT YOU!!

{For an answer, the bot comes behind him and pulls him off Morre, then it moves toward him, a gun coming out of it's forehead. He gets up just as it shoots a net from it's gun. This distraction gives everyone the window to escape, but Fetch, Cho-Cho and Lucky Bob get caught in the bot's otherwise missed nets} 

Froggo: Hey, shouldn't we go back after them?

Harry: As long as they're after us, they'll let them be.

Aka: So, how do we make them let _us_ be?{Another bot jumps in front of them}

Miss Info: Thinking of something now would be good!{They run from the bot, which is like the last one shooting nets at them. However they don't get far as the soldiers block their way back downstairs. They then look below the railing and see the floor visible with the rest of the soldiers and bot there. With little choice, they jump from the railing just before the bot's leg gets them, and land to the ground}

Smartypants: All right, there are metal bars nearby I was gonna use for future devices, but now would be a good time to use them against these things, get them!

{They run over to a pile of parts and bars and grab various pieces. A soldier is about to fire as they do so, but Morre interrupts}

Morre: Stop, hold your fire for a minute. This battle could very well be quality entertainment for us to enjoy.

Harry:{To his friends}Everyone has their parts and bars?{They nod}Then charge!

{Harry charges towards a bot holding a large metal bar. He prepares to drive it through the bot's stomach, but when he does, it only hits it's shield doing no damage. He tries again a few times to drive it through, until the bot's lower right leg drives through the bar itself and throws it away. He runs}

{Nearby, the remaining kids jump onto another bot and are right on top of it}


Toast: Probably not, but try anyway dude, we dare you.

Froggo: I can top that, I double dare that thing to get us from here.

Aka: I'd triple dare it, but it looks like it already took up that offer!{The bot's lower leg raises above them, and it comes down. The kids move away, but instead of the leg driving through it's own self, it only hits the shield again doing nothing. It then tries to hit them again, but they jump off this time, and again no damage is done as the bot hits itself}

{Behind them, another bot lines up it's gun at them. Smartypants notices this and crawls onto the floor, pulling out tools on the way. The bot fires it's gun at the kids, but thankfully they noticed in time and run. While it continues to fire, Smartypants goes directly below it and tries to use his tools to take it apart. But his tools only touch the shield and don't even get to the metal. He pokes the shield for a while trying to break through it, but nothing works. Just then he notices that the bot's head is staring directly at him, gun lined up. It shoots a laser blast but misses and the blast hits the bot's leg, but with the shield, that doesn't affect it at all}

{Finally, all of the Histerians regroup}

Sammy: We've hit it with everything we've got and they're still coming!

Smartypants: They can't shoot at us if they don't see us.{He pulls out a pen, which is the pen designed to shoot fire for fireplaces from much earlier}Now that I reprogrammed it to shoot at these things, let's see if that shield can hold up against man's deadly non human and non metal foe!

{He clicks the pen and fire shoots from it and lands on the head of the bot. Though the shield blocks it from hitting metal, it still is blinding the bot's eyes. But it's front leg wipes the fire from the head, doing no damage to it of course, and it's now on the leg. It then throws the fire back at the good guys, narrowly missing. They then put out the fire}

W.O.W: Nothing can stop these things, can it?

Morre: No, that's the general point! I think we've had enough entertainment for now, resume fire!

{The Histerians run from the fire of the army and the bots. They go into another room and hide behind a table literally covered with equipment}

Harry: This is all very sensitive equipment and devices, isn't it?

Smartypants: Well, most of it, yes.

Harry: Well we'll have to see how sensitive it is by throwing it all, it's our last hope!

{The bots then come into the room. Immediately the cast throws all the equipment they can grab at them, some explode, some break instantly with debris going all over them, but nothing breaks the shield. They continue to throw everything they can as the bots come closer to them, but still nothing works and they're almost at the table. All the soldiers then arrive and aim their guns}

Father Time: Let's face it, we can't stop these things this time. I hate to say it, but only a miracle could save us now!

Fetch's Voice: You've got it!{The bots and everyone else turns around and sees Pepper, Fetch, Cho-Cho and Lucky Bob}

Muldoon: What the, I thought we trapped you people!

Pepper: Never underestimate the power of a good switchblade knife, luckily I remembered we all have one now to get out.

Nathan: I told you guys we should have guarded them!

Morre: Speaking of which, shouldn't someone be guarding our targets, because THEY'RE GETTING AWAY!

{While he's screaming, the four escapees join the others who are going into another room behind the army's back. The soldiers turn around finally and see no one's there. Behind them, the door of the room the Histerians are in locks. We now see what room they're in: it's Gene's cave}

Cho-Cho:{Whispering}I have two questions. Are you guys ok, and what is this place?

