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{Fade to the outside of the Ronald Reagan Airport, as the Histerians come out. They see a man holding up a sign labeled "Histerians" and come up to him}   

Sammy: Hello good sir, you were looking for the Histerians, well now they are here beside you.

Man:{Surly}Yeah whatever, just get in these two limos!{Much nicer}Sorry, I used to be a New York

Father Time: Okay, since that was completely pointless, let's just do as he says.{The adults get into one limo, the kids and Miss Info get in the other and they drive off}

Miss Info: How long should it take us to get to the Tartargate Hotel, driver?

Driver: About an hour.

Miss Info: And exactly what is the Tartargate Hotel, anway?

Froggo: According to their brochure, it's a place that is half hotel, and half a parody of the entire Watergate scandal.

Pepper: Do you think that Richard Nixon will be there?

Cho-Cho: If he is, I wouldn't bring Lucky Bob in there, since his karaoke singing ruined those tapes of his.

Lucky Bob:{Singing}You are correct sir, yes now, hi ho! Here's waffles, I know a song that's gets on everybody's nerves!

Charity: You sure picked an accurate name for the end.{The rest laugh. Loud however looks at her and then looks out the window, deep in thought. Fade back to the lunch room at the Long Beach prison. A prisoner sitting next to "Gene" is laughing wildly}

"Gene": What, may I ask is funny?

Prisoner: I was just thinking about a few minutes ago when me and Cody here were singing the theme song of a certain show, and Cody sang it so off key, ah ha ha!

Cody: You're not a Grammy winner yourself Hubie, now maybe we should shut up before Gene realizes what show we're talking about.

"Gene": Too late. You were singing the Histeria song weren't you?

Hubie: Um, yes. I'll tell you something if you promise you won't get mad.

"Gene": I probably will be mad, but go ahead.

Cody: No, don't say it!

Hubie: Cody and I actually like that show, Gene.

"Gene": You what?!

Hubie: That's right. And I don't care what you did to ruin them, we still think they're funny.

"Gene": Congrats guys, you've earned the award of the most dumbest prisoners in the state! How can you like it after what I showed you?!

Cody: Maybe you should call off your dogs Hubie, before you get us killed!

Hubie: No! Has it ever occurred to you Gene, that maybe they didn't deserve what they got? That maybe their statements that they're good guys after all were right? I happen to think that it was a funny show, and that what you did was something that didn't deserve to happen. Harry Norman was right to support them, and I full heartily agree with why he did.

"Gene": I see. Cody, you said I'd kill you if he didn't shut up. Well guess what? YOU'RE RIGHT!!!!{He charges at Hubie}

Hubie: Not so fast, you're smarter than me, but I'm more of a fighter!{He punches "Gene" hard a few times, then picks him up and throws him against a table}Case in point.

Guard:{Angry}All right Hubie, that's the 5'th time this month you've caused a fight, you're not getting off as easy now!

Hubie: He started it!

Guard: I don't care who started it, you and him both are gonna.....{he fades off as we see that "Gene" is now paler and is fading to white}Hmm, that's usual.

Hubie: Let me hit him again.{He does, and "Gene" fades even more}Wow, I didn't think I hit that hard.

Guard:{Worried}I don't think it's you. Someone get Mr. Anderson here!{Mr. Anderson, the head of the prison, comes into view}

Anderson: I'm already here, Mr. Frost, and it looks like my inspection of the prisoners behavior here came at a good time. Hubie, hit him again please.{He does. "Gene" fades more again}Every time someone hits him, he seems to be fading like a ghost or something.

Cody: Mr. Anderson, do people usually have light coming from their behinds?

Anderson: Of course not.

Cody: Well then, what is this?{We see that the light from before is behind him, stretching all the way out of the room}

Anderson: Mr. Frost, put the prisoners back in their cells while I see where this leads to.

{Cut now to Gene's cell, where the light is coming from. Anderson opens the door cautiously, and goes to the bed}

Anderson: This is where that light is coming from. Okay, I'd better brace myself for either a surprise or a surprise attack.{He moves the bed to reveal the metal box, and the hole Gene dug. He picks up the box}Let's see, this is probably setting us all up for the worst, but let's what happens when I break this.{He breaks it and the light fades away}

Frost:{Histerically}Mr. Anderson, Mr. Anderson! Gene's gone, he just faded away!

Anderson: Faded away? Oh my, that means that wasn't Gene! It must be a holograph and{finally notices the hole}oh my goodness.

Frost: Sir, what does this mean?

Anderson: It means that evil has returned to plague us all.{Panicked}Sound the alarm! Alert the media! The doctor has escaped! We're all in danger!!

{Cut to Smartypants lab, where we see Smartypants not very happy}

Smartypants: Dean, get over here!

Gene: Yes partner?

Smartypants: Ever since you came here, many of my parts have been disappearing. Also many stores that sell parts have been robbed the past month, and just recently $2000 dollars was stolen from a bank right nearby here. Tell me the truth, are you involved in these things, or are they coincidences?

Gene: Before I answer that, I'd like to announce that my device downstairs is finally complete, thanks to the building rod. Would you like to come down to finally see what I built?

Smartypants: All right, but I'd better get some answers!

Gene: Oh you will my friend. You will.

{Fade to the cave as Gene and Smartypants enter. Smartypants looks up to see what Gene's built, although we don't see it, he looks amazed}

Smartypants:{Admiring}Oh my, you were able to build this with that?{Points to the rod. Gene nods}How did you do it? Is it just parts, or does it really move? If it does, are you going to do something with it?

Gene: Oh, it's real. There are plenty of parts inside that probably would have taken close to a year to build, but only took a month and a half with the rod.

Smartypants: So this thing actually walks? What else can it do?

Gene: Oh a lot of things. It can run, jump{reverting to his normal evil voice}provide the first step towards my plan for vengeance, destroy building, people, and threaten to use that to turn the country into the Devil's playground if revenge isn't made, those sort of things. 

Smartypants: Wait a minute, did I hear right? Did you say you're going to destroy things and ruin the country?! 

Gene: I'd love to answer right now, but now comes the moment where we must conclude our partnership. The curtain will close on this memorable pairing, but your own life curtain stands to be the first of many to come down.{A rope comes out of the device and goes around Smartypants's waist, pulling him off the floor}

Smartypants:{Irate}What is the meaning of this? Dean Hackman, I demand you let me down and tell me what the heck you're up to!

Gene: I'm sorry, it turns out I don't have the same last name as that famous actor{He pulls off his mask}But I have the same first name.

Smartypants: Holy Christmas, it's you!

Gene: My name is Gene, not you. I certainly fooled you, didn't I?

Smartypants: I can't believe it. I was busy building devices and I failed to realize that I was in fact helping the most wretched man in the world!

Gene: Ironic isn't it that a man who worked for the show that brought about my downfall is the one that will now help me bring down my enemies.

Smartypants: Why in blazes would you build something this large to kill 2 people? And why here?

Gene: You'll find out, but only when it's too late. But I will tell you that your pals are here in this city. They think they're here for a failed cartoons convention, but what they're here for is for one of two things, their deaths, or the death of democracy.

Smartypants: You'll never get away with this! They beat you once, they'll beat you again!

Gene: But I didn't have this last time, did I? Well, I'd love to say and chat, but I'm off, places to go, people to kill, nations to panic, you get the idea.{A ladder comes out of the still in shadows device which Gene climbs. We see him enter a control room highlighted by a large control console and a Star Trek like chair. He pushes a few buttons and we see the shadowy device leave. It makes very loud noises as it steps away}

{Cut to a front desk at the Tartargate Hotel. Harry is talking to a bellhop}

Harry: So, other than Watergate recreations, what else does this place have to offer?

Bellman: Well, we've got a very nice big screen TV nearby. And unlike most hotels, people are free to turn on any channel they want.{Points to the large screen TV}

Harry: Great, now I can catch the end of "Guiding Sight"!{He turns on a channel labeled CDS, but instead of a soap opera, we see a Dan Rather like newscaster}

Voice: We interrupt this soap opera to bring you a special report by Dan Bladder.

Bladder: Good day everyone, but it may not be such a good day when you hear this.{We see the bellman go into another room, putting tip money into a box. When he comes back he sees Harry screaming insanely at the TV. Cut to an open elevator. Charity walks out of it and comes towards Harry, who has finally stopped screaming}

Charity: Harry, if you don't mind I'd like to ask for your advice for a minute. I have a problem.

Harry: Right now I'm too panicked to be someone that can give advice well. All I can tell you is enjoy the last few minutes of peace right now, cause there won't be any for you after I reveal what I just found out.

Charity: Well maybe you can help me until then, at least it'll get your mind of whatever you heard and it'll buy us a few more peaceful moments.

Harry: Sadly with what I just heard, it may be a matter of moments before we're in danger, so I don't have time. I'm going to tell the others the news, I suggest you remember my first bit of advice until then.{He runs away}

Charity:{Calling out}But the problem I have is too big for me to remember that advice well because...{Harry is now out of view, and with that Charity finishes more quietly}I think I'm in love.

{Cut to a hallway as we see Miss Info walking down it. Loud opens a door nearby}

Loud: Miss Info, I was going to come over to your room, but since you're nearby already, I'll ask you to come in, I need your help.

Miss Info: Well alright, you know that's what I'm here for.{She comes in}

Loud: I know, and I need that more than ever now.

Miss Info: So what's the big problem?

Loud: Well, as you know recently I've been spending a lot of time with Charity, and it's enough time to get me to think that....

Miss Info: Say no more, I'm not good at guessing, but I think I'm right on this one. You love her, right?

Loud: Um, well..

Miss Info: You don't need to deny it, I've seen you two and I haven't failed to figure out you're really great together.

Loud: Is it that obvious? All right, I admit it, I love her. Or if I don't, I at least care for her as much as anyone can without loving her.

Fetch: I shouldn't complain, but I always thought Charity was a rather depressing person.

Loud: You're wrong, she's just like me. We both have flaws, but like me, behind her flaw she's sweet, kind, caring, basically I care about her the same reasons Miss Info and I care about each other.

Miss Info: I knew there were similarities. So what do you need me for?

Loud: I've got to tell her my feelings for her at the right moment and at the right time, and this is the right time and place. But I don't know exactly how to tell her, if I say the wrong thing I'll either seen too forward or hurt her feelings, I don't want that. How do I tell her?

Miss Info: It's not really complicated, just tell her what you think about her like you did a second ago, then tell her you love her.

Loud: What if she rejects me, I don't know how I'll able to handle it if she does.

Miss Info: Come on, if she does, it won't be because she hates you, I know she likes you and I wouldn't be surprised if she feels the same way you do. Besides, anyone who knows you as long as she has wouldn't possibly hurtfully reject a wonderful guy like you.

Loud: You asked me if I ever get tired of praising you, and I said you give me lots of opportunities to. I assume that you feel the same way when you praise me. Thanks.

Miss Info: No thanks needed, there's been more than enough these last 3 months.{They hug again}

Loud: You know, at the risk of setting up for the worst, ever since the marathon ended, aside from the cancellation, everything's been going well for us.

Miss Info: Yeah, the whole darn incident may have just turned out to be a good thing.{Harry opens the door a might and looks regretful at hearing this. However, he loosens his grip on the door and falls}

Loud: Harry? Heh, you could have just knocked to come in.

Harry: Loud, Miss Info, I didn't want to do this after what I just heard, but now I have no choice. I hate to show this but, we are in big, big trouble.{He turns on their TV and Bladder comes up again}

Bladder: Repeating our top story, Dr Gene Burrows, the man responsible for the infamous Histeria marathon, has escaped from Long Beach Maximum Security Prison.{Loud and Miss Info scream and faint}

Harry: Hmm, well at least they took it better than I did, they only screamed once.

