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Another 24½ Hours

by Robert Dougherty and JusSonic

(We see some sort of set like the one from "America's Most Wanted". A man then appeared. He looks like a rip off of John Walsh.)

Man: Welcome, America. My name is Jon Molsh of "America's Totally Hated".

(We see the title like "America's Most Wanted". Back to Jon.)

Jon: We now go to our first story ever. The police and FBI are looking for this boy.

(We go to a room, where someone is watching this on the TV)

Jon: His name is Slim Berry. He is wanted for the deaths of his foster parents, including an attempt destruction of the former TV stars of Histeria! He is also declare insane when he claims to be Dr. Gene Burrows, a criminal who was responsible for the 24 Hours marathon and the attack on Washington. All I have to say is that this kid is a wacko, someone who should have...

(The TV then got smash. The person watching it has thrown something big at it. Camera goes back to see the back of his chair. We didn't see who it is at first)

Person: Ha! He thinks I'm crazy?! When my plan
succeeded, they would think twice of calling me that! So says...

(We now see who the person is now. It is...)

Boy: Me! Slim Berry...AKA (loudly) Dr. Gene Burrows!

(We fade to black as he is laughing. We then see the opening credits. The actors are: Jim Carrey, Cody Ruegger, Laraine Newman, Bruce Willis, Robin Williams, and Danny Devito. The movie title flashes on the screen: "Another 24 1/2 Hours". We then fade back in to see some sort of corporation of some sort. We QC in; as we see a man headed for his office. He wears some sort of business suit. He has less hair, and he has a calm expression. He goes to a door, which says, "Danny Shelton, C.E.O." He is about to go in when...)

Voice: Hey, boss!

(Danny Shelton turns around. A man is running towards him breathless. Danny frowns)

Danny: You are glad you got here, Drawford!

(Note from author: I won't be using Scott Glenn's voice. I will use something else)

Drawford: Sorry boss. I am on the move since things went crazy since February 2000.

Danny: I don't know why I made you vice president!

Drawford: Err, because I been to one of your son's science fairs?

Danny: I guess, though I wish William is interested in business then that robot stuff he is always into! Now get to your office!

(Danny goes in; Scott Drawford sighs)

Drawford: I hope someday I will get a better job, (brighten up) maybe head of the FBI!

(Another employee goes by)

Employee: Ha! Maybe in a few years, Drawford!

(Drawford looks annoyed; we go into Danny's office. He sat down in his chair and gets ready for today. He then heard a buzz and answered it.)

Voice from intercom: Mr. Shelton?

Danny: (with a frown) What is it?

Voice: You got a call on line #1.

Danny: Fine. (Picks up phone and answer the line) Hello?

Voice: Hello, Clarice.

Danny: What?!

Voice (laughing): I thought I would make a joke before I reminded you of what our deal is.

Danny: I thought I told you never to call me! Someone would trace your call and discover that I am working with you!

(We QC to other end; the caller is...)

Slim: Well, in case you forgot, the deal is that you get me what I want, you will get a continent to rule.

(Back to Danny)

Danny: Fine. What do you need again?

(Back to Slim)

Slim: The Orb of Time. Legend has it that it is so powerful it can make a machine indestructible!

(Back to Danny. He is looking up something on a computer)

Danny: Okay, I think I got it. It is guard by some sort of guardian.

(Slim again; annoyed)

Slim: I don't give a crap! Just get it!

(Danny again)

Danny: Oh right, oh right!

Slim (V/O on phone): You know, if you mess this up, I might take over your son someday!

Danny: (angrily) You keep William out of this! The last thing I want is for him to go crazy and want robots to take over the world!

Slim (V/O on phone): Oh, good idea! I must remember to drug him...if my real self doesn't return that is!

Danny: What are you talking about?!

Slim: Don't worry about it! Just get to getting the orb and all will be fine!

(Slim hangs up; Danny did the same)

Danny: **** it! This deal keeps getting annoying all the time!

(We QC to Histeria studio and into the meeting where the H! cast (and writers) are having a meeting.)

Sammy: Okay, people, shut up and listen!

(Everyone did)

Sammy: Now then, first order of business, we wish luck to Robert, who is starting on the sequel to Loud's Histerical Wish. Most of us are looking forward to that.

Robert: Uh, thanks Mr. Melman. My choices of villains were pretty good, especially since some of them is voiced by Ben Kingsley and Willem Dafoe.

JusSonic: Willem Dafoe, as in the guy who is going to play the Green Goblin in Spider-Man?

Robert: Yep.

JusSonic: Oh, right! I am looking forward to both the fan-fiction and movie!

Sammy: Okay, next topic! For those who don't know, since DanielleB's story, "Pinky, Histeria, and the Brain", we got a bunch of villains out to kill us.

Toast: Dude, we shouldn't go blaming the writers!

Sammy: We aren't.

WOW: What are you going into, Melman?

Sammy: We are going to do a head count, to see who is active, who is dead (hopefully), and who isn't a threat anymore.

Everyone else: Well, get to it!

Sammy: I will!

(He turned off lights, pulls down one of those screens you see pictures on, and pulls out some sort of switch. He pushes a button and a picture appears. Everyone except Sammy shrivels at it)

Sammy: Dr. Gene Burrows, the villain who is responsible for the 24 Hours marathon and the attack on Washington.


Charity: Loud, can we please continue on? I rather not be reminded of that.

Loud: Sorry, Char.

Sammy: Anyway, thankfully, this guy is dead so we don't have to bother with him.

Robert: (whispering to other H! writers) Unless proven otherwise.

H! cast: Huh?

Robert: Err, nothing.

Sammy: Thank you. Now then, (switch screen by pressing button) Vincent Morre. Well, we already know he is still dead since we been there, so let's not bother. (Switch screen again) Dr. Laura. Since Judge Doom's death, we hadn't been bother by her.

Toast: And hopefully, not anytime soon, Melman dude.

Sammy: Right. Now, (switch screen. We now see...) Slim Berry. Dr. Gene Burrows's memory and his real name. This kid almost broken up R6 and Lydia, as well as Loud and Charity. His last partner is Slasho, AKA...

Lydia: Don't even bother, Melman.

R6: Unless you want to "drop" out unexpected.

(Sammy grumbles)

Sammy: Fine, fine. I won't dwell into that. Anyway, last I heard, Slim, or Gene which he likes to be call, has escaped from prison...

Everyone else: What?!

Sammy: Oops.


Father Time: Don't freak out, people. There's 50-50 odds that he will appear again.

Miss Info: Thanks for the assurance, old-timer.

Charity: I'm not happy.

Pepper: This isn't coolie-cool! (Screams maniacally)

Sammy: Relax. The police are looking for him and probably caught him by now.

Cho-Cho: I hardly think so.

Lucky Bob: Yes now! Hiyo!

Sammy: Okay, let try to get away from Slim, AKA Gene, and go to the next villain.

(Qc to somewhere else...)

{...to the outside of a school. A sign reads "Long Beach High School Science Fair" Inside, along with the usual science experiments, Mr Smartypants is there to with someone else}

Man: Thanks for temporarily increasing the fame of our school by being our guest judge, Mr Smartypants. Heh, I can tell whoever named you had quite a sense of humor.

Smartypants: Obviously you must think that's the first time I heard that. Poor joke aside, let me have a look at the list of competitors, and I'll be on my way to do my job. The job that doesn't involve talking to reporters, that is.

{The man gives Smartypants a list and walks off. Smartypants walks around as he mumbles the names on the list. Before he gets to a specific name at the bottom- William Shelton, he hears a loud voice}

Voice: Oh yeah, well you try working for a deranged maniac who thinks he's a dead guy and see how well you can balance expenses for a dangerous expedition, then repeat what you said if you still haven't grown a brain! {Pause} Well maybe said lack of brain is why I'm making little sense to you, process that through what's in that head of yours! {Another pause} Sigh, better call the bossman now.

Smartypants: Times like this make me hate being so curious. And so will this upcoming course of action.

{Smartypants opens a door nearby and peeks through to see Danny Shelton yelling into his phone}

Danny: Look, I just did my "visiting son at an important event" duty, we'll make final preparations for the trip when I get back. This Orb of Time had better be something if we have to do all this, let me tell you!{Smartypants now walks into the room}

Smartypants: The Orb of Time?! That's supposed to be an urban legend. If it wasn't, our best and brightest scientists would have found it and made robot servants and perfect inventions up the private area years ago.

Danny: Crude metaphor aside, unless your hallucinations made you think otherwise, this didn't involve you, so give me the gift of privacy back and go away!

Slim: {V.O from the phone} Who's there? I know that squeaky and hardly majestic voice somewhere!

Smartypants: Gasp, same thing here except I recognized yours right away! Some smart guy you are.

Slim: {V.O} My former unwilling partner. I knew I should have read the papers for celebrity guests at schools today!

Danny: {Into the phone} Hey, I thought your old partner was dead! I signed on to this because I didn't want anyone else to answer to, remember?

Slim: That's the guy who I used to build the robot spider that I used to ruin Washington! Don't you read the new editions of your son's history books?!

Danny: {Sarcastically} Do I have to know it for the pop quiz tomorrow, teach?

Slim: Enough with the jokes, get that pants guy and kill him! {Danny turns and sees that Smartypants is gone}

Danny: Unless he got his hands on an invisible shield, he isn't anywhere for me to follow that command, sir.

Slim: Brilliant, just brilliant, he'll blab to the Histerians and they'll ruin everything! Well, they've at least ruined my afternoon because I have to bring you up to date on my history with them. I sure wish good assistants like Vincent Morre weren't so rare at times like this.

Danny: You do realize that it's taking all my restraint to avoid buying you out 6 times over for that remark, right?

Slim: And it's the possibility of you helping me gain the blackest of revenge as well as my orb that keeps you and your bright boy from taking the roof over your heads, heh heh. That kinda makes us even.

