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Another 24 Hours
by Robert Dougherty

{Opens on a dark and very rainy night nearby a large prison. We see lighting illuminating the building, then fade to the inside, where a guard is walking down a row of cells with a newspaper in hand then stops at one cell to the right}

Guard: Hey Doc! There's an interesting article in today's paper that you'd probably be interested in hearing about. It's at the top of page 7.

{A hand comes out of the cell and takes the paper. We now see the back of a man in prison clothes turning pages, then reading the aforementioned article. Once finished, he begins to laugh quietly, and in a matter of moments he begins to laugh with absolute insanity}

Guard: Um, I'm gonna need that paper back, Doc.{He hands it back to him while still laughing}Geez, what a nut. But I'd probably be like that if I was his shoes and heard about this.

{While he talks we see the top of the article which reads "Controversial TV show Histeria! finally canceled" We go back outside the prison to see a sign reading "Long Beach Maximum Security Prison" And if that wasn't enough proof as to who the prisoner is, we go inside the cell to see that it's none than Dr Gene Burrows, laughing inhumanly in pure joy}

{Fade now to a more pleasant scene, daytime, where a car pulls up in front of a very large house. Someone comes out of the car and goes to the back of the house. He stops in front of a closed fence, and knocks on it. It then opens and we see Sammy Melman}

Sammy: Hello, what do you want?

Man: Hello there Sammy, don't you remember me?

Sammy: I don't believe I've ever seen you before.   Man: True, you really haven't, but you've heard my voice before, you heard a lot of it on that fateful day in November.

Sammy: Harry?{We see the man is in fact, Harry Norman}Harry Norman, good to see you!

Harry: Well, this is certainly a more pleasant way for us to meet, not during a crisis like the one we were in.

Sammy: What are you doing here?

Harry: Well, I heard of what happened to you guys and I heard you were having a farewell get together and since I'm on vacation I decided to drop by.

Sammy: Good, we certainly need all the good news we can get after our embarrassment. I still can't believe we got throw out like we did. I would have appreciated a honorable cancellation, but this was just the opposite.

Harry: Yes, an unprecedented announcement. First thousands of people call the WB demanding your cancellation after the marathon, then they decide to do so, but they don't even let it stay on until the beginning of next year, they threw you out immediately, burn all your episodes, and get Washington to ban any Histeria episodes from ever airing on TV again anywhere.

George Washington:{Walking into the scene}Hey, don't blame me, I didn't destroy and ban all your episodes.

Harry: I know, I was referring to the city of Washington, which as you know is named after you.

Washington: Well, why didn't you say so? Oh, and the monument, contrary to some people's belief, _was_ named after me!

Martha Washington: Let's go dear, we don't need to start up that argument again, even though the person who started that rumor in your first episode is partly responsible for all this.

Harry: Since this is supposed to be a happy farewell party, I will reluctantly ignore that statement.{He then finally notices the huge crowd out back of the house, consisting of the entire H! cast}Wow, they're all here.

Sammy: Yep, I invited every historical figure on our show to this get together, despite the fact I nearly got cleaned out buying food and stuff for everyone.

Harry:{A bit nervous}Um, is Mr. Tesla here too?

Sammy: No, he R.S.V.P'd us, he said he was working on his latest version of the death ray, though we know all the good that'll do is give him cause to buy more health insurance.{We hear a huge explosion}Yep, it exploded right on time, just like I predicated.

Nostradamus: Hey, I prediciated that, don't go and steal credit from me, shut up!

{Harry walks away looking around until a kicking sound is heard}

Voice:{Speaking in a French accent}OW! Watch where you're going, you kicked me!{We see it's Napoleon}

Harry: Napoleon Bonaparte! Boy, you really are tiny.

Napoleon: Hey, I am not tiny, I'm just small boned!

Harry: And a bit chubby, still hooked on those hemorrhoids?

Napoleon:{Grabbing Harry by the collar}Listen, I don't care if you are the guy that saved those two guys in November, no one makes fun of my hemorrhoid problem!

Harry: Um, actually only one of those two I saved was a guy.

Napoleon: Shut up! And another thing..{he trails off as he sees those eggs from the France episode on a table. He goes over and eats them}

Harry: Well, the bathroom's going to have a new visitor in a few minutes, so on that I'll go away.

{Somewhere else nearby, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin are arguing}

Churchill: Give me that cake!

Stalin:{With a cake in his hands}Nein! The cake is mine, along with Germany, France, and Yugoslavia!{Points to a pickle, cheese, and a slice of pizza in succession}

Churchill: Knock it off, you socialist twit. You are a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

Stalin: Don't you ever get tired of saying that line?! Now go away before I have you purged to Siberia!

Churchill: I refer to your earlier statement as my answer to that.{Stalin growls}

{Nearby, Nostradamus is looking into a crystal ball surrounded by a crowd}

Nostradamus: Gather around, everybody. Now that you're all gathered, I'll need a volunteer who's future I can prediciate. Um, how about you, Mr. Presidente?{Points to Abe Lincoln}

Abe: Me? No, no, I rely on my dreams to help me look into the future. I knew I should have paid notice to that dream I had before that night at Forbes Theater.

Nostradamus: Excuse me, but this isn't the time or place to talk about such depressing events, so just let me read your future.

Abe: Um no, why don't _you_ read your own future first so we can see if you're as accurate as you say you are.

Harry: Don't worry, as long as he doesn't make any predictions about movies, he'll be fine.

Nostradamus: All rightie then, I may as well prove you peoples right.{Looks into the ball}According to the crystal ball, it says that I am going to be....hit in the head with an anvil?! Wait a minute, this thing can't be right!

{Just then an anvil falls out of the sky and clobbers Nostradamus}

Nostradamus:{Dazed}Okay, so I can't be right all the time, shut up!{He falls to the ground. Harry walks back over to Sammy}

Harry: Well, it certainly has been fun meeting these historical people, but where are the regulars?

Sammy: Don't worry, I was just about to get to them. Case in point.{We see the regular H! cast}

Pepper:{Noticing Harry}AHHH! Is that who I think it is?

Harry: Probably not, it's me, Harry Norman.

Pepper: AHHHHH! Harry Norman! This is even better than it would be if you were Bill Nye!{The others come toward him}

Aka: Hey there Harry.{She high fives him}

Father Time: Hello Harry.{He shakes his hand just as everyone else starts to greet Harry}

Harry: All right, there's no need for all of this, but it is good to finally meet you all outside of a crisis situation. I regret we never had time to meet like this 2 months ago, but while I'm on vacation, I'm going to fix that. But anyway, where are the only two cast members I got to meet in person, where are Loud and Miss Info?

{The others begin to look uneasily at each other at that question}

Harry: Hey, what's with the confused looks on the faces, where are they?

Charity: They're not outside, they're inside Sammy's house and they're not happy.

Harry: Oh dear.

W.O.W: Yeah, ever since they threw us out they've been taking it pretty hard. Well actually Miss Info seems to be handling it fine, but oy, poor Loud's been taking it _really_ bad.

Harry: He has?

Father Time:Yep, I don't think he was really sad before, but after the cancellation I guess the full effect of the marathon finally got to him, and he's been down in the dumps ever since.

Harry: Uh oh, looks like the happy mode of this party is gonna go down hard. I'd better go talk to them.

{Harry and Sammy go inside the house. The house's inside is very elegant and dignified, with tables, chairs, nice silverware and other stuff everywhere}

Harry: Wow Sammy, this house certainly isn't the kind of house I'd expect you to live in.

Sammy: I know, but we do need a few surprises every once in a while that doesn't take place while facing a lunatic.

Harry:{Calling out}Hello? Loud? Miss Info?

Voice: You've got the second one right.{Miss Info walks in}

Harry: Miss Info, hello!{Shakes her hand}It's good to see you again!

Miss Info: I was just about to say the same thing but you beat me to it.{She laughs}What are you doing here?

Harry: Came to see how all of you are coping after all that's happened since we last met. And...apparently one of you guys here isn't doing too well.

Miss Info: You heard?

Harry: Yes, and I know that that one isn't you. How bad is he taking it?

Miss Info: Really bad. I don't feel so bad because I was expecting the worst after all that happened, though I didn't think it'd be that bad. But someone once told me not to think of the bad things and instead think of the good things, and the bad will go away. That's what I've been trying to do, but....I can't say the same for that someone.

Harry: Didn't you try to cheer him up, you're very good at that.

Miss Info: I tried and it worked, but then the next time I saw him he was feeling blue again. I've never seen him like this, and frankly it isn't a cheery sight.

Harry: Oh boy, I got here just in time. Where is he?

Sammy: In the bedroom upstairs, third door to the left.

Harry: I'd better speak to him then.

{Cut to a large bed where we see Loud sitting on it, looking sad. Then the door knocks}

Loud: Come in.{Harry comes in}HARRY?

Harry: Hello there, Loud.

Loud: WELL, THIS IS ONE OF THE FEW PLEASANT SIGHTS I'VE SEEN SINCE THIS ALL   HAPPENED.{Realizes he's yelling}Oops, and that realization that I was screaming just canceled that out. Just the reminder of all it's done is enough to get me down.

Harry:{Sitting down}Would you like to tell me why you're so sad? You know, it's really unsettling to see you like this, you usually always have a smile on your face, but I don't even see a trace of that.

Loud: I know. I wish I could be happy again, but these recent events have made that really difficult.

Harry: That can't be why you're so down, you should have expected this to happen the minute Gene was taken to jail. There has to be another reason.

Loud: All right, there is. Look, Histeria has just been attacked by thousands of people affected by the marathon, and they forced the WB and Congress itself to cancel us and never air us again. And the reason that makes me fell sad is that...I can't help but think that it's all my fault.

