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Fan Fics

24½ Hours

by Robert Dougherty and JusSonic

(We see a big building. QC to inside. There is a science convention going on. A title is on the screen that said "Year 2001". The camera goes to two people talking.)

Man: I swear, Julie, this convention will get him out of the house.

Julie: Yes. Ever since we adopted him those years ago, we hoped we find some way to help him grown up.

Man: Speaking of the kid, where is he?

Julie: Yes. Slim! Slim Berry, where are you?!

Voice: I am right here!

(They turned around. We now see a 16-year old. He is wearing a white jacket over a green shirt. He is wearing blue jeans, and has black hair. This is Slim Berry.)

Man: Where had you been, young man?!

Slim: Well, exxxccccuuuussse me! You are such an idiot, Mr. Parkinson.

Julie: Don't you dare talk to him that way!

Slim: Sorry.

Man: Come on, or we will miss the speaker.

Slim: Fine, Bob.

Bob: Will you stopped that?!

(QC to a crowd near the speaker. It is Dr. Harry Norman)

Harry: Hello, I am Dr. Harry Norman, a scientist at the Long Beach science organization.

(The crowd claps for him)

Harry: Thank you. Now in case some people don't know, I was involved with the cast of Histeria in two of the most dangerous events ever.

(The crowd gasps and murmurs. The Parkinsons and Slim arrived and listened.)

Harry: These events involved a 24 Hours marathon those almost drove the world insane. The other one involved the infamous attack on Washington.

Bob: Boy, I wondered who is responsible for those?

Harry: The man responsible for these attacks is a former friend of mine, a man by the name of...Dr. Gene Burrows.

(No one paid attention since they already covered this man to the ground. However, Slim seems interested.)

Slim: Hey, Dr. Norman!

Harry: Ah, yes. You got a question, little man?

Slim: Who, may I ask, stopped Dr. Gene Burrows?

Harry: Well, you see the people who stopped him are the characters of Histeria whom he hated. One of them is a boy named Loud Kiddington.

Slim: Interesting. Please tell me more.

Julie: Now, Slim. We don't want to pester Dr. Norman.

Harry: No, no. I am not bothered at all. I am glad to tell the boy about the one who defeated Gene in the past.

(Slim smiled and listened to what Harry said. A few hours later, he and the Parkinsons left the convention for home. However, Slim will not forget Loud Kiddington)

(QC to a year later. We go to Loud Kiddington's house. We are now in his bedroom. The alarm went off and Loud turns it off. He got up and yawned.)

Loud: Man, today is going to be a good day!

(As the next things happened, we hear the song by Smash Mouth. Loud go to the bathroom and took a shower. He washes himself and splits water on the shower wall. We see a name that says "Cody Ruegger" (anyone who seen Shrek knows I am doing an opening credits). He got dressed and brushes his teeth. He gurgles and splits the toothpaste in the sink. We see another opening credit "Jim Carrey". QC to the kitchen; Loud is preparing his and Fetch's breakfast. Fetch eats his food like mad. We see another opening credit "Tommy Lee Jones". QC to outside. Loud put a huge sack of garage in the trashcan. He put the lid on it and we see "Laraine Newman". He then paints something one a board. He splashes his paint doing and one drip hits the ground forming "Geoffrey Rush". He puts the sign near his house saying "Beware of Dog". Loud apparently painted his dog's head on it. QC to another part of Burbank; a car is speeding over 55 an hour. Inside, however we see that a robot is driving the car. It looks like he is going to somewhere. QC to Loud's house again as he is preparing a fire. He sits in his favorite chair while Fetch sits next to him. QC to outside the house; the car the robot was driving crash into a lamppost. The robot got out and scan Loud's house. He identified it and goes toward it.)

(QC to inside. Loud and Fetch are watching something on TV. There is fighting noise on TV)

Fetch: Man, I never get enough of Springer.


Fetch: Heh?

Loud: I mean, besides an evil toon from the past, an evil version of me, villains from other shows, and those pesty writers, there isn't a bigger challenge for us.

Fetch: I guess.

(We hear a knock on the door)

Loud: I will get it.

Fetch: You better hurry. Someone is going to slam another guy with a chair.

(Loud goes to the door and opens it)

Loud: Yes?

(It was the robot whose was driving like a maniac earlier. It stared at him.)

Loud: Uh, we aren't interested in anything, salesman.

(Loud closes the door. Suddenly, the robot tackles the door, destroying it)


(The robot ignored him and begins to attack. Loud managed to avoid one of its tackles. It changes it hand to form guns and shoot at him. Loud manages to avoid those also. He hid behind the couch.)

Loud: Geez, I thought when Gene was killed, no more of this robot stuff will happen.

(Loud found a metal bar under the couch and defend himself against the robot. The robot then knocked the bar away and advanced on Loud again. Loud thinks fast.)


(Fetch ran in)

Fetch: Yes?

(Loud quickly got a tennis ball and threw it at the robot. Fetch ran for the ball knocking the robot down. While the robot was distracted, Loud manages to get the bar and put it in the robot's pipe. It started to make noises.)

Loud: UH OH. RUN!

(Both Loud and Fetch ran from the robot. It exploded. Fortunately only Loud and Fetch survived. They both look at the remains)

Fetch: Geez, what a mess.


Fetch: Who should have built it?

(Loud check the remains for clues)

Loud: I can't find the address, so we can't do anything.

Fetch: Yep.

(A pause)

Loud: You know what I say about this?

Fetch: What?

(Loud burps)

Fetch: Why did you do that for?

Loud: Don't know. Well, I got to go and picked up Charity.

(Loud left the house. We QC to a house in Burbank; we go to inside a boy's room. It's Slim's. He is sitting at a desk in his room looking at a computer. The screen has static on it.)

Slim: Blast! My robot was defeated. (Smiles) But no matter, I now know that Loud kid is powerful then I expected, so I have no reason to test him. Now I need a foolproof plan that will help me torture the poor kid.

Julie: (V/O) Slim! Breakfast's ready!

Slim: Great. That woman is calling me. Oh whoop-dee-doo.

(He left the bedroom)

(A few minutes later, we QC to a bank. Loud and Charity are now there. Everyone is doing their usual business. Making withdraws, depositing money, etc. Loud and Charity got in a line so Charity can deposit her money. They were talking about what happened at Loud's house)

Charity: You were attack by a robot?

Loud: Yep. I don't know who made it, but I hoped it doesn't happen again.

Charity: I hope. You know, I am glad you are my boyfriend, Loud.

Loud: Me too. (To line) HEY! GET THIS STUPID LINE GOING!!!

(The cashier in the desk in the front of the line frown. He sounds like Andy Dick)

Cashier: Hey, kid. Calm down. It goes when it goes!

(Loud mumbles as the lines descends. Just then...)

Voice: Nobody moves!

(Everyone stop what they were doing. They found the source of the voice. It is a man wearing a ski mask, wearing some sort of Jason-like suit, with brass knuckles on each hand. He got two tough guys with him)

Man: This is a robbery! Give me all your money and stuff like that!

Customer #1: Oh my gosh! It's Slasho!

Slasho: Jackhammer, Roughhouse. Get what I need, willya?

Jackhammer: Uh, yes sir.

(They grab the customers' stuff as they can. Loud and Charity hid while they were doing this.)

Charity: We got to stop them!

Loud: I will do it. After all, my voice is known to destroyed glass.

Charity: Loud, don't. You just recovered from the robot attack.

Loud: Ha! That robot is pathetic! Stay here so I will deal with Mr. Slasho.

(He ran off while Charity stay hidden. Meanwhile...)

Slasho: Thank you for your cooperation. We will see you all in future lives.


Slasho: Eh? Who said...(saw Loud) You!!!

Loud: Yes, it is me!

Slasho: You little brat! It is you and your friends' fault that I am like this!

Loud: Wait, either Gene or Vincent came back from the dead, or you just went insane.

Slasho: Don't remember me, do you?!

Loud: Uh, no.

Slasho: Here's a hint. I allowed you and your friends to camp out on my grounds!

Loud: Louis Richardson?!

Slasho: Of course! Because of you and your friends, I am now broke and I am like this!

Loud: What do you mean?

Slasho: You will find out-like never! Jackhammer, Roughhouse, get him!

Roughhouse: Yes, boss!

(They attacked Loud. Loud managed to kick Jackhammer, while avoiding Roughhouse. Roughhouse thinks of something and grab Loud. He threw him across the room. Loud was unable to get up. Slasho pulls out a "sharper than usual" knife and advances on Loud)

Slasho: Oh, how I waited until this day. I hope you like being lonely. You won't when your friends joined you!

(He is about to stab Loud, when something tackles him from behind. It was Charity)

Charity: You harm my lover and you'll answer to me!

Slasho: Well, well, if it isn't the depressed brat.

Roughhouse: If it isn't, then why are you...?

Slasho: Shut up! Release the Dip!

(They nodded and got out a barrel. They dumped it and Dip stuff poured out. Loud and Charity just stared)


Slasho: Ah, but this isn't any other Dip!

(It appears he is right, as the Dip suddenly came to life. It took a form of a slime monster and roars. It destroys a table and advances on Loud and Charity)

Charity: Oh my...!

Slasho: That's right! It is Dip 193. The same Dip that made me who I am today. Well, I like to stay and watch but I got to go. Bye now!

(He laughs evilly as he and his henchmen ran off with the loot they stole. The Dip monster continues to advances on the two)

Charity: Okay, what are we going to do?


(They ran to avoid the Dip. It continues toward them. Then, it stopped. The two stopped also and look at the thing confused)

Loud: Why do you suppose it...

(Before Loud could finish, the Dip inhales, and shoots out slime balls. Loud and Charity hid behind a desk to avoid being hit.)

Charity: Now what, Einstein?


(The Dip stopped firing and continuing toward the two)

Charity: You better think of something quick!

Loud: (thinking) I got to think of something! (Notices the therma) I got it!

Charity: What?

Loud: Listen, I know what to do. You think you can hold it off until I get to the therma?

Charity: I guess.

Loud: Good. Be careful.