Smartypants: It's an underground cave, Gene used it to build the spider, that's answering question 2. And questions 1's answer is, not really.

Harry: Those shields are impenetrable, we've done all we can do, nothing can get through it.

Loud: There must be _some_ weakness to their shields, every device that's that powerful has to have one, but Gene may have just fixed the only weakness to his previous bots.

Pepper: Gasp! I've got it! I know how to stop them!

Sammy: What is it, tell us, quick!

Pepper: We can do what Jeff Goldblum did in "Independence Day", infect those shields with a computer virus, and they'll be disabled! It worked in the movie, it'll have to work for us!

Harry: This isn't a movie, you're asking us to use an idea form a brainless, totally illogical, testosterone filled movie, and use the most illogical plot point in it to defeat them?! Besides, we don't even know how he got into their computers and why the aliens had defenses for everything except that, that's why it's illogical!

Smartypants: Actually, before Gene arrived I was planning to make a virus so all my devices wouldn't work if they fell into the wrong hands. I still have a prototype inside my laptop, with a few changes I can make the virus powerful enough to hack into their defense systems and destroy the shields!

Harry: You can do that?!

Smartypants: Yes I can, and it'll be simpler and more logical because I'm brilliant and can do it easier,and I'm not a cardboard brainless character like in the movie, which is why that was illogical.

Pepper: Hey, I loved that movie, don't go over analyzing it like that!

Harry: Ssh, okay, but we should be quiet so we'll have enough time to create this powerful virus. I'll help Smartypants with you, you keep an ear out for the army.

{Outside the cave, the army and bots are still searching for them}

Morre: They could have gone anywhere while we were distracted, and worse they're probably right under our noses and we don't know it.{A soldier comes running up to him}

Soldier: Sir, sir! You sent a small group to find Charity Bazaar, well we finished our search and she's nowhere in sight in this building. 
Morre: You're sure, you know what she looks like?

Soldier: Yeah we know, blond hair, ponytail, depressed look on her face, she's the one who's head you almost cut off, we remember. She's not in this building, and we looked all over long before the others disappeared
Morre: Hmm, well, I can't say I'm surprised. But, this recent reminder of her has given me an idea to draw the others, particularly Loud, out.{He pulls out a small CD player and a CD}Gene was seriously considering using this song for the giant spider's arrival, but I've just found a new, more fitting use for it.

{He puts in the CD and the song begins to play. And horror of horrors, it's the infamous song "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic. Even Morre shudders at hearing it}

Morre: Ugh, such an overplayed and sappy song...{more aloud}I mean, just listen to it, it's so sad and romantic.

{Inside the cave, the Histerians can hear the cursed song}

Sammy: Are they trying to drive us insane by making us hear that overplayed, sappy and sugary sweet song?

Harry: I couldn't think of a more devious plan! We'd better hurry with that virus!

Loud: Oy, I know what you mean. That song is only so famous because it's associated with the highest money making movie of all time, which reminds everyone of the heartfelt love story...and I wouldn't have referenced that except thinking of that love story reminds me of Charity, and how we've just been dealt...{sad}tragedy. And, and that tragedy...{bitter}is also reminding me of the person who caused that and is undoubtedly playing that song to remind me of it! VINCENT MORRE!!

{Without thinking, he charges toward the door, opens it, and at the first sight of Morre, runs to tackle him again. But Morre hits him first and he falls}

Morre: Oh, poor, love stricken Loud, I knew that song would set off the ticking time bomb in your heart. The rest of you may as well come out, we know where you are now!{The soldiers run into the cave}

Miss Info: Quick Smartypants, you and Harry have got to get out of here!{Notices they're gone}Hmm, thanks for taking my advice!

Nathan:{Coming behind her and pointing his gun}Here's my own advice. Get out there and be captured like a good dimwit!

{Inside the room, all the Histerians, except for Harry and Smartypants, are being held at gun point by the army}

Morre: Send some troops after those remaining two geniuses. Meanwhile, we're going to play a little game of truth, or death. Loud, where's Charity?!

Loud: I don't know what you're talking about.

Morre: You don't? Well, maybe this'll open that big mouth of yours to talk. Bots!{The spider bots come up and points their guns at everyone expect for Loud and Miss Info}Those guns are set to kill, tell me now or we'll have some messy demonstrations of them!


Morre: Then you'll tell me?


Morre: Yes we will! Now, let's try this again, and I want the right answer in 5 seconds. Why isn't she here, what did you do?! You're hiding something, and you're going to unhide it or we open fire!

Loud: Let me put this in terms you of all people can understand.{Pause}NO!!!!!!!!!

Morre: Ow! That's it, bots, open fire!{Forces Loud's eyes open}I want you to see the consequences of your actions. You were afraid Charity would die if you told her your feelings, well she will, but they're going first.