{Through Loud and Miss Info's P.O.V, we see them wake up woozily, with everyone surrounding them}

Miss Info: Oh, oh it was all a dream. Then that means Gene hasn't escaped!

W.O.W: We'd all like to believe that, but it's unnotbelievable, he's back.

Loud: BUT HOW?!

Harry: Apparently he built a solid holographic image of himself then dug out. But it gets worse, because there is no failed cartoons convention, I called the building where it was to be held and it was a wig shop! Plus, evidence just got uncovered that a Mr. Bean Turrows signed a check to pay for tickets to fly to Washington, and the handwriting's quite similar to Gene's!

Toast:{Scared}What, what does this mean, dude?

Harry: It means he's here, now, in this city, and he must have forged those invitations to lure us into a trap.

Sammy: Oh no, oh no, it's gotten worse! I just remembered that Mr. Smartypants took on an assistant for his experiments with a 180 I.Q, and they were holding their business here in Washington! That assistant must be Gene!

Father Time: But this makes no sense, why would Gene lure us to Washington, of all places? Why would he lure Mr. Smartypants to help him?

Harry: I don't know, and I'd rather not want to find out. And the only way to do that is to get as far away from this city as possible before it's too later than it already is! Everyone pack up, we're checking out of this hotel before we get checked out of life!{Everyone runs out to pack}

Loud: Why is it when you say things that set up for the worst, you're always right that it will?

{Cut to a peaceful area of D.C. A well dressed man is leaving his house in a red van}

Mailman:{Calling out to the man}Heading back to work, Nathan?

Nathan: Yep! And although a machine broke in my electrical plant, I won't let it ruin my mood! Today's been really peaceful and I only hope it stays that way.

{Suddenly a bit of a rumbling sound is heard. The ground begins to shake and some people fall down. Then right behind Nathan's car, a giant metal, pointed leg comes out of the road, leaving debris flying everywhere. It lands just behind the car. Nathan stops it and gets out. Just then, a second pointed leg comes out, but this time it comes out of a row of houses to his left, destroying many of them. Now the biggest rumble of all is heard, as the body of whatever these legs belong to comes out. It is covered by debris from roads and houses, and it lands all over the area, crushing houses, people, and many electrical wires which land on various people and objects. Finally, the carnage is over and the thing stomps away. Nathan, who has barely avoided the damage, watches the thing leave with terror, then turns to see that a huge hole has been left and there are destroyed houses almost everywhere along with lots of people in pain. He faints}

{Back at the hotel's front desk, the Histerians are talking to a secretary}

Harry: Excuse me Miss, we're checking out now, so whatever we owe you, tell us how much because we must get out now!

Secretary: Why, you've been here for only an hour, what's wrong with the place?

Miss Info: There's nothing wrong with it, we're leaving because pure evil has arrived in this city, and we must escape it.

Secretary: Oh, you mean that Gene Burrows guy? Yeah, the news has been all over it for the last hour, Dan Bladder can't stop talking about it.{They turn to the TV}

Bladder: ...so anyone who even knows this madman should get out while they....wait a minute, an urgent story has just been passed to me. Wait, is this a joke? A giant something or other is rampaging through Washington?{We now see again the damage from earlier} Oh my, oh my, this isn't a joke. Ladies and gentlemen, more details are being passed to me that a giant something is in the city. We even have an eyewitness that our newsman caught up with a second ago.{We see Nathan}

Nathan: It was horrible, this...thing destroyed everyone and everything! It was a giant! It's got pointy legs, and it's so huge, we're all doomed!! If it did this it'll get everyone!! It's gonna kill us all!!

Bladder: With this report and more sightings of this thing coming in to me, and the news of Gene's Burrows' possible residence here, it looks like this is his way of welcoming himself back to the free world in a vengeful way. And I see only one way to escape this rampage. GET OUT OF WASHINGTON EVERYONE!!!

Harry: Sounds like good advice, let's go!

{From behind a plant nearby, we see a man in a trenchcoat and a hat covering his face. He then pulls out a gun, cocks the trigger, and points at Loud. He is about to fire when a small rumble is heard, like in "Jurassic Park" He shrugs it off and prepares again to fire, but a slightly louder rumble is heard}

Loud: Hey, did you guys hear that?{A louder rumble is heard, then another one, rippling a nearby cup of water by itself}

Miss Info: Oh no, don't tell me Gene built a dinosaur.{Harry takes out binoculars and looks out the window as the rumbles continue} 

Harry:{Scared}No, it's not a dinosaur, it's something very fitting for him.{The rumbles stop} 

Aka: Hey, why'd the rumbling stop?

Father Time: And for that matter, what's that new noise?{We now hear a streaking noise. Mostly everyone in the area, except for the cast is outside, stunned. The noise gets louder and now we see a large red laser blast streaking downward at full speed. Before anyone can even react, it hits the street in a big explosion. Debris is everywhere. The loud rumbling starts again, and now we can finally see what the thing is: it's a giant metal spider, about 50-60 feet tall. The shape of it's face resembles the face of the Imperial Walkers in "The Empire Strikes Back". We can see Gene operating it through a window on the forehead of the giant device}

W.O.W: Well when Harry's right, he certainly is right.

Sammy: Um, I think it's time to end this sightseeing and RUN AWAY!! 

Harry: Quick, run out the back, he'll see us otherwise! 

{They run away to the back of the hotel. Nearby, the trenchcoated man falls to the floor from the rumbling, and his hat falls off. We now see who he is; it's Mr. Morre from the park/hotel. He runs outside and sees a leg of the spider is about to come down on the roof. But then it stops, and then the leg gets longer and it moves to the left, then lands to the ground inches from the hotel. A leg in back that's about to land on it does the same. Morre looks at it puzzled, then looks angry and heads back inside. Fade to the back of the hotel as the Histerians stare at the spider, puzzled themselves}

Charity: Now that was strange, why didn't it destroy the hotel?

Froggo: I know, he obviously knew we were in there, why did he actually pass on the chance to kill us?

Father Time: Well he probably didn't go to all that trouble to build a giant device just to kill a small group of people.

Loud: So what does he intend to do with it?

Harry: I don't know, but we should head off somewhere else before we find out!

{They do. Now we see the giant spider causing even more damage. It is destroying buildings, stomping on many more of them, and many people are running away, in pain, lying down, or all of the above. It is truly an apocalyptic scene. Gene looks at the panic in satisfaction}

Gene: Heh heh, everything's going perfectly, the entire city is in panic. Now I believe it is time to increase the panic by playing a song very overused and scary to complement the destruction and add to the insanity.

{He puts a cassette tape into the console and stops the spider. Now we hear what the song is: it's "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls. Once the public hears it beginning, they go even more crazier and run even faster. However it's no good, as the song plays the spider shoots more laser bolts at the ground hurting more people[don't worry we don't see any deaths or injuries so I'm not that violent]It then shoots at a few more buildings. Then a laser gun turns to an entire area of building and it writes down on them "G.B Was Here" We now see the spider is nearing the White House. It then shoots an overhead laser and it lands at the water near the Washington Monument, creating a huge wave which lands all over. Gene then stops the song and turns to the White House. The spider walks closer to it}

{Cut inside the Oval Office, as Bill and Hilary Clinton are packing suitcases}

Bill: Hey Hilary, what do you think I should take with me, my saxophone or my collection of rubber duckies?

Hilary: For gosh sakes Bill, that giant thing is headed this way, we have little time to escape, and all you can think about is whether to take your saxophone or duckies with you?

Bill: Hey, there's only enough time to take one of these, and you know I find these duckies cute, but you also know how much I love my sax.

Hilary: You won't be alive to play it again if we don't get out of here!{We now see the head of the spider stare right behind them through the window, Gene is staring too through the window of his console. The Clintons finally turn around and see this, and then the mouth of the spider opens and a metal bar comes through the window leaving a huge hole, missing the Clintons and stopping near the wall. After about a second, Gene comes into the room walking on the bar and hops onto the floor} 

Gene: Well well, if it isn't the first lady and my favorite impeached president.

Bill: Hey I know you, you're the guy that ran the 24 hour marathon a while back.

Gene: Yes, but now I've set my sights to bigger and better ways to get my revenge.

Bill: And do they include terrorizing Washington and killing innocent people?!

Gene: Ah, you noticed.{Grabs Bill}I have a good excuse for this, but before you find that out we're going to do one of two things.{Pulls out a piece of paper}One, you sign this contract handing over the entire country to me, or two, I use the spider to blow your eyes out.

Bill: No, I don't wanna be killed by a giant metal spider!!

Gene: So you'll give me the United States then?

Bill: Yes...I mean no! I can't hand over this nation to a madman like you.

Gene: Okay, I'll just have to kill you then.

Bill: No, don't kill me, I'll do whatever you say, just don't kill me!

Gene: Then sign here, please.

Bill: No, this is a proud country, I won't let you ruin that! But then you'd kill me, and I don't want that, but then I have to give you the country, but...

Gene: Enough! I'm pressed for time, so if you won't decide{a gun comes out of the spider's head and it points to Bill}I'll have to do it for you.

Bill: Okay, okay you win, I'll sign the paper!{He looks at it for a second}But...

Gene: What do you mean but?

Bill: Well, before I can sign these things making them official, I have to have it approved by the Senate and Congress. You'll need to get them to approve it before I can sign.

Gene: I knew that. This changes nothing, just get all your Senators and Congressmen here and they'll all sign it, then you can sign too. And get them here in a hurry, I want this done at exactly 4:00, and I need TV cameras so we can air this all over the world. Go!

{A scared Bill runs off to do so. Cut back to the city as the Histerians are hiding behind a building, watching many people evacuate their homes. One family nearby them leaves their home, then they run inside the house and close the door, along with the window drapes}

Toast: Um, could you guys tell me why we're breaking in a home, I thought we were trying to get out of this city.

Harry: We can't, at least not yet. I'm still surprised we're not dead, I mean he knew we were in the hotel, he tricked us there himself, so why not get it over with? Whatever the answer is, it can't be good, and whatever's he's planning...we may be the only ones who can stop it.

Aka: Us? Oh no, haven't we had enough of this already? Besides, once President Clinton sees what going on, he'll send the military in after him and they'll stop him.

Harry: Aren't you giving our beloved President a bit too much credit?

Aka: Well he certainly wouldn't want to end his Presidency on an even lower note than his overhyped scandal. He'll find some way to kick that spider's metallic butt instead of giving in to whatever Gene wants.{Harry turns on a TV nearby and on it, Gene is with Bill Clinton and many assorted Senators and Congressmen, who are signing a piece of paper}Of course, I could be wrong.

Bladder:{V.O}Hello to those who have just tuned in, in case you haven't already heard, what you are seeing is a dark moment in history. Senators and Congressmen are signing a piece of paper that once they and the President sign, will make Gene Burrows...oh, the words are hot in my throat....ruler of the United States!{Everyone gasps in horror}

Miss Info: Gene Burrows, ruler of the United States, what could be worse?

Pepper: If movies have taught me anything, it's that we'll soon find out.

{Inside the Oval Office, a Senator signs the paper. Gene looks on in glee}

Gene: There, all the Senators and Congressmen have signed the paper. Now Mr. soon to be no longer President, it is your turn. Come on, time is money, and if you don't sign, you won't have much money left.

Bill: All right.{He signs the paper}

Gene: Hold it. To make it official, you need to put a period next to your name.{Checks his watch}Put it on right about....now!

{He does and a grandfather clock immediately chimes 4 times, it is now 4:00. Cut back to the gang watching the TV}

Bladder:{V.O}Well, now it's official, gulp, it's time for us to hail our new leader, Dr Gene Burrows.

Gene:{To the former President and officials}All right gentlemen, I am now your leader. The first thing I order is for you all to leave now. I don't want anyone around to question me when I am about to make my first address as ruler.