Harry: What?! Your fault?! That's ridiculous! With all due respect, you weren't the one who took over every TV in the world, you weren't the one that created those dangerous snakes, prison bars and spider bots, and you didn't go insane trying to kill people. Gene was the one that did all that, it's his fault!

Loud: But what drove him to do all that?!

Harry: Hmm, you know I still haven't been able to figure that out.

Loud: It was because he was working on a appearance changing formula, and our episodes were airing at that same time that distracted him and caused him to forget a key part of the formula, so when he presented it to everyone it went haywire and that's why he was fired. But it was a scene that had me yelling that caused him to forget his formula, and because of that he failed. It was my yelling that caused him to go insane and almost kill us, therefore, it's my fault.

Harry: You can't beat yourself up for that, you didn't do anything wrong intentionally.

Loud: I know, but think about it for a moment. If it wasn't for me, Gene would never have forgotten his formula and gone insane, and he would have remained a good, brilliant scientist and your friend. If it wasn't for me, he wouldn't have created the marathon, he wouldn't have set all those traps that almost killed me and Miss Info, and he wouldn't have nearly killed us all on the roof. And if it wasn't for me, this whole situation after that would never have happened.

Harry: Yes, but if it wasn't for you, you and Miss Info would have died from those traps and we wouldn't have been able to stop Gene and that angry mob. True, bad things have happened involving you, but lots of good thing happened too buried underneath the bad.

Loud: Like what?

Harry: Well, Miss Info for one. If you hadn't helped her through everything, she wouldn't have survived the ordeal, and the close friendship you two have would have never happened. That's something to be thankful for.

Loud: Well, you're right there, after all this time she's been beside me, and I'll forever be grateful for that.

Harry: And if she hadn't helped you, you wouldn't have realized the kind of good person you are, and I know you've probably shown that side a lot to the others over the last 2 months.

Loud: I have, but I feel like I've been trying too hard. But you can understand why, I just want to make amends for all we got into.

Harry: I understand. But listen Loud, all this beating yourself up isn't going to get you anywhere. It's just making you more depressed. And you're not the depressed type, that's usually Charity's job.

Loud: I just can't stop thinking about what happened and when I do, it makes me feel that I caused this.

Harry: All right then, then we should get you to think of something else. You yourself said it's better to think happy thoughts than bad. What do you say we head on back outside, and try to have a good time. This may be the last time you see most of these guys, and I know you wouldn't want to see them through a window.

Loud: You're right, I should at least try to have some fun while I can with them.

Harry: That's the old spirit, come on, let's get out of here.

{Cut back outside as Loud and Harry come out through the back door. The other kids notice him}

Froggo: Hmm, I was wondering when he was going to come out.

Cho-Cho: Do you think he's not depressed anymore?

Aka: I don't know, but he has a lot to be depressed about, since technically the reason this all happened was because of his big fat mouth.

Voice: Hey, leave him alone.{The owner of that voice, Charity, comes into view}

Toast: Um, why'd you say that, dudette?

Charity: Because it's not fair to judge him because of his voice, it really isn't. We should have learned that a long time ago. Maybe if we did, at least some of the events of the last few months could have been prevented.

Pepper: Isn't that more his fault? After all, he always yelled that long time ago and he never was as nice as he was after this all happened.

Aka: Yeah, after this all happened he's tried being so nice lately, and I'm still not clear on why he didn't before hand.

Charity: It's because he thought that if he did, we'd think it was only an act to distract us from his voice and it would lead to a huge argument.

Toast: That's a bit of a lame excuse, he should have known we would appreciate seeing any side of him that didn't involve him yelling.

Cho-Cho: Wait a minute, Mr. Melman said that same thing two months ago and you objected, why take that side now?

Toast: That was before we got the boot from Congress. Now thinking that doesn't seem all that nasty anymore.

Charity: Oh, now you're being mean! You're all seeing the bad side of why he didn't show us his good side, but I see another side.

Froggo: I don't get it.

Charity: All right, I'll explain. The reason he didn't show us is because he didn't want to risk us possibly getting angry at him. In that regard, he didn't want to lose our respect. And he didn't want to possibly lose respect for us in such an disagreement. Don't you see? He didn't show us because he cares about us and didn't want to risk not caring.

Aka: If he cared so much about us, why didn't he stop yelling in the first place?

Charity: All right, you know, I'm not going to take this. Not when there's somebody over there who's in a depressed mood and doesn't deserve to be in one, someone who doesn't deserve to be scorned or made fun of like everyone is doing. He's a nice guy, and he doesn't deserve to have all this happen to him. I thought you guys knew that.

Pepper: Of course we knew, we're not ignorant.

Charity: Then why aren't you being more of a help?

Froggo: Well he's so down because he thinks he caused all this, and after thinking about it, we can see why he thinks that way.

Charity: Be that as it may, even if it is his fault, he needs our help, not our rejection. Besides you never rejected him before this happened, and that's when he was yelling. And don't give the excuse that that was before he caused all this. I'm going to go over there and talk to him, anyone who wants to join me can, but in my opinion, those who don't are only cheating themselves.

{She walks away and goes over to Loud, who's walking beside one of the many food tables with many people looking at him angrily or nervously}

Pepper: You know what guys, I think Charity is right. I guess I'm saying that because it's easy for me to be in Loud's shoes, we all know that could have easily been me that Gene chose to get rid of, because I have the same problems he has. It's only by dumb luck that that's him like that and not me. Therefore I think I'll take Charity's advice and go over there.

{She gets up. Cut back to the food table}

Charity: Hello Loud.

Loud:{Turning around}Charity, hi! I'm certainly glad someone other than Miss Info or Harry wants to talk to me. Um, that is what you're here for right?

Charity: Yes, of course. I just came over to see if you're feeling any better.

Loud: Not really, but I figure I'll have plenty of time to be sad again when I get back home, so I'll just enjoy myself here beforehand.

Charity: What are you going to do now that all this is over?

Loud: I don't know. I'll probably just lay low for a while after all this passes, then figure out something.

Aka:{Coming over with the others}But before you think about that, we may as well enjoy the time we have left before this party ends.

Lucky Bob: Yes now! We're gonna party now.

Cho-Cho: How do we do that exactly?

Pepper: AHHH! I know, we can play tag!

Froggo: But there are almost 10 of us, and you need two to play.

Pepper: Well, there's nothing against changing things to make it everyone for his or herself.{Taps Loud}You're it! Everyone get him!

Loud: Easier said than done Pep!{The others run after him laughing. Harry and Miss Info watch this}

Miss Info: Well, he's happy for now, I just hope it'll be a while until that feeling fades.

Harry: And as for you?

Miss Info: I just want to relax for the next few months since the last two were so busy and awful.

Harry: It could be worse, you could be Gene and be in a maximum security prison for the rest of your days.

Miss Info: Right now I just hope that soon I and all of us will be able to forget all about that lunatic.

{Fade to later as Sammy holds up a glass of wine and taps it, getting the attention of everyone else}

Sammy: Boy, girls, ladies, gentlemen, may I have your attention? Now, our little farewell is about to draw to a close, and the show Histeria! will officially be no more.

{While he talks, we fade to the inside of the WB office, as execs gather reels labeled as H! episodes and place them in a pile}

Sammy:{V.O}Now I don't know what's going to happen to all of us, I don't know if we can put this all behind us for the rest of our lives, what I do know is that although everyone has hated us for some time, I can say that's there's no one here that deserves to be hated. True, we all had our flaws that contributed to the shows downfall, but despite that, in all my years of working at the WB and in all the shows I've created and worked on, I can't think of any other group of people than this one that I'll remember and respect
more than this one.{Motions over to Father Time}Was that _too_ out of character for me?

Father Time: Yes, but you can be excused for this particular situation.

{Back at the WB, as Sammy continues talking, the execs gather matches, light them and go near the pile of episodes with them in hand}

Sammy: Some of you guys will meet again, some you'll be talking to always, and there are people here who you may never see again. But for all you, I speak for everyone when I say that you all got something good out of this whole experience. You got the opportunity to meet a crazy, great bunch of people, and made a lot of good friends.{Looks over to Loud and Miss Info while saying this}I'm going to miss all of you, and you're all going to miss each other, but don't think that this was all for nothing, the good moments you've shared with each other should be what you should treasure instead of remembering the bad, I sure will.{To himself}Now _that's_ out of character.

{As he finishes, we see the execs dropping their matches and they land on the pile of episodes, buring them. They begin to disintegrate}

Sammy:{Quiet}Good bye and good luck to all of you.

{The cast begins to leave. Some of them say good bye to each other, some leave talking to one another. Fade once more to the WB as the pile of episodes continues to burn and in a few seconds, all reels are destroyed. Sammy now looks out at the group splitting up and leaving. He forms a silent farewell to them and goes back into his house}

{Cut now to the outside of the Long Beach prison. We go inside a cafeteria as many prisoners get their food and put it on a tray. We go to one prisoner in particular: it's Gene Burrows. He is humming Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" as he heads for a table, until a prisoner grabs him by the collar}

Prisoner: Hey Doc, I want to chew the fat with you. You kept us up all night with your laughing and your constantly saying "Histeria's canceled, Histeria's canceled!"

Gene: Can you really blame me? Were you not happy as well when you heard the timely demise of that hated show?

Prisoner: Yes, but I wasn't that insane to keep everyone up!{They sit down at a table}

Gene: If you went through all I did, you would be. You know that I didn't air that marathon only for my revenge, I aired it for everyone's own good.

Prisoner: Doc, people who do things like you did don't get praised for it, no matter if it was for our own good. Didn't you know that you'd be in big trouble for doing this?