Charity: Same here.

(He quickly dodges the Dip, who goes after him now)

Charity: Hey you! Your mother wears booties!

(The Dip heard this, and got angry. He lunges toward Charity now. Meanwhile, Loud got to the therma)

Loud: I hope this work or Charity is doom!

(He turns the dial on the therma from warm to totally colder than the North Pole. A freezing wind comes into the room. The Dip almost got Charity...when it stopped. This time, because it was frozen. Loud goes toward it and tip it over. It broke. A pause in the room. Everyone cheers)

Cashier: He saved us!

(A few minutes later, the cops arrived to clean up the mess. The other members of Histeria has gotten there also)

F. Time: Charity, Loud, are you two all right?

Charity: We are fine, Father Time.

WOW: Who was responsible for this?

Loud: An old friend of ours shown up.

Miss Info: Who? If it is Gene, I going...

Charity: No. It is Louis Richardson.

Lydia: That jerk! I thought he learn his lesson after what he did to me!

Froggo: I don't know why he went on a rampage.

Aka: I think he still blames us for what happened to him.

Charity: I think we should be careful. Who knows if we run into him again?

(They left the bank. Outside, they see a bunch of reporters.)

Toast: Dude, let leave.

Aka: Yeah, I hate reporters.

Cho-Cho: Yes, they usually talk to the most stupid person they can find.

(QC to Lucky Bob talking to some reporters)

Lucky Bob: Hiyo!

(QC to others)

Cho-Cho: See what I mean?

Pepper: Yep. (Laughing maniacally)

(QC to H! studio. Everyone, including the writers, is there. Everyone is talking about what happened today.)

Sammy: First a robot attacked Loud, then the reappearance of Louis.

Robert: Actually, I think he wants to be called Slasho now.

Sammy: Oh, good point.

Mr. Smartypants: I wonder how he came to be that way?

Sammy: Better check the news.

(He turns on the TV. We see a newsman on the screen)

Pule: Hey! It is our friend, Fred Moppel.

Toast: Dude, I didn't know he is a real newsman now.

Fred: And of course, the latest story today covers the latest bank robbery of former millionaire Louis Richardson, now known as Slasho. People remember Louis for losing his shirt on a bet some time ago.

(R6 whistles to himself. No one pays him attention.)

Fred: He tries to get back on his feet by working at a nuclear power plant. However, an explosion had occurred and it put him in the hospital. That explosion must have injured his brain, because now he declared his life of crime. Because the explosion has totally injured his face, he now wears a ski mask for the rest of his life.

(QC to Slim's room. He is watching this with interest.)

Fred: His latest bank robbery has involved sending a Dip monster to terrorize the people. Of course, it was destroy by my former H! cast member, Loud Kiddington. Anyway, the police are now...

(Slim turns off the TV. He smiles evilly)

Slim: I think, therefore I am. I think, I found a way to tortured my new target.

(He laughs evilly)

{Fade to later on that night. Then cut to a TV replaying Moppel's report for about two seconds, until it is violently turned off. Pan back to see Slasho with an angry scowl on his eyes}

Slasho: Those kids utter...refusal...to expire...IS DRIVING ME INSANE!!!

Roughhouse: But you only tried to get them once, shouldn't it take at least 5 more tries to do that?

Jackhammer: Yeah, and aren't you insane already?

Slasho: Unless you want your new jobs to be test subjects for whatever deadly thing I create next, shut up and get back to work!! My palace won't build itself!

{Now we can see that the goons and disformed former millionaire are in a room just as polished and neat as a rich man's house...at least half of it. The rest seems to be under pretty heavy construction}

Roughhouse: Hey, wouldn't it be easier to just have the trademark high tech hideout instead of this back breaking rich stuff?

Slasho: I didn't steal all that money just to lay back and live in a dump. I haven't been poor that long! Now leave me to grumble and ponder my foes demises while you and that new guy over there get to work!

Jackhammer: You didn't hire a new guy, did you?

Slasho: Then why else is someone watching us over there? {Points to a shadowed figure} Wait one minute, who is that?!

Figure: Oh, just a friend. But you may call me...{Jumps out of the shadows and speaks in a cartoonish like low voice} Slim Berry!

Roughhouse: Boy, that was over the top.

Jackhammer: Really, I couldn't tell.

Slim: Actually I can be theatrical, but I have been working to broaden my horizons as a serious actor...of evil and pain!

Slasho: Great great, now its time for your most convincing role. {Goes over and grabs Slim} Dead guy! But first, how'd you find us?! Did you use some sort of box or super powered machine?!

Slim: Actually, your goon squad helped me by not noticing as I followed them from their trip to the store.

Slasho: I just had to have some extra snacks, didn't I? No matter boys, you can make it up by cleaning up this boy's remains when I make them lifeless!

Slim: Good plan, except that I'm not the one you want dead.

Slasho: I find that hard to believe with every passing second.

Slim: Really? What about someone we both want the living world to be rid of, the Histerians? {Slasho lets Slim go}

Slasho: What about them?

Slim: A Dip monster? Not a bad scheme, at least it fared better than my killer robot that my 180 I.Q thought up of.

Slasho: {Pause} Boys, leave us be, I may have stumbled onto a new pal here.{The goons leave}

Slim: Good, now it's just us vengeance experts. But we're not quite good at actually carrying out the whole revenge part, sadly. Together though, it might be...{flamboyantly} fabulous!

Slasho: Hold on, what do you have against them? I have the ultimate motivation, so yours must pale in comparison.

Slim: Let's just find out with the magic of me whispering it to you. I mean it's just too good to say out loud this early in the game. {Slim starts whispering to Slasho}

Slasho: Really? No. That really happened? Wow, that is quite surprising. I suppose I can't turn down someone who wants those...people barely deserving to be called people wiped out. But what else can you do that will put the nail in this deal coffin?

Slim: We both want them dead, but we want one gone in particular. You went after my guy Loud, but we both know you want the guy with an R for a first fake name.

Slasho: {Low} R6. The reaper of my fortune and of my former woman!

Slim: Oh great, now we're gonna get to that bad guy wants old girl back cliché.

Slasho: Not in the least, in fact I'd rather off her first so I can make R6 want me to turn his body to dust!

Slim: Same goes for a little lady called Charity Bazaar. We can really help each other here. We shall kill the others, but we'll give our fab four victims the special treatment. You help me make Mr. Kiddington's farewell special, and R6 will get an equally splashy goodbye courtesy of Silm!

Slasho: Then step this way my new best friend, and we'll have ourselves a pre revenge fest party!

Slim: Not too late though, those preps I took to keep my old "folks" from thinking I'm not in bed won't hold up past morning.

Slasho: Okay, then let's go quick to make sure your real dreams will be most delightful. {The two laugh as they walk out to start planning}

(The next night, Slim is at his home, working on his plans. He worked down the last detail)

Slim: Perfectin. My three phrases are now in order. All I had to do is to make it will worked.

(He sneaks downstairs. The Parkinsons are asleep. He heard a knock on the door. He looked around and smiles evilly. He opens the door. Slasho is there)

Slasho: So had you got a plan yet?

Slim: Of course. Come in.

(Slasho did so. Slim close the door)

Slim: These phrases will assure us that we will annihilate the four we been wanting to destroy. It's all I ever wanted.

Slasho: I know that by now!

Slim: I had memorized all the phrases so let's get start. My first phrase is...

Bob: (V/O) Berry! Are you up?!

(Both villains looked up the stairs. Bob and Julie are awaked too)

Julie: Slim, didn't we tell...oh my gosh! It is Slasho!

Bob: Slim! How dare you brought that monster into the house! I am calling the police!

(He ran downstairs. However, Slasho was quick and grab him in time.)

Slasho: I don't think it will be your concern...anymore!

Slim: I must agree.

Julie: Slim, how could you?! We took you in and this is how you repay us?!

Slim: You never did anything for me at all. Slasho, buddy, these people do not want us to take our revenge. (Smiles evilly) Make them "regret" that decision.

Slasho: My pleasure.

(He took out a gun and points it at Bob. We QC to a closer vision of Slim. We heard gun shots although we don't see Slasho do it)

Slim: Perfect. Two less mice to worried about. (Laughs evilly)

(QC to next morning. We now see another news report by Fred)

Fred: A sad report we got this morning, as a beloved couple had been murder by Slasho last night. They were found dead in their home when their relative arrives to visit them. This murder is now on Slasho's evil deeds list. Their only survivor is a boy they adopted a long time ago named Slim Berry. We now go live to outside the murder house.

(QC to Slim's house. Slim is talking to reporters. He is crying, although it is obvious to readers that he is faking it)

Slim: (faking remorse) Oh my gosh! How could he?! They were the only family to care about me. Why me? Why me?! I supposed I must live on my own since I can no longer bared to lived here anymore. No (pretending to sniff) no more questions.

(QC to Fred)

Fred: A sad boy, indeed. Of course, the police are now looking for Slasho more conveniently now. (Fred been handed another paper) Speaking of the devil, we got the latest bank robbery made by Slasho this morning.

(QC to an apartment. It looks dirty, but has lots of science stuff around. It is now Slim's new home. He is talking on a cell phone)

Slim: HA! They fell for it, hook, line, and sinker! Now you got what I need, right? (Listens and smiles evilly) Excellent, soon we will begin on the first phrase and soon we will destroy those four. Carry on, Slasho. (Hangs up phone) Those four don't know what they are going to bring themselves into. And soon the last story they will be hearing will be my story.

{Back at the H! studio, we see Sammy and Chit looking a bit jumpy. Therefore it does not help that Loud comes up behind them and starts yelling}

Loud: GUYS, YOU GOTTA COME QUICK AND SEE THIS! {The two nervous nellies jump}

Sammy: Must you do that every time you see me, especially now?!

Loud: Gee, you loved it while I was on TV.

Chit: That was then, this is now when we could be attacked by a madman any second! He had the gall to kill a kid's foster family, so what'll stop him from slaughtering us?!

Loud: Then you have even more reason to come with me, that very victim of Slasho's bloodlust is gonna give you your answer!