{They leave in a big hurry}

Gene: All right. Ladies and gentlemen of the country, don't be sarcastic when I say that if I disturbed you or hurt you in anyway, I am sorry. I have only one excuse for my actions, but I also have a promise. I do not intend to keep my new position as dictator of the nation, and I would very much like by the time this is over to give the job up and return Washington to normal. But, if I am to do that, you all first must do something for me.

Father Time: Uh oh. Miss Info, I think your earlier question is about to be answered.

Gene: As you all know, I am the man who earlier aired the infamous 24 hour marathon in an attempt to kill it's two "stars" Loud Kiddington and Miss Information. And I must make it clear that I still want to do so. But I also want you to finally realize what good it would do, that's why I did this. Like before, their annoyance brought about horrible consequences, it drove me to air the marathon, and they caused you all to go crazy from it. Now, they have drove me to terrorize our nation's capital and take over the country. So, what I want is the same thing I asked for last time, I want you all to kill them.

Harry: Nostalgic, isn't he? 

Sammy: And completely sick and repetitive, he tried this before, why would it work now?   

Gene: I have come here to make you all a deal. I want to form an army, an army of citizens, formed by the residents of Washington D.C. And it has one purpose, to find Loud and Miss Info, as well as someone else that stopped me previously, Dr Harry Norman. Here's a picture.{He pulls out a picture of Harry}Because he helped them, he is a target, and he must be killed too. What I want is for this army to find those three, capture them, bring them to the White House, and then I will kill them. If that is accomplished, I will turn back control of the country back to Clinton and company, and leave peacefully. You'll never be bothered by me again and I will do no more damage, I will turn everything back to normal in an instant if you do that. But, if you don't, I will keep my job...and I will turn the country into a communist society, as well as singlehandedly turn the country into the living embodiment of our darkest nightmares, people enslaved, cities ravaged, everyone suffering, you get the idea.

W.O.W: Well Sammy, that answers your question as well.

Sammy: If I wasn't so shocked and terrified about what is going to happen now, I'd respond.

Loud: That makes two of us.

Gene: And one more thing. Fittingly...you have only 24 hours to capture them. If they are not found, captured, and brought to me and killed by 4 PM tomorrow, the United States becomes a living Hades. Now, I want the army that will prevent this to be formed quickly, so here's another offer. Anyone in this city who wants to be part of the army must head to the front of the Capital Building in 20 minutes, where I will put it together and prepare it for it's task. If anyone who wants to join gets here after 4:20, tough break, you can't.

{We fade inside another hotel room in the Tartargate where someone is watching Gene's speech on TV}

Gene: So, anyone who wants to help save the country, come to the Capital Building in 20...make that 19 minutes. Until then, fare thee well.{Gene's image goes off the TV. Now we see who the person is; it's Mr. Morre again}

Morre: Hmm, an army that's purpose is find and kill Loud and Miss Info.{Laughs}Now that's a cause I want to be part of.{He leaves his room. Cut back to the gang, they're all stunned}

Harry: Well, Gene was certainly right when he said that my statement of him staying in jail forever would be wrong. Of course now I know I was talking to a hologram.

Miss Info: Shouldn't we be leaving the city as fast as we possibly can? Once that army is formed in half an hour the whole town will be after us.

Loud: We can't leave, for one thing it'd be hard to go through an entire city and not have someone notice who we are, for another more important thing, if we leave, they can't kill us, and then Gene takes over the country and turns it into a graveyard for democracy.

Charity: Well then, what do we do?

Harry: All right, first we have to find some way to overthrow Gene without killing ourselves. But first I want to get a good look at this army, because we'll probably be seeing a lot of it in the next 24 hours. Sigh, we truly have become enemies of the state.

Pepper: Oh, I loved Will Smith in that movie!

Cho-Cho: How can you think of movies at a time like this?

Pepper: Hey, we should try to think positive in the brief time that we can.

Lucky Bob: I know, that's why I'm thinking about my favorite thing. It begins with a B.

Sammy: Let me guess, chocolate?

Lucky Bob: How'd you know?

Sammy: Call it a lucky guess coupled with a good memory.

{Cut to the outside of the Capital building, as a very large group of people are huddled in front. Mr. Morre is just entering the crowd. Just then, Gene comes out of the building and walks down the stairs}

Gene: Are we on yet? Good. Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you all for volunteering to join this army, the army that shall save the country from my tyrannical rule. But first, I have to get to know all of you and know your motives. Now, answer this question truthfully: How many of you want to kill Loud, Miss Info, and Harry because they really want them dead and not just because they want me out of office.

{Almost every hand goes up}

Gene: No no, answer _truthfully_ for heavens sake, I won't do anything if you say no.{Many hands go down}Come on, I want to see honest people in this group.{All but one hand goes down, Gene doesn't notice}So, none of you want to kill them because they must die? I'm a tiny bit sad, but not angry, because the main reason I've done all that I've did is because I want the world to realize that they have to be punished for their deeds. Doesn't anyone want them dead because of that?

Morre:{V.O}If you'll look over here and come over towards me, you'll have the answer.

Gene: Who said that?{Finally notices Morre's hand up}You, the guy with the hand up, did you say that?

Morre: Yes, Mr. Burrows.

Gene: Well everyone, clear out of the way so I can talk to this guy.{Everyone clears away, making a path for Gene to walk through towards Morre. He stops next to him}So, you are the only one here who really truly wants them dead, right?

Morre: That's right.

Gene: And what is your name, my potential new friend?

Morre: My name is Mr. Morre, Mr. Burrows.

Gene: Did you say Mr. Lorre, like the actor? I thought he was dead.{Morre grabs Gene}

Morre: Listen, I don't care if you are the ruler of the U.S, no one gets away with calling me by that name!

Gene: Sorry.{He lets go}So, just why do you want them dead?

Morre: Well, I suggest you take me upstairs to address the entire army so I can tell them, I think it will motivate them to kill them as much as you and I do. And I think you should air it worldwide so those who aren't here will feel the same.

Gene: We're worldwide already, so go ahead, tell them, I look forward to hearing it.

Morre: Very well.{He climbs up the steps of the building to address the army}Well, I guess the stepping stones of my story started at a very young age. Like you Mr. Burrows, everyone mistook me for that Lorre guy because my last name is similar and I sound a bit like him too. Worse yet, I also suffered through an even worse first name.

Gene: And what is your first name?

Morre: My first name is....Vincent.

Gene: Oh, you mean like Vincent Pri{he's interrupted by Morre's angry glance}never mind.

Morre: Thank you, but you are right. I had to live through the suffering of being compared to Vincent Price _and_ Peter Lorre, I was compared to Price mainly because him and Lorre are both creepy, impersonable and very famous actors. Now how can anyone live through life with that?! So, I decided the only way to get rid of that torment was to get an important job and do things there that would overshadow my namesakes. 

Gene: Let me guess, you decided to be a scientist? Well, I can't blame you, science is a wonderful field and you can do great things there for the world. 

Morre: Actually that was my second option, but instead I decided to be another type of doctor, the medical type. Saving people's lives would easily gain more appreciation than having names after famous actors. And I've always wanted to have a job in which I could make a difference in someone's life. So I enrolled in medical school. For the next three years I did pretty well, but my becoming a doctor all depended on passing my final exam. The college I was in was scheduled to close on Thanksgiving, so they moved the exam to mid November of last year.

Gene: You mean mid November of 1999?! Oh no, I think we can all guess what date the exam was on!

Morre: Yes, but first let me set up the situation.{Cut to flashback mode again as Morre enters his house}The exam was on November 12'th at 9:00 PM. I went home at about 3:30 on the day before to get a lot of studying done because I wanted this so badly. But as you and everyone else knows, something disturbing came on a half hour later that day.

{The clock strikes 4 and then the previously off TV turns on, beginning the marathon}

Morre: There was no possible way I couldn't be driven mad from it, with my redemption for my name so close, but now so far away. I tried to study for the first half hour hoping it wouldn't be that bad, but by the time I realized it was, you locked all the doors. I spent the next 24 hours trying in vain to study, but not succeeding. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't concentrate, I couldn't do anything but go insane.{The Morre from the past screams endlessly}

Gene:{Nervous}But, you did realize it wasn't my fault, it was theirs, right?

Morre: If I thought it was your fault, I would have killed you by now. I realized that after you delivered your message at 4:00 the next day. I tried to study after that, but after what had happened before and with my rage at those two that couldn't be fulfilled because there wasn't anyway to join that angry mob in time, I couldn't do much. At 8 PM I went to the school, hoping that they'd put off the exam for another day.

{Fade to Morre entering a medical school. He sees an important looking figure nearby and runs to him}

Morre: Dean! Dean Smith, oh I'm sure glad to see you.

Smith: Oh hello Vincent, you got here just in time, the exam is in 20 minutes.

Morre: What??!!! But, but the marathon just ended, we all got driven insane, you have to put it off, no one could possibly pass that after all that just happened.

Smith: Well we're all bitter too, so I guess we're taking it out this way. Besides, we all think that our students have gotten all the info they need implanted in their brain already.

Morre: BUT I DON'T!!!

Smith: Don't yell, please, we've all experienced too much of that today. You could at least try, I know how much you want to pass this exam.

Morre: That's why you must put it off! I don't want my dreams ruined because you're too bitter over the marathon!

Smith: I'm sorry Vincent, but we have a deadline here, there aren't any other dates we could schedule it back to before we get closed down. Just go.

Morre: If you weren't the dean, I'd severely hurt you for doing this to me.

Smith: But I am the dean, so go.{He does} 

Morre:{V.O}I think you can all guess how I did. For those too dumb not to guess the obvious ending to this tale, I failed. My dreams were shattered, and now I had to live with failing to graduate medical school,  and my name. I took a job at the park in Burbank, working for government officials who turned it into an outside hotel, but that didn't help, especially when I had to encounter the two people who brought about my end repeatedly.

{Fade back to a sad Morre on the Capital Building steps}

Morre: So there you have it. And now, like Mr. Burrows, I want to kill them really badly, in fact I came to this city intending to do just that, and I would have done it if that spider hadn't shown up first. When you think of it, my situation is much worse than Mr. Burrows's, they just ruined his career. For me, they ruined much more. Now I am living a tortured existence for my unfortunate name, the failure of med school, and that the ones who officially ruined my life are still alive. That's why I'm here, I only hope after you've heard this, everyone else here will be too.

{All the army members look sad. Gene comes to him looking equally sad}

Gene:{Sad}That's the saddest story I've ever heard. And you know what's worse? That's pretty much exactly what happened to me. I am truly sorry for all you've went through, my new friend.{Angry}Now you see what pain they've caused. They've ruined not one, but two people's lives, and ruined a man's hope of rising above his name and doing great for the world! If there's anyone not motivated to kill them because they must be killed, leave now, I don't want anyone like that in my army now!!

Voice: I think we should all be motivated, I'm another example!{We see that the voice belongs to Nathan}I originally came here to kill Gene, because his spider killed my family, but now I see that it was their fault for causing him to do that! We've really got to kill them now!

{The army murmurs angry words about Loud and Miss Info, which soon turns into outward loathing. Gene smiles very widely at this}

Gene:{To Morre}You've inspired a country to kill them again. I thank you very much.

Morre: See, I told you it would inspire them.

Gene: Which is why I'm appointing you as the leader of this army!{The chanting stops at hearing this}

Morre: Me? But, but I know nothing about leading armies, what good can I be in that regard?!

Gene: You need only one thing to lead this army, the motivation of their demises. You have that in spades, whatever's left I'll brief you in on later. I'm also happy that finally I've met someone who understands my cause, and that it's for everyone's own good. I think, Mr. Morre, that we can help each other out in this deal.

Morre:{Sinister}That we can Mr. Burrows, that we can.

Gene: Please, call me Gene, and I'll call you Vincent because they refer you to Vincent Price less than they do with Lorre.