Gene: If I succeeded in killing those two and showing all of you the light, I didn't care what happened to me. Contrary to everyone's belief, I am not evil, my intentions are very misunderstood. But if I have to do evil things to make everyone realize the truth, that doesn't bother me.

Prisoner: Well, I think you succeeded a bit, you got everyone to complain and make them cancel the show and get it banned forever.

Gene: And that's the reason why I was so happy! After all this time I finally got people to fulfill what must be done. That show should never have been made, and it should have been banned forever long before the marathon. All this is exactly what deserved to happen to them, and knowing that I finally convinced people of that fulfills half of my goal.

Prisoner: And the other half?

Gene: Oh, the other half is also something that should have happened long ago. There's only one thing left that hasn't happened to Loud, Miss Information, and Harry Norman, the one who helped prevent this from happening long ago. That thing is their deaths, people like them should not be living. But I still haven't been able to convince everyone of that. But once I get out of here, and once I'm finished, they'll have no choice but to kill them, and when they're gone, that's when all will be right with the world.

Prisoner:{Laughing}Yeah right Doc! You're never getting out of this place, no one can!

Gene: This isn't Alcatraz, I can escape, and when I do, all will be ready.{The guard from earlier comes up to Gene}

Guard: Right Doc, tell us another one. I see you finished your lunch.

Gene: Well I didn't eat much, I have too much on my mind to eat.

Guard: Good, then you can think back in your cell, get up and let's go.{He puts him in cuffs and walks him to his cell}

Gene: Well don't say I didn't warn you. Once my plan comes to fruition, you won't be so confident.

Guard: Right, but until then, back in the cell.{He puts him in, lock the door and walk out}

Gene: Heh heh, fools.{Low}I certainly am glad I'll only have to see him for two more days. With the show gone and the plan ready to commence, the time has come to evict myself from this pee pee soaked heck hole, and then....oh just thinking of it makes me tremble in anticipation.{Laughs to himself and looks out his window}Yes, my time of vengeance has almost arrived.

{Cut to the next day. We see Charity walking down a street with bags of groceries in her hands. She walks up the stairs to a small two story house, and goes into her pockets}

Charity: Oh no, oh no, don't tell me.{Pulls out her empty pockets}Ugh, the key isn't here!{Tries to turn the doorknob and fails}Darn, I locked myself in, that's just great. And all my windows are locked too. I'd ask what could be worse, but that always sets me up for the worse.

{Suddenly the wind picks up and rain begins to fall}

Charity: And it happens anyway. I forgot that today's the day when the town experiences the biggest rainstorm in years! It just has to be rain because we never get snow, not even in January.{A huge gust of wind blows}Still, there's no way I can survive out here in such a storm, I'd better call the alternate key company.

{She goes to a pay phone and dials}

Charity: Hello, is this the alternate key company, the company that specifies in letting people in their homes when they lock themselves in? Yes, well, I'm Charity Bazaar, and....yes I was on Histeria but this is no time to talk about it, I've been locked out of my house and I need you to come over....what do you mean you can't come here? You're saying that you just lost two of your trucks from the storm that hit your area before it hit mine, and you won't be able to get here for another...2 hours? But I have nowhere to go and I can't stay outside, this storm is already starting to get really bad! Oh alright, fine, but if I get hurt or something, you're getting the blame.

{She hangs up and walks down the street with her bags. Rain is starting to pour and there is lots of heavy wind}

Charity: Sigh, it's no wonder I'm sad all the time when moments like this happen. Someone upstairs must be getting a good joke.{She sighs again and then crashes into another person also carrying groceries}

Charity: Hey, what's the deal, watch where you're going!

Person: WHY DON'T YOU WATCH WHERE YOU'RE...{We see now the person is Loud and he's just noticed Charity}Charity, is that you?

Charity: Loud? What are you doing out here?

Loud: I was just going to get groceries to pass the time during the storm. Are you doing the same?

Charity: No, I locked myself out of my house and the guys that fix that won't come over to my house to let me in until 2 hours from now.

Loud: Boy that's bad being locked out and into the biggest storm in quite some time.

Charity: I'll say.

Loud: Hey, I've got an idea. You can stay at my house until those guys get here, it's the least I can do after crashing into you.

Charity: Really? That's very generous of you, thanks. All right, where is your house?

Loud: Very nearby here, in fact, it's three houses down from the one we're nearby.

Charity: You mean that one?{Points to another small, but wide two story building down the road. Loud nods}Oh my, you live almost exactly across the street from me!

Loud: I find that hard to believe.

Charity: No, it's true, I live right there.{Points to her house}

Loud: No, I mean I find hard to believe that you live across the street from me and I didn't figure that out until now.{Particularly heavy wind blows and almost knocks over the two. A lighting bolt is also heard}

Charity: I think we should continue this conversation inside, don't you?

{They run to Loud's house. Loud goes to the door, opens it and they walk in. The house is basically like a normal suburban house, living room with a TV and a couch or two, kitchen with all the major appliances, basically like every other house}

Loud: FETCH? I'M HOME!{Fetch strolls in}

Fetch: I heard you, and at the risk of getting you sad again, it's not that hard to do so.

Loud: Yes, that is a pretty big risk, but maybe this new food I brought at the store will make you forget.{Gets out a dog bowl and takes out a bag of dog food, then pours it in the bowl}

Fetch: It might.{Begins to eat then notices Charity}What's she doing here?

Loud: She locked herself out of her house, so I let her stay here until those alternate key guys show up in 2 hours.

Fetch:{Sarcastic}Right, that's your reason, I believe you.

Charity: Does he mean that, or is he suggesting something?

Loud: All right Fetch, maybe you should go in the kitchen to eat your food so we can keep this a "G" rated conversation.

Fetch: Fine{whispers}but if anything happens between you two, don't hesitate to spill the beans about it.

Loud: Just go.{He does}Well, what are we going to do to keep ourselves occupied for the next two hours?

Charity: Do you have any board games or something?

Loud: The only ones I have are games like "Monopoly" and other games for older people. There must be something we can do that's not too sophisticated for us.

{Fetch comes over and pushes a large red button near the TV. Just then all the furniture disappears behind the walls and the floor begins to shake}


Fetch: The button that reveals the special thing Sammy had built in for ya. I suggest you stand back.

{The floor on the living room flips over and what comes out is something resembling a tennis court}


Fetch: I happen to know that that's one, if not the favorite sport for Charity. Since the furniture is now gone there's nothing to break so this should be something suitable to do.

Loud: Great, I have rackets in the closet, but I'll need your tennis ball.

Fetch: Fine, but be sure to return it in mint condition.{Gives him his ball}

Loud: You barely even keep it in mint condition, so that doesn't worry me. Well Charity, what do you say to this idea?

Charity: Well, it's something to do.

{She takes a racket and goes to the left side of the court. Loud takes the ball, serves it, and Charity hits it back. However it's quite a hard hit, catching Loud off guard and he misses it}

Loud: Well, there's another dead giveaway that you play this often. By the by, have you ever lost badly in this game?

Charity: Um, I don't think so.

Loud: Well, there's a first time for everything!

{He serves the ball and they continue to play. Fade to 90 minutes later, as the floor is back to normal, the furniture is back in place, and Loud and Charity are talking on the couch in front of the TV}

Charity: Well, you said there was a first time for everything, apparently that theory decided to take a day off today.

Loud: Yeah, yeah, just don't tell anyone you beat me, I have a bad enough reputation as it is.

Charity: This isn't the time to worry about that, here we are having a good time and we don't need any memories of the horrible past to destroy it.

Loud: You're right, this is probably the most comforting time I've had in a while, first that game and now sitting here having a witty conversation, thanks for locking yourself out so this could happen.

Charity: Well speaking of which, those guys will be here soon, is there anything else to do before then? 

Loud: Well, we may as well watch some tapes from our episodes. Maybe with luck we'll be seeing some of the good time we had before the bad came through.{Goes through a library of tapes}I never label these tapes because I want to be surprised on which episode it is, let's hope it's a good one.

{He puts in a tape and sits down. The clip shown is from the North America episode with Loud and Lucky Bob}

Loud:{On the T.V and singing}GIRLS ARE MADE OF GREASY GRIMEY GOPHER GUTS...{Loud panics at hearing this and turns off the tape in a hurry}

Loud:{Back at the house}Oh, I'm sorry for airing that. Pant, after all that's happened, I can't believe that was me who said that.

Charity: It's a little bit hard to believe that all the stuff done by you before was done by you as well

Loud:{Panicked}Maybe we should read something instead.

{He takes out a scrapbook. In it there are pictures of everyone on the show. Every single picture that has Loud in it has him screaming or has people reacting to his screaming. Loud looks hard at these images of himself and his mood begins to dampen. Another lighting bolt is heard and suddenly imaginary heads begin to spin around Loud, the first two are the heads of Larry King and Ted Koppel, the last three are heads of angry citizens}

King: Gene Burrows deserved life in jail, but in that regard the one who turned him into a maniac should get the same sentence. Are you listening, Loud Kiddington?

Koppel: Everyone is blaming Mr. Burrows for what happened, but Loud Kiddington is getting a good amount of blame and I'm quite proud that everyone realizes his role in one of the centuries darkest chapters!

Angry Man: In my opinion, Gene Burrows is a man who didn't deserve his fate. Loud Kiddington is the one that drove him crazy, and he deserves every bad word and slanderous remark said to him!

Angry Woman: That idiotic tour guide said that Loud is a nice guy beneath that voice, but anyone that loud and anyone who drove us all to insanity obviously doesn't have any good qualities and never will!!