{The three run over to a nearby TV where once again, Slim is on the news}

Slim: {Fake sadness again} as sad as I am to have my...beloved family gone, sob, I can't take living in a world where tragedies like this happen. But I'm not gonna increase your ratings with a suicide on the air to follow up on that- and there's no need for fake sighs of relief, you Faye Dunaway wannabes- but instead I shall increase ratings by introducing this wonderful creation that will save the world!

{He pulls out a regular sweatshirt and puts it on}

Slim: Now before you walk away frustrated that hype once again wasted itself on inferior products, stay here and you'll get the attempted death of self after all.

{He gets out a gun and a remote. He pushes a button on the remote first, then points the gun at his heart and fires. He falls down for a second- then gets back up unhurt}

Slim: Ta da! The new, world changing, fame deserving, bulletproof shield designed as a sweatshirt has passed the test. Inside the fabric of this shirt is mechanics that will activate a special shield to deflect bullets or charging swords as soon as they present danger. And it's invisible, so the would be killer won't have a clue what happened, giving you the chance to strike back. With this, no one will ever go what I went through again, it's my gift to the world! And pretty soon, I'll have enough gifts for everybody, so I've got to go and make that happen sooner! {He leaves as the reporters ask questions}

Sammy: {Pause} Um, will you excuse me, I have a genius boy I'd like to talk to.

Mr Smartypants: He said he didn't have enough for the public yet, remember? Hey, how come a kid thought this up and had the technology to do it, and I didn't? Does that seem weird?

Lydia: No, it sounds wonderful. Finally guns won't take innocent lives and perhaps they'll even be outlawed. That'll deprive me of working to keep them off cartoons, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Aka: At least it'll make that guy cool as a million cats, but it does make it even more of a shame that he did this after the worst thing possible.

Froggo: I know, but it is quite a successful story that the press and public won't let us forget for a few months.

Charity: I don't want to, this Berry guy is too much of a success story now. This'll make sure Slasho won't kill anyone else and then maybe he won't go after us.

Loud: It's about time we heard of someone with the right ideas for revenge. All we need is about 10 more of him and we'll be even.

{Fade to Moppel's voice talking over the scenes of Slim and Slasho making the sweatshirts and the public then going crazy trying to get some in the stores}

Moppel: {V.O} Of course the top story tonight has been the top story for the last 2 months, Slim Berry's revolutionary bullet proof shirt. In only a short time, he has made millions of them and become rich overnight. The public can't get enough of this new protection against gun touting psychos, especially since it seems that this has ended the crime wave of Slasho, being as it's now 2 months since his last attack. And it appears it will get even better, as tonight is the grand opening of the Slim Berry corporation, where he plans to introduce a new and different, but nevertheless wonderful invention, to a star struck crowd.

{Cut to Moppel finishing his report on TV as the H! cast watches}

Moppel: So once again, tonight is a grand party at the new Berry corp, and therefore I have an excuse to leave early and get a primo seat to this wunderkid's next move. I'm Fred Moppel, and this...is me leaving! {He runs out before the TV gets turn off by Loud}

R6: I can't believe how fast this whole thing has been happening, it's like 2 months became just 1 1/2 pages of fanfic paper, isn't it?

Miss Info: And best of all, no Slasho attacks, so that must make you very happy indeed.

R6: Hey, Lyds shares my happiness, why don't you rub the guy's connection to her in her face, the guy did deserve the fate my brilliant picks gave him!

Robert: Just like Slim deserves his fate, even moreso since he invited all of us to his gala party. But still, something tells me we're entering cliché city since this could be a setup.

Toast: When are you gonna leave the cliché thing alone, overly critical dude? Besides, nothing could be bad at a PARTY!

Pepper: I'll scream to that, AH HA! This is gonna be so much fun, we'll get to meet the master builder himself who was so funny in "The Mask" and "The Cable Guy" too!

Charity: {impersonating Pepper} Hey, he's not Jim Carrey, gipola! {Normal} Just thought I'd spare you your breath this time, Pep.

JusSonic: She has spare breath, but we have little spare time, we gotta get ready to go! I wanna meet this guy as quick as possible since he's such a great character, full of depth and surprises, someone I couldn't have made better if I was his creator!

Cho-Cho: Good thing you're not, or you'd be responsible for his family's murder and Slasho running about. Rob's got the market cornered on stuff like that already.

Lucky Bob: Yes now, one guy like that is bad enough now!

Robert: I won't dignify that with a protest.

{Nearby, Loud and Charity are talking}

Loud: Do you have a bad feeling about this, Charity? Someone always has bad feelings about stuff like this, and you're the best candidate for that.

Charity: Of course not, I'm happy that we finally have something to do. I guess once you have so many adventures, you kinda hate being in the background.

Loud: Then I guess I have to take that role I just brought up. It's a bit uneasy for me to meet this Slim guy. Since it's easy to blame us for creating Slasho, it's even easier for us to be blamed in a small way for Slim's family's death.

Charity: Then it's even easier still to have a role in his great invention. His horrible ordeal did drive him to do all this, and if it's true we unintentionally caused this, his rise to world wide fame balances out the deaths 5 time over, doesn't it?

Loud: In the words of Sudweiser's ad guys, true, true. I guess you're right as always, besides, we've never met and he probably only knows who we are through the invitations, so what problem could he have with us?

{Pan to a huge building with the name Slim Corp in front. Inside, Slim is standing in a huge room where his gala premiere will be, talking on the phone}

Slim: So everything is set and the vengeance part will begin now with no problems, right?

{Cut to Slasho on the other end of the call}

Slasho: Yep, this is a long way to go to get them to fall into our trap, but the money helped sooth it over.

Slim: Your new devices and other strange stuff you made with 1/4'th of my dough will work as planned when needed as well, am I right on that?

Slasho: As soon as your new invention does what is needed, we'll find out, won't we?

Slim: Ooh, this is exciting, I'm getting the goosebumps all over, we're actually gonna get what we've wanted at last!

Slasho: To the end of a long wait for justice, my friend, this we shall officially "toast" to tonight!

Slim: Why'd ya mention him, he's not a main target of us.

Slasho: Come on, every good villain needs to makes a groan inducing pun or two, it's an unwritten rule. Rhymes are included there too.

Slim: Fitting, for tonight we shall break the no.1 evil rule of all. We shall not lose. I think that was a good enough cue to stop our talking and start laughing right?

Slasho: Whatever floats your boat or any other personal items you now have!{The two laugh again}

(QC to a few hours later. It is nighttime and the party has started. We go to the huge room where the party is being held. Some reporters are now talking to Slim)

Woman reporter: Mr. Berry, how does it feel to rebound after a horrible death?

Slim: Well, my parents' death has upset me. But lucky there is a thing called continuing on from the horror. I am happening to be doing that.

Man reporter: But rumor has it you been 16 for some time now. Can you explain that?

Slim: No, it is just a rumor. Now if you excused me I got other people to talk to.

(He managed to get away from the reporters and over to a table where a gorilla is serving snacks. When the gorilla speaks to Slim, however, it sounds familiar. That is because...)

Roughhouse: Do I have to wear this ridiculous outfit?! It is hot in here!

Slim: Look, if people spot you, there is going to be a panic! Don't forget you worked for Slasho as well as me!

Roughhouse: But...

Slim: Shut up, and continue serving until I say otherwise!

(He heard a shriek. He turns to the entrance. The Histerians, the writers, and Dr. Harry Norman arrived)

Roughhouse: Man, those Histerians are popular. Why can't you be popular?

Slim: Shut up! You are here to work! Does my mole looked fine?

Roughhouse: Yes.

Slim: Good. Excuse me.

(QC to the new arrivals)

Harry: I am glad I was invited. Though I must confess that I got a bad feeling about this. But it is gone now.

JusSonic: You probably need a break after your experiences with Evil Loud and HIM.

Miss Info: Don't ya all worry. I am sure nothing bad will happen.

Mr. Smartypants: Uh, yes. Hey, Miss Info, want to get a snack?

(Before Miss Info can answered, Slim walked over to them)

Slim: Well, well, if it isn't the Histerians!

Chit: If it isn't, you got the wrong people! (Everyone glare at him) Geez, I can't get a good joke these days!

Slim: Nope. (To Loud) And you must be Loud Kiddington.

Loud: I guess.

Slim: I heard about you and your friends' experience with a certain mad scientist.

WOW: Look, if you don't mind, we don't want to discuss
Gene here thanks.

Slim: Ah, don't want to go into the bad times, eh?

Harry: Excuse me. Don't I know you?

Slim: Forget me already, heh? I was at the science convention you were at last year.

Harry: Oh yes! I remember! You were asking me about Loud Kiddington!

Loud: Why do you want to know about me?

Slim: Let's just say (thinks of a lie) I am a fan of yours. And don't you worried, I hold no grudge about you and the 24 Hours events.

Froggo: Last time someone said that, it was...

Aka: Don't be ridiculous, Froggy! This homey is just innocent!

Slim: More than you know. You are all just in time for the showing of BerryCorp's new product!

(Three minutes later, Slim is just doing that. There is a big machine just like in "Batman Forever".)

Slim: I would like to introduce...my Virtual Dreamer!

(The audience ooh and aah)

Slim: This device is like a virtual reality device, but you can be asleep while using that!

Toast: Dude, that's cool!

Slim: Now, who wants to use it first?

Lydia: Why don't you try it, R6?

R6: Do I have to?

Lydia: Why not? It will be fun!

R6: Okay. I will volunteer, Mr. Berry.

Slim: Wonderful! Just get in and the computer will do the rest.

(R6 does so. Those who seen "Batman Forever" knows how he does it. While no one was looking, Slim gives a signal to Roughhouse. The gorilla nodded and put in a device on the generator of the Virtual Dreamer called "Virus Trapper." He then went back to the snack table)

{Fade to what looks like R6's dream sequence. It's pretty much what you'd expect from the guy, as he's in a palace like room and Lydia is nuzzling next to him}

R6: Ah, this dream never gets old even after 10 billion times.

Lydia: Dream? Oh, this is real my love, almost heartbreakingly so.

