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Watch The Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Trailer


They promised and they delivered. The trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is now live and viewable. Let’s view it!

Set in the the future (and to a dang-catchy Stones tune), the trailer is a whirlwind of cyborg soldiers, techy weapons, somebody on fire, explosions, robots, big robots, big explosions, and bigger robots. You might even see a zombie or two.

The GameStop flyer was correct about the release date (November 6, 2015) and the beta (pre-ordering gets you into the beta for about two weeks). There is no mention of specific platforms for the game yet, and some fine print at the end says that info is yet to be determined, but leaks have suggested all current consoles (maybe even Wii U).

As you all know from the endless teases over the past few weeks, the release of this trailer (despite various leaks) has been specifically planned well in advance for this exact very moment. Unfortunately, Gullermo del Toro picked the same exact very moment to tell a press audience that Silent Hills had been cancelled (allegedly), filling the Internet with nerd rage and putting the vast masses in NO mood to enjoy a new Call of Duty trailer. Ah well, que sera sera.