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Watch The Witch Go In This New Bayonetta 3 Trailer

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If Nintendo had saved this Bayonetta 3 trailer for a Direct video — and shown it at the very end — it would have brought down the house. But since their behavior is inscrutable as always, the trailer just suddenly appeared this morning. It even has a release date on it!

It’s been said that most video games are power fantasies, and Bayonetta seems to be the ultimate exploration of that idea. Bayo is an extremely powerful, extraordinarily stylish, unapologetically vampy Umbra Witch who expresses unquenchable confidence no matter what she’s staring down. When you play as Bayonetta, you FEEL powerful. She’s just very likeable and the fact that her games are top-quality brawler-shooters doesn’t hurt either.

This trailer, pretty much the one we’ve been waiting for all year (and longer), reveals a lot more about the plot, situation and new characters than we knew at this time yesterday. Bayo’s latest excuse for target practice isn’t a threat from the heavens or the underworld. It emanates directly from Earth (or whatever planet this actually is): a human-created army of monstrosities called the Homunculi. Bayonetta needs help….well, no actually, she doesn’t, she could eat the friggin’ sun if she felt peckish, but she’s getting assistance anyway.

That help comes in the form of a blue-lipped witch in training named Viola! It remains to be seen if Viola will be as fun to play as Bayonetta…I mean, the bar is set pretty high here, and Viola isn’t nearly as flashy as her mentor. But if you’d really rather just play as Bayo, you’ll have options there too…for some reason multiple, alternate versions of herself are showing up around the area. Is this a Spider-Verse type of thing?

Bayonetta 3 will be available in both standard form and a hard-to-get “Trinity Masquerade Edition” that includes a 200-page artbook and Steelbook packages for all three games. But wait a minute….Bayonetta 1 wasn’t released in physical form, I can hear you saying. Nintendo is taking care of that too and releasing a limited number of Bayo 1 physicals at select retailers and their own store. Hopefully we’ll have a chance at those select retailers, because buying something from Nintendo’s site just doesn’t happen. If you so much as think about going there, the site crashes.

Bayonetta 3 launches on the Nintendo Switch October 28. Then we can get started on begging for Bayonetta 4.