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Watch The Official Trailer For Call Of Duty WWII: The Resistance


What’s in the new trailer for Call of Duty WWII’s upcoming DLC? What can we learn from it?

Last month Activision revealed the first DLC pack for Call of Duty WWII, simply titled Resistance. Now it has gained a “The” in the front, and a new video giving a deeper look into the three maps the DLC will contain.

Based in Prague, Czechoslovakia, this map is inspired by Operation Anthropoid, the famous assassination attempt on a high-ranking German officer during World War II. This map features a center lane divided by a river, with long-flanking paths that can be used by snipers for ranged attacks.

In this remake of the classic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer map Resistance, players battle through the streets and shops of German-occupied Paris during WWII. Long side streets encourage mid-range combat, with nearby homes and storefronts lending defensive positions for ambush and recovery.

Located in the Masurian Woods, East Prussia, this map was inspired by The Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s Eastern-front headquarters during Operation Barbarossa, the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. This is a medium-sized map with gameplay focused around a dangerous center lane covered by multiple overwatch positions and mounted machine guns.

There’s more too: a new War Mode called “Operation Intercept” sends you on a mission to rescue captured Resistance fighters being transported on a train. Beyond freeing the fighters, you must find a way to stop the train and wreck Nazi communication equipment.

And of course there’s the Zombies mode — this time we get Nazi Zombies, which are the worst kind. The developers say these zombies will boast smarter AI and the area you’ll be fighting them in will be covered in thick fog….all to make it harder to see them sneaking up on you.

Call Of Duty WWII: The Resistance will be out January 30 on Playstation 4, followed by the XBox version in a month. It can be downloaded as part of the $50 Season Pass, or purchased individually for $15. Now for that new trailer….

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