Angry Man 2: If the chance to destroy a person's voice could be allowed, Loud is the very person who deserves such a fate! That voice is a poison, and anyone willing to be the cure will be quite loved by me!{The heads swirl around repeating their insults until Loud screams in agony}

Charity: Loud, are you all right?

Loud: NO! I'M AN IDIOT!{Growls and looks at the photos again}My goodness, WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF?! AND TO EVERYONE ELSE!

Charity: You? You didn't do anything.

Loud: Didn't I?! Look at these photos! And think of all that everyone's said about me and all I did during the show. Ugh, you know, these clips and pictures must make me seem like the most obnoxious and rudest kid in the world! I'm far from that, I try to be as nice as I can considering my problem, but this stuff and the people's comments make it look like I try to be so abrasive!

Charity: You know that's not true, and so do I.

Loud: But that doesn't fix all I've done. Look, before Gene Burrows went insane, he was brilliant, successful, and a good guy. Because of me, he went insane and became the madman we know and hate, and because of that he's in jail for the rest of his life. His life is in ruins, he's criminally insane, and it's all my fault! 

Charity: That's not true, I mean he let himself be distracted by you, it's partially his fault too. 

Loud: It would be all too easy to blame him. Before this all happened I was afraid to show you my good side because by then my voice had gotten such a bad reputation, I thought you'd only think my niceness was an act. But now I realize how stupid and inexcusable that is! If I had shown that side more often, Gene might never have become evil and none of this would have happened and our lives would be happy instead of ruined!! No one's to blame for that but me! And.... I don't even know why I was so compelled to yell so much in the first place!!{Begins to break down and sob a bit}I've ruined everything.

{He continues to sob. Charity looks at him for a while, then after a few seconds gets a determined look on her face}

Charity:{To herself}I can't stand by while this is happening. I won't let him take the blame for something that wasn't his fault.{To Loud in a soothing voice}Loud, don't say that. You're speaking about yourself as if you're the worst person on Earth. That couldn't be farther from the truth.

Loud:{Shaken}This sounds like you're going to say the exact same stuff Miss Info's been saying everytime I do this. Though I admire her attempts, it obviously hasn't worked enough.

Charity: Well let's see if I can do better. Let me start by saying that one reason you shouldn't blame yourself is because all this is also our fault too.

Loud: What? That's preposterous, you guys didn't do anything!

Charity: Yes we did. We didn't have the insight and we didn't even try to get past your image as a loudmouth to look down beneath that image to see your good side
until it was almost too late.

Loud: But despite that image, you still managed to tolerate me during our time together.

Charity: I think most of us were only with you because you were a co-star and we had to put up with you. I'm not sure how many of us were with you because we really cared about you.

Loud: If you're trying to make me feel better, so far it's not helping. Though that last statement probably is true.

Charity: That's not what I'm getting at, I'm saying that if we looked down beneath your loud exterior before the marathon, we could have prevented all this. And it's our own fault for not doing so and probably not even trying, so this is our fault for thinking along with Gene that you were merely loud, Loud.

Loud: And...what about you?

Charity: Me? Loud it may surprise you, but I knew that you were a nice guy long before it happened. Do you know how I was able to initially figure that out?

Loud: How?

Charity: Because of your mouth.

Loud:{Slowly}Have you flipped?! My mouth is the reason this all happened, how could you tell from that?!

Charity: No, I mean I didn't figure it out from the yelling, but more from what it was doing when it wasn't yelling.

Loud:{Chuckles}Okay, now I'm confused.

Charity: See? You're smiling. And that's what you were always doing when not yelling. You were always so cheerful and always had a pleasant disposition. Anyone with those qualities can't possibly be all bad.

Loud: That's exactly what Miss Info said to me that day. Did she put you up to this?

Charity: I'm on the level. And on top of that I didn't see any other faults from you other than the voice. Miss Info has told us about your goodness a lot lately and you know what? I believe her. Loud, you are a very nice, kind, considerate person, if you weren't, you wouldn't have helped Miss Info so much on that dark day, and you certainly wouldn't have let me stay here to ride out this storm. This is basically the same message from before, but with different reasons.

Loud: Do, do you really believe all of that?{She nods}Wow, that almost makes it better. You're only the second person that ever told me these kind of things. Thank you, thank you very much.

Charity: You don't need to thank me, I'm just saying the truth that's all. I'm just sorry I never said this stuff earlier, maybe if I did it could have made a difference.

Loud: It probably wouldn't have, but I'm glad you chose now to tell me.{Charity begins to speak but Loud interrupts}Ah ah, I know what you're going to say, "It's quite ironic that I was able to cheer you up when I can't even cheer myself up" right?

Charity: That's pretty much accurate.

Loud: You know something, I just realized another truth. We seem like such opposites cause I always smile and you're so depressed, but we're actually the same. We both have flaws, I have my voice and you have your depression, but beyond that we're both nice people. You wouldn't have cheered me up if you weren't. You're depressed, but you're nice and caring and good to be with just like you say I am. And you do know I wouldn't have taken you out of the storm if I didn't care.

Charity: You wouldn't have?

Loud: Sure, this is exactly what friends are for, and I've always considered you a friend.

Charity: I refer you to that same statement as to my feelings for you.

{They both laugh heartily. Fade now to a half hour later, as Loud and Charity are talking again and looking cheery}

{They both laugh heartily. Fade now to a half hour later, as Loud and Charity are talking again and looking cheery}

Loud: But in any case, it's hard to explain, but somehow it is pretty easy to see that through that depressed look and disposition, you're a really kind and polite girl. Besides, you rarely ever acted sarcastic or rude to me because of my yelling unlike most of the others, except for those bits in the Rosa Parks sketch that thankfully never aired.

Charity: Well I'm just glad that I had the chance to reinforce your opinion of me today with my little pep talk.

Loud: It is almost fitting that it was you, because for the last few weeks I've been able to see what it's like to be you, since I was so sad and depressed before you came over.

Charity: But remember how you used to be before the marathon, being happy when you weren't yelling? Over these last few hours I figured out what it was like to be that kind of person, because I've really enjoyed talking to you today.

Loud: So have I, you've certainly given me some time until the next reminder of the marathon. Thank you again for being locked out.{Just then a car horn is heard. They both go to open the front door to see two men in a truck labeled "Alternate Key Company"}

Man: Hey, where's that kid who called us?

Charity:{Calling out}I'm right here. Thanks for coming.

Man 2:{Noticing Loud}AHHHH! It's that loud kid!! Claude, let's get out of here or he'll destroy our ears!

Charity: You can do that after you open my door.

Man 2: Fine.{Goes over to Charity's door, turns the doorknob with a key, and opens it}All right, let's..{he's cut off as Claude drives away in a big hurry}go? Hey, wait! I don't want to be like all our customers, come back here!!{He runs after the car}

Charity: Well, I guess I'd better go.

Loud: I guess so.{They look at each other strangely, unsure on how to part}

Charity: Well, thanks for everything, I had quite a time. Good night Loud.

{Loud looks thoughtful, then his face brightens. He then takes Charity's hand and kisses it}

Loud: Good night Charity.

Charity: Well, that move was surprising, but, like you, very sweet.

{She leaves the house and quickly goes into hers. Loud looks at her go with a wide smile, then closes the door. Cut back to the Long Beach prison, where for once it's not raining. The guard is walking down the row of cells}

Guard: Cell 11, lights out!{The lights go out on a cell to the guards right}Cell 12, lights out!{The lights go out on the cell next to the last one}Cell 13, lights out!{Pause}Hey Doc, lights out!{They go out}Thank you.

{He walks out of view. Just then a small light goes on inside Gene's cell. He is holding a small flashlight. He looks over and sees that all the other inmates are sleeping}

Gene:{Very quiet}Heh heh. And now it's time to commence phase 1 of my plan, the great escape.

{He pulls out a remote control from his pocket. He continues to talk as we cut to inside Gene's old house, now completely deserted}

Gene: I'm quite lucky I was able to build this device on top of all the others I built during those 8 months. Designed to provide an escape from prison on the off chance I failed and was taken away. Well now the off chance isn't so off anymore, but now, as always{now we see a small door open on a wall, and what comes out is a walking tool box with small metallic arms}I'm ready to play my ace in the hole, quite literally.  

{The box goes outside, then with it's arms, begins to dig a hole and go underground. Fade to later as Gene is looking underneath his bed, then a small metal arm comes out and the box comes to the surface}  

Gene: The only reason I didn't use this earlier was because I was busy thinking of a plan for vengeance. Now my plan is ready to go and with the show gone, Loud, Miss Info, and Harry will be perfectly weak, vulnerable, and ready for destruction. And the contents in this box will make those prison fools think that I'm still here, that is, until it's too late. By this time tomorrow I will be a free man, and then...the hunt will begin again.{Looks out at the city from the window again and chuckles to himself}

{Fade to the next day at Loud's house. He's looking much happier than before}

Fetch: Well, this is an image of you I didn't think I'd see again. You actually look happy.

Loud: I guess Charity's words of comfort really helped me. This is probably the best mood I've been in since it happened. And I know just how to take advantage of it.{He goes to a phone}

Fetch: Are you gonna call your new dearest "friend" Charity?

Loud: Sheesh, I have a good time with a girl and you act like I'm getting married. Besides I don't even know her number. And I already had another dear friend in mind.

{Cut now to a living room. It has a red rug, red walls, and the trademark couch, plus a small TV. A phone is ringing nearby. The owner of that phone and of this room, Miss Info, picks it up}

Miss Info: Hello, who is this?

Loud:{On the phone}I'll give you exactly three guesses, but I think you'll only need one.

Miss Info: Loud! I figured you'd call here at some point wanting to speak to me.