{The bots are about to open fire, but just them another metal bar flies toward the stomach of a bot, but this time, it successfully goes through it. The bot staggers a bit, then falls to the ground}

Muldoon: What just happened?{Harry comes from behind and grabs him}

Harry: I'll tell you soldier. Your shields have been deactivated!

Miss Info: The virus worked! We're saved! Come on, let's get them!

{Before the soldiers can recover from the news of the shield's deactivation, the Histerians are able to get away from them. They them pick up their parts and bars from earlier}


{The bots run toward them, but they hit them with their parts and bars, stopping their movement. Harry drives his new bar through the neck of a bot, causing it to stagger and explode. Loud climbs up on a bot and, like before it raises it's leg at him, misses and hits itself, but this time it goes through itself and explodes}

Morre: Don't just stand there soldiers, stop them!

{The soldiers fire their nets but, as usual, miss, and one net covers the face of a bot, making it hard to see for the bot. Before it recovers, Miss Info swings a bar towards its neck, then Sammy does the same, and its head quickly falls off. Now the Histerians pick up the remains of the bots pointed legs and charge at them. The bots defend themselves by using their legs like swords to deflect their blows. They do this for a few seconds, until Smartypants again goes below a bot and this time drives the leg into the bottom of its stomach. It quickly staggers and falls. The rest start to do this until Morre can watch no more}

Morre: That's it! Any remaining bots, please come with me!{He runs out of the lab and after a second, only one bot comes out with him}Phew, we still have one. All right, now the only victory we can win is to slow down their evacuation to another building. A.K.A, destroy their cars.

{The spider bot walks towards the four cars in front and prepares to fire, until the Histerians come outside and see this. Harry points his gun at the bot}

Harry: Hold it, spidy! Make one move towards those cars and you'll join your companions! I repeat, step away from the vehicle now!

{The bot looks thoughtful, then walks in front of Harry's car. Harry prepares to fire}

Loud: Stop Harry, don't shoot, he's too close to the car!

Harry: Seems like either way it'll be destroyed, so...

Morre: Will you shut up and look?! If you'll look, you'll see it's not destroying them, why I don't know.

{He's right, the bot is pushing Harry's car backwards and the back of the car hits Sammy's car. It then goes to Father Time's car and lightly pushes it so the front hits the back of Sammy's car. It then does the same with W.O.W's car so now the cars are in a perfect straight line}

W.O.W: What do you think it's up to?

Harry: I don't think we should wait to find out. I've got him.

{He fires the gun, but the bot jumps away and the blast flies just above the cars and hits the road. The bot then jump onto Harry's car, driving it's legs through the roof. Now it's legs are on the floor and seats of the car}

Morre: Oh, I think I've got it now! Dr Norman, I wouldn't fire now if I were you, because it's about to do the same thing your shot would do.

{The middle left leg of the bot opens a hatch at the bottom of it's stomach. It reaches inside and presses a button labeled "Self Destruct" True to its word, the bot self destructs, and the explosion quickly destroys the car. Then the combined fire of the bot and cars explosion spreads to Sammy's car and it explodes. The fire from that explosion spreads into Father Time's car and it explodes soon enough, and the same thing then happens to the last car}

Toast: Aw nuts, now we're back to using our legs again, dudes.

Sammy: In that case, we'd better use them quickly and amscray!

Loud: Run to the left, it'll get us closer to the White House!{They run away to the left, and the following soldiers aim their guns}

Morre: Stop! Hold your fire, we don't need them now.

Stacy: Have you lost your marbles, we have almost 5 hours left before the end of freedom, of course we need them now!

Morre: No we don't. Because I've come up with something that'll end these searches. I want a city wide search put out to find Charity Bazaar!

Tress: All right, we can do that, but why just her, we still have three other targets to capture.

Morre: We'll capture them, but with this we don't need to engage in these battles to do so. Once we find and capture her, they will come to us.

Nathan: Gasp, oh I think I understand what you mean. We're gonna use the old "capture the enemies girlfriend to lure him into capture" trick!

Morre: Exactly. Let's head back to base to organize the search, and quickly. Let it be known I'm not in a good mood from this, so let's find her quick to fix that.

{Back on the road, the Histerians are stunned watching people everywhere evacuating their homes} 

Fetch: At least now we won't have problems finding a new hideout.

Harry: Avoiding being found and reported to the army will be much tougher. Don't we have any more hats and trenchcoats in which to hide ourselves?

Smartypants: Just a minute.{He goes inside his pants and after a while, finds many trenchcoats and many hats}Here, put them on and then hide.