Danny: Um, that does help some, I'll give you that.

(QC to a jungle somewhere in Brazil. We go to some sort of temple. We got inside to see some orb. There is a guy in some sort of Tarzan like clothing.)

Man: Good morning, Vietnam! (Laughs) I was hoping to say that.

(He stood near the orb proudly)

Man: As long as I stood near this, no one will try to steal it! So say...

(Stood like some sort of super hero)

Man: Zach Atomfire! (Speaks like an old lady) Now I got to go make myself a cup of tea.

(He leaves. QC to Histeria studio, as everyone is finishing the head count)

Sammy: And that's the head count. Any questions?

Toast: Dude, I got one. What's that annoying knocking?

(There's indeed a knocking on the door. Miss Info goes to answer. Mr. Smartypants comes in, almost out of breath.)

Miss Info: Why, Mr. Smartypants! I all thought you are judging at the Long Beach Science Fair.

Mr. Smartypants: I was! But I got to return here! I got bad news!

Froggo: Let me guess, another one of our foes returned, right?

Mr. Smartypants: Yep. It is...him!

(Everyone gasped)

Aka: Yo! You mean Slim Berry, AKA Dr. Gene Burrows?!

Mr. Smartypants: Yes! He has teamed up with some guy named Danny Shelton to get his hands on...the Orb of Time!

F. Time: Wait! That is only a legend!

Mr. Smartypants: I thought so too. But I suspected that he had found it!

WOW: You know, in all my years of living on Earth, I know a thing or two about that thing.

R6: What is it???

WOW: Legend has it, that the Orb of Time is so powerful, it can make anything indestructible!


Sammy: I will call our plane! You guys get outside ASAP!

Lucky Bob: Huh?

Cho-Cho: As Soon As Possible, Lucky Bob!

Lucky Bob: Oh.

(Everyone but Sammy who got to the phone ran outside. Outside, we see some sort of man in a suit wearing a hat using some sort of radio to hear everything in the building. He nodded and go into his car. He drove to the airport. As he does, we go into his car and hear him speak.)

Man: So, he finally returned. I got to stop him and hopefully convince him to stop his evil ways!

(He removes his hat. We see that the man is our old friend, Cy-Borg. QC outside as the car drove away)

(QC back to Brazil. It appears quiet at first. Then we hear slashing like a buzz saw through a bush. We now see Shelton wearing jungle coats slashing through the jungle with a sword. He is not alone, as some weird-looking people are with him, carrying his stuff. He is carrying his phone while slashing around)

Danny: Are you sure that this Orb exists?

Slim: (V/O on phone) Of course it is! It took me days to find the location!

Danny: Well, I hope this expedition is worth all the trouble.

(QC to where Slim is at. He appears to be in some sort of lab, while talking to Danny on his phone. In the background, there appears to be something big covered by a sheet.)

Slim: It is! Now, once you get the Orb, head back to the States and to where I am at now.

Danny: Well, as long as you keep my son out of this, I guess.

(Danny hung up. Slim did so also. He turns back to the thing covered in sheet)

Slim: Once the Orb is mine, my new weapon of destruction will be completed, and not even my foes will stop me now!

(He laughs evilly; QC back to Brazil, where Danny Shelton and his men had found the temple where the Orb is at. Danny looks astounded)

Danny: There it is! I hope it is here, at least.

Voice: Halt! Who goes there?

(Danny looks startled and then looked up to see...)

Zach: Greetings, true believer! I am Zach Atomfire, guardian of the Orb of Time. And you are...?

Danny: Err, my name is Danny Shelton. You are the guardian, right?

Zach: Hello, hello. Anyone home??? I already say I am the guardian! I am here to keep the Orb out of villains' hands! (Looks cautiously at Danny) You're not a villain, are you?

(Danny thought of a lie)

Danny: Why, no. But I am glad I bumped into you. I come to warn you.

Zach: Warning?

Danny: Yeah. You see, there are a thieves who are...trying to steal the Orb!

Zach: What?! Who?!

Danny: Oh, a bunch of people who called themselves...the Histerians!

Zach: Histerians?

Danny: Yep. They always steal! I suggested you stopped them so the Orb won't fall into their hands.

Zach: The Orb must be protected at all cost! (Pause) Thanks for the warning. Now I must blast off!

(Zach ran off; Danny chuckles at his lie)

Danny: Idiot. Now all I need to do is wait...

{Cut to very far away, in fact just at the very beginning of the Brazilian forest. The H! gang has just started their trek through the jungle}

WOW: Okay, who wants to take odds on the horrors of this latest escapade? 3-1 we face some sort of monster on this one.

Froggo: We already are facing one in Slim, remember?

WOW: Rats, I coulda gotten them on that technicality.

Chit: Told ya my job isn't as easy as you thought, pay up oldie!

Smartypants: All right, I appreciate satire on our adventures as much as anyone, but this is serious. That Orb has the power to for Slim/whoever to run the planet, and I already gave up my opportunity to let someone have that power 2 years ago.

Miss Info: And you're not letting him get it a second time!{Pause}Well, Slim would make you say something like that since he thinks he's Gene, I thought I'd just spare you from that uneasy conversation right now, hon.

Toast: Hey, I got some odds for you. 2-1 everyone other than the writers, the censor lady, the tour guide babe, and our most popular couple here won't get any action yet again, we'll just be props as usual.

Loud: I'd really like that not to happen for once, but trust me, being in the spotlight in these adventures is not all that glamerous. I'd kill to be in your position every time we get into scrapes like this.

JusSonic: Glad the anti-Loud guys haven't shown up yet to take that literally, and that shows they have a will to live because they know the price of crossing that line, which I will gladly pay them.

Robert: Good threat pal. See there's an advantage of having me around, you learn the best intimidating lines.

Charity: I'm not happy. We've been talking too long for something not to eventually happen, and it won't be good. And I can't always be the rescuer in these things, thinking of good ideas and words in these things all the time like I do.

Loud: Good, another advantage of having me around so much. All your knowledge has been passed on for me to use should the champion have a brain freeze, so don't worry.

Pepper: AH HA HA! This is getting boring, if something's gonna happen it should happen soon so we can get it over with, this is just dragging on and on and on and on and on and on...

Cho-Cho: Who here wants to point out the irony she just used? {Pause} Gee, we really don't have anything to do, do we?

Booming voice: Except be foiled by the forces of good!!

Pepper: Hey, that sounds like the psycho clown from "Death to Smoochey"!

Sammy: I thought I told you never to mention that financial failure around me again!

Voice: Enough talk, more stopping of thieves! And now for your evil stopper, heeerrreee'ssss....Zach!

{Zach literaly drops into the scene}

Zach: Ow, well at least the other 90% of that was good. Now, where were we? Oh yes. {Booming} Infidel villains, you have trespassed on the site of the Orb of Time!

Lydia: Well, at least we arrived early, I couldn't take one more minute of mindless gab. No wonder you writers joke about that aspect of your battles so much!

Zach: Silence, naive woman!

R6: You asking for go time, pal, cause by insulting my woman, it sure sounded like it!

Zach: Oh that wasn't even an insult. I should know because I've been researching this whole acting mean, evil, and intimidating thing as a kind of image makeover for me. Now, leave this place or I shall show you my other two pleasing at first but horrible after seeing it the 10th time roles! Watch me make endless bad jokes and voices that you'll laugh at until you get tired of it and want to leave, but YOU CAN'T because I want to make you pay for your potential evil before you go!

JusSonic: Isn't that just stupid, most people would just do away with us without wasting that much time and energy.

Robert: And you call yourself a movie expert, or if you haven't, it's rather obvious you aren't.

Zach: Quiet! One more interruption and I'll sick the sappy act on you! Watch me make you sad with my touching tales and roles worthy of a big gold award, but then cringe as you realize I am all but beating you over the head to get you to cry, and that's just horrifying! No one has ever not wanted to strangle me for that, but no one ever forfilled that fantasy, so I suggest you just get out and spare yourself that energy and torment.

Loud: Okay, this is really losing its impact on me and everyone else.

Toast: Speak for yourself, make the annoying mugging sad guy stop! I can't take it anymore!

Charity: Hold on, let's back up. You said we're thieves?

Zach: Yes, a very reliable, small, and gravely sounding good guy told me so himself.

Smartypants: Shelton! That little trickster! Heh, good choice of words there, huh?


Zach: Good, hopefully it hasn't got lonely too much, but if so, it'll have company with you guys! Hey, this evil act does work good. Now let's see if actions do speak louder than words.

Voice: Yippi ki yay, misinformed guardian guy!

Sammy: Hey, that's not a ref to whatever relative of Miss Info's we haven't joked about, it's....anyone got a drumroll?

Voice: No need, I believe in simple entrances. {A somewhat familiar guy enters}

JusSonic: Cy-Borg!

Zach: Why, hello there. Are you here to help me (pulls out a staff) or are you here to steal my orb as well?!

Cy-Borg: Before we start (changes his hand to claw and cut the staff in half), first of all you need to not wave that thing at me again, thank you very much.

Zach: You're not welcome! Who are you, anyway?

Cy-Borg: My name is Cy-Borg, half-man, half robot, and their friend (nodded to others)

Zach: So you are here to steal the Orb! You made me mad, and you don't want to make a guardian mad!

Robert: Uh, excuse me.

Zach: What?!

Robert: If you are here, where's Shelton?

Zach: (puzzled) I don't know. I hadn't seen him since I went off to try to stop you.

Aka: Yo, isn't it obvious that Shelton may be lying? He may be planning to steal the Orb all this time!

(Zach paused for a minute)

Zach: Come with me.

WOW: Why? So you can beat us up?

Zach: We'll see if the Orb is still there...and if you are indeed telling the truth.

F. Time: Trust us...we are!

(QC to inside the temple where the Orb is. Danny Shelton looked on as the weird-looking people are carrying the Orb out.)

