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Watch The First Incredibles 2 Teaser

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Will Pixar’s Coco contain a trailer for Incredibles 2? The answer is a loud YES…..if by “trailer” you meant teaser, so will 52 seconds do?

Director Brad Bird (who was responsible for the original) is remaining tight-lipped about the events of Incredibles 2 and so, apparently, is the rest of Pixar. This teaser doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know…in fact, we already knew what the trailer suggests back in 2004. The baby has powers. Mr. Incredible wasn’t aware of this by the end of the first film, but it wouldn’t take long to find out.

Incredibles 2 has been the most demanded Pixar sequel from fans of the studio. For years we’ve had to sit and watch while the same talking cars were trotted out over and over, but the wait is nearly over! The Parrs are back, and don’t mess with ’em, because they carry a deadly infant!

The trailer doesn’t give the exact date, but it’s going to be June 15, 2018.