{They do so quickly, then hide next to the wall of a house. They see the owners of that house getting into their cars and driving away, but that's a bit hard with people and other cars everywhere}

Harry: Okay, I guess we're clear to use that house.{He pulls out another lockpick and runs in a hurry to the door. He quickly opens it and the rest go inside, then lock the door}

Miss Info: So this is our final base of operations.

Froggo: What do you mean, final base?

Harry: She means it's time for us to start planning for our overthrow of Gene.

Pepper: You mean we're going to battle him and his giant spider in one of those trademark Final

Harry: Now we all knew that we'd have to, and I'm taking charge of it! Starting now, we must use every thought in our brains on how we're going to save this country and stop Gene once and for all!

Loud: For me, that'll be a little hard. I shouldn't bring this up at a time like this, but I sure hope Charity's out of the city by now. I'd give anything to know if she's okay, I hope I didn't make a mistake.

Father Time: You did the only thing you could do. I know how much you're worried about her, I'm worried too, but now the only thing we can do to help is topple Gene's rule. The sooner we overthrow him, the sooner she'll be safe.

Loud: I know, you're right. I just hope the army doesn't figure out what we've done before she gets out.

{Cut back to the Oval Office as Gene is again talking to Morre on the phone}

Gene: You've looked through most of the areas of this city and found nothing?!

Morre: That's right, we've been tracking every area we can that she may have gone to, and still there's no sign of her. But we are starting our search of the areas that lead out of the city.

Gene: Listen Vincent, when you told me about this plan, I was ecstatic. It is a perfect way to finally draw them to us for destruction. But it's noon, you've searched for an hour, and that hasn't happened, has it? I have no patience for this, in 4 hours hundreds of millions of people around the country will have their lives changed for the worst if they're not killed, and all this is giving me more motivation to make it worse!

Morre: Are you leading up to something, because this speech doesn't seem to have much of a point I haven't heard before.

Gene: Yes, I don't care what areas you're searching, I don't care what you do to find her, just find her, and do it now!!{He hangs up. Morre puts away his phone just as Nathan runs up to him}

Nathan: Sir, sir! I have news!

Morre: If it's not good news, I swear I'm going to take it out on someone, and you my friend are the most likely candidate.

Nathan: Oh, then it gives me more pleasure to announce this. We've found her.

Morre: What?! Where is she?! Tell me!!

Nathan: She's about 4 miles away from the border of the city. As near as we can tell, since we arrived at the lab she's been running away to leave the city. She's still running, and scouts just put on a tracking device so we can follow where she's going on this laptop.{He gives Morre a laptop, which is showing an area of the city with a red dot centering it}

Morre: And I can assume also that Charity represents the red dot.

Nathan: Absolutely.{Morre turns away to think}Well sir, we found her, should we send the troops after her?

Morre:{Pause}No, Nathan. This is something I will do myself. I don't want any soldier coming with me, it's between Gene, myself, her, and Loud, as it was meant to be. Give me the laptop and I'll follow her to wherever she is. I'll keep you on standby in case I need you, but for now, leave me be, I will do this myself.

Nathan: Very well sir.

Morre: Tell me, how crowded are the streets in the city?

Nathan: They're apparently getting more crowded by the minute, many people are evacuating fearing of what will happen if Dr Burrows takes full time control.

Morre: Then if I used a car, I'd never get there in time. Do we have any motorcycles?

Nathan: Yes we do, the Doctor ordered us to build one for you to use when you found her. It was meant to be a surprise, and now's a good time to reveal it.{Points towards a nearby motorcycle}

Morre: Luckily I just started getting lessons on using these from my Fairly-Davidton obsessed brother.{Climbs on the motorcycle with the laptop}Remember, no following me unless I tell you to! Wish me luck!{He drives off}

{Fade to a crowded street with people running or preparing to drive away. A caption reads it's 12:45 PM. Morre can be seen driving his motorcycle through the crowd. He looks at the laptop conveniently on his lap. The red dot on it is moving, and then stops}

Morre: She's stopped. Gasp, and in an area I'm almost in! I've got her now!{Drives much faster through the crowd}

{Cut to Charity walking slowly on a sidewalk, exhausted}

Charity: I've been running to get out of here for almost 3 hours, I need a break. Luckily I'm almost out of the city and in the clear.

{Charity goes behind a drug store and sits down. Cut to in front of the store to see Morre stopping his cycle. He gets off and looks at his laptop, then walks quietly beside the store. Back behind it, Charity looks at the time}

Charity: It's 12:45, almost 3 hours to go. I hope they're all right...if anything happened to them...and to Loud...{she trails off as thoughts of Loud flood her brain, and she begins to quietly sob. She doesn't even notice the ominous figure appearing in front of her}

Morre: Hello, Charity.{She finally looks up to see Morre}


Morre: Yes, it's me. So, you thought you could get away by fleeing the city, eh? What kind of a lousy girlfriend are you by abandoning him?