Danny: Ha! Like stealing candy from a baby!

Toast: (V/O) Dude! Someone resent that!

(Danny turned around...to see the Histerians and Zach arriving)

Zach: What are you doing?!

Danny: Uh, uh...

Zach: You tricked me! You were trying to steal the Orb all this time!

Danny: And me and my boss will get away with this! Boys!

(The weird-looking people removes their disguises to revealed...)

Pepper: Oh my gosh! They are Spider Ninjas!

Danny: Attack!

(The Spider Ninjas approached the heroes.)

Cy-Borg: Listen, you fight these guys. Shelton is mine!

Zach: No! I will help you! I let that guy trick me, I will fixed it!

Mr. Smartypants: Sure, sure. Whatever! Let's do it already!

Toast: So the powerful guys are facing Shelton and we get the robots? Yeah, that's a fair trade all right.

Loud: Sarcasm aside, there is a way to get them. Follow my lead.

Sammy: At least it'll be better than being stuck in a cage like last time. Then again, almost anything would be, right?

Danny: Um, robots? I know it's tradition to wait for heroes to stop talking before you kill them or to wait till they bring up irony, but remember, that never worked for anyone who thought that 'cause they were STUPID! Now get them already!

{The robots finally move and surround the heroes as Danny runs off}


{Loud runs off and a robot chases him. Loud stop in front of a tree and the robot stop in front of him. It raises it's arm and swings at Loud, but he dives and the robot arm winds up cutting through the tree, which then proceeds to fall on the robot and crush it}

Loud: Heh, you'd think Slim would upgrade them to not fall for that trick again. {Another spider then comes towards him and he runs in front of another tree, but this time the spider picks him up instead of swinging at him} Boy I have a big mouth even when I'm not yelling.

{A weapon comes out of the robot's forehead and seems ready to fire: but then the spider drops Loud and falls down. We now see that it has a metal rod through it's back, and it's likely owner, Charity, is nearby}

Charity: Smarty couldn't find any new battle weapons for us to use, but in this case a time tested classic worked, wouldn't you say.

Loud: I'll be sure to say it after we're done getting the rest of them, let's go and make that a faster process.

{The Histerians are now all seen with metal rods and they are attacking the robots. But then they all raise an arm and the end of each arm turns into a knife. They then all swing at the rods and cut them all in half}

R6: You know, we should have figured out by now that one of these days robots would do that to our weapons.

Robert: If we weren't about to suffer I'd joke in my old foe unoriginality finally doing us in.

JusSonic: You really are whacked out sometimes, though I should have expected that from you as well.

Lydia: Ahem, we're completely surrounded by deadly robots now in case you want something to notice other than your puzzling personas. Heh, but then again, in something like this you'll want to notice anything other than your impending doom.

{The robots all prepare to strike the gang: but once again they stop in their tracks and they all fall flat}

Chit: Are we in heaven? Hey, is that Phil Silvers guy around here, I've always liked his movies.

Father Time: Given that those things never touched us, I think the land of the living still hasn't kicked us out yet. But why didn't they evict us this time?

Miss Info: An old trick from my sweetie, that's why. Remember how we beat the robots in Smarty's lab in Washington?

R6: I don't, I wasn't there. Mind filling in the uninformed?

Smartypants: I used a computer virus to shut those things down. And that method is still as illogical and unlikely as ever, mind you, but somehow it still works.

WOW: Hey, then what are we so worried about this Orb for, that little trick will shut down whatever the baddies have!

Smartypants: It wouldn't work with the Orb's power in it, nothing would, remember? Now let's get that thing back so we don't need living proof of that theory!

{Far away, Danny is running away with the Orb until Cy-Borg flies down and lands in front of him}

Cy-Borg: Come with me if you want to-

Danny: {Interrupting} Live? You stupid robots always have to say that crud, don't you?

Cy-Borg: I was going to say surrender before I have to really hurt you, but thanks for the joke just the same.

Danny: You're welcome. Thanks for giving me time to think of this little move.

{Danny trips Cy-Borg by hitting his legs with the Orb and then after he clubs Cy-Borg on the head, he holds him down}

Danny: Ha ha, there are advantages to having a son who likes robotics after all, you know their weaknesses. I'm sure that with one phone call I can find out if this orb thing works to destroy robots as well as give them power, so let's just prove me right, shall we?

Zach: {V.O} Not that you'll have enough time to figure out how to use the Orb, villain!!

{Zach then jumps out and tackles Danny. The two then struggle for control of the Orb}

Zach: Surrender, vile fiend, or be witness to my many torturous monologues and anything else I can come with in my anger!

Danny: Nope, although this isn't a fair fight. For one thing you're a powerful guardian, the other thing is it's still a two against one fight. Hey metalhead, wanna get back into the brawl?!

Zach: Oh, I see your little game. You're trying to trick him into attacking you and you'll make him hit me so you can escape. Well that can't happen if I dive out of the way, can it, guy who's ignorant to loopholes in evil plans? {Dives} Make him cry, cy!

{Cy-Borg runs to Danny but he dives and crawls under Cy-Borg's legs. He then jumps on Cy-Borg's back before he turns around}

Zach: Oh, you are good. But you realize of course that I'll get you off there, so you're delaying the inevitable.

Danny: Takes one to know one, Mr TKO'd!

{This makes sense because as he says it, Zach comes over and Danny grabs his head, then he bangs both Cy-Borg's and Zach's head together. Zach goes down to the ground from this}

Zach: {Dazed} Hey there mirages above me, bet ya never had a friend like me around, huh?

Cy-Borg: Why you little...

Danny: 0kay, I'm not so tall, can we move past that and get on with it, wire boy?!

{Cy-Borg growls as a loud noise starts to come through, but he doesn't hear it as he's too busy grabbing Danny and then he throws him into the air: but he doesn't come down. In fact, he's hanging in the air because he's hanging onto the bottom of the source of the noise, a helicopter}

Danny: Hey, thanks for giving me a quicker way to my getaway, robo idiot! Heh, I'm lucky that the boss really got that thing down here quick when I called him. See you all in America, or whatever the crazy kid is gonna rename it when he's done!

{The helicopter flies away just as the Histerians arrive and Danny's laughter echoes throughout the jungle}

Toast: Dude, what happened?

Cy-Borg: Shelton has tricked me...and gotten away with the Orb!

(Zach recovered)

Zach: What?! As guardian of it, I must stop the villains who want to use it for evil and return it to the temple.

Loud: If what we know is true, Shelton is bringing it to Slim, AKA Dr. Gene Burrows's real name and memory.

Zach: What?

JusSonic: We'll explain later. First we need to get back to the states.

Lucky Bob: Yes now!

Sammy: Everyone to the plane! (Realizes) Cy-Borg? How did you get here, by the way?

Cy-Borg: Oh, I stole away on your plane.

Miss Info: I thought there was something weird about those bumps we heard earlier, and Chit says it was the engine!

Chit: Hey! I can't always guarantee it was the engine!

Zach: I must go with you! The Orb is my responsibility, and you might need me!

R6: For what? To annoy people?

Zach: (sounding like a Martian) Well, I came here to look for intelligent life forms...oops, I made a mistake.

(R6 moaned; QC to wherever Slim is. Danny has arrived with the Orb.)

Slim: Yes. Ha! Told you it exists!

Danny: Okay, down that I got it, what do you want with it?

Slim: Simple. It will power up my weapon that I just finished. It just needed this.

Danny: Well, those Histerians mess with me, they mess with my whole family! (Pause) Well, at least my son.

Slim: One of your family members isn't a Terminator, is he?

Danny: No.

Slim: Good. (Laughs) At least he didn't get "pregnant"

Danny: One thing I don't understand.

Slim: What? My joke?

Danny: No. Why on Earth did you insist on calling yourself Gene? He is dead!

Slim: That is a story I already told my foes. But since you asked...

(Since we already known the story, I won't bother. See 24 1/2 Hours for details. Danny looks surprised)

Danny: Wait, are you saying that you are Dr. Gene Burrows's real name?!

Slim: Yep, and his memory.

Danny: I don't understand.

Slim: Neither would my foes when I used this!

(He removes the cover off his new weapon. Danny look at it in surprised; QC to plane where the Histerians, including Zach and Cy-Borg are at. F. Time and Chit are flying the plane, while everyone else is sitting down. Zach looks guilty)

Zach: This is my fault.

Toast: Dude, what do you mean?

Zach: (angrily) I let that villain tricked me! If I would have known he is working with another villain, I would have took him down early!

Robert: Look, you were easily fooled. So was anyone else when Gene, Slim's real self, say that he would enslave the country if Loud, Miss Info, Harry, and later Charity weren't killed.

R6: When in reality, he was really planning on using a bomb!

Lydia: I wish I knew why I wasn't invited.

Sammy: Well, isn't it obvious?

Lydia: Melman, don't you dare!

R6: Come on, I dare him!

Sammy: I rather not.

Cy-Borg: Well, we must get to the States in a hurry.

Froggo: Why?

Cy-Borg: So I can stop Slim.

Aka: Yo, why do you even want to stop him? You didn't even met him yet!

Cy-Borg: I did...back in 1999.

Everyone else: What?!

Cy-Borg: I guess it is time to tell you my story.

Pepper: Oh right! A story! (Laughs maniacally)

JusSonic: Geez. No wonder Mike likes you.

Toast: Dude, he better stay away from my girlfriend.

Charity: Knock it off. (To Cy-Borg) Continue, Cy-Borg.

Cy-Borg: Very well.

(He inhales, then breathes out)

Cy-Borg: First of all, I am not a cyborg at first. I was a human being that was changed into a cyborg

WOW: You know, I thought there was something weird with you.

Cy-Borg: Yes. My real name is...Dr. Wallace Berry.

Loud/Charity: Wallace Berry?!

Cy-Borg: Yes. Slim Berry...is my brother.