Morre: Why thank you Gene. I can see we're going to get along just fine.

Gene:{Turning back to the army}All right then, with that matter settled it's time for me to show you your base of operations I set up before you all got here. As for the millions of people who are watching us all over the world, we now return to your regular programming, A.K.A coverage of this for the next 24 hours{Very evil}or hopefully less than that.

{His evil laughter is the last thing seen on the TV. Our heroes are watching before they turn it off}

Toast: Dudes, what'll we do now, now there's two of him!

Fetch: Yeah, we could barely beat Gene, now we've got this Morre guy to worry about who's just as bad, and his little army too.

Miss Info: But they're not little, they're big, and they're led by _two_ revenge driven villains now.

Harry: All right, we get the point, let's just calm down. We've beat Gene before, and although the task ahead of us is even greater than before, we'll do it again. But how, I wonder?

Father Time: There's only one thing I can think of that would give us some advantage. Mr. Smartypants, we know Gene enlisted his "help" to build that spider, if we can find him, he might be able to help us find something that could bring him down.

Loud: But we don't even know if he's alive, he could have very well done him in by now.

{Fade back to the cave as Smartypants still is tied up. There is a TV in front of the cave's wall showing replays of recent events. Suddenly Gene's voice is heard}

Gene:{V.O}Well, you've just spent the last few hours finding out my plan and hopefully realizing that this time, nothing can stop me from winning. What are you going to do now?

Smartypants: Get out of this rope, find my friends and help them defeat you.

Gene: I was thinking more along the lines of this.

{The television disappears and taking it's place is a giant chainsaw. It moves towards Smartypants} 

Gene: Unfortunately I couldn't make this thing go fast and not slow like all those other evil devices. But in case you decide to swing yourself to the side, that won't kill you, but the pointy spears I've set to go off if you do will! You don't see too many villains come up with that now do you?{Laughs}Well, I'd love to watch you die but now I must go to set up my army. Ta ta, partner.

{The chainsaw moves closer. Smartypants tries to swing to the left, but like Gene said, a pointy spear comes out and barely misses him before he swings back. He swings to the right and a spear comes out, but he swings back just as the spear whizzes by. He continues to swing back and forth and the spears either come close to hitting him and fail or go past him just as he swings away. However, the chainsaw is moving closer to him. After he swings to the left again he sees that he is about to hit the chainsaw. But just before he does, the rope breaks and he lands to the floor}

Smartypants: Well, partner, what do you think of that? I don't know why I'm asking this if he's already gone, but I wish he could be here to see this.

{He spoke too soon however, as the chainsaw stops, then turns towards him. It rushes towards him and he runs as fast as he can, barely dodging the remaining spears that are set off. The chainsaw follows him into his lab. He tries to throw various pieces of equipment at it, but they are all chopped to pieces by it. Finally it traps him near a wall. However, he looks calm}

Smartypants: I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to this. In any case, it's time to throw a wrench in this sinister plan!

{Making the statement quite literal, he pulls out a monkey wrench and throws it at the chainsaw. It's a direct hit, catching it between it's blades, stopping it's motion, and soon enough, it explodes}

Smartypants: Phew, that takes care of that.{Suddenly somber}But they're out there, and he's out there, hunting them. I've got to find them immediately!

{Fade to the headquarters of the army, which is a very large tent. It's filled with various pieces of army equipment, computers, tracking devices, etc. Gene is giving a demonstration of one piece to the army, a large gun}

Gene: This looks like an ordinary gun, but ordinary guns don't usually do this.{He fires the gun he's holding at one army member, but instead of shooting him, he is trapped in a net}This doesn't shoot bullets, it shoots nets so you can capture them and bring them to me. It's also set on normal mode for destruction, you can use that on the others if you want, but remember, if you use it on the targets, you not only kill them, you kill democracy in this country.

Woman: Um, sir?

Gene: Address me in the stereotypical army fashion, soldier!

Woman: Sorry sir! Soldier Stacy Loon here and I want to ask a question, sir!

Gene: Go ahead.

Stacy: Are you sure we should be spending so much time on these demonstrations, they could very well be out of the city by now, sir.

Gene: No they won't, because they know they won't be safe as long as they're targeted by the entire city and country, so they'll stay here to find a futile way to get rid of me other than killing themselves.

Nathan: And are we going to go through every house and building in the city trying to find them, sir?

Morre: No Soldier, Gene created these special goggles for us.{Holds them up}They are essentially tracking devices, if the Histerians are in a specific building, the goggles will let us know about it. If there's any house which contains a possibility that they're in there, it'll let us know. All the other pieces of equipment we need are in our backpacks.

Gene: And all the guns you need are over there.{Points to a large tables of guns}I normally wouldn't have been able to build all those in the 2 months before now, but with my building rod and Smartypants's prototype duplicator machine, it was easy as pi. And on that note, I must be going. 

Morre: Going? But I thought you were going to help us.

Gene: No, my orders were that _you_ have to find them, bring them to me and I'll kill them. I'm in it for the killing, you're in for the capturing. Don't worry, I've brought you up to date on all you need to know, and I've explained all the stuff that you need. The rest is up to you. You shouldn't be nervous, you've waited a long time to have the chance to kill them{hands him a gun}here's your opportunity.

Morre: You're right, I've been waiting for this for quite some time. I can't and won't fail now.

Gene: Good man. I'll be watching you though in the Oval Office through your goggles and I'll know everything.{Salutes him}Carry on, soldier.

Morre:{Saluting back}Yes, sir.{Gene leaves}All right, ladies and gentlemen, for the next day I will be your commanding officer. I don't have any experience, but for this army all we need is the hunger. The hunger to save the nation and the world, and to kill the ones responsible! Now, guns on, goggles on, backpacks on, and forward march! The battle for the United States and for our redemption has begun!

{They all cheer and leave the tent. However, fade to a half hour later, 9:30 to be exact, as the army is walking through the city}

Nathan: Well, this has been a waste so far.

Morre: I know, I know, but maybe that's because some of us aren't looking at all the houses to make those goggles work!

Stacy: So you're saying they're at a house we forgot to check?

Morre: I don't know! And if we want to know we'd better keep looking!{Pan to behind a nearby building, as we see Smartypants looking at them. He's wearing goggles too}

Smartypants: Ooh, that copycat, I knew leaving that prototype duplicator would be bad! I've got to find them before they do.

{He runs away to do so. Unfortunately while Morre is talking, a soldier briefly looks to the left and sees Smartypants high top shoe for a brief second}

Officer: Sir, sir! I think we've got something, follow me.

Morre: I give the orders here, Soldier Muldoon, but show us anyway.{They follow Muldoon to the back of the building Smartypants was behind, and they all see him running}

Nathan: Is that what you wanted us to see, a guy in large pants running?{Realizes}Wait a minute, large pants?

Morre:{Gasps}It's Mr. Smartypants, Gene's benefactor! Heh, officers, I don't think there's anymore need to worry. We just follow him, and when he finds them, we find them.

{Cut to the house where the Histerians are as they are discussing what to do}

Harry: All right, I think we've got enough time already to figure out what we can and can't do. Right now we can't risk going outside, a civilian would see us then report to the army. And we can't leave the city, so what we must do is, is....

Sammy: Is what?

Harry: I DON'T KNOW! Honest to goodness...I don't know what we can do. We've got an entire city after us, and he's got an army and even more superior technology than before. He's truly outdone himself and got us stuck.

{Just then, we hear the door knocking}

W.O.W: Uh oh, either the owners of this house are back, or that's the army!

Miss Info: Don't we have any disguises we can use to trick them, cause if we don't answer it they will get suspicious and know it's us?

Aka: Did we even lock the door to begin with?{The door opens}Guess that answers that.

Sammy: No, this can't be happening, I'm not ready to die!{We now see that it's not the army, it's Smartypants}

Smartypants: I know, and I'm not either, that's why I'm here to ensure that.{He closes the door}

Miss Info: Mr. Smartypants, you're alive!{They crowd around him}

Sammy: Hah, I've never been so happy to see you! I knew Gene wouldn't stand a chance against you...at least in the killing you part.

Smartypants: So you figured it out. Oh, I'm so sorry this is happening, it's all my fault. I should have known all along.

Loud: No, no, it's not your fault, Gene's just a master manipulator. How'd you find us?

Smartypants: By these goggles I'm wearing, the army has them too, once I looked at this building, it told me you were here.

Froggo: Is there anything else you know about what he has?

Smartypants: No, he kept the spider secret from me until it was too late, and whatever else he built with my rod and duplicator I don't know about. What have you guys been doing?

Harry: Nothing of use. We have nothing which we can use against the army, we're in a bind.

Loud: You just came in here, but I think you and everyone else should go.

Fetch: Why, the army's not here yet.

Loud: That's not what I mean. It's me, Miss Info and Harry that he wants, you're all just pawns. If you stay here, you all could get hurt or die, and you're not the ones that he wants to do that. The only reason you're in danger is because you're with us, if you go, you won't be. Leave us.

Father Time: That's utter nonsense, we're not leaving, at least I'm not.

W.O.W: That's right, the reason you guys only barely managed to beat him last time was probably because you had to do it mostly by yourselves, we didn't do much to help you, except build that console which got destroyed anyway. True, we're in danger, but you'll be in more if you do this all alone, and after all that's happened already to you, we can't allow that.

Aka: Yep, we're not leaving here until we help you bring Gene's nasty plan down, right Sammy?

Sammy:{A bit unconvincing}Um, yeah that's right, we could get killed, but we won't let you share that fate.

Loud: Are you sure, you can leave at any time.

Charity: There's no way I'm leaving, but I think we should all at least leave this house, and fast.

Smartypants: What do you mean?

Charity: Unlike you, some unwanted company's about to arrive.

{We see her point, the army is right nearby. However, it's not the whole army}

Morre: This is the house, we've got them now.

Muldoon: So, are we just gonna barge in and get them?

Morre: No, I have a much more fitting idea on how to draw them out. If you'll look in your backpack, you'll see they have earmuffs in them. They're there for a reason, and in a few moments, they'll know why the hard way.

{Stacy and another female soldier come running up to Morre}

Stacy: Sir, we've completed our search for bullhorns, and this was all we could find.{They pull out two megaphones}

Morre: That's it? All you could get was two, that would make this torture too light!

Female Soldier: Well, if we found anymore, the resulting blast would probably kill them prematurely, and would probably also destroy most of the city, you know that better than anyone here.

Morre: You're probably right. All right, everyone back up 20 paces, then put your earmuffs on! They're the only kind that can withstand the sound I'm about to unleash, so those who don't use them will be real sorry!

{They pull out earmuffs and put them on in a hurry, then back up 20 paces}

Cho-Cho:{Watching through the window with everyone else}What do you suppose they're going to do? 

Loud: There's only one possible thing they could do. They're going to blast us out with my yelling!

Pepper: No, that can't be it, they must be planning to use my yelling, you must admit sometimes I can be louder than you.

Loud: Thanks for trying to reassure me, but right now we'd better get out of here, if we stay here we'll be crushed!

{They try to go out the back door of the house, but it won't open}

Sammy: Shouldn't there be a key somewhere to open this?{They then see a soldier out the window holding a key}

Soldier: You were referring to this?{He swallows the key}And don't try the windows, they're locked too.

Harry: You can't do that, the blast will kill us, you can't have that happening yet.

Soldier: It won't kill you, they only have two megaphones, three would kill you, two will just injure you.

Miss Info: Well that's good, at least we'll still be alive to run away from you after it happens.

Loud: Yes, but we'd better find some good cover so we don't risk it!

{Back outside, Morre connects the two megaphones together. He then pulls out a tape recorder}

Morre: Prepare yourselves for a taste of your own medicine, my soon to be captives.

Muldoon: What was that, I couldn't hear you.

