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Watch The Full Trailer For Marvel’s Hit-Monkey


You may not know from looking at it, but the series we’re discussing today marks the very last remnant of the old Marvel TV deal, the deal that produced Agents Of SHIELD and Jessica Jones and finally, in 2021, its very last series: Hit-Monkey. We’re going out with a monkey, people.

Hit-Monkey is part of an abandoned plan by Hulu to produce four satirical cartoons dedicated to some of Marvel’s least heralded heroes and villains. It was to premiere alongside MODOK, Tigra and Dazzler and Howard the Duck, then all four were to team up in a crossover called The Offenders — a play on Netflix’s The Defenders, back when they thought the audience had any hope of remembering such a reference.

When Kevin Feige gained control of Marvel’s television division he cancelled the Howard show but not this, a decision I still don’t fully understand. Howard has actually shown up in Marvel movies, would be more recognizable, has more material to work with, and would probably benefit more from having his own show. Whereas this primate…he’s a nobody.

The series is about a Japanese Snow Monkey who makes it his mission to take down a Japanese criminal syndicate. The criminals are after politician Shinji and his niece Akiko until Hit Monkey arrives and takes out the assassins. Hit Monkey gets his instructions from Bryce (Jason Sudeikis), the ghost of a deceased American contract killer now bound to the ape.

George Takei and Olivia Munn voice Shinji and Akiko, while Nobi Nakanishi and Ally Maki are playing two Japanese police officers who get caught up in the conflict. Hit Monkey himself is listed as being played by Fred Tatasciore, but he hasn’t spoken a single line in either released trailer — was Fred’s job just to go “OOK! EEK! AAK!” into a microphone? Right now, it appears so.

Hit-Monkey premieres November 17 on Hulu. Fitz and Simmons would enjoy it. Jessica would change the channel.