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24 Days
by Robert Dougherty

{Opens with a look at the inside of a laboratory. However, it looks more advanced than any lab we've seen before, with futuristic devices everywhere. All we hear is the sounds of parts being put together and wrenches turning from far away, as if someone's building something. As we continue to go through the lab, the sounds are louder. Finally we get to a door at the end of the lab, as now we can tell that the sounds are coming from behind that door. Just then we see an armed policeman come towards that door, followed by 4 more armed officers}

Officer: All right, you all know the drill. Be real careful with this guy, he may be a lunatic, but those guys are always the most dangerous.

Officer 2: Stop talking to us like we don't know the criminal mind when we have the job that lets us do that very thing. Let's nab this villain.

{The officers then kick the door down and barge into the room. They then stop and point their guns to the right}

Officer: Police! Freeze!

[We then see they are pointing to the creator of these noises, a man who has his back turned from us. We can see he has brown hair but not that much of it, and he is wearing a white overcoat. He turns around and we see his face. He has black eyes and a calm expression on his face. There also appears to be something behind him that we can't make out. A caption below reads "Day 1"}

Man: Hello gentlemen. Nice to see you again.

Officer 3: Dr William Shelton, you've heard this before and this time you will do what the order says. You are under arrest for conspiracy, stealing, and being the man that you are.

Officer 4: You are a credit to insanity I must say. But we should thank you for it a little bit because we'll be famous for this, if you didn't do the stuff you have that wouldn't happen.

Shelton: Credit to insanity, eh? Well, I'm happy to say I have some new members in that club, you guys for even coming here.

Officer 5: Don't be ridiculous and soon to be imprisoned.

Shelton: Well, I think a member of the very type of people I've been defending might have something to say about that.

{ We see Shelton step to the right. The officers gasp as they see what he's revealed, but instead of seeing it ourselves, we cut to it's P.O.V. The view of the scene through this thing's eyes is red, and calculations can be seen on this view. The thing comes closer to the officers}

Officer: Don't just stand there, this isn't 15 years ago when seeing that was brand new, this is 2015! Fire!

{The other officers fire their guns but 4 "clang!" sounds are heard, meaning that the bullets bounced off the still unseen thing}

Officer: No, no! Get out the special laser guns!

{The 5 officers get out lasers and fire at the thing. We then see the laser fire hit the thing and force it to go backwards and fall. The officers then turn to see that Shelton is running away}

Officer, Mike, go after Shelton!

{The officer turns to see Officer 2, Mike, running after Shelton. He then turns back to see that an outstretched metal hand is on his laser. The hand crushes the laser to pieces. We then see the hand go all the way back into a metal socket, which is the thing's arm. The feet of the thing is now seen walking towards the officers, and then we slowly begin to see the rest of the thing's body, the thing is definitely a robot. Before we can see it's head though, we see it jump and grab the first officer}

Officer:{Struggling}Shoot it! Shoot it!{The robot then gets up and holds the officer in front of him like a human shield}Disregard! Disregard!

{The robot then throws the officer right into the other men, knocking then all down. It then runs away. The officers then get up and start running after it, firing their lasers while doing so. The robot then jumps onto a table. Then a spilt second after the lasers are fired again, his two hands disappear into his arms and come back a blink of an eye later as metal tennis rackets. With those, the robot bats the laser fire like it was a tennis ball and it winds up coming back at the policemen. They dive to avoid it. The sound of the explosion is heard as we see Mike in another part of the lab, looking for Shelton}

Mike: Dr Shelton?! Dr Shelton! Don't make this difficult for us!

Voice: Don't make it difficult? :Don't make it difficult?! That's advice you all should have taken long ago or we wouldn't be here!

Mike: Don't blame us for your mistakes! I know all about your feelings on robots but you should have stopped to listen us, your ideas were too dangerous!{Shelton then comes out}

Shelton: Dangerous, huh? Is it dangerous to fix the mistakes of humanity? Is it dangerous to point out that we have the erasers to our pencils right under our noses and we're just sitting here refusing to believe it?!

Mike: Robots are talented, I'll give you that, but you can't give them the power that you want them to have!

Shelton:{Calm}You're all alike, in this topic all humans are the same. Obviously none of you watched that Spielberg movie 14 years ago, not only does the box office prove that, but the message is also lost! Robots are more capable than you think they are, and I want their chance to prove it to come soon!

Mike: But doing it through criminal and deadly techniques doesn't exactly help your cause!

Shelton: So I like doing things the fun and easy way, sue me!

Mike: I'll let your victims do that when you get taken down.{Shelton then tackles Mike before he can get a shot off. He then wrestles him for his gun and takes it away}

Shelton:{Pointing the gun at Mike}Here's your other problem. You have no vision. Whereas you see a world that's just fine the way it is, I see a world that can be turned into our wildest Utopian fantasies. Robots can do that, but you don't see it. In my humble opinion, you're all hypocrites. You create something, say it can better our lives, but you don't even let it do that very thing you created it to do. You all make me sick.

Mike: You can't give robots too much power...

Shelton:{Interrupting}And we have science fiction Terminator stuff to blame for that, not fact! You know it, and I know it! And you know what else?{Cocking the gun}The prejudiced are not the kind of people I'd like around to ruin our new world.

{Cut back to the other 4 officers. The robot is gone}

Officer: That robot has to be here somewhere.{Just then a gun shot is heard}What the? Steve, check that out and find Shelton and Mike!{Officer 3, Steve, runs off}The rest of you...{he stops as he sees the others are still and have a panicked look on their faces}Okay, I wanted to ask you to split up, but now I have to ask what's you're looking..{he stops as he feels and we see, a robotic claw feel his hair}...at?

{He turns and is greeted by the claw slashing his face, though we don't see it graphically. He falls down in pain though. Officer 4 looks over and sees a metal bar near him. As the robot goes towards him, he picks up the bar and with some effort, swings it at the robot and hits him. He goes down for a second but gets up quickly right near the downed policeman. Officer 4 then charges at him again, but the robot dives out of the way, and the bar winds up hitting the officer instead. As the two remaining unharmed officers run toward the fallen one to check on him, the robot runs away}

Officer 5: Sir, sir! Are you okay? Wait, that was a dumb question, wasn't it?

Officer: In one word, yes!{Groans}One of you find that robot and drive that bar through him, then you can use the special robot gun I have to deactivate him long enough for us to capture it.{Gives Officer 5 a gun}Now go!{He leaves with the gun and the metal bar and then the officer talks to the remaining man}And you Joe, get me out of here and call the hospital and our FBI superiors quickly!