Morre: Good, it works, so be glad you won't have to hear this!

{He puts the recorder right in front of the speaking end of the two megaphones, then he pushes the Play button on it}

Loud:{From the recorder and into the megaphones}BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{Normally, that would be ear splitting loud, but through the megaphones, it's a thousand times worse. The ground shakes from the sound, and nearby a few buildings collapse from it. Inside the house the Histerians are in, it looks like it's about to collapse too. However, they pull out all the couches in the room, put them inches away from a wall and get behind them, so they are right in front of the wall with little space between them and the couch, so most of the debris doesn't get them. The house finally collapses, and once it does the army surrounds the remains}

Female Soldier: Sir, I found them!{Points to behind the couches}

Morre: Good work, Tress.{To the good guys}So you survived that blast. Let's see if you survive this. Fire at will!

{The army pulls out their guns and starts firing at them with the nets as the group starts to run away. However, they miss them all, some get close, some do not and they run out of view}

Morre: Well, it's a good thing we all split up.{Talks into a walkie talkie}Nathan, we've got the Histerians at the area of 5'th and Vine, send your group over there now.

Nathan: Yes sir.{Nathan's group of officers run off. Nearby, the cast is still running}

Miss Info: That was a bit unusual, why were they firing nets at us?

Smartypants: That's one of my inventions, they have guns designed to shoot nets, if one hits you, it'll trap you to the ground, ripe for capturing.

Nathan:{From behind them}How right you are.{They turn around to see Nathan's group}Half of you get behind them, so they won't be able to run away.

Toast: Too late dude, we're running right now.

Lucky Bob: Yes now, good bye oh wise one.

Nathan: Not while I do this!{He comes over and swings his gun, hitting Loud in the noggin. He then stands over him}You killed my family, now it's your turn!

Soldier: Wait, you can't kill him yet!

Nathan: I'm just gonna wound him severely that's all.

Fetch: Wanna bet?{He jumps and tackles Nathan}

Nathan: Get off me, you mangy mutt!{The other army members surround him to help. But just as they arrive, Fetch gets off Nathan and runs off with the others, who have run away while they were distracted}

Nathan: Thanks a lot, idiots, we've lost them!

{Back at the army tents, soldiers are tracking the Histerians on their control console}

Soldier:{Speaking through a headset}Targets are moving towards the area of Mills Lane, is there any group nearby Mills Lane?

Muldoon:{Through another walkie talkie}Yeah, we're almost there.

Soldier: Good, surround the area at any possible exit once they get there.

{Nearby Mills Lane, the group is still running}

Charity:{To Loud}Do you need any first aid or something, I mean you did get hit by a large gun.

Loud: I'm okay.{Stops}Then again, I think that's about to change.{The army surrounds them}

Muldoon: All right, future captives, dance!

Miss Info: But I don't dance very well.{Muldoon shoots his gun, and the net coming out of it traps Miss Info. The rest of the group shoots their guns, most of them miss, but Toast, Froggo, Lucky Bob and W.O.W are trapped in the ones that don't}

Father Time: Hold on, we'll get you out.{A shot is fired and a net traps him}Makes that, they'll get us out. Well, get us out!

Harry: Half of you get the army members to stop shooting, the rest help me get them out.

{Harry, Pepper, Sammy and Aka head for the army members, the rest head for the nets}

Loud:{Nearby Miss Info's net to Fetch}Quick, bite through these ropes to get her out of here.

Fetch: Can do!{Starts to bite through the ropes, but suddenly he is hit by a dart and falls, then he falls asleep. The one who shot the dart comes forward, it's Muldoon}

Muldoon: Down goes man's best friend, now let's hope we can say the same for your other best friend.{He prepares to shoot another dart. However, Loud jumps and grabs onto his face, then hits him hard repeatedly, much like Mini-Me did to Austin Powers, only much harder. He goes down, then Sammy grabs him}

Loud: You've just witnessed what I do when you hurt my friends. I hope this will teach you to not continue to do it and ensure more pain.

Muldoon: You talk too much.{A female soldier comes behind Loud, shoots her gun and traps him}See, now because of that speech you're trapped, now prepare to join your mutt.

Miss Info:{Coming up from behind the female soldier}And now prepare to see what _I_ do when you hurt my friends.{She does pretty much the same thing Loud did, but worse, and the soldier goes down quickly} 

Muldoon: Get up Andrea, I will not have one of our soldiers losing a cat fight!

Andrea:{Dazed}First get me some band aids, then we'll talk.

{Before Muldoon can react, Sammy and Miss Info pick him up, then throw him to the ground}

Muldoon: Hey, that was uncalled for!{Just then a net hits him and he is trapped. We see Loud with Muldoon's gun}

Loud: Maybe so, but it's a good way to get you out of the picture for a while.

{Nearby, the others are cutting through the nets of their other trapped friends with knives. Harry is about to get Toast free, but then a soldier comes up and points his gun at him}

Soldier: I wouldn't move another step unless you want to join your friend.

Pepper:{Jumping in front of Harry}Not so fast! You want him, you'll have to get me first.

Soldier: Oh, and what are you gonna do, ask for my autograph? Out of the way!

Pepper: You just made a big mistake.{The soldier is about to shoot his gun at her, but she kicks his leg and he lets go of the gun, then she kicks him again once or twice and finally hits him right on the face}Never provoke a hyper active teenager.

Aka: That's all the distraction we need, let's get out of here.

{We see everyone is out now, and they begin to run away, Miss Info is carrying Fetch. Before they get even 20 feet away, they see another group moving towards them, and any other exits out of the area are blocked by army members}

Muldoon: We've gotcha now.

Smartypants: Well, you may have blocked any exit outside{begins to run with the others}but you didn't block exits from abandoned buildings!

{They run into another abandoned house, worse it's a row home, and the end of the row is far off. Muldoon gets out of his net and runs toward the house, however before he gets in Harry notices a pair of keys in the doorknob, closes the door before he gets in and locks it. He runs to rejoin his friends and then they exit out back. Fade to Morre talking into his walkie talkie in an angry tone}

Morre: You idiots! You can't even capture a group of people you have outnumbered 4 to 1, you call yourself an army?!

Muldoon's Voice: Actually sir we're just civilians, we're not really an army.

Morre: Don't get technical with me! You're lucky I have an ace in the hole.{Turns to Nathan and speaks in a grim voice}Send the helicopters.

{Out back of the row houses, the Histerians are jumping through fences in the various back yards}

Sammy: I think we lost them.

Harry: Don't you watch your own movies? Every time someone says you've lost someone, they come back a split second later, it's one of the oldest cliches in the book.

Aka: Can I assume that strange noise I'm hearing means you're right?

Harry: What noise?

{A thumping noise is heard and then they all turn around to see a black helicopter coming in to view. Wasting no time, they run, but the copter quickly gains on them, then it slows down so it can still actually chase them. A gun comes out of the nose of the machine that is an exact replica of the ones the army has, and like it it shoots nets at them. However Loud still has Muldoon's gun, and as the nets get closer, he begins to shoot his own nets that deflect the copter's. He continues to do so as the copter goes over them, then finally they reach the end of the row homes. However when they turn back to the street, they see the entire army there with two more helicopters flying nearby}

Morre: Well it's been fun, but now the chase must end. I hope you've always wanted to visit the White House, because we'll be taking a little trip of our own there soon enough, with you as our "guests"

Sammy: Well I have wanted to visit there, but I'm not prepared to die there like you want!

Morre: Too bad. Fire!{The entire army fires their guns, but most collide with themselves since they're all shooting into one area or miss because the group runs away in time, hiding below the original helicopter. Loud looks briefly at the blades on the copter, then at his gun, and gets an idea}

Loud: Hey, whoever's piloting that helicopter, I think you should get out now.

Pilot: Nah, we're prepared for your yelling.

Loud: But are you prepared for a taste of your own medicine?

{He fires a net that lands just below the blades, trapping them and stopping them. With the blades stopped, the helicopter stops, and begins to drop down. The Histerians run and the pilot bails out in time as the copter collides to the ground}

Morre: You'll pay for that.{Morre shoots his gun at Loud who again deflects it with his own shots. He does the same as other army members join in. They then stop, to Loud's puzzlement}Yes, I said you'd pay, but I didn't say how.

{Loud turns and sees that all his friends are trapped in nets}

Morre: I think the knowledge that your friends were captured and then killed while you tried to selfishly save your own hide is much more traumatizing than anything else, don't you? Kill the others and bring Miss Info and Harry to me!

{In a panic, Loud notices a button labeled "Suck button" right next to the trigger. With no other choice, he points it at Harry and pushes the button, which takes the net off him and pulls it back inside the gun. He then quickly does the same to the others before the soldiers can get them}

Stacy: What is he doing?

Nathan: He's using the special button! Dr Burrows installed it so we'd be able to get any soldiers out if they got trapped in out nets, and he stumbled on to it.

Morre: And I'm putting an end to it before he discovers any more tricks.{He pulls out a remote, aims it at Loud's gun and presses a trademark red button. Loud is just about to free Miss Info, but when he presses the button, the net doesn't come off}

Voice:{From the gun}I'm sorry, since you are not an army member, the triggers and buttons will not work for you.{He tries to press the buttons again with no success}No no, I said it wouldn't work for you, now because you've tried repeatedly, the gun will self destruct. Gun will self destruct in 3 seconds.{Loud gasps}

Charity: Give me the gun!{She takes the gun and runs toward a helicopter, then throws the gun and it lands on top of the blades. She runs away as the gun explodes, which forces the blades to fall off. The copter begins to go down. The pilots bail out just as the copter collides hard to the ground then explodes as well}

Morre: I can't take anymore of this!{He then sees Loud helping Charity off the ground from the explosion, and begins to get an idea. He runs toward the remaining helicopter}Pilot, lower the helicopter to 10 feet above the ground and keep it there!

{The copter does just that. He then turns and see Loud and the others go toward Miss Info's net, but the soldiers block their path and they run the other way dodging the nets}

Morre:{To another group of soldiers}Run in front of the copter and block their way out!

{The soldiers quickly go next to the copter just as the gang is running towards there to escape, but the soldiers block them. Morre hides below the copter. The good guys run away from the soldiers, but Morre is ready and grabs Charity on her way, then picks her up and holds her up in the air- just below the helicopter blades}

Morre: Hold it right there, Loud!{He turns and sees Charity in her plight}Surrender to us now, or else I'll use these blades to chop her cute little head off!

Loud: You...you wouldn't!

Morre: Well, I don't think this would be a good time to find out. I'll let her go if you surrender, but if you don't, these blades will do quite a good impersonation of the sword of the Headless Horseman!

{Loud begins to take a deep breath, but Morre interrupts}

Morre: Hah hah, do you really think I'm not prepared for your "yell real loud so I'll let her go trick"? How else do you think I survived that outburst earlier? You have only 5 seconds to surrender!

Loud: All right, if I can't yell, there is another way to get you to let her go.

Morre: Really? Do you think you can show me in 2 seconds?

{As a answer, Loud hits Morre hard in the stomach, causing him to drop Charity. He then hits him in the face and he stumbles backwards, hitting the helicopter and falling to the ground}

Charity: You saved my life.

Loud: Yeah, but there'll be time for accolades later, we'd better get out of here.

{The others run away, while Miss Info finally gets out of her net and begins to run before she sees all the soldiers lining up in a straight line, aiming their guns at the others}

Morre: All right, as soon as you're locked on, fire immediately! Use the net for our captives, but as for the others, kill them, I won't have any more of their meddling!{They line up their guns}

Muldoon:{At the end of the line with a new gun}Sir, there's someone missing from this group, someone very important.{Through the lens of his gun, two angry eyes suddenly appear right in front of it}Oh, there she is. Wait a minute, shouldn't she be farther away?{Miss Info grabs his gun and hits him right on top of the head with it}

Morre:{Coming towards her}Oh brother, do you think I'm impressed? You're just beating up barely useful subordinates, you can't beat me. I have the motivation and the only thing I have to fear is that you'll kill my brain cells with your idiocy.