R6: Okay, that h word was a new addition to things, and that was added why?

Lydia: I'm too good for you. You're so excellent and witty, and I'm just an annoying, nagging, unflashy woman.

R6: Had too much excitement, didn't you? That's the only reason I can forgive such untruthfulness.

Lydia: Listen to me, we're living a lie! We're too different to ever work out, and we are not the only ones!

R6: Look, I know you don't like Smartypants, but I thought the fact that the other one in the duo was your best friend would wipe out your complaining.

Lydia: No, the other group of opposites, the most famous one. After you wake up, you must go over and dump me, then you have to set things up so Loud and Charity finally have bumps in their perfect alliance.

R6: Why in the name of creation would I even want to do that?!

{Lydia's eyes then beginning to spiral like a hypnotist's eyes as she stares directly at R6}

Lydia: You will break up with me. You will destroy those other two's happiness. You will do it because you want to, and because you have no choice. And tell no one where you got the inspiration to do it.

R6: {Struggling} Subliminal messaging, classic...move...working...nicely.

Lydia: Now go over and start the breaking of love.

{Back inside the room, everything is quiet: until the front door is shot to pieces and Slasho marches in}

Slasho: All right, hands up unless you're filled with a desire to see the Lord in person.

Guest: {Bored} Oh, it's Slasho, I'm so scared.

Slasho: You I like, shame you'll probably die soon.

Guest: That was sarcasm because you can't hurt us. We have those shirts!

Slasho: No you don't, you people were so overconfident no one would rob this place that you didn't even bother to put on those shirts! I didn't become successful at evil just cause I have big toys, you know! Speaking of which...

{Another Dip monster, even larger and slimier than the first, comes crawling in. It then shoots out Dip which then covers several guests and makes them fall incapacitated}

Slasho: Um, this is the part where you run and scream which you should have done a minute ago. Thank you anyway, but now it's mayhem time.

{The Dip monster then starts attacking the guests as Slasho goes over to the Histerians}

Slasho: Hi guys, miss your old buddy? I just had to come on over and catch up on old times. {Looks at Lydia} And speaking of old, it appears it hasn't quite taken hold of you yet, my dear. You always knew how to get someone into a spell where you could show your "talents" outside the workplace.

Miss Info: She has talents all right, but she's no magician, you confused evil man!

Lydia: I'll handle this. You should enjoy these calm moments Louis, cause when my new guy, you know, the guy that helped tip me off to your plans and utterly ruined you, shows up, it'll just burn your top, if it's not burned already.

Slasho: I could say the same to you, Lyds. Now I've got to go and get back to destruction, and by the way, I made sure that the freezing trick won't work on my monster, it's freeze proof in layman's terms. You'd do best just to run in circles now, so toodles until I get back to you.

{The Dip monster then shows up behind Slasho. He then steps aside as the monster comes closer to our friends}

Aka: All those in favor of running away in a big hurry, raise...no, we don't even have time for that, just run fast to show that I had a good idea!

{The gang runs and gets to the front door- until two robots show up blocking it}


Sammy: Good, then how do we survive this second one, genius?

Smartypants: And as a genius, it's my opinion that we can't let that monster go unignored.

Harry: Half of you take those robots down, the rest come with me and we'll go after the monster.

{As they do that, we cut to the back of the room as R6 comes out of the Virtual room. As he does, Slim runs over to Slasho nearby}

Slim: You're lucky you didn't ruin everything by showing up early! Don't think I didn't gain all that money just to let mistakes slide!

Slasho: Patience is not a virtue for me, seeing as if I really have no virtues to begin with. Besides we're getting tired of this whole mind game thing, we want them dead!

Slim: We? So, which one of you am I talking to?

Slasho: Enough jokes, is your plan ready to work?!

Slim: Just start robbing the paying customers and I'll ensure that the rest is done.

{R6 is now under a table behind Loud and Charity, who are throwing as many things as they can find to hurt the monster as he battles the others}

Charity: We can't stay here for long, he's gonna get tired of them and go to us soon!

Loud: Keep throwing stuff until we can think of something better!

Charity: Fine but...Loud! This is no time for funny stuff like pinching me!

Loud: I did nothing of the kind, and this is hardly the time for imagining stuff!

Charity: Fine. {Turns around and gasps a second later} Loud! What did I just say, stop pinching me!


{This outburst makes the monster finally turn around and move towards the duo}

Loud: All right then monster, take...Charity!

Charity: What?! Did you say take me to the monster?!


Charity: I did nothing of the kind, and that's different from what you said because I'm telling the truth!

Loud: I do not want that thing to take you...although it's getting ready to now!

{The monster finally prepares to shoot a slime ball at them. Charity turns to see it, and at that point hands come out and push Loud, which leads to him staggeringto the left and bumping into Charity, who then staggers herself into the path of the slime ball, which scores a direct hit on her. At that point R6, the one responsible, runs away unnoticed}

{And at that point he goes over to Lydia, who's with the others trying to battle the robots}

R6: Hi Lyds, watcha doing?

Lydia: Battling for my life, is that an accurate enough answer fo you?

R6: Yeah, that's what I want to talk to you about.{The two then dodge laser fire from the robots}

Lydia: How about later on when we're not in danger from death!

R6: No, this is more apropos. I'm getting tired of all these adventures and dying and such, and I'm in them because I'm with these guys, but I'm only there because of you. So if I'm gonna live to see another birthday, I have to get out of here, and away from you to do it.

Lydia: WHAT?!!

{At that point one of the robots comes towards her and R6}

R6: Um, that was good timing, I'd better go now, see ya!

Lydia: Wait a minute, WAIT!

{The robot then prepares to shoot at her: but it shoots a net instead and traps her in it. Slasho sees this nearby and grins}

Slasho: Ah, that is a sweet sight to see. I think she's reached her lowest point now, so the carnage can begin. {Slim then runs over}

Slim: No, my unbalanced friend, no killing yet. Your arch foe has done his damage, so we shall let it do its work, leaving our targets miserable and separated. Then we let my real Virtual Dreamers implant subliminal messages like the prototypes, only ones that make them hate the Histerians, and then at that, their lowest point will happen, and then they'll be glad that death will come!

Slasho: Well, if it means extra misery, fine. But do we have to do this next part?

Slim: I need more popularity to get everyone to buy those dreamers, and they've already proven that beating super villains helps in that area. Now let's go.

{Slim runs away and Slasho runs after him. After a second, he catches him}

Slasho: Ha, I got you, now prepare to die!

Slim: No thanks. I have my bullet proof suit on!

Slasho: Good, I always liked the method of shooting someone in the forehead myself.

{Slim then hits himself in the heart before Slasho shoots: but the bullet seems to have deflected from his face}

Slim: {Loudly} Ah ha! My new improved shirt that with a punch to the heart, will activate a device that will shield the head worked!

Slasho: {Fake} No!

{Slim then takes Slasho's gun as he's moaning and aims at the net Lydia's in. He shoots and the shot creates a rip in the net. Lydia then pulls the other ropes apart and escapes}

Slim: You see Slasho, you shall never terrorize anyone with me and my inventions around, so just go!

Slasho: Fine, I have all the money I came for anyway, I'm out!

Slim: Oh, and here's one last present for you.

{Roughhouse places a metal bar as Slim talks and then Slim picks it up. He then throws it like a javelin at one of the robots, and it goes through it's stomach, making it weaken and then blow up}

Slasho: Okay, I know when I'm beat, let's get out of here boys!

{Slasho, the remaining robot, and the Dip monster leave as the Histerians finish getting everyone covered by Dip out. This includes Loud getting Charity out of her trap}

Loud: Charity, are you hurt?

Charity: Only inside. You pushed me in there!


Charity: Just like that yelling to take me away was?


Charity: I wish there was some joke I could squeeze in to lighten this up, but I can't, it's too sick!

{Nearby, R6 is talking with an outraged Lydia}

R6: It's gonna take me a few days to clean house and leave, so try not to kill me until then, okay?

Lydia: I should try right now, being left by you to be caught is a pretty good reason for it!

R6: I had to go and help the others out, it's not like Slasho would kill the one he loved, so there was no danger.

Lydia: You want danger?! I've got some to spare, let me unload it on you!! {Miss Info then comes and breaks up the altercation}

Miss Info: Stop this, I was too busy fighting those things to see what happened, but it can't be that bad to result in violence!

Lydia: You're right, let's go. I need time to think of a more painful retaliation for this guy!

{The two walk away arguing, and followed by them is Loud and Charity arguing}

Toast: Okay, what just happened to make those guys go all angry and looney tunes, dudes?

Harry: You make a terrific point there, my friend.

Toast: I did? They were right, there is a first time for everything!

Harry: Yes, now to an on topic discussion. What in the world happened to those four to make them fight?

Froggo: Well I at least was able to hear Loud's side of things, which isn't hard to do. Apparently they were pinching each other during the fight and he denied pushing Charity in harm way though she says he did.

Miss Info: That's crazier than 10 Slasho's put together! But it does give us something to do other than wait for Slasho to come back. We've got to find out what happened back there. Maybe it was the villain's fault since our villains always set this thing up.

Father Time: But no villain could have set all that up by himself unless they were super smart, and Slasho isn't that smart to do it. Well, that gives us more to think about when we get back, let's go and start the process.

{The rest of the gang leaves the room as nearby Slim is taking orders for his products by every remaining guest}

Slim: {to himself} Two phases down, one more to go. And then, the glory of pure cold blooded justice. {Out loud} Sold for $10,000! Who else wants to bid high money on my wonderful, wonderful products of wonder? {To himself} And wonderful, wonderful emotional pain.

(Back at the H! studio, everyone been talking about what has happened at the party)

F. Time: Okay, it's agreed. Someone else must be helping Slasho in this.

Froggo: I guess. I mean who else could have improved the Dip monster and make those robots?

Aka: Oh boy, someone must be desperate to try to destroy us.

JusSonic: Speaking of which, how are the foursome?

Robert: Not so good. It looks like Loud and Charity may be breaking up.

JusSonic: What?! No way in heck that will happen! I will try to talk to Loud.

