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Watch The First Four Minutes Of Adventure Time Distant Lands: Obsidian


In just three days, Adventure Time Distant Lands: Obsidian will premiere on HBO Max. But if you don’t mind being spoiled for the first few minutes of it, you can watch them right now….a special preview of the introduction has been uploaded to the HBO Max YouTube channel.

It’s a special event in the Glass Kingdom, as the citizens unite to once again hear the story of their origin, their near-destruction, and the savior who rescued them. Seems lighting struck the desert ages ago and a community of glass-based life was born from the impact site. All was good until the evil dragon Molto Larvo was awoken…he nearly trashed the kingdom and everything in it until Marceline arrived and sent him into a volcano prison, where he remains locked to this day.

But one citizen, Glassboy, believes there’s more to it than this. He wonders if the dragon is even alive anymore…and if he isn’t, there’s this entire volcano just going to waste. The glass people used to be able to use it to repair cracks in their bodies, and he’s got a nasty, very visible one that causes him no end of ridicule and exclusion. The Glass Princess seems to like him, but she might change her mind after he steals her key and enters Molto Larvo’s lair to prove his theory right.

He was right about the repairs being possible. He was wrong about the dragon. Molto Larvo rises again and escapes. We need….Marceline!

During a virtual panel last summer at ComicCon@Home, executive producer Adam Muto revealed the special will not only reveal the highs and lows of Marceline and Bubblegum’s new relationship, but the events that led up to it. He did not reveal what the title means, but hints that “spiritually, obsidian can be protective and absorb negativity, but it can also be weaponized as an actual material. [The special] kinda has those elements to it. Not a perfect metaphor, but a metaphor.”

Adventure Time Distant Lands: Obsidian will premiere November 19 on HBO Max.