Miss Info: I guess you didn't hear me earlier.{She pushes him toward the helicopter}When you threaten my friends, expect to pay for it severely!{She picks him up as the army members watch}

Morre: Don't look at me, get them!{Miss Info throws him into the helicopter, which door was conveniently unlocked, and he collides with the pilot, then they both land on the controls}

Pilot:{Getting up and trying to work the damaged controls}I can't work this, the controls have gone cuckoo!

Morre: Maybe it wouldn't have happened if you'd bothered to lock that darn door!

Pilot: Hey, it would probably hurt more to be throw into solid steel. But we'll have to debate that later, these controls are out of control! We're going down!

{The two jump out of the copter as it is going down. The front of the copter hits the ground first, and then the rest explodes in spectacular fashion. The army members run towards Morre and the pilot to see if they're all right, while Miss Info picks up Fetch nearby and runs to join her friends}

Andrea: Are you okay, sir?

Morre: I would have been better if you'd manage to capture those Histerians and not pay so much attention to me! Where is Miss Info?

Nathan: Apparently that little distraction gave her all the time she needed to escape. And we can't see the others nearby. We've lost them sir.

Morre: You fools! If we are the last hope for democracy in this country and we are, then I weep for democracy! Just think of what Gene would say to you!{Just then a ringing sound is heard and Morre pulls out a cell phone}Hello?

{We fade to Gene sitting in the Oval Office chair, with a laptop nearby}

Gene: Well, I see our first attempt to save the country didn't go too well.

Morre: Gene, it wasn't my fault, you recruited an army straight out of that Godzilla movie!

Gene: I know, it's not your fault, you're making the right moves. I don't think even I would come up with that decapitation idea. You're doing very well, we just need your soldiers to follow your lead.

Morre: Yes, well I suggest we head back to base for a while.

Gene: But they're not too far away, we could still send a group to follow them, they're not too out of range!

Morre: Listen, as long as you're ruling, they can't leave the city, so they're still in findable territory, and we still have about 18 1/2 hours left. Plus we can get a quick rest there and we can go over our mistakes and do what we can to fix them.

Gene: That is good. All right, you're the commanding officer, and it's technically your army, not mine. Carry on, Vincent.

Morre: Thank you Gene, my friend.{Hangs up}Well soldiers, we'll head back to base to brush up now. They've won this first battle, but the war has just begun, and soon it will end.{He laughs very much like Peter Lorre's laughter, with a bit of Vincent Price's ghoulish laugh sprinkled in} 

{Fade to later on at night. A caption reads that it's midnight. The Histerians are now in another abandoned house, a bit more dirtier than the last one}  

Froggo: Well since we can't think of anything to bring up right now, I'll bring up something. Haven't we seen this guy before?{He points to a picture, it's of Muldoon}  

Pepper: Yeah, that was the guy who originally had the gun Loud used. I guess this means he lives here.

Sammy: Good, I don't think the army would ever suspect we're hiding at the house of one of it's members.

Lucky Bob: Absolutely!

Toast: Hey, that means we can relax for a while until we figure out our next move.

Smartypants: Well, maybe there is something I can find that I can rework to our advantage, it'll give me a good chance to make inventions that won't later on be used by villains, I have all of my inventing tools.

Father Time: Well I guess that's our next move, lets find something and then we can get some rest.

Lucky Bob: Yes now, we're gonna invent stuff now.

{Nearby, Charity is sitting on a couch thinking, then notices Harry walking by}

Charity: Hey Harry, wait a second.

Harry: All right Charity, what is it? Now that I don't have the burden of horrible news with me I can help you with your problem.

Charity: Well I need to talk to somebody about what I'm going to tell you, and you unfortunately were the one closest by. 

Harry: Alright then.{Sits next to her}What do you want to tell me? 

Charity: Well I need to whisper this to you, and you'll need to do the same, because I don't know who might be listening, and there are people whom I don't want hearing about this. 

Harry: Hmm, this must be big.{Whispers}All right, what's so secret? 

Charity: Just this.{Whispers in his ear}I have reason to believe that...I'm in love. With Loud. 

Harry:{Still whispering}And for that you need to whisper? Oh, let me guess, you don't want him to know because you don't think he loves you back?

Charity: No, that's a secondary concern. What I'm more nervous about is what could happen if someone else finds out.{Right nearby, Loud and Miss Info are watching them, though of course they can't hear them}

Miss Info: You know Loud, you were planning to tell Charity about your feelings for her just before Gene returned. I think now's a good time to tell her, it'll get your mind off of this situation for a little while.

Loud: Oh, I wish I could, but I can't now. In fact, now I have to keep this a secret at all costs.

Miss Info: What, now you're nervous to let her know? She won't reject you, I know it, besides you saved her life.

Loud: No, I can't let her know because then Gene might know. Look, I'm really his arch enemy, he hates me more than you or Harry. If he found out I had those kind of feelings for her, he'd go ballistic, he'd go even more insane than he is. Then....he'd quickly make her a target of the army and he'd stop at nothing to kill her just to make me miserable before he did me in.

Miss Info: Wow, he _would_ do something like that.

Loud: And that's why I can't let her know.

Harry:{To Charity}That is a very good reason, since I know him and his insane desires to ruin Loud too well, he would want to kill you if he found out you love him.

Charity: That's why I have to keep it a secret between only you and me, though I think Aka's figured it out too since I asked her for advice before we got our invitations. I know you'd never tell, and I can make sure she doesn't tell, but there's another problem.

Loud:{To Miss Info}When I saw Morre threaten to kill her, I was very angry, but on the inside, I don't think I've ever been so scared, I thought she really would die. I was almost tempted to tell her right there. We're going to be in many more life threatening situations before this is over, I don't know if I can keep it a secret that long.

Charity:{Gesturing toward Loud}Look at him, Harry. He was so traumatized after what happened the first time, now to have this happening a second time just as he was recovering, with the United States at stake, goodness knows what he's going through. I want to help him through all this, but I'm afraid if Gene sees me doing that, he'll figure out I love him, he would figure that out easily because he's so smart. But that seems a bit selfish to me, when there's someone over there who I care about who may need my help. What can I do?

Loud: Plus my emotions for her will probably get harder and harder to ignore, if they haven't already. In my opinion, the hardest thing in life to hide is your feelings, especially given all the things she's done. How can I possibly hide them for this long?

Harry: Hmm, you know I try to be as much a help as I can, but this is one problem I can't answer. I guess you'll have to decide whose life you value more, his or your own.

Miss Info: Oh, you're right about that emotions stuff, I don't know what help I can give you. All I can say is, defeating Gene Burrows is a full time job. With this on your mind there's no way you can defeat him and Morre, whatever you do you'll need to do quick.

Loud: I know, but I can't make that decision without weighing the potential horrible consequences. Well, I may as well at least go over and see if she's all right, I mean she _was_ almost killed.

Charity: Well, for now I'm going to see if he's okay and how he's dealing with this. I sure hope he's doing well for both our sakes.

Harry: Fine by me.{Loud and Charity both get up and go toward each other}

Loud:{Speaking at exactly the same time and tone as Charity}Charity, are you all right?

Charity:{Also speaking at the same time and tone}Loud, are you all right?{They both laugh}You first.

Loud: Okay, I'm here to ask if you're okay after almost having your head cut off, you must have been scared stiff. Your turn.

Charity: All right, I'm here to see if you're okay because all this is happening to you again, and to thank you formally for saving my life. And yes I'm fine.

Loud: Good, and to answer your question, it was no problem. Besides, there was no reason for me not to do it, because I know you would have done the same for me.

Charity:{Touched and a bit sad}Yes, yes I would have.{Loud smiles widely at her, and she smiles back. Fade to the army tent as the army members are resting}

Morre: I hope the small group I sent finds them soon so the coaching job I gave you doesn't wear off in your memory.

Nathan: Don't worry Mr. Morre, even if you hadn't chewed us out earlier, I'd still have my motivation.

Morre: That's what I like to hear, soldier.

Nathan: Thanks, oh this has been such a hard day.

Morre: I know, having a giant spider cause destruction in your city is tough to handle and being in an army only couples with that.

Nathan: No, those pale in comparison to the deaths of my family. They died just as the spider came out, I suppose. I'm a busy kind of guy, being an electrician at a electrical plant is busy, but I always found time to care for my wife and little boy. I wanted so much to kill Dr Burrows afterwards, and it's uncomfortable to work for the man who killed them, but I now know Loud and Miss Info are to blame, and they'll pay for it through my hands.

Morre: Poor man. I have a family too, a wife and two children. A main reason I wanted to overcome my name was to free them of the burden of being related to a man who's name is very much like two typecast villains. But I didn't, and that only made things worse for me. Don't worry, by the time this is over, we'll all have revenge, I will see to that personally.

{A group of soldiers come inside the tent}

Muldoon: Sir, we searched every building they could have gone to, and found nothing.

Morre: Are you sure you looked hard enough?

Stacy: We looked in every possible and logical place they could be, nothing. 

Morre: All right, all right, I'm calm, I will not be angry and say you people are bad as an army, that will only make things worse. I will just take things as they go and concentrate on the task ahead only.{Takes a deep breath}Oh, who am I trying to kid, YOU PEOPLE STINK AS AN ARMY!!! You can't even catch a small group of people, and furthermore.... 

Tress: Sir, sorry to interrupt, but what is that noise outside? 

{Morre and the army get out and see an official looking helicopter touching down to the ground. We see the door open and someone comes out of it: it's Gene. The copter then drives away} 

Morre: Gene? What are you doing here?

Gene: Well, I was reflecting on how things have been going, and I've decided I can't take it. I'm getting too comfortable in the Oval Office when I should have been out of there by now. So I'm here to supervise things here and give a little bit of help, but still a little bit is all I can give. And here's my bit, I know where they are.

Morre: You do, where are they, how'd you find them?

Gene: Well I monitored the first battle through your goggles via a laptop, so I reprogrammed your goggles to fly and they explored their location themselves.

Morre: I thought they were lost in the battle, that's rather clever.

Gene: Thank you. And I must say they're in a location I wouldn't have expected, but is very fitting.

{Cut to later on as the army is 20 feet away from Muldoon's house. A caption reads it's 1:30}

Muldoon: My house? They're at my house?!! If they've ruined anything, I'll kill them myself!

Gene: But you won't because you don't want to go down as the man who's blunder let me ruin the country, do you? Don't worry, they'll be dead soon enough, let us quietly guard the area.

{Back inside the house, Smartypants is using his various inventing tools on such things as a cell phone, a Jack in the Box, and a flashlight}

Smartypants: I feel just like the gadget guy in the James Bond movies, taking normal devices and giving them very helpful new uses.

Sammy: That's a bad comparison, the guy who played him is dead now, and we'd better hurry so we don't join him.

Aka: Hey, what are those two doing?{We see Loud and Charity talking on the couch}Shouldn't Loud be helping us, I mean we're doing this to save his hide.  

Miss Info: I think we should just let them talk, if you went through what he's been through you'd want some quiet time with a friend too. 

Aka: Hey, nice rhyme.{We go back to Loud and Charity}

Charity:{Laughing}You're right, the WB would do that, but the Pokemon episodes air in Japan before coming here, and I don't think they'd incorporate AOL in them as part of the merger with them.

Loud: Too bad, I could just picture those kids looking in those Game Boy lookalike things of theirs that describe Pokemon and being told "You've got mail!" Hey, maybe they had the AOL merger planned a year ago, I mean that Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan movie in 1998 was called "You've got mail" maybe they did that to suck up to their new partners.