{We go to Officer 5 as he looks around the lab, and then notices a door open on the floor. Cut to the area below that door as we see a computer, and we see the robot is typing on it. We can't see exactly what he's looking at, all we do see are the words "FBI Members" Nearby, Officer 5 can be seen going down a small ladder with the bar in hand. He them walks quietly behind the robot, who is growling at whatever he's looking at on the computer. The officer is right behind the robot, but before he drives the bar through him, he sees a rat running nearby}

Officer 5: Ah! Rat!{Realizes he said that out loud}Oops.

{However, the robot does not turn around after hearing the officer, he just stays seated. The officer is shocked for a moment, but then decided to get on with it and drives the bar right into the robot's back. The robot screams. The officers then takes the bar out and then the robot gets up, walking in pain. The officer then gets the gun, walks towards an unmoving robot, puts the barrel of the gun inside the hole in it's back, and fires. The robot screams again and then falls down face first, deactivated}

{Fade to later on as the officer comes back up, dragging the robot with him. As he puts the still bot on the floor, Joe comes back}

Officer 5: What happened while I was having a surprisingly easy time here?

Joe: Shelton got away. He killed Mike too.

Officer 5:{Sighs}Now what? I'm asking because we have his robot, do you think he'll actually talk?{Joe gets out a phone}What are you doing?

Joe: The FBI will be here soon to pick us up. I'm just gonna tell someone to tell FBI director Drawford to expect an unfriendly visitor.
{After a slow moving close-up of the fallen robot, we fade to an overhead view of the city of Washington D.C, 15 years older than today. However, as the look through the city, though there are more than a few things to remind us this is the future, there isn't as much as you think, for one thing all the cars still drive on the ground. The monuments are all the same, although there is one new thing nearby the Lincoln memorial, there is a statue of none other than the former stars of Histeria. An inscription below reads "The heroes of two days we still can't decide if we want remembered or not, February 19-20'th, 2000"}

{After looking at this, we go to the headquarters of the FBI, which does look more futuristic than the other buildings. Cut to an office inside the building, the office of, as we can guess by the nameplate on the desk, FBI director Scott Drawford, a middle aged, clean cut man with glasses. A voice is then heard through the intercom on his desk}

Voice: Mr Drawford, the man you wanted is here.

Drawford: Send him in.

{A second later a young man who's back is turned from us and will be for a while come into the office}

Man: Mr Drawford, a pleasure as always.{He shakes his hand and sits down}

Drawford: Thank you.{Pause}Well, um, I might as well ask you how the training is going for you.

Man: Great actually. They say I'm right up there with the best you have.

Drawford: I should expect that, considering you have more experience in a battle than all your fellow trainees put together.

Man: Well, that was a long time ago, sir, and I'm all the more glad for that.

Drawford:{Looking at the man}Hmm, I can't believe you are what you look like now compared to how everyone remembers you. You certainly are the most famous rookie we've had, and I'm not saying that because we've never had any famous ones.

Man: Thanks, I guess.

Drawford: Could you answer me this question? Why exactly did you decide to join the FBI, I figured you'd never want to get into any more rough stuff again after those incidents.

Man: I guess to gain fame on my own terms. They way I became very well known was not under the best circumstances, I figure in this position I can take control. Still, it is very ironic that in order to get at least a little bit close to your version of heaven, you have to spend time feeling like you're in the other place first. But I did my time there, and whatever's ahead of me can't be worse than before. I've faced my fears and enemies before, what's left can't be any worse.

Drawford: I wish the situation we have now fell under that category.

Man: Okay, I've determined now that you didn't want to see me for casual chit-chatterson.{Laughs}Sorry, I couldn't resist joking about one of my former co-stars. I guess I still have the comedy bug in me that the scripts I followed all but exterminated.

{We might as well not keep the secret any longer, so now we see the man's face, and it is that of Loud Kiddington, 15 years older than when we last saw him. He is not that different from that time, with the same hair, same smile, he has aged, but not enough so we don't recognize him}

Drawford: I wish I could joke about this. Have you been following the case of William Shelton?

Loud: Of course I have sir, I mean, he is a well know target and he did kill one of our officers 2 days ago, it's all over the newspapers.

Drawford: I was just going over his files, you can look at them of you want.

{He gives a file to Loud and he opens it to see Shelton's face}

Drawford:{Sighs}Dr William Shelton. I will say he put a twist on the whole scientist gone mad genre. Two years ago he was a prominent member of the scientific community here in Washington. That changed however when we finally decided to allow the building of robots. He was one of the most outspoken for that to happen. He believed that robots could be the erasers to our pencils, that they could fix the mistakes of humanity, and could do that better if we let them have power over the world with humans.

Loud: But we all know we can't give robots that much power, they can overthrow us in a split second if they get the idea. Didn't he also say we're only getting our opinions on the matter from those Terminator movies?

Drawford: Yes, he thinks we base our opinions on science fiction and not science fact. But you and I know that our view on the matter is accurate. Unfortunately he decided to become a prophet on the matter and prove it himself. He's stolen many things over the last year and killed if necessary to prove it. He can't be reasoned with anymore either, he is completely convinced his evil doings are for the world's own good.

Loud: I sure know something about that.

Drawford: He's also actually built robots too, the last two times we've gone after him we've captured one. Both times we tried to get them to talk about Shelton so we could get him, but they wouldn't say anything. We had to resort to dismantling them afterwards. Obviously that didn't make us look too good in his eyes.

Loud: Okay, we get the point, the man is crazy. But why are you telling me this?

Drawford: There's something we didn't let the press know from our latest failed attempt. We captured his latest robot. And this one is actually willing to talk.

Loud: Well that's great, now you have a chance to nab him!

Drawford: I will say that this robot is very different from the others other than the fact he wants to talk. Apparently Shelton didn't build him from scratch like the others, according to the robot he found his parts in the dump. He then rebuilt him and found out some very interesting things about him.

Loud: Like what?

Drawford:{Uneasy}Well, um, there is something else. According to the agent who finally brought him down, he was on a computer looking at files on the FBI members before he got it. And he had his chance to get away before he was deactivated for 24 hours, but he didn't. It was as if he wanted to be captured.

Loud: Sir, are you trying without success to hide something from me?

Drawford: Well, let's say this. The robot is only willing to talk to one person, he's the same person who's file he was looking at on that computer...and the same one who's in my office right now. And by the way, he doesn't even know I exist.

Loud:{A bit scared}Who is this robot, is it....