(Everyone looks shocked; Miss Info is the first to recovered)

Miss Info: Okay...how did you get to be this way?

Cy-Borg: I will tell you.

(Flashback; we see a younger Cy-Borg (Wallace Berry as a human) in school. Cy-Borg is narrating the flashback)

Cy-Borg: I was a son of a construction worker, my dad, and a corporate executive, my mother. They want me, and Slim to do better then they do.

(We see Wallace studying for a test. A younger Slim is looking at him jealously.)

Cy-Borg: My brother, Slim, is always jealous of me because I was the good sheep of the family. My uncle Richie always called him the black sheep of the family.

(We see Wallace talking to Slim)

Cy-Borg: I knew about his experiment that made him serious, not only because his playful side is affecting him...but because he want to do better than me. I also the one who knew he changed his name to Gene Burrows.

(Back to plane.)

Cho-Cho: That's true. Say, what did you do before you became...a cyborg?

Cy-Borg: I was a psychiatrist. In fact, that's what I wanted to be while I was at school.

Lydia: You knew I had trouble with those kind of people...especially the one who mentioned the 'a' word!

JusSonic: I thought we told you Sigmund was trying to make a point, not being a potty-mouth!

Lydia: Do you want to be gone too?!

R6: I actually am not going to punish him. After all, he did let me helped him out with a story.

WOW: Cy-Borg, what happened that changed you into a cyborg forever?

Cy-Borg: Do you remember the 24 Hours marathon?


Cy-Borg: Well, to tell you the truth, it was kinda my fault it happened.

Charity: Do you mind telling us?

Cy-Borg: No, I don't...

(Flashback again. We see things happened as Cy-Borg described them)

Cy-Borg: I just came back home from my last appointment with a Mr. Paranoid.

Pepper: Ooh, me and the others remember him!

Cy-Borg: Please, don't interrupt. Anyway, I got back...when I discovered that my brother Slim, or Gene as he is now called, has been fired from his job. I knew he blamed Histeria since he told me he hated that show. I told him not to judge the characters, but he never listens. I decided to go over to his house to comfort him.

(We now go to Wallace now going into Sl...I mean, Gene's house. He looked around. For the next few scenes, this will be a talking flashback)

Wallace: Slim? Are you home?

(He decided to check upstairs. He found the laboratory on the floor where it was in "24 Hours". Inside, anything as it is in "24 Hours" as well. Wallace notices something.)

Wallace: Hmm....what's this?

(He picked up what appeared to be plans of something. Wallace checked it...and looked on in shock. Just then...)

Voice: Looking for something, brother?

(Wallaced dropped the paper and quickly turned around. Gene, the one we now know and hated, is there. He is voiced once again by Gene Hackman)

Wallace: Slim!

Gene: Wallace, I told you to call me Gene now!

Wallace: What is the meaning of this?!

Gene: Why, what do you mean?

Wallace: I discovered that you plan on interrupting the TVs around the world, make a marathon that involves the two characters you hated, Loud Kiddington and Miss Information, and you are planning on getting the public to kill them!

Gene: It is their fault I lost my job! You must realize that!

Wallace: I told you not to judge people because of their flaws! And now that I discovered what you are going to do, I have no choice but to inform the police!

(He tries to run out, but Gene blocked him...and knocked him out with a heavy object nearby. A few minutes later. Wallace wakes up. We don't know where he is now at. His voice appeared to be strange.)

Wallace: Where...where am I?

Gene: (V/O) Good, you are awake.

(Gene appeared in Wallace's view)

Gene: Like your new look, Wallace?

Wallace: What are you...WHAT THE HECK?!

(He looked down at himself. He is now what he looks like today...a cyborg. A cyborg that is scrapped down on a table somewhere in Gene's house)

Wallace: What had you done?!

Gene: Well, I don't want you to stopped my plans...especially the ones I want to work! So I decided to use you for...an experiment.

Wallace: What are you talking about?!

Gene: I needed someway to destroy the ones who ruined my life just in case the marathon failed. So I wanted to see if this formula worked unlike the one that failed. And it did.

(He pauses and continued speaking)

Gene: This formula turned a human being into a robot. Of course, it isn't perfect yet. So instead it turned you into a cyborg. But when I get the needs to perfect my formula, I will turn into a robot when or if I died.

Wallace: Your plan will never worked, Slim!

Gene: My name is Gene! Slim died when he took the experiment! And now, I will have to lock you up forever.

(He pressed a button. We hear a rumble. Before we know it, the table Wallace is on lowers into the floor. Wallace is now in the floor. QC to Wallace's POV. Gene looks into the hole.)

Gene: Farewell, Wallace. Say hello to mommy and daddy for me...when your life support gives out anyway.

(He disappears. The hole closes turning everything pitch dark. End flashback. Everyone else, especially F. Time and Chit who were listening, hear this story in sadness)

Charity: Your brother tries to kill you?

Cy-Borg: Yes.

Zach: How did you escaped?

Cy-Borg: Well, it is liked this. I remained trapped for many months. Then I discovered that my cyborg body is more better than Gene thinks. I used this to my advantage and used claws to remove the scraps on my body. I then used my robot strength to get rid of the platform that I am in. I then discovered that the house is now deserted. All of Gene's weapons and inventions had been siege by the police. Anyway, I got out of there, discovering that the house is going to be destroyed tomorrow. I then found a place, making sure I disguised myself. I then discovered thanks to researches what happened while I was trapped. My brother's marathon failed to killing his foes, he turned into a robot when he took control of Washington, and he died!

Toast: Dude, I guess you blamed yourself because the marathon and the attack almost destroyed the states. Plus, you failed to escape being knocked out by your bro.

Loud: Well, you shouldn't be self-loathing like I once was.

Cy-Borg: I am not. Now then, I decided to make up for my mistake by helping those that Slim, or Gene, hated.

Aka: No wonder you helped us saved Charity from Stewie and that Rupert homie a while back!

Cy-Borg: Yes.

JusSonic: Well, that explains everything.

Robert: Except what Gene is going to do with the Orb!

F. Time (V/O) we got a call from home!

Smartypants: Who knows we are coming?

Nostradamus: (V/O on radio) It is I, Nostradamus! Shut Up!

JusSonic: (angrily) Nostradamus?! I thought I told you not to bother me because of what you did!

Nostradamus: (V/O) Grrr! Shut Up! I am not a fool! I refused to let my buttie get kicked by John Edward! I predicted that I lose! Shut Up!

JusSonic: Well, your predictions don't always come true!

Nostradamus (V/O): Don't take chances! Anyway, we got a problem here!


Nostradamus: (V/O) A big huge thingie is stomping all over downtown Burbank! Shut Up!

F. Time: Big huge thingie?

Nostradamus: Yes! It looks like...

(We QC to downtown Burbank, as people are running away in panic. A leg destroys a car. That leg belongs to... a big huge robo-spider!)

{Now the scenes of destruction are seen on a small screen behind a TV reporter. This happens to be John Molsh again, who is now sitting behind a desk}

Molsh: 12/7, 2/19, 2/20, 9/11, and now...whatever day this is makes up the list of attacks on America. And I have first dibs on the report, not bad for a first timer. Ahem, anyway, the scene behind me tells the tale of a giant spider rampaging Burbank. If this were a movie, it would never be shown because after our last attack, it would be too insensitive and should rightly never be made. But life never turns out the way of movies, despite the shared clichés. Ha, pretty deep for a quote unquote second-rate reporter.

{A phone is heard ringing and Molsh gets out a cell phone}

Molsh: Hello, I'm in the middle of a special report here, make it quick! {Molsh suddenly coils back from whatever sound the phone is making} Oh, okay Mr Kiddington, fire away with whatever can't wait. {Pause} Slim Berry? Well well, my first story has come back to bite me, and it's taking the rest of us with along. {Pause again} Yes, I know there's a time and a place for pointless metaphors, but I'm new to this. {Coils back again} Yes I know you're far from new at this thing too.

{Suddenly there are rumbles heard in the background and the ground starts to shake}

Molsh: Well, guess it's time to take my report to the field, got any final words? {Runs out of the studio as he talks} The Orb of Time? So that Bob Rack guy's mystery is solved after all. And it makes the spider invulnerable? Well, unfortunately we're not popular enough for the army to hear that at this time!

{By now Molsh is outside and gets into a car. He drives off as we now see the spider in the scene, along with several military tanks aimed at it}

General: {George Patton voice} All right, we didn't spend all that money for security for nothing, so let's prove it up close!

Soldiers: Huh?

General: Hey, you knew I had to run out of war slogans someday. Just fire the missiles.

{One of the tanks fires a missile at the spider. It hits it, but after the missile explodes we see that it did no damage at all}

General: What?! I thought I ran out of different things to see in the Gulf! Fire again!

{The tanks fire more missiles, but none do any damage. Cut to inside the control room of the spider, with Slim watching the army's actions}

Slim: Okay, I think it's new feature time right about now.

{Outside, we see the spider's arms begin to shrink, and soon they disappear inside the metal body. Other parts of the machine begin to change, until after the transforming process is over, the spider has now turned into a metal tank}

General: Okay, if I had time to take back my last comment I would, that is if I wasn't too busy RUNNING AWAY!! RETREAT!!

{The soldiers run away as the tank crushes their own tanks and drives down the road. Now back in the control room, Slim is joined by Danny}

Slim: If it wasn't for that experiment making me serious, I'd really have some fun at this. Sigh, just like old times.

Danny: Good for you, now is it time to give out a reason for this other than a feeling of nostalga?

Slim: Well, I admit since I'm not plotting to take over the country with this, I can't use this as a bargaining chip like I did before, but I have plans. Which will wait till the Histerians get here.

Danny: Guess I'd better kick back then for the upcoming "battle" I mean, they posed little challenge in Brazil, I consider that a telling sign of their incompetence.

Slim: Not the best sign builder, are you? True they won't pose a fight this time, but we still can't screw up.