(He walks away. The others are still talking)

Miss Info: First of all, what could have cause R6 to break up with Lydia like that?

Pepper: If you ask me, it happened when he got out of Slim's Virtual Dreamer thingie.

Toast: Whoa dude! Does this means the Virtual Dreamer was tampered with?!

Cho-Cho: Slasho must have done the deed and must have hypnotized R6 to do that.

Lucky Bob: Yes now!

Robert: But how can we explained why Loud and Charity got angry at each other?

Harry: (V/O) I believe I can answer that.

(Harry came in)

Sammy: Harry! Why are you here? I thought you went back to Long Beach!

Harry: I changed my mind. While you guys went back here, I got suspicious and went back to the Virtual Dreamer. (Flashbacks of him doing so) I inspected it and found this. (He found a disk that Roughhouse put in the Dreamer earlier) How about inspecting it, Mr. Smartypants?

Mr. Smartypants: Gladly.

(QC to where Loud is. He sighs. JusSonic came in)

JusSonic: Hey there, little buddy!

Loud: HUH?! (Sees JusSonic) Oh, it's you.

JusSonic: Mind telling me what is going on?

Loud: Oh man. If you were in my place, you would feel miserable too.

JusSonic: Look, I am sure Charity didn't do something bad to you. It must have been Slasho's work.

Loud: The problem is, she thought I did those things at the party. I lost her for sure.

(JusSonic grew annoyed)

JusSonic: Listen kid. You been my favorite character since I seen your show! I am not letting you become a self-loathing person again that you got rid of since the event.

Loud: Really?

JusSonic: Really, really. So why don't you talked to her? I am sure if you do, she must realize her mistake.

Loud: I guess I should. You know, you were the next person to give me back my confidence since Reverend Karris.

JusSonic: Except I won't die this time!

(They both laughed. QC back to the others. Everyone is looking at Mr. Smartypants's computer. R6 and Lydia are there now, except they are far away from each other. Charity is there also. Mr. Smartypants is inspecting the disk and found something)

Mr. Smartypants: Ah ha! This disk had hypnotism on it!

F. Time: Meaning...?

Mr. Smartypants: Simple. Someone must have put this disk in the Virtual Dreamer to give it a new program. It must have hypnotized R6 to dump Lydia, and look, it also hypnotized him to try to separate Loud and Charity!

(Everyone gasp, while JusSonic and Loud came in)

R6: Are you saying I was hypnotized to do that?!

Mr. Smartypants: Yep.

Lydia: Now I am glad it wasn't R6's fault, just my ex-boyfriend!

R6: And my mind is clear now. So I guess Slasho's hypnotism wore off! Come here, you.

(He manages to kiss Lydia, who later whack him on the head)

Lydia: Good try, Johnny.

Loud: Wait a minute, did I heard right? Slasho hypnotized R6 into trying to separate me and Charity?!

Charity: Loud! I didn't hear you come in!

Loud: I was trying to talk to you and hoped to forgive each other.

Charity: After hearing this, I am glad you didn't do those things on purpose. Come here.

(They did their trademark kiss while everyone cheer)

Sammy: Okay, now that is clear up. Now what?

Aka: Yo, homey! This is serious!

Pule: Slasho was planning to tamper with the Virtual Dreamer so people will try to kill us?

Robert: Pule??? What are you doing here?

Pule: Hey! I did good in JusSonic's "Mystery Histeria Theater 3000" story. At least, give me some slack!

Pepper: Cooly-cool!

(No one notices, but there is a camera robot outside the window, monitoring what they were saying and doing. We got to where the action is being broadcast. We are at Slim and Slasho's hideout. They are viewing this. Slasho is frustrated while Slim seems calm.)

Slasho: Blast! They found out!

Slim: Yes. I never expected Dr. Norman to sneak in while I wasn't looking. Luckily, that disk won't be trace to me.

Slasho: I thought if we did that, we would split them up and make them try to kill the Histerians then each other! This plan is a failure!

Slim: Needless to say, we must change the plan. The last phrase will be called "Operation: Final Confrontation (T. M)"

Slasho: Ooh! You got a new idea! Let me hear it!

Slim: I will. Slasho, gathered up your men and my inventions and go over to Warner Bros studios. Kidnapped the cast except for Loud, R6, and Harry.

Slasho: Why not those three?

Slim: For a good reason, my friend. Loud and R6 will go to rescued their friends and their loved ones, who, as I will say it, be the captive audience. Dr. Norman won't be a threat to me...anymore.

Slasho: Huh? Oh! I think I know what you mean. I will get right on it. (Laughs evilly as he walks away)

Slim: Yes. Soon we will meet again Loud, and it will be your final Final Confrontiation! In the words of Ace Ventura, "All Rightly Then!" (Laughs evilly)

{Back at the studio a while later, the group is still pondering}

Froggo: So what's our next move? Do we wait for Slasho to slip up, or investigate this possible partner of his ourselves?

Pepper: But what if there is no partner? What if he really is doing this himself and has it in for us that badly? I _don't_ love that!

Loud: There has to be someone else, otherwise why would he target me and Charity primarily, along with R6 and Lydia?

Sammy: Maybe you're just a villains magnet and can't do anything about it? {Pause} Well Chit's already got the market cornered on stupid lines, I deserve my share! Especially since it's plausible.

Harry: No it isn't. Slasho blames all of you for making him who he is, so he should try to go after all of us equally. Instead he goes after our favorite couple along with the obvious targets.

Aka: Hey, I hope that wasn't a joke against the couple I'm part of, we're pretty popular too, you know!

JusSonic: Don't I know it, but what Harry says has truth's ring to it. Whoever he is, he wants Loud and Charity just as much as Slasho wants the other two. I hate him already.

R6: At least now I know how it feels to be your favorite male character with this mess.

Loud: Um, thanks, I guess.

{A knock on the door is heard}

Sammy: I'll get it; maybe it's some business people who can take our minds off this whole mess for 2 seconds.

Chit: Okay, well I got 10 bucks saying it isn't, who wants to take that? {Pause} Well it probably is someone evil, you can't blame me for being right for once!

Sammy: Actually he's wrong again; it's just some electricians carrying a very large set of tools to some equipment near here.

{Nearby, we see Jackhammer and Roughhouse, disguised as electricians, with their arms around a huge bag}

Charity: Those are the most familiar looking plumbers I've ever seen.

Voice: {Coming from the bag} Thanks, I didn't want the whole "who are those guys?" stage to go on real long either, so let's cut to the chase!

WOW: Hey, since when can bags talk?

Voice: When they have things other than tools in 'em...dangerous things! {Someone rips out of the bag to reveal himself to be Slasho}

Chit: Hey, I was right! Nostradamus, you finally got some company!

Slasho: Shut up, and no more Nostradamus jokes to follow that up, I'm pressed for time! You insignificant people get out of the way, I've got important people to take out.

Pule: That's it! Every time we face someone us supporting guys are always ignored and put down! Well we can do some great things too, like bring you down cold! Who's with me?!

{A long pause happens afterwards}

Lucky Bob: Um...get them now! {At that everyone cheers and springs to life and charges at the trio of baddies}

Pule: Sigh, well I can't say I didn't try this time.

{The H! gang divides into three groups and jumps all over each of the goons. Jackhammer and Roughhouse are caught by surprise and can barely hold them off, but Slasho looks pretty bored as some of the characters tackle and hit him}

Slasho: Bored, totally bored. We need something seen in every adventure in history to fix that. It's blowey uppy time!

{Two explosions are now heard, which stop the good guys onslaught. They then see two holes in the front wall, and then two robots going through them. Slasho then takes advantage of his foes distraction and pushes them off him, while the goons do the same}

Smartypants: I knew it was a good idea to save these metal bars.{He pulls said metal bar out of his pants and aims it at a robot}Good idea, saving up weapons against robots. Bad idea-

{He is cut off as claws replace the robot's fingers and slash the bar in half}

Smartypants: Bad idea, not having a backup plan except for getting away from here!

{The Histerians are now either getting out of the way of robot fire, or jumping on them to distract them. This has some effect, but not that much}

Jackhammer: Phew, we can take a break now; those things will handle them.

Slasho: Yes, don't want you to waste your energy before the final big battle. {The robots start attacking the Histerians} But I have some to spare, so if you'll excuse me.

{Slasho walks over to where Loud is trying to fend off a robot. He then grabs the boy and takes out a pistol}

Slasho: All right, do gooders, watch as the inevitable finally takes place! Goodbye, hurter of ears, a.k.a Loud!

R6: Stop! {Slasho turns to see his financial ruiner for the first time}

Slasho: Well well, isn't this a showdown long overdue.

R6: Leave him alone Louie! I'm the one you really want; take me instead of him!

Lydia: {Dreamily} What do you know, he has a backbone after all. {Normal} No one heard that, got it?

Slasho: Hmm....actually, I'd rather off you both.

[Slasho takes out another gun, and points both at Loud and R6 respectively}

Rest of the Histerians! NO!

{Slasho pulls both triggers: but clicking sounds are heard, meaning the guns are both empty}

Slasho: Gotcha, scardy cats.

{He begins to giggle as a creaking sound is heard. Slasho then grabs Harry out of the group to join Loud and R6 just as the roof above begins to break. And falling down along with the debris is the Dip monster. The same Dip monster which lands on all the remaining Histerians, and now has them all in it's belly}

Harry: No! They can't survive in that thing!

Slasho: Quit the concerned act, they can breathe in there, and they'll make it long enough to be alive when the final confrontation starts. Monster, drag them out of here.

Loud: OH NO YOU DON'T, YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY WITH THIS!{The robots then block his way to the monster}All right then, tell me this. Who's your partner in this, who are you taking them to? {Pause} WHO ARE YOU TAKING THEM TO?!!!

Slasho: Come on, I've been keeping it a secret for this long; give me a few more minutes. Don't worry, you'll easily be able to follow us, and the faster you let s go on our way, the faster you'll find them.

R6: So you're inviting us into a trap?