Drawford: All I want to say is, this is the picture of that robot.

{He gives Loud a picture. After looking at it for a few seconds, he faints. The picture then falls to the ground, and we see what it shows: it is a robot, but the face is human, and the face is that of the near bringer of Washington D.C's apocalypse, Dr Gene Burrows}

{Fade to black for a second and then through Loud's P.O.V, we see him waking up to see Drawford}

Loud: Tell me I was dreaming, please.

Drawford: Actually in this case, you're figuratively going back to sleep, to continue your long delayed nightmare.

Loud: How, how, how is this possible?! How could he be brought back?! We killed him!

Drawford: The remains mist have gotten in the dump somehow, which is, as I said, how Shelton found him and rebuilt him.

Loud: How do we know that's really Gene? I know that human look must be a mask.

Drawford: True, he asked our interrogators to do that to prove that it was him. Shelton's diary that we recovered tells us it's him as well.

Loud: He might be lying!

Drawford: He had no connection to you or Gene before he built him, so what motive would he have? Besides, when they talked to the robot he had the exact same voice as Burrows did in the clips of him 15 years ago.

Loud: Couldn't Shelton have reprogrammed that robot to do that?

Drawford: No, and no to all your other doubts, it's him! I wish it wasn't as much as you do, but there's no other way to see it, he's here!

Loud: Oh. Well, at least now I know why you haven't told the public.

Drawford: The knowledge that the thing that almost destroyed this city would panic some people, and give you some unwanted attention, that's for sure.

Loud: So he saw that I was an FBI rookie before he was captured, eh? That means he really did want to be taken in. If that's the case, we all know he has something planned.

Drawford: Yes, but that's why his request is all the more logical. You know his tricks, you know what he can do, you know everything about him! Therefore you can stop him and get the info we need![Loud sighs}Look, this isn't easy for me too, I can't possibly ever know how this was for you, though I'm still pretty sure one of those houses you were hiding in during that whole mess was mine. I was one of the many people afraid to die that day, so I know something about what he can do. But he's willing to give us what we need to prevent something like that from happening again by someone else. And you can stop that, only in a more low key mode this time.

Loud: So in other words, this is a lot like my first official assignment, isn't it.

Drawford: Yes. But you don't have to today, he said he wants to see you tomorrow. I suggest you watch lots of comedy shows to lighten you up until then.{Loud begins to walk out}

Loud: You know I have to tell her, don't you?

Drawford: It's just as well, he didn't say anything but I'm sure he knows you two are still together so he'll probably want to talk to her too. Look, I'll speak to him later on to see if he'll change his mind, but I don't think I'll get anywhere. He's in a solid steel prison with no way to escape if he wanted to, so that's a good thing.

Loud: All we need now are a few more good things and we'll be even won't we?

Drawford: Yep. Go on now, you should get some rest.

{Cut to another room in another building, this one filled with little kids. A female voice is speaking}

Voice: So in the end run, I hope the thing you'll remember about this talk is not who I am, but what I'm saying. I am an example of the effects of the recovery from depression and moodiness, but I hope I won't be the only one in this room in the future to set that example. Questions?

Kid: Yeah, your story seems depressing to me, because the only way you got over things was to nearly get killed. So how can we get better without getting in life threatening battles?

Voice: Well, it's not that hard. I guess what you should do is pay attention to those around you. I know you probably have friends with the same problems, you can make them feel better. They might say it's hypocrisy to make people feel better when you can't do it for yourself, but it's not hypocrisy if it's the truth. Let them know they're more than what they think they are, like I've been doing. And trust me, they will repay you, and things can work out for all of you involved. Again, in the future I don't think I'll be happy to be the only example of that in this room today. I'm nothing special...I'm just proof that there is hope for anyone.

{Finally we see who is speaking: it's none other than Charity Bazaar herself. She hasn't changed all that much either, except that she has no ponytail anymore, the hair is straight down She also has developed a slim and shapely figure much like Miss Information's physique. Not too far away, we se Loud looking at her though a door as another voice speaks}

Voice: Thank you, motivational speaker Charity Bazaar, let's give her a hand!

{The small audience claps. Cut to later as Charity is leaving the room. Loud is right there to greet her}

Loud: Does the thought ever cross your mind that basically you're talking to what you used to be? That would explain why you're so good at it.{Kisses her}

Charity: Thanks. So I guess that means you don't have to ask me how my day was, you already know, you little, I mean, big, hidden audience member.

Loud: I just came in actually, but I've seen enough of your speeches to make that judgement anyway.

Charity: Boy, life does work in mysterious and unpredictable ways. If anyone told me this is what'd I'd be doing 15 years ago, I would have had a rare laugh. But then again, that would be the same if you told me about anything that's happened in the last 15 years back then. Still, the ironies of life never cease to amaze.

Loud: Um, speaking of life's unpredictability, something happened at work today.

Charity: What, something good or something bad?

Loud: I'd rather talk about it when we get home. But let's just say to lightly touch on something Mr Drawford said to me, we have to go back to sleep.

{Fade to nighttime at the FBI building. Inside, Mr Drawford is walking through a hall. He stops at a door and opens it. He goes into a large room that is completely empty, expect for a large steel box in the middle. There is one door in the front, but there are no windows or anything else except for an intercom next to the door. Drawford goes to the box and pushes the button on the intercom}

Drawford: Dr Burrows? Dr Burrows? I know you're in there because I ordered you in there, so I know you can talk to me.

{We go inside the box. It too is empty with nothing inside except for a shadow of the only thing that is inside and another intercom which Drawford's voice can be heard from}

Drawford: I want to try something you may think is impossible at first, but I think is plausible. I want you not to talk to Loud tomorrow. I know your story, I know every nook and cranny, but it's been 15 years already. Don't you think it's time to bury the hatchet? If you're planning something, I think you used all your best plans already. They failed before, why should whatever you're working on work now?!

{Below Drawford, some metal rope is coming through the bottom of the door which he can't see}

Drawford: And another thing, don't you think the whole reason for this whole thing is stupid? I mean, so you lost your job, with your smarts you could have just gone to another scientific place. You could have proven yourself in good ways and forgotten about this whole thing.{The metal rope is now going around Drawford's neck and he still doesn't notice it}I just think the whole thing shouldn't have gone as far as it did because the reason was stupid.

{Suddenly the rope tightens around Drawford's neck and he struggles to breathe. He falls down to the floor. Then a familiar voice is heard growling through the intercom}

Voice: Were you there?! WERE YOU THERE?!! Did you truly see everything that happened back and were you a witness to anything that went on?! I don't mean in a crowd, I mean were you actually near me and them?! If you weren't, how can you judge my motives when you weren't there to see it?!!