Charity:{Still calm}It was his idea. I suppose your spider bots failed miserably, since I haven't heard reports of their capture and Gene certainly hasn't left power yet.

Morre: Yet, that's the key word! Charity, let's look at this through the country's point of view. The city's already in a panic because in 3 hours, Gene will destroy all that is good and sweet if you're not destroyed first! Wouldn't you like to save our freedom by surrendering, better 4 people suffer than 200 million.

Charity: He'll be gone, but not from our deaths. When 4:00 comes we'll be alive, but he'll be gone, my friends will see to that.

Morre: Stubborn, aren't you? Just like Loud, he was exactly like that, especially once I told him I was the one that found out you were in love and told Gene.

Charity: _You_ found out?{Morre nods}Then you're the one that ruined everything!{He tackles Morre by the legs and he goes down}

Morre: Oof, just like Loud, you two even think alike.

Charity: Shut up! Why did you do it?! What did we do to make you put such a roadblock in our relationship?!{At that, Morre grabs Charity and pushes her to the wall}

Morre:{Low}How dare you ask such a question. You know my story, you know they stopped me from improving my life. Try to see things from my side, I'm someone with a very sad background. Ever since the references began, not many good things have happened to me, if you die, it'll be one of my few happy moments, and it'll be my remptition for helping to save the world! Don't you want my story to have a happy ending, this is the only way it can! This is my rebirth towards a happy life!

Charity: No it won't. Not only because you're going to lose, it's because you're becoming just like Gene. Gene went through almost exactly what you did, and look at him.

Morre: I think it was a blessing, at least he finally had the right idea that you and your friends must be dead!

Charity: That's my point. You suffered and now you're becoming just like him, a soulless, heartless, monster! Do you want to be like that, someone who endangers the whole country just to justify killing innocent people?!

{Morre appears to be affected by this, and we see a bit of conflict in his face. But it quickly goes away}

Morre: Oh well, once you're dead I can just as easily change back to good, and no one will care about all I've done because I helped save everyone. And who do you think you are thinking calling yourselves

Charity: You are insane.

Morre: Better than being captured and about to be a hostage, like you.

Charity: Hostage?{Realizes what he's up to and gets very angry}Not today, Vincent _Lorre_.

{She kicks Morre in the stomach and begins to run away...but her way is blocked by the entire army}

Morre: What the, I thought I told you not to come!

Muldoon: We knew we'd be needed eventually, so we decided why should you wait an hour for us to arrived. We were able to lose ourselves from view in that crowd. Besides, if we weren't here, she would have escaped, right?

Morre: That she would have.{He grabs Charity again}Excellent work, excellent! You're finally improving!{Pulls out his cell phone and dials}Gene, this is Vincent, e have her, we've captured Charity! And with her, Loud and the others will follow in an instant!

Gene: Wonderful. Bring her to the White House immediately, and make sure no one notices her, we don't want word of her capture to be spread just yet. And take half of the troops with you, there's a crowd of people forming that could turn into an angry mob. Send the rest back to base for further instructions when needed.

Morre: Yes, absolutely, see you then.{Hangs up}All right, half of you come with me, the rest head back to base!{To Charity}We're going to pay a visit to an old friend.

{He unzips the coat he is wearing and puts the left side of the coat around Charity, hiding her from view. With his arm around that side, he heads back to his motorcycle and drives off, with half the soldiers running to catch up}

{Cut to in front of the White House, as a mob of people are surrounding the front of the gate. Police barricades are in front of the people to the left of the gates, and also block the people to the right of the gate. Dan Bladder is reporting from the scene}

Bladder: It's about 1:30 PM on Thursday, February 24'th, 2000, and these people, with little else to do but panic, are huddled in front of the White House in nervous anticipation and anger as time runs out. In 2 and a half hours, if Loud, Miss Information, Dr Norman, and Charity Bazaar are not dead, this country's principles of freedom and all men being equal will be throw out the window by Dr Gene Burrows's evil regime.

{Fade to another crowded street as people leave their homes}

Bladder:{V.O}People have already evacuated their homes to escape what may be the inevitable carnage after 4:00. I say inevitable because the army's latest attempt to capture them with spider bots failed, and they haven't found them since. And not only is the panic here, it's all over the world as world leaders ponder what to do if Gene takes over and all the horror he's promised happens. The British Prime Minister had this to say.

{Cut to Britain as the Prime Minister is giving a press conference}

Prime Minister: If that maniacal Dr Burrows takes over and hurts our allies in America like he says he will, we will not be happy! If he does and we have to fight a war to get him out of power, so be it. I mean we have been waiting for the opportunity to save their behinds after they saved us in W-W-I-I.{Pause}But that doesn't mean we wanted this to happen to do it, of course.{Reporters murmur reassuringly}

Bladder: The Canadian Prime Minister also had some words to say.{Pause}Wait a minute, there are soldiers coming this way, led by its leader, Vincent Morre!{To himself}Thank goodness, I really didn't want to air the Canadian Prime Minister's words, I couldn't understand a word he said with his saying "eh" all the time.