Slasho: And you're suggesting you'd leave your beloved Lydia instead of facing untold dangers, which she'll reward you with nicely if you both survive?

R6: God, I hate when evil genius make good points.

Harry: Why not take us in with them?

Slasho: We want some fun in your doom, and me most of all, no matter how obsessed with vengeance he is. {Leans in until he is right into his enemies faces} When this is over I may go down as someone who was second fiddle, someone who was just the brawn of the group, someone with no real ideas...but that doesn't mean I'll have any less fun to see you humiliate yourselves in saving them, and doing so for the final time. Come on boys; let's move out!

{The humans, robots, and Dip monster move on out of the studio as fast as possible. Once they are out of sight the remaining good guys run out and see a trial of slime leading out of the lot}

Loud: All right then, they're leading us to a trap and we have no possible way out of it because we'll have our friends and lovers ire if we don't, and that's if they survive. And unless we follow this, they won't, so let's go!

R6: Why'd you take all that time stating the obvious when we could be halfway there by now?!

{A car then comes up to them: it's Harry's car from 24 Hours, and Harry is driving it}

Harry: Funny that I'm the only one with quick ideas when I'm the only one without a girl trapped in there.{Loud and R6 get in}

R6: Yeah yeah, we'll discuss character differences after we save the guys and gals!

Harry: This thing hasn't got significant mileage since the marathon, but by following that trail of slime, it'll change that faster than whatever popular fast guy came out of the Olympics! Hang on!

{The car drives off following the slime trail. Now cut to Berry Corp, but specifically to the back of the Berry Corp building, where Slasho and friends have our friends. The Dip monster then releases the heroes and they catch their breath before the robots and humans surround them}

Roughhouse: Geez, I can't believe we carried them here in broad daylight and no one noticed or stopped us!

Slasho: We'll poke holes in our path to glory later after we send them to the rich boy.

Miss Info: Hey, this is the back of Slim Berry's company, what are we doing here?

JusSonic: Of course! Slim must be the bad guy, I knew there was something mysterious and wrong about that kid!

Lucky Bob: And they call me stupid, for shame.

Cho-Cho: Yeah, that Slim guy can't be evil, he's a success story, and Slasho's defacing it!

{As the discussion continues, the ground below them begins to lower and drop below ground slowly}

Pepper: But surprise endings always happen in movies, why can't they happen in real life?

Father Time: Because it's just too stupid that he could be evil under the noses of us and the entire world.

Voice: {Echo} Then prepare to be stupid!

{The ground finally stops lowering and the gang now finds themselves in a huge underground lair. And at the center is a giant throne, where Slim himself is lying with a sly grin}

Slim: Riddle me boys, and riddle me Jim. Time to be defeated by big bad Slim!

Jackhammer: Okay, which one of us is supposed to be Jim?

Roughhouse: None cause there ain't no Jim here, the genius screwed up.

Slim: Hey, you try coming up with chilling lines to greet doomed foes and see how easy it is!

Jackhammer: K, when?

Slim: Later! Wait wait, I've got a good one this time, let's see how this goes. {He walks over to the group} Say hello to Slim, dear Histerians, and in about, oh, 5-10 minutes after your heroes get here...you can say goodbye to life. Wow, that was so much better and it really got the facts across, didn't it? Now boys, get our captive audience comfy as I wait for our guests, and dream the end of a certain loudmouth for the last time until it becomes reality. Ha ha ha ha, I am smoking now!!

(We go to outside the factory. The car where Loud, R6, and Harry are in had arrived and parked)

R6: Wait a minute...this is Slim's territory! Why would Slasho bring them here?

Loud: Maybe he is trying to make Slim look bad.

Harry: I got a bad feeling that there is more to that. Listen, you two go in while I contract the police.

Loud: Shouldn't you come in?

Harry: Look, Loud. It is obvious that Slasho and whoever is working with him is targeting you and R6, not me. So if I stay here and do what I say, the police will be here and Slasho will have no way to escape.

R6: Look, any point in this before Slasho destroys my lover?!

Harry: Take a look at this.

(He holds up some sort of device)

Harry: It is called a radio dot. It is so small that a villain can hardly see it. I will put it on Loud so I can hear whom Slasho is working with. (He puts the dot on Loud) There, it is done. Now go in there!

(Loud and R6 got out of the car, while Harry stay put. They go into the factory. We QC to the underground lair. Slim and Slasho is watching the two go in on the monitors)

Slim: Well, well. Our plan worked. Looks like they fell for the trap. Slasho, buddy, why don't you go upstairs and entertained your "guest"?

Slasho: Certainly. (Chuckles evilly) R6 has this one coming.

(QC to upstairs. Loud and R6 are still looking around)

R6: How hard is it to find a bunch of captives in a factory?!

Loud: Maybe Slasho took them underground.

R6: Why did you say that?

Loud: Because look.

(He points to stairs with a sign over the door that says "Basement. Try looking in here.")

R6: Why would Louis show us where they are?


(They head for the door. A rumble is heard, however, and when Loud got to the door, he turns around and sees a wall that blocks him from R6. He tries to pushes it out of the way. Didn't work. He frowns.)

Loud: Now what?

Harry: (V/O) Just keep going.

Loud: What?!

Harry: (V/O) It is me, Loud. I am able to communicate with you through the device.

Loud: Okay, but what about R6?

Harry: (V/O) He will be fine. Surely, he will find another way in.

(Loud sighs and go down the stairs. Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, R6 looks frustrated and decides to find another way in. Just then...)

Slasho: (V/O) Forget someone?!

(R6 turns only to receive a punch to the face by Slasho.)

Slasho: Now where were we?

(R6 angrily punches him-hard)

R6: You are about to lose, you dirtbag!

(R6 manages to tackle Slasho. However, the evil fiend tosses him aside and begins to lunge on him. He knockes R6 down and use his brass knuckles to make a tear in his shirt)

R6: That's my favorite shirt!

Slasho: I don't know why Lyds would fall for a pathetic loser like you!

(This made R6 mad. Really mad. He kicks Slasho off of him. Slasho fell a few inches away. He didn't had time to get back up as R6 got up first and rushed over to him and kicked him in the stomach. Slasho manages to slip away and got up. He tries to recover but R6 tackle him again. Slasho got push to a pit. He fell in, but manages to avoid an instant death by holding onto the edge. R6 looks over him)

Slasho: Well, I supposed this is it. You can go ahead and killed me.

(R6 thought for a moment. He shook his head and help Slasho out of the pit)

R6: No...I rather see you in prison!

(Slasho smiles)

Slasho: Well, the Histerians taught you well. You are a nice lad. (Quickly got out a gun and points it at R6's head) Stupid, but nice.

(R6 gulps. QC to downstairs. Loud was searching around until he found a throne room. He started to look around when...)

Slim: (V/O) Looking for something?

(The throne turned around to reveal...)

Loud: YOU!

Slim: Yes, Kiddington. It is me.

Loud: You are Slasho's partner?!

Slim: Well, duh. Besides some other known villains, who else would (pretends to cry) expect poor innocent Slim Berry? (Laughs evilly)

(QC to Harry's car. He is hearing Slim's voice in the device in disbelief)

Harry: I knew it! I knew something fishily is wrong with that guy!

(QC back to lair)

Loud: But...but Slasho killed your foster parents!!!

Slim: No, Loud. I ordered Slasho to killed them. They were fools, trying to get in my way for revenge. So in other words, I killed them without firing a shot.

(Loud gets angry)

Loud: Then it was you who hypnotize R6 to dump Lydia, and almost destroyed what me and Charity has!

Slim: (mocking) Ooh! The boy got smart! Where is my genius book? (Normal) Yes, it was me. I figured once you and Charity got separated, I will use my normal Virtual Dreamer on you to hate the others and kill them too, plus forcing you to see what you have done and committed suicide. (Pause) Or try to kill the remaining three.

Loud: You...monster!!

Slim: I would have succeeded, except your foolish friend Dr. Norman found out and restored the "peace".

(QC to Harry's car. He hears what Slim says in annoyance. He, however, continues to listen. Back to lair.)

Slim: Oh, in case you are wondering, it was me who was responsible for the first robot attack on your house.

Loud: WHAT?!

Slim: Well, you think Slasho was responsible for that attack? I mean his Dip monster didn't improved until after I joined him.


Slim: Why don't you ask them?

(He presses a button. A cage lowers down. The captive Histerians are in it.)

Charity: Loud!!

Pepper: I really hate this! (Laughing insanely)

Slim: Like I said before, I wanted a "captive" audience so looks like I got one.

(Loud tries to sneak away to helped his friends. However, Slim quickly grabbed a stick out of nowhere and pointed it at him. Electric shocks come out of it.)

Slim: Not a step further. Unless you want your friends to be barbecue.

Loud: (angrily) Look, Slim. I am going to make you paid for your evil deeds. This is between you and me!

Slasho: (V/O) And me.

(Slasho shows up besides Slim)

Slasho: And me! (Laughs evilly) Good Two-Face joke, huh?

Slim: Good timing. Now where is our new friend?

Slasho: He is coming down right about...

(A hole opens above the cage. R6 fell through it and landed in another hole in the cage. He is okay. Lydia went over to him)

Lydia: Are you all right, Johnny?!

R6: (dazed) I am fine, dear. No problem. I am an expert.

Robert: He is okay. This is normal for him.

Toast: Totally, dude.

(Loud tries to helped his friends again. However, a shock hits the floor before him and Loud manages to jumped back)

Slim: I say, "Not a step further!" What, your yelling have destroyed your hearing too?!

Robert: Funny. That sounds familiar.

WOW: Though I can't put my finger on it.


(Slasho cringes back after hearing this. Slim on the other hand...)

Slim: Oh, I have a grudge against you all right. Except in a certain type of way.

Loud: Huh?

Slim: Once you heard my story, like I told Slasho before all this happened, you will understand and be shocked! No pun intended. And your friends, including the one monitoring, are going to hear this!

Aka: Yo! How did you know Harry was listening?!

Slim: You think I am stupid?! How else did he and that R6 fool got here?! Now shut up and let me tell my story!!!