Loud: Correct, but I didn't want to until I was in a good enough mood. Today I'm in quite a good one.

Miss Info: Well that's great, what cheered you up?

Loud: Let's just say another one of my friends helped out quite a bit. Anyway, have you noticed that it's so bright and sunny today?

Miss Info: Yes, you'd never think that there was such a storm from yesterday.

Loud: Well anyway, since it's so nice out and since I'm cheerful again I've decided to take advantage of it and so today I'm eating lunch outside in the park. Would you like to join me?

Miss Info: Why, I'd love to, that's a great idea! And you don't need to worry about what to pack for me. Just tell me what foods you like and I'll combine them with things I like and we'll be all set!

Loud: Well that doesn't sound like the kind of idea that would be said by the idiot everyone says you are, further proving just how wrong they are.

Miss Info: Do you ever get tired of praising me?

Loud: Well you give me lots of opportunities.

{They laugh. Fade to later as Miss Info knocks on Loud's door with a picnic basket in her hand. Loud opens the door}

Miss Info: Well hello there, little buddy.

Loud: Hey, I'm Loud, not Bob Denver.{The laugh again}Well, let's get this party started.

Miss Info: I thought this was a picnic lunch.{Nevertheless, they walk down the street to head for the park}

Miss Info: Boy, there's lot of hustle and bustle here today. I guess they're all repairing the damage from the storm, if any.

Loud: Yeah, it's quite hard to believe that 2 months ago these people were all locked in their houses, pawns in Gene's mad game of revenge.

Miss Info: I think I speak for both of us when I say that the only good thing that came out of that was that we were able to form the close friendship we have now.

Loud: Speaking of which, do you find it a bit unusual that we're able to support each other and have this good friendship despite the fact you're a decade older than me?

Miss Info: Actually, it's only a little bit more than a decade and a half, but to answer the question, it's not unusual, right now we're living in a very strange time and events. It's actually fitting.

{They then get to the park. A sign overhead says "Burbank park and outside hotel"}


Miss Info: Don't worry, even I knew that, and brought the $20 needed to get in, $10 for each of us.

Man: Well, that's one more thing than you've ever remembered!{Others grumble approval}

Miss Info: Oh come on, I would have figured by now you'd find something else to be bitter about.

Woman: Nothing yet, so we're still stuck on you, you simpleton!

Miss Info: I don't know what that means, but I know that's an insult!

Loud: Come on, let's not get into an argument here.

Man: Yeah, I wouldn't want my ears destroyed by a loud mouthed, annoying brat, would any of you?

Miss Info: That's it, no one insults my friend like that!!

{They all begins to trade insults at one another. Loud tries to calm Miss Info down while she's arguing. Suddenly, the sound of three whistle blows are heard, interrupting their arguing. They all turn around and see who did it. It's a man dressed in a black suit with large beady eyes, thinning hair, and a very angry look on his face. He comes up to Loud and Miss Info, the deep frown never leaving his face. When he speaks, his voice resembles that of Peter Lorre, more like the Lorre voice used for Edgar Allen Poe in the Superwriters episode, not Dr Scratchansniff's awful impersonation}

Man: So, the ruiners of so many peoples lives have come to bury more sand onto the grave of our sanity. I knew sooner or later this day would come.

Loud: Uh oh, this guy looks like one of the more bitter ones.

Man: You'd better believe it, you little big mouthed brat. Boy, I've waited so long to say that.

Miss Info: And who are you?

Man: I am the head of this park/hotel, the manager if you will. You may call me...Mr. Morre.

Miss Info: Did you say Mr. Lorre, like the actor?{Mr. Morre grabs her by the collar}

Morre:{Bitter}I most certainly did not! I get that all too often, and I don't need it, especially from the person who is tied for number one on my most hated people list!

Loud: Hey, I don't care who you are, no one talks to my friend that way!   Miss Info: Look Mr...Morre, we just came here to have a nice lunch, could you please just let us come in here and do that?

Morre:{Obviously faking remorse}Oh I'm sorry, we can't do that. You see, I mean to run a peaceful park, and with you here, it would upset the chances of that happening, and make me unhappy too. You wouldn't want to make even more people unhappy than you have already, would you?

Loud: Oh, all that's an excuse because you just don't want us in here!

Morre: You catch on fast. The only way I can let you in here is if someone vouches for you and pay an extra $20 to let you comes into their area.{Menacing}And there is absolutely no one here, who in their right minds would possibly vouch for such infamous, undeserving, life ruiners like YOU TWO!!

Voice: I'll vouch for them!{Morre turns around and sees Charity}

Morre: Did I just go deaf, because I thought I heard you say you'd vouch for them.

Charity: You heard right. And I know you can't throw them out if I do that, because your employers are government officials, and they won't be happy if you refuse money. Here's the extra $20.{Gives him two $10 bills}

Morre: If that wasn't true, I'd throw you three out of here faster than you can say "Gene Burrows". But it's true so....{Growls}Go over to eat your lunch in back of the park away from everyone. Now get out of my sight before I take away yours, GO!

{They go away. The other paying customers grumble angrily to themselves} 

Morre: SHUT UP!! I'm not happy either, but rules are rules!{He looks at Loud, Miss Info, and Charity from far away, growls to himself very threateningly, and stomps away. Cut to later on as the three are sitting in a deserted area of the park}

Miss Info:{To Charity}Well, I guess we should thank you for vouching for us back there.

Loud: Guess? We should, that Morre guy was tough and she stood up to him with accurate logic.

Charity: You don't need to thank me, he was insulting you and you've already experienced too much of that.

Loud: I'm not the least bit surprised, since she is the friend I told you about that cheered me up. I just wish I could think of something right now to thank you for all this.{Thinks a bit then brightens}Um, will you excuse me a bit, I need to go to the little boys room.{He runs quickly}

Miss Info:{Speaks once Loud is out of earshot}You should know that he made that up, I know what he's doing. He's picking flowers from nearby for you.

Charity: I pretty much came to that conclusion myself. Don't worry, I'll act surprised, and there won't be any problems for me in acting touched, because I am.

Miss Info: I'd really like to thank you myself for helping him. I hope you came to your conclusions about him yourself and weren't badgered by me.

Charity: I knew about the real him long before you did. Actually before this happened my feelings were only suspicions, but these last few months have proven that they were correct.

Miss Info: Well I'm just glad there's someone who knows what I know about him.

Charity: Yeah, like you said, he doesn't deserve to have all that's happened to him happen.{Looks and sees Loud coming back}And I think we're about to have that fact further proved to us.

Loud: Well, that boys room trip is complete, but before we move on, I'd like to announce my problem with finding a way to thank Charity for her help has been solved.{He pulls out a batch of picked flowers that he was holding behind his back}There sadly wasn't enough time to buy you store flowers before you got suspicious, but in my opinion, you can't put a $10 price on a way to show you're thankful, so these free ones will do.

Charity:{Taking the flowers}That they will. You know, if I had the kind of friends that are exactly like you, I wouldn't be so depressed.

Loud: Well, I just realized I have an extra flower{pulls out one}so for that, I think it would go along great with your hair.{Puts the flower on her ear}I was right.

Miss Info: Watch out, Nosferatu!{She laughs, though Loud and Charity look puzzled that she got the name wrong again, then shrug and laugh too. Fade to Gene's cell at night. He is sitting on his bed...but we pan down to see that it is only a holographic image of him, as we can tell from the light behind him coming out of a metal box. The real Gene is under the bed near the hole his box dug earlier}

Gene:{Quiet}Ah, my holographic image works like a charm. These tools from the box worked better than I thought. And the best part is{He touches the image}it is completely solid, unlike most holograms. It will do whatever I would do in any situation, and those fools won't realize I'm really gone until it is too late.

{He begins to climb down the hole, barely fitting. Fade inside Gene's house as we see the other end of the hole, and Gene comes out of it}

Gene:{Happy}I'm home. I'm finally back in my beautiful home!{Looks around to see everything's gone}Blast! Just as I thought, the police must have took everything since they deemed my stuff too dangerous to fall into the wrong hands a second time. No matter, all I need is one tool to begin Phase 2.

{He goes to the small door, opens it and pulls out a computer}

Gene: Ah, my beloved super computer still works. Now I just need to type in the address.{He types the address www.supergeniuses.com and a list shows up on the computer}Ah, here we are. A list of every genius and supergenius in the world. I must get one of them to help me.

{He scrolls down the list of well known geniuses}

Gene: Hmm, I could get The Brain to help, all I'd need to do is say I'd like to help him rule the world.{Thinks}Nah, he's a bit too smart and he'd figure my scheme out too easily. Hmm, I could get Tesla to help, I'd just say my plan is to build a working model of the death ray, he'd fall for that! Nah, I'd probably get too creeped out by him, I'd never accomplish anything hounded by a scary guy.

{Fade to later as Gene looks very annoyed}

Gene: No, no, no! Blast, none of these geniuses have the right tools to help and most of them would figure out my plans before they go off the ground! There must be one I can find!{He looks at the last name on the list, though we don't see it}My goodness, he fits all that I need perfectly, but...ugh! I can't ask his help, he's a, a....

{Gene doesn't finish his sentence. He gets up and paces around the room}

Gene: This is the most embarrassing moment of my life. The only one who can help and he's a...ugh, I can't even say the word without being angry! But I have no choice, I need to get in good with him so I can begin my plan. I guess I may as well book a flight to his place of residence.