Danny: Do you really need my help in doing that? I mean, I can't be seen here, the good name of Shelton will be ruined otherwise! That's not something that will go away in 15 years!

Slim: Look, the Histerians have a habit of stopping people like me, and destroying the help, I.E people like you! They did it to Vincent, they did it to Slasho, and they'll do it to you, and your little boy! And if not, then maybe if sufficient help isn't given to me from you, I'll finish that job for them.

Danny: Good enough for me, let's do this thing! {To himself} Geez, he is nuts. He'll probably blab that I was here eventually, even more reason to me to get rid of him after he kills those Histeria people and their supernatural and misbuilt friends. That way he gets his wish, and then I can make sure everyone who knows I was in this won't have the free will to spill the beans. Ooh, my son is gonna be quite the genius if he gets my brains.

Slim: {To himself} I don't know how much longer it'll take before I have to do Shelton in, but he's done good enough to live a bit longer until I blab his role in this and make him let me do him in. {Out loud} Well, enough awkward silence, let's bring in the good guys!

Danny: They'll probably land at the airport soon anyway.

Slim: Well, land they will. I made some arrangements of my own while you were gone to ensure that.

{Outside, we see the tank fire a rocket, which goes up into the air. Cut back to inside the plane our heroes are in}

JusSonic: {To Robert impatiently} Okay, let's go over this one...more...time. Berry is Burrows' real name and memory, and the first one that took these guys on turned Dr. Berry into Cy-Borg.

Robert: But there is so much confusing stuff I don't get! Blame it on my inability to understand thing right away, but-

JusSonic: You mean more than I am already?


Froggo: What's to plan, we'll just destroy the spider like before.

Zach: Did your mind become a frog along with your voice? Okay, that wasn't a good insult, but I've already used the best ones to explain that with the Orb, that thing can't be stopped!

Cy-Borg: We'll just take back the Orb then and stop your breath from being wasted some more. Besides, I am pretty anxious to meet the new Slim, we'll just see if he can make the same look of failure as the first one did.

Miss Info: Good, the club of formerly sad sacks that have become optimists has a new member! And we'll be going down there to prove our partner right pretty soon.

{Just then an explosion is heard from outside. Cut to outside to see that the wing of the plane has been hit}

R6: What happened? And yes, I know we got hit by something, but I'm in too much of a panic to bother defending myself! We're gonna go down, right?!

Smartypants: Since my inventions to fix potential plane crashes won't be finished for a week, yes we are.

Zach: Well, this is hardly the way I pictured my day ending, I must say.

Charity: It's not over yet!

Aka: Char, I'm glad you finally looked on the bright side, but isn't it a little late in arriving?!

Charity: Not with the other sight outside, look!

{We now see a big copter hovering around the falling plane}

Voice: This is a government craft, and your rescuer! Open the door and jump in!

{The door to the plane opens and the copter, which has it's door open, comes up beside it}

WOW: Boy, they come up with stranger and stranger ways to keep my title of oldest woman alive, don't they?

Father Time: Jumping now, analyzing our longevity later!

{The H! cast and friends jump onto the copter, which then flies away just as the plane crashes in a field. Our heroes now catch their breath inside the copter and turn to the pilot}

Sammy: Thanks, you saved our lives and are sure to get the proper fame for it!

Pilot: No problem, just as long as I get you to that spider so you can blast it to bits like before.

Zach: Is everyone outside of my jungle this slow? It can't be done until I get that Orb back! Let's do one thing at a time here, okay?!

Cy-Borg: Ignore him, he's over the top and therefore annoying. Now having confidence and catch phrases, there's the way to make an impression in situations like this, it's been proven by me time and again. {To the pilot} Pretty good way to make small talk before a deadly battle, eh pal?

{Cy-Borg touches the pilot and then pulls back. He then lightly scratches the pilot's arm: and sees that a part of his skin has come off, revealing metals. Cut to Cy-Borg's P.O.V as he scans the pilot, which confirms that beneath the skin the pilot is a spider ninja in a suit}

Cy-Borg: Um, hey Zach, why don't you redeem your reputation by showing your talents?

Zach: Very well, hmm, I think the sap filled talk should be good for this. {Sad} I can't believe this is happening. I spent most of my life protecting that orb, and now my failure has cost the planet big time. For this I shall never be forgiven even if we stop them, I just know it.

Pilot: That's pretty sad, I guess. {Cy-Borg is now moving towards the left door next to the pilot}

Zach: I am such a loser, anyone could have protected that thing better! If I live to regret it, I swear I'll dedicate myself to repent, repent, and more repenting in my free time. Just because I may seem grating doesn't mean I don't have real human emotions...and guilt.

Pilot: Okay, that was good to start out with, but now you're just being shameless in an attempt to make me cry, and that's just sickening! Stop, please!

Cy-Borg: Thanks, you took the words out of my mouth that I was gonna say to you, spidey!

{Cy-Borg pushes the pilot/robot out of the chair and he is now hanging on to avoid falling out of the now open door to his left. The bot's two hands now come off to reveal two of it's pointy legs and it lunges at Cy-Borg, but hits the control console of the plane instead. However, before it does any more damage, Cy-Borg pushes him off the plane and it falls}

Loud: Okay, I'll figure out how all that happened later after you tell me HOW WE GET OFF THIS MALFUNCTIONING PLANE!!

{The plane now starts to spin and then streaks down to another area of the field}

Zach: Boy, that was the shortest time to reveal in inadvertently helping foil an evil trick in history!

Cy-Borg: Don't worry, you'll have time when we're safe on the ground, starting now!

{Cy-Borg's arm turns into a laser and it shoots something out. When it lands on the ground it reveals itself to be a trampoline, which is below the falling plane}

Lucky Bob: Jump time again now!

Toast: Hey, that's the first thing I've heard him get something right! Another thing for us dudes to celebrate later.

Pepper: {Panicked} Now let's make sure there is later, AHH!!!

{The gang dives out of the plane and bounces off the trampoline onto the ground. They then run just as the copter crashes and explodes}

Lydia: Phew, it's official. Wherever there is 10 miles away from one of your battles, I'll be there for sure.

R6: At least these things provide good motivation to live and celebrate with loved ones, if you get my drift.

Lydia: And now that we finally had the first R6 pass at me during this thing, what's the plan that Loud said we should come up with?

Zach: Hmm, let the other good guest star of your adventure answer that question and be good for something other than stupid satire. Trust me, I couldn't come up with something more brilliant even if I was a wise Scottish nanny. {Pause} But that's not here nor there, so now listen to my plan.

(QC to inside the spider; Slim and Danny are looking on at the destruction.)

Danny: I must confess, Slim. For someone who's a dead man's...memory, you sure cause allot of destruction.

Slim: That's right! I'm smoking now! (Laughs) That is the first reference of the guy I sound liked all day!

Danny: Well, at least things couldn't get bad.

Slim: On the contrary, Shelton, since I got what I need, I don't need you anymore!

Danny: What?!

(Two Spider-Ninjas came in and grab Danny)

Danny: What is going on, Slim?!

Slim: I rather be called Gene since that's what my real self is called now.

Danny: You promised I will rule a continent and you will leave my son alone!

Slim: Hello, anyone home? Great. Now I am using the guardian's line. I was only using you as a pawn! (Pause) On the other hand, I might consider using your son as a pawn someday too. (To Spider-Ninjas) Take him to Door #359 and throw him out!

(The Spider-Ninjas carried Danny away. He is still struggling to escaped)

Slim: Oh, say hello to your son for me...that is, if my real self doesn't get to him first!

(Slim laughs evilly; QC to outside as the transforming robo-spider is continuing its destruction. Our heroes had now arrive and is looking on.)

Toast: Dude, Old N is right. He went back to his robo-spider.

Miss Info: I all thought he learn his lesson after last time.


Zach: Do you all remember the plan?

WOW: Yeah, yeah. Some of us do all the usual stuff and help people to safely...

Charity: While me, Loud, Zach, Cy-Borg, Miss Info, and Mr. Smartypants goes in and get the Orb back.

Robert: Uh, it is wise to bring Smartypants with you?

Cy-Borg: Why is that?

Robert: Well, 1.Smartypants accidentally help build the robo-spider in the first place...

JusSonic:...and 2.In case you forgotten, Miss Info is in love with Smarty!

Aka: Let me guess, the same thing will happened to them as it is with Loud and Char?

JusSonic: Bingo, I guess.

R6: Well, as long as no one is captured, we will be fine.

(Or so they think, for inside the robo-spider, Slim saw them.)

Slim: Good, they are here. Now it is time to put my plan...and this baby's third form into action!

(He presses a button, which says "Warning! Do not push until you want to destroy your foes." He presses it. QC to outside. Froggo notices something.)

Froggo: Look, something is happening to the robo-spider!

(Indeed, as the robo-spider appears to be going into another one of its transforming modes.)

Cho-Cho: It...it's changing!

Lucky Bob: Yes now!

(Toast realizes something)

Toast: Dude, it isn't just a robo-spider! It is a Transformer!

Robert: Great, Pokejedservo will have a field day with this.

(Indeed again. The robo-spider that used to be tank has now turned into some sort of warrior (Anyone seen Transformers: Robot In Disguises, Beast Wars, or Beast Machines?). It has a cannon on the one hand, the back has its legs, and it looked big as the Ultra Mega Mega Mega Man from the South Park game. It looks fearsome and evil.)

Lydia: We are going to get letters, not only from parents, but from the Transformers people as well!

Cy-Borg: I'll advise you to worry more about your ability to run.

Lydia: Why? {Pause} That was a moment of stupidity I'm not too fond of.

{The gang runs off as the cannon of the metal creature charges up, and then fires a laser at the ground. Luckily, our heroes are by now far away from the explosion caused by the blast}

Zach: Okay, that was a smart and perfectly logical thing to do in running, but big and tall over there still needs to be taken down. Histerians designated to head in the spider with me, do so right now!