Cho-Cho: (Sighs) Looks like we don't have a choice.

Lucky Bob: Yes now!

Slim: Now then. I am a boy, yet I am not a boy.

Loud: Huh?!

Slim: You see, a few years ago, I was still in high school. I was 16 at the time and wanted to be a scientist.

Loud: Really?

Slim: Yep. The school, in case you are wondering, I go to is the one at Long Beach. However, I feared that my playful side would get in my way to being a serious scientist. I knew if I want to get rid of it forever, I got to go through an experiment.

(We go to the Long Beach high school. We see a flashback Slim struggling)

Slim: (V/O) It appears I will never be able to get rid of my playful side. Until one day...

(We see Slim talking to a teacher. The teacher has weird hair, is wearing a white lab coat, and looks very serious)

Slim: (V/O) My favorite teacher, Dr. Doorhider, offered to put me through an experiment. He says doing so will make me serious and will get rid of my playful side. I wanted to be serious so I accept his offer.

(We now see Slim going through the experiment. A few things happened; I couldn't describe them all. We return to the present)

Slim: It worked. My playful side is gone.

Loud: But you are playful now!

Slim: You see, while the experiment did good for me, it has a flaw.

Loud: What?

Slim: You see, unknown to my teacher, the experiment has created...a memory.

Miss Info: What?

Slim: Shut up! I am talking to the boy! Now then, a memory is like a clone. However, the difference is that the memory will never age no matter what you do.

Loud: And you...you are the memory?

Slim: Yes.

Froggo: But who are you then?

Slim: Can't you see I am talking to the boy?! Do you want me to talk to everybody?!

F. Time: He's right. We were rude, sorry.

Slim: Thank you. Now then, I walked out of the school and got lost for days until a cop found me and took me to an adoptive agency.

(Flashback again. We see a cop finding Slim outside confused. Another flashbacks shows him showing up at the agency)

Slim: (V/O) There, I stay. Of course, I knew who I was since I went through the experiment. However, since I couldn't prove of my existence since I did something to get rid of it, I was struck. One day, those two fools arrived.

(Flashback again. We see the Parkinsons at the agency. They see Slim and decide to adopt him. Back to present)

Slim: I was with them for years, although they found out that I will never age. I got frustrated until they took me to a science convention where I heard about how Dr. Gene Burrows almost destroyed Washington and a certain bunch of people that I had captured right now.

Loud: When did you decide to go after me?

Slim: I will get to that. Now I found you out from your friend, Dr. Harry Norman.

(QC to Harry's car. He heard this in shock)

Harry: Oh my gosh! I shouldn't have told him! It is my fault Loud is in this! (Calms down) Okay. Calm down Harry.You didn't know this will happened so you won't be a self-loathing person like Loud once was.

(Return to lair)

Slim: After that night, I looked up everything about Histeria on the internet and found out everything about you. What you did, who your friends were, whom you loved (smirked evilly at Charity), and your most deadliest enemy of all, Dr. Gene Burrows. It was then I decided to torture you.

Loud: Why did you team up with Slasho if you wanted to torture me?

Slim: Well, kid. I knew about the Gene and Vincent team-up in your last encounter with the evil doctor. I knew that because of you and your friends, including R6, (Slasho looks angrily when he hears this) he decides you ruined his life.


(Slim looks angry, then smiles)

Slim: Funny you should mention Gene. You see he and I are quite alike.

Loud: What do you mean?

Slim: You still don't know why I am doing this, are you?

Loud: No. I mean, why are you concerned with Gene? He died while you were still with the Parkinsons!

Slim: He and I, like I said, are quite alike in one way. And you should have known what that way is.

Loud: What...what do you mean? What is your connection to Gene?

Slim: Dr. Gene Burrows is my past, present, and (deep voice) future.

(Everyone looks confused, except Slasho and Slim. Slim frowns and pushes another button. A sign go down. It lights to say, "Slim Berry. Alias...Dr. Gene Burrows. Everyone gasps.)

Loud: NO!

Charity: No!

Miss Info: It can't be!

JusSonic: It couldn't be! Could it?

(QC to Harry's car. He hears this in shock)

Harry: No!

(Back to lair)

Slim: Yes, it is. You think I could keep my name "Slim Berry" forever, did you? If I wanted to be a serious scientist, I must change my name also. I choose it very carefully. My first name, "Gene", comes from the actor, Gene Wilder.

Robert: Gene Wilder isn't scary!

Slim: You should have seen him in "Young Frankenstein". As for my last name (snickers evilly), well how else do I want to "burrows" in my opponents' minds? A week later, I got the court to legally change my name to Gene Burrows, as if Slim Berry never existed at all!

(Loud still looks shocked after hearing whose Slim is)

Slim: So you see, Kiddington. When I say I have a grudge against you, I was talking about my real self. And when you fought Dr. Gene Burrows, you were actually fighting a grown-up Slim Berry!

Slasho: Wait, Gene's I.Q. is 178. Yours is 180.

Slim: Like I said before, a flaw. You see, when I came out, I was added two more I.Q. In other words, I now have an I.Q. of 180!

Loud: (angrily) Slim, you little...

Slim: Call me Gene, Loud. Now that my secret is out, I no longer have any use for the lame name.

Loud: Okay, Gene. I can see now that you are a psychopath even when you are a kid.

Gene: Thank you!

Loud: So, why don't you come down here and I will repay you personally.

Gene: I have a better idea. I liked to introduce to you an old friend of mine, and yours!

(Slasho pushes a button. A hole opens below the cage. The captives are shocked as they see that there is a dark pit below. Just then, Loud hears something above him. He manages to jump out of the way and see what it is. It looks like a ninja, except it has 6 arms and has a spider symbol on the head)

Gene: I like to introduce you to the Spider Ninja! One of my best improvements to my spiders yet! I wish I had come up with it. (Thinks a second) Oh wait! I did! (Laughs evilly)

Slasho: This is one Final Confrontation (T.M) you will never win.

Loud: Why did you say that?

Gene: Oh, didn't you know?

(The spider ninja then runs forward and punches Loud. The captives look shocked as the cage lowers one meter, then stops.)

Gene: Everything the ninja hits you, the cage lowers. There is now 9 meters between the pit and the cage. One more after the 9, and the cage will be released and your friends will take a plunge! (Makes whistling noises) Then you will hear their screams for the last time and then have the downfall that they are now dead killed you too.

Charity: Why do I have a feeling that 13 years from now, Loud's boss is going to say that?

Robert: (nervously) Uh, I don't know.

Slasho: This is the best way to finally get revenge on my foes!

Gene: Now, you may begin.

(The spider ninja jumps up and prepares to kick Loud in the head)

Loud: {Dodging the spider} GET AWAY, YOU SECOND RATE KNOCKOFF OF A ROBO SPIDER!{The spider ninja knocks Loud down and the cage drops another notch}

Slasho: Hmm, might we want to upgrade that rating in our last few moments of having live friends?

{Loud runs off and hides behind a console. As the spider ninja nears finding him he looks over at the cage and notices a big lock on the front door, then looks at the chain that holds it above}

Loud: That's it! It's real risky, but I don't have time to think of any-

{He's cut off as the spider ninja hits him again. However, this time Loud doesn't get up, in fact, as the robot beast hits him four more times, he seems to be letting it}

JusSonic: Hey, what's with the letting us fall closer to death? Boy I'm glad B.B's not here to see this.

R6: I wish I were with him, get up already!!


{This time, Loud ducks as the spider ninja attacks, and then he runs towards Gene}

Gene: No leaving the arena! I think your system needs a electrifying reminder of that!

{Gene pulls out his electrical stick but Loud dodges that- just as the spider ninja tries to hits him, and it winds up stomping on the stick}

Gene: Hey, now that's the worst vote of gratitude for your creator I've ever seen!

{Loud runs all the way to the right and stops backed up against the wall. The spider ninja then winds up to hit him, but Loud runs underneath it and starts running even faster towards the area where the cage is. He then jumps as high as he can when he's close enough- and now the cage is low enough that he can grab on to the bottom and climb onto the side of the cage}

Gene: Cheater! Well, two can play that little trick! Ninja, give him some extra company.

{The robo ninja jumps onto the cage as Loud moves towards the locked door of said cage}

Toast: Um, what's going on here, shouldn't he be saving us instead of jumping around, close to being doomed dudes?

Loud: I'd explain, but I'm too busy. {He is now holding the lock in his hand as the spider raises one of its leg towards him} And besides, though I rarely follow this wisdom, actions speak louder than words!

{He finishes this as the spider ninja leg's streaks towards him- and it gets trapped in the lock instead. It twists the leg around to get it out, and finally does: and in doing so unpicks the lock. Loud then moves to the right a bit and opens the door}


{The cast and writers start to jump out and are able to land on the ground since they're not so high up. They are helped by Loud covering the spider's head so it can't see, and that it's more busy trying to get him off than attack the others. Finally when everyone's out, Loud gets off the robo ninja and climbs to the top of the cage}

Slasho: This can't be! You said this was foolproof Slim, or Gene, or whoever the heck who are! Let the record show this failure falls on you!

Gene: Hold your scarred tongue, I shall make up for this in grand fashion with another nifty feature of my creation. It's...laser time!

{The spider now has a laser come out of its head and it aims at Loud, who's in front of the chain holding the cage}

Loud: It's...exactly what I wanted, thanks Gene!{The laser warms up as Gene starts to realize what he means}

Gene: Uh oh. Wait a minute, wait!!

{It's too late as the laser fires and Loud ducks, but the blast hits the chain and breaks it, causing the cage to fall. Loud jumps off, but the spider doesn't as it and the cage fall far down below. However, it's not celebration time yet, as Loud didn't land on the ground, and is hanging off the edge. Gene then walks over}


Gene: I think they're a little too busy for you. {We now see Jackhammer, Roughhouse, and Slasho holding the gang back in rough ways, and actually having some success} I won't waste time prattling on unlike the last two times we met, except to say- {he stomps on Loud's right hand, leaving only his left hanging on} good bye, Loudie, see you never again.