{Two men then run into the room and try to get Drawford free}

Voice: Go away!! This is between me and your clueless boss!!

Drawford:{Weakly}So...you're gonna kill me for...having an opinion different than yours? I wouldn't expect anything less from you.

Voice: You're not gonna die, you baby. You're just going to send Loud and his girlfriend in here tomorrow afternoon. Look, I tried to kill only a few million people, you know if Shelton gets his way, the robots that he'll make will kill every human there is! I'm small potatoes compared to this guy! Unless you want the survivors to make you go down in history as the one who really killed them all, you'll bring them here.{He lets Drawford go}

Drawford:{Catching his breath}All right, all right. They'll be here.[Gets his breath back}You know I'll have to close that area below the door now.

Voice: That's why I made sure to have all the more fun.

{Cut to a nice, 3 story house in the suburbs of Washington. Inside it's living room, Charity is sitting on a couch thinking}

Charity: You know, I was wondering what the heck you were talking about when you said we had to go back to sleep. Now I wish it was an unsolved mystery.

{Just then the phone rings. After some hesitation, Charity answers it}

Charity: Hello?

Voice: Charity, is that you?

Charity: Um, yes, you called here and asked for me so you must know I live here then.

Voice: I'll see you tomorrow, Charity.

Charity: Hey, I know that voice!! Is that you, Gene?!

Voice:{Different now}Not anymore, thank God.

Charity: Mr Drawford? What's going on?

{Cut back to the room from earlier. Drawford is now on a cell phone}

Drawford: That was Gene giving you a little message, or I guess we can call it an order too.

Charity: So I guess I have to be there tomorrow too, right?

Drawford: Yep, but like I told Loud, you beat him before, you can face him again. See you then.{Charity hangs up}

Loud: No need to explain that call. So it looks like we're officially in this together. Oh boy. The first time I ca do something big with my new life and I have to face the big thing of my old one which technically made the new one possible.

Charity: I should have know my earlier statement on irony would lead to something that proved it.

Loud: What will I do?

Charity: Well, I know what you won't do. Give in to anything he says or does. You were so vulnerable back then, you're not anymore. You're immune to any accusations he can make, you don't even yell anymore, so he can't even say anything!

Loud: He'll find a way, he always does.

Charity: And no one knows that more than me, but that doesn't mean it has to be a success. I mean, he's been gone for 15 years, he has to have lost his touch somehow, he'll be rusty, to coin a phrase.{This makes Loud laugh}

Loud: Oh, how can I be so much less stronger than you?

Charity: You want to know something? I'm much more scared than you. I mean, he almost killed me too, in a way I still feel like the inexperienced kid I was last time. But like that Con Bovine song, it's my life, he can't do anything to it without a fight.

Loud: You're right about the first thing and the last thing. If he gets to me, it can't be as easy for him as it was before, because I've changed. My emotional sensitivity to his hate filled accusations has been traced and erased, and he won't correct that easily. Thank you.{Kisses her again}Now, what you say we find some stuff to laugh at by turning on Comedy Midwest?

Charity: Good idea. "That's my Hilary Rodham" is on tonight, and Ken Stein's challenging the Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune successors on "Battlegenius hosts" afterwards!

Loud: Um, maybe we should just get out the Sunday Afternoon Live tapes instead.

{Fade to another building, rather normal looking, but the inside is anything but. In fact, it looks exactly like William Shelton's lab with the exact same equipment. And to add to things, William Shelton is sitting at a table nearby writing in a book}

Shelton:{Writing his words}Dear new diary, I shall now speak to you as if you are an animate object, as a way of speaking to anyone who will read this later on. You may have heard some things that I am a loony, a crazed megalomaniac who wants to destroy humanity. Apparently there are some funny ways to describe saving humanity. Soon you will know what I mean. Our plan is now about to be set, my new friends will be contacted, and we shall create the greatest test this planet has ever know, the first step of a new order. Franklin Roosevelt said we have nothing to fear but fear itself. And in the future, you all will have no human to blame but humanity itself, which makes me question why I still want to save them. Oh well, if I destroyed them they couldn't thank me later. All my equipment is in place, by using my matter teleprompter I sent all the stuff from my old lab to this one and replaced it with lookalikes of the devices. By the time they figure that out, everything will be under way. More news to come later as I make my contacts. Your new friend and savior, Dr William Shelton.

{Shelton stops writing and closes his diary. He then gets out a list which is titled "Targets" The names on the list are Toast, Pepper Mills, Cho-Cho, Lucky Bob, Chit Chatterson, Bill Straitman, Sammy Melman, Froggo, Aka Pella, and at the bottom are two names underlined several times, Harry Norman and Miss Information, with a caption next to her reading "Most important of all"}

Shelton: I sure hope these people are enjoying themselves now, I really do. That will make more sense when my plans for them begin.
{Cut to the next day at the FBI building. A caption reads "Day 4" Inside, Loud and Charity are in Drawford's office}

Charity: So how will this go again?

Drawford: I'll have you taken to the prison Burrows is in. He'll be inside with the door open, but he'll be held down so he can't get away, this is because he specifically requested to actually see you today. In the meetings after today though the door will be closed so you can talk to him through the intercom.

Loud: You will be recording everything we say, right?

Drawford: Of course. There'll be people in another room taking notes and listening in.

Charity: What about security, you know this man, I mean thing's, I mean whatever he or it is, ability to do anything.

Loud: Look, he wants to talk to us, so why would he want to escape?

Charity: There's always the chance of a trick with him!

Drawford: Okay, okay, I'm gonna break this up before any kind of disagreement comes up, it's almost 2 anyway. I assure you that everything is set up and you'll be fine.

Loud: Let's hope that joke about the word assume doesn't apply to this situation.

Drawford: Well, we might as well go now and find out.

{The three walk out of the office and through the workplace of the other FBI people, who all state at them in silence as they walk by. They are walking towards a door nearby and before they get there, a man stops them]

Man: Hold on. I just want to warn Kiddington and the lady to be careful. I mean, this guy nearly destroyed this city. From what I know, you don't want a thing like Gene Burrows inside your head.

Loud: Where were guys like you 15 years ago?