{He goes over to a phone and dials a number}

Gene: Hello, this is Mr.... Bean Turrows, and I want to book a flight to Washington D.C, post haste. Uh huh, yeah that's it, so how much would it cost?{Pause}90 dollars?! But I haven't had any money for the last 2 months, I've been in....in the sewer and in a coma. Very well, I'll send a check. And no, there are no alligators in the sewers, though I've always suspected snakes live there. Bye.{Hangs up}Very well, I just need one of my patented counterfeit checks, the most accurate kind there is{Signs a counterfeit check}and I'm off to Washington.

{Cut to an airport as a place lands on a runway. Passengers get off and go inside the airport, but we follow one wearing a trench coat and a hat over his head. He heads over to a sidewalk and lifts his hat a bit to reveal Gene's face}

Gene: Taxi!{A taxi comes over and he gets in}All right, unless you don't speak English, you'll understand me when I say take me to this address!{Holds out a piece of paper}

Cab Driver:{Sounding like John Ratzenberger}Hey, you don't need to have a stereotypical view of me because I'm a cab driver! Besides, the non speaking English drivers are mostly in New York.

Gene: Thank you for that bit of irrelevant information, now drive please.

{The cab drives off, passing many of the city's monuments and buildings along the way}

Cab Driver:{Admiring the famous buildings}Wow, everytime I see these things I'm always impressed. Seeing such shining buildings of democracy like the White House, the Capital Building, the Washington Monument..

Gene:{Interrupting}All right, I know what all these buildings are, I don't need you to remind me, you're a cab driver, not a tourist guide. Besides, I've had some rather bad experiences involving tourist guides I don't want to get into.

Cab Driver: Ooh, here's an infamous little building.{They drive past a familiar store}

Gene: It's a confectionery store.

Cab Driver: The same store where that evil government organization resided, remember? Luckily they were brought to justice or most of humanity would have been destroyed.

Gene: Would that be really a bad thing? True, many undeserving people would have perished, but like all things, there is a bright side. There are many people on Earth who shouldn't be living and who should be dead, they would have likely killed most of these people. Trust me, I know lots of people who fit into that category, The good thing about genocide is that there are so many bad people out there who get to die with you.

Cab Driver: Um, okay you're creeping me out now. I think this is your stop.

Gene: Well, it's about time.{He gets out}Hey, wait a minute, this isn't the exact{the cab drives off in a hurry}address? Well, at least the address isn't too far off. Now it's time for the only thing guaranteed to fool him, a total face lift and personality change.{He pulls out a mask}Otherwise known as a disguise that makes it look like I'm a nice guy.  

{He puts on the mask. Now instead of having a head of jet black hair and a nasty look on his face, he looks completely bald and has a far nicer expression. He walks a block or two and stops in front of a tall, 3 story building. He takes a huge breath, then walks up to the door and knocks on it. It opens}

Gene:{In a disguised voice a bit different from his usual one}Hello, I am a friendly, non descript scientist who you've never seen before. And I in turn have never seen you before until right now. I have come to learn the finer arts of science from you, the brightest man on Earth. May I please come in?

Voice:{Shy and very familiar}Um, okay.{We see the person is none other than Mr. Smartypants. Gene comes in}

Gene: Thank you. And let me further reassure you by saying that I bear no grudge against you for the infamous marathon just because you're a Histerian.

Smartypants: Thank you. That fear was the very reason I got away from Burbank to come here. I don't want to be known as the pants guy on the most infamous show in history.

Gene: Well, you are a pants guy, but aside from that if you don't want to be known by your association with the show, what do you seek to be known for? Because whatever it is, I'd like to help.

Smartypants: Well, I just want to be known for being the smart guy I am, and therefore I've decided to contribute to the scientific community by coming up with many creations and inventions and such. Let me show you some of my stuff.

{They go into a lab, which is filled with many impressive devices, some even grander than Gene ever created}

Gene:{In total awe}Wow, not even I've been able to come up with this stuff, and I have an I.Q of 178...uh I mean 180.

Smartypants: But you said you wanted to learn things from me, if you have that much of an I.Q, there's not much left to learn.

Gene: Well, in that case I'll rephrase that to say I want to join forces with you. Think of it, two brilliant minds working together, with the right teamwork, nothing could stop us from becoming world famous in a non infamous way. Just think of the possibilities. I know you're shy, but I don't think you're mean enough to reject a guy's dream.

Smartypants: Well, I admit I do need help in some of my things, especially in this device.{He goes over to a large rod not unlike a neuralizer}This is a device which I've had to question myself building. When you point it to a tool, it picks it up and if you want to put it on top of another, the tools come together and...well to make a long story short, you can use it to build things. But I've been wondering if building something which will eliminate the need to build things by hand is too efficient for our own good.

Gene:{Almost drooling at the device}Um, will you excuse me please, I must use your bathroom.

Smartypants: Of course, and before you ask, it's the third door to the left.{He quickly goes inside it}

Gene:{Quiet but very excited}Oh, thank you whoever's in charge up there, someone likes me after all! Now instead of taking months to build the thing I need for my plan, with the right tools it would take mere days! I'll have to thank him for building such a thing, maybe I'll even let him live, but I make no promises.{He goes back into the lab}

Smartypants: Well, I've given your offer a lot of thought, so I'll ask one final question become I come to the decision I've been leaning towards. Sit down please.{He sits down and he hooks him up to a nearby lie detector}Now, answer this question truthfully. Were you affected by Gene Burrows' marathon enough that you wanted to kill us, and do you hate us even

Gene:{Talking while hooking up a small metal bug to the bottom of the detector} I already answered that, but I'll again say, no, I hold no grudge against you, Loud, Miss Information, or any Histerian. Though I do pity that guy for going through what he did, I am not on his side.{A pleasant sound comes out of the detector. Gene quickly takes off the bug}

Smartypants: You just told the truth. I'm glad, because I can't work with anyone who was at one time or another on the side of that man. Gene Burrows is a maniac who deserved his fate of life in jail for what he did to us, and I hope he's rotting severely in there right now.

Gene:{Greatly forcing his pleasantness}Yes, I agree on at least some of your points, so since I'm not on his side, does that mean I'm in?

Smartypants: Um, yes. I'm right now in the process of building inventions and such that I hope to present to the government. With your help, I can finish them, possibly improve on them, and then _we_ can show the government how smart we are.

Gene:{Reverting to his usual sinister voice}That sound like a capital idea, partner.

Smartypants: By the way, I forgot to ask you your name, what is it?

Gene: Oh, my name is, um....Dean Hackman, yes that's it, Dr Dean Hackman.

Smartypants: Well then I'll show you around some more and then we can get to work, Dean.

Gene: Good. I have the feeling that today will mark the beginning of a new era.{Smartypants walks away to another room. Gene then talks to himself}Yes, the beginning of a new era all right, a one day era of long awaited justice and vengeance.{He walks to the room where Smartypants went into, chuckling to himself}  

{Cut back to Charity's house. Loud comes up and knocks the door, then Charity answers it}  

Charity: Loud, hello, I figured you'd drop by here sooner or later.

Loud: Thanks, but coming by here to see your place was not the main reason I came. Can I come in?{Charity nods and he does come in}I need help urgently, and I didn't know who else to turn to.

Charity: I thought Miss Info was usually the one you turn to for these things.

Loud: Yes, but since this concerns her, this is an exception. Her birthday is in a few days, and I've run short of ideas on how to succeed in my plans for it.

Charity: You don't know what to get her?

Loud: No I do, but it's very expensive and I've run short of money to save. Here's a picture.{He shows her a picture of a gold megaphone}This is a 14 karat megaphone, and it's worth quite a lot, only a few of these were ever made. You can see how this relates to her. I had this in mind ever since our friendship started, and since this is quite valuable, I figured that she should have this as a present to show my appreciation.

Charity: This does look rather expensive. How much is
it, $500?

Loud: No, because of the recent passing of the millennium, the store that sells this knocked the price down from $600 to $200 to celebrate Y2K being a dud. All I've been able to save for the past 2 months is $160, and I've run out of ideas on how to get more. That's why I came to you.

Charity: Hmm, why don't you try the old fashioned approach, ask to do chores for people and they'd pay you.

Loud: I thought of that, but the memories of the marathon are too fresh for people other than my friends to not be horrified or mad at me. Do you have any other ideas?

Charity: Wait a minute, I have about...

Loud: Don't even think about it. I asked for a way to figure out how to get the money, I don't want to get
it by getting a loan from a friend.

Charity: But you are one, and part of that is helping a friend when they need it, and you need help so I'll just get the $40. Don't worry I have plenty to spare.

Loud: I don't want your charity, Charity, besides how am I going to pay you back?

Charity: Look, let's weigh the pros and cons of this. If you take my offer, you'll have all the money you need and be able to buy your best friend a very thoughtful gift. But if not, then you'll be back where you started, running short of ideas on how to get it from any other source, and it's likely you won't get it in time. So what this comes down to is, would you rather make a choice resulting in a friend being happy, or make one that could result in her not being happy because someone she really cared for didn't get her anything for her birthday?

Loud: Wow, when you put it that way, it makes this not as hard a choice as I thought. I really want her to be happy, so in that case{Charity holds out a few bills of money which Loud quickly takes}thanks Charity.

Charity: Hey, like you said, this is exactly what friends are for.

{Fade to Miss Info's house which is now filled with the trademark birthday decorations. All the Histerians are here wearing party hats. The door then knocks, and Miss Info opens it to reveal Harry}

Harry: Well hello there, birthday person. Of course I can't say birthday girl because you're a woman, and the saying "birthday woman" just doesn't click for me.

Miss Info: Hello anyway Harry, glad you could make it.

Harry: So am I.{Turns to Loud}Well hello Loud, from the looks of it you're back to your old self.

Loud: That I am, Harry.

Harry: This is a nice house she has here. Say, do all you guys have two story houses, because I've been visiting many of the Histerians and they all have those.