Charity: Hah, I wouldn't be surprised.{They laugh}Wait a minute, how did we get into discussing mergers, Pokemon and movies anyway? 

Loud: I guess we were just so absorbed in our conversation we thought up of things to say we wouldn't usually talk about to keep it up. I mean, 90 minutes have gone by but they've flew by since we sat down, and we have something to do to get our minds off the army for a while. When you can do something to get our mind off a horrible situation like this, that automatically makes this conservation really nice....just like you are. This is getting my mind off bad things, and that's how I always feel when I'm talking to you.

Charity: What a coincidence, that's how I feel too.

{They then stare into each other eyes for a long moment, and then they, without fully realizing it, lightly touch each other's hands. At that they snap out of it and both quickly turn away}

Loud:{Quick}Well, I may as well look and see if the armies anywhere near here, you can't be too sure although all the drapes and windows are shut.

Charity:{Quick as well}Good idea, I'll go over there and do that too.{They both get up}  

Loud:{Talking very quietly to himself}Oh, I hated to do that, but my emotions were out of the control  I want them to be in, I can't risk getting further into something where I could say a certain three word saying and ensure her doom. I knew this would happen, I don't know how I can keep this a secret until 4 tomorrow, but I've got to try.

{Nearby, Charity goes over to Harry}

Charity: I can't do it Harry, I don't think I can keep my feelings a secret for this long. All that conversation did was remind me of just why I love the guy.{Dejected}And I have to go half a day without telling him how much I love those things just to save my own skin.

Harry: Well who knows, maybe Loud feels the exact way for you that you do for him and has this same problem, since you've both done the exact same things for each other. No, the last thing we need is to have two people having conflicts over containing their feelings for sweet little kids.{Pause}Well, sorry that didn't come out very well, but remember compared to you two I'm very new at this sentimental line business.

{Harry then goes to the window and prepares to look out from it until he hears a snap}

Harry: Did I just hear a snap? I don't think that came from inside. We'd better take a quick peek and see if someone's nearby.

{The Histerians each take a tiny peek outside and see that the army is there. Outside, we see soldiers crawling on the ground below the windows, and others are stationed in front of the walls making sure to stay out of sight from said windows}

Fetch:{Walking into view}Hey, what's going on?

Cho-Cho: Some old "friends" of ours found us.

Fetch: Perfect, I just woke up from that sedative and now they're back?!

Loud: Shh! I know this sounds silly coming from me, but we should be quiet. We should take our inventions and sneak out quietly so if they see us, we'll have a head start on them.

Sammy: It does sound silly, but we have no other choice, let's go.{Back outside, Gene is watching the army take their positions with Morre}

Morre: Be sure to stay out of sight and keep either away from the window if you're standing up, or stay on the ground below them. We want to surround the area good so they can't escape.

Gene: You should go ahead and guard the front door, I'll go to the back door and guard that, it's likely they'll leave from one of those places.

Morre: Where else can they go, we have them surrounded!{Laughs}

{Back inside, Smartypants is putting his tools and devices in his pants, then joins the others}

W.O.W: We'd better go from the back door, they have the front guarded certainly too well.

Father Time: They might have the back guarded well too, but we have to leave from one of those places.

Harry: And it's the back door for us, now let's go quietly.

{In the back yard, soldiers begin to surround the back of the house. Gene is the center of the action, as he crawls below the windows then gets up and goes in front of the back door. Inside, Loud is turning the key to said door, and Gene watches the doorknob begin to turn in anticipation. Loud slowly opens the door and prepares to go outside, but then he feels something in front of him. He sees that it's a leg- and then looks up to see it's owner: Gene}

Gene: Hello.{Loud screams and backs away at the sight of his nemesis}Get them!

{The soldiers quickly enter the house and surround the Histerians with no place to run, pointing their guns at them. Morre comes in}

Morre: Grab them so they don't get any bright ideas of running!{The soldiers quickly grab the Histerians, holding them with one hand and holding their gun at them with the other}

Nathan:{Holding Loud}I think we have all of them, sirs!

Muldoon:{Holding Charity}So, you people thought you could hide in an soldiers home and be safe, huh? Well no enemy hides in Robert J Muldoon's house and tells about it later!

Morre: Enough of your squabbling Robert, besides, this house will soon go down in history as the house where our targets were captured and killed and where the country was saved. But first, let's make this the place of a grand reunion. Gene, they're all yours.

{Gene walks into view, looking at his enemies captured, until he views the one who's capture fills him with glee the most: Loud. He walks over to him}

Gene: Heh heh, so we meet again, my shrill voiced foe. Didn't I tell you before I went to jail that I would return ? I can't tell you how much I've looked forward to us meeting again.


Gene: Tell me, how have things been since we last met?


Gene: Ooh, I think someone's bitter. Take it from an expert, bitterness is a very powerful tool. And I see as I expected, you haven't learned anything from our last encounter.


Gene: See, that proves my point, you're still yelling. I'd have thought you'd have stopped all together, but I see I overestimated you.

Pepper: He has stopped, well he does still yell sometimes, but you should know he rarely yells now, he's just doing that at the sight of you showing up!

Gene: Takes one to know one, you autograph seeking infantile brat!

Pepper: Boy, he got me there.

Gene: Now, even if you have stopped yelling as often Loud, you still can't expect that to change what you've done.


Gene: How many times do we have to confront each other for you to realize I am not evil?! You caused me to be this way, you have to realize that. But, tell me, why is that? You keep on saying you're more than a voice, but you yelled so much that it's impossible to believe that, and why? What could have motivated you to yell so much that you caused so much pain to me, Vincent, Nathan, Muldoon, and the country and the world?! Why did you yell so much to do that?

Loud: I, I....I don't know. Honestly, I don't know.{Sad}I have no idea what drove me to yell so much, I can't think of any possible reason.

Gene: Exactly. That's why you have no excuse for ruining my life, or ruining any chance Vincent had of saving his, or causing so much agony during the marathon and in this situation, or putting the country in danger of being a horror show! You can't escape the past Loud, and you can't escape your deserved negative image. And you know it, don't you?

Miss Info:{Extremely angry}SHUT UP!!! I don't care if you are the ruler of the universe, you shut your lying mouth this instant!!! You're wasting your breath, because we all know none of it is true, you're only saying that as an excuse for your insanity!!

Gene: Well well well, how fitting that this is how we meet again, with you giving an incorrect statement. Still as dumb as ever, I see.

Miss Info: Don't you get tired of insulting my low I.Q, there are only so many ways you can do that, and you've pretty much done all of them.

Gene: And yet you give me so many opportunities to come up with more.

Miss Info: You know, intelligence is very overrated these days, that doesn't automatically judge who you are.

Gene: But it helps when you're a genius like me, but being an idiot like you really doesn't help.

Miss Info: Maybe, but that's not the key difference between us. I may not be smart, but I'm a kind, friendly, loving person, and you're a genius, but you're nothing more than a cruel, unfriendly, unloving, insane, maniacal, evil, psychotic monster!! In that more important regard, I'm the genius and you're the idiot! 

{All the Histerians nod, they know it's true. Gene looks affected by this accusation.... for about one second, then he smiles}

Gene: Well at least I haven't deluded myself in my own stupidity in believing George Washington was named after the monument, that helium comes from party balloons, and that the Lincoln Memorial was named after the car.{Leans closer to her}That's a rather reassuring truth if ever I heard one.{She tries to bite him, but he backs away and chuckles. He then goes over to Harry}

Harry: So how's life in the White House, Gene old "friend"? 

Gene: Fine thank you. Did you enjoy talking to my holographic image in jail? He sure gave some hints about what was soon to come. 

Harry: I should have expected such trickery from you.

Gene: But you didn't. Oh, I almost feel sorry for you. You had such a brilliant career ahead of you, and you blow it by dying because of your association with these fools.

Harry: I consider it my highest honor. Maybe if you weren't so narrow minded, you might have realized why. If you did, you certainly would have no reason to do what you're doing. These people are my friends, and I've been most honored in helping them through all this. Miss Info's right, you're no genius. You're just the most narrow minded, and therefore most evil person in the whole world.

Gene: Excuse me, you're saying I'm narrow minded? That would make two of us for you concentrating so much on their fake good sides that you've given yourself a ticket to the cemetery. And that goes for the rest of you, you could have survived this if you hadn't continued your associations with them, now because of that, you have to die too.

Father Time: If we do die, at least we'll be dead for a good cause. Like Harry said, it's been our honor.

Toast: That's right, evil dude, they may be annoying, but they're still our friends.

Gene: Make that late friends. You know, the rules of this never stated I had to be in the White House to kill you.

Gene: Well I didn't figure on being here, and I rule the nation so I can change that easily.{Turns to Loud}For 3 months you should have anticipated and feared my return. Now fear no more, that dream is your reality. It is time for you to experience a long overdue fate.{He pulls out a regular gun}And now, with your last breath, be witness to your own end of days.{Cocks the gun}

Charity: Wait!{Gene stops before he is about to fire. He turns to Miss Info and Harry}

Gene: Which one of you two said that?{To Miss Info}Was it you, the voice sounded female.

Charity: It wasn't her, it was me.{Gene finally turns to see her. Loud gasps as he comes toward her}

Gene: Charity Bazaar, I presume?

Charity: You're looking at her, doc.

Gene: I'm going to ask you a question and I'd like an honest answer.

Charity: Okay.

Gene: Why did you yell "wait" before I was to kill my arch enemy, the one who's death would help the country return to normal, when you should also know that type of behavior will just get you a ticket to the morgue?!

Charity: Because this isn't how you want to kill him. You've waited for so long, it would be anticlimactic to just shoot him the normal way.

Gene: Hmm, you're right. Well in that case, what _would_ be a good way to finish him that would live up to all the hype in your opinion?

Charity: Why don't you make it more miserable for him by talking some more about how horrible he is, that really got him down before, and he was really down after what happened last time because he believed your sayings were true, it would be a good way to finish him off at last.

Gene: Hmm, something tells me this is a trick. Vincent, do you think this is a trick?

Morre: I don't know them as well as you do, but it could be.{Gene goes over to talk some more with Morre} 

Loud:{Whispering to Charity}Charity, what in blazes are you doing?! 

Charity:{Extremely quiet}Stalling for time and setting him up for a deserved fate.{Looks up and sees Muldoon is paying attention to Gene and Morre's conversation and that Nathan is doing the same, so they're not paying attention to them}I know with all those insults he gives you, you can get pretty angry, and that's not good for him.

Loud: What?{Begins to realize what she means}Oh, I think I get it.

Gene: Enough conversation. I should have shot you seconds ago, I think you're up to something, both of you.

Charity: But you can't resist insulting him and telling him he's loud and nothing more.{This gets to Gene, he knows she's right}

Gene: Fine, fine.{Goes back to Loud}But that is a fine alternative because you are a pathetic fool. Even if you are good hearted, that side has also brought horrible things. You could have killed me on the roof 3 months ago, but you didn't because you didn't have the heart. Now because you didn't finish me off, all this is happening.

{This gets to Loud a bit, Gene continues}

Gene: And also, your "good side" has brought nothing but pain to your friends. Because you showed it to them, it gave them reason to help you through this and will lead to them dying. I think that would really hurt for you, because you're responsible for your friends deaths.

Loud: No, no that isn't true! They helped me under their own free will because they're caring, loving people!

Charity:{Under her breath}Oh boy, this may have been a mistake.

Gene: Fine, delude yourself, but I know I'm right, Vincent knows you're right, and they know I'm right, they're just too weak hearted to admit their contempt for you for leading them to death. You know what, you know what, I think it's time you experienced a pain greater than dying, at least for you.{Points his gun at Miss Info}Watching your best friend die first.

Loud:{Desperate, but also getting angry}You can't do that, YOU CAN'T DO THAT!

Gene: I can, and I will, because I know how miserable that would make you. And it'd make you easier to kill because you wouldn't want to live without her.

