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Animaniacs Waiting for Go-Boo Dr. Belch
  The Package Deal Dot, Craig, The Siren, Brainatra, Flaminchicken, & Dr. Belch
  Dot's Diary Craig M. J. Marinaro
  The Warners Meet the Simpletons! Craig M. J. Marinaro
  The Return of Roboo-Cop Craig M. J. Marinaro
  Animaniacs Analects Craig M. J. Marinaro


La Dolce e Acida Vita Craig M. J. Marinaro
  The FlintWarners Brainatra
  The Jetsibs Brainatra
  Mr. Foley Goes to Washington Brainatra
  Bo-Oedipus the Chicken don Jaime


The Once and Future Warners Brainatra, Craig, Romey, Sharklady, Capt. Caps, and DanielleB
  Warner Academy Captain Caps, Dot, Craig Marinaro, Brainatra, and The Siren, and Romey
  Warner Academy 2: The Infant Strikes Back Brainatra, Craig, Capt. Caps, and Dr. Belch


Radio Free Warners Captain Caps, Craig, Brainatra


A Very Wakko Thanksgiving Brainatra, Captain Caps, and DR. BELCH


Chan's the Man Alan Smithee


The Wrath of Stewie Alan Smithee, Brainatra, Capt. Caps

Batman Thirteen Hours Constance Cochran


Batman's Back All Right Batthing


Larger Than Life Is Small in Our Eyes Batthing


Ring around the Rosy Batthing


Reclamation Michael Lane

Batman Beyond Villain to Hero Onyx

Histeria! 24 Hours Robert Dougherty
  Another 24 Hours Robert Dougherty


Loud's Histerical Wish Robert Dougherty


Histeria Night Live Robert Dougherty


24 Days Robert Dougherty


Histeria Night Live 2 Robert Dougherty


The Toasty Horror Picture Show Pokejedservo


Histeria Wars I: The History Menace JusSonic


Evil Histeria! JusSonic


Histeria 15 Years Later: The Return of Evil Loud JusSonic


Evil Histeria I: The Evil Rising JusSonic


Clue: The Histeria! Parody JusSonic


Mystery Histeria Theater 3000: "24 Hours" JusSonic


Evil Histeria II: The Histerians Strike Back JusSonic, Robert Dougherty, and Pokejedservo


24 Hours Robert Dougherty and JusSonic


Another 24 Hours Robert Dougherty and JusSonic


The Revenge of the Villains JusSonic and Robert Dougherty


Histeria Night Live 3 Robert Dougherty, Pokejedservo, and JusSonic

A Big Histeria! Crossover Party JusSonic, LB1985, Pokejedservo, Froggofan, Hamiltonian, Nifnat

Looney Tunes / Merrie Melodies                           Go West Young Fox! Pietro


Sleep-Happy Porky Pietro


Script Re-Write Pietro


Brown Daffy? Pietro


The Bugs Bunny Show - Episode: FF01: Chumpion Hoppers Jack Tatay, Thad Komorowski, and Pietro


The Bugs Bunny Show - Episode: FF02: He's Just a Coooool Cat Jon Cooke, Jack Tatay, Thad Komorowski, and Pietro


The Bugs Bunny Show - Episode: FF03: Merlin Gets the Sniffles Jack Tatay, Jon Cooke, and Pietro


Juvenile Dilemma Matthew Hunter (a.k.a. BeepBeep), don Jaime, Brainatra, Jon Cooke, Thad Komorowski, and Pietro

Hare Cut Matthew Hunter (a.k.a. BeepBeep), Thad Komorowski, and Pietro

Especial Delivery Matthew Hunter (a.k.a. BeepBeep), Brandon Pierce, and Pietro

The Daffy Dog Pietro


The Sand Syndrome ChendaK562@aol.com

Pinky & the Brain Brain Analysis Jennifer Lynn Weston a.k.a. Sharklady
  The Mouseyville Horror Jennifer Lynn Weston a.k.a. Sharklady
  The Return of Zalgar Jennifer Lynn Weston a.k.a. Sharklady
  You're So Brainy Jennifer Lynn Weston a.k.a. Sharklady
  Circle Closing In Jennifer (Sharklady) Weston, Romey, Brainatra, Craig Marinaro, The Siren, and Dot.
  The Final Episode Jennifer Lynn Weston, a.k.a. Sharklady
  The Fastest Mice Alive Brainatra, BeepBeep, Craig, and Romey
  Bye Bye Brainy Craig M. J. Marinaro
  Motown Mice Brainatra & Romey
  The Brain's Mission for President Reagan Brainatra
  Saturday Morning Fever Brainatra


Brain of Two Worlds Brainatra


Lethal Intellect Brainatra, Romey, Craig, and Capt. Caps

Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain The Mousefeathers The Siren
  Meet Wally Faust Robert Dougherty

Powerpuff Girls                 The Mojo Dilemma Jennifer Lynn Weston


Buttercup's Blunder Jennifer Lynn Weston

Mo-Dark Danny Matviya

The Griffino Factor  

Tiny Toon Advs. Space Duck Shore to Shore: "Shirl Nesbitt" Colin Feder
  Space Duck Shore to Shore: Ukulele Colin Feder
  'Til Death Do Us Part Colin Feder
  Buster & Babs: No Relation? Kevin Mickel
  What's in a Name? Kevin Mickel
  And That's A Wrap! Kevin Mickel
  Bunny Bedlam Kevin Mickel
  Pluck Amuck! Kevin Mickel
  A Short, Short Story Kevin Mickel
  Voices Kevin Mickel

Multiple Shows Chaos of Characters The Siren, Brian Cruz, Brainatra, DR. BELCH, Craig Marinaro, Flaminchicken, Jon, and Romey
  Thirty-Nine Characters in Search of a Plot Brainatra, Romey, Craig Marinaro, Jennifer "Sharklady" Weston, Dot, Jon "Capt. Caps" Kilduff, Gerard Motola
  Have Yourselves a Wakko Little Christmas Brainatra, Romey, Capt. Caps, and Craig
  Toons and Doom Robert Dougherty


The Crazy Cartoon Caper Alan Smithee


The First Annual Harley Awards Brainatra, Capt. Caps, Sharklady, Robert, DR. BELCH, BeepBeep, The Siren, Dot, and Colin, with Craig

Miscellaneous A Poem to TR E. Penrose

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