Loud: Yep, Sammy gave them to us at the very beginning.

Sammy:{Walking over}Yes, those _were_ the good old days before that little old marathon aired, we got the boot and now my reputation is tarnished and no one will approve my new show ideas!

Harry: Um, I was going to ask why you seem a bit bitter, but I think you answered that already.

Loud: Say, how did that new idea of yours go with the execs about the mice?

Sammy: Not good, I thought for sure they'd like my idea to take those two mice out of that violent girl's house and get them into a New York lab with that Billie character and have that evil organization show up more, but did they?! No!

Harry: Was it because they're just idiots for putting them there in the first place and destroying a show that didn't deserve it's fate, or was it because they don't like you now?

Sammy: You know, it's rather hard to tell with the WB execs these days, though they are idiots.

Loud: Um, I thought we didn't come here to debate their dimness, we came here to have a fun birthday party.

Harry: You're right. Ooh, they're lighting the candles, let's go!

{We now go to a table where Miss Info is sitting in front of a birthday cake with several candles on them. The cast then sings the trademark Happy Birthday song. When they're done, Miss Info attempts to blow out the candles, but they don't go out}

Sammy: Ha ha, gotcha, those are trick candles, the ones that can't be blown out!

Miss Info: Well, they can't be that hard, let me keep trying.{She attempts to blow them out several more times with no success}

Loud: Um, maybe we should just save those candles from their fate for a while.

Sammy: That's right, now it's time for presents, and I have a really helpful one!{She hands Miss Info several small packages. She opens them and we see they are cassette tapes}

Miss Info: Um, what are these things?

Sammy: They're intelligence tapes. There are also headphones in there, all you need to do is put them on while you sleep, put in the tapes, and they'll help you get smarter while you sleep.

Miss Info: And why do you think I need this?

Sammy: Well the last thing I want is to offend, but let's face it, you're not a very smart person. That's why Gene wanted to kill you so much. But with these things, you won't have to live with that image the rest of your life, with these you can be smarter and be able to overcome the very thing that almost led to your death.


Sammy: What are you talking about, I told you I'm not being offensive, I'm trying to help her and stop her from being an idiot all her life.


Sammy: Well a 24 hour marathon that was intended to kill her for that can change things. Do you want to see her suffer though the shadow of a low I.Q for the rest of her life, I'm trying to prevent that!{They finally turn from their arguing to see that Miss Info is gone}

Loud: Oh terrific, now she probably went upstairs to feel bad about herself for all this. Why does this always happen everytime we get together, I think we're cursed or something! Sigh, I'm beginning to get sick of going into a sappy mode to cheer her up everytime this happens, but still I'm gonna have to do it.{He walks upstairs to her bedroom, where he sees her lying on her bed}Um, Miss Info, aren't you going to come down?

Miss Info: No, I have a lot to think about, which as you know I don't do well. I'd rather not talk about it.

Loud: Well, I guess it's nothing you'd want to tell a friend about.

Miss Info:{Sad}But it is! I'm sorry, but the harsh reality of my low I.Q has really gotten me down!

Loud: What, but you seemed to be taking all this very well.

Miss Info: No I haven't, on the inside I'm just as depressed as you were after it happened. I just didn't show it because I wanted all this to be over.

Loud: There's no reason to be that depressed.

Miss Info: In my case, there is. The marathon made me realize the reality that I really aren't an intelligent person, and that helped to almost get us killed. Worse, you can change your flaw, but there's pretty much no way to change mine. Gene was right, I am a idiot, no wonder he wanted me dead!

Loud:{To himself}I am beginning to get really tired of saying these things, but{Aloud}So, you think you're an idiot, huh? Let me ask you this. Would an idiot have stood up to a evil maniac? Would an idiot look beneath the voice of an extremely loud kid when no one else would? And would an idiot be so kind and caring to said kid when he needed it the most? No! You've saved me everytime I've needed it, you've made me a better person, you don't see idiots doing that. I'm not looking at an idiot and anyone who's watching this isn't either. All I see is the noblest, kindest, most caring person I've ever had the honor of knowing, no idiot has those qualities.

Miss Info: Really? Well, that's very sweet, but that _still_ doesn't fix my problem of having such a low I.Q, and I think it's pretty hard to be happy with that knowledge.

Loud:{Shocked}That didn't cheer you up?! But, but that was the most saccarine material anyone could ever think of and{Loud hears a "psst!" from nearby and sees Charity near the door}Hold on please, I'll be right back.{Goes out of the room to talk to Charity}I sure hope you called me over for some advice on what to say, that was all I could think of!

Charity: I have. Just tell her that{whispers in his ear}

Loud: Whoh, that is good. But why don't you tell her?

Charity: You're her friend, it would come out better from you, just go over there and see.{He does}

Loud: Ahem, well, you still think you're dumb, huh? What if I were to say that you're actually very smart?

Miss Info: I'd say you're lying.

Loud: No, not overall, but in the most important category of all. You may not know much, but what you do know is the true meaning of friendship and that it's what on the inside of a person that counts, not the outside. Not many people know that. Plus, you've used that to see my good side and therefore have done all the kind things I mentioned earlier. You know the importance of being kind, caring and noble, and most importantly....you know how to be a good friend, and I can't think of having a better one than you. In that area of friendship and kindness, you are a genius.

Miss Info: I am?

Loud: Yes, and you know it.

Miss Info: Wow, thinking it that regard really does make me feel smarter, not many people have or would have done all I've done for you. Of all the sweet things you've ever said, this ranks right up top.

Loud: Well, if you'll hold on a minute, I'll further prove how thankful I am by getting you your present.

Miss Info: Keep it. Whatever it is, you can keep it.

Loud: What?! But I...

Miss Info: You can keep it because you've already given me the best gift a gal like me could have, the friendship of a great guy.

Loud: Well, in that regard you won't have to give me anything, because you already have.{They hug}Happy
birthday, Miss Info.

Miss Info: Thanks to you, it just became one.{They break the embrace}I don't know about you, but I'm getting really tired of saying all these sappy things, so why don't we go back downstairs and enjoy the rest of the party?

Miss Info: I'll eat to that.

Loud: But you haven't even had your birthday cake yet.{They laugh and go back downstairs. Fade to later as the guests are leaving. Loud comes up to Charity} 

Loud: Charity I, I don't know how I can repay you for that advice, that really cheered her up. 

Charity: I knew it would.

Loud: You're really amazing, you're basically taking all the stuff I've said millions of times and rephrasing it into stuff that really cheers up people.

Charity: Well, you two are people that need and deserve the most cheering up, so here I am. That's another big reason I've been helping you, because I don't want a friend of mine to turn into another me.

Loud:{Taking out a wrapped box}Here, I'd like you to have the gold megaphone I didn't get to give.

Charity: I can't take that, you bought it for Miss Info, not me.

Loud: But she doesn't want it, I don't want it, so I think you should have it as my way to thank you. Besides, I wouldn't have been able to buy it if it weren't for you.{He gives her the gift}Plus, this will be worth a lot of money to sell one day.

Charity: All right then, thanks. Now instead of risking having you say more sentimental things which you and everyone else is getting tired of, I'll go.{She does. Loud watches her leave with a smile}

Aka:{Walking into the scene}Well, I think somebody likes someone.

Loud: What are you talking about?

Aka: Don't deny it, I heard what's been happening with you two, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the love bug is starting to sneak up on you.

Loud: No, that's preposterous. But, I will admit I have grown to really care about her these last few weeks, she's really been a terrific friend. But she's only a friend and nothing more, if that's what you're wondering!{He leaves}

Aka: Why do I have the feeling that those feelings are gonna change soon enough?

{Fade back to Smartypants's lab, where he is working on more devices. Gene comes up to him}

Gene: Working on more brilliant creations, I see?

Smartypants: Um, righty-o Dean, let me show you some of the stuff I plan for us to show to the government.{He pulls out a Jack in the Box}This looks like a regular Jack in the Box, but those looks will be proven wrong after you see this.{He winds it up and it comes out as usual, but this time is holding a soda cup}It's designed to eliminate the problem of having to get a soda and get up to do so.

Gene: Isn't that what commercials are for?

Smartypants: Well, even during that time people are usually very comfortable, this will get rid of the problem of getting up and interrupting that comfort.{Picks up a pen}Now, I'd advise you to stay back for this invention's primary function.{He points it at a fireplace, clicks the pen and it shoots fire which lights the fireplace}Ah ha, the fireplace lighter works like a charm! Now people just have to click a pen to start a fire at the fireplace, it's great backdrop for romantic evenings.

Gene: But won't people be tempted to use the fire on other places? And what if the fire doesn't reach the fireplace, say it hits a piece of furniture or something?

Smartypants: Not to worry, this thing is programmed so it's only designed to light a fireplace, and if it's pointing somewhere else, it simply won't light, that's all. Finally, at least so far{pulls out a carbon rod}this rod seems like an ordinary rod, but let me show you what happens when I have it touch a low on power flashlight.{Pulls out a flashlight, touches the rod with it, and it shines brightly}This rod can redeem the power of any electrical device in the world. The government will be wowed by it.

Gene: Well, that's certainly ingenious, but those first two seem to be targeted at average joes, aren't there more things we could build that appeal to everyone?

Smartypants: Well, I haven't been able to think of much else, but if I can't we'll have to rely on this and the building rod. That reminds me, you've been working on improvements on that, how's it going?

Gene: Oh just fine, that reminds me that I need more parts and such to try out. As you know I'm building something to test out the rod, but remember you can't find out what it is until I'm done.

Smartypants: I'll try to keep the suspense down, but in the meantime here are said parts you wanted.{Gives him various parts}Now go and make me proud, Dean!