Charity: No, this wasn't part of the deal!

Gene: What deal? See what kind of friends you have, now she and you are responsible for her death.

Miss Info: Don't listen to him, Loud!

Gene: Shut up, or I'll make those your famous last words!!{Loud is really starting to get angry}

Loud:{Slowly}I think you should let her go, you of all people should know the consequences I can deal out for not doing so.

Gene: All the more reason for finishing you and her off quickly.{He cocks the gun and prepares to fire}

Loud:{Angry}NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{Gene and everyone else reels from the sound, letting everyone go in the process. Once Loud is let go, he runs towards Gene and tackles him}

Gene: How fitting that that outburst is your last act before you die.{He points the gun at him again, but Charity them comes up and bites his nose. He lets go of the gun, and she picks it up and slaps him with it, knocking him out for now}

Charity: Oh Loud, Miss Info, I'm so sorry, I didn't want your near deaths to be part of this.

Miss Info: It's okay, you had the right idea. Now we'd better find a hiding spot before the army recovers.

{Our heroes, some a bit dazed from the outburst, run upstairs and lock the door of Muldoon's bedroom. The soldiers then recover}

Nathan: Sir, they're in Muldoon's bedroom!

Muldoon: How can you rhyme at a time like this at my bedroom's expense?!

Morre: Oh shut up, let's just get them!{The soldiers run up the steps, but Morre stays to help Gene up}

Gene:{Waking up}What happened, where are they?

Morre: In the bedroom, why don't you help us and make that little yell the last one he ever does?

Gene: Heh, you sure know how to make me feel better.

{Outside the bedroom, the soldiers are trying to barge the door down with no success}

Morre: You sissies! These alternate uses for these guns are there for a reason, let me show you why.{He pushes a button labeled "Destructive Mode" then fires the gun and a laser blast comes out this time, destroying the door. Assorted soldiers enter the room, our heroes stare at them calmly}

Muldoon: Get out of my bedroom and get into Hades!{Arms his gun}

Smartypants: Not today, Robert.{He pulls out a Jack in the Box and opens it. Out comes a cup of soda, then the arm holding it throws the soda at the gun and it gets all over it. It begins to go haywire, and Muldoon panics. He throws the gun on the bed just as it explodes}

Muldoon: What did you do? What do I look like, a target for destroyed and stolen guns?

Smartypants: I designed those guns, they're very sensitive to liquid. Here's another demonstration.{The soldiers prepare to fire, but all the Histerians pull out Jack in the Boxes. They do the same thing Smartypants did and aim the cups at the guns. The sodas all get on the guns, then the officers throw them on the bed and they explode}

Muldoon: Stop ruining my bed!

Morre: Calm down Robert. If we can't get them by guns, I'll get them the old fashioned way.

{He charges toward Smartypants and tackles him on the bed. He tries to hit him but he either grabs his arm before he does so or he ducks his head in his pants}

Morre: Wait, why am I wasting time with you?!

Loud: So you can give us time to give you the chance to take a nap.{He grabs an alarm clock on a nearby table and bops him on the head with it}

Morre:{Dazed}You know, this is really getting old.{He falls to the floor. With that the Histerians rush out of the room. Gene goes over to Morre}

Gene: Are you all right?

Stacy: He'll be fine, he just got knocked unconscious in trademark cartoon fashion.

Gene: No one knocks out a friend of mine and lives.{He runs down the steps and aims his guns at the Histerians. He fires a laser blast but it misses, and they run out the front door, but there are more soldiers blocking their way, still guarding the house}

Aka: Get out of our way or we'll destroy your guns.{Pulls out another Jack in the Box- but it then lifts out of her hands and heads into the barrel of Gene's gun}

Gene: Well, I see you came up with some inventions to battle me, time for me to show you my invention, a little neat adjustment to my gun.{He points the gun at Andrea's gun, fires, and it lifts out of her hands and enters the barrel of his gun like before}

Loud: I already discovered your suck mode.

Gene: But you just discovered the mode that sucks nets, but this is a prototype mode only I have, the power to suck anything, like....you for instance!

{Gene fires his gun and it lifts Loud off the floor. He begins to head for the barrel of the gun. Charity grabs his hands and tries to pull him back, Miss Info, Harry, and the rest help her. However, he's still nearing the gun, and his feet get sucked inside the barrel. Despite his friends best efforts, he is sucked completely in. Gene laughs}

Harry: You let him go now, or I'll make you!

Gene: You can't, if you do, I'll destroy this gun, and him at the same time.

Morre:{Coming down the steps}And here's how you'll do it.{Tosses Gene a gun , which he catches with his free hand}

Gene: Thank you Vincent.{Aims the gun at the other gun}One move and he gets it. And if you even try to sneak away without me seeing to tackle me, he gets it.

Charity:{V.O}Too late.{She tackles him from behind}That's what happens when you get distracted by talking to your friend. Thanks, Mr. _Lorre_.

Morre: I'll get you!!{He runs toward her, but then his face is covered by a beard: Father Time's beard}I can't see, what's going on?

Father Time: Well I couldn't let my young friends have all the fun now could I?{While he's distracted, Charity picks up Gene's original gun which he dropped after being tackled. She pushes a button right near the suck button and Loud comes out}

Loud:{Dazed}What happened, the last thing I remember is being in a tight space.

Charity: You're fine, and you were right. You said I'd...{she's interrupted as Gene grabs her}

Gene:{To Charity}Vincent came close to killing you and failed. A mistake I don't intend to repeat!

Harry:{Coming into view}Now you did it.{He hits him and he lets go of her}Boy, that felt good!

Froggo: Let's go before he makes the feeling mutual.{The Histerians run away and Father Time finally lets go of Morre. They are soon out of view}

Nathan: Don't tell me we lost them again!

Gene: I think it's time for them to meet my pride and joy creation up close. Come on!

{Outside, our heroes are running away as fast as they can}

W.O.W: They're gone, we're in the clear.

Loud:{To Harry}Thanks for saving Charity's life back there.

Harry: You're welcome, I know how much you..{he's interrupted as a rumble is heard}What was that?{Another rumble is heard}

Pepper: AAHH! It's the spider!

Miss Info: But I don't see it.{The rumbling gets louder}

Sammy: Strange, if it was here, we would have seen it already.{Another thump}But the ground is shaking, so that's proof enough for me!

Smartypants: That's not the spider, it's another cruel joke, just look.{They see that the army has arrived, Gene is holding a boxing glove connected to a pole, he then presses a button and it comes down on the ground, then it shakes}

Gene: Hah, got a good scare, didn't you?

Loud: That was good, but not great. I really didn't Think that was the spider, I know your tricks.{Out of nowhere, the giant spider's head comes up right behind Loud, who turns and sees it and screams, natch}

Fetch: Ahh! How did you do that?

Gene: It's amazing what a remote control with automatic movement for the spider and a cloaking device can do. You're surrounded now.{He's right, the soldiers are surrounding the gang in front, and the spider is in back. The Histerians are astounded and frightened at being so up close to the giant device}

Morre: Good, you're in awe of the spider, it is awe inspiring. I wonder if Heaven is like that, that is if you're lucky to get there. You'll find out soon enough. 

Smartypants: Everyone, get on the sunglasses I gave out!{Everyone except Loud and Charity do so} 

Loud: What sunglasses, when did you get sunglasses?

Cho-Cho: While you were talking. Just cover your eyes.

Morre: Look at you, you're talking like you'll still be alive to do whatever you're planning to do.

Smartypants: Exactly.{He pulls out a flashlight, aims it at the army and turns it on. And the side effect is that the light coming out is extremely bright, about 20 times brighter than a normal flashlight. Everyone covers their eyes}

Morre: Ahhh, it burns! Help me! Help me!{Pauses}Ahhh! Another Vincent Price reference!

{While the soldiers are blinded, the Histerians run away, Smartypants keeps the flash in their eyes while running. They are out of view as the flash finally goes away}

Gene: Ow, I never thought he could come up with such a painful invention! Well, at least the only thing hurt is my baby blue eyes, whereas they are about to have so much more hurt than that.

{He pushes a button on his remote control and the spider activates again. Cut to the streets as our heroes are running again}

W.O.W: I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut and not say anything about us losing them.

Father Time: And there's a good reason for that, because we didn't.

{The thumps are heard again and the spider comes into view. It shoots a big laser blast that luckily falls far short of hitting them, but they are still blown back by the blast and the debris lands all over them. The spider walks closer to them, and they waste no time in running}

Charity: Hey, we can use those cars to escape!{They see four cars nearby in a straight line}

Smartypants: Here, use these lockpicks to get in!{He tosses a separate lockpick to Sammy, Harry, Father Time, and W.O.W. They quickly use those picks to get in separate cars, Loud, Miss Info and Charity are in Harry's, Smartypants, Fetch and Aka, are in Sammy's, Pepper, Froggo and Toast are in Father Time's, and Cho-Cho and Lucky Bob get in W.O.W's. They drive away just before the spider stomps on them}

Harry: I'm pushing the speed on this, everyone buckle up!{Harry's car goes up to 80 MPH, and the other cars do the same a second later}

{He looks into the car mirror, but like in "Jurassic Park" the head of the spider is getting very close, closer than the mirror has it appear to be of course, and soon all that can be seen from the mirror is Gene's head on a screen inside the spider's head, meaning it's very close. The head then tries to knock over the car lightly, hitting it but it barely avoids toppling over and it keeps going}

Toast:{To Father Time}Look out, dude!

{A leg then blocks the road and they speed around it, just as the spider's head swings at the cars. It misses and then the head comes down onto the ground, barely avoiding crushing the cars. Through the control room, we go back to the monitor with Gene's face on it, he is looking at the action through another laptop, controlling the spider with his remote control. At the chase scene, the spider is neck and neck with the cars, coming close several times to knocking the cars over or crushing them}

Cho-Cho:{To W.O.W}I hope you have an idea for getting out of here alive!

Lucky Bob: Yes now, think of something wise one.

W.O.W: Actually I do have an idea.{Rolls up her window to yell at Father Time}Hey, I know how to get out! Drive in reverse!

Father Time:{Rolling up his window}Drive in reverse?!

W.O.W: Yes, that'll get us out of view, you should know these kind of tricks from being alive as long as me.

Father Time: Yep, you're right.{Calls out to Sammy}Sammy, we're going to drive in reverse to get out of this, tell Harry!

Sammy: Will that work, I'm not doing something that has potential risk of failing miserably!{Another leg steps out in front of the car, almost hitting it. Then when it drives away, the spider's head barely hits the car in back, causing it to almost flip over but it narrowly fails to flip over completely}But I'm open to suggestions now! Harry!

Harry: What?

Sammy: We're going to drive in reverse to get out, prepare yourself!

Harry: Hey, that is good.{To his passengers}Hold on to your seat belts, we're gonna pull quite a trick on that spider. Ready!

Sammy:{To Father Time}Ready!

Father Time:{To W.O.W}They're ready!

W.O.W: Okay, follow on my lead! ONE! TWO! THREE! NOW!!

{The drivers hit their brakes and drive backwards, and quickly find themselves in back of the spider. They then turn to the left and head out of view. That is when Gene realizes what happened, and the spider turns around. Gene scans his laptop to find them, but nothing comes up}

Morre: What's going on, where are they?

Gene: We lost them. After I used all my best material and ideas, WE LOSE THEM!!

Morre: All right, okay, calm down. You yourself reassured me we had time, now it's my turn. They couldn't have gone far.

Gene: Very well. I'll get the spider back near the White House. Vincent, come with me back to base and we'll rest. Most of you can come back too, but I still want a small group searching for them.

Tress: But sir, shouldn't all of us be resting, our eyes still hurt.

Morre: Okay, we just found the leader of the searching group!

Tress: Rats.

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