[The three then open the door in front of them which reveals a stairway. They walk down it and open another door when they get to the bottom. It leads to the hallway we saw the previous night which leads to Gene's room. They walk through the hall and in front of the entrance to the room}

Drawford: I'll go inside first and tell him you're here.{He goes inside the room, leaving Loud and Charity alone}

Charity:{Takes a deep breath}Well, this is it. Are you ready?

Loud: I wish I could give you the answer you want to hear. But I'm as ready as can be, which still isn't much considering what we're in.

Charity: I won't try to debate that.{Drawford comes in}

Drawford: He's ready for you. Remember, we're watching this whole thing in another room so we'll come right down if things gets rough.

Loud: Let's hope you don't get too comfortable then.

{Drawford takes one more look at the two and walks away. Loud and Charity then take a deep breath, and then open the door. Though their P.O.V they are walking into the room, seeing that the steel prison's door is open, and that there is a rolling hand truck inside it....and something is on it wearing a metal strait jacket and also wearing a hockey mask on it's mouth. Now we cut to the view of two huge red metal eyes which reflection shows the two coming towards it's owner, you know who. Finally the two stop as their faces now fill up each eye}

Loud:{Meekly}Good afternoon, Dr Burrows.

{An uneasy pause occurs for a few seconds as we now fully see the two near the finally fully seen, but restrained, Gene Burrows}

Gene: Closer.{Pause}Closer!

{Loud and Charity then come into the cell, stopping right in front of Gene. He looks at them for a while as if studying them}

Gene: So the saying was true. Ugly ducklings can turn into swans. But then I suppose the definition of swans has become a little looser in 15 years.

Loud: I'd expect that kind of opening statement from you.

Gene: Well, now that that's out of the way, why don't you sit down? There are chairs next to this admittedly well constructed prison, take them and sit.

{Loud and Charity walk out of the cell and see two chairs nearby. They take them and sit down in front of the cell}

Gene: I'm reminded of a line from a movie right now. The movie was the final chapter of a famous trilogy, it was considered the ugly stepsister of the trio. Still there was one famous line spoken by an actor who's had his share of dog day afternoons, enjoyed the scent of a woman, and who knows plenty of insiders. It expressed frustration of his inability to get out, and his rivals success in pulling him back in. I assume that "Godly" statement basically summarizes the mood for all of us today.

Charity: Did you expect it any other way?

Gene: No, but I do admit I am quite good at making an impression since you're so unhappy to see me.

Loud: Ah, something you rarely know anything about, the truth. Good for you. Now look, I think you, and I, and Charity, would like to get on with this as painlessly as possible...

Gene{Muttering to himself}You got two out of three, rookie.

Loud:{Overhearing him}What was that?!

Gene: Oh, sorry, I guess I acquired a little talking to myself problem while in the big sleep. Now you were saying?

Loud: I was saying you know that you're here because we want information, right? This isn't just a reunion. What do you know about Dr William Shelton?

Gene: William Shelton? Oh, now we get to an actual plot. Still, although he may have the ambition and the insanity to destroy you all, in the eyes of the fates all he is is a pawn. A vehicle, shall we say, for our soon to be series of exchanges. To all of you he is a big deal, but in my eyes he's nothing but a deliverer of me to you.

Loud: Insulting the man who gave you life again, another expected move from you.

Gene: Okay, enough. I have come out here and been as courteous and polite as I can be, and you're the one jumping all over me and doing the insults!

Charity: What, did you think he'd be happy or something?

Gene: I at least didn't expect him to carry on my spirit in the first few minutes! If this is how you've become I suppose a lawman was the perfect job for you!{This gets to Loud a little bit}

Loud: Okay, okay, fine. But at the very least, I wanted to prove something to you. I'm not the loud little boy who you could toy with like a doll anymore. I'm older, wiser, and here to do my job. So anything you want to try on me, go right ahead and try. It'll only be more embarrassing for you later on when this is all done and my emotions are still intact.

Gene: Tsk tsk tsk. Oh, you must think I'm such a monster. Do you actually think I'm so much of one that I've forgotten common sense? Of course you're not the same, I knew that from the beginning. But you hate me so much you'd have to think that I didn't. It is a shame that 35 years of life can be so easily forgotten in only half the time.

Charity: What do you mean by that?

Gene: I'm 50 years old in human years and a newborn basically in robot years. If only you knew me during those 35 years and 3 months before I became, well, what's a good nickname they've been calling me in the history books?

Charity: Gene the Mean I think.

Gene: Hmm, not terribly hard to come up with, but I guess that will do.

Loud: What you do want? I know you didn't bring us here just for the reasons we want, so what is this all about?

Gene: Closure. You see, I am well aware that when this is over my life will probably be over. Your Mr Drawford will probably order my destruction when you get your precious man. Until then I think we have some issues to settle about me, a lesson if you will. I am just an example of what anyone can become, perhaps not in the robot sense, but you get the picture, or will later. I want you to learn that I'm not special, normal people, not just people like me, can go insane. Not just scientists, not just genius, but anyone can turn into me.

Charity: Forgive me, I'm a little lost here, what the heck are you talking about?

Gene: I come to you with an offer. A quid pro quo situation if you will. You'll get the info you want on the other not so good doctor, but you'll have to endure my tales first. And something else too.

Loud: You've complicated this enough already, what more do you want?

Gene: I want to know what you two have been up to. I've been away 15 years, have they been completely happy for you since I went away? What have you been doing? Are you married? And how have you dealt with growing up?

Charity: Normally you should answer the first question first, but I'll answer the second one. Yes, we are married, but we have kept the same names. Now I sense we can't answer the first and third in the same simple manner, so how do we answer them?

Gene: I'll tell you. Every two days we shall meet right here. I will tell you a little bit about my past so you can understand me. Then you will tell me the honest truth about everything you've done for the last 15 years. I want total honesty, if you hide something from me, the whole deal is off and I carry what I know to the grave. I don't care if there's stuff you've done that you've never told each other about, in fact that'll make it a learning experience for us all. And in return for your listening and your truthfulness, I will tell you what you need to know to possibly catch my recreator.

Loud: Hmm, I will admit I don't know what to say. If I say yes then I just know you're gonna do something during our meetings. But if I say no you'll think I have something to hide.

Gene: Do you? And do you Charity, have anything to keep from us both?

Charity: No. Besides, it's like I and Loud have been saying from the beginning, you can't get to us anymore, you just can't. When you finally figure that out when this is over you'll just be hated even more for prolonging our capture of Shelton and therefore bringing more danger to us all. So you're only hurting yourself.

Loud: Well, I guess that speech means we have to agree to your demands.

Gene: Good. That's all for today, please leave.