WOW: Yep, once again us secondary people do the grunt work while the usual suspects get the good stuff.

Pepper: Kevin Spacey's here?! Thank goodness that thing didn't get him! {Another pause} Well you sure weren't talking about Claude Rains, he's already dead, remember?

Toast: I'll explain later when we're not running from the crazy dude's plan to make us join whoever you were talking about.

{Another charge is heard and at that, the gang runs off again avoiding another laser blast}

Cy-Borg: The cannon! It has to pause a bit to recharge before shooting. After it shoots at us I can make it so we fly into it before it fires again.

Zach: If the Orb didn't make that thing impossible to break, I'd call you cookoo puffs for that plan, so just remember you got a lucky break this time.

Smartypants: Let's go so we can guarantee a next time! Good luck, others.

Pepper: All right, Nicole Kidman survived too! And they said she'd never make it without Tom.

{The others, other Histeria people that is, leave except for the usual suspects, Loud, Charity, Miss Info, Smartypants, as well as Zach, Cy-Borg, and Keyser Soze...oops, wrong story}

Miss Info: Well, it has been a while since I has a big role in one of these things, can't say I missed it though.

Loud: Wish I could say it gets easier with time, but we'll debate that later.

Miss Info: Good, at least I have something to look forward too after this besides the media hoopla.

{The gang runs just as another blast arrives and barely misses them. Cut to a fed up Slim in the control room}

Slim: Rats, so close and yet so far! At least...so far.

{The cannon charges up again as the gang arrives in front of the transformer}

Cy-Borg: Okay, wait till it fires, then I'll get us in there carrying Smartypants, who I hope has the others in there in time. {We now see the kids climbing into Smartypants's, well, must I say it}

Loud: Oof, how'd you fit in here last time, Charity?

Charity: Well I wasn't crowded by two adults and another kid, so that helped.

Zach: {V.O} Oh well, at least the other adult probably has enough experience in here to teach me how to get used to this.

Miss Info: {V.O} You're lucky I have no time to do any arguing, little mister.

{At that yet another laser blast hits the ground and the gang misses it}

Slim: Argh!! Why won't you just die?!!! Hmm, does that sound like something Slasho would say or what? Well, 4th time's a charm I guess...and I don't know if that sight helps any.

{We see what he means now as, on one of his screens, it shows Cy-Borg grabbing a grappling hook, and firing it into the cannon. He then grabs Smartypants [with the others now inside him....thank God Lydia wasn't there] pushes a button, and they fly up and inside the cannon}

Slim:{Bangs on a big red button}Fire, fire, darn those slow charging cannons, I knew I got too good a price for them!!

{We are now inside the spider, specifically in an area where a big laser is in front of a hole. This is the hole of the cannon, which we figure out because Cy-Borg, Smarty and friends now fly inside through it, and then dive just as the laser fires through the hole and another explosion is heard}

Cy-Borg: Whew, being an action guy is harder than I thought, I wouldn't like making a career, no matter how successful it was, out of it. {The two kids and two adults are now out of their, hiding place}

Zach: Yes, I'll be sure to announce my retirement when we're done here, and it'll be easier with the Orb.

Charity: Good, now we just need to find out where it is.

Voice: Why look for an object when an old friend is righttt hereee! {A TV drops from the ceiling and Slim's face is soon seen on it} Well, not quite right here, but the point is still valid.

Cy-Borg: {Looking at Slim's image} Oh boy. I'm officially creeped out now.

Slim: Is that...well well well, our parents always said you were the survivor of the family, though I actually have you beat by a few acts of cheating death.

Cy-Borg: You do have my brother's arrogance, I'll give you that.

Slim: Ha! That act that I'm not really Gene was already used to drive me crazy, it won't work twice, bro! I don't know what they've told you, but it won't work!

Miss Info: We didn't tell him that you're still not as good as our Gene and that using this whole spider trick again will doom you like it did before, but thanks for giving me the change to let him know now.

Slim: Blah blah blah, sometimes I wonder why I ever even targeted this woman in the first place. I mean, stupidity in retrospect isn't as high a crime as loudness, and by thinking it was I let her have the chance to help Loud, which made Charity like him, which made him stronger and put us all in this mess. {Pause} Hey, you know what? I like answering my own questions.

{Just then a tube appears from the roof and lands- doing so with Miss Info in it. She is then sucked through the tube and she disappears}

Slim: Over the wires and through the woods to my control room she goes!

Smartypants: R6 said things would be fine if no one was captured. Remind me to hurt him for saying that when I'm done tearing the life from Slim, please.

Charity: Let her go, there's no need for that, just like there's no need to attack the town just to get us! Why is this necessary if you're not gonna conquer the nation again?

Slim: All good things are revealed to those who wait. And you have two tasks to complete before the waiting game ends, oh how will it end? Well, here's my predication. {Pause again} I see dead people. Hahahahaha! {The TV is turned off}

Cy-Borg: Somehow I'm insulted by that aside from the obvious reasons.


Zach: Well I'm obviously going for the Orb and I'd feel better with robo boys little tricks around. You two kids and my former hider have faced this guy before in both forms, so you can go and beat him easy while we get the Orb.

Smartypants: Easy will be the key words, I guarantee

Loud: We'd better go and make sure Joe Namath and Mark Messier will be forever linked to your name then. I mean, in the guarantees category.

{The kids and Smartypants go one way and Zach and Cy-Borg go another. Slim watches this from his room}

Slim: Excellent, less strength in numbers to face for me. Plus although my spiders haven't been a big help at all, I think what I have in store for my enemies will get them off the hook, heh heh.

(QC to wherever Loud, Charity, and Smartypants are now. They appeared in be in a room with four exits.)

Loud: Okay, Smartypants, where to now?

(Before he can answer, a swirling noise was heard)

Charity: What was that?

(Smartypants looked up and saw something)

Smartypants: Outta the way!

(The threesome managed to avoid being hit with an electrical bar. They saw where it came from. It is a part of a....)

Loud: SNAKE!

Smartypants: What on earth?!

Slim: (V/O) That's right! Remember the snake and the bars I send after you and Miss Info the first time we met, Loud?

Loud: UH...

Slim: Well, I decided to combine the two! Except the Snake's electricity is now in its bar which it's on its end!

Charity: Okay, what's the point?

Slim: I called it Snake Mach 2. Unlike the first one, it has a taste for human fresh. Especially those he want to destroy for it predecessor's death.

(The Snake licked his lips as he prepared to attack.)


(They avoided being hit by the Snake's electrical bar while running away. QC to Slim's control room.)

Slim: Bah! Enough of this! Might as well see how my brother and his new friend are doing.

(He changed his monitor until he found them. They are three rooms away from where the Orb is.)

Slim: Well, well. My brother is smarter than I thought. Well it's time for action. My style!

(QC to where Cy-Borg and Zach is at.)

Cy-Borg: Okay, according to my readouts, we need to go through more rooms until we found the Orb.

Zach: Well, at least nothing else...

Voice: Could go wrong?

(They turned to see some sort of Spider-Ninja.)

Cy-Borg: Again? Hadn't my bro learned his lesson?

Spider-Ninja: Except I didn't had this last time!

(He is holding what appears to be a gun, like the one from "Clockstoppers".)

Spider-Ninja: Now freeze!

Cy-Borg: That line is so...

(He is stopped as the Spider-Ninja used its gun to freeze him. It then aimed his gun at Zach.)

Spider-Ninja: Any last words?

Zach: Yes...(yells) I am the king of the world! Oops, wrong line!

(Zach jumps to avoid being hit by the freezing ray.)

Spider-Ninja: Others, come.

(More Spider-Ninjas come in holding freezing guns.)

Spider-Ninja #1: Hit him!

(Zach looked on, ready to fight. QC to another part of the robo-spider; The Spider-Ninjas from earlier are on the floor, totally smashed up. We now see Danny preparing some sort of weapon. He now looked mad and determined.)

Danny: Okay Slimey boy. You got your shot, now it's my turn!

{Back outside, the spider is still walking around shooting and stomping on everything. On the ground, the remaining Histeria gang is trying to get people out of the way while avoiding being hit themselves}

Sammy: Pant, pant, now I remember why I became a boss, to avoid work even remotely similar to this.

JusSonic: Boy, the world of computers sure makes stuff like this seem easy. What a place we live in where a whole world is a lie! {They dive from another blast}

R6: Forget this, we can't save people and ourselves at the same time, and I don't feel like biting my nails while waiting to see if the others are still going!

Cho-Cho: Well, I wouldn't want to imagine what stuff other than your nails you can bite, so I won't debate you on that.

Pepper: This doesn't look too good, this could be the end! AHHH, and I never got to see Episode II either!! {Pause} That's it!!

Voice: What's it, us disgraced military men would like to hear some sort of redemptionary tactic about now. {The general from the earlier attack comes into the scene}

Pepper: George C Scott? You came back from the dead to lead us to victory! I hope you'll have the sense of pride to accept it this time though.

Froggo: Oscar history lesson aside, what's this sci-fi inspired plan of yours?

Pepper: Remember in the second Star Wars movie where they tripped those walker things by flying around their legs and wrapping cable around them?

Father Time: No, and I'm probably the only person on the planet that doesn't.

Lucky Bob: Phew, not alone anymore now.

Aka: Hey, I get it. We can't stop that robo creep right now, but if we do all that stuff Pep was talking about, we could slow it down for a while and buy everyone some time.

General: All right, now I won't be regarded as a major idiot for sending planes to attack it from the air, since after all, that thing appears unbreakable.

Froggo: As long as they have jumper cables, I think you're safe.

{Back inside, Loud, Charity, and Smartypants are dodging the snake's attacks. They then go behind one of the control panels}


Slim: {V.O} Whatever they are, I'm pretty sure you'll tell me, since after all, I can hear everything you say. {Pause} Did I just say something that'll haunt me later? Snake, get them quickly to make sure I didn't just make myself a prophet!

