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Watch The Post Malone Pokemon Day Concert!

Post Malone

Yesterday was a very important day for the Pokemon franchise, as it was not only “Pokemon Day”, but it was their 25th anniversary as a franchise. The very first Pokemon games, Red and Green, released in Japan on February 27th, 1996. 25 years later the franchise is still going strong and having multiple titles release this year on Nintendo Switch in addition to the various Pokemon mobile games out there right now like Pokemon Go. But to truly celebrate the day, The Pokemon Company brought in none other than Post Malone to do a virtual concert for fans.

The question many had was, “Why do a virtual concert?” Part of the reason no doubt was because of the global pandemic. But also, the fact that the concert would have to have a central location and Pokemon fans are truly all over the world, so certain people would miss out.

But, as revealed when the concert was actually shown, the real reason for the virtual concert was so that Post Malone could be shown singing while going through the various regions of the Pokemon world and allowing the various Pokemon to fly around him, interact with him, and so on.

You have to admit it’s quite a visual, and something that honestly speaks to the “grander nature” of Pokemon in a certain way as it’s very unique and very fun.

But just as important as the concert itself was the fact that they teased who else was going to be coming in to join in on the Pokemon celebration fun. Katy Perry had already been announced, but at the end of the concert, J Balvin was name-dropped, and apparently “many more” will follow him.

Clearly The Pokemon Company is wanting to dedicate this whole year to Pokemon via their games and events, so fans have a LOT to look forward to.