Loud: What? That's it, after all the anticipation and hype this is all we get?

Gene: All I wanted out of this was to set things up for our future meetings and I did it. So I'll see you in two days, and please tell your new friends that they can now get me out of this uncomfortable, unoriginal restraints.

{Cut to inside a car which Loud is driving. Charity is in the seat next to him}

Loud: I don't know if I should thank you for getting us into this.

Charity: If that was the only way we can get information on that Shelton guy and end this as quickly as possible, so be it.

Loud: I guess you're right. And I'm sorry I was so hostile today, I'm not sure if our last encounters with Gene are much of an excuse.

Charity: Well, we'll just have to make sure we act calm towards him so if he is doing something, he doesn't have any material to insult us.

Loud: You know he is up to something. But I also guess that that should give us more reason to end this fast and give him what he wants. I just hope I can keep my emotions under control.

Charity: And I'm glad we're the only ones that have that problem to deal with, we really shouldn't tell anyone else about this. They're too busy with their new lives as it is.

{Fade to a business office where a female voice is talking on a phone}

Voice: Look Mr Osment, I understand $30 million to do a movie is minimum wage now, but...yes I'm well aware of your accomplishments, I'm your agent, I know you deserve it, but still...oh fine, I'll talk to the WB/AOL studio big wigs again. No, I don't think I can use my previous work there as a tactic, bye.{Hangs up}Geez, he was much nicer before he won 3 Oscars before the age of 20, even though the Oscars are bought and not won now. Hmm, back then I really should have known they were pretty much bought then too.

{The phone rings again}

Voice: Hello, Hollywood Agent to the stars Pepper Mills speaking.

{Now we see that the woman talking was Pepper, she looks about the same, but the insane star crossed look in her eyes and in her smile has given way to a bit more maturity}

Pepper: Hello, who is this I'm talking to?

Voice: Hi, this is a talent speaker who's name should not be high on your concern list. I called you because, well, if anyone could bring talent to the big time, you can. I mean, with your obsession with celebrities as a kid, you were the perfect choice to be their agent. You know what the public wants because you were one of them, and you give it to them, which is basically the same old thing, actors with good looks and no talent.

Pepper: Hey, if they're so not talented how could they have millions of fans think they are, they have to have talent doing that!

Voice: Okay, okay, fine. But I just may have your next big client here for you. He lives in Washington D.C and, oh, if you could only see him, but I've said too much. I mean, we can't have you unable to wait 2 weeks to see him, can we?

Pepper: Two weeks?

Voice: He doesn't know I'm doing this, so I have to give him time to prepare. Today is February 1'st, so come down on the 12'th to see him. It's the day before what has always been an unlucky day, but all the more reason for you to come down that day so we can have something good happen near the 13'th for once, the breakthrough of a star.

Pepper: What are you, a human movie trailer? Then again, movie trailers have always hooked me, I love them, and I'd love to see your guy!{Laughs her familiar laugh}

{We then cut to somewhere else where we see the man who's speaking to Pepper: Shelton}

Shelton: The address is 1313 Maple Lane Drive. That's right, see you then.{Hangs up}That's one down.

{Cut to the set of a TV show, an MTV like show to boot. We then see none other than Toast come out, he is still as tan as ever, and has even longer hair, and still speaks in the same old rocked out voice}

Toast: All right, MTV 4's Top 4000 Countdown continues with No.1657 by Chocolate Snow...wait, that guy's still around? I mean, duh, what's he trying to be, all the Tumbling Rocks at once, man? Yeah, right? Anyway, let's play it for you so you, and I, can jam on!{A phone rings}But first, it looks like it's time for our annual request call to take place, all right! Hello?

Shelton's voice:{Excited}Yeah dude, I'm a huge fan of all of the MTV station, but I especially dig you, you are the MAN! Whooh!

Toast: Geez, looks like someone didn't take a chill pill today. But then again you have every right not to cause we are so cool!

Shelton: But I just have to request this, it's not a song, it's an offer. Don't you ever get tired of the fact that you're hosting a rock show when you could be one of it's guests?

Toast: But no one will come on my show, probably cause they have nothing good to say and I do have kind of a bad rep with guests.

Shelton: I'll, like, rephrase that, man. Don't you ever actually want to be in a band instead of introducing them? I can give you that chance, brohand.

Toast: All right, the big guy upstairs must have finally gotten tired of hearing my begging him to do what you're doing!

Shelton: It's da bomb all right. I'll even give you a few weeks to prepare. Come over to 1313 Maple Lane Drive on February 12'th and we'll work out anything we have to, um, um{to himself}Blast it, what "jive" word haven't I used yet?{Out loud}Hey, I think you have another caller, bye!{He hangs up}Phew, speaking all that horrible grammar was humiliating, and that's the straight dope.

{Cut to the city of Long Beach California. After a look at it's futuristic look, we go to the scientific building where Gene worked in the first 24 Hours story. Inside an office there, someone is speaking on a phone}

Voice: So he wants to meet you every 2 days to get out all this info about the past so you can get the stuff that's really important, and it starts tomorrow?

Loud:{Though the phone}Yep. I'm really nervous Harry, although I know I have to be strong.{We see the man talking to Loud is Harry Norman himself}Maybe I shouldn't have talked to you though, you do have the job of running an entire scientific organization.

Harry: No, you were right to call. Gene will probably bring me up eventually if he wants to talk about his past, he may even want to speak to me. He certainly has all the cards in his hands to do that and anything else he wants because if you don't, he won't give up Shelton.

Loud: I may as well get a preview of what I'm in for. What was he like before it all happened?

Harry: What you see is what you get with Gene, he was the same as he is now, except he was working as a good guy then. Determined, a bit arrogant, easily annoyed, and always able to find a way to outsmart someone.

Loud: Not the kind of guy I'd be very anxious to know, but when you see what he became, your thoughts on that change very quickly.

Harry: Well anyway, at least he's in jail now, and you can get rid of him as soon as you get that other disgrace to science. It's people like him that make people like me and people like my workers hated for no good reason other than that we share the same job.

Loud: I've always thought you were lucky, everyone forgot about you after the battles because they were too focused on me and Charity, so you led your own quiet life. I envy you for doing what you do.

Harry: Thank you. But technically, people like us make the jobs of people like you easier because we make the stuff that allows that to happen. I should probably go and continue that mission. So long.{He hangs up}

Loud: Bye.{He puts down the phone. Charity then comes in}

Charity: Warning Harry, I presume?