{He raises his foot to crush Loud's hand until he hears a voice}

Voice: All right Berry; come out with your hands up!

Gene: Hey, I'm in the middle of revenge here, who so rudely interrupted me?!

Voice: I said come out; you're under arrest!

Gene: Show yourself, invisible and inaccurate one!

{He looks around until he sees something on one of the monitors on a console: the police and Harry outside of Berry Corp}

Harry: Give it up Gene, I called the cops and they know all about your little secret, and they're none too happy.

Voice: {V.O behind Gene} That makes two of us.

{Gene turns and gets a good right hook from Loud, now back safe on the ground. Gene falls and then sees the H! cast surrounding him}

Robert: Ah, villains cliché no.12, turning away as their foe is saved and their goons are pounded.

{Pan to a banged up Jackhammer and Roughhouse}

Roughhouse: Sometimes this job doesn't seem like it's worth two bits and hard labor, does it?

Jackhammer: What, I can't hear you; the pain is still too loud!

Aka: K, we're done with them now, time for butt whooping no.3, and this time we're gonna have a trilogy where the third one is the best!

{Just then robots show up in front of everyone and they shove the cast back from Gene. The Dip monster then shows up, and finally its master, Slasho, does too}

Slasho: Ah, hero cliché number...something, speaking too soon. All right boys, it's time for something new this time, a quick and easy mass shooting and dipping!

Charity: {Whispering to R6} Say R6, could you listen to this plan I just thought up of and quick, please?

R6: Better than being shot up by my archenemy. {Leans back and listen to Charity as Slasho continues}

Slasho: Sorry Gene, but there's no more time for riddles, mind games, or curtains 1 and 2 in case you were thinking of using those, just plain curtains!

R6: Wait! {Walks up to Slasho} Aren't you forgetting something Louis?

Slasho: Nope, got all the destructive tools I need.

R6: Except your coin. You always have two sides to everything.

Slasho: Oh come on, just cause I referenced that Batman movie once doesn't mean I like it! That last one was the second worse investment I ever made. Good thing I can fix the worst one right now, though.

R6: Why not let the bots do it, they can rip me apart and give me a slower and more painful death than you can. And I'd advise doing it without the lasers to make it more like they're tearing me limb from limb.

Slasho:{Pause}Yes, of course you're right, John. Emotion is the enemy of quick and easy justice. Thank, it's been nice knowing you, at least during these last few moments.

{R6 moves towards the Dip monster as the robots come near him. They then all dodge at him, but he dives out of their way- and they all wind up inside the Dip monster}

R6: Now, Smarty!

{Smartypants then runs into the scene, reaches into his pants: and pulls Charity out, who's holding a large pail of water which he throws into the monster. Enough of it seems to have gotten onto the robots, whose start to fizzle}

Charity: Duck everyone! And no, there's no actually duck Lucky Bob, just get down so I can explain later!

Lucky Bob: Okay, down now!

{Everyone ducks as the robots explode, which in turn make the monster blow apart. The dip then splatters all over the place, and some of it lands right on Slasho's face, covering his eyes}

Slasho: AHH! My eyes, my own creation is blinding me! {He stumbles backwards} I'd better not be near what I think I'm near! {He wipes the Dip off and sees he's at the edge of the pit}I really hate it when I'm right.

{Slasho stumble some more and then falls off, and we see him fall down the pit and out of sight for good. Lydia and R6 stare at the scene for a while}

Lydia: Well, that was a much better way of dumping an ex than throwing all his clothes out the window.

R6: And I can laugh about it cause I technically didn't kill him, one of the better hero clichés.

Charity: Don't thank me if you were going to, thank Smarty for having that water on him, which he thankfully keeps to snap himself out of a love stupor whenever Miss Info kisses him.

Miss Info: Well I just hope he has an extra amount on him, he may need it soon.

{Behind then, the door to the room is then kicked open and the police, with Harry, rush in}

Officer: All right, this is the cops, all bad guys surrender!

Jackhammer: Hey, now we can get free recuperation for our beatings by the medical staff of the boys and blue!

Sammy: And get fresh bruises from the prison inmates too!

Roughhouse: Oh, forgot that part.

Officer: Okay, lock em up, but where's the rich kid?

Gene: Right here, officer! I did it, you may now lock me up and throw away the key! Unless my captors would like to get rid of me now so I can't come back.

JusSonic: Nah, having a rotten and too well written character locked up is good enough.

Gene: {under his breath} Rats! Well, now for plan D. {Aloud} Well, gonna cuff me or what? {Another officer comes towards Gene}

Harry: Oh, and be careful, you don't want him to grab your gun while you're distracted since you think he's giving up and won't do anything nasty like that now.

Gene: Gee...{tackles the officer and grabs his gun} I was gonna surrender, but thanks for the idea!

Officer: Freeze! {Gene then grabs Harry in a headlock and points the gun at his head}

Gene: Not unless you want to clean up a corpse from here! He started this, and he's gonna play a part in ending it!

Pepper: Let him go, don't kill him! I don't love my friends going away permanently, AH HA HA!

Gene: Actually, I think I'll keep him as a souvenir, and to use as a bargaining chip for next time. Goodbye guys, this is Gene Burrows signing off!

Miss Info: You're not Gene! For one thing, you're a lot younger than Gene, he hated me just as much as Loud and you don't, and you're still alive, so you can't be Gene like you say you are. Heh, that's three things actually, sorry I lied at the start.

Gene: Well I'm Gene all right, now let Gene go to plot his next move!

Robert: We would if he were here! Gene was move ruthless, less of an amateur, and sounded like a better actor than the one you sound like!

Gene: That's enough now.

Charity: Not yet it's not! Gene had bigger plans than you do, and he didn't need to team up with a partner to rise to the top of the game, he did most of the dirty work himself!

Gene: Stop!


{Gene then snaps and lets go of Harry as he yells}

Gene: Stop it stop it stop it!! I am Gene Burrows! There is no Slim; there is only Gene!!! {Harry then grabs Gene's gun}

Harry: And there is one less hostage of yours! Get the jacket!

{Gene is stunned, but only has a second to be as a cop sneaks up and tackles him, then lets him up only when he is wearing a white jacket like the one in a insane asylum}

Officer: Now, let's try this again. Slim Berry, a.k.a Gene Burrows, you're under arrest for murder and mind tampering.

Harry: Can I say the next part, it would be a final nail in the coffin of my guilt. Take him away boys, see you at the next convention, Slim. {Gene is drag off by the cops}

Gene: You haven't won for long; Gene shall rise again!

Officer: I think a good amount of time in a federal prison will fix that.

Gene: You can't hold me, I'm Gene, and I will escape! Anger from this shall motivate me, you made me feel like a grinch! Trust me, you won't like me when I'm the grinch!! You won't like what happens to you AT ALL!!! {The words echo as the villian's body leaves the room}

The next day...

(The others are back at the studio, discussing about last night's events)


Chit: Yeah. He actually thinks he is Gene Burrows?

JusSonic: Well, actually Slim says he is Gene's memory.

Everyone else: Huh?!

JusSonic: I mean, he must be Gene's younger self and former name. Have you guys read Harry Potter?

Pepper: Ooh, ooh! I did!

Aka: Still, Slim is a psycho to actually think that.

Lucky Bob: Yes now!

(Harry comes in with a worried look)

Robert: Oh, hello, Harry.

R6: Why are you here?

Harry: I got some news.

Miss Info: What? Slim admits he is crazy?

Harry: I wish you were right. You know the story you guys thought was a lie? Turn out it wasn't.

Everyone else: What?!

Harry: I made a call to the school that Slim says he goes to. Turn out there was an experiment that happened and there was a teacher there who experimented on him. Also, I checked with the court and found out that Slim really did change his name to Gene. (Pause) The real Slim anyway.

Loud: Did...did Slim brainwash you to say that?

Harry: I wish it was. But I hadn't seen him all night.

F. Time: Are you trying to tell us that Slim is really Dr. Gene Burrows's younger self?!

Harry: I guess.

(A creepy pause in the room)

Charity: Well...at least no one else believes it. And he hasn't escaped yet, so he shouldn't try to prove his point.

Loud: I hope so...I do hope so.

Froggo: But I still wonder why he didn't try to struck at Miss Info as well.

Mr. Smartypants: I was wondering that myself.

Harry: I guess when he found out who his real self was defeated by, he presumed Loud and Charity were bigger targets to destroy, while me and Miss Info aren't threats to him anymore.

WOW: Well, even if he is younger, he won't be back!

(Somewhere else, however, we go to the prison where Slim/Gene is at. Alarms went off all around. There are guards on the door dead. One guard is standing up shivering)

Guard: No! No! Please don't!

(He screams as a laser hits him. We now see some doors open and a shadowy figure leaving the prison. We don't see who it is, but who it is obvious to us who the escapee is. He laughs evilly as he escaped into the day.)

The End...For Now!

Cast list
Cody Ruegger: Loud Kiddington
Jim Carrey: Slim Berry/Gene Burrows
Tommy Lee Jones: Slasho/Louis B. Richardson
Laraine Newman: Charity Bazaar, Miss Information
Geoffrey Rush: Dr. Harry Norman
Rob Paulsen: Sammy Melman, Mr. Smartypants, Bob Parkinson
Tress MacNeille: Toast, Pepper Mills, World's Oldest Woman, Cho-Cho
Cree Summer: Aka Pella
Nathan Ruegger: Froggo
Billy West: Chit Chatterson
Jeff Glen Bennett: Lucky Bob, Roughhouse
Frank Welker: Father Time, Fetch, Pule Houser, Fred Moppel, Jackhammer
Nora Dunn: Lydia Karaoke, Julie Parkinson
Robert: Himself
JusSonic: Himself
R6: Himself
I guess I got some explaining to do, huh? You see, most of the story is based on Batman Forever, except for some parts. The opening is based on the Shrek opening credits. As for Slim's origin, I read the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book and (Spoiler!) it reveals Tom Riddle, Jr. to be a younger Voldemort! I decided, "Hey, why not a younger Gene Burrows?" So I stick to that. Anyway, I hope you guys like this story. Please Read.

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