Gene: I will my partner, I will.{He goes to another room, opens a door, and goes down to a large cave like area}But I wouldn't be too encouraging about the success of my device, because after that I won't have any need to continue our partnership. And the government won't be interested in seeing your devices if they're not in power any longer enough for you to present them.

{He chuckles and uses the rod to pick up a piece of metal, and we see it put together with what appears to be an unusual leg. Cut to the Long Beach prison as we see the Gene hologram eat lunch, then the guard comes up to him}

Guard: Hey Doc, you've got a visitor.

"Gene": A visitor, this must be an early April Fools joke, who would want to visit me?

Guard: You know I asked Dr Norman that very thing when he came in, and I'm still a bit confused. But come on anyway.

"Gene": Dr Norman?!

{We fade to a visiting room where Harry is sitting. "Gene" comes over and sits on the other side}

"Gene": Hello Harry, come to gloat?

Harry: No, I've just came to see how you've been doing, we can't take chances you're planning something, you're too tricky to not keep an eye on.

"Gene": Yes, you should know that better than anyone.

Harry: Sadly, I do. Sigh, sometimes I pity that this had to happen to us. You used to be a really good friend. Remember the time where we went to the Sacramento convention, I broke my invention and you posed as the Headless Horseman to distract the audience from me, but you forgot to cover your head?

"Gene": I don't know why that would be considered funny.

Harry: What do you mean, it's just so funny and dumb that you posed as the Horseman and you forgot the most important thing, you can't have a head! I was almost tempted to call Tim Burton after seeing all that.

"Gene": That's dumb of you, you know he already got Darth Maul and a certain actor that has been lampooned all too often by Kids WB and their fans.

Harry: Yeah, that's him. And remember that time where our boss Mr. Marx came over to check on projects we were nowhere near finishing, and I distracted him by impersonating tons of famous comedians like Carson, Hope and Benny?

"Gene": That was only a little funny at best.

Harry: Well you'd think that because you've gone insane, he thought it was great. Thankfully I listened to those impersonations on Histeria long enough to get us out of that, it was just before you went off the deep end.

"Gene": Yes, but it doesn't help when you're referencing that cursed show!! You know if this glass wasn't separating us, you'd be in real trouble.

Harry: I know that nothing can save you from your insanity, but I just want you to know that if something could be done, I'd be the first to volunteer to help. I still don't think of you as a friend anymore however, but I would have loved the chance to save you from your craziness and make you realize that you are so wrong about Loud, Miss Info and me.

"Gene": That's quite a hypocritical statement even from you.

Harry: Your loss Gene, but I hope that you know that your vengeance has gotten you in a position where you'll spend the rest of your life in a dank jail with no more chances of getting your beloved revenge.

"Gene": You know, that kind of statement is often proven wrong, and I'm determined to put yours in that category.

Harry: Check back in 20 years when you're still in here. Good bye Gene.{He walks off and the guard comes back to take Gene to his cell}

"Gene":{To himself}Good bye Harry, see you in a month at Washington, heh heh.

{Fade to Loud and Charity's neighborhood. A caption reads "Tuesday, February 22'nd" Loud and Charity are walking down the street in front of her house}

Loud: Ha ha ha, well I'm certainly glad we decided to head to our old auditorium instead of the park where
we'd need disguises to escape that Morre guy.

Charity: I always figured that they'd turn the place into a comedy hall, and having Abe Lincoln himself performing stand up only made it that more obvious.

Loud: I know, I'm still laughing at those jokes he made, that's the first time I could look at him without thinking that my annoying him caused....well this isn't really the time to think about that.

Charity: I know, but I'm starting to think it was all a blessing in a very strong disguise. Just look at me, I'm actually smiling, I rarely did that before. Do you think it's a bit unusual to see me smile after I did anything but that on the show?

Loud: Well I did anything but yell on the show, now I rarely do so, and you haven't found it unusual, it balances out that way.

Charity: But I don't think I'm smiling more because of the comedy. I think it's mainly from just being here, having a nice conversation with you. We've been doing that for some time now, and though I wouldn't say I'm completely over being depressed, during our time together I've been quite happy.

Loud: Well then, in that case we've helped each other out, you helped me get over my depression after the marathon, and I've helped you be more happy. Plus during this last month I think I've truly realized why they call you "Charity". I don't think I really thanked you for all the helpful things you've done.

Charity: I think you already have. Well, I guess I'd better be going, um, I'll see you later.{She goes into her house}

Loud: Yeah, um, bye.{He goes into his house}

Fetch: Well, how'd it go?

Loud: You know something? It's beginning to get harder to just say good bye to Charity when we part. I almost felt like I wanted to...hug her or something. And I don't know why.

Fetch: Well that wasn't really on topic with my question, but there's a simple answer to yours. As you know I've suspected that you care about her more than you let on. I'm not saying you do, but you must admit you've spent enough time with her to suspect that my theory may be right.

Loud: A few weeks ago I'd be strongly opposing that theory, but now I'm beginning to think you're right. After all, she is a wonderful, compassionate, charitable, kind person, but do I really admire that enough to...love her? Excuse me, I have to go upstairs to think about all this.

Fetch: You'll have to wait a minute, because the mail lady's here.

Loud: Oh, right. Now you remember the drill, correct?

Fetch:{Disgruntled}Yeah, I know, stay out of earshot so I don't get tempted to bite her.

Loud: Good boy.{He opens the door where outside a mail lady is putting mail in the mailbox}Hello ma'am.

Mail Lady:{Nervous}Um, hello Loud.

Loud: I see you're getting better, now you have the courage to say hi to me.

Mail Lady: Yes, and my boss hasn't had to spend an hour anymore convincing me to come to this house. Well, bye!{She runs away. Loud picks out a envelope from the box and opens it}

Loud: {Starts to read}You have been invited to a special convention in Washington D.C to honor failed cartoon shows, where you will be given a farewell sendoff far more dignified than you did from the network you worked for.{Reads more excitedly}Also, you and all the other cast members have received place tickets enclosed in this message for an all expensed plane flight to our nation's capital, which leaves at 10:30 AM tomorrow, and you will all stay at the Tartargate Hotel, a direct parody of the Watergate, for your entire stay. Signed, a non descript chairman of the failed cartoons convention! Oh my.

{Inside Charity's house, she is talking on a phone}

Charity: Hello Aka, it's me Charity. I have a big problem and I need your advice.

Aka:{On the other end}Okay girlfriend, chill, what's the big brew ha?

Charity: Well, as you know recently I've been spending a lot of time with Loud, and...

Aka: Don't go on, I know what you're gonna say. You love him, don't you? I knew that it was inevitable.

Charity: No, the problem is I'm not sure if I do. I need your advice on this, I've never had these feelings before, and I don't know what to do with them.

Aka: Okay, well first off how do you feel about Loud overall? What is it about him that has got you thinking this way?

Charity: The same things you've heard Miss Info say about him. He's been extremely sweet and kind to me, I always feel at ease with him, and he's been a perfect gentleman too. Plus I've actually felt a bit happy when with him, and you know how hard it is to get me happy.

Aka: Yep, it sounds like you love him all right.

Charity: But I'm not sure if it sounds like that to me. I really do care about him, but do I care that much?{She then sees another mail lady at her door}Hold on, the mail's here.

Aka: Good, I thought for a minute you were going to break into song.

Charity: Actually, I was until just now.{She goes outside and picks up an envelope, it's the same one Loud got. She reads the message with a bit of a shocked look}

Loud:{Coming up to her}You got that message too?

Charity: Yes, I'm a bit shocked, I didn't think we'd get back into the good graces of people only 4 months after it happened.

Loud: I'm certainly not complaining. So I guess we'll have to go to the airport for the 10:30 flight to D.C

Charity: Well we can't go to this convention without getting to Washington, so yes.

Loud: Look out D.C, the Histerians are coming!

{Cut to an airport as the entire regular cast of Histeria are waiting at a gate. Loud, Charity and Fetch come up}

Miss Info: Loud, Charity, you guys made it!

Toast: Um, actually only one of them's a guy, Miss Info dude.

Miss Info: Whatever, I'm just glad we're all here. I think this is meant to be the final event that puts the marathon behind us for the rest of our lives.

Voice: Well actually I've been able to put it behind me, but{we see it's Harry}I'm still willing to go along for the ride.

Sammy: Harry? What are you doing here, you weren't on the show!

Harry: I know, but the invitation said that because of my connections to you, I get to come along. Apparently my role is to introduce you guys to the convention. A small role, but going to our nation's capital makes up for it.

Pepper: AHHH! Come on, let's get on the plane so we can head off to Washington! I can't wait to see Mt St Helens, and Ken Griffey Jr, and the Space Needle, and...

Cho-Cho: Pepper, that's in the _state_ of Washington, and besides that Griffey guy got traded last week. We're going to Washington D.C, the capital.

Pepper: Oh, I love that place too!!

Aka: Why am I not surprised?

{Bright music plays as the Histerians and Harry get on the plane, but then it changes to dark as we see Gene inside his cave speaking into a cell phone. He appears to be in the shadow of something large}

Gene: And you're sure all the invitations were mailed to them exactly on time? Okay, thank you.{Dials another number}Hello, Burbank Airport? Has the 452 flight to Washington left yet? And is the cast of Histeria on it? Yes, it is, okay thanks very much.{Dials another number}Hello, Tartargate Hotel? Have all the reservations been made for the Histerians on arrival? Okay, they _will_ be arriving at 3:00, correct? All right, okay, thanks.{Hangs up}Oh, those poor Histerians. The first 24 hours ended horribly, but the next 24 hours will be downright histerical, for me that is.

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