Loud: He should know just in case, the only two people Gene would be interested in other than us are Harry and Miss Information. But the last one's probably too busy to know anything about this, so why ruin her bliss? Particularly considering what's happened between us, because of that Gene has no reason to go after her anymore.{Looks at Charity for a long moment}I think that's enough work talk for one day, besides, looking at you made me forget about whatever else I was gonna say on the subject.

Charity:{Giggles}Still the charmer, I see. You know, I think I have a nice song in the drawer that summarizes us and references someone else on the show a little. Radio?

Voice:{From a radio nearby}Yes, Mrs Bazaar?

Charity: Play the old old Sinatra song, "I've Got You Under My Skin" please. And I know it was from the ancient times of music, but just think of that 2000 movie with Dick Clark's successor to looking young, Mel Gibson, you know, where he can hear what woman think?

Voice: Ah, for the times where you didn't need to be electrocuted to do that.

Charity: Right, well the song is in that movie, so you can get it from that soundtrack.

Voice: Searching for the movie soundtrack....got it! One song coming up!{The Sinatra melody begins to play}

Loud: I still don't see how this applies to the show.

Charity: One word, Caesar. Case closed.{Walks over to Loud}

Loud: Ah ha, witty, I must admit. But then, why should I be surprised considering it came from you?

Charity: Save the sentiment for after the thing you usually do when songs like this are playing is done.{They start to dance}

Loud: I'm sorry, it's hard to stop saying stuff like that when it's true. But don't think I think that you don't like it.

Charity: I should since I've dealt with it this long, but you find a way to stop that thought from entering my brain every time.

Loud: I remember the very first time I saw you, back when we first started the show. You were in your depressed mode back then, but even when we first met I thought you were the most adorable little girl I ever met, with that oh so cute face of yours, your radiant skin, and let's not forget your gorgeous hair. Then later on as I got to know your good heart and charm it didn't take me long to decide it was unnecessary for you to be like you were, because if you were given all the stuff I just said, somebody up there likes you. Did you notice stuff like that about me before our lives went out of control too?

Charity: Um, actually I don't have that kind of selective memory so I couldn't say. I guess that ruined the mood, but I will say that I always knew you weren't just a cause for the rising sales of hearing aids.

Loud: I think I actually have run out of things to say now. But I haven't run out of things to do though. Allow me to demonstrate.{Bends Charity down backwards and kisses her. After a few seconds of this he brings her back up}

Charity:{Catching her breath}Well, you are a man of your word. And I've just thought of something else from olden times. There was a system called an eye for an eye, in which if someone did something, the very same thing would happen to the criminal as punishment. Think of this as a more sanitized, cleaner version of that system.

{She kisses Loud right back, then after looking at each other for a spilt second, they decide to stop talking and start kissing again as the song comes to a close. The scene then slowly fades to the next day inside Gene's cell as he is talking through the intercom with the door now closed unlike before. Loud and Charity are sitting down in front of the cell again hearing Gene talk}

Gene: I was born in 1965 right in the middle of America's most turbulent years. I still haven't decided if it was good that I was so young to be able to miss out on all that stuff or bad. It was only a few years after the missile crisis that I arrived so that gave my parents time to be a little bit less like the trademark, shall we say, McCarthy esque citizens, but they were highly suspective of people and could make accusations against potential Soviet backers in an instant. And don't you dare point out the irony in that relating to what I did to you.

Loud: That would be way too easy, I admit. Continue.

Gene: Well, they weren't as extreme as the other Red haters, in fact since the big crises were well since over by the time of my birth they didn't have much of a chance to do anything except parent me, and that was good. They were the ones that introduced me to science since because that was the major weapon of the Cold War, it was more popular back then.

Charity: So you always were a scientist or someone that wanted to be one?

Gene: Yes, I was. But I don't like to think of it as science, but rather as art. The chance to create and express yourself in right there in everything you create, like in art, except science is more well known and nothing from the art world ever changed everything on a grand scale.{Laughs}So my scientific career took off at quite an early age.

Loud: How were you like personality wise back then, any hints of what you might become expressed back then?

Gene: Now how can I say there were things hinting at that when I had no clue back then about all the stuff happening?! Besides, I think now it's your turn to speak. Quid pro quo, you know. Tell me, what happened right after your little hero bit in Washington?

Loud: Well, we got into an little battle right off the bat. I guess no one told you about the efforts of an old villain named Judge Doom and some other guys who tried to kill us.

Gene: If he didn't nearly destroy a city, I don't want to hear about it, bad enough someone wanted to beat me to the punch, but they didn't have to be so amateur about it, I had ambition at least.

Loud: Oh, and I also went to an alternate universe that you wouldn't believe me about if I told you.

Gene: Don't bother, it's so easy to figure out, why else is it called an alternate universe? I already figured out that there I'm good, you're bad, you caused all the destruction and I stopped it, it's too simple not to conclude, so let's move on.

Charity: Well, things did eventually settle down in the battlefront, but not with the public. We were the subject of the ultimate split decision, half of them loved us for saving Washington, but the other half hated us because they thought it was our fault that it almost got destroyed in the first place. And don't forget that the marathon was still fresh in people's minds back then.

Gene: Well, I guess I did half of my job then, I wanted them to listen and they did.

Loud: That was only half the problem. If people didn't want to say stuff about us they wanted autographs and asked lots of questions ad nauseum instead. At least after the first few months the media stopped hanging around our house.

Gene: What about your social life, the pressures of beginning a relationship added on to all that stuff can only make your contempt for all of this worse.

Charity: It was hard. I mean, special treatment inside stores and restaurants is nice, but after a while it gets old, boring, and annoying. It looked a lot like the prospects of a normal life weren't in our cards.

Gene: How did this all make you feel? Let me try to get inside your heads for a moment, it's my specialty. The constant pressure of being both loved and hated must have made you wonder the age old question, what if? You must admit if I had killed you, you wouldn't be around to see a public divided over you and go through all that agony. And I can only imagine what the tabloids wrote about you two being so young and in such a close relationship, it's a good thing for you that only the trash of the world take it seriously or you'd be the poster children for the evils of certain underage actions.

Loud: I can assure you that we, well, rarely got accused of that stuff and none of it was true. And I can also tell you that what you're saying about how much we were mad at that wasn't true, because I had the ultimate diversion right next to me to share all those headlines with.{Holds Charity's hand}

Gene:{Sickened}Well you haven't changed in the whole making people sick area, that's for sure.

Charity: All right, it's your turn again. Quid pro quo you know, Doctor. We've listened to you and told you about us, now let's get to the important stuff. Where's William Shelton?