{The snake slithers over to the panel and roars. At that point the three good guys appear out from behind. The snake then licks it's lips, raises it's head and then bites Loud....until he pops?! The snake is puzzled for a second, but then he moves on and bites Charity...until she pops?! Now really angry, he bites Smartypants...and you can guess what happens [he pops]}

Slim: {V.O} I'd like to believe they're made from hot air since that's a good joke against them, but the sight behind me has burst my bubble! Turn around now, mach fool!!

{It does: to see the real threesome drive a metal bar through the snake's metal bar, short circuiting it. The humans then run off just as the bar explodes}

Charity: Well, even when whispered that plan sure lived up to how good it sounded. Good thing Smarty's talent in making replicas of ourselves via dolls was remembered in time.

Smartypants: Yes, I was waiting to get that new idea into public use, but I guess the wait was finally too much to bear for me.

Slim: {V.O} Now you know how I feel. But at least I'm comforted by the fact that the flesh half of my creation shall be my avenger.

Loud: Well, with that gloating at least I won't be as surprised when I turn around.

{He and the rest turn to see the still alive snake, who then knocks them down hard to the floor. Cut to the control room as Slim watches this happen, then he turns to another screen to see Zach barely hanging on against the spider-ninjas}

Zach: Angry metal, um, things aren't you? Well, maybe laughter will helped, it is the best medicine after all. Even if the uptight audience who thinks it's the low point in a guy's career will tell you otherwise.

Spider Ninja 2: Then I guess we're doing them a good service. At least we'll have fans on our side other than our creator this time. {Knocks Zach down}

Slim: {V.O} Yes, but none will love you as much as me, if anyone did they'd die from excitement! I've done it! I've erased 3 years of torment! I shall be revenged!! I...am the stupidest man in the world for ignoring the time tested theory of speaking too soon.

{Outside, we see what he means: he was so busy celebrating he didn't see several planes flying around the metal creature's leg wrapping jumper cables around it, a la "The Empire Strikes Back" Eventually they detach the cables and fly away. And now the creature's attempts to walks are sloppy at best until it trips}

{And at that point the snake is about to finish the kids and genius off until the spider falls and the snake slides down the floor. It lands against the wall and at that point, the end of the snake- now with electrical wires sticking out instead of a bar- lands on the snake's body: and the wires on the end touch the snake and start electrocuting it. The good guys are holding on to one of the doorways and therefore have not fallen}

Charity: Hmm, it's more complicated, but winning these things by dumb luck is a refreshing change of pace.

{Back at the ninja battle, the ninjas get up groggily}

Spider ninja 1: Some way to delay victory, huh? Well, let's get it over with now.

Zach: {V.O} Took the words out of my mouth, and it'll be a moment frozen in time!

{Zach is now seen with all the freezing guns. The ninja realize they lost them just a second before they are all frozen themselves}

Zach: Yeah, finally something done right! But I'm not too "picky" to let it stop there.

{Zach goes over to Cy-Borg and gets out a ice pick. After a while he is able to pick all the ice off Cy-Borg and he is now back to normal}

Cy-Borg: Whoa, what happened?

Zach: Um...great, I used up all the puns in my arsenal already! Don't worry though, I'll probably think of something during our resumed trip to the Orb.

{Outside, the body of the creature rises up again, but the legs are still tied together. With these, everyone and everything is back on the floor inside}

Slim: {Watching the screens again and seeing the heroes get back on track} Darn darn darn!!! How can victory slip so fast, how could I have just proven those Wide World of Sports guys right?! {We now see Miss Info tied up in a chair on the floor nearby}

Miss Info: I guess we just have this unending streak of luck, which unfortunately for you, we aren't willing to share.

Slim: Don't worry, I'll balance that out by sharing my talent in pain giving and torture very shortly! When I change forms for this thing again and get back on track in here, this town, and your pals will feel very sorry for delaying the inevitable during their final second of life.

Miss Info: You know, I never realized during our battles with you and the real Gene how much you love to hear yourself talk about empty, soon to be proven wrong threats.

Slim: I do have a record losing streak among your foes I'll admit, but records are meant to be broken {low} along with other things. {A knock is heard} Well, they know how be right on time for their comeuppance, I must say.

Danny: {V.O} Takes one to know one, backstabber! And in a minute your back is really gonna live up to that name!

(Danny slam open the door with an angry look on his face)

Slim: Well, well. Look who's back. And here I thought my spider-ninjas thrown you out.

Danny: Ha! You think those stupid robots will beat me?! Now, it is my turn to "backstab" you!

Slim: Before you start, let me say...

(Slim grabs a cable that's nearby)

Slim: Cable Guy!

(Slim quickly throw it at Danny, tying him up. However, Slim is surprised when Danny managed to slip out.)

Danny: You idiot! You think I am not prepared?! Now die!

(Danny tackled Slim. A fight pursued.)

Miss Info: Great. I don't know who to root for here. The memory of a psycho or a guy who got backstabbed!

Smartypants: Oh, I wouldn't worry.

(Miss Info saw that Loud, Charity, and Mr. Smartypants had arrived)

Miss Info: Thank goodness your all here.

Charity: Smartypants, do you got anything that can cut her loose?

Smartypants: Let me see...

(Meanwhile, Slim thrown Danny across the room. Slim stand up as Danny gotten up also.)

Slim: Real good, real good. But you're still second best, see?

Danny: What the heck are you trying to be?! Some sort of annoying cartoon character?

Slim: Hey! Don't blame me!

Loud: (V/O) TOO LATE!

(Slim turned around, just in case to get a right hook from Loud. Slim recovered and saw that Miss Info has been cut loose...and his foes (except Cy-Borg and Zach) has arrived.

Slim: Hey! How did you guys get here?!

Charity: You shouldn't have marked your control room with a sign.


Slim: Not while I still lived, kid. And my name is Gene!

(Slim punched Loud. Danny prepares his weapon when...)

Smartypants: Uh, actually why are you trying to kill him?

Danny: Hey! That S.O.B. tried to kill me! He promised me a continent of my own if his plan succeed.

Smartypants: Plan?

Danny: Well, I wanted my son to be proud of his dad. I wanted him to be interested in something else other than those robots of his!

Smartypants: Well, this *isn't* the way of doing it!

Danny: I know! But Slim or Gene or whatever he liked to be called got to me!

Smartypants: Look, revenge isn't always the answer.

Danny: What do you mean?!

Smartypants: If you keep going on with this revenge thing, it will be a part of your life forever! Who knows what would happened?!

Danny: For example?

Smartypants: Uh, you should get kill for one! Didn't you know about Vincent Morre's problem?

Danny: No. But you are right.

Smartypants: Really?

Danny: Yes. I wanted so much to impress my son that I teamed up with an evil villain to do it! How can I redeem myself?!

Smartypants: You can start by helping our other friends to deactivate the weapons that's guarding the Orb.

Danny: I will!

(Meanwhile, Slim/Gene grabbed Loud by the throat.)

Slim: Now it's time to get the revenge I deserve!

Miss Info: Not in this lifetime!

(Slim got punched by Miss Info which made him dropped Loud. She then use those shoes thingies to hurt him.)

Slim: Ouch! **** it! Those things hurt like it did last time!

Charity: Here's something that's going to hurt more!

(Charity kick him in...there.)

Slim: Okay, now that's totally below the belt.

(Danny and Smartypants are at the control panel. Danny seems to be having trouble.)

Danny: What's wrong with this thing?! I can't get it to work!

Slim: Ha! I know what you are doing! It won't work!

Loud: WHY NOT?!

Slim: Because I have put a code in it. And only I know what it is! And even if you did get the code to deactive my weapons, it won't help you!

Charity: Why not?

Slim: Because the Orb is guarded by a weapon that's also being powered by it!

(QC to the room where the Orb is at. Zach and Cy-Borg is now there.)

Zach: Ooh, there it is!

Cy-Borg: I wondered why we haven't encountered any more...

(He is interrupted when a loud noise is heard.)

Cy-Borg: What the heck is that?!

Zach: Uh, the Toy factory is being invaded by a mad general? (Pause) Well, how should I know?!

(The source of the noise arrived. It looks like a combination of a Charizard, Venusaur, nd Blastoise. But it is also a huge robot!)

Zach: Well, howdy do!

{The giant robot hand then turns into a, well, giant metal spear and advances towards the two}

Zach: Heh, well Cy, at least I can start my why I'm happy not to be you list now.

Cy-Borg: Since that thing will hurt you more than me if that spear meets you first hand, you have the most illogical list in history I must say.

Zach: I hope we'll meet again when I'm done here to debate that.

{Zach runs for the Orb but the robot easily blocks his way and throws him against the wall. During that time, Cy-Borg jumps the bot, turns his own hands into spears, and tries to drive them into his new foe, but thanks to the Orb's power, it's of no use. The robot then throws Cy-Borg off it, scratching him in the process with it's spear. It then moves towards him to hurt him with it's spear some more}

Slim: {V.O} Oof..oof- get off me, you sore losers! OFF!! {Sounds of fighting are heard for one second} Now what I was gonna say? Oh yeah. Farewell Wallace. Say hello to...well, you know I hate repeating myself, so I have nothing more to say to you. {The robot starts putting it's spears into Cy-Borg}

Cy-Borg: You'll...never...win...Rubberface. {Back to the control room}

Slim: Rubberface?! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU HOW MUCH I HATE THAT WORD/NICKNAME?!! I hate it so much that I had to use it for a code since no one would guess I'd use a word I despise! {Pause} I hate myself so much.

Danny: Well fingers, you have your assignment, hop to it!