{Bladder comes up to Morre, still holding Charity behind his coat unseen}

Bladder: Mr. Morre, Mr. Morre! There are two and a half hours left until 4, what can you tell us about what you're going to do to kill them before then?

Morre: Mr. Bladder, you're right, we have only about 150 minutes left until a potential takeover. So do you really think I would waste that valuable time talking to reporters?! I thought you knew better than that after such a long career!{He opens the gate and walks towards the White House itself}

Bladder: Hmm, he got me there.{The soldiers then guard the barricades}

Angry Man:{To Muldoon}You stinking soldier! We're angry cause you couldn't get them earlier than this, and we have half a right to charge Gene and overthrow him ourselves!

Muldoon:{Points his gun at the mob}Do something like that and I'll permanently take away that right! Come on soldiers, I'm leading this group, the first sign of trouble, open fire, we don't need this!

Bladder:{To his cameraman}Maybe we should report somewhere with a lesser possibility of death.

{They go. Morre finally enters the White House. Once the door is closed, he finally lets Charity go, then points his gun at her}

Morre: All right, you heard me, we don't have much time, so move it! Gene's just dying to see you.

Charity: You had to put that lousy pun in there, didn't you?

Morre: What, I didn't mean that as a pun, I meant it as a figure of speech. But that does sound fitting for what's going on...oh never mind, just move it, we're wasting time!

{Cut to inside the Oval Office as Gene looks on at the scene from the window. He then hears the door opens and his eye twitches, since he knows who it is}

Morre: Gene Burrows, may I not so proudly present Charity Bazaar, your new hostage.{Gene turns slowly and walks to face her}

Gene: Well well well well well, and just how did we get ourselves in this predicament, I wonder?

Charity: Despite what you're going to say, it is technically because you ordered this to happen, because you told Morre to bring me here, and so here I am.

Gene: Right, you keep on thinking that.{He pulls up a chair and sits next to Charity, still being held by Morre}Now, let us calmly discuss how you got here in a civilized manner.

Charity: You civilized, that's a laugh.

Gene: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. Now, you're here because you love my arch nemesis. You were afraid to tell him because this would happen, and apparently Loud was paranoid it would. And now it has. Now I could say you got yourself into this because you continued to help him and forced him to finally tell you.

Charity: Ah, so you've decided not to blame him, huh? I guess you finally found a situation where you couldn't blame him for something that wasn't his fault.

Gene: I do blame him, but you are mostly at fault here! Now, most of the time in normal situations, people are afraid to tell someone that he or she loves him or her because they don't think he or she sees anything in him or her. I will put a twist into that question. So, what could _you_ possibly see in _him _that caused you to do what you've done for him and practically kill yourself? Because you love him and defended him, you're going to die, and why did you do it? That's a question most puzzling.

Charity: You know why I did it. Because I love him and because everything you say about him is a lie, and I took it upon myself to keep reminding him of that when he needed it!

Gene: And you did it even when you knew that I could find out and come to the conclusion that you loved him. You must be crazy to put yourself in such risk.

Charity: That would make two of us. He was someone who needed support and I couldn't let him believe that what you say is true. I can't let someone I care for continue to live the tortured life you've put him in. Especially when I don't think even _you_ believe what you say is the truth!

Gene:{Shocked}What?! You think that I don't...how DARE you say such an untrue and wrong thing, that's Miss Info's job!

Charity: You don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth. You only say those things so the people can't blame you for the horror you've caused, and because you want to make Loud and Miss Info miserable You say that all the things you've done is their fault..

Gene:{Interrupting}Because it is!! You must admit I wouldn't have done this if they hadn't cost me my job.

Charity: NO! You say you're doing this for the world's own good, but that, and everything else, is a lie, and you know it! Because it's all an attempt to distract the people from the truth, so they won't view you as the evil sick maniac you are, and mainly you say all those things about them because you're so obsessed with making them miserable!

Gene: Lies, _they're_ all lies! I'm doing this because I want the world to come to the same conclusion about
them that I have!

Charity: And that's why you're so sick, because you believe things about them that aren't there. You don't know them, all you know about them is what you want to know, if you knew them like I did, you wouldn't have done this, you just came to your conclusions from watching us on TV, and those clips do not judge the kind of people we really are.

Gene: All right then, fine. Let's say you're right, I can try to accept the fact that Loud and the others are nice people, I'm not a one-dimensional character that refuses to try to see that, those kind of villains are more overbearing than menacing. But does that give then an excuse to do what they did to me? That's why, good people or not, they're going to destroy democracy in this country if they don't stop breathing before 4:00, there's no other way to settle this.