Gene:{Laughs again}I thought you were smarter than that. I don't know where he is and I wouldn't just give it to you like that if I did.

Loud: Fine, can you at least give us some clues that could let us figure it out ourselves?

Gene: I think I can. Let me start by given you clues on what to expect when you do.

[We fade to the sight of Shelton walking down a street wearing a fake beard and a hat. He stops to see a crowd in front of a building, which is staring at a man screaming through a bullhorn}

Man: Inside this building is the creation of evil, the creation of robots! They are building the very thing that could, and would, rise up to end us all!

Gene:{V.O}Dr Shelton, in my humble opinion, rivals me in the intolerance category, so that alone should tell you what you're in for.

Man: They'll tell you that robots can help us, but you go too far in doing that and you pay with your life, I say, so why even take that chance! We've survived for thousands of years without then, why do we need them now, why?!{The crowd yells their approval as Shelton scowls nearby}

Gene:{Still V.O}He's the kind of man who'll seem like he's listening to the other fellow's opinion on the matter that has consumed him so, but is really thinking about how to make an example out of you.

{Later on, the man is walking down the street and then stops to see a piece of paper in front of him. He picks it up and sees that it says, "Ever wondered what the other fellow's point of view is? Come to the alleyway to your right so you can learn a new word. It's called, tolerance" The man turns around to the right to walk into an alleyway}

Gene:{V.O}He has only a little bit less smarts than me, but we differ in another area. I was never very brutal physically, I mean, back then I let my machines do all that work, but he believes that's cheating. He believes that to back your opinions, you have to do the dirty work yourself, and he's created a down to a T living of that rule.

{We go back to the street for a while...and then see someone being thrown from the alleyway onto that street. It's the man from earlier looking far worse than he was before he went into the alleyway. Some people crowd around him and a few barely are able to see from that alleyway a figure walking away. Cut back to the cell}

Gene: So I really hope for your sakes you're not too ready to forget about our battles, you may need to gain every bit of the effort you gave me to get him.

Charity: You and the newspapers and witnesses are pretty alike, aren't you? I'm saying that because you all say the same things about him, only the newspapers and the people that faced him before got the info to us faster.

Loud: Now before you remind her why that is in your peeved manner, Gene, could you now give us some actual clues?

Gene: The FBI already cleaned out his previous hideout, right?

Charity: Yep, but all the devices we took were actually fakes, so he still has the real ones.

Gene: I think they missed something, and I don't blame them.

Loud: Missed what?

Gene: Oh come now, why tell you when you have the chance yourself to prove if your brain capacity has increased along with your age. Besides, I hear tomorrow will be too nice of a day to spend lying around here. Go back to his place tomorrow and look to see what I mean. The info is right under your feet and so are the dates. And your hands have something to do with it too.

Loud: Finally decided to take the whole cryptic message route huh? I always thought you were too unpredictable for that.

Gene: At least I have an excuse, which you won't have if you don't do something quick. And why, you were probably about to ask? Let's just say now that you have less time than you think.

{The next day, Loud is walking through the now almost empty former lab of Shelton's}

Loud: Hm,, perhaps that little accusation of predictable I mad was wrong. The info is under my feet, what is the world does that mean?

{He walks a few more steps and then looks down at the floor to see an envelope that he is standing on}

Loud: Ah ha, that must be it, I'm standing on something that could be a clue!

{He picks up the envelope and continues to walk as he tries to open it: and then we see him fall down something, in fact it is the door to the underground room Gene was in when it all began, and Loud is in that room}

Loud:{Getting up}Hmm, an underground room. Wait a minute, under my feet would technically apply to a room like this! But what did he mean by dates and hands?

{Loud looks around for a while and then comes to the computer Gene was on that day. He then stops in his tracks}

Loud: That's it, dates! Dates on a calendar, that is!

{He picks up a calendar nearby which is turned to the page on February. Under the date February 4'th reads the words "Anti hypocrisy day" and the dates February 5'th, 11'th, 12'th, 13'th, and 17'th are circled. Under the 17'th the words "Experiment of change" are written}

Loud: That's two down, but there's still that one to go. Well, maybe it means I'm holding in my hands the dates that Shelton will strike. I guess that takes of business, so now I can let my curiosity take over and see if there was anything in that envelope.

{He gets out the envelope and finishes opening it. Inside is a small disk with a red button on it. Naturally, he presses the button. Music then is heard from that disk, and then a voice, Shelton's voice, is heard singing, to the tune of the song "A Fool in Love" from the movie, "Meet the Parents"}

Shelton:{Singing}Show me the men, who are brilliant and wise, and I'll show you the ignorant.
Now show me the men, who show them they're wrong.....
Ah, revolution!
Ah, revolution!
So they all will say....
When you're the fools who're doomed, soon things will go the way I planned.
Cause no one cares, and no one understands
That you are, the fools who're doomed.
Soon there'll be no more praise for you.
They'll just be people to remember you
As making me make people pay
For being fools who're doomed.

{The last few lines of that song are heard inside Drawford's office as he is listening to it. Loud is with him}

Loud: So the part about my hands meant that I was holding the envelope that tells us we're in trouble. But how is the question.

Drawford: This twisted twist of a catchy song also ties in to what that calendar said. Tomorrow is February 5'th and it says it's anti hypocrisy day. Unless the Ballmark people made up yet another holiday I don't understand what that means.

Loud: Hypocrisy has been a major selling point of his rants, he always says by creating robots we try to better our lives and then we don't give them that chance by not letting them rule.

Drawford: Well, looks like we got some thinking to do. First I may as well turn off this disk.{However, before he does, Shelton's voice is heard again}

Shelton:{V.O}For the patient people stall listening, you shall now hear about the people who made this song possible, my former employees who kept on saying, "Oh you're crazy, you give robots power and we should spend time picking out coffins" but who had nothing to prove it except propaganda films from that king of the world guy!{Stops talking}

Drawford: His former employees, he's talking about the people from the Washington science organization.

Shelton: Now that you've figured out yourself who I'm talking about, you should go out while you can and thank these people, the kings of hypocrisy, for giving me the inspiration to better the world in my own special way. That is, unless you're listening to this on February 6'th or any days after that, then you won't have a chance to.

{Loud takes one more look at the phrase "anti hypocrisy day on the calendar and figures out what's going on}

Loud: Oh no, he's gonna go after the science organization people tomorrow!

Drawford: Then he won't be the only one going after someone, will he? Get every field agent we have ready for a meeting with our friend tomorrow!

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