{Danny starts typing on the control panel until Slim pushes him away. He and everyone else now look at the screen, where the robot's efforts have stopped and it looks like it's getting weaker. Cy-Borg begins to recover during this delay and turns one of his hands into a saw. He soon is able to saw the giant bot's spear off just as the robot recovers. Cy-Borg has now pulled the giant spear from himself, and now uses it to drive it through the robot's leg, making it fall}

Cy-Borg: {Catches his breath} Yippie ky yay...well, I'm too weak to think of something, but I'll be less distracted when I finish this thing off.

{But at that point, the bot starts to get up- and then stops as Slim starts yelling}

Slim: {V.O} Look out, you infernal creation, TURN AROUND!!

{It turns it's head all right- in just enough time before the head is taken off. The weapon used to swing it off is the Orb of Time: held by Zach himself. He jumps back onto the ground}

Zach: Whoo, that was the best late show of a show ever, wasn't it?

Cy-Borg: Not quite, we got one more to go. Come on, I still have enough energy to go upstairs and collect my former captor.

{Back upstairs, Slim is in shock}

Charity: Well, that's all she wrote I guess. One broken front window and then one yell from Loud later and the army will know they can shoot this thing down. If you like you can come down with us to see it happen.

Smartypants: And the big guy upstairs knows we're being too generous for you to turn us down.

Danny: I know I am, you big empty threat, you- {Before he can continue Slim tackles him to the floor and chokes him}

Slim: You're lucky I'm gonna try not to kill you so you can see a certain young one in 8 pieces at once! And I don't mean the loud kid or the blond brat, I mean a certain son of yours that'll barely live to see his father disgraced throughout the world before I make him beg for me to end the personal heck that your evil will create for him. That way I can tell him when he gets to the underworld, he can say Danny Shelton sent him.


Danny: {Struggling} You know what Gene...I am lucky. You just set me off on a blind rage, and I'll thank you for that before all I can see is red fury.

{Danny knees Slim below the belt, causing him to let him go. A barrage of punches that would do Arnold or the Rock proud then knocks Slim down for the count}

Slim: Ugh, somebody stopped me but good.{He faints just as Cy-Borg and Zach enter}

Zach: All right, we're here, let's get this brotherly battle between memory and robot started!

Cy-Borg: Hmm, looks to me like my friends were considerate enough to do my dirty work already. Well, I might as well do what fighting is left in me with Mr Shelton while I'm here.

Miss Info: Yes, that would be a nice way to repay the guy that stopped Slim Berry and renounced being evil, I guess.

Danny: Yeah yeah, as much as I like being the big hero, I would like to do the partying on the ground. So let's get out of here already.

Smartypants: {Breaking the front window of the room} All right then, I just carried out one of Charity's suggestions, Loud, could you do number 2?

Loud: I'll try to forget you said that, and this upcoming action will certainly help. {Calls out} HEY GUYS!!!!!

{Cut back to the ground as the H! gang gathers around in front of the robot}

Pepper: Loud?!! IS THAT YOU?!!!


Robert: Has he turned into a robot yet?!

Charity: If he does, I'd rather he not do it in here! Cy-Borg, do you have another trampoline for us to get off here...with the Orb of Time?

Cy-Borg: Why, I think this answers the question nicely.

{Cy-Borg shoots another trampoline onto the ground and the others now prepare to jump, with Zach carrying Slim. But at that moment, Slim wakes up and, without saying a word as well as being unnoticed, pushes a button on the control panel just as everyone jumps off. We now see that it reads "Instant Self Destruct"}

{Now as the gang falls down, a rumbling is heard and a split second later, the top of the robot explodes. At that moment everyone falls on the trampoline and bounces off it just as the rest of the bot blows up. They land on the ground about 2-3 seconds later with the fire behind them coming this close to covering them, but it does not touch them. The good guys, former bad guy, and failure of a bad guy groggily get up just as the explosion is finished and the fire behind them blazes}

Miss Info: Phew, well, that last explosion was a bit unnecessary wasn't it?

General: Yeah, darn bad guy couldn't trust us enough to blow up his precious robot for him, well that'll get him a couple extra days in solitary when he's brung into his permanent new home. {Goes over and grabs Slim}

Slim: Ugh, aren't you the lucky one for me to be too weak to tear you in half.

(After Slim/Gene is dragged away, everyone else talked again.)

F. Time: Say, Mr. Shelton? What are you going to do, now that you are a good guy?

Danny: Well, I will try to convince everyone that I am a pawn in a sick boy's, memory in this case, sick game. Then I try to convince my son that I love him even though he is into robotics. (Pause) Well, I got to go.

(He left.)

Toast: Dude, I am glad someone who was bad saw the light.

Aka: Whoa! How about Nathan?

Toast: Oh yeah. Forgot.

Zach: Well, I better go back to guarding the Orb. Cy-Borg?

(Cy-Borg handed the Orb to Zach)

Lydia: What are you going to do with the Orb now?

Zach: Well, now that the temple is discovered, I will find another place to hide the Orb so no evil fiends will lay their hands on it again! (Pause) Of course, I could be wrong.

R6: Well, thanks Zach. You have been a great help.

Lucky Bob: Yes now! Hiyo!

Zach: Well, one more thing I have to say, so I might have well say it now. (Pause now) That's all folks!

(He hopped off, carrying the Orb with him. (Though I wondered how he does it))

Loud: By the way, Cy-Borg or Wallace or whatever your name is...

Cy-Borg: Please, call me Wallace. It reminded me of the good old days.

Loud: Okay, what are you going to do now?

Cy-Borg: Well, I hoped to turn my brother to good, but it appears it is unnecessary now.

Pepper: Oh my gosh! I just realized something!

Froggo: What?

Pepper: What if Slim escapes and tries to kill us?!

Robert: I am sure he won't again.

Cho-Cho: What makes you say that?

Robert: Err, Gene, the real one, fought you guys twice, and we hadn't heard from him since.

Charity: But Pepper made a point. Gene is dead, Slim isn't.


Sammy: Don't worry. I am sure the army will try to pretend that.

(QC to Washington D.C. We go to the FBI building. It is where it is in "24 Days" (Oops, that event didn't happened yet. Oh well.) QC to inside. The FBI director is walking in the prison area with his new recruit...Scott Drawford.)

Drawford: I am glad Mr. Shelton got me this job.

FBI director: After all you did for him, he say you deserved it.

Drawford: What do I have to do?

FBI director: Well, I want you to guard this man.

(They go to where they need to go: Prison Cell #419. The FBI director opened the peephole. Drawford looks in.)

Drawford: Is that him?

FBI director: That's him. Your job is to keep a eye on him and don't let anyone entered this room except you or some trusted friends!

Drawford: I will guard him with my life!

FBI director: Let's hope you don't lose it. If you do this right, you might have my job someday.

Drawford: It will be an honor sir.

FBI director: Good.

(He left. Before Drawford left, though, we heard a voice.)

Voice: I know you are out there.

(Drawford looks in again. We now see whose the prisoner is: it's Slim Berry in a strait jacket.)

Slim: I know who you are. You are one of Shelton's goons!

Drawford: Well, if he trusted me enough to keep you from escaping, Gene, you must be dangerous.

Slim: So you accepted the truth, eh?

Drawford: I seen the evidence to know that enough. This time, you can't escape so don't even bothered!

(Drawford tries to leave again.)

Slim: Wait!

(Drawford looks in, annoyed)

Drawford: What is it?

Slim: Before you go, I got something to say!

Drawford: Well?

(We heard drama music as Slim speaks)

Slim: You can't keep me here forever. Someday, some year, I will escape, and when I do, I will destroy my foes!

Drawford: Any more empty threats?

Slim: I would worry, Mr. Drawford. Someday, my real self might visited you and you will regretted even taking this job! Especially if Loud comes working for you! And you might end up being one of my slaves...even if you are a slave of one of my pawns! The son of my former partner, if I am lucky!

Drawford: If and until that time comes, you can't escape. Farewell, Slim.

Slim: Well, nothing more to say except...let's do the time warp again!

Drawford: What the...?

Slim: I heard it on the net.

(Drawford shrugs and closes the peephole. We Fade To Black but we heard Slim's laughter. Frankly, the war isn't over yet...)

The End...or is it?!

Ending Song (Similar to "The Grinch" song and the one
I used for my Christmas story[at fanfiction.net].)
You're a bad one, Mr. Berry.
You're ugly than a heel.
You are sharper than a cactus,
And tricky than an eel, Mr. Berry.
You are a banana peel with a 100-year old peel!

You're a psycho, Mr. Berry.
Your heart has another hole!
Your brain has many spiders,
Your got garlic in your soul, Mr. Berry!
I don't want to touch you with a 24 1/2 pole!

Well, if you asked the American American of America, no one will like yooooouuuuuuuuuu!

You're a stinky one, Mr. Berry.
You got toxic waste in your smile.
You got an evil personality of a 100-foot robo-spider, Mr. Berry!
If I want to choose, I would choose the...100-foot robo-spider!

(Echoes until song ends.)

Cast list
Jim Carrey: Slim Berry/Gene Burrows
Cody Ruegger: Loud Kiddington
Laraine Newman: Charity Bazaar, Miss Information
Bruce Willis: Cy-Borg/Dr. Wallace Berry
Robin Williams: Zach Atomfire
Danny Devito: Danny Shelton
Rob Paulsen: Sammy Melman, Mr. Smartypants
Tress MacNeille: Toast, Pepper Mills, World's Oldest Woman, Cho-Cho
Cree Summer: Aka Pella
Nathan Ruegger: Froggo
Billy West: Chit Chatterson, Jon Molsh
Jeff Glen Bennett: Lucky Bob
Frank Welker: Father Time, General
Nora Dunn: Lydia Karaoke
Paul Rugg: Nostradamus, Scott Drawford
Robert: Himself
JusSonic: Himself
R6: Himself
With special guest appearance by:
Gene Hackman: Dr. Gene Burrows
Hope you liked this story. As you have seen, the war isn't over yet. But that is another story. Anyway, please read.

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