Charity: Yes there is. They'll overthrow you and toss you from power, and come out alive to tell about it. You're making a big mistake, when Loud sees you've captured me, he will probably severely hurt or kill you, and you know what? I'll be the first to jump for joy.{She then spits on Gene's forehead, then he slowly wipes the spit off}

Gene: You'll pay for that. And that's just one of many things you'll pay for. Vincent, tie her to a chair and set up one final conference to the nation, to announce her capture and set up three more of them.

Charity: I'm telling you, once Loud sees this and comes to save me, you'll realize you made a serious error.

Gene: I'm counting on that first part. Once he sees you, he'll come for you, and then Miss Info will follow and come for him, then Harry will come for both of them, and the others will then come for all of you. That's what makes them so weak, because they risk their lives so often for you. Once they all get here, they'll be ready, ready for us to crush them like a paper cup.{Crushes a paper cup on the desk}Vincent, call the news and tell them to broadcast us live right here, it's time to begin the final battle.

{Cut to inside the casts hideout as they appear to be looking over battle plans}

Harry: Okay, let's go over this again before we head out. Now, with Smartypants's duplicator, we've made guns for all of us like the army has. First, we journey to the White House. We'll have to get in from the back, with the soldiers guarding the front gate and all those angry citizens there too.

Miss Info: Why? I mean all the soldiers can do is capture us and take us to Gene, and that's where we're going anyway.

Harry: But we want to use the element of surprise to get in, we'll have more of an advantage this way.

W.O.W: And we need every advantage possible, Gene and Morre are gonna be really mad at us, what with Loud and Charity and with time running out on them too.

Harry: Exactly. Once we're in, we go straight to the Oval Office and capture Gene with our guns. Then we figure out someway to make him give up control. But I'll admit, the most likely way we can overthrow him is that we may have to...kill him.

Sammy: Kill him? I don't know if I can do that, we don't kill, and we don't usually hurt either, at least not intentionally.

Harry: We may not have any other choice. Besides, would we really miss him if he died?

Froggo: Nope, you're right there. But what if the giant spider shows up and attacks?

Harry: That's why we have to capture and overthrow him as soon as possible, we have 2 hours. But first we should check the news in case something's happened that could ruin things.

{They turn on a nearby TV and we see Bladder at his news desk}

Bladder: It's 2:00 PM, and with 2 hours to go, it's getting more and more unlikely that we can come out of this alive and well and...wait a minute, I've just received word that Dr Burrows is about to address the country again. Since we have no choice, we take you now to the Oval Office for whatever he's going to say.{The TV switches to Gene}

Gene: Hello Loud.

Loud:{Gasps}He's addressing me! I hope this isn't what I think it is.

Gene: I don't know where you are, but I know you are watching. This message is for you. I've come to tell you that we have someone here in the White House that you may recognize.{He turns to reveal Charity tied up in a chair}

Loud: CHARITY?!!

Gene: That's right, it's your girlfriend. You feared all along that this would happen to her, and now your fear is reality. Don't worry, I haven't hurt her....yet. You knew I'd want to kill her when I found out the news, and I do. But before I do, I want to give you a fair chance to stop me.

Aka: Fair chance from him? I smell a trap.

Loud: Sssh!

Gene: I invite you to come down to the White House and you will have a chance to save her and overthrow me. I really grow tired of this chase, I want it to end now, and 200 million U.S citizens will agree with me. And I want you to come along so it can end as it should end. No more soldiers, no more spider bots, just you, me, Vincent, and the center of it all, the fate of your beloved Charity.{Calls over to Morre}Vincent, hand me the final motivational tactic.

{Morre comes over and struggles to give Gene a heavy schoolbag}

Gene: Now, I'm a scientist, and though most of my energy is spent on getting you, I still conduct experiments now and then, such as this.{Walks over to Charity holding the schoolbag}Such as, what would the effect be on Charity's face if it was hit with a 20 pound schoolbag? Let's find out.

{We don't see him do this, but seeing Loud wincing in pain, as if another dagger went through his heart while watching the TV indicates he did}

Gene: And that's just the first of many things that will happen to her, unless you're able to come to the White House and stop me. See you then.{Gene's image goes off the TV, Harry then turns it off}

Harry:{Shaken}Well, that's certainly something that affects our plans.

Loud: I...I don't believe it, they got her. I really did make a mistake.

