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Watch The Incredible New Trailer For Incredibles 2

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Does Pixar’s latest Incredibles 2 trailer have more to offer than just Jack-Jack waddling around a red screen? And then some! How much heroics can two minutes pack? Find out for yourself….

The trailer confirms a lot of things we’ve been hearing whispered around. One was that the second movie would start right at the moment the last trailer ended, and sure enough, they’re fighting the Underminer. More recently, reports surfaced that the plot of Incredibles 2 would focus on Elastigirl, not her husband like last time. That appears to be true as well — she gets the lion’s share of action scenes here while Mr. Parr gets…domestic duty. (Seeing him struggle over New Math confirms once and for all this is the mid-60’s, even if they never say it outright.)

The visuals are very impressive, especially when compared with how the Parrs looked in 2004. For the first movie, Pixar had to invent a lot of the techniques they use to render humans, and today those techniques have been refined and perfected.

The Incredibles is the one Pixar film that had the most sequel potential, and we’ve had to wait a long time for that to happen, but it’s finally within reach, and as Edna Mode would say, it’s maaaaaaahvelous. Incredibles 2 opens June 15.