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Watch The First Teaser For Pixar’s Soul


Why are you seeing a teaser for Pixar’s Soul when Pixar’s Onward hasn’t even been released yet? Because they’re both hitting next year, and very close to one another, separated by three months. Onward received its first full trailer last month, but for Soul, this is the first real look we’re getting at it.

Joe Gardner is an aspiring musician. But he’s not currently paid to make his own music; just listen to other people play it badly (he works as a middle school band director). Gardner decides to take a chance one day and audition for The Blue Note, his favorite jazz club. The good news is that he nails the audition, the bad news is that he falls into a manhole right afterward and is implied to be dead.

From that point he has to attend the You Seminar, where souls are trained with “all the things that make you you.” The other soul seen in the trailer (voiced by Tina Fey) hasn’t graduated for a hundred years, and will likely drive Gardner crazy in a buddy-comedy fashion.

Even for a Pixar film this is all very odd, but you can chalk that up to Pete Docter, the director who’s given us some of the studio’s trippier excursions, like Up and Inside Out. He rarely disappoints…this one oughta be good.

Soul comes out June 19 in theaters.