Miss Info: That last part is exactly what she wouldn't want you to think if she was here. All this gives us is more motivation to stop him before it's too late.{Just then Gene's image returns on the TV}

Gene: Oh, and one more thing. Loud, you have just put Charity in a very dangerous position, but I'd like to remind you that this isn't the first time you've hurt her. I'm about to show you a tape recorded from yesterday as the Histerians were taking the bus to their hotel an hour before my attack. At this time, Loud knew that he loved Charity, but I ask you, is this what passes for love these days?!

{The TV now switches to another showing of the scenes between Loud and Charity in the Rosa Parks sketch}


Sammy: But that sketch never aired, we were gonna air it on King Day but we were canceled before then. We're the only ones other than Gene that know this wasn't done yesterday, and he's just made it so the public won't buy the truth.{Gene's image comes back}

Gene: That exchange was also aired in case the public started to question the value in killing Loud. Now I ask you, how can you let someone live when he does stuff like that to someone he "loves"?! I hope this will convince you once more that what we're doing is the right thing, so on that note, good bye again.{Miss Info turns off the TV angrily}

Miss Info: And that last motivational move only proves my last point further.

Loud: You're right, we have to stop him...no, _I_ have to stop him.{With determination, he goes over and packs supplies into a nearby backpack}

Smartypants: Oh, I don't like the look of this. I hope you're not going to do what I think you will.

Loud: I am. He wants me to come down to save her, and I'm going to do it.

Father Time: But it's obviously a trap, you'll be captured most likely.

Loud: I know it's a trap, but I have no choice. It's either risk being captured or let her die, and the latter is anything but an option.

Harry: Well, you're right there. You know we're with you to the end.

Loud: No! You all should stay here, I'm doing this myself.

Fetch: Are you crazy, you can't beat him by yourself! Besides, we're all planning to invade there anyway, and this doesn't really affect the basis of our plans.

Loud: And I can't put you guys in any more danger. Obviously his plan is that if I come, you'll follow and be captured yourself. I won't let any more harm come to you guys, I'm the one that helped start this, and I'm the one that's gonna get us out.{Puts one of the guns in the backpack}

Toast: Dude, you're not gonna kill him, are you?

Loud: I hope I'm only gonna use it to capture him, but if I have to, so be it.

Sammy: Well...you're gonna need somebody to drive you, at least. Where are the lockpicks?

Harry:{Looks in his pockets}Oh darn, I must have lost mine in the midst of our planning.

Smartypants: I can't find mine either. I must have lost then too.

Loud: Well, a little running never hurt anyone.

W.O.W: But if you run all the way to the White House, you'll barely make it in time.

Loud: All the more reason to start running now.{Puts on the backpack}Remember, stay here, this way you're all out of danger.

Miss Info: But, the problem with that is we're out of it, and you're in too much of it.

Loud: I hope these aren't the last words you'll hear me say, but you've worried about me so much, I think it's time you worried about yourself.{Prepares to head out the door}And don't think it will be, I'll see you guys again. alive and well.{To himself}I hope.

{He runs out of the house on his way to the White House. Miss Info watches him go}

Miss Info: No. No, I can't do it.

Pepper: What, what can't you do?

Miss Info: I know he can stand up to Gene and Morre by himself, but I just can't stand here thinking that this may have been the last time I'll ever see him. If that happened, I don't think I could live with myself.

Harry: I know how you feel, but he's right, we go there and it's exactly what he wants, he knows we'd come for him. At least if it is the last time, it's fitting he goes out like this, protecting us.

Miss Info: That doesn't reassure me. You can stay if you want, but I'm going.

Harry: Well, I understand why, and if I was as close to him as you are, I'd do the same. I'd probably do the same even if I wasn't, and I'm not. I'm going too.

Smartypants: If you're going, I'm going. But you all should stay.

Aka: Not a chance, Smarty. We're not cowards, we're not afraid of battling him.

Cho-Cho: Yeah, we're not going to risk facing the fear that if you died, it'd be our fault for not helping, right Lucky Bob?

Lucky Bob: Absolutely, we're going on a rescue mission now.

Harry: All right, in that case the invasion goes on as planned! But we'll have to do it so he doesn't see us. Let's go!

{They pick up guns and run out of the house. Cut back to the Oval Office}

Gene: I knew traveling to Burbank before I left for Washington to find more clips would result in a great idea. Thanks to my retrieval of that wonderful, never aired bit, the public will support us further, and Loud's fury at that airing will only cloud his judgement, making it easier for him to be defeated when he gets here.

Charity: You...you're sick, Gene, you're truly a sick monster! When I get out of this chair and get my hands on you...{Gene grabs her chair and lifts it up in the air}

Gene:{Cold}First off, at least this monster won't be dead within two hours tops, and second, if you don't want the only thing your hands get a hold of to be the fires of Hades right now, I suggest you limit your angry retorts.{Puts the chair back down}Now, let's just sit and wait here for your boyfriend's inevitable arrival and subsequent departure.

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